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Tranquility at 30,000 feet (Saturbray) ^ | 7/19/14 | bray

Posted on 07/19/2014 7:33:50 AM PDT by bray

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 NIV

Can things get any worse in Obama's tranquil world? Just as the White House propagandist makes claim that the world has never been more tranquil, Hamass decides to start another war on Israel and a passenger jet gets shot down basically on worldwide TV. Please don’t say there are no atomic detonations or economic meltdowns before we can make it to our prep shelters. This baffoon has taken worst president in histoir to entirely new low. Of course what can you expect from an Affirmative Action over-educated idjit who believes Marxism is superior to Capitalism and that God is our enemy.

This is what you get when America has been relegated to a second rate power who no longer has the power to lead both economically and morally. This country which has had its foundations built on moral giants who considered themselves midgets to God, is now being led by a Christ hating fake. Of all the ironies of this situation, he believed he and Putin could be fellow comrades who followed Marx and Lenin while destroying their common enemy, America. Problem is, Putin likes America and understands that Marx is a failed political and economic model so he has nothing in common with this comrade. Putin hates Obama far more than he dislikes America, he may secretly love America; but it is obvious he cannot stand the clown in the White House.

These sanctimonious Harvard indoctrinated Marxists thought they could make the world love them after eight years of Bush. They saw him as some country bumpkin who could never understand the nuances of their one world foreign policy. They thought all they had to do was trash America and kiss up to the rest of the world and there would be love coming from all four corners. Guess what bratman, it is just the opposite and the world hates you more than they ever did Bush. So stick that in your ivy covered pipe and smoke it like those 350 passengers who just fell from the sky. When you have no leadership or moral authority in the world, bad things happen like in Mao’s China or Benghazi Libya.

You broke it so now you own it. The only reason Putin is in the Ukraine for the first time since Reagan is because he knew he could. He watched Odingdong fold like a tent in Syria, Egypt and Iran so why shouldn’t he go rebuild the old soviet empire and he is. He would never do that under Bush for fear of his guys getting the business end of an F-15, but under Owimp there was no such risk. It is what Russian dictators do and have done for centuries and these academics are shocked. When you refuse to lead or have absolutely no leadership abilities and you are the leader by default, don’t be surprised when chaos ensues.

The world is outraged that 350 innocent people were shot out of the sky. This is what happens when you take God and Jesus out of the world. Man is inherently evil as we have seen throughout histoir and the only lighthouse in the world is Jesus Christ. He is the moral compass for the world and whenever we have leaders and especially Presidents who follow Jesus worldwide tranquility occurs. There is no relative difference between a jet being knocked down or hundreds of innocent babies a day being killed. How is it morally outrageous for these terrorists to kill these passengers and it makes no difference when terrorists kill our innocent ambassador and three Navy seals? How is over 400 Christians a day being martyred for their faith less tragic than the same number being shot down? They all have a commonality which is man and his evil nature.

We are being ruled by man’s guidelines and moral relativism. He is trying to tell us what is right and wrong when he has no idea which is which. By man’s laws it is wrong to shoot down a passenger jet but it is ok to overthrow Egypt, Libya and Syria and shoot down military crews. By man’s law it is outrageous to persecute and victimize homosexuals, but it is perfectly fine to persecute Teabaggers with the full force of the federal gummit. It is a crime to stop illegal aliens in this country, but they ignore the massive killings that are going on in Chicago with black on black crime. Blacks are apparently no longer in fashion when it comes to victim politics when you can get the female sympathy vote for Mexican kids and homosexual marriage.

Every one of these issues are interconnected since the world no longer has a moral compass and has now gone completely off the rails. Man is an evil being and left to his own devices you have mass murder and suffering. We have seen it in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin and Lenin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China where a dictator claiming to be for the 99% is willing to wipe out the 1% while making a few billion in the process and now we have another one in the White House. This crew hates God and is actively attempting to take Jesus out of the public discussion.

They believe the Church stands in the way of their divine path and are doing everything they can to destroy Christianity in America. We are seeing the fruits of their labor when the world begins spinning out of control. This is simply a reflection of what is happening in America and being mirrored around the world. God is no longer in control, man is and people are dying.

What is the difference between shooting down a plane and a healthcare system which will be making kill decisions thousands of times a day by Death Panels? We are seeing the Federal system replace our family doctors so there will be the same relationship you have with the IRS. You will no longer be a person but a number and problem. You are no longer an individual but a piece of inventory that has to be tracked, packed and sacked. Now with an open border we are now the United Countries of America and becoming more and more a turd world country to pay for our so called transgressions. Now the entire world is paying the price for a Godless over-educated Marxist who hates God nearly as much as he hates himself. Fasten your seat belts folks because this is going to be a bumpy flight.

Pray America wakes up

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1 posted on 07/19/2014 7:33:50 AM PDT by bray
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To: <1/1,000,000th%; abclily; AbeKrieger; AFPhys; airborne; Alan H; Allegra; Always Right; ...

enough braying

2 posted on 07/19/2014 7:34:43 AM PDT by bray (Palin/Bibi 2016)
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To: bray

You are exactly correct! I believe Obama hates Christians and Jews. Hitler had the same hates. Both Obama and Hitler represent PURE EVIL.

Am reading your book. I see a lot of parallels between Texas 2022 and Israel today.

3 posted on 07/19/2014 11:27:40 AM PDT by abclily
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