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Soon, Within the Lives of Most of You, the American Dream Will Slip Away.
Vanity ^ | November 23, 2014 | Nathan Bedford

Posted on 11/23/2014 7:14:06 AM PST by nathanbedford

Soon, within the lives of most of you, the American dream will slip away.

If we accept that demographics in national presidential elections are increasingly running against Republicans and even more against conservatives, we must assume that the norm will be left-leaning Presidents. Looking beyond the 2014 election and the 2016 election as well, as demographics continue to run against us, the Senate will also increasingly trend left. However, the hold by Republicans and conservatives in the House of Representatives looks to be solid for some years to come, primarily because Republicans dominate state legislatures and draw district lines.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2016 election this demographic disadvantage condemns conservatism to a defensive posture for the foreseeable future, absent some sort of cataclysmic event like slavery and the Civil War or the Great Depression which fundamentally changes party alignment and enables Republicans to regularly gain national power. Absent such a tectonic shift, Democrats will routinely prevail after the 2016 election and its consequences are played out. As conservatives are forced back to the House of Representatives as a defensive citadel, they will try to serve our children and grandchildren by stopping an increasingly aggressive Democrat President in the Obama mold, that is, an executive who imposes power through executive action (and inaction), and bureaucratic lawmaking and adjudication. Conservatives will strive to do that but too many Republicans will not.

In other words, Democrat Presidents will operate where they can be free of the checks and balances invested by the Constitution in the House of Representatives. The House will look in vain to the courts to bring the executive back under the control of the Constitution but that will become hopeless in short order as increasingly leftist Senates confirm increasingly leftist judges. The precedent set by Harry Reid to jigger the rules of the Senate will become irreversibly fixed in favor of Democrats when they ultimately retake the Senate. Over time, perhaps sooner than we would like to think, constitutionalists will find no salvation in the courts. The recent trend in the Supreme Court to overrule Obama's blatant excesses like recess appointments is a trend which will not continue because the court will change with more leftist judges appointed by Democrats and because leftist Presidents will simply become more clever which is to say, more devious.

Government by bureaucracy will accelerate. Even if the House of Representatives can check the creation of new agencies, existing agencies are so ubiquitous, so powerful and so unrestrained that an aggressive President in the Obama mold can simply rule through them. He will build on the precedents being established now by Barack Obama. These agencies have assumed the Article I power to legislate, the Article II power to prosecute, and, worse, the Article III power to adjudicate the very same crimes they have created. The Montesquieu ideal of a government of separated powers with checks and balances will simply die as an increasingly dependent electorate supports Democrat politicians who want to Get Things Done which translates in the English language to pandering to more dependent voters. The courts have traditionally granted unwarranted deference to bureaucratic fiats. There is little hope to be found among The Nine. The power of the purse in the House of Representatives will not avail. The House of Representatives will be virtually powerless to stop bureaucratic tyranny.

Whatever indirect control that would exist in the Senate over appointments to the bureaucracy will be abdicated as Democrats regain control of the Senate within the next two or three cycles. Meanwhile, recent history tells us that lack of unity by Senate Republicans means the Democrats can combine with Mavericks to confirm their appointments. There is simply no stomach in the Senate to resist even extreme radical leftists in posts like Attorney General. There is virtually no hope that the appointment process will control the bureaucracy even considering the unlikely possibility that the Republicans now in the majority in the Senate might actually withhold all confirmations apart from defense appointments. There are too few senators like Ted Cruz to carry this strategy out. We have seen how the McCain/Graham/Ayotte fifth column operates. The media will simply pile on.

The obvious need not be belabored, the power of impeachment will be rendered obsolete by a recalcitrant Senate composed of Democrats and Rino Republicans. As always, they will be supported by a blatantly partisan media. Anyway, House leadership will not countenance articles of impeachment.

Conservatives and Republicans in the House of Representatives will have the power of the purse as its sole remaining lever to try to restrain a federal government governing against the people.

In other words if the Right can manage to hold the House of Representatives, the situation will look like the era of Obama post 2010 and if the House is lost the picture will resemble the era of Obama post 2008. If the House is lost to Republicans, the power of the purse disappears entirely; if Republicans can hold the House that power will sadly be even less effective in bringing a overweening government under control than it has been post 2010. The Republican House has simply not been able to reduce spending and certainly has not been able to curb executive excesses. We are contemplating dispiriting stages of increasing impotence for the House of Representatives and, by extension, for conservatism. It is easy to see an increasingly uncivil society with the American dream slipping irretrievably away.

To paint a pessimistic future even darker, this gloomy assessment is predicated on the assumption that the center will hold, that the citadel of the House of Representatives will not only remain Republican but remain unified and committed to some level of conservatism. These assumptions have been challenged by recent history. We saw the House turned over to the other party in 2006 and, even discounting such a possibility in the next few cycles, it is quite likely that the Republican majority will attrite as the Democrat money machine is able to pick off marginal Republican House seats. Other Members will simply be bought off with "honest" graft and by K Street. Republican leaders will behave in the mold of Speaker Boehner and talk conservative while they walk Rino. Even if the House remains nominally Republican for the foreseeable future, the power of the House of Representatives to shape the destiny of the country toward a decent society will inevitably diminish over time because the House acting alone does not have the tools even with the power of the purse. While the House acting alone does not possess the tools, the Senate does not have the heart.

But what about the last election when the people rose up and swept the Democrats out of control of the Senate, swept many of them out of the House of Representatives, swept them out of state houses, elected Republican governors in Maryland Massachusetts and Illinois of all places, is this not a shift in the national sentiment and does it not mean that Republicans, contrary to the above scenario, will be able to hold the Senate and will be able to elect a president in 2016? Does it not mean that conservatism retains its appeal for the majority of Americans? Wrong question. Wrong time horizon.

If you believe that demographics is destiny, Barack Obama is shaping our destiny by executive fiat. He is importing unknown millions of a dependent class who will eventually vote overwhelmingly Democrat. These voters will not be certified in time for the 2016 election but perhaps by 2020. What is clear is that at some not too distant point in the future, in time to gain power over the lives of your children and my grandchildren, perhaps ten million to twenty million new voters will be enrolled mostly on the Democrat side.

Obama believes that he is in a win-win position. Either the Republicans acquiesce in his power grabs or overreact and impeach him or shut down the government. To protest that it will be Obama himself who will have actually shut down the government is like a tree falling in an empty forest; the media will report it the other way. Either way, Obama, banking on support of the media, wins because he is eagerly courting both government shutdown and impeachment. After all, he has the historical examples of the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the reaction to the last government shutdown. Conventional wisdom holds that Republicans overreached in both examples. And Republican leadership has uncritically accepted conventional wisdom.

The Republicans just won a stunning election victory and their momentum should carry them on to exercising effective political power. Nothing could be more illustrative of the Republican malaise than their inability to mount a coherent response to Obama's usurpations even after the people so overwhelmingly elected them to do so. Rather than educating the public about Obama's shredding the Constitution and what that means in their daily lives, establishment Republican leaders admonish their own to avoid the "P" word and the "S"hutdown word. This in the wake of an election in which they undermined conservative candidates everywhere. Scarcely a word has been uttered by any Republican leader that would educate the public about the gravity of this assault on the Constitution by Barack Obama. After knowing for months that Obama's immigration diktat was coming, the Republicans mounted no sustained effort to convince the country that their liberty is at stake.

Beyond that, no evidence that the Republican leadership is endeavoring to connect the in-flood of untold millions of immigrants with lower wages, lost jobs, flooded emergency rooms, overcrowded schools, dangerous streets, higher taxes, terrorist infiltration and terrorist attacks, and bigger more bloated government. There is no effective coordinated attempt by the Republican leadership to tell the people why this is such a miscarriage of their liberty and a looting of their purse. Republican leadership has been lobotomized.

Instead of educating the country, the Republican establishment disparages Tea Party conservatives who would. If the Republicans can do no better now in the wake of such a stunning election victory, how will they behave when they inevitably lose future elections? Somewhere over the time horizon the chance of retrieving the country from the brink will be irretrievably lost. That day is probably closer than we think.

We are describing an inevitability arising out of demographics but there is another aphorism besides demographics is destiny: Culture trumps politics. Just as conservatives are being swamped by demographics so conservatives are clearly losing the culture war. The culture which shapes our politics has been co-opted by the left. It is not necessary to recount every institution which has been given over to leftism but, clearly, our universities and high schools, our eleemosynary institutions and foundations like Ford Rockefeller etc., Hollywood, public service unions and private sector unions, the media and many of our churches have all been infiltrated and are now dominated by the left. Most galling, in many cases left has contrived to force conservative taxpayers to involuntarily fund the indoctrinations of our children through their ubiquitous cultural domination.

Even if demographics inevitabilities were not about to swamp us, our elections are being lost in the culture and, therefore, there is no guarantee, indeed no reason to believe, that Republican victories, if they can somehow be had, will lead to conservative governance. Recent history, cultural realities and common sense rule out that assumption. Thus, we are moving to the conclusion that there is very little chance of long-term conservative governance in American national politics. More, even if Republicans are elected and nominally take control of the federal government, for example in 2016, there is very little reason to believe that they will govern as conservatives. Finally, once we get past the 2016 election and any Republican administration then elected, we are confronted with the dismal prospect of spending years in the political wilderness as we impotently watch the country disintegrate.

Why is the country in danger of disintegration? Even without Obama, the Democrat party has surrendered itself to Marxism so any subsequent Democrat presidents are likely to govern in the manner of Barack Obama and that implies an increasing level of tyranny. They will have his administration as a precedent for more usurpations. The capacity as well as the incentive of Republicans to protect us from tyranny is illusory.

But even without Democrats in control, the federal government is on automatic pilot toward a terrible fiscal reckoning with a national debt of approximately $18 trillion, unfunded liabilities probably well in excess of $100 million, incalculable trillions of dollars of derivative threats floating above Wall Street, a world economy in deflation mode with no one really understanding why, certainly no one at the Fed which has been unable to fix it. The country faces external threats from Islamic radicals, Russian thugs, and an expansionist and aggressive China. If we do nothing, events are likely to take over to our peril.

What to do? By all means we should strive to elect conservatives but over time we are unlikely to prevail because of demographics, culture, media and the infamous pusillanimity of Republican leadership. We are unlikely to win any elections and, even having won, unlikely to produce conservative governance. The solution clearly is not to be found in Washington. To continually seek the solution in Washington with the evidence of failure after failure is to deserve to be defined as "insane." Yet, if we don't act….

There is a solution outside of Washington in an arena untainted by many of the influences which render conservatives impotent in Washington and that, of course, is in our state legislatures where many conservatives hold sway and where the playing field is much more to our advantage. The Article V movement does offer a constitutionally authorized way to save the Republic. With the wave of Republican victories in state legislatures in the last election the odds of getting effective amendments through have been increased while the ability to derail unwise amendments has reached moral certainty. As a conservative I entertain a jaundiced view of the moral nature of man and I do not except state legislators from that judgment, I merely say that they will be corrupt in a different way from the national legislators, a way less dangerous than the corruption in those who hold so much power over every aspect of our lives in Washington.

The upside is certainly not guaranteed, it is a daunting task after all to convince three quarters of the states to ratify a change to the Constitution, but it is certainly more likely than reforming Washington. To line up three quarters of the states behind amendments that would actually change Washington procedurally where it counts, for example, in reining in the bureaucracy and the judiciary, is not an easy undertaking and probably would require some sort of national shock to overcome inertia but every day the likelihood of that shock increases.

We can either grab hold of the remedy supplied to us by the framers of the Constitution and embark on reforming our government according to conservative lines through the Article V process or we can passively watch the crackup.

We can use the Constitution to restore the Constitution.

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KEYWORDS: essay; nathanbedford
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1 posted on 11/23/2014 7:14:06 AM PST by nathanbedford
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To: Jacquerie; Jim Noble; Servant of the Cross
a vanity for your amusement.
2 posted on 11/23/2014 7:18:20 AM PST by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: nathanbedford

The American dream is to be able to worship as you please. Hang on to this dream

3 posted on 11/23/2014 7:20:19 AM PST by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: nathanbedford

-free trade
-open borders immigration from the third world
-immigration from the third world is OK if it is small and legal

4 posted on 11/23/2014 7:22:25 AM PST by dennisw (The first principle is to find out who you are then you can achieve anything -- Buddhist monk)
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To: nathanbedford

Too many words.

5 posted on 11/23/2014 7:22:54 AM PST by Tax-chick (Science wants to kill us.)
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To: nathanbedford
Looking beyond the 2014 election and the 2016 election as well, as demographics continue to run against us, the Senate will also increasingly trend left.

Precisely. BUT if the Seventeenth Amendment were repealed as suggested in Levin's great book "The Liberty Amendments" - using a Convention of the States and ultimately being ratified by the states - the Senate could be returned to a state where it more closely reflected the will of the states just like you argue the House currently does.

An Amendment to Restore the Senate

As discussed briefly in the previous section, it is imperative that we repeal the 17th Amendment which allows for the popular election of senators. After generations of progressive efforts to re-define the governmental and societal structure of America, it has become commonplace for the people to refer to our nation as a democracy. In short, democracy is mob rule, and is in no way better than a dictatorship. Our government was set up with checks and balances in an effort to curtail all forms of tyranny, including that of the many over the few. The Reign of Terror is an historical example of the ‘unintended’ outcome of democratic governance that Americans would do well to investigate more closely.

Critics of a republican form of government will disingenuously equate it’s nature to the current manifestation of the Republican party, knowing full well that the term means something else entirely. The terms republic, republican, democracy, and democratic, as used here have vastly different meanings that are no longer common knowledge.

In addition to restoring the Senate to its intended status as a representative of the individual state governments, Levin’s proposed amendment allows the state legislatures to remove a senator by two thirds vote if they fail to uphold their duties as a representative of that state. This allows for a more direct balance of power between the state and federal governments and provides an additional curtail to the power and encroachment of the federal government.

6 posted on 11/23/2014 7:23:26 AM PST by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: nathanbedford

Soon, within the lives of most of us the American Dream will die and slip away because hard-earned American dollars will have been transferred to illegal aliens.

7 posted on 11/23/2014 7:25:23 AM PST by stars & stripes forever (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.)
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To: nathanbedford
It's clearly obvious that the president is becoming increasingly desperate and this latest move is being done to increase the Democratic Party base.

However, the only prediction anyone can make regarding the future is it eventually comes. It's going to take alot of teaching by conservatives and that is going to take people who can talk around the press to turn this around, if it is even possible.

Watching the GOP leadership roll on their collective backs for Obama isn't hopeful in the short term.

8 posted on 11/23/2014 7:25:52 AM PST by LMAO (("Begging hands and Bleeding hearts will only cry out for more"...Anthem from Rush))
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To: nathanbedford
We can either grab hold of the remedy supplied to us by the framers of the Constitution and embark on reforming our government according to conservative lines through the Article V process or we can passively watch the crackup.

Author omits a third remedy.

9 posted on 11/23/2014 7:27:55 AM PST by Salvey
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To: nathanbedford
Nathan, I would like to agree with you but I cannot. Your writing reflects an underlying belief that the American dream is all "politics". It is not.

It is partisan politics that are killing the once-great America. Politics are cynical. They kill the faith and love and trust of our people for one another.

God, work, productivity, family, and personal character are the things through which we can rebuild and retain the American dream.

Massive prosecution of the fraud, greed, and corruption would be a good start to renewing our people's faith in our country.

10 posted on 11/23/2014 7:29:15 AM PST by Rapscallion (Americans are led by a vindictive snot. He is here to destroy America. He cannot!)
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To: nathanbedford
We have lost the culture and the nation's K-12 single-payer and socialist-entitlement schools have played a large part in this destruction of culture.

It only took one to three generations of K-12 compulsory-use and single-payer schooling to give the nation two Roosevelts and Woodrow Wilson. Each election continues the swirl down the toilet.

Children who attend compulsory-use and socialist-entitlement schools risk learning to be comfortable with socialist compulsion as voters. Gee! If the voting mob can give a child tuition-free schooling, can't that same voting mob give a citizen **lots** of “free” stuff?

Also....The government's single-payer, compulsory-use, and socialist-entitlement schools have never been more than lukewarmly and generically Protestant. Today the religious worldview that is preached in every textbook, assignment, and school policy is godlessness. The children attending these schools **will** learn to think and reason godlessly. They must if they are to cooperate in the classroom. How could it be otherwise? No one should be surprised then that our churches and other cultural institutions have been corrupted.

The rot that we see manifested politically Is primarily spiritual and requires actions on several fronts. The godless and socialist indoctrination of our nation's children is merely one. We must rescue the nation's children from this godless and socialist environment. Unless conservatives do this, I doubt there is any hope of restoring the Constitution.

11 posted on 11/23/2014 7:29:18 AM PST by wintertime
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To: nathanbedford

Foreigners will cease to buy LT Treasuries at 4% ... if the annual deficit continues, the rates will rise ... to 8% to 10%, adding interest to the debt. If FED uses more QE to buy the bonds, increased money supply triggers inflation.

Bottom line, the runaway spending will stop, but what type of DEM party will take the place of the current one.

12 posted on 11/23/2014 7:30:37 AM PST by campaignPete R-CT (Let the dead bury the dead. Let the GOP bury the GOP.)
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To: nathanbedford

Excellent summation of the situation.

We really have nothing to lose by trying to get an Article V Convention underway. I’ll do whatever is necessary to get it moving, but this is going to be one hell of an uphill battle convincing family, friends, and neighbors. These things don’t happen without the support of a very large part of the population.

13 posted on 11/23/2014 7:32:05 AM PST by uncitizen (I weep for my country)
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To: nathanbedford

I have to disagree. We patriots haven’t lost yet. To be sure, there’s a lot of work we need to do to pass American values to the generations that follow us.

Let’s remember that “The American Dream” is not about wealth. It’s about the happiness we create by exercising our freedom.

Meanwhile, the “left” wants to demoralize us, to persuade us to just give up our fight.

I won’t give Soros that satisfaction...

14 posted on 11/23/2014 7:37:16 AM PST by pfony1 (Let's welcome some Democrat congressmen into the Republican party and OVERRIDE!)
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To: dennisw
The problem is multifaceted, but fundamentally spiritual. The nation's voters are putting their trust in the god of government and not leaning on the Lord and His teachings.

Work in many areas is sorely needed, and essential. Some of them you have listed.

It saddens me that so few conservatives recognized that sending our nation's children into schools that are fundamentally godless in their worldview and are a single-payer and compulsory-use socialist entitlement will absolutely doom our nation. We can not to this to the hearts, minds, and souls of our nation's children and not reap a whirlwind of sorrow.

15 posted on 11/23/2014 7:37:37 AM PST by wintertime
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To: nathanbedford

The American Dream at one time always began “With hard work”. It hasn’t for some time.

16 posted on 11/23/2014 7:38:48 AM PST by Damifino (The true measure of a man is found in what he would do if he knew no one would ever find out.)
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To: nathanbedford

There is a solution outside of Washington in an arena untainted by many of the influences which render conservatives impotent in Washington and that, of course, is in our state legislatures ...

You solution is merely giving Tylenol to a patient dying of fulminating infection.

The underlying disease is spiritual.

17 posted on 11/23/2014 7:40:13 AM PST by wintertime
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To: Tax-chick

I do not compare myself with Mozart but I do compare you with the Emperor. I do hope that the following excerpt of transcript from the movie, Amadeus, does not overtax you.

From the movie “Amadeus”

EMPEROR: Well, Herr Mozart! A good effort. Decidedly that. An excellent effort! You’ve shown us something quite new today.

[Mozart bows frantically: he is over-excited.]

MOZART: It is new, it is, isn’t it, Sire?

EMPEROR: Yes, indeed.

MOZART: So then you like it? You really like it, Your Majesty?

EMPEROR: Of course I do. It’s very good. Of course now and then - just now and then - it gets a touch elaborate.

MOZART: What do you mean, Sire?

EMPEROR: Well, I mean occasionally it seems to have, how shall one say? [he stops in difficulty; turning to Orsini-Rosenberg] How shall one say, Director?

ORSINI-ROSENBERG: Too many notes, Your Majesty?

EMPEROR: Exactly. Very well put. Too many notes.

MOZART: I don’t understand. There are just as many notes, Majesty, as are required. Neither more nor less.

EMPEROR: My dear fellow, there are in fact only so many notes the ear can hear in the course of an evening. I think I’m right in saying that, aren’t I, Court Composer?

SALIERI: Yes! yes! er, on the whole, yes, Majesty.

MOZART: But this is absurd!

EMPEROR: My dear, young man, don’t take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It’s quality work. And there are simply too many notes, that’s all. Cut a few and it will be perfect.

MOZART: Which few did you have in mind, Majesty?

EMPEROR: Well. There it is.

18 posted on 11/23/2014 7:49:16 AM PST by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: Damifino
The American Dream at one time always began “With hard work”. It hasn’t for some time.

At this point in time there seems a lot against hard work — namely the high tax-rate, the literal dangers of confiscation should you step out of line, [for men] the liability of no-fault divorces with a divorce-court system that is geared against men. [again, for men] the anti-masculine stance of society (namely that masculine traits like logic aren't valued).

19 posted on 11/23/2014 7:49:46 AM PST by OneWingedShark (Q: Why am I here? A: To do Justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.)
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To: Rapscallion
perhaps you missed the references to culture.

20 posted on 11/23/2014 7:50:30 AM PST by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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