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Families clash over belongings in Peterson home
Modesto Bee ^ | May 30, 2003 | BEE STAFF REPORTS

Posted on 05/31/2003 12:45:21 AM PDT by joyce11111



Families clash over belongings in Peterson home


Modesto Bee

May 30, 2003

MODESTO, Calif. - Scott Peterson's family had planned to voluntarily turn over only some of the items that his wife's family wanted from the couple's home.

Laci Peterson's family and friends acted first, though, and took what they wanted Friday from the Covena Avenue house - over the Peterson family's objections.

Jackie Peterson, Scott's mother, expressed dismay: "Yesterday we see a coroner's report about a baby, and today we're talking about salt-and-pepper shakers," she said by telephone from her home in San Diego County.

In discussing the Rochas' request for property from the home, Peterson said some of the items, like Laci's journals, could not be turned over.

"Scott didn't even know she had journals," Peterson said. "If she did, police have them."

Peterson said her son has a request, too: He wants his wife's wedding ring, another diamond ring that he bought her, and a few diamonds given to Laci by her grandmother. Peterson said the rings and gems had been taken to a jeweler, for crafting into one ring.

"We want those," Peterson said. She said the Rochas picked them up from the jeweler.

The Rochas had submitted a 22-point list of items sought from the house. Peterson said Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha, later revised it to 16 points. The Rochas still wanted the crib intended for Conner, the boy with whom Laci was pregnant at the time of her disappearance. And they wanted the rocking chair from the baby's room, too.

Crib and rocking chair went out the door Friday. Earlier this week, family attorneys said the Rochas needed to "sit in Conner's room in the rocking chair Laci had purchased to rock him in, and just to have the opportunity to feel her presence."

Peterson said she and her family bought almost everything in the baby's room, including crib, rocking chair and ottoman, clothes, toys and a baby book - all given as gifts at a baby shower. And Scott wanted to keep the baby's things, his mother said.

She said Sharon Rocha was welcome to take back the crib bedding that she had purchased.

Peterson said her son previously agreed to give some property to Laci's brother and half sister: for Brent Rocha, flower vase wall sconces that he had given to Laci as a gift; and for Amy Rocha, wicker furniture and lamps given to Laci by the women's paternal grandmother.

Other items, she said, Scott and Laci acquired as a couple - such as two white chairs and an end table. "They are not Sharon's," Peterson said.

Nor did her son want to turn over kitchenware - a food processor, a mixer and cookbooks - "that Scott will need to keep house," his mother said.

Scott already had decided to turn over the salt-and-pepper shaker set, in snail motif.

The Rochas also had asked for "Laci's fine china and stemware." Peterson noted how the listing omitted Scott's name.

She described the china and stemware as wedding gifts to the couple, entitling Scott to keep them. She added that she and her husband bought most of the china, filling out the set after the wedding.

There are no photos of Laci to turn over, Peterson said. She said police took every one that included Laci, leaving four photos in the house. She said police also took most of Laci's clothing. "But she (Sharon Rocha) can have all of it."

The Rochas also had asked for Peterson's wedding dress. Scott's mother revealed that the dress was taken in a mid-January burglary at the house, during a weekend when Scott was in Los Angeles for a one-day search effort for his wife.

A few days later, police said they had identified a suspect but did not report an arrest. They gave no name but described the suspect as someone known by the Petersons, and said the suspect was one of many people with access to the home.

Jackie Peterson said her son got the wedding dress back, then had it cleaned and boxed. She was adamant about a glass memento box. She said she gave the glass box to her son and daughter-in-law, for display of photos and seashells from their honeymoon in Tahiti.

"That's a no way," Peterson said about giving the box to the Rochas.

It was not know where the box is today.


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To: independentmind
That sounds like a likely explanation. Whatever they consist of, I feel very relieved that they will now be at the police's disposal.

Unless there WAS one journal that Scott did know about, which he maybe got rid of...
21 posted on 05/31/2003 7:10:29 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: independentmind
"I have much sympathy for the Rochas' but I can see how Laci's journals would be relevant to the trial."

??? Maybe Laci knew Scott was playing around... if she did write down those suspicions... that be huge at trial... Maybe Laci had feelings that Scott was going to hurt her... You just can predict what might be in there and how it would affect the trial...
22 posted on 05/31/2003 7:11:12 AM PDT by
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 7 | View Replies]

To: Devil_Anse
"How the HELL did her wedding ring get OFF her in the first place..."

Maybe she was too swollen to wear them... she was eight months pregnant...
23 posted on 05/31/2003 7:12:52 AM PDT by
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 14 | View Replies]

To: Lanza
Aha! Yes--VERY interesting, whether she had those rings on when last seen.

Yes, it's true, the swelling in the hands does make the rings hard to wear. But you know what? I'd wager that with most women (talking about normal pregnancies here), the swelling comes on gradually enough that they don't THINK to take the rings off while they still can. I mean, they find themselves with the rings stuck on there, and realize they aren't going to be able to get them off easily until after the baby has been born and their hormones (and the fluid retention rate) have gone back to the normal level.

24 posted on 05/31/2003 7:14:54 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: BunnySlippers
Don'tcha LOVE that? "Scott will need the food processor to keep house." No, Jackie--you need all that stuff to sell now, to try to raise a few pennies for Scott's expenses.

Oh, and the Rochas can have the "bedding" that went with the crib! Isn't THAT big of her? That's b/c pre-owned crib bedding probably wouldn't sell for much, whereas a crib and rocker would go like lightning at a yard sale.
25 posted on 05/31/2003 7:17:57 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: BunnySlippers
Nor did her son want to turn over kitchenware - a food processor, a mixer and cookbooks - "that Scott will need to keep house," his mother said.

Hate to break it to you Jackie, but God willing, your evil son won't be keeping house anywhere or getting out of jail.
26 posted on 05/31/2003 7:19:18 AM PDT by demkicker (I wanna kick some commie butt)
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To: Devil_Anse
Also, if Laci went "walking the dog" as SP claims, and she was still wearing her rings according to family, hmmmm... how did they get off?
27 posted on 05/31/2003 7:19:36 AM PDT by Lanza
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 24 | View Replies]

To: Devil_Anse
Let's face it ... if anything from that house went up on eBay as "Laci Peterson's Crib for Connor" would bring bigger bucks than most cribs.
28 posted on 05/31/2003 7:21:13 AM PDT by BunnySlippers
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 25 | View Replies]

To: joyce11111
You would think that, even if for just PR reasons, Mark Geragos would instruct his client's family to just let the Rochas' have anything they wanted. Yikes.
29 posted on 05/31/2003 7:23:36 AM PDT by Hildy
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To: libbylu
That IS bad.

Amazing how some people will "go for the gold" in a tragedy.

Reminds me of my in-laws when their grandma died.

The looting was fierce.


30 posted on 05/31/2003 7:24:08 AM PDT by tiamat ("Just a Bronze-Age Gal, Trapped in a Techno World!")
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To: joyce11111
Hmmm...I don't think Scott needs to worry about keeping house where he'll be spending his time (in snail motif).
31 posted on 05/31/2003 7:25:03 AM PDT by WestTexasWend
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: marajade
I know, but in most people with normal pregnancies, many of those changes like the fluid retention sort of happen gradually, and sneak up on people. This was Laci's first pregnancy. I'm not so sure that she was knowledgeable enough to think, say, at the 4-month stage, "Hmmm. Better take off my rings right now, or they'll get stuck on my fingers!"

Her friends couldn't have told her every little detail about pregnancy. And one only learns some of the little details of being pregnant through actually experiencing it. I think the fluid retention would have snuck up on her, and that maybe she'd have suddenly found her fingers too swollen to get the rings off.

And once one is in that fluid retention stage, it's VERY hard to get the rings off.
32 posted on 05/31/2003 7:26:41 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 23 | View Replies]

To: Lanza
Oh, why, doesn't one always carefully remove all jewelry before walking the dog? Heh!

If Scott (through his mother) starts saying "she took them off to wash dishes", I think I'll scream. She had a DISHWASHER!!

Oh, I know! "She took them off so she could squeeze the mop. Remember she was mopping the floor?" Yeah, maybe that's what Scott's people will say. One problem, though. I'm pretty sure the "mop" was one of those rectangular sponge types. Those are not wrung out by hand.
33 posted on 05/31/2003 7:31:16 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: BunnySlippers
I think you've just written next week's (true) tabloid story. Except it will be about the stuff that the Rochas LEFT in the house!
34 posted on 05/31/2003 7:32:26 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 28 | View Replies]

To: WestTexasWend
Since he wants the baby's stuff so badly, I wish they'd take it all down to the jail and decorate his cell with it. Then he would maybe spend 30 seconds a day or so, thinking about his son--the one with marine debris wrapped around his neck, and the "incision" on his body.
35 posted on 05/31/2003 7:35:06 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: Devil_Anse
The MAID had just mopped the day before. However, Scott's story was that he had mopped the kitchen and washed his clothes to get the salt water out of them.

(BTW...not all pregnant women get swollen fingers..voice of experience here.)

36 posted on 05/31/2003 7:41:05 AM PDT by Carolinamom
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To: Carolinamom
LOL! I'm sure it varies, but THIS "voice of experience" got swollen fingers!

But, okay, let's think about if she HADN'T had that swelling. So we're back to: why was her wedding ring OFF her finger to begin with??? People don't just take their wedding ring off all the time--except cheaters, and she wasn't into THAT, from all that we've heard.

And also: suppose she HAD taken her ring off momentarily, to put lotion on her hands or something. Well, how did Scott know where she'd put it???
37 posted on 05/31/2003 8:00:21 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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To: joyce11111
"Scott's mother revealed that the dress was taken in a mid-January burglary at the house..."

That's interesting. One of the women who went to the Peterson house yesterday said that Sharon was able to get the bridal gown.

The Petersons are being a-holes about this. I heard Jackie Peterson the night before on Fox News tell Greta that there was no problem with Sharon going into the house and taking what was Laci's. Then yesterday, we see one of Peterson's lawyers ranting for the cameras about the Rocha's planting evidence at the scene. Of course nothing was said about the Peterson's having been in and out of that house since the beginning of all this, and that they could have REMOVED evidence. What a nightmare for the Rochas. I feel so bad for them, and then they have to put up with the pathetic antics of the Petersons and their lawyers.

I'm afraid Mrs. Peterson is still delusional. She actually believes that her son is going to be back in that house during her lifetime? And on top of this, her murdering son wants the diamonds that Laci's grandmother gave her. I'm sure they were taken to a jeweler for resetting. More like he took them somewhere to hock them. If those diamonds can be recovered, they should either be returned to the grandmother if she is still alive, or they should be turned over to Sharon or her ex-husband, based on whichever grandmother gave them to her. But they should most definitely not be given back to Scaughty or his family

This story gets uglier all the time, and I guess we can thank Mark Geragos for this. He may think he's helping his client, but all he's doing is alienating the public. After all that's happened, it's pretty obvious that the Peterson's have been less than honest in their statements about letting Sharon Rocha into the home. But that doesn't surprise me. They raised a lying, sack of murdering $hit for a son, why wouldn't they be liars themselves?

I don't know about the rest of you, but the treatment of the Rochas at the hands of the Peterson's has disgusted me. Jackie Peterson's lucky I'm not Laci's mother. Right now she'd be turning blue, because I would have wrapped her oxygen hose around her neck and pulled it tight!!

38 posted on 05/31/2003 8:12:29 AM PDT by mass55th
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To: Devil_Anse
I'd like to know WHEN these rings/diamonds were taken to the jeweler......and WHO took them.....and WHY they wanted them made into a single ring.....and WHO was going to be wearing that ring. Little things like that, you know.

AND an important point made last night by the Rocha's attorney: Until the death certificate is signed and filed, Laci is STILL legally the half owner of the house and its contents, a point seemingly ignored by Geragos and the Petersons.

39 posted on 05/31/2003 8:13:23 AM PDT by Carolinamom
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To: joyce11111
Hey, and what's up with THIS quote from Jackie: "Yesterday we see a coroner's report about a baby [.]"

"A" baby??? Not THE baby? Okay, that MUST just be a typo, right.
40 posted on 05/31/2003 8:14:52 AM PDT by Devil_Anse
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