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  • GOP Scrooges Hit Lee and Cruz

    12/23/2014 5:55:21 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 19 replies ^ | 12/23/14 | Jeffrey Lord
    Well. What a coincidence. As Americans depart for the Christmas holiday, the horrifying news of what the New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton correctly calls the “assassination” of two New York police officers, the Scrooges in the GOP Establishment have busied themselves attacking Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Not once. Not twice. But three times in three different places. Up there in the Boston Globe, former New Hampshire Republican Senator John Sununu (not to be confused with his ex-governor father) has launched an attack on Texas Senator Cruz. Out in Utah, former Utah Republican Senator Robert Bennett is in print...
  • Report: GOP Establishment Plotting to Oust Conservative Leader Sen. Mike Lee

    12/23/2014 12:32:01 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 77 replies ^ | 12/23/14 | Tony Lee
    Some prominent moderate establishment Republicans in Utah are plotting to target conservative icon Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) with a primary challenge in 2016. Lee’s offense? He didn’t drink the Washington Kool-aid and see the D.C. cesspool as a jacuzzi after he ousted incumbent Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT), who had supported the TARP bailouts, in 2010. When Lee prevailed over Bennett, he gave other conservatives across the country hope that they could also defeat entrenched incumbents who cared more about preserving the status quo above all else. Once Lee arrived in Washington, he didn’t turn his back on the base, which...
  • 'Unprecedented': Americans race to dump Boehner ('I've never seen anything quite like this')

    12/23/2014 12:20:33 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 54 replies
    WASHINGTON – When John Boehner reconvenes the House of Representatives next month, he’s going to have some mail. So will every other Republican member. Boehner won’t like his. How the other Republican members respond to the tens of thousands of letters they get will determine whether Boehner will remain as speaker. The Dump Boehner Campaign, a project designed by Joseph Farah, founder of, is off to a blazing start. Within minutes of its announcement Monday evening, thousands of letters calling on Republican House members to find another leader were already being generated. In less than 24 hours, orders for...
  • 400,000 Letters On Their Way To Congress In An Effort To Dump John Boehner As Speaker

    12/23/2014 12:16:58 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 25 replies ^ | 12/23/14 | James Beattie
    400,000 letters are being shipped to Republican members of Congress this week in the first round of a movement to remove Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) from his post. The letters say to reject Boehner and elect a new leadership team. The letters are part of the “Don’t be Yellow: Dump Boehner Now Campaign” orchestrated by WND CEO Joseph Farah. The campaign was just announced last week. From the campaign’s page: “It’s a campaign that allows Americans to send a hard-copy letter to every Republican in the House of Representatives with a call to elect new leadership that will provide opposition...
  • Louisiana not inclined to join 'SEC' presidential primary day in 2016

    12/23/2014 10:44:48 AM PST · by Mozilla · 8 replies
    Times-Picayune ^ | December 22, 2014 | Julia O'Donoghue
    Neither the Louisiana Republicans nor the Democrats are interested in participating in the so-called "SEC primary" for the 2016 presidential nominations that most other states in the Deep South have decided to join. Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama are likely to hold their presidential primary contests on the same day -- March 1, 2016. Florida and Texas are also considering scheduling their primary contests on that date. But Louisiana seems poised to stick with it's original plan -- a March 5 primary contest. "We are better off being on a date by ourselves. ... If you throw us in...
  • Dixie rising How the Deep South is trying to game the GOP primary.

    12/23/2014 10:44:44 AM PST · by Mozilla · 28 replies
    Politico ^ | December 22, 2014 | James Hohmann
    The Deep South has elected Republicans to every top office in the region. Now it wants to be sure that clout extends to the choice of the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee. Officials in five Southern states — Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas — are coordinating to hold their primary on March 1, 2016. Texas and Florida are considering also holding a primary the same day but may wait until later in the month. Either way, March 1 would be a Southern Super Tuesday, voting en masse on the heels of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. The joint...
  • Rebellion In Several States Challenging Obama, FINALLY

    12/23/2014 6:04:41 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 9 replies ^ | 12/22/14 | Holly Rennels
    Sick and tired of hearing American citizens say nothing can be done to limit Obama’s overreach? So are leaders in several states who are challenging everything from common core to gun control. Though many find the measures available to the states in the Constitution extreme, there are those who are ready and willing to use them. Since the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”, there are already states ignoring federal law regarding gun control. Not only is concealed carry of a firearm now officially legal in all 50 states, but there are at least...
  • John Boehner Just Got Some Very Bad News … But You’re Going to Love it

    12/23/2014 6:02:30 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 57 replies ^ | 12/22/14 | Jodi Swann
    A grassroots campaign has been initiated to fire John Boehner as speaker of the House of Representatives. While it is being downplayed by the liberal mainstream media, it is no podunk effort. The “Don’t be Yellow: Dump Boehner Now Campaign” was started by the CEO of WND, Joseph Farah. In just one week, 400,000 letters have been sent to Republican representatives prior to the start of the new legislative session. According to the Conservative Tribune, the letters are urging GOP members to replace Boehner with a more conservative alternative. “While the news cycle has forgotten about Boehner’s betrayal of Republican...
  • Martha Roby's Coping Mechanism

    12/22/2014 6:13:53 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 8 replies ^ | 12/22/14 | Gaston Mooney
    Politicians from solid red states who voted for the massive $1.1 trillion Cromnibus are coming under considerable pressure from their constituents. Those politicians feeling the heat are in full damage control mode. Some are issuing press releases that conveniently omit relevant information in order to defend their vote, others are being broadsided by constituents at town halls; the rest are avoiding constituents altogether. One instance of particular note is Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama, who went so far as to place an op-ed that combined several factual omissions, half truths, and straw-man arguments that implied her constituents - while wanting...
  • House Conservatives Must Veto Boehner and D.C. Oligarchy

    12/22/2014 6:09:55 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 7 replies ^ | 12/22/14 | Daniel Horowitz
    As we celebrate the holiday season with our friends and families, those of us who are keenly aware of the crisis in our government are gripped with a sense of disquiet – a nagging heartache dampening what should otherwise be a joyous time. We are living through a constitutional crisis and a political crisis – one that will remake our beloved Republic if something drastic is not done by a few brave souls in Washington. snip Given the tightly-controlled structure of the House relative to the Senate, almost all consequential bills or strategies must begin in the lower chamber. As...
  • They’re Coming for Mike Lee

    12/22/2014 1:13:54 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 32 replies ^ | 12/22/14 | Erick Erickson
    It is extremely notable that Manu Raju of the Politico has written that the establishment intends to destroy Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). Raju serves as the court stenographer for the Senate GOP leadership. His pieces are routinely littered with the conventional wisdom and talking points of the Senate GOP leadership. He has more than once anticipated Senate GOP leadership strategy based on their conversations with him. So when Manu Raju says the establishment intends to go on offense against the tea party by beating Sen. Mike Lee in the Utah Republican Primary, we can be sure Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY),...
  • A Tale of Two Senators and a Congressman

    12/22/2014 11:42:42 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 3 replies ^ | 12/19/14 | Daniel Horowitz
    On the surface, there does not seem to be much in common between Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA), other than the fact that both of them reside in Virginia. snip Immediately following the election, Obama put that promise to a test by brazenly violating our immigration laws and remaking American through executive action. Roberts was unequivocal in his response: But on that fateful Saturday night last week, Roberts suddenly realized that the election was over. The residual intellectual honesty and conservative energy that remained from his election-cycle foxhole conversion dissipated just in time for the first...
  • I Am No Longer a Republican

    12/22/2014 11:20:17 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 135 replies ^ | 12/21/14 | Matt Berber
    I am no longer a Republican. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and their Democrat-lite, RINO Republican establishment have seen to that. They have betrayed their own constituents. They have actively turned against the American people – the very voters who granted them power to do good. Even before the gavel has sounded on the Republican-led 114th Congress, these treacherous cowards shamelessly, eagerly, it seems, squandered perhaps the one opportunity they had to stop, in his tracks, America's first cultural Marxist, anti-American, palpably evil president. If ever there were, there can no longer be any doubt. Barack Obama is bent on turning...
  • Tea partier braces for primary challenge from the establishment

    12/22/2014 11:17:10 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 26 replies ^ | 12/22/14 | Manu Raju
    Tea party favorite Mike Lee roiled the GOP establishment four years ago when he knocked off a sitting senator on his way to the Republican Senate nomination in Utah. Now, the establishment might strike back. As the 43-year-old Lee plots his 2016 reelection bid, he is courting business leaders under the radar, hoping to head off a primary challenge backed by business leaders and other establishment figures in his home state, like billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr., an influential bank CEO and a former Utah GOP party chairman. Some powerful establishment Republicans in Utah are tired of Lee’s hard-line positions. He...
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton's midterm travel expenses top $1.5 million

    12/21/2014 5:25:00 AM PST · by Libloather · 7 replies
    Politico ^ | 12/19/14 | Maggie Haberman
    Campaigns and political committees spent more than $1.5 million on private jets to fly in Bill and Hillary Clinton to stump for various candidates during the 2014 midterms, campaign filings show. The tally includes $44,360 the final weekend of the campaign for a plane in Iowa. That was when Bill Clinton did a fly-around for failed Democratic Senate hopeful Bruce Braley. There was also a $21,801 charge that weekend to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu’s unsuccessful reelection campaign, a POLITICO review found. More than 60 payments were made to a New York-based company called Executive Fliteways over the course of 2013...
  • Rep. Blackburn: Nothing Fair or Legal About Executive Amnesty (Blackburn for Speaker!)

    12/19/2014 8:37:49 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 14 replies ^ | 12/18/14 | Melissa Clyne
    There is nothing “fair” about President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, said Thursday on Newsmax TV's “America’s Forum.” Blackburn offered a couple of examples of how the executive order is hurting some of her constituents, including a woman who legally emigrated from Kurdistan who has been waiting to get her permanent resident’s card. When the thousands of people being hired under Obama begin to process the wave of immigrants legalized by his order, the Kurdish woman will be behind those who entered the U.S. illegally. “They left unlawful rule in Iraq and came...
  • Marsha Blackburn for House speaker to replace John Boehner

    12/19/2014 5:08:12 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 42 replies ^ | 12/18/14 | Judson Phillips
    The final recount from November’s election had not even been finished when current House Speaker John Boehner blew the mandate. Voters gave the Republican Party a majority in the House of Representatives they had not seen in 80 years. Voters kicked Democrats to the curb in the Senate as the GOP had a nine-vote swing. snip On Jan. 3, a new Congress begins and one of the first orders of business in the House of Representatives is to pick a new speaker. The conventional wisdom is Mr. Boehner will be re-elected speaker. That may well happen and if it does...
  • What Allen West Called Jeb Bush Will Not Sit Well With the GOP Establishment

    12/18/2014 10:59:31 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 50 replies ^ | 12/18/14 | Matthew Burke
    Lt. Col. Allen West, reacting to Jeb Bush’s announcement on Tuesday that he’s seriously considering a 2016 presidential bid, used strong words to describe the politics of the former Republican Florida governor. Appearing on FOX News with Sean Hannity, West, referring to Bush running against Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, said that match is the last thing the country needs, labeling Jeb Bush a “big government progressive.” “When you look at by the time we get to 2016, we’re going to have a country with $20 trillion in debt; we’re going to have a massive, bureaucratic, administrative, regulatory state, and the...
  • Should Jeb Bush Switch Parties? (A Ruling Class ticket: Hillary and Jeb in 2016)

    12/18/2014 6:13:16 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 18 replies ^ | 12/18/14 | Jeffrey Lord
    Listening to all the stories about Jeb Bush and his angst over the conservative base of the Republican Party, the question occurred: Why doesn’t Jeb ease his conscience and his donors' wallets and just switch parties? Go now, become a Democrat — and then form an alliance with the wife of the man the Bushes affectionately call their “brother from another mother.” That being the woman George W. Bush has dubbed as being “like my sister-in-law” — Hillary Clinton. After all, the Bush/Clinton alliance has already been on display, as I unknowingly noted in this column when Governor Bush presented...
  • N.H. Democrats Prep Kelly Ayotte Challenge

    12/18/2014 5:57:37 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 18 replies ^ | 12/17/14 | Kyle Trygstad
    New Hampshire is set to play a far more pivotal role in deciding Senate control next cycle than it did in the midterms. In 2016, Granite State Democrats are sizing up GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte for a seat vital to winning back the majority. The Republican tide that resulted in a nine-seat Senate gain nearly crested New Hampshire, where Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen held off a well-funded challenge from former Sen. Scott P. Brown by just 4 points. Combined with the possible Senate candidacy of two-term Gov. Maggie Hassan in a presidential cycle, Shaheen’s ability to hold on despite the...
  • The Right's Plan to Beat the Republican Establishment: Act Like the Republican Establishment

    12/18/2014 5:46:20 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 7 replies ^ | 12/17/14 | Andrea Drusch
    The tea party is growing up, and while its stances aren’t softening, its tactics are changing rapidly. It's Politics 101: Whenever a Democrat or Republican announces a run for office, the other party pounces with a "rapid response" attack on their rival's record. And so when Republican Johnny Isakson of Georgia announced last month that he would seek a third Senate term in 2016, someone was inevitably going to rain on his parade. But this time, the attacks didn't come from Democrats. They came from the right. The new for-profit media company Conservative Review blasted an email to its subscribers...
  • Establishment GOP Surrender Grows the Conservative Movement

    12/18/2014 5:37:19 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 32 replies
    Right now establishment Republicans and their short-term allies in the media think they won and conservatives lost when Capitol Hill Republicans abandoned the fight to defund ObamaCare and obtain real spending reform as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling. In fact history shows us that the exact opposite is true. While the long knives of the establishment may be out for Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and their cohorts in the House, from a strategic perspective this apparent defeat was a win for conservatives, and here’s why. Millions of Tea Party and limited government constitutional conservatives,...
  • Sessions concedes to Enzi after Budget gavel tussle

    12/17/2014 2:16:11 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 73 replies ^ | 12/17/14 | Rebecca Shabad
    Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Wednesday afternoon conceded to Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) after a race to become the next chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Sessions, currently the panel’s ranking member, said he reached an agreement with his “good friend” Enzi. “We have talked and I am deferring to his seniority so that he can lead the Budget Committee as its Chairman beginning in 2015,” Sessions said in a statement. “Mike graciously deferred to me two years ago after he timed out on HELP as Ranking Member, and it has been my enormous privilege to serve as the panel’s...
  • The Unified Ted Cruz Blame Theory Goes Up in Flames

    12/17/2014 9:41:24 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 12 replies ^ | 12/17/14 | Leon H. Wolf
    It is already setting in as received wisdom among liberals both within the Republican party and without that Ted Cruz will be made to shoulder the blame for the nominations the Democrats rammed through the Senate this week. A good example of that comes from the arbiter of objective fairness to conservative Republicans, the New York Times: snip Nevertheless, it’s at least possible to believe that not withstanding Reid’s promises, the Republicans might have been able to run out the clock on the year. Fine, I was willing to suspend judgment on that point, until now. It turns out, the...
  • Jeb Bush is NEVER Going to Be President

    12/17/2014 5:35:13 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 51 replies ^ | 12/17/14 | Steve Deace
    My phone, email, and social media accounts instantly start blowing up Tuesday in response to the news Jeb Bush was going to “actively explore” a 2016 presidential run. Except the near-orgasmic response wasn’t from whom you might think. It didn’t come from conservatives, but from the mainstream (liberal) media. Twelve hours later, a Google search for “Jeb Bush actively explore” returned over 3.8 million results, and the first page of entries was almost entirely comprised of mainstream media hits. Herein lies one of the primary reasons why Jeb Bush is never going to be elected President of these United States....
  • 'Speaker Obama' (biting piece by Jeffrey Lord)

    12/17/2014 5:29:53 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 28 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | Jeffrey Lord
    Well that didn’t take long. The election is over and the House Republicans have deposed John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker. Meet Speaker Barack Obama. "The Republicans responded to Speaker Obama’s requests. Violating quickly, briskly and exactly every last word of their campaign promises to defund Obamacare and to fight amnesty. The fix was in.” Speaker Obama and his loyal number two, Joe Biden, spent last week rounding up the votes to get their Republican colleagues in the House to fund Obamacare and amnesty plus all manner of spending programs. The Republicans responded to Speaker Obama’s requests. Violating quickly, briskly and...
  • Rob Maness Launches GATOR PAC in Louisiana with Help From Ted Cruz, David Vitter, Bill Cassidy

    12/17/2014 5:23:16 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 4 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | Matthew Boyle
    Retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness has launched Gator PAC, a political action committee which the group says “will work to inspire and recruit conservative activists and citizen leaders who are committed to accountability in government, constitutional principles, certainty and prosperity.” "Running for office was never about me, and it never will be - it's about us, our country and becoming an active voice for conservative solutions," Maness said in the release about the launch of the PAC, provided to Breitbart News ahead of its public release. "The reality is Washington D.C. is a swamp, career politicians are the Gators...
  • Gang of 3,4 or 5 Turns Independent. MitchyPoo/GOPe Are Then Back to the Warm-up Dugout

    12/16/2014 5:41:38 PM PST · by Be Careful · 27 replies
    Vanity | 12/16/14 | self
    What if..... Cruz, Lee, Sessions + 2 more Defections to Independent...... Gang of 3 = 51 votes, Mitch remains Leader...barely Gang of 4 = Biden as Tie Breaker Gang of 5 = Mitchy-Poo and the GOPe are benched The possibilities with the way the math and the power balance would stack up are a good way... Ramifications, anyone?
  • House Conservatives Have the Power and Should Depose Speaker John Boehner

    12/16/2014 3:52:39 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 75 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | Erick Erickson
    The “cromnibus” bill is soon to become law. The majority of House and Senate Republicans conspired with President Obama to fund his executive amnesty. Where do conservatives go from here? Yes, we need to pick up the flag and force Republicans in February to actually fight as they are now promising when funding for the Department of Homeland Security expires, but there is an even more important intervening event that must draw our undivided attention. The vote on whether Rep. John Boehner will be Speaker will occur in January, and 30 conservative House members can deny him re-election. It will...
  • House Democratic Losses Deplete Bench of 2016 Senate Recruits

    12/16/2014 1:04:39 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 17 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | Emily Cahn
    Sweeping House losses have not only pushed Democrats into a historic minority, they’ve depleted the bench of potential Senate recruits for the 2016 elections. After losing the majority in the midterms, Senate Democrats are seeking strong recruits for 2016 in hopes of netting the five seats necessary to ensure they win control again. Party officials argue the majority is within reach because many Senate Republicans elected in 2010 are seeking re-election in a presidential cycle in competitive states such as Florida, Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. But brutal losses in 2010 and 2014 have decimated the ranks of...
  • How do we start serving right after an election ?

    12/16/2014 10:41:20 AM PST · by knarf · 42 replies
    self, with help from commentator influence | December 16, 2014 | knarf
    Listening to the radio yesterday, it was stated that the United States is the only nation whose newly elected officials do not start serving immediately after an election, but waits almost three months.
  • The Cruz-Lee point of order and why the GOP establishment thinks you are an idiot

    12/16/2014 8:39:26 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 19 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | streiff
    In the wake of the passage of CRomnibus –on the strength of GOP votes – the GOP leadership in Congress and the GOP establishment has been working overtime to rough up Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Senator Mike Lee. A lot of the GOP is miffed that they have to serve alongside men of principle, this produces a Devil-Holy Water effect. They also realize based on the government shutdown… an act I’d contend mobilized the GOP base to come out and deliver a beating to the Democrats in November… and the forced vote on the Constitutionality of the Obama’s...
  • Ted Cruz reignites GOP civil war

    12/16/2014 7:55:43 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 32 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | Manu Raju and Burgess Everett
    Republican senators pounded Ted Cruz over the weekend, lashing him for his procedural tactics and ultimately voting in large numbers against his immigration gambit. Now, Cruz’s allies off Capitol Hill are looking for revenge. Conservative outside groups view Saturday’s vote as the first salvo in the GOP v. GOP purity wars that they hope to reignite in the beginning of the new Congress and in the run-up to the 2016 Senate races, when 24 Republican senators will be on the primary ballots. After being pummeled by the party establishment in the 2014 midterms, activist groups are looking at the fight...
  • Ted Cruz: They want to come after me? Knock yourself out. My concern is honoring oath of office

    12/16/2014 5:54:48 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 73 replies ^ | 12/15/14 | Staff
    Ted Cruz gave a fantastic interview tonight on the Mark Levin Show and you can listen to the full interview below. I’ve posted the highlights below from his communications director:
  • Sen. Lee: The Perfect Bill

    12/16/2014 5:47:49 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 6 replies ^ | 12/16/14 | Mike Lee
    On Saturday night the Senate held a vote on a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that many referred to as the CRomnibus. I voted against this bill because I oppose the cynical substance of the legislation. I also could not support the un-republican and undemocratic process by which a small collection of political and economic insiders crafted it, to benefit each other at everyone else’s expense. I also oppose the signal this bill sends to political insiders on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue; the signal it sends to special interest cronies on Wall Street and K Street; and the signal...
  • The GOP Establishment Helped Reid Confirm Obama Nominees

    12/16/2014 5:45:18 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 14 replies ^ | 12/15/14 | Daniel Horowitz
    GOP elites in the Senate are understandably finding it arduous to defend their vote for a terrible budget bill, which ceded the power of the purse against a lawless president for the entire year. They are finding their vote against Cruz’s constitutional point of order to be downright indefensible. As such, they have honed in on an argument that Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, by pushing the debate over the budget into the weekend, enabled Majority Leader Harry Reid to buy more time to confirm more of Obama’s liberal nominees. A number of establishment Republican senators, from Susan Collins...
  • For conservatives, it’s all about 2016, and that starts in 2015

    12/15/2014 7:42:19 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 31 replies
    Washington Times ^ | December 15, 2014 | By Steve Deace
    Republicans won big in the 2014 midterm election, but it already looks as if conservatives still lost. Just look at what’s transpired the past few weeks: - The GOP establishment moved quickly to retain all their leadership positions before the new Congress is convened in January, thus shutting conservatives completely out of the mix. - That same GOP leadership has already funded every Obama scam they promised the American people during the campaign they would stop, scheming alongside a president they keep describing as “lawless” to pass the so-called “Cromnibus.” - Only 21 Republicans in the U.S. Senate went on...
  • Senate's spending votes seen as candidate litmus test

    12/15/2014 6:23:54 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 7 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | December 15, 2014 | By Kathleen Hunter and Jonathan Allen
    WASHINGTON — Two late-night votes in the Senate last weekend provide fodder for party activists already drawing up plans to reward loyalists and punish adversaries as the 2016 U.S. election cycle starts. The litmus-test votes: passage of a $1.1 trillion spending bill that Democrats criticized for being too kind to big banks and campaign donors, and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's failed constitutional objection to President Barack Obama's immigration policy. Pressure from the bases of both parties was strong enough that 40 senators -- 22 Democrats and 18 Republicans -- voted against the bill even though it included provisions to...
  • Senate battles fuel Cruz coalition

    12/15/2014 5:50:09 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 114 replies
    Houston Chronicle ^ | December 15, 2014 | By Kevin Diaz
    WASHINGTON - Stepping into an elevator on his way out of the U.S. Capitol Friday night, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell - the next Senate Majority Leader - bid reporters farewell. "See you Monday," he said. By agreement with Democrats, a budget showdown risking a potential government shutdown had been pushed back a couple of days, creating breathing room for senators in both parties while they made plans for a pre-holiday weekend. Sen. Ted Cruz had other ideas. In a maneuver that would put the junior Republican senator from Texas at the center of another high-stakes political drama, Cruz pressed a...
  • Republican Senators' Conservative Ratings (updated)

    12/15/2014 11:27:18 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 38 replies
    Here are the rating averages to date. CFG and ACU don't update their numbers till around February so I'll do another update around then. Also, if any new senator served in the House, I added their ratings so we can judge what kind of senator they will be. The new senator from WV is depressing. Right above Collins. Though she's better than Rockefeller!
  • GOP Elites Don't Love the Constitution

    12/15/2014 6:25:21 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 37 replies ^ | 12/14/14 | Daniel Horowitz
    Late Saturday night, while few Americans were paying attention, the GOP establishment abrogated the last distinguishing factor that existed between the two parties. The GOP elites in the Senate joined Democrats in declaring our Constitution null and void. Not only were Senate Republicans planning to rubber stamp the Cromnibus/amnesty bill – the worst and most consequential single piece of legislation since Obamacare – they wanted to get it done without compelling Democrats to take a tough vote defending Obama’s illegal actions. After forcing the poor senators to work over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) finally leveraged Harry Reid into...
  • How Big Is the Ted Cruz Caucus? (very interesting analysis)

    12/14/2014 5:28:21 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 54 replies ^ | 12/14/14 | Steven Dennis
    It’s a question that will prove crucial next year when Mitch McConnell takes the reins of a new Senate: Just how big is the Ted Cruz caucus? Three votes on the “cromnibus” late Saturday night suggest it could be as large as 22 senators — a dangerously high number for McConnell — or as few as a handful. Let’s break down the three votes — on filibustering the $1.1 trillion package, on Cruz’s point of order aimed at targeting the president’s immigration action, and final passage. The high-water mark for the Texas Republican came on his point of order vote,...
  • How Big Is the Ted Cruz Caucus?

    12/14/2014 10:49:21 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 145 replies
    Roll Call's #WGDB Blog ^ | December 14, 2014 | Steven Dennis
    It’s a question that will prove crucial next year when Mitch McConnell takes the reins of a new Senate: Just how big is the Ted Cruz caucus? Three votes on the “cromnibus” late Saturday night suggest it could be as large as 22 senators — a dangerously high number for McConnell — or as few as a handful. Let’s break down the three votes — on filibustering the $1.1 trillion package, on Cruz’s point of order aimed at targeting the president’s immigration action, and final passage. The high-water mark for the Texas Republican came on his point of order vote,...
  • Sarah Palin: House GOP ‘flipped American voters the bird’

    12/14/2014 2:36:51 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 74 replies
    Politico ^ | December 12, 2014 | By KENDALL BREITMAN
    Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said the House Republicans who passed $1 trillion-plus funding bill late Thursday “flipped American voters the bird.” “It’s baffling really,” Palin said in an interview with Breitbart News on Friday. “The Republican Leadership in the House just flipped American voters the bird by sidelining the new Congress we just elected.” Palin’s criticisms come the morning after the House passed a spending bill by a 219-206 vote. While the bill will keep the government open for another year, Palin and other conservatives are not happy that the legislation will fund President Barack Obama’s executive action...
  • Ted Cruz's moves on spending bill roil Republicans

    12/14/2014 6:10:42 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 71 replies ^ | 12/14/14 | Donna Cassata
    WASHINGTON (AP) — One colleague called the tactics of tea party-backed Sen. Ted Cruz on the $1.1 trillion spending bill a painful echo of last year's 16-day partial government shutdown. Another senator said it was a strategy without an end game. And that sniping came from Cruz's fellow Republicans. The 43-year-old Texas freshman in a hurry — he's considering a 2016 presidential run — infuriated several GOP colleagues with a last-minute attempt to force a vote on President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration. The move upended lawmakers' weekend plans and, more troubling for his party, gave Senate Majority Leader...
  • Wave Elections: What They Mean

    12/13/2014 3:01:40 PM PST · by Jack Hydrazine · 7 replies
    Imprimis ^ | December 2014 | Larry P. Arnn
    Larry P. Arnn President, Hillsdale College LARRY P. ARNN is the twelfth president of Hillsdale College. He received his B.A. from Arkansas State University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in government from the Claremont Graduate School. From 1977 to 1980, he also studied at the London School of Economics and at Worcester College, Oxford University, where he served as director of research for Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Winston Churchill. From 1985 until his appointment as president of Hillsdale College in 2000, he was president of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy. He is...
  • 'Fool me twice, shame on me'

    12/13/2014 6:09:47 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 20 replies ^ | 12/13/14 | Doris Carender
    As the vote on the Rule to bring the $1 trillion-plus funding bill to the floor of the US House of Representatives was about to start yesterday, I and many of my fellow conservatives were still burning up the phone lines to Republicans, saying “NO”! This is a paraphrase of the way one of my calls went: Congressional Office: This is Congressman Robert Wittman’s Office. Me: Hello, I’m not from your district, but I am active in Republican precinct work and have been a contributor to Republican candidates in several states. I would appreciate it if you would give my...
  • Rush Limbaugh: Today's GOP 'Is Filled With Moderates'

    12/13/2014 6:04:51 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 37 replies ^ | 12/11/14 | Melissa Clyne
    The Republican Party and its leaders have undergone a transformation over the last several years, according to conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh, and the GOP now eschews Limbaugh and others like him because "I no longer espouse what they believe," he said Tuesday on his show. Limbaugh’s remarks were in response to a caller, John in Winter Haven, Florida, who wanted to know Limbaugh’s opinion on a theory John had, namely that the GOP establishment sits back and waits for Limbaugh and others in the conservative media to communicate their message. "Our GOP establishment just sits mute as issue...
  • Cruz just raised a Constitutional point of order on the Senate floor

    12/12/2014 7:22:26 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 75 replies
    He called a constitutional point of order on section L of the Cromnibus, which fund the president's actions on Amnesty.
  • The taming of Ted Cruz (it's fun to reflect on wrong predictions)

    12/12/2014 6:56:47 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 6 replies ^ | 12/11/14 | Dana Milbank
    A new show has opened on Capitol Hill, and, with any luck, it will have a long run. It’s called “The Taming of the Cruz.” Grenade-launching Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas took a familiar position of obstruction last week: He called on conservatives to fight any bill that funds President Obama’s immigration actions — even if this provokes a standoff that leads to a government shutdown. “Just about every Republican candidate in the country campaigned saying, ‘If you elect us, we will stop President Obama’s amnesty,’ ” he said at a rally at the Capitol with tea party activists last week....