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Why Liberals Kill (We have a change agent in the White House) ^ | 6-21-2013 | Selwyn Duke

Posted on 06/21/2013 10:00:41 AM PDT by servo1969

"Liberal institutions straightaway cease from being liberal the moment they are soundly established: once this is attained no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions." This quotation's author, Friedrich Nietzsche, was no traditionalist himself; in fact, he was a harsh critic of Christianity who coined the phrase "God is dead." Yet he knew that your republic would be dead the day liberals assumed enough power within it.

This understanding is necessary to properly evaluate the current Obama administration scandals involving NSA surveillance and IRS abuses. Critics' main focus has been debating what power the government should have, and this is a legitimate and important discussion. But even more significant is who wields that power. After all, you can exhaustively regulate the police, but it will be largely for naught if those with the great power of a gun and badge are fundamentally corrupt.

The recently departed Buzzfeed columnist Michael Hastings touched on liberals' will to tyranny in a piece titled "Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans." Addressing the surveillance scandal he wrote:

"The very topic of Democratic two-facedness on civil liberties is one of the most important issues that [Guardian columnist Glenn] Greenwald has covered. Many of those Dems - including the sitting President Barack Obama, Senator Carl Levin, and Sec. State John Kerry - have now become the stewards and enhancers of programs that appear to dwarf any of the spying scandals that broke during the Bush years, the very same scandals they used as wedge issues to win elections in the Congressional elections [sic] 2006 and the presidential primary of 2007-2008."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Government; Philosophy
KEYWORDS: amnesty; banglist; death; guncontrol; irs; liberal; nsa; obama; progressive; secondamendment; tyranny

1 posted on 06/21/2013 10:00:41 AM PDT by servo1969
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To: servo1969


2 posted on 06/21/2013 10:19:15 AM PDT by SC_Pete
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To: servo1969

Evil eyes.

3 posted on 06/21/2013 10:22:47 AM PDT by laplata (Liberals don't get it. Their minds have been stolen.)
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To: servo1969

Lyndon Johnson remarked that when he took over the administration after the JFK assassination he learned the Kennedy brothers “had been operating a damned Murder Incorporated in the Caribbean.”

4 posted on 06/21/2013 10:26:53 AM PDT by Brad from Tennessee (A politician can't give you anything he hasn't first stolen from you.)
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To: servo1969

Excellent article! Thanks for posting it. I will pass this along to friends.

5 posted on 06/21/2013 10:27:44 AM PDT by Gingersnap
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To: servo1969

I really wish that assturd would go back to not wearing the US flag. He is an insult to everyone who ever died or sacrificed for it.

6 posted on 06/21/2013 10:32:19 AM PDT by MeganC (A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don't have one, you'll never need one again.)
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To: servo1969

Recent events here have caused me to become more than a little interested in the history of Nazi Germany.

That interest has drawn me to some of the films made of that sad period. “Schilndler’s List”, “Surviving Hitler”, “Sophie Scholl”, “Downfall”, “Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State” and others.

But the film that jelled my alleged mind and brought me to this attempt to relate those events with what is happening here was “Der Letzte Zug” (“The Last Train”) depicting in excruciating detail the nearly week-long trip to Auschwitz of the last Jews forced from Berlin. Confined in sealed cattle cars with no food and water, they plotted largely futile escape attempts as, one-by-one, the weakest among them died.

As I watched, I sought to understand the common thread(s) that set them on a course to their premature graves at the hands of Hitler and his minions.

There were many.

One was the economic destruction of post WWI Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. Its punitive reparations made conditions ripe for the rise of the Nazi and their promises. In fact, some historians believe that Versailles was intentionally designed by those who profit from such activities to sow the seeds for Hitler and WWII. That is, however, a topic for another day.

Another element necessary for the Holocaust was Hitler’s disarmament of the civilian population. Though the compliant Germans allowed that disarmament to begin in 1919 and intensify in 1928, it became draconian when the Nazis took total control.

And, of course, the Antisemitism present then and now in Europe played a large role as most of their non-Jewish neighbors ignored the growing persecution that began in early 1933.

The historical Prussian mindset – of Jews and non-Jews alike – was to trust and obey those in charge of the state apparatus. It goes without saying that that is a more or less universal characteristic of populations living under “elected” governments. After the chaos of the Wiemar Republic, many of them saw Hitler as a savior, exacerbating the problem.

This brings me to THE element that I believe caused so many Jews to meekly submit to the homicidal madness: Their notion that, despite the rumors, whispers and, ultimately, the outright verbalization of that madness by their elected leaders, “THAT could never happen here”.

“THAT could never happen here” is perhaps the most dangerous phrase in ANY language – especially for us here in America at this time.

If you have been paying attention, you must see numerous parallels between Hitler’s Germany and Obama’s Amerika. (Misspelling intentional.)

Admit it or not, Obama, his minions and handlers are doing all they can to drive the unemployment rate higher, causing increasingly desperate men and woman to further swell government payrolls. Hitler put many desperate Germans into his Brown Shirts, SS, regular military, etc.

Though some of Obama’s supporters – the small numbers with functioning brains – are losing faith in him, a frightening number of them still “worship” him and would unquestioningly support just about anything he proposed if the “free” goodies keep coming their way and he assured them that only his – and their – enemies were to be “reeducated” or eliminated.

Fortunately for freedom here, Obama’s efforts to DISARM us have stalled – FOR NOW! All that is keeping him in check is his understanding that to make his final play before doing so would be to put his life and the lives of his inner circle and handlers at serious risk.

If you are STILL not convinced that this fellow has sinister plans for those who dare to oppose him, please view the short video at the link below. (For those with short memories, Bill Ayers is – despite Ayers’ comments about drones – STILL one of Obama’s closest associates and is believed to have authored Obama’s book). Ayers founded the Weather Underground mentioned in the video.

As you watch it, remember that when that meeting occurred, our population was approximately 250 million. 25 million would have represented 10%. Come forward to our current population of approximately 315 million and that 10% would equal 31.5 million of us.
That COULD explain the billions of hollow point bullets now being delivered to Big Sis and her cohorts at Faterlandt Security.

There people are as SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK!

But THAT could never happen here, right?

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and the Republic
for which it stands.  Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened
once in 6,000 years, may not happen again.
Hold on to the
Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail,
there will be anarchy throughout the world.”
Daniel Webster

7 posted on 06/21/2013 10:42:06 AM PDT by Dick Bachert (There's room under my bus for BOTH Holder and obozo!)
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To: MeganC
He's wearing the wrong flag.


8 posted on 06/21/2013 10:42:22 AM PDT by MinuteGal (SO)
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To: MeganC
in this household, we don't listen to the creep, or watch him, or keep the mags or newspapers that feature him...

when Jeopardy,part of the NBC white house newscorp, features any questions from youknowwho or his b*tch wife or any of that ilk, we mute it immediately...

speaking of Jeopardy I can recall basically NEVER have they ever had so many appearances by pub leaders....

9 posted on 06/21/2013 10:48:08 AM PDT by cherry
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To: servo1969

10 posted on 06/21/2013 10:50:57 AM PDT by Mycroft Holmes (<= Mash name for HTML Xampp PHP C JavaScript primer. Programming for everyone.)
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To: laplata

Certainly a preponderance of citizens are firmly committed to their attitude and not to any set of fixed standards. If they think a thing it must be true because they have thought it. There is no standard by which they can determine the relative merit of one thing over another except their own thoughts, born of their emotional/psychological condition. This makes them uniquely susceptibe to the deceits of tyrants.
We must, if we are to survive as a free people, learn to confront and dissuade those who value nothing from their foolishness.

11 posted on 06/21/2013 11:03:51 AM PDT by Louis Foxwell (This is a wake up call. Join the Sultan Knish ping list.)
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To: Louis Foxwell

Most American’s can no longer recognize bad or evil. Discernment is foreign to most people.

Political correctness is censorship and prevents discourse.

12 posted on 06/21/2013 11:09:09 AM PDT by laplata (Liberals don't get it. Their minds have been stolen.)
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To: Dick Bachert

I’d add to your film list, THE GARDEN OF THE FINZI CONTINIS, It captures the situation we’re in as seemingly clueless Americans.

13 posted on 06/21/2013 12:10:24 PM PDT by avenir (I'm pessimistic about man, but I'm optimistic about GOD!)
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To: servo1969

“Liberal institutions straightaway cease from being liberal the moment they are soundly established: once this is attained no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions.”

Would sure like context for this quote.

In all likelihood he was not speaking about American liberals at all, but about classical liberals, which is pretty darn close to present-day American conservatives.

I suspect what he was trying to say is that any organization that fights for freedom tends to go into reverse on the issue when it actually attains power. Much as the Catholic Church campaigned for religious freedom right up to the point it became the State religion, and then began campaigning for the State to enforce the “right” religion.

14 posted on 06/21/2013 12:15:47 PM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: servo1969

Nope. They aren’t socialists who have gone too far. What has Bill Clinton been doing since he left office? Did he establish a commune where he helped weed the cabbages? No. People like Bill and Hillary may have started out believing socialist BS, but, they eventually realized that it didn’t work. Then, they realized the power of pretending to want socialism. They realized that there were fortunes to be made by talking socialism and using it to get elected. Then, the money starts to roll in. You give a taste of the money to the fools who voted for you, but implement socialism? How do you get enough tax money out of a socialist nation to live the real high life? You can’t. Bill and Hillary, while truly evil, are not stupid. Only an idiot believes that socialism will provide him with a great life. Bill and Hillary became disillusioned with life and socialism and decided that if that wouldn’t work, then by golly, they were going to be rich instead.

15 posted on 06/21/2013 12:27:56 PM PDT by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")
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To: avenir

TY. Will check it out. Knew about it but just never saw it.

16 posted on 06/21/2013 1:46:50 PM PDT by Dick Bachert (There's room under my bus for BOTH Holder and obozo!)
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To: servo1969

Because, without morals or belief in a higher power, once they are firmly in charge they have no reason NOT to kill.

17 posted on 06/21/2013 6:43:23 PM PDT by servo1969
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