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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Security Will Be Beefed Up... ^ | 10:10AM BST 16 Apr 2013 | By Telegraph Sport, and agencies

Posted on 04/21/2013 4:11:43 PM PDT by Cindy

SNIPPET: "Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics security will be beefed up following Boston Marathon explosions, officials say

Russian sports officials said they will beef up security at forthcoming sports events and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in the wake of deadly explosions at Boston's marathon that killed three people, and injured over 140 others."

"Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics security will be beefed up following Boston Marathon explosions, officials say"

SNIPPET: "The World Athletics Championship takes place in Moscow on Aug 10-18, and the event is seen as a dress rehearsal for the 2014 Winter Games in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Mikhail Butov, secretary general of the Russian Athletics Federation, said on Tuesday that they would get in touch with the organisers of the Boston Marathon to find out which security precautions may have failed."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 04/21/2013 4:11:44 PM PDT by Cindy
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“Militants from Russia’s North Caucasus join “jihad” in Syria”
reuters ^ | Mar 6, 2013 | Thomas Grove and Mariam Karouny
Posted on March 7, 2013 10:46:57 AM PST by Mount Athos

SNIPPET: “Calling itself the Caucasus Emirate, Umarov’s Islamist militant group has promised to attack the [Winter Olympic] Games.”

2 posted on 04/21/2013 4:14:10 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

I’ll watch it on tv.

3 posted on 04/21/2013 4:14:46 PM PDT by AlmaKing
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To: All

ADDING to post no. 2:


Ongoing Updates:

IS DOKU TOAST? ^ | Posted on 08 June 2009 @ 16:36 GMT | n/a
Posted on June 8, 2009 7:13:27 PM PDT by Cindy

4 posted on 04/21/2013 4:15:11 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Speaking of the Sporting Events...


“Al-Qaeda Propagandist Called for Attacks on Sports Events”
April 16, 2013

By Patrick Goodenough
Subscribe to Patrick Goodenough

SNIPPET: “Writing in the online magazine of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Inspire, the terrorist known as Abu Musab al-Suri listed what he called “the most important enemy targets.”

Al-Suri contended that civilians should be targeted “when responding to a brutal practice carried out by America and her allied forces.”
“This is done by targeting human crowds in order to inflict maximum human losses,” he wrote. “This is very easy since there are numerous such targets such as crowded sports arenas, annual social events, large international exhibitions, crowded market-places, skyscrapers, crowded buildings … etc.”

“It is possible for ordinary Resistance fighters among the Muslims residing in America and the allied Western countries to target them, in order to participate in the jihad and the Resistance, and to stretch out a helping hand to the mujahidun [Islamic warriors].””

SNIPPET: “Al-Suri, a Syrian-born jihadist whose proper name is Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, is credited with authoring a 1,600-page online propaganda treatise entitled “Call for Global Islamic Resistance.””

5 posted on 04/21/2013 4:16:00 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Note: The Boston Marathon Bombing was referenced in post no. 1. Here is an index topic regarding that islamist jihadi terrorist event:

6 posted on 04/21/2013 4:18:01 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Good luck with that Russia. God be with you.

7 posted on 04/21/2013 4:29:45 PM PDT by MarMema
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To: All


“Will the next Winter Games be in a war zone?”

Last Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2010 | 2:42 PM ET
By Bill Gillespie CBC News

SNIPPET: “Insurgents on the rise

Putin soft-pedalled the security problems the Sochi Games might face. And at the time, it appeared the Chechen war might be petering out.

Today, however, Sochi is looking like an increasingly dubious choice for an Olympic Games.

The Chechen war the Kremlin said was over has spread to the entire Caucasus.”

8 posted on 04/22/2013 1:35:13 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


“Suicide bomber kills 35 at Russia’s biggest airport”

“Suicide bomber hits Russian airport”

Mon, Jan 24 2011
By Alexei Anishchuk
MOSCOW | Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:40pm EST

(Reuters) -

SNIPPET: “Islamist rebels have vowed to take their bombing campaign from the North Caucasus to the Russian heartland in the year before presidential elections, hitting transport and economic targets. They have also leveled threats at the 2014 Winter Olympics, scheduled for the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, a region some militants consider “occupied.””

SNIPPET: “No group has yet taken responsibility for the attack, but dozens of Internet surfers, writing in Russian, praised the suicide bomber on unofficial Islamist site”

SNIPPET: “The attack raised questions over Russian security — one month after it won the right to host the 2018 World Cup.”

9 posted on 04/22/2013 1:37:54 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


“Chechen rebel calls on Russian Islamists to attack Olympics at Sochi”

By Cheryl K. Chumley-The Washington Times
Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SNIPPET: “A top Chechen rebel leader, Doku Umarov, has called for Islamist radicals in Russia’s North Caucasus to attack the Winter Olympic Games being held in Sochi in February.”

10 posted on 07/03/2013 3:44:57 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

“2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Hit with Terror Threat
Caucasus Emirate calls for attacks on winter games”

BY: Adam Kredo
July 3, 2013 3:25 pm

SNIPPET: “Ariel Cohen, a Russia expert at the Heritage Foundation, said that the threat level posed by Umarov and other terrorists is “very high,” particularly for U.S. and Israeli Olympians.

“But it’s a threat level for everybody,” he said, noting that Russian security services are frequently ineffective when it comes to stopping terrorists.

“The track record of the Russian services is not stellar,” Cohen said, noting several successful suicide bombings of planes and trains, as well as massive hostage taking and other acts of terror in Russia.

“And Sochi is right next to the Caucasus theater” and just a half a day’s drive from terrorist strongholds, meaning “it will be even easier” to launch an attack.”

11 posted on 07/04/2013 2:43:06 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

“Russia says 50 groups in U.S. raise funds for North Caucasus extremists”

May 26, 2013

SNIPPET: “According to the Jamahiriya News Agency, Russian intelligence reveals that 50 organizations, many of which are Islamic charities, are actively soliciting and distributing funds from their headquarters in U.S. to terrorist groups in the North Caucasus—the same region where Tamerlan Tsarnaev journeyed prior to the Boston Marathon bombings. Islamic Relief, the largest Muslim charity in America, is included on Russia’s list. Read it all:

…According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, over 60 international extremist organizations, about 100 foreign companies and 10 banking groups participate in providing financial, material and other assistance to the terrorists «touring» the Northern Caucasus. In the U.S. alone, almost 50 organizations are raising funds for the Northern Caucasian extremists. And this is not the entire list of the Chechen terrorists’ accomplices in the U.S.; these organizations began sponsoring the rebels from the moment the bands led by Basayev and Khattab (the latter of which is known to be an emissary of Ben Laden, a staff member of the CIA, and a Canadian citizen who was stripped of his native Jordanian citizenship for his links to American intelligence agencies) invaded the territory of Dagestan.

The following groups are actively raising funds in the U.S.:”

12 posted on 07/09/2013 1:42:48 AM PDT by Cindy
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“Jihadists Reveal Plans to Attack Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia
Clip #3941 Broadcast: July 30, 2013”

13 posted on 08/08/2013 1:41:02 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: All


Olympics- Cyber attack seen as emerging threat for London 2012 ^ | Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:48am EDT | Avril Ormsby
Posted on July 28, 2009 at 1:52:49 AM PDT by Cindy

LONDON, July 21 (Reuters) - Olympic organisers are “very alive” to the threat of a cyber attack on the London 2012 Olympics, made more challenging because of its evolving nature, senior Interior Ministry officials said on Tuesday.

Ticketing systems, the transport network and hotel bookings as well as security are among potential targets.

Olympic security officials are also planning for the possible diversion of aircraft to protect airspace around the venues from terrorist attacks, the officials said.

The greatest threat to security at the Games is international terrorism, the government’s latest “Safety and Security Strategy” report said.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

14 posted on 11/03/2013 3:35:54 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All


“Putin signs law squeezing terrorists and their families”

Nov. 3, 2013  |  10:49 AM

SNIPPET: “MOSCOW, Nov. 3 (UPI) — Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law Sunday requiring the families of terrorists to pay for any damage their relatives might cause.”


“Suicide Belt Found in Stavropol, Suspected Owner Held”

01 November 2013
RIA Novosti

SNIPPET: “Police in the Stavropol region said Friday that they found a suicide belt during a sweep and have detained its suspected owner.
Russia’s authorities have been tightening security after recent presumed terrorist attacks and persistent Islamist-inspired violence in the turbulent North Caucasus.
Police said they made the discovery using sniffer-dogs while inspecting a horticultural reserve outside the southern city of Stavropol. The belt was examined and its owner later arrested, police said.”


“Winter Olympics 2014: Russian President Vladimir Putin takes on the ‘black widows’ in Sochi security crackdown

Muslim women forced to provide saliva samples after suicide bombings by separatists raise Games fears”



“Suspected ‘Black Widow’ suicide bomber kills 6 in southern Russia”

October 21, 2013

SNIPPET: “According to Russia’s Federal Investigative Committee, a 30-year-old Dagestani woman named Naida Asiyalova boarded the bus at a stop, then detonated shortly afterward in an explosion that killed at least six people and wounded 32 others. There are thought to have been about 40 people on the bus.
Identity documents found near the blast site indicated that she was the wife of wanted Islamist militant Dmitri Sokolov, also known as Abdul Jabbar, who is a suspect in two bombings in Dagestan that injured 29 people. Asiyalova comes from Makhachkala, the capital of the insurgency-plagued republic of Dagestan. Makhachkala is about 500 miles south of Volgograd, the site of the attack.”

15 posted on 11/03/2013 3:59:11 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All


Doku Umarov: Kremlin’s enemy who aims to ruin Sochi Olympics
The Australian ^ | December 31, 2013 11:45AM | Roger Boyes
Posted on December 30, 2013 at 6:15:56 PM PST by rdl6989

HE is known as Russia’s Osama bin Laden; Public Enemy No 1 for the Kremlin. Even the US has put a $5 million bounty on his head.

Doku Umarov, 49, the Chechen warlord with the blackest of reputations, is assumed to be the mastermind behind a bombing campaign intended to disrupt Vladimir Putin’s cherished dream of a successful Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Certainly, he has set out his aims clearly enough. The Olympics, he said, were being held on “the bones of many, many dead Muslims buried on our land by the Black Sea”.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

16 posted on 12/31/2013 1:50:34 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All


“In Wake Of Repeated Bombings, A Question: Why Volgograd?”

By Daisy Sindelar
December 30, 2013

SNIPPET: “Now, two back-to-back suspected suicide attacks just ahead of New Year celebrations — a December 29 bombing at the city’s main train station followed by a December 30 trolleybus blast — have claimed 30 additional lives and left many to wonder why Volgograd has become an unlikely insurgent target.”

SNIPPET: “But Andrei Soldatov, the editor of, a Russian site dedicated to terrorism and intelligence, says the Volgograd attacks — which took place 650 kilometers northeast of Sochi — throw such planning into disarray.

Bomb Kills At Least 17 At Russian Train Station

“I think the goal was to distract security forces. Because now, with the Olympics coming up, they’ll be forced to think not only about ensuring the safety of the major Russian cities as well as Sochi and the infrastructure around the Olympic facilities,” Soldatov says.”

SNIPPET: “Doku Umarov, the leader of a self-proclaimed independent Islamic state, the Caucasus Emirate, this summer called on all “mujahedin fighters” to stage attacks against targets including the Sochi Olympics.

Volgograd, an industrial city of 1 million, has no evident strategic value as a terrorist target, although its train station — the site of the December 29 blast — is a major transportation hub on the country’s north-south rail links.”

SNIPPET: “Second Volgograd Blast Kills 14

Other possibilities include the fact that the city is set to serve as a host during the 2018 soccer World Cup, or the fact that Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad, is the site of one of the bloodiest World War II battles and a critical turning point in the war.”


Entry - Quote:

A suicide bomber detonated on a crowded trolley in Volgograd, killing at least 14 people, the second such attack in two days in the city. Yesterday a Caucasus Emirate-linked “Black Widow” suicide bomber from Dagestan detonated inside the Volgograd central train station, killing at least 17 people. Islam Atiev, a Caucasus Emirate member, was killed in a clash with security forces in Dagestan on Dec. 28. Since then, security forces killed two suspected militants in Dagestan, two more in Stavropol Krai, and three more in Kabardino-Balkaria. Security is being heightened across the country in advance of the Olympics in Sochi.

Find related articles: Russia
Posted by Lisa Lundquist on December 30, 2013 7:39 PM


“Suicide bomber strikes again in southern Russia”

December 30, 2013

SNIPPET: “The southern Russian city of Volgograd has suffered its second suicide attack targeting public transportation in two days. Yesterday’s blast took place at the city’s train station, and today, a suicide bomber destroyed a trolley in the city. Both attacks are likely to have been carried out by the Islamic Caucasus Emirate, an al Qaeda-allied group whose leader has ordered his fighters to attack the 2014 Winter Olympics in nearby Sochi.”


“’Black Widow’ suicide bomber strikes at Russian train station”

December 29, 2013

17 posted on 12/31/2013 2:09:35 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Inside the Ring: Sochi Olympics face high threat of attack”

By Bill Gertz-The Washington Times Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SNIPPET: “U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies monitoring security at the Sochi Olympics say the southern Russian city faces a high risk of an Islamist terrorism attack. One message from a security analyst to those considering attending the Winter Games: Don’t go.”

18 posted on 01/18/2014 2:55:29 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Top Hill lawmakers concerned about Olympic security, amid new terror threats and attacks”

Published January 19, 2014

SNIPPET: “On Sunday, in a new video that was posted on the website of the Chechen militant group Vilayat Dagestan, two militants vowed that tourists and Russians attending the games would not be safe.

In the video, the Russian-speaking men sitting in front of black banners with Arabic verses warn Putin that if the games are held, “we will give you a present for the innocent Muslim blood being spilled all around the world.”

They add that “for the tourists who come there will be a present, too.”

On Friday, nine people were injured when a bomb exploded in the Russian southern province of Dagestan, which has become the center of an Islamist insurgency that has spread across the Caucasus region after two separatist wars in Chechnya.”

SNIP: “King said he is not only concerned about the Olympics, but that other major sporting events could be targets in the future, including the World Cup in Brazil.

“I’m afraid it will be a concern anywhere in the future,” he said.”

19 posted on 01/19/2014 11:41:14 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

20 Jan 2014

SNIPPET: “ABC News: Police in Sochi have launched an urgent search for a possible female suicide bomber who may have already made it past the ring of security set up for the Olympic Games. Hotel employees in Sochi told ABC News that posters with pictures and descriptions of a 22-year-old woman from nearby Dagestan were distributed over the weekend by authorities and a similar flyer was also seen posted at Sochi’s airport. A spokesperson for the U.S. Olympic Committee reacted to the revelation by saying that the safety of Team USA is their “top priority.””

20 posted on 01/21/2014 2:15:22 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All


Photo Caption:

“A police leaflet seen in a Sochi hotel on Tuesday shows Ruzanna Ibragimova and states that she is at large in the city of Sochi. (Natalya Vasilyeva/The Associated Press)”


“Russia security forces look for suicide bombers before Games
Ruzanna Ibragimova, a 22-year-old widow of a slain Islamic militant, believed to be in Sochi”

The Associated Press Posted: Jan 21, 2014 4:54 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 21, 2014 5:58 AM ET

SNIPPET: “Police material distributed to the hotel staff also included pictures of two other women in veils: 26-year-old Zaira Aliyeva and 34-year-old Dzhannet Tsakhayeva. It said they had been trained “to perpetrate acts of terrorism.”

It warned that the two women “are probably among us,” but, unlike Ibragimova’s case, did not say if they are in Sochi.”

21 posted on 01/21/2014 4:03:40 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

NOTE The following text is a quote:


Release No: NR-040-14
January 20, 2014

Pentagon Press Secretary Statement on Olympic Winter Games Security

The following press release is attributed to Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby:

The United States has offered its full support to the Russian government as it conducts security preparations for the Winter Olympics.

To that end, U.S. commanders in the region are conducting prudent planning and preparations should that support be required.

Air and naval assets, to include two Navy ships in the Black Sea, will be available if requested for all manner of contingencies in support of — and in consultation with — the Russian government.

There is no such requirement at this time.

22 posted on 01/22/2014 4:00:17 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Sochi Olympic Teams Receive Terrorist Threats”

11:47am UK, Wednesday 22 January 2014

SNIPPET: “Countries including Slovenia and Hungary have received terror threats ahead of the Winter Olympics in Russia, it has been claimed.”

SNIPPET: “He told state news wire MTI that other countries’ Olympic committees had also received similar messages.”

23 posted on 01/22/2014 4:09:21 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

24 posted on 01/22/2014 4:17:48 AM PST by JoeProBono (SOME IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED;-{)
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To: Cindy

25 posted on 01/22/2014 4:18:31 AM PST by JoeProBono (SOME IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED;-{)
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To: All - Video Clip No. 4114: "Volgograd Bombers in Recorded Message to Putin: We Have Prepared Gift for the Olympics -- Warning: Graphic Images" (Broadcast January 19, 2014)

26 posted on 01/22/2014 4:20:44 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“British terror chiefs warn an attack on Sochi Games is ‘very likely’ as Russian authorities continue to hunt ‘black widow’ bombers”

PUBLISHED: 09:19 EST, 27 January 2014, UPDATED: 10:37 EST, 27 January 2014

SNIPPET: “British anti-terror chiefs have warned that a large-scale terror attack on the Winter Games in Sochi is ‘very likely to occur’.

A threat assessment by Whitehall officials names a Caucasus group, Imarat Kavkaz (IK), as top of the watch-list since it has repeatedly made threats against the Games in recent months.

The assessment points out that in July 2013 the IK’s fugitive leader, Emir Doku Umarov, called on his followers to do what they can to disrupt the Games.”

27 posted on 01/28/2014 1:39:52 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“U.S. Identifies Terror Group Threatening Attacks on the Olympics
Caucasus Emirate says Sochi strikes will include chemical weapons attacks”

BY: Bill Gertz
January 27, 2014 5:00 am

SNIPPET: “The Russian terror group Caucasus Emirate, also known as Imarat Kavkaz, is believed to have jihadists in place within Sochi who are ready to strike during the games, set to begin Feb. 7, said U.S. officials with access to intelligence.

New threats of terror attacks on the games were made in a video released last week revealing two terrorists and a bomb-maker behind the recent suicide bombings in Volgograd, some 600 miles northwest of Sochi. The blasts killed 34 people and injured scores more.”

SNIPPET: “In the Jan. 18 statement, Umar also threatened to conduct chemical weapons terrorist attacks in Sochi.”

SNIPPET: “Officials said the group Ansar al-Sunna that claimed the Volgograd attacks are not linked to an Iraqi terror group with a similar name. However, a flag shown in the Jan. 19 video by the Volgograd bomber included a flag of the al Qaeda rebel group in Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, whose coalition include North Caucasus jihadists.”

28 posted on 01/28/2014 3:21:39 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“FBI agents deploy as winter Olympics in Sochi near
Islamic militants have threatened to derail the Winter Games, which run from Feb. 7-23”

Associtated Press

SNIPPET: “WASHINGTON — U.S. officials say the first of two American warships heading into the Black Sea in advance of the Olympic Games has sailed from Italy. In another sign of U.S. efforts to protect Americans at the Winter Games, the FBI says at least two dozen agents are going to Sochi, Russia.

Islamic militants have threatened to derail the Winter Games, which run from Feb. 7-23.”

29 posted on 02/02/2014 11:28:20 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

The above article was posted at source link Feb. 1, 2014

30 posted on 02/02/2014 11:30:01 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

sp=Associated Press

31 posted on 02/02/2014 11:32:34 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Russian police kill Islamist militant leader before Olympic”



SNIPPET: “MOSCOW - Police have killed a senior Islamist militant in Russia’s North Caucasus ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, where security forces searched on Tuesday for a woman they fear is planning an attack during the Games.

Eldar Magatov, a suspect in attacks on Russian targets and alleged leader of an insurgent group in the Babyurt district of Dagestan, died in a shootout, the National Anti-Terror Committee said on Tuesday.”

32 posted on 02/02/2014 11:39:02 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Russia: 2 Suspects Arrested in Suicide Bombing”

MOSCOW January 30, 2014 (AP)
Associated Press

SNIPPET: “The suspected bombers, Asker Samedov and Suleiman Magomedov, were members of a terrorist group based in Dagestan, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said.

Two brothers, Magomednabi and Tagir Batirov, were detained as suspected accomplices Wednesday in Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim republic that has become the center of an Islamic insurgency.”

33 posted on 02/03/2014 12:50:50 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Taking digital devices to the Sochi Olympics? Think twice”
POSTED 5 FEB 2014 AT 12:03PM

SNIPPET: “We are just days away from the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and if you are headed there to join the festivities you may be wondering which of your digital devices to take with you: smartphone, tablet, laptop? The right answer is probably “none of the above.” And we’re not saying that because we’re paranoid. The Russians, or rather “some Russians’” really are out to get your data, and that’s according to Security Tip (ST14-001) from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team:

Travelers may want to consider leaving personal electronic devices (e.g. laptops, smartphones, tablets) at home or alternatively bring loaner devices [to Sochi] that do not already store sensitive data on them and can be wiped upon return to your home country.

We think that is sound advice given this background information provided by US-CERT:”


“’Toothpaste Bomb’ Fears Over Russia Flights

Just a day before the winter Olympics begin in Sochi, the US government warns of fears flights to Russia are being targeted.”

12:56am UK, Thursday 06 February 2014


“The Other Sochi Threat: Russian Spies, Mobsters Hacking Your Smartphones”

Feb. 5, 2014

SNIPPET: “While the world focuses on the threat of terrorism to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia this month, spectators in the Black Sea town will face a stealthier threat to their digital lives from Russian spies and tech savvy mobsters, experts and security sources told ABC News.

Russian law allows its intelligence agents to do electronic snooping on anyone inside the country, meaning the phones and personal computers of thousands of foreign visitors, including Americans, are fair game. But even outside of the law, Russian organized crime groups also are well known for hacking smartphones and email for information they use for illicit profit.”


“’Black Widow’ Security Threat For Sochi Games

Untraceable assailants driven by fundamentalist ideologies pose the greatest threat to safety at this year’s Winter Olympics.”

10:48pm UK, Wednesday 05 February 2014
by Stuart Ramsay


“Sochi 2014: The Terror Threat and Russia’s Response”
February 5, 2014

“Sochi 2014: Understanding Physical and Cyber Threats”
February 2, 2014

34 posted on 02/05/2014 5:24:57 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All
FOX (AP): Ankara, Turkey - "PASSENGER ON ISTANBUL-BOUND FLIGHT MAKES BOMB THREAT, TRIES TO HIJACK PLANE TO SOCHI" (SNIPPET: "Ukrainian plane passenger") (February 7, 2014) (Read More...)
SKY "HIJACKER DEMANDS PLANE BE FLOWN TO SOCHI jets are scrambled as a passenger on a flight from the Ukraine to Turkey claims he has a bomb and attempts to enter the cockpit." (SNIPPET: "One passenger, Gokhan Yildirim, said of the ordeal: "He said that he had bomb on him, and a friend of his would explode it remotely if he was harmed." Turkish special forces had boarded the Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 and took the man into custody after negotiations broke down once it was on the tarmac.") (February 7, 2014, 8:36 pm UK) (Read More...)
Link (Read More...)

35 posted on 02/08/2014 2:03:35 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy

Thanks, Cindy!

36 posted on 02/08/2014 2:12:20 AM PST by Gene Eric (Don't be a statist!)
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To: Gene Eric

You’re welcome Gene Eric.

37 posted on 02/08/2014 2:32:32 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Not known to be related to Sochi at this time, but fyi:,7340,L-4486174,00.html

Gunman kills 2 in church off Russia’s eastern coast
Published: 02.09.14, 09:49 / Israel News

SNIPPET: “A gunman opened fire on Sunday in a Russian Orthodox cathedral on the island of Sakhalin, off Russia’s eastern coast, killing a nun and a churchgoer and wounding six other people, officials said.”

38 posted on 02/09/2014 12:11:14 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

“Russian Federation Travel Alert”

39 posted on 02/09/2014 12:30:21 AM PST by Cindy
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Adding to post no. 35:



“Report: Turkish Court Arrests Hijacker”
(Sunday, February 9th, 2014)

SNIPPET: “Turkey’s state-run agency says a court in Istanbul has formally arrested a Ukrainian man who allegedly tried to hijack a Turkey-bound flight to Sochi, Russia, as the Winter Olympics were beginning.

Anadolu Agency says the man, identified as Artem Kozlov, was ordered jailed on Sunday following questioning by police.

Private NTV television said he was arrested on hijacking and hostage taking charges.”

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Typo in post no. 40 — Should read AP.

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“Dagestan: New Epicenter of Muslim Terrorism in Russia”

by Lawrence A. Franklin
February 14, 2014 at 4:00 am

SNIPPET: “According to a survey with 6,000 respondents, the ranks of the jihad are being filled by ever-younger Dagestanis. Dagestan is eclipsing Chechnya as the seat of the most violent insurgency against Russia.

The extremist leaders have targeted their fellow Muslim leaders thought to be too mild.

Dagestan, the largest republic of the north Caucasus, can best be described in negative superlatives. It is probably the most violent spot in the entire Russian Federation.[1] The administrative bureaucracy of the republic’s capital, Makhachkala, is among the most corrupt.[2] The ethnic and linguistic diversity of Dagestan is the most complex among Russia’s Republics.[3] Its topography is arguably the most forbidding in the Russian Eurasian landmass. Religiously, it is also the most radical Muslim entity in the Russian state. Moreover, in part, because of Dagestan’s difficult terrain and the fabled fighting ability of Dagestani mountain peoples, Moscow has found that suppressing jihadists in Dagestan is even more difficult than in their campaigns in Chechnya.

The February 6, 2014 raid of a terrorist hideout in the Dagestani town of Izerbash by Russian Security Police — resulting in the deaths of suspects who were allegedly planning an attack on the Sochi Olympics — underscores that the Republic of Dagestan has become the epicenter of extremist-Muslim terrorism in Russia.”

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“The day after: A proud Sochi cleans up after end of Winter Olympics as the world heads home”

Published February 24, 2014
Associated Press

SNIPPET: “It’s predicted to be the heaviest Olympic-related travel day, but travelers through the region’s airport are reporting briskly moving security lines and check-in times of anywhere from 10 minutes to three hours.

Olympic Park has cleared out except for volunteers in multicolored patchwork jackets. Most security barriers remain in place in anticipation of the Paralympic Games, but security is noticeably more relaxed.”

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On The Internet:

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games

March 7-16, 2014

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“Sochi 2014 – Visitor Information For Olympic and Paralympic Games”

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