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Today would be an excellent day to support the resistance! [FReepathon thread XXIV]
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Posted on 04/28/2013 10:38:19 AM PDT by Jim Robinson

Edited on 04/28/2013 10:54:26 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

Never give-in, never give-up, never surrender!

No one ever said that following the righteous path would be easy. The darkside throws up obstacle after obstacle after obstacle and is constantly tempting the weaker ones in our fold to abandon the fight and take the easy way out.

Not long ago, they said we had to allow the central government to take over a larger amount of control over personal finances such as planning for retirement security, because the poor people could not fend for themselves and could not be depended upon to save on their own for their old age. And even though it was not authorized by the constitution, the central government was the only government entity large enough to handle the job. The central planners decided they could deduct a small percentage from the workers wages that they wouldn't even notice and then the employers would match it and it would all be sent to the central government where it would be held securely in individually numbered social security accounts for the people, just like bank savings accounts, and it would be safely waiting there for them when they reach retirement age. And no worry about the federal social security number, it could never be used for any other purpose, especially not as a national ID or to track individuals. It was "for our own good."

My, my. How the well intentions and promises of the central planners and constitutional fudgers go astray. Don't know if this was the first step into unconstitutional socialism for the formerly free people of the USA, but it was certainly a giant step in that direction and it set the stage for everything that follows.

Or maybe an earlier step was the unconstitutional creation of the Fed to control the money supply and get a handle on the business cycle. Free enterprise is great, but too unpredictable, they said. Central government must be brought in to provide control over inflation and the money supply and to stabilize the wide swings in the business cycle, things that the free market or even the states and the people could not do. It was "for our own good" even if it did require some constitutional fudging to get it done.

And, of course, the income tax. Just a tiny percent of income and it would be paid mostly by the higher income earners. But even the central planners couldn't fudge enough to get this one done, so by promising it would really effect only the "wealthy" they rammed a constitutional amendment through. Well, we all know how that turned out. Even recently candidate Obama promised no new taxes on the middle class and certainly none on the poor. The wealthy should cough up more of their fair share. Like his comrades before him, he lied.

In the big socialist run up after the Great Depression (which the central planners goofed on, obviously) our central government simply exploded in size and scope. Once they found out how easily they could fool the people and fudge the constitution, the sky was the limit. Hurrah! No more constitutional limits on government.

We now have a centrally planned solution for every problem that ails the people and another one created every day. And it's all being done "for our own good." Well, actually, that line got a little old, so they recently modified it to it's all being done "for the children." Probably sounded less greedy and more charitable to the focus groups.

We now have so many federal departments, agencies, programs and commissions, etc, etc, etc, that we have to have agencies to try to keep track of the agencies and even they cannot do it. No one audits or controls the government. And there are so many agencies that the congress lost control over them and could no longer pass enough laws to enact the rules they wanted over the people, so they simply gave the agencies the ability to pass their own laws (rules and regulations) and these rules and regulations would apply to the people and their business just as if their representatives in congress passed them themselves.

My, my, my. I remember when it was supposed to be government of the people, for the people and by the people. And it was representative government. Seems our representatives have shuffled off their duties to legions of nameless, faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats and it is they who are to blame for regulating us out of house and home and place of employment. Our congress critters' hands are clean. But we have no way to control the bureaucrats, or fire them, or vote them OUT!

And there's no end to it. Once they bastardized the constitution and it no longer restricts government, they can basically have their way with us (screw us) as they please. And they do. ObamaCare for example.

So, in addition to their great socialist revolution of Roosevelt's era, we've since added the Great Society of Johnson's era, providing medicare for old people and we've have a great war on poverty for decades which we must've won, because now even poor people in America have two TVs, cell phones, computers, internet, wood floors, indoor plumbing, warm beds, free medical care, free housing and free lunch. It's almost more profitable to be poor today than it is to be a tax paying working stiff. Actually, I believe someone did a study recently and proved that it is.

But still they never quit. They never have enough.

Not long ago after they shed the constitution, the left began complaining that God's commandments and His teachings are too restrictive for modern society. For example, they decided that a woman's body was hers to control (and I would never suggest otherwise) so if she goofs up and gets herself pregnant she should not be punished with a baby. So after fighting long fruitless battles with state legislatures trying to overturn state laws against killing unwanted babies, they finally wised up and turned to the central planners who are not encumbered by God or constitution or even by we the people or our representatives. They got the black-robed rulers to invent a right not found in the constitution and definitely not granted by God that gives women the "constitutional right" to kill (murder) her offspring.

And I'm here to tell you, it's scientifically proven that those "clumps of cells" are not part of the woman's body. They are a growing gift from God otherwise known as a human baby. While pregnant, the woman is temporarily in control of two (or more) bodies. Hers and her child's. It's godless evil for her to kill that innocent helpless child.

And now we have the godless left clamoring for homosexual marriage. Give me a break. This is starting to get absolutely ridiculous. No way in hell should our central planners be debating in our senate whether to pull the plug on the very foundation of our society from the beginning of time. Someone just has to say STOP!! The adults must take charge. I'm not going to debate this "issue". Just shut it down! For God's sake enough is enough! Any Republican who goes along with this crap must be run out of office!!

Just say no! Likewise Amnesty and open borders!! We have borders and immigration laws for good reason. Do not let the godless, socialist central planners destroy our nation. Without borders we have no country! But, of course, that is their goal.

McCain and his treasonous gang of eight traitors and all others joining his treasonous conspiracy can go straight to hell!!

Sorry for rambling and I'll cut if off here.

My friends, FR cannot survive to fight this never ending battle for freedom against the godless socialists without your support.

If you have not done so already, please click the link above to donate via secure server or by mail to:

Free Republic - PO Box 9771 - Fresno, CA 93794

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Folks, there is no other way. We are not independently wealthy and we cannot provide this valuable resource without your support.

Please help us keep FR alive.

Thank you very much!

God bless.

And NEVER give up your guns. That will be the end.

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