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The Increasing National Abhorrence for God
RaptureReady ^ | Undated | Don McGee

Posted on 07/05/2012 7:21:27 AM PDT by GiovannaNicoletta

That God is now the prime target for every form of man's mockery, scorn and contempt is undeniable. It used to be that Christians and the Bible were the only visible objects of disdain with any reviling for God Himself being cautiously harbored deep in the rancid confines of human hearts. But, since the ridicule of His people and His word has not drawn lightening strikes the God-rejecters have become much bolder. Like noisy, irritating Chihuahuas whose courage is in direct proportion to the length of the big dog's chain, they now have no inhibitions about publicly blaspheming God personally. They are from all segments of society; even from those we have historically thought to be above such behavior.

Insolent man sees God's patient love for all humanity as proof that He is really a cream-puff, impotent deity with a lot of bark, but no bite. They err greatly. They choose to ignore the fact that the God who presently endures their incessant yapping is the same God that turned Korah and 250 of his consorts into fertilizer, and the sodomites of Abram's day into ash. The lesson is that God's love and patience do not nullify His judgment. The pouring out of God's wrath upon a vile and depraved world is just as much a part of His character as was His judgment upon Jesus who carried the sin of all humanity on the cross.

What are modern reprobates doing? Exactly what prophecy said they would be doing (2 Timothy 3:8). In truth, their words and conduct are limited only by their perverted imaginations. They feel free to spew forth their curses at any time using any opportunity that presents itself. Consider Dan Savage, for example.

Savage is not only anti-God, anti-Bible and anti-Christian, but is among the most vulgar, caustic and militant homosexuals in today's news. Nothing is too sacred for his hate-mongering attacks. And, the colleges, etc., who invite him to their campuses are unapologetic. Colleges like Elmhurst.

At this year's National High School Journalism Conference he became hostile toward Christians, the Bible and God according to Todd Starnes, an internet blogger. Using vulgarity and sexual innuendo in an Anti-Bullying speech he suddenly launched a vicious attack upon God and His people. Some students walked out as he heckled them while others cheered him on. Knowing he was successful in his effort his "apology" was sarcastic, and the sponsoring Journalism Education Association and National Scholastic Press Association offered no apologies to the Christians. Savage and Terry Miller were President Obama's guests at the 2011 LGBT Pride Month reception at the White House. Imagine that.

Sometimes the enemies of God are less militant, at least openly. So, instead of a full frontal assault they hide behind what judicial activists claim to be the law of the land, and from there they launch their assaults against God. Specifically, they shield their real motives behind the much misunderstood "separation of church and state" mantra.

The truth is, the phrase "separation of church and state" is not in the U.S. Constitution. Rather, the First Amendment says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Nobody in their right mind would want America's government to be of a religious nature. The mood of 1787 America is very clear. That is, remembering King George III and the state-sponsored Church of England, the Framers blocked, with the First Amendment, any new government from forming a national church. But, the inference of the amendment is also very clear. That is, it keeps the government out of the church (establishment), but it does not prevent the church from having an impact on the government (free exercise) as was clearly born out in America's early history. Still, current resistance goes on with the Constitution and the Framer's intent being regularly ignored when expedient.

For seven years Terry Sartain has been a chaplain for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina. Recently he was told he could no longer "pray in Jesus' name" on police department property because the department did not want to do anything that might offend someone. Sartain asked police department officials whose name would he be allowed to invoke. They told him to "pray a secular prayer". As you well know there is no such thing, but that does not matter. Any kind of idiotic statement rooted in spiritual ignorance will do as long as Jesus is kept out of prayer on public property. Of course, the ACLU was very supportive of the decision.

In early April of this year students at the Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, MA were prohibited from singing the word "God" in the Lee Greenwood song, "God Bless the USA". The words "God bless" were replaced with "We love". After parental complaints, the kids were allowed to sing or to not sing the words "God bless". Similar prohibitions have been adopted in many public schools in the last number of years so as not to offend anyone, you see.

A lot of people are angry and tired of "political correctness", and they demand logical reasons for official decisions. The reasons, though, are always associated in some way with this skewed view of the First Amendment. However, I think this thing goes much deeper than a mere civics issue. When we consider that current public education leadership was trained in college to believe John Dewey (the humanist) was dead-on correct with his philosophy of education, that their ancestors crawled out of a slime-pit somewhere and lived among tree limbs before becoming humans, that all conduct is relative, that there are no absolutes and that God is a take-it-or-leave-it concept, then there is no question as to why they believe and teach (with exceptions, of course) the godless agenda that has essentially become the core curriculum for modern government education.

In 2011 the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held a "Rock the Fort" event on the parade ground at Ft. Bragg, NC. This angered some atheists in the Army, so they organized the "Rock Beyond Belief" counter-event in March of 2012. Sgt. Justin Griffith, US Army, led the effort. Part of the entertainment provided was the band "Aiden" which produced a video that includes images of burning church buildings and bloody crosses. The lyrics in one of their songs are, "_ _ _ _ your God, _ _ _ _ your faith in the end. There's no religion." Sgt. Griffith said that song was not performed at Ft. Bragg, but he thought the video of burning church buildings was fine. At the performance a rapper rapped "creationism is dead wrong", and one T-shirt for sale featured a picture of the Bible with the words, "Holy C_ _ P".

Sgt. Griffith's atheist counter-event was billed as a type of "equal time" program whose purpose was to "send a message". But, that is not really the truth. They did not send a message as much as they insulted God and His people. The Christian event speakers in 2011 did not harangue atheists, did not feature the burning of buildings where atheists gathered, did not use profanity and did not sell T-shirts that highlighted offensive pictures. The atheist event, on the other hand, was clearly an overt attack upon God, Christians and the Bible.

If space permitted mention could be made of those other efforts of the U.S. military to cleanse itself of religious references, as Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) describes what is happening. He also said, "It's a very dangerous course to take." You bet it is! And, for veterans of an earlier day this is almost too much to believe. But, it is happening.

And then there was President Obama's 2011 Thanksgiving speech where he did not even mention God, but did say Americans are "truly lucky", that he is thankful that some Americans took time off to serve in soup kitchens and that the first Thanksgiving was a "celebration of community". Because God is now out of the picture nationally, his explanation of Thanksgiving was very inaccurate and very much unlike Lincoln's explanation. In earlier generations American History students learned that Lincoln, in 1863, said the holiday was, "a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens."

In our country's present time of terrible despair and fear of the unknown President Obama, in his 2011 Thanksgiving Day speech, did not mention God at all, but did say he was thankful for all the luck our country has had.

In the winter of 1777 -- 1778 when our country was in a time of terrible despair and fear of the unknown, General Washington went alone into the woods to pray. Typhus, dysentery, starvation, exposure and depression were rampant in the wretched little American encampment at Valley Forge. Isaac Potts accidentally came upon the General, and this is what Potts reported: "I heard a plaintive sound as, of a man at prayer. I tied my horse to a sapling and went quietly into the woods and to my astonishment I saw the great George Washington on his knees alone, with his sword on one side and his cocked hat on the other. He was at Prayer to the God of the Armies, beseeching to interpose with his Divine aid, as it was ye Crisis, and the cause of the country, of humanity and of the world."

So, why might we suppose official America is growing in her abhorrence of God? For any number of reasons, actually. Logically the colonists should not have beaten the British, but they did. Why? God's hand was upon the effort for independence from the start at least partly because the Founders sought liberty based upon the God-ordained right for every man to be free, a right for which they were willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were obviously not indiscriminately worded. Their words are unlike any other such documents in human history, and such distinction clearly shows God's fingerprint. So, why is America's abhorrence for God growing? It is a natural consequence of denying God's hand in her history in the face of the obvious.

Another reason is America no longer fears God — fear in the sense of respecting His Person. With the introduction of Humanism into classrooms and the introduction of Higher Biblical Criticism into churches also came the introduction of an alternative to Christianity. With godliness ripped from every seam in the social and spiritual fabric of America, people defaulted to hardened consciences and hedonistic lusts. Satan put all his evil effort into exploiting this compromise, and he succeeded. The result has been the "who is God that He should be relevant to anything" attitude.

America has a blatant in-your-face attitude regarding God's standard of living. Immorality is rampant with the illegitimate birthrate at 41% as of May, 2012 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Shacking up is no longer aberrant. Young men and women, even teens, many of whom claim to be Christians, think nothing of spending weekends and vacations together. Their friends and families grin sheepishly, wave goodbye and say, "Be careful and have a good time." When they return home everybody smiles warmly and acts as if everything is OK because "God understands".

In the context of addictions this is called "enabling", and would not go unaddressed by parents, friends and spiritual leaders. However, when it comes to the context of sexual immorality it is called "being nice and being non-controversial". It is true that we should not stick our noses into other people's business. Equally true, though, is the ages old adage that we are our brother's keeper. Spiritual maturity insures the proper "how, when and where".

Blasphemous tirades in public are now common among both regular and high-profile people. Celebrities from every profession no longer think they should censor their words, and are thus quite comfortable using sewer-level words and terms in everyday speech. A number of them are hard-core activists, and are prone to sudden and vitriolic outbursts against God and His people while excusing their behavior with an offhand "so what". Because they would never refer to the pagan god Allah in such a manner, they clearly display both their hypocrisy and their cowardice.

They seem pleased to be labeled as reprobates, and get great pleasure from the shock effect they produce with their words and conduct. And the more impromptu the outburst the greater the glory — at least in their minds.

In short, many people simply refuse to honor God. His words are no longer taken seriously and are thus no longer deserving of obedience. To them God, if there even is a God, is not exclusive. He is seen as only one way among many to heaven, or whatever place religious people think about going. The idea is you can take your choice, but do not become very excited about any of it because He is actually a myth. Just be cool, be nice and serve in a soup kitchen sometime.

That God loves them and desires their salvation is a fact. Equally factual, though, is most of them would laugh and spew forth noxious profanities at such a thought. They do not understand that their end will come quickly and unexpectedly as happened with Sodom on the last night of its decadent existence. It is clear that, as a nation, America is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to not bow before God. But bow she will, like it or not. Maybe quite soon.

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1 posted on 07/05/2012 7:21:35 AM PDT by GiovannaNicoletta
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
I grew up in the 50’s and the changes toward God have been unbelievable to me. In such a short time our nation under God has become one nation rejecting God well, that is except for Christians. When I look at the universe, and God's daily creations, I can't under stand how anyone could possibly say there is no God. Blindness. I choose God. I walk by faith and they can mock me all they want, that's the way it is!
2 posted on 07/05/2012 7:29:02 AM PDT by Bitsy
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
Read: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

Also? Now is a good time to get out of Sodom and Gomorrah-like places and don't look back.

Get it together. History is readying to repeat.

3 posted on 07/05/2012 7:30:44 AM PDT by GBA (To understand what is happening to America and why, read The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
Man cannot fight God and live. We are in end times and the sheep are being separated from the goats. Worship God and serve Him. Everyone must choose whom they serve. The kingdom of God is being restored on earth. Those who do not like that will pass away. We must be about our Father's business. We stay focused in God's love and truth regardless what the servants of hate and lies do.
4 posted on 07/05/2012 7:35:35 AM PDT by Armaggedon
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

The Stockpile Song

Take the flag down from the place
where it led the human race.
Run up U.N. white and blue.
That’s what your “leaders” want to do.
They don’t seem to understand
we are a patriotic band.
So spread the word across the land
and stockpile weapons while you can.

Public schools were first to go.
They’re run by leftists as you know.
So school your children safe at home
far from the propaganda zone.
For they don’t want to understand
we are a family loving band.
So spread the word around the land
and stockpile knowledge while you can.

Stage and screen and on T.V.
they’re mocking God in all we see.
They may close your church some day
but they can’t stop us when we pray.
For they refuse to understand
we are a Jesus loving band.
So spread the word across the land
and stockpile Bibles while you can.

Somewhere there near your hometown
professor’s robe or judge’s gown,
there is a leftist who must go.
So lock and load and let them know.
For time will come they’ll understand
we are a patriotic band.
So spread the word across the land
and stockpile weapons while you can.

5 posted on 07/05/2012 7:43:49 AM PDT by Touch Not the Cat (Where is the light? Wonder if it's weeping somewhere...)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

Vain hate of God, a nation running out of option is gnashing teeth and priding itself as it further falters into meaninglessness and incapacity to correct itself.

6 posted on 07/05/2012 7:44:39 AM PDT by JudgemAll (Democrats Fed. job-security Whorocracy & hate:hypocrites must be gay like us or be tested/crucified)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
Psalm Two comes to mind and yes, the harbinger like a poster above spoke about.

Was in a COSTCO and was buying boxes of some stuff to store and said," Praising Jesus," and you should have seen the heads jerk and actual scowls and laughter of my "extremist" views of storing a bit of food and praising the Lord.

I was probably a little loud because I was talking to my pastor( happenstance meet?). It was creepy the smirks and head snaps. I think I was profiled! Praise the Lord and Hallelujah! It was a very weird moment of clarity.

7 posted on 07/05/2012 7:50:10 AM PDT by Karliner ( Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28, Romans 8:38"...this is the end of the beginning."WC)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
When I look at Obama, I get the feeling that the sentiments are mutual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 posted on 07/05/2012 8:01:09 AM PDT by ZULU (See:
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

I don’t know if I would use the word “abhor” or “hate”.

It seems more like a nonchalant “I don’t care if there is a God or not. I’ll go about my own things in my own way.

The problem is — they wouldn’t have the ability to do even that if God were not present.

God’s waits for all sinners to return to him. How long must humanity make Him wait?

9 posted on 07/05/2012 8:10:00 AM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta; Bitsy; All

I was born in the fifties too. In the media, in entertainment, and principally on the left, the aborhance for God is real and very much the majority view. They have always felt this way...they just feel that they can become more vocal and open about and so they do.

And they lie...they lie all the time to the point that the got

The Worst President in History Elected

To most people, as a result, it looks like society as a whole has faltered and accepted this.

But, by and large, it hassn’t.

Thos folks on the left, in the media, entertainment, etc. are themselves the minority and remain so.

They have been and continue to try and make their beliefs the “main stream,” and particularly throught their control of teachers union and ecucation.

But the evidence is that the people do not like or want that and so you have strong majorities of people who want public school vouchers and choice in school so they can avoind this.

So it is with almost every major left inspired issue.

I work as an Engineer in a very technoical profession. 90% of the people I work with, deal with at vendors and othr companies, assciate with, and know believe in God and respect Him...evn if they themselves (as we all are sinners) do things not in keeping with His principles. They still know Him, His moral values, and understand when they do wrong, and for the most part are sorry for it and try to do better...and they are...

Waking up and beginning to Stand for the Right

That’s why America is still free, and despite trillionsof wasted dollars, and horrible entratainment choices (thought there are still plenty of decent ones for two reasons 1) There are good, decent people in music, movies, TV, radio, etc. and 2)Even those who hate God, realize they can make money off of films and other entertainment that cater to the majority of people to this day.

So, while things are much more in your face than they were before, and though more and more decrepid behavior is

Being encouraged by Obama and others to “come out,”

...and try and live as though they are normal...the nation is still a blieiving nation and all of these people represent a loud, vocal, and influential minoority that we need to confront head-on at this point and vote them down every cahnce we get.


10 posted on 07/05/2012 8:13:05 AM PDT by Jeff Head (Freedom is not free, never has been, never will be (
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To: NewJerseyJoe


11 posted on 07/05/2012 8:37:02 AM PDT by NewJerseyJoe (Rat mantra: "Facts are meaningless! You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!")
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To: Touch Not the Cat

Hadn’t seen this one before. (Yours?) It’s a great one - passing on.

12 posted on 07/05/2012 8:55:21 AM PDT by marjiwoj
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
This is the biggest threat to the nation by far. Not taxation, socialism or war and peace. National morality is THE issue. Everything else are just symptoms.

"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34

13 posted on 07/05/2012 8:57:54 AM PDT by Colonel Kangaroo
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

There are two kinds of rejection that have very different origins, so need to be examined from two points of view.

The first was a reaction to oppressive religion. This happened in the US starting in the 1940s, when religion had entered the public sphere and forced the petty and vindictive goals of *individuals*, *in the name of religion* on those not part of their sect or clique.

In many cases this was “Protestant on Protestant”, and “Protestant on Catholic” oppression. Many small towns were “lorded over” by cliques of one sect that socially oppressed others and built up a huge reservoir of resentment.

This radically changed because of one man, the acting president of Indiana University, Herman B. Wells, who took what amounted to a rural, sectarian, corrupt, seminary school and turned it into a world class university right in the heart of the Bible Belt. And in doing so, he indirectly sponsored the Kinsey institute, to a great extent responsible for the “sexual revolution”, another revolt against the hypocritical morality of the times, as well as giving a huge impulse to the early Civil Rights movement, against the widespread segregation in the North.

Importantly, what was overthrown was decadent and corrupt, and used religion as an excuse for innumerable sins and vice, maintaining a dying but vile social order.

Truthfully, religion was much healthier returning to its faith and righteousness after this collapse of the old order. Clergy were once again clergy, and the sectarian cliques fell apart when they were seen as just nasty people without piety.

The other form of rejection is more modern, and it has no legitimate underpinnings, only hate and fanaticism. It is closer to mental illness and is truly described by its bitter, burning hatred, of not just religion and God, but also of the faithful, pious and happy.

It finds its satisfaction in liberal-leftist socialism and atheism. But it is not content with just having personal beliefs, it wants to and seeks to destroy everything that is beneficial, pleasant, balanced and joyous.

I read a bizarre example of this sickness in another forum, which had the typical “Is Obama the Antichrist?” nonsense. An Obama supporter, rhetorically backed into a corner, blurted out that he wished Obama *was* the Antichrist.

What? Because if Obama was the Antichrist, then he would give his followers what they wanted, and more importantly, attack and destroy the people his followers hated.

He would be “powerful”.

This puts a new perspective on how aberrant such people can be. This is not just rejection, as such, but mental illness.

14 posted on 07/05/2012 8:59:10 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
Yesterday I was with a friend of mine who is in the business of historical documents. He was giving a presentation on the anastatic copies of the Declaration of Independence.

A few days before the event, I thought it would be a good opportunity to compare the similarities of abuses between then and now so I wrote two pages, made some copies and yesterday left them on the table of handouts.

A few weeks before, I was visiting Tom in his office and he showed me a roster of Ben Franklin's fire company which included Philadelphia's movers and shakers of the day. One of them was a businessman named Wright.

As I was going through the file of documents associated with the members of the Fire Company, I saw a receipt signed by Edw Wright for a shipment of goods to London, dated 18th of October 1741.

It's right next to me now. Tom lent it to me so I could include a copy of it in the information I wanted to share with his audience. It serves as further proof that Early American devotion to God was strong and extended even into business. It reads:

Shipped by the Grace of God in good Order and well conditioned, by Joseph Paschall of Philadelphia in and upon the good ship called the EarndWright Constantine whereof is Master under God for this present Voyage and now riding at Anchor in the River Dellaware and by God's Grace bound for London To say one chest of furrs & skins on the proper amount & Risque of the Shipper & goes consigned to Lawrence Williams Mercht There

Being marked and numbered as in the Margent, and are to be delivered in the like good Order and well conditioned at the aforesaid Port of London (the Danger of the Seas excepted) unto Lawrence Williams or to his Assigns, he or they paying Freight for the said Goods four pounds with Primage and Average accustomed. In Witness wherof, the Master or Purser of the said ships hath affirmed to four Bills of Lading, all of this Tenor and Date; the one of which four Bills being accomplished, the other three to stand void. And to God send the good ship to her defined Point in safety, Amen. Dated in Philadelphia this 18th of October 1741

The words in bold were handwritten in the printed bill of laden but all references to God and the ending prayer are included in the pre-printed form as the accepted practice of business in those days. I am not sure if I interpreted the name of the ship correctly.

Would that our Country turns back to such a reliance on our God who blesses US richly merely for returning His love and accepting His Son, Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

15 posted on 07/05/2012 10:00:24 AM PDT by MurrietaMadman
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

Today’s times require a St. Bernard of Clairvaux not a St. Francis of Assisi.

16 posted on 07/05/2012 10:04:17 AM PDT by AEMILIUS PAULUS (It is a shame that when these people give a riot)
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To: Jeff Head
To most people, as a result, it looks like society as a whole has faltered and accepted this.
But, by and large, it hassn’t.

I was encouraged this AM by two young men on Fox that have this org called, I believe, Turning Point USA. Both had been Obama supporters but had change of heart. One stated that there was a difference in what was said/promised by the campaigning obama versus the president obama - in other words he lied to them. These two young men are very savvy and active in politics. I hope they will connect with many of the young who are disillusioned and ready for REAL change,

17 posted on 07/05/2012 10:51:39 AM PDT by Bitsy
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To: yefragetuwrabrumuy
And in doing so, he indirectly sponsored the Kinsey institute, to a great extent responsible for the “sexual revolution”, another revolt against the hypocritical morality of the times, as well as giving a huge impulse to the early Civil Rights movement, against the widespread segregation in the North.

Why is it I keep encountering this connection between sexual perversion and concern for chr*stians-of-color? Are they considered honorary atheists or something?

18 posted on 07/05/2012 11:35:56 AM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (Ki-hagoy vehamamlakhah 'asher lo'-ya`avdukh yove'du; vehagoyim charov yecheravu!)
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To: All

“I fear this guilty land can only be purged with blood.” —John Brown

19 posted on 07/05/2012 11:38:39 AM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (Ki-hagoy vehamamlakhah 'asher lo'-ya`avdukh yove'du; vehagoyim charov yecheravu!)
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To: Salvation
I don’t know if I would use the word “abhor” or “hate”.

It's contempt, IMO.

Thirty nine years ago, the Supreme Court declared it a sacred, constitutional right ... a part of the legal bedrock of this Republic ... to kill babies.

I do not see how any country can more thoroughly spit in the Face of God, and then contemptuously turn its back on Him.

20 posted on 07/05/2012 11:47:54 AM PDT by ArrogantBustard (Western Civilization is Aborting, Buggering, and Contracepting itself out of existence.)
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