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Posted on 03/06/2005 8:06:23 PM PST by Quix

String Of Beads

Lanna Perry

1st March 2004

Sydney Australia

My children, like a necklace is joined together, so I am calling My body, My children to come together. For if one bead is missing from a necklace, is it complete and functioning fully as it was created too? Surely Not.

My children, you are like a string of beads. You are called to work together. For a necklace cannot be a necklace with one bead alone. A necklace cannot function completely without all of the beads being joined together.

Yes, one bead alone has much beauty, but how much more beautiful are many beads strung together? I have created each of you to work together for My Kingdom. Yes, you each have individual callings, but together, you form the beautiful string of beads, My creation, My body, My church. Alone, it is not completed and perfect.

With a string of beads My children, can the beads stand alone? Can they join together and stand alone? No! What holds them together? The string! I am the string in each of your lives.

You cannot join together and stand together without Me as your lifeline, without Me as your center. My children, where does the string join the beads together? Through the center. Yes, through the center. I am to be the center of each of your lives. I am to be the One and ONLY constant support and source of your lives.

Stop placing other objects in the center of your lives, and allow Me to grow more and more as being the center of your lives. Without the string, what happens to the beads? They all fall apart. Without Me, the body of Christ falls apart. Without Me nothing can be held together. Everything comes unglued when I am not the center and the support.

Many of you are walking in situations where you have not allowed Me to be the center and support in that area, and that area is beginning to fall apart. Why? Because you have not allowed Me My rightful place. My children let go, and allow Me, the Greatest and strongest string of support, bring things together, form them as they should be, and shine My beauty through it.

I see your hearts, and the constant desires to bring forth My Glory and to serve Me in great ways. I see these desires and am greatly blessed, and am speaking to each of you, to work together, in unison, as a string of beads, to fulfill the purposes for which you were created.

Partner with those to whom I have called you too and allow Me to use each of you together to bring about My Glory. Partner with those around you that I have brought to you, to minister with, and partner with them. Allow the unity that I am calling My body too, the unity that flows between My Son, My Spirit and I, to manifest itself in your lives.

Yes each of you have callings, but together you form the beauty of My people, My church, My body. Without one, it is not the same. I have called each of you to come to Me and allow Me to minister to each of you.

I am bringing about change on this earth, through My children, I am preparing My church, for My return. My bride. I am surrounding you My church with My fire, that you may be without spot, wrinkle or blemish, when I return to receive you.

Many of you have allowed unforgiveness, have allowed bitter hearts, wounds and grievances to cause disunity among My body, and church and this saddens Me. People have wronged people, and people have caused people hurts, both deliberate and unintentionally. This has allowed disunity to come between My people and this is not My will.

My children, in order to function properly as My church, you must function as a body. Together! Like a string of beads, you cannot function in the way and purpose you were created for unless you are joined together.

Release old wounds, release unforgiveness, release grievances. Come to Me and allow Me to heal these things, and allow Me to bring about restoration. I am not saying that you must continue to fellowship with those who hurt you, but bless them. Bless them, and release the hurt and unforgiveness, so unity, My unity may flow throughout every area of your life.

For if you hold onto unforgiveness and hurt, it dampens My shine through you. You are part of the body, but you are not functioning properly. You are not allowing My Spirit to function through you in the way I have created you. Unforgiveness and bitterness dims My light within you, so as it dims the light within you, it brings about shadow in My body.

My precious children, My beads, you are continually in a process of refinement. Wherever you go My Spirit and My fire surrounds you, continually conforming you more and more into My image. My Spirit, My fire is continually burning away and bringing to light any dross that shows forth itself in your life.

Continue to come to Me and allow My Spirit, My fire to shine on you, and bring to the surface anything that may hinder My shine through you. My precious children, My beads, I am polishing you every day, so that together as a string of beads, as My body, you will shine brighter than the noonday sun.

Center yourselves on Me. Allow Me the One string that cannot ever be broken, allow Me to be the center of your lives. Join together My children. Listen to My Spirit. Listen to My Spirit crying ‘unity’. Listen to My Spirit crying out for My body, My bride to join together and complete the work in which I have planned for this earth.

The necklace of My Kingdom cannot function with a bead missing. If one bead takes off and ministers alone, the necklace is then not complete. As My children, My beads, My necklace, you must work together, and serve together.

Rise Up My children. Be the Bride I have created you to be. Lay aside all and rise up into your destiny. To move together as MY BRIDE, bringing about MY Glory on this earth TOGETHER. Not alone, TOGETHER.

Are you going to allow disunity to hinder the work that I the Lord your God, the Mighty String that has no beginning and end, have planned for this earth? Will you not come to Me and allow Me to bring healing to you, then lead you to restoration, so then you may see My Spirit of unity move in your lives? Are you willing?

I am constantly drawing together My beads, together to form the necklace that I am preparing to show the world. Such beauty, such elegance and such glory.

Endure the fire, endure the testing so that I may shine in you brighter than ever, and joined to Me and unified with My other beads, My other children, you shall add to the Glory of My Kingdom.

Come together. Listen to My Spirit. Come together My beads. Center your lives on Me. Endure the fire, lay aside all grievances, allow Me to bring restoration, and watch how you shall add to the ‘Shine’ of My Kingdom that none else can. Together, watch the Necklace of God, that I wear proudly around My neck, function as it was destined too. Shining forth, all to speak forth and show the world the name above all Names. My Name.

The world has not yet seen what I am about to bring forth. You, each of you, My precious beads, are crucial to what I am doing. Each one of you are SO special to Me. So beautiful, and not ONE missed. For I will leave the 99 to come after the one. Each of you, I know your every detail, and you are so beautiful to Me. Together, with all My other beautiful beads, bring about the Glory and Splendor of Me. My Bride, My beads.

Oh how I wear you SO proudly around My neck. Be unified My beads, Be unified.

TOPICS: Charismatic Christian; Evangelical Christian; General Discusssion; Moral Issues; Prayer; Religion & Culture; Theology; Worship
KEYWORDS: bitterness; christascenter; christashead; christlifeline; collaboration; humility; joinedtogether; letgoletgod; partner; shoulder2shoulder; teamwork; unforgiveness; unity; wounds
It's a sad commentary that mere mention of unity seems to spark raging disunity as ego filled RELIGIONISTS insist on their construction on 'spiritual' reality as the truly truest true truth around which and upon which ALL others must rally, attach themselves, submit to and build on.

This seems to ignore the God of diversity who created us and who's Blood was shed that we might be Blood Brothers before The Cross.

Certainly there are essentials--the Virgin Birth; Christ came in the flesh; Died on the Cross for our sins; arose again etc.

But I'm wearied of those who seem to fiercely major in minors and minor in majors as did the religious rulers of Christ's dusty pathed days. If I'm that wearied--how much more disgusted must our Lord and Father be.

We can lay aside our egos and used Kotex self-righteousness and join those Christ brings us to yoke with--thrilling His heart and accomplishing His purposes with His passion for His priorities. Or, we can rebell, grieve Him and insist that OUR theology; OUR traditions of men; or even our doctrines of demons ARE THE GOSPEL that all others must submit to.

Clearly, to me, God's blessings will flow only along the lines of the former, and not the latter.

To some degree, Only God can bring about HIS unity. However, HE DOES REQUIRE WILLING HEARTS, cooperative spirits and compliant, obedient actions on our parts. We can say YES! LORD! Or, we can go our own way--saddening His heart; rebelling, and incurring grief for ourselves in countless ways.

Lord, help me to always say YES, TO YOU. Help me to look on the attitude of the heart and to be eager to work shoulder to shoulder with whomever you bring my way for such a purpose. In Your Name, Amen.

1 posted on 03/06/2005 8:06:25 PM PST by Quix
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To: Quix

I gave a woman a pearl necklace once... does that count?

2 posted on 03/06/2005 8:18:37 PM PST by Chad Fairbanks (Celibacy is a hands-on job.)
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To: Chad Fairbanks

God is the Boss and judge, not me.

IF you were fulfilling your role before Him in obedience, humility, in His Love, probably it would count significantly.

Otherwise, I wouldn't count on it.

3 posted on 03/06/2005 8:28:24 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Chad Fairbanks
"I gave a woman a pearl necklace once... does that count?"

Ummm. Naughty boy!

4 posted on 03/07/2005 4:11:59 AM PST by Ff--150 (Multiple Tsunamis of Income)
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To: Quix
Remember each denomination and church are simply businesses set up to provide livings, if not nice sources of income for those higher up on the denomination or church food chain.

One church held a monopoly for centuries, with others breaking away to later franchise worldwise.

THe paradigm has shifted to a different realization of just what the "Body of Christ" actually means.

5 posted on 03/07/2005 4:20:30 AM PST by Ff--150 (Multiple Tsunamis of Income)
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To: Ff--150

Too true!

6 posted on 03/07/2005 7:27:36 AM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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