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  • 'PCRM Week': The Dairy Attack

    04/13/2005 3:35:11 PM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 92 replies · 2,112+ views ^ | 4 12 05 |
    Unless you're among the bean-sprout-sized minority of Americans who describe themselves as "vegans" (vegetarians who also won't touch milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, or even a dollop of honey), you may have been alarmed by the publicity surrounding an article appearing last month in the journal Pediatrics. The anti-milk piece -- written by activists from the PETA-affiliated Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) -- concluded that feeding milk to children is unnecessary, and that there are better ways (kale, tofu, turnip greens, or spinach, for instance) for kids to get the calcium they need. In reaching this result, PCRM relied on...
  • 'Offend no one' notion should offend all who respect free speech

    01/10/2005 9:50:42 AM PST · by Ellesu · 28 replies · 1,043+ views ^ | 01.09.05 | John Whitehead
    The 'offend-no-one' crowd just doesn't understand the First Amendment: CHARLOTTESVILLE--There seems to be a new code of conduct in American society in which the golden rule is "offend no one." At least that appears to be the case in Riverside, Calif., after city officials gave in to a threat of a lawsuit by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and agreed to cover up a Theodore Roosevelt quote in the Riverside County Historic Courthouse. The quote in question, by an American who was the 26th president of our nation, states that "The true Christian is the true citizen." It is engraved in...
  • ELEGY FROM THE ARCHIVES - (Goodbye, Susan Sontag)

    01/03/2005 9:21:22 AM PST · by CHARLITE · 19 replies · 1,028+ views
    Read this passage slowly and carefully, especially the second sentence: "The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballet et al., don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history. It is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself." It was not the fault of the...
  • Republican county attorney in Kansas changes registration to Libertarian

    12/31/2004 12:18:54 PM PST · by freepatriot32 · 57 replies · 1,503+ views ^ | 12 30 04 |
    After being elected twice as a Republican to the position of county attorney in Anderson County, Kan., Fred Campbell decided following the Nov. 2 elections to drop his Republican Party affiliation in favor of the Libertarian Party, saying the GOP has abandoned the idea of minimal government. Campbell was re-elected in November with no opposition. He has been a Republican for years, primarily because he's "always been in favor of less government rather than more," he said. "I've always thought that the Republican Party was the major party that went along with that philosophy," Campbell explained. "But in the last...
  • Come See Our Hideous Slab

    12/17/2004 7:47:42 AM PST · by SmithL · 104 replies · 3,334+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/17/4 | Mark Morford
    As the world swoons over France's soaring beauty of a bridge, S.F. gets slapped with an eyesore And did you hear the one about how those gul-dang baguette-sucking antiwar French just completed work on this astounding new bridge, a soaring, airy, delicate thing erected in southern France, and it's all over the international press and the French people are justifiably proud and even the venerable Le Monde has deemed the new Millau bridge a "work of art," and the amazing pictures are being featured everywhere, for good reason? And you look at the photos and see the breathtakingly elegant architecture...
  • Human Activities Contributed to Tsunami's Ravages: Environmental Expert (Here It Comes)

    12/27/2004 4:03:18 PM PST · by Dallas59 · 51 replies · 2,833+ views
    AFP via Yapoo ^ | 12/27/04 | AP
    PARIS (AFP) - Human activities, notably the building of coastal resorts and the destruction of natural protection, contributed to the enormous loss of life from killer tidal waves that hit the shores of the Indian Ocean after an earthquake, an environmental expert said. Jeff McNeely, chief scientist of the Swiss-based World Conservation Union (IUCN), who lived for several years in Indonesia and Thailand, two of the countries hit by Sunday's disaster, said it was "nothing new for nature" in a geologically active region. "What has made this a disaster is that people have started to occupy part of the landscape...
  • Super Model Gisele Bundchen, Reneges on “Lost Dog” Reward Offer;

    12/10/2004 5:45:07 AM PST · by freepatriot32 · 30 replies · 7,253+ views ^ | 1210 04 |
    A young San Bernardino couple is going public with questions about supermodel Gisele Bundchen's "no questions asked" $5000.00 reward offer, which remains unpaid more than two weeks after the couple returned Bundchen's dog only to be arrested at gunpoint, handcuffed and held in custody. Although cleared by the police, the couple has no explanation from Bundchen of why they were treated like criminals and denied the reward. Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2004 -- Supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s “no questions asked” $5000.00 reward offer for her lost dog just before Thanksgiving, may have gotten her dog back, but, according to the...
  • Honor student plotted mother's murder, police say (Kept an online journal)

    11/28/2004 7:40:46 PM PST · by Zechariah11 · 49 replies · 2,572+ views
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | November 26, 2004 | Peter Porco
    By PETER PORCO Anchorage Daily News November 26, 2004 ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Sixteen-year-old Rachelle A. Waterman would appear to be any parent's ideal child - an honor student, an athlete, a gifted singer. But for months, she planned her mother's murder with two of her former boyfriends who are eight years her senior, according to Alaska State Troopers. Two weekends ago on Southeast's Prince of Wales Island, their plot ended in the death of 48-year-old Lauri Waterman of Craig, according to court papers. Lauri Waterman, a teacher's aide and community activist, was killed by one of the men using a...
  • Free Republic "Bump List" Register

    09/30/2001 4:46:44 AM PDT · by John Robinson · 191 replies · 12,118+ views
    I have created a public register of "bump lists" here on Free Republic. I define a bump list as a name listed in the "To" field used to index articles. Free Republic Bump List Register
  • WSJ/CNBC: Dick Grasso Offers Resignation, NYSE Accepts

    09/17/2003 3:14:03 PM PDT · by Timesink · 99 replies · 832+ views
    The Wall Street Journal | September 17, 2003
    More TK...
  • Fox News: NYSE's Dick Grasso Asked to Quit by NYSE Board

    09/17/2003 2:33:25 PM PDT · by Timesink · 17 replies · 359+ views
    Fox News | September 17, 2003 | Terry Keenan
    Live now on FNC ... Dick Grasso asked to resign, conference call ongoing right now.
  • Hidden malware in offshore products raises concerns [Back doors in Indian and Chinese code]

    09/11/2003 11:13:41 AM PDT · by AppyPappy · 4 replies · 555+ views
    Hidden malware in offshore products raises concerns Story by Mark Willoughby SEPTEMBER 11, 2003 ( COMPUTERWORLD ) - "You've go to be a little paranoid to survive in this business." -- Andrew S. Grove, chairman and founder, Intel Corp., ca. 1980 The extreme difficulty in discovering a back door hidden deep within a complex application, buried among numerous modules developed offshore in a global software marketplace, is forcing those assigned to protect sensitive national security information to take defensive actions. The threat of hidden Trojan horses and back doors surfaced this summer when the governments of the U.S. and China...
  • ***Fox Movie Channel Cancels Charlie Chan to be Politically Correct***

    06/30/2003 5:52:20 PM PDT · by The Wizard · 99 replies · 1,355+ views
    stardate: 0306.30
    In what has to be the most yellow streak of broadcasting in years, the Fox movie channel has canceled the colection of Charlie Chan films because they were afraid a few folks might not understand that Stephin Fetchit was a ROLE played by an actor....It a gutless move that ranks up there with the other great politically correct moves that show America has turned into a liberal pond of weakkneed corporations under extortion by the likes of jesse jackass and al sharpy sharpton, the Fox movie channel restored the films to perfection, advertised them for weeks, and pulled them because...
  • "We distort. You comply" - T-Shirts comparing Bill O'Reilly to Hitler (Blatant trademark violations)

    06/27/2003 10:46:06 PM PDT · by Dont Mention the War · 59 replies · 8,884+ views
    Salon ^ | June 26, 2003 | Katharine Mieszkowski
    "We distort. You comply"Even in a down economy, there are some business models that still work -- selling T-shirts comparing Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly to Hitler, for example. - - - - - - - - - - - -By Katharine MieszkowskiJune 26, 2003  | Nothing boosts lefty T-shirt sales like an officious, bullying cease-and-desist letter from Fox News. in Austin, Texas, sells "Faux News Channel" T-shirts that mock the Fox logo with the slogan "We distort. You comply." The company is an equal-opportunity network mocker -- it also sells "Pentagon News Network" T-shirts parodying the CNN logo....
  • Verizon to MCI: Drop Dead; Campaign Is on for Liquidation: Bell Calls WorldCom 'Criminal Enterprise'

    05/16/2003 5:50:32 AM PDT · by Timesink · 16 replies · 985+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | May 16, 2003 | Almar Latour and Rebecca Blumenstein
    <p>Verizon Communications Inc., the country's largest local phone company, is waging an unprecedented campaign to derail MCI's pending emergence from bankruptcy and drive it instead into liquidation.</p> <p>Verizon's chances of succeeding with its highly unusual tactics are slim because 90% of the creditors of the company, formerly known as WorldCom Inc., have voiced support for the reorganization plan. That will weigh heavily with the bankruptcy judge overseeing the case. MCI's chairman and chief executive, Michael Capellas, has said he hopes the company will emerge from reorganization as early as September.</p>
  • Online-Auction Fraud Is Target of Crackdown

    04/29/2003 9:34:36 PM PDT · by Timesink · 4 replies · 327+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | April 30, 2003 | John R. Wilke and Nick Wingfield
    <p>WASHINGTON -- State and federal officials are cracking down on online-auction fraud, with arrests to be announced in several states Wednesday and lawsuits against alleged con artists preying on eBay and other sites.</p> <p>The effort by the Federal Trade Commission and more than two dozen state attorneys general is intended to fight what officials say is a rising tide of Internet fraud. Law-enforcement officials say that more than 48,000 online-fraud referrals were made to state and federal agencies last year, triple the number in 2001. Nearly half of them involved online-auction fraud, according to a study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.</p>
  • YOUR FIVE WORDS ARE UP (Webby Awards Media Whore Plays Baghdad Bob)

    04/29/2003 6:29:21 PM PDT · by Timesink · 2 replies · 201+ views
    Ditherati ^ | April 28, 2003 | Owen Thomas
    See the digerati dither, daily Art by Terry Colon appears courtesy of Subscribe Get Ditherati through your email. Suggest Send us a quote that rocked your petty little world, or just tell us how much today's quote did. YOUR FIVE WORDS ARE UP "Our nominees are using the Web in new and original ways to bring people together. We want to follow their lead by using the medium to honour winners in a powerful and uniquely Webby way." Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain, doing her best Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf impersonation while explaining why her outfit couldn't come up...
  • Elf Trial Offers Soap Opera of French Elite

    04/29/2003 12:50:23 PM PDT · by knighthawk · 19 replies · 914+ views
    Deutche Welle ^ | April 29 2003
    With a cast of characters including a former prime minister, some of the richest executives in France and Germany, Paris' biggest-ever corporate crime trial continued this week with 37 defendants in the dock. France's largest-ever corporate corruption trial resumed in Paris this week with more drama than your average Mexican soap opera. The case offered further tales of illicit backroom dealing, a €5 million divorce settlement tab picked up by French taxpayers and allegations that a former French prime minister accepted bribes in connection with a string of acquisitions made by the state-owned French oil conglomerate Elf Aquitane in the...
  • Master list FR posted articles on UN Food for Oil program

    04/22/2003 12:40:51 PM PDT · by GailA · 252 replies · 12,023+ views
    GailA ^ | 4/22/03 | Various
    FR posted articles on UN Food for Oil program MASTER list THIS TOP ONE IS THE LATEST REPORT OUT OF THE USELESS NATIONS ON THE OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAM UN OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAM REPORT (what UN is really raking in) 2/22-28/03 UN deal leaves Iraq Kurds at Baghdad's mercy Oil, Food and a Whole Lot of Questions The Oil-for-U.N.-Jobs Program Kofi Annandersen: Enron-style accounting at the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program William Safire: Follow the money Bum's Rush for Butcher's Big, Bad Debts Don’t expect UN to clean up Iraq (a sane German alert!) U.N. crambles to Reclaim Role Amid Debate...
  • Kofi Annan's Oil-For-Food Corruption/Oil, Food and a Whole Lot of Questions

    04/22/2003 9:53:14 PM PDT · by jmstein7 · 93 replies · 5,519+ views
    The EIB Network ^ | 2-22-03 | Rush Limbaugh/Claudia Rosett
    My [wife] caught a report by Fox News Channel's Eric Shawn about the U.N. oil-for-food program. This hasn't been picked up anywhere, but it will come as a blockbuster revelation for anyone wondering why the French, Germans and Russians stood in the way of liberating Iraq. This program was supposed to help the starving Iraqi people. Instead, it was a cash cow. This is why I always tell you: follow the money. Kofi Annan personally oversaw this program, and okayed requests under this program for things like laser light show equipment and cartoon making apparatus for Baghdad Bob. The United...
  • Recent job ad: H1 transfers (Taking American Jobs)

    04/08/2003 12:45:08 PM PDT · by 1stFreedom · 245 replies · 736+ views
    Folks, I've been looking for a job for weeks without success. While searching on, I found an ad targeting anyone with an H1 visa to transfer! Whoever says workers on visas don't take jobs from Americans is smoking crack. Foreign workers send money "home" thereby taking money out of the US economy. They take both old and new jobs away from Citizens. This might be fine during times of economic boom, but it's a shame during times like now. Call and write your representatives in Congress asking them to, on an emergency basis, deny ALL H1 and L1 visas...
  • Backlash against Indian IT professionals on upswing

    03/28/2003 8:50:45 AM PST · by nwrep · 150 replies · 638+ views
    Indo-Asian News Service ^ | March 28, 2003 | Imran Qureshi
    Friday March 28, 5:23 PM Backlash against Indian IT professionals on upswing By Imran Qureshi, Indo-Asian News Service ADVERTISEMENT Bangalore, Mar 28 (IANS) The backlash against Indian information technology (IT) professionals working abroad is on the upswing, industry officials aver, pointing to the action by Dutch authorities against an Indian software developer. "This is clearly a backlash against the Indians. The Indians have come under the spotlight after growing unemployment and the downturn of economies in Europe now," contended the CEO of a software company. Senthil Kumar, CEO of i-Flex's Dutch subsidiary, was detained in London on Holland's request...
  • Firm providing military absentee ballots for '04 sold to Saudis

    03/04/2003 10:04:38 AM PST · by FastNBulbous · 32 replies · 422+ views
    Newsday ^ | 2/27/03 | Mark Harrington Sold To Group Tied To Saudi Nationals By Mark Harrington Staff Writer February 27, 2003, a struggling Garden City start-up scheduled to provide online absentee ballots for U.S. military personnel in the 2004 federal election, has quietly sold controlling power to an investment group with ties to unnamed Saudi nationals, according to company correspondence. In a letter sent to a select group of well-heeled investors Jan. 21, the online voting and voter registration company disclosed that the investment group Osan Ltd. paid $1.2 million to acquire 20 million preferred shares to control 51.6 percent of the voting...
  • Scientists Question Electronic Voting

    03/03/2003 3:22:01 PM PST · by Shermy · 45 replies · 572+ views
    SFGate ^ | March 3, 2003 | Henry Norr
    <p>Oddly enough, Silicon Valley has been a laggard when it comes to applying the technology it's famous for to the election process. Now it's finally beginning to catch up, and it has suddenly become the locus of an overdue -- and profoundly important -- debate about the mechanics of democracy in the 21st century.</p>
  • Texas accountancy board recommends revoking Andersen's license

    05/23/2002 9:34:48 PM PDT · by Timesink · 4 replies · 732+ views
    Associated Press ^ | May 23, 2002 | Natalie Gott
    <p>AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The state's accounting board filed a notice Thursday to revoke Arthur Andersen LLP's accounting license in Texas because of its role in Enron Corp.'s collapse, the board's executive director said.</p> <p>The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy also is asking for at least $1 million in fines and penalties.</p>
  • FREEP THIS POLL! Nissan vs. Nissan? (Bully Lawyer alert!)

    05/14/2002 7:39:32 AM PDT · by JoeMomma · 8 replies · 517+ views ^ | 5/3/2002 | Dave Roos
    We ask who should win a controversial cybersquatting suit: the multinational car company or the small-town computer shop, Friday 5/3 at 7 p.m. Eastern on 'The Screen Savers.' By Dave Roos May 3, 2002 Web addresses are awkward enough as it is. First of all, there's the bizarre "http://" business, which is as forgettable as an international telephone number. Throw in the "www" and a whole slew of suffixes -- .com, .net, .org, .gov, .us, .ca, .info, .biz, with more on the way -- and you've got a recipe for total confusion. That's why we rely so heavily on simple...
  • Hi-Tech Fake Firm Ring Busted

    05/03/2002 9:42:59 AM PDT · by avg_freeper · 6 replies · 346+ views
    New York Daily News Online ^ | 5/3/02 | SCOTT SHIFREL
    Investigators busted an elaborate shell game played with stock certificates and dummy corporations that ripped off computer companies to the tune of $2 million over the last 18 months. The 140-count indictment against 16 members of a "sophisticated" ring of accountants, computer operators and others was the first of its kind, District Attorney Richard Brown said yesterday. "What set this criminal enterprise apart was its sophistication and corporate savvy," Brown said. At the heart of the scam were dummy companies that the perpetrators created with great detail, investigators said. In one deal outlined by Brown, the group got the name...
  • [Wal-Mart] Profiting from Death?

    04/17/2002 7:05:34 AM PDT · by JoeMomma · 81 replies · 2,698+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | April 16, 2002 | LM SIXEL
    Jane Sims always knew her husband was a valuable employee to Wal-Mart. She just didn't know how valuable. Sims discovered recently that Wal-Mart, the company her husband, Douglas, worked for before he died, had taken out a life insurance policy in his name. When Douglas Sims died in 1998 of a sudden heart attack, Wal-Mart received about $64,000. She got nothing from that policy. "I never dreamed that they could profit from my husband's death," said Sims, whose husband worked in receiving at Wal-Mart's distribution center in Plainview for 11 years. Companies routinely take out secret life insurance policies...
  • Contractor charged with delivering faulty parts

    04/11/2002 4:36:58 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 20 replies · 475+ views
    AP via Navy Times ^ | 11 April 2002 | Adrian Sainz
    <p>FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A defense contractor has been charged with delivering spare parts without critical heat treatment, to save money. The omission could have caused plane crashes and weapon breakdowns, prosecutors said Thursday.</p> <p>Parts supplied by Damon Industries Inc. that lacked the special hardening treatment were for F-18 and F-15 fighter jets, C-135 cargo planes, Cobra helicopters, Bradley armored personnel carriers, howitzers, mortars and .50-caliber machines guns, rifles and Navy ships, prosecutors said.</p>
  • Spain's Garzon takes over probe of secret bank accounts (Maybe why Powell is visiting Spain?)

    04/09/2002 2:26:58 PM PDT · by miamimark · 1 replies · 373+ views
    AP ^ | 04/09/02 | MARIA JESUS PRADES, Associated Press Writer
    MADRID, Spain - Spain's top investigating magistrate took over on Tuesday an investigation of secret offshore accounts once held by the country's second largest bank, raising the prospect of criminal charges. Judge Baltasar Garzon asked Spain's central bank to suspend its administrative investigation, in which the only penalties possible were fines, as he shifted the case to the judicial realm at the request of anti-corruption prosecutors. In a 10-page writ, Garzon said he said there was evidence of misappropriation and fraud by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria in a network of off-the-books accounts that existed for more than a decade and...
  • 'Tree-free' letters are really wood

    04/08/2002 11:28:25 AM PDT · by purplegirl · 16 replies · 382+ views
    Associated Press | April 7, 2002 | Don Thompson
    'Tree-free' letters are really wood The man who had the paper tested threatens to sue the Rainforest Action Network for false advertising By Don Thompson ASSOCIATED PRESS SACRAMENTO - An environmental group's fund-raising letters to save the rain forests that claimed to be written on "tree-free paper" actually used unrecycled wood, according to two scientific analyses. John Campbell, a conservative Los Angeles fund-raiser, said he spent about $100 on a whim for an initial test after noticing San Francisco-based Rainforest Action Network said its materials were "printed on 100 percent tree-free paper." The solicitations also asked donors to give more...
  • Fifth-Third Bank Allowing ILLEGAL ALIENS to Bank...

    04/08/2002 4:07:42 AM PDT · by GRRRRR · 52 replies · 1,840+ views
    Fifth-Third Website ^ | 04-08-02 | GRRRRR
    Fifth Third Bank, Chicago, Launches Major Initiative in Hispanic Communities April 2, 2002 New Account Opening Procedures and Spanish Advertising Campaign Key Elements of Program Fifth Third Bank, Chicago, has launched a series of programs tailored to better serve the unique needs of the Chicago-area Hispanic community, including new account opening procedures and a Spanish language advertising campaign. "Fifth Third's acquisition of Old Kent Bank gave us the unique opportunity to serve Chicagoland's growing Hispanic community, and we're eager to put the resources and convenience of Fifth Third to work there," offers Bradlee F. Stamper, President & CEO, Fifth Third...
  • Tell the Good News. Then Cash In.

    04/07/2002 10:02:10 PM PDT · by Bayou City · 1 replies · 307+ views
    The New York Times ^ | April 7, 2002 | By DAVID LEONHARDT
    April 7, 2002 Tell the Good News. Then Cash In. By DAVID LEONHARDT he profits were an illusion. The multimillion-dollar rewards for executives were real. Over the last few years, executives at some companies released inaccurate earnings statements and, before correcting them, sold large amounts of stock at inflated prices. At others, executives insisted for months that the recent recession would not much affect their businesses. By the time they acknowledged their error, some had sold millions of shares at prices that were just a memory. It happened at major technology companies like Oracle and Sun Microsystems (news/quote). It...
  • Court Victory for Unsolicited Fax Advertising

    04/01/2002 10:40:01 AM PST · by JoeMomma · 37 replies · 688+ views
    DMNews ^ | 4/1/2002 | Scott Hovanyetz
    Court Victory for Unsolicited Fax Advertising April 01, 2002 By: Scott Hovanyetz Senior Reporter The government's ban on unsolicited fax advertising is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled in a lawsuit by the state of Missouri against a company accused of issuing "junk faxes," the American Teleservices Association said last week. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, located in St. Louis, ruled against the Missouri Attorney General's office in its suit against American Blast Fax, a Texas firm that has been the subject of much litigation concerning its fax advertising activities. In June 2000, Missouri accused...
  • Coloring the Data --- Greens get caught red-handed committing scientific fraud.

    03/28/2002 8:40:23 AM PST · by gaelwolf · 60 replies · 1,154+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Mar 27, 2002 | Pete DuPont
    <p>So many federal agencies have been exposed falsifying environmental data that you have to wonder how many other frauds remain undetected. First came the December revelation that employees of the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Forest Service had planted fake wild lynx hair in states where there were no lynx, so that the areas could be labeled critical habitat, and thus off limits to human use.</p>
  • EarthLink co-founder admits bilking millions from investors (Greta involved!)

    03/27/2002 12:13:05 PM PST · by Hank Rearden · 21 replies · 356+ views
    San Diego Union-Trib ^ | Mar. 27, 2002 | Hank Rearden
    EarthLink co-founder admits bilking millions from investors He will plead guilty in a Ponzi scheme By Matt Krasnowski COPLEY NEWS SERVICE March 27, 2002 LOS ANGELES – The co-founder of EarthLink, one of the nation's largest Internet providers, agreed yesterday to plead guilty to operating a Ponzi scheme that involved $593 million and 800 investors, including celebrities. Reed Slatkin acknowledged in court documents that he was responsible for $254 million in losses and agreed to plead guilty to mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice charges. Prosecutors said there is no agreement about Slatkin's possible prison time,...
  • Arthur Andersen CEO Joseph Berardino resigns

    03/26/2002 2:56:13 PM PST · by MeekOneGOP · 13 replies · 1,237+ views
    Associated Press ^ | March 26, 2002 | A/P Staff
    Arthur Andersen CEO Joseph Berardino resigns 03/26/2002 Associated Press CHICAGO - Arthur Andersen LLP chief executive Joseph Berardino resigned Tuesday, bowing to mounting pressure as a result of the company's role in the Enron scandal. His announcement came four days after former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker urged top management to step aside so he can install and head an independent board in a last-ditch plan to save the company. The key element of Volcker's plan is the dismissal of a federal indictment against Andersen alleging obstruction of justice in destroying Enron-related documents. The Justice Department has not said...
  • Arthur Andersen indicted for obstruction of justice in Enron scandal (BREAKING AT DRUDGE)

    03/14/2002 12:12:00 PM PST · by TLBSHOW · 72 replies · 1,203+ views
    DRUDGEREPORT ^ | 3/14/2002
    Arthur Andersen indicted for obstruction of justice in Enron scandal NOTHING FOLLOWS YET
  • O'Neill Wants Mint to Become Model

    03/12/2002 9:37:30 AM PST · by Willie Green · 134 replies · 929+ views
    Newsday ^ | March 12, 2002 | MARTIN CRUTSINGER -- AP Economics Writer
    For education and discussion only. Not for commercial use. WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, who has made workplace safety a priority, said Tuesday that serious safety problems at the Philadelphia mint are being corrected with the goal of making the facility quot;a benchmark of federal manufacturing.quot; An inspection last year by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found 47 serious health and safety violations at the Philadelphia facility, ranging from precariously stacked coin containers to dangerous fire-escape routes. O'Neill, the former head of aluminum giant Alcoa, has said there is no better way of sending a message to workers...

    03/06/2002 7:46:33 PM PST · by one2many · 145 replies · 1,135+ views ^ | February 2002 | Sherry Peel Jackson
    CLOSING COMMENTS "ADDRESSING THE JURY - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" Ladies and Gentlemen: My name is Sherry Peel Jackson. I became a Certified Public Accountant in 1987, I was an Internal Revenue Agent in the Atlanta District for 7 years, and I became a Certified Fraud Examiner in 2001. I am here to summarize the tales of ignorance and deception that you have heard over the last two days and I am here to inform you of the state of the nation so that you may choose your next course of action. You have heard the truth of how the Internal ...

    03/07/2002 11:33:02 PM PST · by kattracks · 3 replies · 238+ views
    New York Post ^ | 3/08/02 | MURRAY WEISS
    <p>More than 100 people are under investigation for allegedly scamming more than $1 million from charities set up to help victims of the Twin Towers attack, The Post has learned.</p> <p>Investigators say they are poised to charge at least four dozen suspects with cashing in on the tragedy by falsely claiming they lost loved ones who never existed, were still alive or had died earlier, law enforcement sources said.</p>
  • 'Truth-in-taxation' forum ends in D.C.

    03/04/2002 10:50:51 PM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 42 replies · 1,081+ views ^ | Tuesday, March 5, 2002 | By Jon Dougherty
    A host of witnesses who offered testimony under oath during congressional-style hearings at a "Truth-in-Taxation" forum in Washington, D.C., say the event went off without a hitch and was generally a success. Bob Schulz, head of the We The People Foundation, which helped sponsor the event, said the forum – held Wednesday and Thursday at the Washington Marriott Hotel – "brought to public attention" allegations that the government has "intentionally and systematically conspired to deprive the American People of our Constitutional rights. …" "The hearing was but another step in the people's determination to get to the truth regarding ...
  • Confirmed: CA. Gov wannabe Bill Jones is a recidivist spammer

    03/05/2002 6:51:21 AM PST · by JoeMomma · 4 replies · 241+ views
    Declan McCullagh - Email Distribution ^ | 3/5/02 | Declan McCullagh
    Statement on the Recent Bill Jones Campaign Email Distribution Sinan Kanatsiz February 28, 2002 This statement concerns one of our clients, the Bill Jones for Governor campaign. Stevenue was hired by Bill Jones for Governor campaign as the Internet Marketing arm, slated for video email production, html design, email harvesting and distribution to an opt-in list. A separate wide-spread email sent in February was delivered through a private vendor located in San Diego California. The distribution avenue was offshore, and targeted a harvested list of registered republican emails. Strevenue continues to serve the Bill Jones Campaign to the best ...
  • Harvard Editor Faces Revolt Over Handling of Welch Story [She Had Affair with Jack]

    03/04/2002 10:55:45 AM PST · by aculeus · 20 replies · 682+ views
    <p>There's a staff mutiny afoot at the vaunted Harvard Business Review.</p> <p>Four top Review editors have written letters to the editorial director of Harvard Business School's publishing operation, seeking the resignation of their boss, Editor Suzy Wetlaufer. Citing perceived ethical breaches by Ms. Wetlaufer, some of the letter writers said she had lost the confidence of a majority of the magazine's top editors.</p>
  • Alcoa proxy cites salary cuts, officers

    03/02/2002 7:10:34 AM PST · by Willie Green · 12 replies · 787+ views
    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ^ | Saturday, March 2, 2002 | Lou Ransom
    <p>Alcoa Inc. Chairman Alain J. P. Belda asked the company's board of directors in January to cut his 2002 salary by 20 percent — to set an example for how the company should operate "during challenging business conditions."</p> <p>Belda also asked for, and received, a 10-percent reduction in salaries for all executives who directly report to him for 2002.</p>
  • Kevin Ingram pal questioned about bin Laden

    02/27/2002 7:23:22 PM PST · by Miss Marple · 18 replies · 1,403+ views
    The New York Observer ^ | October 1, 2001 | Landon Thomas
    Kevin Ingram, the former high-flying Goldman Sachs bond trader who was arrested on June 12 in South Florida on money-laundering charges, was snared in a long-running government sting operation that was closing in on a purported Pakistani buyer of advanced and sophisticated military arms, including some with nuclear capabilities, government documents show.Dangling $32 million worth of Stinger and TOW missiles, parts for Cobra helicopters and machine guns as bait, agents for the F.B.I., the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and U.S. Customs made use of an unsavory roster of middlemen and foreign contacts as they struggled to build ...
  • Political Commentator John Fund Detained by NYPD, Charged with Abusing Galpal

    02/23/2002 2:24:05 PM PST · by codebreaker · 258 replies · 832+ views
    WABC The Lynn Samuels Radio Show (Matt Drudge's Radio Co-Host) ^ | February 23, 2002 | Lynn Samuels- Weekend Radio Host WABC
    Matt Drudge's Radio partner Lynn Samuels on WABC has confirmed that Wall St. Journal Editorial Page writer and commentator John Fund has been detained by the NYPD and charged with abuse of his girlfriend Melinda Pillsbury.No word on the status of his online column with the paper.
  • Letter to the Republican National Committee

    02/22/2002 12:19:59 PM PST · by Be active · 31 replies · 512+ views
    Robert M. Duncan - Treasurer Republican National Committee 310 First Street, Southwest Washington, DC 20003 Dear Mr. Duncan: It was with great amusement that I opened and read your fund-raising "form letter". (Copy attached for reference). Until recently, I had been a life-long Republican. I am a member of the National Rifle Association, and a practicing Electronics Engineer. I am "straight". I have no body-piercing, nose-rings or green-dyed hair. The only "drug" that I do is an occasional beer in the evening. I am a father of two small children. I am an American of European ancestry. I love my ...
  • "Security" at JFK Airport Now SHAKING DOWN Passengers for "Tips"!! - Your Tax Dollars At Work

    02/22/2002 8:38:59 PM PST · by Timesink · 29 replies · 2,165+ views
    FlyerTalk ^ | February 18, 2002
    I flew through JFK Terminal 9 last Monday on American Eagle. I was supposed to be flying LHR-JFK-PIT-ORD and had an E-ticket receipt issued on AA stock giving the ticket number.I arrived at the checkpoint (after clearing customs) at around 345pm for a 415pm flight and was shocked to see a handwritten sign on the ID checker's podium saying "TIPS ARE APPRECIATED". I made a comment that that was not an appropriate thing to display, at which time Mr. Herbert Silva of Worldwide Flight Services (the security contractor) told me that my documents were not in order and that I ...
  • Sick! Georgia Crematorium Keeps Corpses, up to 200 bodies stored, not burned

    02/17/2002 11:58:51 AM PST · by monkeyshine · 29 replies · 551+ views
    Fox News Live | 2-17-02
    Sick story of the day. A Georgian Crematorium didn't cremate the bodies of up to 200 deceased people, instead storing the bodies in complex of sheds in a remote area. The cremator is out on bail.