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Hispanic Ethno-Nationalists Try to Cover Their Tracks-Exposing La Raza's racial agenda having effect
Frontpagemagazine ^ | February 2, 2017 | Alex Mayfield

Posted on 02/02/2017 5:22:01 AM PST by SJackson

Most Americans can see the blatant hypocrisy when left-wing ethno-centric groups, such as La Raza, attempt to smear President Trump and his 61 million supporters as racists, while they themselves claim to put "Latino people first" and are closely tied to anti-white racists (see my article for FPM on that issue here).

Of course, these groups wouldn’t get away with their race-based policy agenda if our media and political elites applied scrutiny properly and equally. But independent and patriotic watchdogs like FPM may be having an effect. La Raza, for example, was recently forced to create a "myths-busting" page on their website, "settling" a number concerns raised about the group over the years. The gesture suggests the group is feeling pressure. Unfortunately for La Raza, its attempts are fairly feeble.

Take the "myth" about their name. "Raza," the group claims, doesn’t actually mean "race." To say its name implies it is somehow ethno-centric is therefore baseless. As the group writes: 

Many people incorrectly translate our name, “La Raza,” as “the race.” While it is true that one meaning of “raza” in Spanish is indeed “race,” in Spanish, as in English and any other language, words can and do have multiple meanings. As noted in several online dictionaries, “La Raza” means “the people” or “the community.”

This might work on English-only speakers who take the media’s acceptance of the group on faith. But for most, an obvious question is, why not just call the organization the "National Council for La Gente" or the "National Council for La Comunidad" the actual words for ‘people’ and ‘community’ in Spanish?

Also, if "raza" didn’t have racial connotations, why did the organization attempt to rebrand itself, now simply referring to itself as "NCLR"? The decision is especially interesting considering the organization now risks being confused with another "NCLR": the National Center of Lesbian Rights.

But even if "raza" did mean "race," the group writes, it’s actually more of a concept, and an inclusive one at that, not a genetic-based, taxonomic term like it is in English. As their website states: 

The term was coined by Mexican scholar José Vasconcelos to reflect the fact that the people of Latin America are a mixture of many of the world’s races, cultures, and religions. Mistranslating “La Raza” to mean “the race” implies that it is a term meant to exclude others. In fact, the full term coined by Vasconcelos, “La Raza Cósmica,” meaning the “cosmic people,” was developed to reflect not purity but the mixture inherent in the Hispanic people. This is an inclusive concept, meaning that Hispanics share with all other peoples of the world a common heritage and destiny. (emphasis mine). 

There are several problems here. While Vasconcelos may have come up with the term "La Raza Cosmica," the word "race" was created long before him—it actually goes back to the Latin radix or root. And assuming "raza" as used by Vasconcelos was a concept, it certainly wasn’t an inclusive or benign one. As Guillermo Lux and Maurilio Vigil note in their 1991 book, Aztlan: Essays on the Chicano Homeland:

[T]he theory of la raza cosmica (the cosmic or super race) [was developed] at least partially as a minority reaction to the Nordic notions of racial superiority. Vasconelos developed a systematic theory which argued that climatic and geographic conditions and mixture of Spanish and Indian races created a superior race. The concept of La Raza connotes that the mestizo [of mixed race, usually the child of a person of Spanish descent and an American Indian] is a distinct race and not Caucasian, as is technically the case.

Looking at how the term came to be used during the birth of the Chicano movement, when La Raza became established, it was anything but inclusive. In describing the tribalistic or ethnically collectivist nature of his Hispanic-only political party, La Raza Unida ("The United Race"), Jose Angel Gutierrez stated, “The aim of La Raza Unida party is to obtain political power for La Raza, all Spanish surnamed people in the United States.” Elsewhere, Gutierrez has stated, “It is important for us to use the word raza nowadays because we have to first identify ourselves. In order to be we have to know who we are and in order to know who we are… we tell ourselves who we are, give ourselves our own identity.”

At the time the Chicano Movement got started, some Hispanic activists such as Cesar Chavez expressed discomfort with racial-centric groups like La Raza. As he stated at the time, “I hear about la raza more and more… [s]ome people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘la raza,’ you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and our fear is that it won’t stop there.”

Even according to the Huffington Post, an outlet La Raza’s current president, Janet Murguia, has used to denounce those who claim "raza" means "race," the term is indeed one expressing “ethnic consciousness.” And behind closed doors at least, Murguia appears to agree. At an award ceremony for former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales a few years back, Murguia stated, “We are going to put our [Latino] people first.”

Putting themselves ahead of others is all the group does apparently. According to their site, La Raza works on health initiatives, home-buying counseling, and primary and secondary education programs all with a specific Hispanic-only bent. It’s youth employment and leadership programs, for instance, are badged in Spanish: the Escalera and Lideres initiatives. It also vigorously advocates for racial preferences and affirmative action (which benefits new Hispanic immigrants), bilingual education, mass immigration, and amnesty for illegal aliens, all under the motivation that it will aid their fellow co-ethnics. 

Without the mainstream media’s unwillingness to do its job in applying scrutiny fairly, La Raza would not be receiving the millions of dollars it does every year in corporate and taxpayer grants. Nor would the nation’s top political leaders, including Obama, Joe Biden, Sen. John McCain, and Eric Holder, speak at its annual conferences. Instead of attacking advocates for immigration-control, it should be La Raza itself that’s put on the backfoot. With the major media all but delegitimized, hopefully more and more Americans will see organizations like La Raza for what they truly are. 

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: aliens; laraza; race; raza
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1 posted on 02/02/2017 5:22:01 AM PST by SJackson
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To: SJackson

Note to minority groups: You do not want to start a race war with white people in the US. You really don’t. At our best, we ignore race, but if we are forced to fight based on race, well, we are a formidable enemy.

We’d rather not go there, nor should you.

2 posted on 02/02/2017 5:29:19 AM PST by Mr. Douglas (Best. Election. EVER!)
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To: All
Let's take a quick trip down memory lane: At the La Raza conference in Cali (predated 2014 midterms)---Cong Luis Gutierrez (Dimwit-Ill) vengefully threatened Republicans---intimating hate-filled latinos would make sure they never win another presidency.

(waiting for hysterical laugher to die down)

La Raza President, and chief America hater, Janet Murguia, told attendees that it sickened her to hear Americans chanting "USA." She accused Murietta, Cali protesters against border-jumpers of having "cloaked their hatred in patriotism" by shouting "'USA! USA!' again and again."

"It made me angry," she said. "In fact, I was outraged."

Murguia demanded amnesty and said the road to the White House for Republicans goes through the Latino community and La Raza. She also said Republicans who want to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will not get Hispanic votes.

(waiting for hysterical laughter to die down)


Going into 2014 midterms, taking cues from their Central American handlers, organized latino pressure groups were heaping scorn upon those opposed to amnesty---assorted latino pressure groups threatened Republicans with extinction, they rallied around Democrats---saying "the latino vote was going to destroy Republicans."

REALITY CHECK--AMNESTY-SUCKING DEMOCRATS DROWNED IN A SEA OF RED ---2014 MIDTERM results evidenced not a single state, local or political entity claiming victory w/ latino votes.


Midterm Map courtesy of

Undecided races at time of publication also went Republican.

2014 was a tsunami that submerged AMNESTY-SUCKING DEMOCRATS in waves of defeat. Democrats who ran on amnesty were soundly defeated.

Fox's Britt Hume said the latino vote was not even a factor. Republicans won historic one-for-the-books elections---from sea to shining sea.

I guess La Raza Luis is drowning his sorrows over the Trump win in tequila shots.

3 posted on 02/02/2017 5:33:33 AM PST by Liz
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To: GOPJ; sickoflibs; Tennessee Nana; TADSLOS; Jane Long; no-to-illegals; stephenjohnbanker; ...


4 posted on 02/02/2017 5:36:06 AM PST by Liz
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To: SJackson

I heard Cheech Marin speak about Chicanos (as a preface to speaking about the “Chicano artists” he collects).

He said that hispanics in America were looked upon by those in Mexico as something lesser, not pure/full Mexicans, they were “little Mexicos”. He likened Chicano to Chicklets gum. A part of a Mexicano ‘chicano...

Seems there are “issues” throughout that community. Racial pride and lines drawn. Nativist vs. half breed. Etc.

And look at how they look at Cubans.

5 posted on 02/02/2017 5:36:30 AM PST by a fool in paradise (The COM-Left is saddened by the death of the Communist dictator Fidel Castro. No surprise there.)
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To: Mr. Douglas

Are they a minority in California? I’d say it’s most likely about equal - consider the illegals.

6 posted on 02/02/2017 5:38:42 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: SJackson

And from the memes hispanics post on Facebook, they make it clear that they still consider the land of the US southwest to belong to Mexico and that borders should not be recognized on behalf of a birthright claim dating centuries ago.

Odd how they don’t speak out against the nation of Mexico occupying their heritage lands.

7 posted on 02/02/2017 5:39:10 AM PST by a fool in paradise (The COM-Left is saddened by the death of the Communist dictator Fidel Castro. No surprise there.)
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To: SJackson

Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of the La Raza Unida political party:

“We have an aging white America ... They are dying ...We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

8 posted on 02/02/2017 5:57:12 AM PST by Lurkinanloomin (Natural Born Citizen Means Born Here Of Citizen Parents - Know Islam, No Peace -No Islam, Know Peace)
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To: greeneyes

More serious, better armed and better trained.

9 posted on 02/02/2017 6:00:51 AM PST by Mr. Douglas (Best. Election. EVER!)
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To: SJackson
IIRC, this is the group that doesn't really accept the Treaty of Guadalupe, and they feel that the USA “stole” the land. They feel they are the Natives, and want to drive the invaders (white people) out.

They are one of the groups that is behind the “Calexit” movement (formerly Yes California) that is working to bring a vote for California to be its own Nation, and apply for UN recognition. Calexit already has opened an “embassy” in Russia. I think I read that Mayor Villagarosa and some of the legislators are working on this.

Also attending are members of the Cartel, gangs, and others who believe that if they can't succeed with the ballot, they should just start shooting white people so that they will move out of California.

Here is a good link explaining the Chicano Student Movement, it's socialist/communist ties, and a map of what they think Atzlan of the future should be:

10 posted on 02/02/2017 6:23:35 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes


The myth of Aztlan can best be explained by California’s Santa Barbara School District’s Chicano Studies textbook, “The Mexican American Heritage” by East Los Angeles high school teacher Carlos Jimenez.

On page 84 there is a redrawn map of Mexico and the United States, showing Mexico with a full one-third more territory, all of it taken back from the United States. On page 107, it says “Latinos are now realizing that the power to control Aztlan may once again be in their hands.”

Shown are the “repatriated” eight or nine states including Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington. According to the school text, Mexico is supposed to regain these territories as they rightly belong to the “mythical” homeland of Aztlan.

On page 86, it says “...a free-trade agreement...promises...if Mexico is to allow the U.S. to invest in Mexico...then Mexico allowed to freely export...Mexican labor. Obviously this would mean a re-evaluation of the border between the two countries as we know it today.” Jimenez’s Aztlan myth is further amplified at MEChA club meetings held at Santa Barbara Public Schools..

The book, paid for by American tax payers, cites no references or footnotes, leaving school children totally dependent on their teacher to separate fact from opinion and political propaganda. The book teaches separatism, victimization, nationalism, completely lacks patriotism towards the United States, and promotes an open border policy. The book is 100 percent editorial — the opinions of the author.

11 posted on 02/02/2017 6:28:04 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: SJackson

I guess their marching minions “misspoke” when they were screaming RECONQUISTA!

Tell us how many definitions THAT word has.

12 posted on 02/02/2017 6:29:16 AM PST by oldvirginian (If someone tells you biscuits and gravy ain't a meal, just walk away. You don't need the negativity.)
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To: Lurkinanloomin; All

Yes, this is a serious and in my opinion seditious group that has long been exploited by other subversive groups. They have been preaching this in public schools for decades.

Additional details at my post #11 and below:


“La Raza” (The Race) is a broad term which refers to those whose ancestry is indigenous to the area of Mexico (or “Aztlan”). MEChA members refer to themselves as “La Raza” or “Raza,” but the term itself is used to indicate camaraderie among those in different organizations with the same objectives. There are a number of organizations who consider themselves to be La Raza.

The most visible of these groups are MEChA, The Brown Berets de Aztlan, OLA (Organization for the Liberation of Aztlan), La Raza Unida Party, and the “Nation of Aztlan” to name a few.  Although the activism of these organizations vary from somewhat radical to extremely radical, they share the same objectives, the “liberation of Aztlan.” 

Each follows the Raza manifesto “El Plan de Aztlan (sometimes called “El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan”). The Nation of Aztlan, tied to La Voz de Aztlan disseminates the exact same propaganda that MEChA spreads including antisemitic propaganda.

Believers in the Aztlan legend insist upon the indivisibility of “La Raza” and their common goals, one of them being the need to abolish the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

There is a myriad of Raza college newspaper. Some are El Popo, Aztlan News, Chispas, Gente de Aztlan (UCLA), Voz Fronteriza (U.C. San Diego), La Voz Mestiza (U.C. Irvine) and La Voz Berkeley. It is not uncommon for the writers of these publications to refer to the U.S., as “AmeriKKKa.”

Rhetoric by some Chicano educators strongly suggest Communist or Socialist leanings. In May, 2000, more than 1,200 students gathered at UCLA for the seventh annual Raza Youth Conference, which the members say promotes higher education and recognition of the Aztlan culture.

Sponsored by MEChA, the year’s theme was “Reclaiming Our Razas through education, resistance, and promoting the idea of remembering the historical struggles of Raza” said Erika Ramirez, co-chair of the conference. The conference drew students from 80 middle and high schools and community colleges; featured speeches by those actively involved with the Chicano community.

The keynote speaker was Antonia Darder, a professor of education and cultural studies at Claremont Graduate University and director of the Institute for Cultural Studies in Education, who received a standing ovation for her speech.

Darder described American capitalism and what she said were its impacts on racism and sexism. “I grew up in a capitalist society, a society that taught us that the greed of corporations control politics,” Darder said.

“Capitalism is the root of domination. Racism and sexism exist because capitalism requires it.” Darder said a globalized economy forced smaller countries to give up their self-sufficiency, resulting in people migrating to the U.S. “We’re here because U.S. foreign policy in Latin America has forced us here,” she said.

The University of Oregon Chapter of MEChA hints at its communist sentiments by posting a picture of Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro. On its web site, “La Voz de Aztlan” has an excerpt from a speech of February 7, 1997, by Fidel Castro who said “the United States should return to Mexico huge chunks of that country’s territories it acquired more than a century ago” La Voz de Aztlan, whom Antonio Villaraigosa refuses to repudiate, also disseminates antisemitic propaganda,

Apparently, these “Raza” cults are composed of people who unabashedly hate the United States and often support other groups and leaders who also hate America. Raza’s hatred of America is so intense, that most make bedfellows to anyone else who also hates America, like dictator Fidel Castro; murderer of his own people Sadam Hussain; and the women hating Taliban — and of course they sympathize with all Islamic Terrorists over the Israel/Palestine issue.

Raza cults are the loudest and most insistent element of the immigration lobby in California. Inebriated with a sense of righteous victimhood, and entranced by myths of a heroic racial past, devotees of the Aztlan cults are rapidly extending their influence within California’s Hispanic population, particularly among students in the university system.

13 posted on 02/02/2017 6:37:49 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes; All

Here is another interesting site to explore regarding illegal immigration-should it be called illegal invasion?

14 posted on 02/02/2017 6:42:14 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: SJackson

Then there is La Raza’s motto “For those within The Race, everything; for those outside The Race, nothing.”

15 posted on 02/02/2017 7:24:21 AM PST by Little Ray (Freedom Before Security!)
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To: SJackson; Donna Lee Nardo; KC_Lion; null and void; Velveeta; Myrddin; Godzilla; Oorang; ...

Check out article, and # 2 , # 3.

Thanks, Liz.

16 posted on 02/02/2017 2:22:16 PM PST by LucyT
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To: Liz

Your report is a perfect example of why true Americans want to close the immigration flood gates.

There are those living in our country whose sole purpose is to change American into something she wasn’t meant to be.

17 posted on 02/03/2017 3:55:02 AM PST by beachn4fun (Bugs on the Windshield is now available on Amazon, or order from me.)
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To: Mr. Douglas

Mr. Douglas, I applaud your sentiment. I, as an aging conservative, hope I pass on to heaven before this ever happens.

This, also, worries me that once my generation, or even my sons’ generation, is gone, there will be less white (I hate to say it that way but with the flood of foreign born coming to America) people, or those who who don’t see color, there won’t be many left that feel the same way and willing to fight for our values.

God help us.

18 posted on 02/03/2017 4:03:20 AM PST by beachn4fun (Bugs on the Windshield is now available on Amazon, or order from me.)
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To: beachn4fun; LucyT
AP has obtained a copy of a presidential draft order that calls for the removal of any legal immigrant who relies on certain kinds of public welfare benefits.....and would also focus the government's efforts on blocking immigrants who are likely to become reliant on government benefits.

This signals the cracking down on immigrants in the U.S. illegally, but also some living in the country legally.


Ut oh, Mexico's not gonna like that. B/c in an affidavit to a Texas court, a govt official asserted the Mexican govt's official policy is to urge its citizens to get on the US gravy train (no doubt b/c the billions in remittances Mexican citizens here send back home).

So what's Mexico gonna do about it? Read on.


“Mexican Official Threatens To Combat President Trump By “Unleashing Drug Cartels”



ACT NOW---Domestic and international laws could very well have been breached. Mexico's dangerous and harmful threats could impact US trade, statess economies and interstate and international commerce.

CONTACT CONGRESS: Capitol Switchboard 1- 866 -220-0044

Contact President Trump's web site.



TALKING POINTS---Whenifhow posted: This is the most politically explosive admission by the Mexican government in the past decade. .... Castaneda is openly admitting a willingness to promote drug trafficking. Additionally, Jorge Castaneda is so proud of the threat, he even posted a video of the discussion on his own YouTube page..... ....the implications here are so politically explosive, and the admission so brutally obvious and threatening, it could undermine the entire argument of the Mexican government and expose an open secret of collusion they would prefer to remain hidden.


Many people would be surprised to learn that the Mexican govt controls its drug cartels and that the savage cartels act under the orders of the Mexican govt.

19 posted on 02/03/2017 4:06:11 AM PST by Liz
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To: SJackson

When they do it it’s “ethno-nationalism”. When we do it it’s racism.

Seems fair.



20 posted on 02/03/2017 4:06:28 AM PST by Lurker (America burned the witch.)
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