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I AM KEENLY AWARE OF THE HISTORY OF SLAVERY. ^ | February 2002 | Sherry Peel Jackson

Posted on 03/06/2002 7:46:33 PM PST by one2many


Ladies and Gentlemen:

My name is Sherry Peel Jackson. I became a Certified Public Accountant in 1987, I was an Internal Revenue Agent in the Atlanta District for 7 years, and I became a Certified Fraud Examiner in 2001. I am here to summarize the tales of ignorance and deception that you have heard over the last two days and I am here to inform you of the state of the nation so that you may choose your next course of action.

You have heard the truth of how the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, Federal Reserve and politicians have perpetuated this smoke and mirrors - dog and pony show on you the American people for over 88 years. You have heard of American families devastated by the invasion of privacy and unbridled fear placed upon them through threats of liens, levy's and even jail time. In my tenure as an IRS agent, I personally saw marriages broken, families torn apart, homes confiscated and businesses destroyed - all while my colleagues and I were out making unjust demands on the American people - without the proper authority. Now, you be the judge.

You have seen that Commissioner Charles Rosatti, Dan Bryant, the majority of our congressional delegation and other civil servants have refused to do their jobs. It would have been as simple as answering the questions of these well-educated researchers in a public forum, such as this one. But they have reneged, so you be the judge.

You have learned that the Constitution of the United States of America has been trampled on and ignored through allowing the privately owned Federal Reserve to create paper currency and charge you 47 million dollars in interest per hour - money coming from the mouths of your children and the college education funds of your grandchildren, all the while the children and grandchildren of the owners of the Federal Reserve will never have to work a day in their lives, and that is wrong, on so many different levels.

And let me tell you, that as a black woman I am keenly aware of the history of slavery. But do you understand that we are all slaves to this system? Do you understand that the media and Hollywood play a part keeping the American people so fixated on Alley McBeal, WWF Smackdown, Moeisha and the Practice that we don't take time to read the Creature from Jekyll Island, study the Internal Revenue Code and learn the Constitution?

Now, let me spend just a minute to address my culture. Do you realize that the so called black leaders make millions of dollars every year playing the "us against them" role - keeping blacks focused on the race card and away from the real issue - the theft of our future through taxation.

These publicity mongers are well aware of the oppression brought on by income taxation, they love to march on Washington about racial profiling and civil rights, not to say that these are not real problems, but these leaders have been too afraid to approach the powers that be and have a million man, woman, boy, girl march about economic freedom from income taxation and restoration of constitutional rights.

(And they have the nerve to call Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom.)

Also, there's been a lot of talk about reparations lately, but know this: If all Americans were able to keep the money withheld from their paychecks every year, that money would enable them to home school, start their own business and boost the economy, save for college and retirement, even buy that 40 acres and a mule. So, you be the judge.

You need to understand that with an Internal Revenue Code, Code of Federal Regulations, and other "official documents" spouting off several different definitions of United States, Internal Revenue Service and other important terms, this deception that keeps people ignorant is not a coincidence. The writers of the Code used semantics and legalese to make us think that we are required to pay the income tax and file an income tax return. Former IRS commissioner Shirley Peterson even stated that, and I quote, "Eight decades of amendments….to (the) code have produced a virtually impenetrable maze….The rules are unintelligible to most citizens….The rules are equally mysterious to many government employees who are charged with administering and enforcing the law." End quote.

This fraud was strung together by people like the former president that said "it depends on what your definition of is is" and "it depends on what your definition of sex is". This incident showed us that definitions are very important to politicians and lawyers, and no word is meaningless. For example, it does depend on what the definition of "source" is.

The opposition, in an attempt to keep the sheeple in the flock, will scoff at us and encourage unaware Americans to ridicule those of us who have been informed, saying, "these people just don't want to pay their fair share." We have already learned from a speech by former Federal Reserve Chairman Beardsley Rhuml that this country doesn't need income taxes for revenue. This money collected from our sweat and tears is used to perpetuate redistribution of wealth, among other things. But the powers that be keep beating the people over the head with this "fair share' garbage. Well, what is fair share? Haven't the families of the victims in New York City and the pentagon paid their fair share? Haven't the men and women that lost sons and daughters, husbands in wives in Vietnam, Korea and the other battles paid their fair share? So you see, this tactic to pit those that are uninformed of the income tax fraud against those who have seen the light is baseless and must be eliminated!

The opposition also uses our religious faith to twist the meaning of authority and to create unjust statutes. People, I know godly authority and our current system does not reflect godly authority. Many of our past and present religious leaders have been jailed for questioning authority. They have been beaten, starved and even killed for their faith and their defiance of injustice. People of America - is what you're living for worth dying for? Are you willing to take a stand? It's your choice.

The creators of this Creature called the income tax, engineered their system to manipulate you into staying in your comfort zones. With a little bit of patriotism and a little bit of fear tactic mixed into a pot of inflation and deflation, they have been able to keep the people confused, intimidated and obedient for over 88 years.

But now the truth about the fraudulent origin and operations of the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service have been revealed to the American people. You can no longer claim ignorance of the truth. You must acknowledge it or reject it. The choice is yours. And the consequences of your decision will rest on the shoulders of your children and future generations of Americans.

You can remain an informed slave or you can get off of the plantation. You can remain engrossed in fear, or you can take a stand like Patrick Henry who shouted "give me liberty or give me death." You can stay hypnotized by "As The World Turns" and "The Guiding Light", or you can turn off the bube tube and read the Constitution, then go ask your elected representatives why they refuse to follow it. Remember that those elected representatives have sworn to uphold and defend our constitution.

Remember that each of our elected representatives has pledged to serve our country first-not a political party, or certain privileged and special interests groups-but you, the American People. They are our public servants.

In closing, we have shown you the truth. Now, for the sake of our Country and our children, we ask you to choose justice over injustice, unity over division, courage over fear, truth over ignorance, and liberty over economic slavery.

We ask you to stand with us and let the voice of freedom be heard from every corner of our great country. It is time to end this long-standing injustice and tyranny over the American People.

Thank you.

Sherry Peel Jackson, CPA

Note: These comments were presented at the Close of the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation Hearing. Washington D.C., February 27-28, 2002

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To: 3angel; Babylonian; citizen; EDLINN; Holly; LadyX; McGavin999; Patriot76; rowdee; spiker; vinnie
A great speech from a great American. May others have the sand to stand with her!
21 posted on 03/07/2002 12:46:10 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many; Mom_Grandmother
Excellent post!
22 posted on 03/07/2002 12:51:50 PM PST by Fred Mertz
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To: one2many
Hey, nice to agree with you on something! Bet we could find more issues like this, too.

Richard F.

23 posted on 03/07/2002 12:53:49 PM PST by rdf
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To: Registered

February 11, 2002

News Release – Please Copy and Distribute Wide and Far

To: All American Veterans, Patriotic American Citizens, and AVIDD Members!

Re: Constitutional Crisis Declared, Your Help is Needed!


“Why Won’t They Answer?” (flyer for mass distribution)

“An Appeal to Every Organization That Stands for Liberty”

Key Dates:

NOW - Express your support, Work spreading the word in the
grassroots, Contact your government servant representatives
February 27th & 28th - Hearing in Washington DC (listen live on webcast)
April 14th - Public Demonstration in Washington DC

Dear Veterans, Patriots, and Friends of Freedom:

Mr. Bob Schulz of We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, along with thousands of legal researchers, discovered major fraud and deception in the administration of tax “laws” on American Citizens. For years now our “government servants” have stonewalled our formal petitions for redress and grievances. It has now become a Constitutional Crisis.

The media refuses to inform you about this serious situation. Therefore to preserve our rights and property, we must now act as individual Americans through the grassroots process.

As Thomas Jefferson wisely stated, “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but with the people themselves, if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy it not to take it from them, but to INFORM them.”

Each American Veteran pledged an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. AVIDD’s mission is to remind veterans of their oath and to raise awareness among veterans and patriots alike of some of the major enemies of our personal freedoms and rights within our borders.

ACTION ITEMS: Please see the list of action items on the back of this letter. It is high time for America to do an “About Face!”

Constitutionally yours,

Ray Davis

General Raymond G. Davis
US Marine Corps, Retired, Medal of Honor
Most Highly Decorated Living American Veteran

11811 North Freeway - Suite 500 Houston, Texas 77060 - Phone 281-591-4705• Fax 281-591-4706 - - email:

24 posted on 03/07/2002 12:58:24 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many

February 11, 2002

News Release
Please Copy and Distribute Wide and Far


All American Veterans,
Patriotic American Citizens, and
AVIDD Members!


General Raymond G. Davis
American Veterans in Domestic Defense


Constitutional Crisis Declared, Your Help is Needed!


We encourage all individuals and groups to take these and other actions immediately to preserve
American freedom and prosperity for this and future generations.

1) Go to: and

a) study the history and documentation of this crisis
b) read the list of 299 questions regarding the legality of the tax system
c) register and view the live Webcast of the tax hearing on Feb. 27th & 28th
d). sign the tax remonstrance
c) register for email updates

2) make copies of the “Why Won’t They Answer?” flyer
a) distribute 10 or 20 to your neighbors and friends
b) pass out groups of 10 or 20 to each member of your organization for distribution to their neighbors am! Friends

3) get and share videos of the Feb. 27th & 28th hearing (attend if possible)

4) get information and spread the word about the April 14th demonstration in DC

5) pray and seek God’s face for courage, wisdom, and resources to prevail

6) help restore America to her previous greatness

7) join AVIDD, if you haven’t already

Also visit:,

25 posted on 03/07/2002 1:08:23 PM PST by one2many
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To: rdf
It may also surprise you to find that I voted for your compadre Keyes in the Pepoop primary last. However, and this is a VERY BIG however, I consider him (and you) to be dead wrong on the Apeman. Ultimately, in the final distillation, he ( the ape) gave us this squalor, --unintended or not.
26 posted on 03/07/2002 1:13:10 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many
If not; what are you?

I find myself wondering the same about you.

27 posted on 03/07/2002 1:27:06 PM PST by Non-Sequitur
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To: one2many
Yeah, let's leave Mr. Lincoln out of this one, for now!


But what was all that stuff about me being a moderate or a RINO or whatever, from my academic record? You really made me angry, and it was uncalled for.

Anyway, peacepipe to you ...

Richard F.

28 posted on 03/07/2002 1:31:56 PM PST by rdf
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To: rdf
I'll accept the peace pipe; I need another. (I have a couple that are the envy of my Amerindian relic hunting friends)

But I could never agree to leave the ape out of a thread where slavery is being discussed. I haven't been able to find it but there is a quote extant where a dyank mercantilist speaks of, paraphrasing, "a new and better form of (slave) labour". I wish that I could find it because that, of course, is exactly what these monsters instituted and that system held sway until the rise of the unions.

To me the robber barons are not substantially different from the degenerate in Texas who left the man to die in her car's windshield.

As to the RINO stuff; Danforth is the RINO who is presently charged with covering the federales tracks in the WACO incident is he not? And I saw his name affixed to some information regarding your academic career.

Frankly, if Keyes would come clean on Lincoln he would have my unqualified support until the time that he did something to warrant my withdrawing such.

Whether the South held slaves in bondage or not; Lincoln should have let them go! His not doing so destroyed a progression of government toward more freedom that had been gaining in momentum since Wallace and Bruce and the Magna Carta.

One observer of the assertion that I just made:

”I saw in States' Rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of Democracy . . . I deemed that you [i.e., Lee] were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization; and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo.” Lord Acton to General Lee

29 posted on 03/07/2002 1:54:08 PM PST by one2many
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To: 68 grunt; beachbum; clews; ExRepub; Houlihan; Lance; Meadsjn; Paul L. Hepperla; Sandy; themadmax...
“A man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave.” –FREDERIC BASTIAT
30 posted on 03/07/2002 2:00:02 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many
Could this Peel be made up ? According to a web site Here her address is Stone Mountian, GA and she is president of a firm called Sherry P. Jackson. But according to Yahoo. there is no Sherry P. Jackson in Stone Mountain.
31 posted on 03/07/2002 2:23:12 PM PST by VRWC_minion
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To: VRWC_minion
Naw I don't think so; Shultz seems to be pretty well on top of it. I could be wrong....
32 posted on 03/07/2002 2:40:32 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many
“If I had to list one of my greatest disappointments, it would be that black Americans who suffered through brutal slavery are one of the greatest supporters of America’s modern (tax) slavery.” -–WALTER WILLIAMS
33 posted on 03/07/2002 2:42:24 PM PST by one2many
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To: AFMobster; BellStar; coyote; FreeTheSouth!; Howard V.; larryd; Michael Gallutia; Shady; Tinman...
"The government's been nipping at our rights for years and years and years. They're taking just a little piece at a time so that people won't notice it." Hays said. "It's time for us to start taking those little pieces back. By the time my grandkids grow up there's going to be none of this stuff that they can even come to." -–An American Grandfather
34 posted on 03/07/2002 2:48:22 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many
I do believe you should take a closer look at the organisation you appear to be advocating and their real message.

It has now become a Constitutional Crisis.

Sure has, this one:

The Crisis of Democracy

The Honorable James DeMint (R-SC)
United States House of Representatives

12:00 noon

"In 1996, Congress passed a historic welfare reform law that has dramatically reduced the number of Americans who depend on welfare. In spite of this positive development, Representative DeMint is concerned about the steady growth of a welfare/entitlement state that extends well beyond the poor and is forcing millions of middle income Americans into dependency.

There has been a shift in the relationship between individuals and government, he argues, such that fewer and fewer are paying taxes at the same time that more and more are receiving increasingly generous benefits. If it becomes the case that most voters do not bear a financial burden for this largess, then there will be little to restrain--and significant political incentives to encourage--the continued growth of government. And at that point, DeMint warns, we have reached a major crisis in our democracy."

Milton Friedman as quoted by Northwest Florida Daily News, 10-16-2000:

Walter Williams, World Net Daily, 10-25-2000

According to the most recent U.S. Treasury Department figures, in 1997 the top 1 percent of income-earners (those with income of $250,000 and higher) paid 33 percent of all federal income taxes. The top 5 percent of income-earners ($108,000 and over) paid 52 percent, and the top 50 percent ($36,000 and over) paid 96 percent of income taxes. Guess what the bottom 50 percent of income earners paid?

If you're among those who pay little or no federal income taxes, what do you care about tax cuts? Moreover, if you think tax cuts pose a threat to government handout programs, you might be openly hostile and support Al Gore's silly "risky scheme" talk. So many Americans paying little or no federal taxes makes for a natural spending constituency. It's like me in the restaurant: What do I care about extravagance if you're footing the bill?


I've studied Schulz & Co.(Schiff, Kotmair,Conklin, Bannister, material for several years, and I can unequivocally state state they are full of bovine excretement offering only failed dead end arguments that lead to increased fines and manytime out right loss of liberty whenever they have are used in the Courtroom.

Not one of there "legal" argument stands up to critical inquiry.


United States v. Sloan, 939 F.2d 499 (7th Cir. 1991)
Argued that there is no law imposing a tax on income, that "freeborn" state citizens are exempt from income tax, and that an individual is not a "person" under the tax code.

KANNE, Circuit Judge.

The New American, house publication of the John Birch Society sees things pretty much as I do.

Patriot Beware!
by Thomas R. Eddlem


Beware Indeed.

The Constitution lays out the means to pay for the enumerated functions of the national government in the form of taxation paid out of the product of individuals who benefit from their presense in this nation.


Constitution for the United States of America:


Alexander Hamilton, Federalist #12:

Alexander Hamilton, Federalist #21:

James Madison, Federalist #39:

James Madison, Federalist #45:

James Madison, Elliots Debates Vol 3 p128:

James Wilson, Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention
4 Dec. 1787 Elliot 2:466--68

The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787
(Farrand's Records)
James Mchenry before the Maryland House of Delegates.
Maryland Novr. 29th 1787--
Appendix A, CXLVIa, page 149, S9.

"Convention have also provided against any direct or Capitation Tax but according to an equal proportion among the respective States: This was thought a necessary precaution though it was the idea of every one that government would seldom have recourse to direct Taxation, and that the objects of Commerce would be more than Sufficient to answer the common exigencies of State and should further supplies be necessary, the power of Congress would not be exercised while the respective States would raise those supplies in any other manner more suitable to their own inclinations --"

James Madison, Elliots Debates Vol 3 p128:

I have yet to see the rationalization and rebuttal in support for Representation without Taxation under the "Constitution for the United States of America;"

Or a proposed solution to the real crisis from the leaders behind the Schulz & Co. dog and pony show.

Just as the article open this thread demonstrates, they are full of emotional tugging but short on practicle solutions and reasoned discourse.

35 posted on 03/07/2002 2:56:45 PM PST by ancient_geezer
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To: one2many
Shulz gives pond scum a bad name.
36 posted on 03/07/2002 3:07:49 PM PST by VRWC_minion
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To: ancient_geezer
I don't get your point. I am not advocating anything to anyone; simply posting information. I have found that it is best to simply ask the tyrants questions. I would love to REALLY push DeMint over the line. Of course he doesn't want to be another Hanson. Here is a letter to him from one of his constitutents:


Citizen X
Some Street
YourDistrict, SC 29----

Hon. Jim DeMint
Federal Bldg.
300 East Washington St.
Greenville, SC 29601

Via Certified U.S.P.S. Mail
P *** *** ***

April 20, 2001

Dear Congressman DeMint:

Thank you for taking a stand on term limits that has, to date, been responsible and consistent with your original platform. I need your help on an issue that falls within your purview as a United States Congressman and the public servant of the people of your district.

For a number of years I have been reviewing information which suggests that the income of U.S. citizens who live and work exclusively within the United States is not subject to the federal "income tax" imposed by 26 USC § 1. This, of course, goes completely against the "conventional wisdom" about the income tax. However, the claim is backed by extensive citations from the actual federal statutes and regulations. I know you have a keen interest in the issue of taxation as witnessed by your balloon event at Greenville Tech last year.

If the claim is correct, the ramifications are enormous, and you have a duty to correct a serious injustice. If the claim is not correct, then I believe you should set the record straight by giving specific answers to the attached questions, so that I (and others) can be certain of what the law requires.

I am not "protesting" any law. I am not interested in any response which does not specifically address the questions below. I am, as your constituent, formally requesting that you, as my "representative," assist in helping me to understand and comply with the laws passed by Congress. (Please do not refer my inquiry to the IRS as they have been non-responsive on this and a number of issues that I have raised) And if my conclusions are correct, I demand that you immediately let your constituents know, before this fraud is allowed to continue one more day.

Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.


Citizen X

The other part of this letter will take longer to format.

37 posted on 03/07/2002 3:15:30 PM PST by one2many
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To: VRWC_minion
How so?
38 posted on 03/07/2002 3:16:26 PM PST by one2many
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To: one2many
By causing people to part with their money for a scam and by not caring that those who follow his advice end up in jail.
39 posted on 03/07/2002 3:35:20 PM PST by VRWC_minion
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To: one2many

I don't get your point. I am not advocating anything to anyone; simply posting information.

Fine, then consider my reply as a counterpoint to the ad calling for support by Veterans and Military persons of an organization principly led and formed by several scam artists and and convicted felons advocating and selling invalid, disasterous and many times failed arguments as defenses to tax prosecutions.

I behooves one to investigate articles and such advertisements and point out to the reader potential pitfalls of such ads.

Unless of course your intent was to promote the organization the material came from. Under that condition I would expect you to defend your advocacy.

Schulz, Schiff, Conklin, Bannister, Kotmair and Kidd are all well known operaters of web sites and organizations advocating selling many times failed and irresponsible legal arguments as rationalizations for non-payment and non-filing of the indivdual income tax.

Their claims quite frankly have zero basis and even less applicability in any courtroom should their customers attempt to put such "information" and beliefs into actual practice.

It is guaranteed said persons are not the ones who end up at the wrong end of the judicial club.

The government has answered the Schulz & Co. challenge repeatedly and in no uncertain terms through Congress, the IRS, DOJ and the Courts.

Here's IRS written positions and answers


NonFiler Enforcement Program

Here's the Department of Justice's written position on 16th amendment and other common tax protest positions:


And a comprehensive FAQ compiled by a lawyer of all the Tax Protest arguments that have failed repeatedly and why:


And there are of course the many Court cases from the Article III Courts, (i.e. federal district, appellate, & Supreme Court) that support all the above.

The ultimate place to go for the answers, is Congress. They, afterall are the ones ultimately responsible for the condition of the Statutes, Regulations and Executive Orders. It is Congress in the end the enacts the enabling legislation and accepts or rejects the content of all Regulations and E.O.s.

The Courts have made it abundantly clear that the arguments presented in the above texts are failed and decided, and provide no relief to the defendant. Infact they have also made it very clear as to where to turn for relief from the very beginning as regards the income tax law.

Springer v. United States(1880), 102 U.S. 586

  • "If the laws here in question involved any wrong or unnecessary harshness, it was for Congress, or the people who make congresses, to see that the evil was corrected.
    The remedy does not lie with the judicial branch of the government."
  • Champion v. Ames(1903), 186 U.S. 321

    And the standard you must meet to have a successful court case as regards arguments of Tax Law constitutionality:

    MCCRAY v. U S, 195 U.S. 27 (1904)

    And finally, for a blow by blow of the judgements of more current cases:

    Quatloo's Tax Protestor Gallery

    Study the losses, find out why they occurred then build a strategy around something new instead of repeating the same old tired and dead as a door nail tactics. Judges get bored too, and when a Judge gets bored he throws the argument out as frivolous (we heard it before and weren't impressed) and tacks on a few more $K (FRNs acceptable but they will take payment in gold if you insist) on top of whatever else has been laid on you.

    Better yet, pound on Congress Critters, and get the law changed. A much more likely scenario than using the same old arguments that have failed hundreds of times.

    But then there are those who insist on doing it the hard way:

    United States v. Sloan, 939 F.2d 499 (7th Cir. 1991)
    Argued that there is no law imposing a tax on income, that "freeborn" state citizens are exempt from income tax, and that an individual is not a"person" under the tax code.

    I'll point out once again, just incase you overlooked it the first time:


    The, New American, the house publication of the John Birch Society sees things pretty much as I do.

    Patriot Beware!
    by Thomas R. Eddlem


    I suggest you click on the above link and read the article.

    40 posted on 03/07/2002 3:43:18 PM PST by ancient_geezer
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