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Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) works for Satan
Connecticut Catholic Corner ^ | May 29, 2013 | Julie

Posted on 05/30/2014 4:32:27 PM PDT by Coleus

Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) works for Satan

She’s charming, she’s whacky, and she’s got funny hair and crazy fingernails- she’s also working for the devil.

Sound harsh?  Good.

, Theresa Caputo,AKA “The Long Island Medium” seen weekly on the TLC cable channel, is the devil’s own Pied Piper leading people along the devil’s path.  Does she know it?  Probably not, but she should.

Caputo is a psychic- yes they do exist.  I am not talking about the “Miss Cleo” types who randomly make up anything to make a billion (yes, that’s right) dollars.  I am talking about the psychics who actually do see and hear things.  They exist.  The trouble is not that they see and hear things per say (many Saints had that gift), it’s who is behind what they see and hear and the fact that Caputo does not have the discernment to know its evil.

What do I mean by ‘evil’?  I mean anything that is against God’s Will is evil.  You might be a fan of Caputo’s who watches the shows and say to me: “She helps people by making them feel better!”   I bet a lot of pot smokers out there would tell you the same thing about pot – yet it would remain damaging to your lungs no matter how good it might make a person feel.

Associating with psychics is damaging to a person’s soul.   It jeopardizes a person’s salvation.  How?

First of all, what Caputo is teaching from her television show is heretical to Catholic teaching- to ALL Christian teaching. 


Sunday, May 26th, the “Long Island Medium” told her audience that she had lived past lives when she went into a ‘past life regression’ session to find out why she was ‘chosen’ to be a psychic.  Any Christian worth their salt will tell you the bible flat out refutes ‘reincarnation’ completely…

Hebrews 9:27  And just as it is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment"

In another episode, Caputo told a woman her dead daughter’s soul was now “reborn” into the body of her newest grandchild.  Poppycock!

Reincarnation comes from Eastern religions like Buddhism- it is a heresy to ALL Christian groups, Catholic and Protestant alike.  A person is ONE soul and ONE body together.  A person dies when the soul separates from the body.  The Resurrection is about the soul reuniting with the body for eternity- in Heaven or Hell, at Judgment Day.

That is the basis of Christian belief in the Resurrection (yes, some Christians believe in ‘soul sleep’ but that is for another discussion).  The “Resurrection of the Body” is not about an animated corpse because the soul has now been placed into yet another body and another and another.  There is ONE soul for ONE body.  That’s it.  Period.

So what about Caputo’s “gift”?  Is she making it all up?  Is it a hoax?  Why is it wrong to hear what a psychic has to say if it makes you feel better?

It’s the devil’s path.  The spirit world exists; there is no doubt about it.  Christians know there is life after death- heaven or hell, are our final destinations, its one or the other for eternity (Matt. 25:46).  We know there are angels and demons.  We know there are people in Purgatory.  Some people can see them – numerous Saints have seen them and wrote about them – they are often called ‘ghosts’. 

St. Bernard, in his life of St. Malachy shares this case…

     This saint relates that one day he saw his sister, who had been dead for some time.  She was doing her purgatory in a cemetery.  On account of her vanity and the attention she had devoted to her hair and body, she had been sentenced to live in the very grave where she had been buried, and to witness the dissolution of her body.  The saint offered the Sacrifice of the Mass for her for thirty days; at the end of this period he saw his sister again.  This time she had been sentenced to complete her purgatory at the gate of the church, doubtless because of her irreverent demeanor in the holy place; perhaps she had distracted the faithful from the Sacred Mysteries in order to draw eyes and appreciation to herself.  She was exceedingly sad, wearing a mourning veil, and was in extreme anguish.  The saint offered the Sacrifice one more for thirty days, and she appeared to him for the last time in the sanctuary, with unruffled countenance, radiant in a white robe.  The Bishop knew by this sign that his sister had gained her deliverance.”  [Source:  “The End of the Present World”, written by Father Charles Arminjon.  Page 153]

Even Jesus Christ was mistaken for a ghost, not once but twice in scripture.

Matt. 14:26 “When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear.”
Luke 24:39 “Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.”

Here in Luke 24, Jesus clarifies that ghosts do not have bodies, they are spirit only.  He tells them He still has his body.  The body and soul are RESURRECTED together.  This is as it will be for all of us.  ONE body and ONE soul.

What psychics are doing is allowing (encouraging) their “spirit guides” (as Caputo and others call them) to show them things and let them hear things.  These “spirit guides” are demonic.  Guardian Angels from God would NOT direct people to believe in heresy, nor would they direct people to go against the Word of God in Scripture or against Church teaching.  The “angels” who do this are FALLEN angels- demons.  They WANT people to be deceived and to believe in the devils powers, this is how they win souls for hell.

The devil has power – for now.  And he uses it to deceive, trick and lead people away from God and the Truth of Christianity.  This is where Caputo is leading people astray.  She’s been deceived by the devil and her “spirit guide” to go AGAINST the Word of God.  She’s been deceived into believing she’s lived passed lives. The demons (AKA "spirit guides") are showing her these things and she’s fallen for their deception hook, line and sinker.  She actually thinks what the demons show her, are lives her soul has lived in the past- no such thing!  She’s been deceived and she is spreading that deception to others.  A quick look at her "Long Island Medium" Facebook page shows the horrid ripple effect of her deception spreading worldwide to ignorant people.  People pleading with her to please contact the dead for them.  It's retched.

I don’t doubt that Caputo and others like her actually believe what they are doing is ‘good’ and even helpful to people, but it’s not.  Her "well intentions" aren't really helping anyone, it's harming people.  It is jeopardizing the souls of thousands of people.  It is deceiving people from the Truth, into heresy and perhaps even into occult and demonic practices. How?  This stuff is addicting.  It’s like a drug. People go to one psychic then another, then another.  They begin to want to see what they can do, so they play with Tarot Cards or Spirit boards (Ouija board) and CALL “spirits” to them.  The spirits who answer are demonic.

The devil doesn’t show himself as gruesome with horns, hooves and forked tail – who would listen to or follow that?!  The devil appears as “an angel of light” according to the Bible.  This is how he tricks people.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15  Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)     
 13 “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”

Now who does that sound like to you?

In the book “An Exorcist Tells His Story”, Father Gabriele Amorth, an exorcist priest in the Catholic Church tells about the power of the devil and exorcism’s he performed to release people from the power of the devil.  On pages 40 and 41, Father Amorth shares a story of a witness who calls himself “Erasmus of Bari” (as published in the magazine “Rinnovamento dello Spirito” in September 1987).  Erasmus of Bari tells how he was given gifts that he at first thought were from God- amazing gifts.

 The gift of [page 40 – direct quote] “clairvoyance, mind reading, medical diagnosing, reading of hearts and lives of people both living and dead, and other powers.  A few months later I received another faculty; the ability to take away pain merely by the imposition of hands.  I could eliminate or alleviate any sort of suffering…”  He goes on to say that he knew it was off because it wasn’t from God.  He wasn’t living a changed life for God.  He was “quick to anger, slow in pardoning, easily resentful, and given to take offense at nothing.”  Realizing he wasn’t being gifted by God with abilities, he knew the only other source was the devil himself.  His “gifts” were not divine from God to do ‘good’ but rather diabolical and from Satan!  He'd been deceived!  As soon as he was prayed over and asked God for help the “gifts” disappeared.

Now how many people would think the devil would “do good” by giving gifts to take away people’s suffering?  This is the deception!  This is what the Bible means when it says the devil APPEARS as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14).  It’s a deception and people need to be ALERT all the time.
Caputo probably honestly believes she is doing good (see her Facebook page) and that God gave her this “gift” – she is wrong just as “Erasmus of Bari” was wrong.

Don’t be deceived by psychics who themselves are deceived.  Some psychics are in it for the money (Miss Cleo), some for the fame (Sylvia Browne) and others like Caputo who seem to believe they are helping people, but what they are all doing is spreading deception and doing the devil's work.

Don’t be led down the devils path by anyone.  Trust in God.  Don’t go looking for answers from anywhere else.  God loves you, all of you, even the psychics and He wants you to reject the temptations of the devil and put all our trust in Him.  You don’t need to contact anyone dead.  You’re alive, live that life for God so that one day you will be resurrected, body and soul together for eternity in heaven.

Pray for Theresa Caputo, others like her and all who've fallen for the devil's trap.  Most of these people are GOOD people who have been deceived, don't hate on them, just love them, pray for them and TEACH them the Truth before it's too late.  And please, please, please DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS STUFF!

God bless.


Catholic Catechism: #2115 God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the 305 future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.

Catholic Catechism: #2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" the future.[48] Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

Catholic Catechism: #2117 All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one's service and have a supernatural power over others - even if this were for the sake of restoring their health - are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion. These practices are even more to be condemned when accompanied by the intention of harming someone, or when they have recourse to the intervention of demons. Wearing charms is also reprehensible. Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices; the Church for her part warns the faithful against it. Recourse to so-called traditional cures does not justify either the invocation of evil powers or the exploitation of another's credulity.

Catholic Catechism: #1013    Death is the end of man’s earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When “the single course of our earthly life” is completed,586 we shall not return to other earthly lives: “It is appointed for men to die once.”587 There is no “reincarnation” after death.

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"Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) works for Satan" >>

I agree. I know many people who watch and follow this person, she recently appeared in NJ at the NJ PAC Center to a sold-out crowd and many of the participants were Catholics who wanted to talk to the dead, mostly their dead family members. They state that Theresa does not conjure up the dead, the dead come to her so the Catechism doesn't apply and they stated further that her priest was on her show. I can't verify that but I don't think any priest would be dumb enough to appear on her show.  If it is true then his bishop should be notified.

1 posted on 05/30/2014 4:32:27 PM PDT by Coleus
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To: Coleus

LOL! And she’s coming here to Reno in a couple of weeks. Uh, we AIN’T goin’.

2 posted on 05/30/2014 4:33:49 PM PDT by rktman (Ethnicity: Nascarian. Race: Daytonafivehundrian)
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To: rktman

Uh, we AIN’T goin’. >>

I don’t blame ya.

3 posted on 05/30/2014 4:34:38 PM PDT by Coleus
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To: Coleus

It’s “per se” not “per say.”

4 posted on 05/30/2014 4:36:20 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (I will raise $2Million USD for Cruz and/or Palin's next run, what will you do?)
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To: Coleus

Yes, she works for me.

5 posted on 05/30/2014 4:36:39 PM PDT by satan (The tree of liberty is dying in the drought.)
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To: Coleus

She’s a con artist, A cold reader. She has so many videos on you tube of her fails. Look up opie and anthony about her.

6 posted on 05/30/2014 4:36:55 PM PDT by longfellow (Bill Maher, the 21st hijacker.)
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To: Coleus

If Ms. Caputo were honest, her should would be called Long Island Extra Large not Long Island Medium.

7 posted on 05/30/2014 4:39:54 PM PDT by MIchaelTArchangel (Have a wonderful day!)
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To: Coleus

8 posted on 05/30/2014 4:42:00 PM PDT by McGruff (What if I told you your leaders were lying to you?)
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To: Coleus

I have watched many episodes of that show with great interest. Yes, I believe she is seeing the ‘other side’, but I have recently been very much questioning who it is that she is really seeing? I am more and more leery of WHAT - not WHO - is providing the messages from the other side? I honestly believe people are being deceived. I also think she truly believes she is conveying messages from peoples ‘loved ones’. She is being used to deceive all who watch that show. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m seriously beginning to believe I am right.

9 posted on 05/30/2014 4:42:51 PM PDT by sneakers
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To: Coleus

I remember that Sean Hornbeck’s family was so distraught, they visited a well know medium (whose last name is brown, IIRC), and she told them their son was dead, and his remains were near a body of water.

I think she’s just a flat out liar, but the Hornbeck’s were so desperate for answers, they believed her.

10 posted on 05/30/2014 4:44:37 PM PDT by sockmonkey (Of course I didn't read the article. After all, this is Free Republic.)
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To: Coleus

I can’t stand that show.

She’s a loud, obnoxious bitch to everyone around her.

I don’t understand why anyone watches.

11 posted on 05/30/2014 4:45:32 PM PDT by Tzimisce
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To: McGruff


12 posted on 05/30/2014 4:48:36 PM PDT by GizzyGirl
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To: Coleus

She’s a fraud. Takes advantage of hurting people.

She’s probably not on Satan’s payroll, though.

13 posted on 05/30/2014 4:48:54 PM PDT by Ted Grant
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To: satan

Is your medium well?

14 posted on 05/30/2014 4:49:34 PM PDT by Larry Lucido
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To: Coleus

“many of the participants were Catholics”. So, you took a poll of their religions affiliation? I heard many were Southern Fried Baptist.

15 posted on 05/30/2014 4:49:59 PM PDT by heights
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To: longfellow

Nobody can speak to the dead, but if we accept that it’s possible, the question of her fails arises.

If there are mistakes and misses, how are those possible? What’s the source of that very wrong information?

16 posted on 05/30/2014 4:51:54 PM PDT by Ted Grant
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To: sockmonkey

A friend of mine once had a phone contact with that Sylvia Brown. My friends son shot himself according to the police and coroner. My friend had never liked his wife and was very hostile to her and apparently this came across to Brown because she told my friend the wife had murdered him.
Till the day she died, my friend was never at peace with her son’s death.

I believe that Brown is just a fake but the L.I. Medium worries me. I too, believe she works for Satan. She could have the lost souls of many on her hands and she will answer for it at the judgement. Ignorance is no excuse. If she read the bible she would know what she is doing is wrong and so sinful. We need to pray for her to stop this.

17 posted on 05/30/2014 4:54:04 PM PDT by ruesrose (The Anchor Holds)
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To: Ted Grant

She will throw out names until someone says Oh yeah that’s for me. It’s the same with psychics with cops. The body is near water.

18 posted on 05/30/2014 4:56:07 PM PDT by longfellow (Bill Maher, the 21st hijacker.)
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To: Coleus

Great Article . Thanks

19 posted on 05/30/2014 4:58:52 PM PDT by johngrace (I am a 1 John 4! Christian- declared at every Sunday Mass , Divine Mercy and Rosary prayers!)
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To: satan


20 posted on 05/30/2014 4:58:55 PM PDT by defconw (Well now what?)
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