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World Terrorism : Weapons of Disruption Onging... ^ | Jan.1, 2006 | Frederick J. Cowie, Ph.D.

Posted on 01/01/2006 6:41:58 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT

Weapons of Disruption

C 2006 Frederick J. Cowie, Ph.D.

Whereas we have no masses, it certainly would be seriously challenging to deliver a "weapon of mass destruction" in the vast majority of geographical areas in the American West, as well as in many areas in the East and South. For instance, Montana is approximately the size of Germany, yet the population hovers only around a million (we have one representative in the House). There is no "metropolitan" area anywhere around, though Spokane is about three hundred miles away. Wyoming has more sheep than people. Utah has Salt Lake City and a few nearby populous areas. Nevada has two populated regional areas, Las Vegas and Reno. North and South Dakota have, well, a few folks here and there. Idaho folks are few and far between. I swear you can drive from San Antonio to El Paso without seeing a city policeman, because I've done it several times. Then there are Arizona, New Mexico, eastern California, inter alia. The point is we have a few population points, while the rest of the states are empty excepted for isolated small communities.Thus, out West we probably need to talk more about "weapons of disruption." (Some folks say "weapons of mass disruption," but we have no masses!)

You must ask yourself: What would I do if I were a terrorist (or a terrorism preparedness instructor) looking into the ramifications of launching a rural terrorism attack? Personally, I would concentrate on considering the consequences of disruption rather than mass destruction. Here are a few scenarios you might want consider when your local rural emergency management/response group gathers to discuss terrorism exercises.

1) Wildland Fire Incidents: Incendiary (mostly wildland) warfare has been used by military strategists for at least 2500 years, over a thousand years before the use of gunpowder. The western U.S. is disrupted, seriously disrupted, every year by wildland fires. Quite a few are started by humans, accidentally and purposefully. Starting dozens of major fires in a dozen western states could be a brilliant line of attack if militants wished to disrupt America. Thousands of security personnel could do nothing and the perpetrator/s would probably never be implicated, much less captured. Are you prepared?

2) Railroad Chemical Incidents: Many railroad main lines go through tunnels. A few strategically placed armor-piercing shells in a series of chlorine cars, along with appropriately staged derailments leaving the leaking cars in the tunnels, could shut down many main line routes in the West. Spin-off scenarios are numerous. Ready?

3) Flammable Liquid Incidents: Bridges are not easily brought down from below and approaches to bridge support structures are often highly visible and randomly monitored. However, on CNN we all have seen many tanker truck accidents involving burning hydrocarbons which have made bridge structures unusable. How hard would it be to have a few terrorists steal trucks and drive them (as opposed to hijacking planes and flying them) to strategic bridges over wide rivers or narrow gorges, ignite the gasoline (or diesel or crude), block the approaches with other incendiary or chemical releases, and make the structures extremely dangerous and impassible to highway traffic? Gotcha!

There are many variations of these themes. You probably have or can make up many more plausible, novel, and easily implemented rural-specific attack scenarios. Design exercises around them. If you want to stop terrorist events you must think like a terrorist and quit fighting last year's war!

Peace, thanks, Fred

Please check out my website at

To find recent presentations, Google (with quotation marks) "Fred Cowie"

Frederick J. (Fred) Cowie, Ph.D. E-mail: Phone: (24 hr cell) 406-431-3531 Website:

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Al Qaeda insider predicts U.S. hit
Claims bin Laden in Afghanistan Spent four years

as his bodyguard
Mar. 31, 2006. 01:00 AM

The possibility exists that Canadian troops stationed in southern Afghanistan could come across the world's most well-known fugitive, Osama bin Laden, according to one of his former bodyguards.

Abu Jandal told the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes bin Laden is hiding in Afghanistan, where Canadian troops are currently stationed, not Pakistan, where he was reputedly being sheltered in the lawless tribal lands.

As part of Task Force Afghanistan, about 2,300 Canadian Forces personnel are deployed in Afghanistan — with the majority of them operating in the former Taliban stronghold of southern Afghanistan.

Jandal worked as bin Laden's personal bodyguard in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2000.

In the interview, which airs Sunday, Jandal dispels the commonly held notion that bin Laden has taken refuge in the tribal areas of northwestern Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan.

"Not Pakistan," Jandal told the newsmagazine. "I know the Pakistani tribes along the border very well. They can be very trustworthy and faithful to their religion and ideology, but they are also capable of selling information for nothing."

Bin Laden's last confirmed hiding place was in southeastern Afghanistan, when U.S. forces in 2001 intercepted radio messages of him directing troops in the mountainous region of Tora Bora.

Since then the trail has grown cold with the exception of the occasional statement by him condemning U.S. interventions in the Islamic world.

In the interview, Jandal, who now lives in Yemen and remains a fervent supporter of bin Laden, also said he is certain an attack on the U.S. is being planned.

Under a deal with the Yemeni government, which arrested him after the attack on the USS Cole, Jandal has promised the government there that he would remain in Yemen.

Jandal also told the show the closest the Americans ever came to killing bin Laden was before the 9/11 attacks.

That was when the Americans fired missiles at an Al Qaeda training camp near Khost, Afghanistan to retaliate against the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

According to Jandal, sheer luck saved bin Laden, because the night before the attack, at the very last minute, he decided at a fork in the road to go to Kabul rather than the training camp. The next day, the camp was flattened by U.S. missiles.

Jandal also dismissed as untrue reports that bin Laden was sick with a kidney problem that required dialysis. But he confirmed earlier reports that bin Laden had ordered his bodyguards to kill him rather than allow him to be captured alive.

4,801 posted on 03/31/2006 8:16:38 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Interesting story...

A fugitive in Brazil, a mystery in Lebanon

This was not the way Rana Qoleilat thought things would end. In mid-March, police arrested the 39-year-old Lebanese bank executive at her hotel room in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Rather than going gracefully to jail, Qoleilat offered local officers a $200,000 bribe to release her; three days later, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists with a tiny blade from an eyeliner sharpener.

Qoleilat once lived the high life back in Lebanon. According to the US News and World Report, she jetted around in her own private plane, had servants and a personal hairdresser and lived in a three-story penthouse - all while claiming to make only $1,000 a month. She even bought a $10 million villa from the son-in-law of Lebanese president Emile Lahoud.

But those care-free days came to an end three years ago when al-Madina Bank, the institution for which Qoleilat worked, came up $1.2 billion short. The resulting scandal landed her in jail for embezzlement, but she only spent a few months there, making bail and then fleeing the country just two months before the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri, a key opponent of the Syrians.

To say that the fugitive banker is politically connected is an understatement. Qoleilat moved money for Syrian intelligence officials and Hizbullah, and during the Syrian occupation, the Lebanese government squelched reporting on the al-Madina case. Even now, there's reluctance to open that Pandora's Box, though some of the stolen funds may have financed the Hariri murder.

The bank scandal
Before the 1975-1990 civil war, Lebanon was the financial capital of the Middle East, but warring sectarian militias (as well as Syrian, Palestinian and Israeli forces) wrecked the banking industry, along with much of the economy. Now, after years of reconstruction, the country's banking sector is among the largest in the world, with more than 70 private banks holding deposits in excess of $39 billion.

The al-Madina Bank opened in 1982, in the midst of the war, and was bought two years later by a pair of wealthy Druse brothers from the town of Baakline. In the early 1990s, Rana Qoleilat came to work as a clerk for Adnan and Ibrahim Abu Ayash, and after 12 years at the bank, she made executive. Billions of dollars in Russian mafia, Iraqi regime and Saudi charity money washed through the trio's hands.

Who would notice if a few million here or there went missing? However, a run on the bank in early 2003 revealed that $1.2 billion was gone. The Central Bank of Lebanon first froze the accounts of Qoleilat and the Abu Ayash brothers, then mysteriously backed away. The government even intimidated journalists covering the story.

"Al-Madina was one of the rackets that flourished in Lebanon helping Syrian intelligence officers and officials and their Lebanese allies enrich themselves," explains a Beirut-based reporter.

John Walzer agrees.

"When you see the size of the embezzlement, the people [allegedly] involved, and then the inaction [on the part of the government], you have to surmise that they don't want anyone want to look into it," says the former FBI agent and lead investigator for Fortress Global Investigations, who examined the case.

In July 2004, the Central Bank of Lebanon appointed an administrator to run al-Madina, but the authorities are still not releasing bank details to the public. Still, Fortress Global Investigations knows of money transfers to General Rustom Ghazali, who was the Syrian intelligence chief in Lebanon, to then-Syrian defense minister Mustapha Tlass and to Hizbullah.

4,802 posted on 03/31/2006 8:24:26 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Russia Tells Sweden to Release Russian Scientist Held on Espionage Charges
Created: 31.03.2006 17:01 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 17:01 MSK, 15 hours 33 minutes ago


Russia demands the “immediate and unconditional release of scientist Andrei Zamyatnin,” arrested in Sweden suspicion of espionage, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin told the ITAR-TASS news agency Friday.

“The persistent lack of humane action on the part of the Swedish authorities, which is undermining relations between the two countries and arousing the indignation of the Russian public, is a cause for extreme concern,” he said. “Such a situation hardly fits the image of Sweden which exists in Russian public opinion,” Kamynin said.

He also said that the Russian embassy in Stockholm was “maintaining regular contact with the detained Russian national and doing its best to help him deal with the injustice being committed against him”.

Earlier this month, the Foreign Ministry called on the Swedish Ambassador to Russia Johan Molander to request Zamyatnin’s release.

Sources in the Swedish Foreign Ministry said shortly after his arrest that the Russian national was detained on suspicion of espionage, on February 15 in Uppsala, about 70 kilometers (44 miles) north of Stockholm, where he worked as a visiting researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

The Swedish investigators claimed that the researcher had been engaged in “active undermining work” for about a year and “had undermined the country’s security by his criminal activities”. Officials declined to say what kind of information Zamyatnin was selling. Neither did they disclose what country he was accused of working for.

4,803 posted on 03/31/2006 8:36:58 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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To: All

Google Alert for: al-Qaeda China

Moussaoui's Stunned Submission
PEJ News - Victoria,BC,Canada
... are using electro-shock against the alleged wanna-be “al-Qaeda” operative,
is ... technology” arsenal used by torturers in South Africa, China, and Lebanon. ...

Disingenuous on security
Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
... They want to get rid of Al Qaeda but won't let us intercept their communications
... operations at some of our key ports over to the communist government in China.
See all stories on this topic

Free At Last By Justin Peters
Slate - USA
... Nations like Russia and China fear that the US plans to use tenuous evidence ...
documents made public in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial to compare al-Qaeda and the
See all stories on this topic

The world is waking up to new era of power politics
Times Online - UK
... and Russia, as well as chronic shortages of electric power in China, India and ...
Al-Qaeda has threatened to attack what Osama bin Laden calls the “hinges” of,,8210-2113097,00.html

Al Qaeda massing for new fight |
To blunt US air superiority, Al Qaeda forces are attempting to acquire surface-to-air
missiles in China. "Al Qaeda has regrouped, together with the Taliban, ... {already posted 2002 article, above}

4,804 posted on 03/31/2006 8:41:05 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Future Terrorist Attacks May Cost Billions Or Doom Insurance Industry
March 31, 2006 10:46 a.m. EST
Ayinde O. Chase - All Headline News Staff Writer
Washington DC (AHN) - The American Academy of Actuaries announced on Wednesday that a future large terrorist attack in New York City might come with a $778 billion price tag in insured losses, and in the event of any other large scale terrorist attack in the nation, it could subsequently spell doom for the insurance industry.

Australia Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack in Indonesia

Three charged with terrorist links

Antiwar protesters greet Rice in England

Nuclear Reactor Shut Down in Florida

Iran will not use oil as weapon in nuclear row: FM

Bomb Scare
Suspicious vehicle, area shut down

`````````````Warning XXX rated article, I dont know what to make of this.......
Five members of Wes tennis arrested for Al Qaeda ties
This past Saturday, as the Wesleyan Tennis team came back from the annual tennis trip in California, five dark skinned members of the team were arrested at the ...

Pakistani Admits Plotting In S.D. To Aid Al Qaeda
(AP) SAN DIEGO A Pakistani man has admitted he was part of a plot to obtain and sell Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Israel suspects journalists of spreading bird flu

China Southern Airlines to resume flights to Moscow

Earthquake hits NE China province

Russia to send two planes with aid, rescuers to quake-hit Iran

India, China remain Russia's main defence buyers: Putin

4,805 posted on 03/31/2006 8:47:16 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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I suspect that OBL is not any place close to the sites this man says he is....

It has been pretty well proven that the kidney problem is not true.

Your posts are interesting tonight.

4,806 posted on 03/31/2006 9:56:15 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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Boy oh boy did that lady get taken.

I bet that she didn't get all that money, it went to the terrorists, she was used.

How can you steal a billion dollars and not expect to get caught?
Denver has a fake police car, used it to pull over a woman,
sexually molested her.....they did not say anything about the same thing having happened a few weeks ago.

Denver has had child molesters in fake uniforms too....

4,807 posted on 03/31/2006 10:02:03 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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University of Agricultural Sciences.

The Swedish investigators claimed that the researcher had been
engaged in “active undermining work” for about a year and “had
undermined the country’s security by his criminal activities”. Officials
declined to say what kind of information Zamyatnin was selling.
Neither did they disclose what country he was accused of working for. <<<<,<

This does not make sense.

Makes me think that he was messing up the research.

How careful they were to not say he worked for Russia, if he didn't, then he does now.

4,808 posted on 03/31/2006 10:07:31 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Granny I don't know if you saw that Prez. Bush while in Mexico visited the Mayan Indian ruins.

Which is not big deal, except the thinking of some that the end of the world will be in 2012.

So I was looking at this website and noticed these numbers this is equal to the date of December 21st, 2012 A.D.1. Which is also a winter solstice.

Another example: correponded to the Julian date 584283, which equals August 11th, 3114 B.C

Did we not have some numbers like this that we were playing with on TM? They could have been dates by the Mayan calenden.

4,809 posted on 03/31/2006 10:07:49 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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Five members of Wes tennis arrested for Al Qaeda ties
This past Saturday, as the Wesleyan Tennis team came back from the
annual tennis trip in California, five dark skinned members of the team
were arrested at the ...

Another of those stories that we won't hear any details about for the next 3 years, until they go to court.

More than likely either raising money or involved in selling something.....or here without a visa.


I had to stop and think today, when the radio had the President on the air, offering earthquake help to Iran.

I thought of the last one, when we sent help and they took it and then threw us out for being spies.....


Wise move to make the offer by President Bush.

Now Iran has to accept it, or be made to look foolish in front of the whole world for not accepting help from us.

Laugh.....think of the photos and information that the
crew on the the airplanes will be able to get, as they fly
in the supplies.......those planes will have the largest crews ever and hit more "air turbulance" and need to make slight changes in their courses, than any other pilot in the history of flying over Iran.

When they had the big tsumui wave that killed so many people, I found a group on Yahoo, that was there and reporting on it, they had the photos of the how the U.S. worked, it was amazing how fast they could unload those planes and the locals were on the ground, forming human chains to do the unloading in minutes.

An army of walking boxes, there were lovely photos of them
showing their thanks and all were working, never mind the rank on their uniforms.......

I was proud of our efforts and the planning that had gone into it.

They brought out sick and injured folks and went back for more......

And then it dawned on some muslim what was happening, and it was ordered stopped, but not until the worst was over.

Come to think of it, a lot of the rescue work there by the UN and other well known groups who rushed in, was as bad as the New Orleans storm.

I think it was the UN, that instead of shipping in food and supplies for the natives, they shipped in fancy tents and all the luxury wanted for the "rescue workers" a whole town, but nothing to help the people, except more people to look out for........They were doing nothing, and our Military was showing them how it could and should be done.

4,810 posted on 03/31/2006 10:35:20 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Dang bad storms I have to log off. No protection on this computer. Back ASAP

4,811 posted on 03/31/2006 10:47:54 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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Take a line by line check on WCGals post #4791.

Note the random '0's there and also several lines of words with a * in the middle, that would be an 8.

Some thing that I read tonight was full of 0's, but I can't recall and have been zoning out, so many times, that the mind has quit. I hate it when I do that.

If I get brighter, I want to google the post 4791, it has some odd stuff in it.

I do not know anything about your subject, but do know what you are talking about.

I do not accept that the world will end, due to the fact that a bunch of indians, didn't have enough education to see more years in the future.

Death comes to all of us, when it is, that is the day the world ends.

My opinion.......LOL

But I do keep in mind the muslims interest in the stars, moon and other things that make no sense, so it would fit in their pattern of codes, to use something like the mayan it would fit in their time plan to rule the world, they aimed for 1990, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020......

With the progress they have suddenly made, 2012 is possible.

Play with it and see what you can do, Velveeta like the numbers too, I do them only lightly, to see what they say.

4,812 posted on 03/31/2006 10:52:42 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Congress worried over Iranian-Al Qaida link
Middle East Newsline ^ | 2006 Mar 31

Posted on 04/01/2006 12:49:31 AM MST by Wiz

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- The U.S. intelligence community has briefed
Congress on the increasing cooperation between Iran and Al Qaida.

Congressional sources said congressional committees have been told
that Teheran has sought to use Al Qaida in any Iranian war with the
United States. The sources said Iran has harbored leading Al Qaida
operatives and enabled them to plan major attacks that would be
launched upon Teheran's approval.

"Teheran has been seeking a range of terrorist options against the
United States in case it strikes Iran's nuclear weapons facilities," a
congressional source said. "Al Qaida has played a role in these
options, although it's unlikely to be a leading element."

On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council gave Iran a month
to honor a demand to end uranium enrichment and related activities.
The council decision was reached after the United States dropped its
demand for a two-week deadline for Teheran.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

4,813 posted on 04/01/2006 12:20:28 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; DAVEY CROCKETT; Velveeta; Calpernia; struwwelpeter; Rushmore Rocks; little jeremiah; LucyT; ...

American Citizen arrested in Russia (Degestan)
Ria Novosti ^

Posted on 03/31/2006 3:01:43 PM MST by b2stealth

In Dagestan the third day conduct consequence concerning Kelly
Makevers 13:10 | 31/03/2006

MAHACHKALA, 31 mar - RIA of News. Police of Dagestan the third day
spend investigatory-remedial actions concerning a citizen of the USA,
employee of university John Hopkins Kell Makevers.

As has informed RIA of News a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
of Dagestan, in Iaeyaa?n environment was drelivered to
Hasavjurtovsky GOVD.

After ten hours of interrogation the camera, a dictophone have been
withdrawn from it, some computer disks and notebooks.

On Thursday Makevers it has been delivered in Soviet ROVD
Makhachkala. There she have been interrogated, then employees
pravoohranitelnyh bodies have conducted a search in the house where
she has stopped. From the house has been withdrawn belonging it
laptop, lawyer Jusup Dzhahbarov representing interests of a citizen of
the USA has informed RIA of News.

Today in the morning, according to the lawyer, Makevers it was
interrogated in UBOP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan. On
what basis she is held it is not clear yet.

Officials in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and UFSB a situation yet do
not make comments on Dagestan.

4,814 posted on 04/01/2006 12:38:00 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; DAVEY CROCKETT; Rushmore Rocks; little jeremiah; Founding Father; WestCoastGal; jerseygirl; ...

Everyone, save this one, as it is one of those we will be asking questions about for sure to check the comments......granny...

Iraqi Man Arrested in Rural MO w/ U-Haul plus 2
stolen cars and $25,000 money wire receipt
St. Louis KMOV 10 o'clock news ^ | 3/31/06 | kmov TV news in St. Louis

Posted on 03/31/2006 9:56:07 PM MST by stlnative

Tonight I was watching the news from St. Louis. The had a story on
about how an Iraqi was arrested in rural Missouri today. He was on a
gravel road and had 2 stolen cars and a U-haul with him. He was
acting odd and someone happened to notice him and called police.
They also found on him a money wire receipt for $25,000 that he sent
to Iraq. He claimed he was from Dearborn, MI and he kept changing
his story of why he was in Missouri. He was also a soldier in the Iraq

His name is Nazar Malla (I got two hits on him when I googled his
name, one includes a picture of him that matches up with the guy they
showed on the news tonight. The picture was taken in Dearborn, MI
during the Iraq election)

The area they caught him in is very rural and there are no Arabs living
in this area so he of course would stick out big time. They busted him
near Irondale, MO.

The FBI now has him in custody.

4,815 posted on 04/01/2006 1:03:49 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; ThirstyMan; Racehorse; Calpernia; Velveeta; DAVEY CROCKETT; WestCoastGal; Rushmore Rocks; ...

[photo and story continued at link]

Freed U.S. Journalist Lands in Germany
Associated Press ^ | 1 April 06 | MATT MOORE

Posted on 04/01/2006 3:57:46 AM MST by SkyPilot

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany - Smiling broadly, journalist Jill Carroll
arrived Saturday under U.S. military protection in Germany, the first
stop on her return to the United States after 82 days in captivity in

28-year-old U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, left, is welcomed by Base Commander,
Col. Kurt Lohide after she landed at the U.S. Airbase in Ramstein,
southwestern Germany, Saturday, April 1, 2006. Carroll was a hostage in Iraq
for 82 days and was released last Thursday. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Gone was the Islamic headscarf and dress robe she had worn as a
hostage. Instead she was wearing jeans, a bulky gray sweater, and a
desert camouflage jacket.

Col. Kurt Lohide, commander of the 435th Air Base Wing, welcomed
her to Ramstein.

"I'm happy to be here," she said.

Carroll, a 28-year-old freelancer for the Boston-based Christian
Science Monitor, was seized Jan. 7 in western Baghdad by gunmen
who killed her Iraqi translator.


4,816 posted on 04/01/2006 3:30:08 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; DAVEY CROCKETT; Rushmore Rocks; Founding Father; little jeremiah; LucyT; Velveeta; ...

[more deaths for the Clinton death list]

Crafty Sea Lion Befuddles Fish Biologists ^ | 3 31 06 | JOSEPH B. FRAZIER

Posted on 04/01/2006 2:59:35 AM MST by freepatriot32

CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. - In his way, C404 is kind of cute, with those
sea-lion whiskers, soft brown eyes and furry little head. But to many
he is a sea lion either from hell _ or from Harvard.

C404 has driven the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Bonneville Dam
to near distraction as he and his ilk sit at the base and munch salmon
gathered to continue upriver to spawn.

Numerous sea lions head for the dam each spring, but C404 is in a
class by himself.

He has figured out how to get into fish ladders that help fish past the
dam _ where endangered salmon and other fish become his easy

The engineers have used everything legal to get rid of the California
sea lion, who may weigh 1,000 pounds or more. They have installed
grated exclusion gates and tried huge firecackers, rockets, rubber
bullets, and noises sea lions don't like.

But C404 has given them the flipper.

He and a handful of cohorts already are waiting for the spring run of
chinook salmon, which starts in earnest in April.

Then C404, named because of a brand applied by a state and federal
program, will personify a larger problem, as 100 or more of his
buddies join him.

Last year they ate about 3.5 percent of the migrating run at a time
when salmon numbers were down and demand was up. This year's
commercial salmon season may be cancelled because of river
problems elsewhere. The loss percentage is climbing.

Robert Stansell, a fish biologist at Bonneville with the Corps of
Engineers, knows the lively and alert C404 all too well.

"If he were in a litter of puppies, he's the one you would pick," he

He said C404 has been showing up each year since at least 2003 and
has learned to rub it in. Last year he appeared in a window where fish
counters keep track of salmon migrating upstream. The data helps
predict the size of future runs.

"He even rolled over a little so we could get a look at his brand,"
Stansell said.

Other marine mammals haven't learned to pull that trick off.

Stansell says the sea lions are intelligent and can be taught. He would
rather they not be taught by C404.

But he said the animals are showing up earlier and in greater
numbers, and they are staying later. Now they have begun crawling
onto the rocks to rest.

"They're becoming comfortable here," he said.

The run peaks in about September, but the sea lions head back to
southern California breeding grounds around late May when the water
temperature in the river rises.

They'll be back next year with their friends, and maybe their friends'
friends too.

The animals have always been in the river. But now that the fish mass
at the base of the dam, they provide a quick and easy meal for the
sea lions.

C404 and his kind aren't endangered, but they are protected under
the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act and can't be killed.

Incorrigibles can be singled out for "lethal removal," a long,
complicated process, Stansell said.

He said that nearly happened at the Ballard Locks in Seattle, where
sea lions that nearly wiped out a winter steelhead run in the 1990s
were marked for death.

But the Humane Society sued and then-President Clinton urged
clemency. The worst of the miscreants were packed off to Sea World
in Orlando, Fla.

Then-Vice President Al Gore called Sea World to say thanks.

[If you have never been in the observation room of a fish ladder, make a real effort to do so, you will never forget the sight of those fantastic fish only a sheet of glass away as they manage to up and over you,, Beautiful experience.

4,817 posted on 04/01/2006 3:48:12 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; Velveeta; DAVEY CROCKETT; Calpernia; WestCoastGal; Rushmore Rocks; Founding Father; ...

Venezuela Takes on Exxon Mobil in Oil Play
AP via ^ | 03/30/06 | NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON

Posted on 04/01/2006 2:59:31 AM MST by peyton randolph

Venezuela is tightening its squeeze on the oil industry, telling oil
companies to give the state a greater share of profits — or get out...

After snubbing Exxon Mobil, Ramirez said Venezuela has other eager
partners, including state companies from Russia, Iran, China, India, as
well as traditional oil companies...

Irving, Texas-based Exxon Mobil has often been the lone challenger to
the government...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

4,818 posted on 04/01/2006 3:56:24 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

[file in the 'odd car attack' file]

Not the one I just heard on the radio, has old reports: [at this time, nothing in news, maybe later]

This is interesting, several we know of, but the most important one, could be the CA. driving group, in googles groups, the timelines may be interesting, I cannot go to groups with this browser, and often not with explorer either, it is fouled up. The groups link is at the bottom.

Remember the search that was on a couple years ago, for 4 or 5 semi's, on calif. freeways, w/muslim appearing drivers, were they ever found?

The first report here, the Officer who got a Metal for Valor, can you imagine, fighting a car / building fire, wearing a belt with bullets, a gun with bullets and who knows what in the Taser gun and mace can?

See about #3, Highway 101, Big Rig crashes into apt. bldg, police search for "the hit and run car" that caused accident.

I give up, this has the report of a police car that hit the Nursing Home and started a fire, on 3-25.

As I heard the story on the radio, happened in the San Francisco area, San Mateo, I thought.

Vehicle crashed into the CHP building.

Vehicle has been towed.

Driver has been arrested.

No other details......

4,819 posted on 04/01/2006 4:42:48 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; WestCoastGal; DAVEY CROCKETT; Founding Father; all4one; Velveeta; Calpernia; justche; ...

This was on the news earlier, it also mentioned a mumps outbreak in England, and I think there may have been a couple more of them.

The comments on this thread, are worth reading:

Mumps Strikes 245, Puzzling Iowa Officials
NY Times ^ | April 1, 2006 | GRETCHEN RUETHLING

Posted on 04/01/2006 2:01:10 AM MST by neverdem

Perplexed health officials are trying to find the cause of a skyrocketing
number of mumps cases in Iowa, the nation's largest outbreak of the
infection in 17 years.


4,820 posted on 04/01/2006 4:55:21 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All; DAVEY CROCKETT; Velveeta; little jeremiah; jerseygirl; Rushmore Rocks; Calpernia; ...

Putin stood up for “Party of Putin’s policy”
ForUm ^

Posted on 04/01/2006 5:56:43 AM MST by Lukasz

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin demanded manual
recalculation of ballot papers of Central Election Committee. Putin
declared about it during press conference in Moscow, ForUm’s
correspondent reports from the Russian capital. Vladimir Vladimirovich
claimed that in his opinion there were falsifications on the
parliamentary elections in Ukraine. “I don’t believe that ‘Party of
Putin’s policy’ gained only 0.12% of votes,” noted Putin. According to
him, manual recalculation will show that this party won seats raising

The Russian leader also informed that in the near future he would visit
Ukraine to express his support to “Party of Putin’s policy. Besides,
Putin intends to conduct negotiations with Victor Yushchenko and
Victor Yanukovich.

4,821 posted on 04/01/2006 5:29:31 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Google Alert for: white terrorist

Move to take SF off terrorist watchlist
Belfast Telegraph - United Kingdom
... a "selectee" list of people who are not considered a direct terrorist threat but ... The
detention came just hours after Mr Adams visited the White House and posed ...
See all stories on this topic

A car explosion killed a top terrorist in the Gaza Strip.
Jewish Telegraphic Agency - New York,NY,USA
... Abu Quka, a senior commander of the Popular Resistance Committees, a consortium
of Gaza terrorist groups, died early Friday when his white Subaru exploded into ...
See all stories on this topic

4,822 posted on 04/01/2006 6:13:09 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Google Alert for: explosion

More Than Six Students Injured in Explosion
Nepal human Rights News - Kathmandu,Nepal
SLC exam was underway at Saraswoti Secondary School Narayan Municipality-9, Dailekh
district, at the time of explosion. Students ...
See all stories on this topic

4,823 posted on 04/01/2006 6:21:58 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Google Alert for: bomb threat

Bomb threat at school disrupts classes
Suffolk News-Herald - Suffolk,VA,USA
A bomb threat at Lakeland High School disrupted classes for about an hour Friday
morning. Suffolk Police Department Sgt. JA Coleman ...

4,824 posted on 04/01/2006 6:30:38 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Google Alert for: mujahideen

Three Hizb terrorists arrested in Srinagar
Hindustan Times - India
Security forces have arrested three terrorists belonging to the pro-Pakistan Hizbul
Mujahideen outfit from the city, a defence spokesman said. ...
See all stories on this topic,000900010002.htm

4,825 posted on 04/01/2006 6:35:51 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

This is part of today's newsletter from Kim Komando at:

The Better Business Bureau has teamed up with the Privacy and American
Business think tank. Their goal is to educate small business owners on
computer privacy and security.

The program is called Security and Privacy - Made Simpler. You can
download the guide for free. It focuses on protecting customer data. In
the fall, the BBB will release a guide on protecting employee data. For
more information, visit the Better Business Bureau:

Three Florida banks were attacked earlier this month. The servers
hosting the banks' sites were hacked. Traffic was redirected to
different sites created to resemble the banks' sites.

The crooked sites requested credit card numbers, PINs and other
sensitive information. The banks affected are Wakulla Bank, Capital
City Bank and Premier Bank.

This is really frightening. Even if you enter the correct address, it
would be changed by the server. If you see such a change, call your
bank before entering confidential information.

4,826 posted on 04/01/2006 7:28:52 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Opponents of Amnesty to March on the South Carolina Statehouse

Council of Conservative Citzens Press Release, March 31, 2006
On March 27th, Senate Judiciary Committee [SJC] voted 12-6 in
favor of legislation that would make the vast majority of twelve
million illegal aliens eligible for amnesty and permanent
residence, handsomely rewarding them for breaking America’s

The bill also includes provisions to increase the number of
visas for low skilled immigrants and their relatives by nearly a
million per year. The legislation calls these new immigrants
“guestworkers,” but they will have the option of permanent
residence, so they won’t really be “guests.”

The bill pays lip service to “enforcement,” but will actually do very little in
terms of securing the border. Illegal aliens will continue to flood into the

Lindsey Graham was an architect of amnesty.
Despite public claims that he opposed amnesty, Lindsey Graham voted in favor of the
bill. In fact, Lindsey Graham was one of the original sponsors of the legislation
along with Ted Kennedy and John McCain. Graham has worked for months to make this
sweeping amnesty bill a reality.
Senator Jeff Sessions, a SJC member who voted no on the amnesty bill, said Graham
and his cohorts, “let the American people down by passing a blanket amnesty bill.”

Sessions continued, “we’ve been down this path several times before, and it proved a

The Council of Conservative Citizens [CofCC] will lead a march down Assembly street
to the Statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday April 8th, between 12:00
PM—2:00 PM. The CofCC will call on Jim DeMint to oppose the legislation on the
senate floor, and for South Carolina to vote against Graham in all his future
elections. All are welcome to participate. Be at the Statehouse by noon.

4,827 posted on 04/01/2006 8:41:19 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: All

Google Alert for: explosive stolen

Plastic explosives seized in Walterboro
Charleston Post Courier (subscription) - Charleston,SC,USA
... Stanfield said it's illegal to possess the explosive without a license, leading
authorities to believe that it may have been stolen from the military. ...

4,828 posted on 04/01/2006 10:34:32 AM PST by nw_arizona_granny (TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR LOTS OF HEAVY PRAYING, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.)
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To: Velveeta

Pinging Vel to post 4809 do you still have any of these numbers we played with before?

4,829 posted on 04/01/2006 3:23:04 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

I was googleing on WCG post and the first site I try and look at has been 'hacked by two brothers'...

TT | - Latest events and data relating to National Security
... Reward for capture: $25,000,000 US - 35k - Cached - More from this site - Save

here is the hacked link...

4,830 posted on 04/01/2006 3:34:42 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

This is the cache to that hacked site...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOTE DATE

Friday, September 30, 2005

Here We Go Again, Al-Qaeda Praising Allah for Destroying America with Forest Fires
Source: Al-Safnat | 10:37:19 AM

Like we have seen so many times in the past few weeks, Jihadi Militants are once again praising Allah for using his mighty forces to attack and destroy America. The dang Terrorists overseas are taking credit for the ongoing deadly forest fires in California. "It is by Allah's will that they will destroy America!". Give me a break. These militants blow smoke in their threats daily and constantly take credit for things that didn't happen, and the second some natural disaster happens, It's always "Thanks to Allah!".

Here is some of their latest chatter.

Machine Translation:

Allah is the greatest / Allah soldiers / a horrible volcano ( Falkanou super ) it will level America soon ..By the command of Allah ..

( and what Lord soldiers know except he is 00 )

( Wala Tahsabanna Allah negligent about what the oppressors make 00 )
( say he capable assuming that he sends upon you a torture from above or from under your legs ...) )

( and what send by the signs is except a frightening ) .

( and if we want that we destroy a village, we order its luxurious then they disobeyed in it then the saying became necessary on it then we destroyed it a destruction )

( the villages people Afamn is that our strength of a spending the night comes them and they are sleeping )

( Afamnoua the God's plan then it is not secure the God's plan only the people the losing )

( and also taking a Lord if it took the villages and she is unjust its taking is painful and strong )

O the raid of my pull Allah the walking is rushing * and destroyed America O the raid of an Allah

An integrated report about

A huge volcano calls

Possible that he destroys America next month ...And he issues a great cry that the world hears all ...The ordinary volcano of it is a mouth and she is an expression about a small hole or making it brings out of it the melted lavas so that it becomes cold after its exit to the cold air relatively and hardens in the form of a mountain or a protrusion .

As for the huge volcano then he is an expression about a big region it may collapse suddenly

For a graduation from it the gases and the lavas and rises to tens of kilometres

In the space and that accompanies a great cry that earth may hear all

This region it is not named a mouth but it is named the English Caldera

And in case of the volcano of Yellowstone Yellowstone then the area of this region

She comes to 65 kilometres of presentation and 80 kilometres of length .And for this reason, it is difficult the recognition of these volcanoes to the non presence of the apparent mouth or clear mountain .

And the discovery of Yellowstone volcano has taken place by the space photography by the rays what under the red by the artificial satellites in year 1960
And its study and its surveillance started since then ..And there is no she many of these huge volcanoes in the world 0

And near this volcano it is found a double for it in east of State of California

Long Valley what can happen in next period .. The present melted lavas under the region press the upper surface with the continuation of the rocks dissolution in this peel ..And when piece big falls in the size to the extent of that it weakens the upper peel then it causes the big explosion and there will be not any advance warning .. This explosion will send the lavas as far as several kilometres in the air with the sulfuric and acid gases and in the area their diameter is about 1000 surrounding km in the volcano it will not live one of ( except who had mercy on Lord ) and the lavas size is estimated at millions of tons what suffices for the coverage of The United States of America is by the class of their thickness 12 cm . In this region that will not can until the planes the flight in it that the darkness will cover and it hides from it the sun and enters winter a volcanic it may continue for several years .
And the vegetables will not grow and no the fruits and no the trees are in a wider region
From the previous region but the acid rains may come to
Farther regions by many of what he will perish all what he is alive and he is done to an erosion
The vehicles and the vehicles . And the influence of these acid rains will come to the seas also . Of what he will be done to the extinction of a number of the creatures .
And from the estimated to these gases and the ash and the dust are to remain in the cover the passion and wraps the land of what it will lead to hiding the sun rays and consequently
The appearance of a new Ice Age .
Do this is the mentioned smoke in the Holy Quran ? Allah is alone a more knowledgeable by this

The indications on near the explosion

1 / in the seventies and after the focusing on statements some geometric measurement points that was put in 1923 through the road building in the region it became clear that the land in this region has risen by metre amount through fifty years, which show the presence of a pressure on it from below .And during the period from 1996 to 2000 0 rose with the rate of 10 cm
2 / an increase in hot water spies movement surrounding the region .
3 / a steady increase in the earthquakes and the earthquakes in the region their number reached 15.000 between 1973 and 1998 / some of these earthquakes their intensity reached 6.1 in year 1975 and an another one of 7.5 in 1959 .
4 / an increase happened in the earth temperature rate in the region as an evidence on the presence of a lower heating that came to some of the points to 200 degrees of Fihrnhaet . Which led to the closure of these regions in front of the public .
This region it is named Norris Back Basin 0
5 / the death of herbs and trees in the region because of the rise of the heat .

The secrecy of the American authorities on the seriousness of the situation
The professor but Mac Qouaer the specialist say by the geology dangers in
London university there is no place for the hiding from the huge volcano it represented the nuclear winter but without the radiation .........Glory be to O Allah
However, about the cry that this explosion will issue, it knew it at hills
And it will is a noisy cry we kept Allah and all of the Muslims from its damage
And the question now an event is this actually ..

Not she falls from empires that wronged a lot and exploited their resources for the evil and the destruction and the injustice ¿ where are the Persians and the Romans and the Tatar ..And tomorrow where are Israel and America

And make them Lord they do not go out of a disaster except in a severer disaster from it, and no from a disaster except in a severer disaster from it, oh Allah and it destroyed their economy and the destruction of their structure and shook their corners, O the Lord of the Worlds .Oh Allah a secretary

Hurricanes from the soldiers of the powerful Allah

The radio of the Zio-American Cnn believed that Rita's hurricane, that knocks on the southern doors of The United States, believed that this hurricane is considered the third strongest hurricane in its history .The weather experts have forced in America that they announce that Catherina and Rita hurricane not the story end, then according to the last reports for them that America passes by a period have is a target to equatorial storms it turns to a destructive hurricane from the fifth degree when 000 approaches several Amrikiaobalakhs cities coasts near the Gulf of Mexico

The soldier of Allah focused on Allah enemies / the Americans /

News sources reported that the geologists in America discovered the swelling in the depth of the earth of its area quadruple 260 km and this may be beginning to a volcano, and that is in the American state of Iorihoun then Allah is the greatest praise be to God oh Allah increase America and who supported her from the enemies

In terrible statements for it the terror of the terrible hurricane realized :

Bush : America stops an incapable in front of the anger of the nature, and the reform of what the disaster left - that an unprecedented in America history - it will take years ! ! ! Agencies : the American president George Bush said : we stop incapable in front of the anger of the nature [ I said : but he the revengeful great great wrath of God his magnificence became great ], and Bush described Catherina's hurricane by that he worst disaster he hits The United States and leaves behind him Bahda losses extremely .
And said Bush after an air round inspected through it the regions that the hurricane hit : the reform of what the disaster left will take years, confirming that his administration moves quickly to the rescue of the victims from the hurricane .

Oh Allah I stress that trod you on your enemies and he focused on them who recruited you, oh Allah he destroyed their weapons and I make the constituency on them, and he brought the Muslims victors and safe O the Lord of the Worlds¡
Islamists see in Catherina's hurricane a divine support of the fight against America !
The daytime / Catherina's hurricane and the terrific destruction that it left in south of The United States raise the comments of Islamic hardliners on the Internet it points in her majority that this hurricane represents a divine support of the militants in their war against The United States . And a support did not confine this Ria on the extremists extremists on the Internet but it came also in an article that the newspaper of the Kuwaiti policy spread and carried signing the research center manager in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs Mohamed Youssef Al Mlifi . And Al Mlifi who calls naming terrorist Catherina on the hurricane said, in his article : I do not think and Allah know that this wind that the American cities crushes a crushing these days is from the wind of mercy and blessings and most probably that she is the torture wind favor and the evil winds that Allah empowered over that American empire . And meanwhile a number of Islamists speak about the Internet about Al Jondi Catherina's joining to the fight with us, and he adds a last comment that bless for ourselves and the militants Al Jondi Catherina's joining to the fight with us . And these spread tens of scenes about the destroyed buildings and the streets that scattered in them the cars that the hurricane and the oil facilities drowned in the sea swept away, and the disaster area citizens and they go through the mud and in addition to a torn American media in Louisiana and Mississippi and Al Abama with doing the violent winds . And one of these put 50 images on the Internet to the lesson and the lesson and attached it to comment that says America with its power and its technological progress could not stand against a power the great . And the extremist of the another one of the Allah is the greatest of Allah soldiers suspends . Catherina's hurricane levels America Dka, adding the Qur'anic verse and do not think Allah negligent about what the oppressors make . And he concluded that that represents a call from Allah for the continuation of the jihad in its sake . And another comment noticed that The United States hides about the losses, and its kindest setting by the Al-Qaeda leader images Osama bin Laden and the leader of the Iraqi branch Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and the previous Arab fighters leader in Chechnya the Saudi is Khattab who was killed in March 2002 . And the American authorities declared officially except the killing of 125 persons in Al Misisibi but the hurricane left probably thousands of dead in the severer states of Louisiana and Al Misisibi a harm from Catherina in addition to grave material damages . And these extremist Islamists pour all of their curses over The United States and mock it . And one of them wrote America that fights the Islam claiming the fight of the terrorism, and kills the innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq and supports the Zionist entity a repeating of 20 curses on The United States similar to that that the hardline Islamists use at the end of the prayer . And a number of extremists from the Internet users have saw in the destructive earthquake of tsunami that hit the coasts of Indonesia and other countries in south of Asia in December 2004 a site 125 thousand dead and thousands of missing, a divine intervention, and especially from Thailand the debauchery homeland . And an expert said in the Islamic groups asked not to be named that the war on Iraq and the fear of the terrorism kindled the religious enthusiasm in The United States and especially since the election of the president ( George ) Bush . And the US Senate adopted in March 2003 a decision that advises the Americans on the fast and the prayer for securing the religious protection to The United States from the terrorism and for a protection the American soldiers in Iraq .

Al-Zarqawi congratulates bin Laden on the signs of The United States collapse
The east Þ / the Jordanian Islamist congratulated Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi the Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq in a statement on the Internet yesterday the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and its deputy Ayman Zawahiri and Mollah Omar the Taliban leader on the signs of The United States collapse after Catherina's hurricane . And he came in the statement a pleasant of the Islamic nation and our fighting sheikh Osama Abi Abdullah and our prince Al Molla Omar and the sheikh Ayman Zawahiri, a pleasant of Al-Fallujah people and the executor and a new Walkrabla, a pleasant of our family in Palestine, a pleasant of the Islamic nation and its good news with the destruction of the hamlet head America . There she is the collapse signs apparent on them . And the statement a short time ago added hitting America who wants and kills who wants and starves who wants and today it begs the oil and the food . She has dissolved the raid of an Allah on America and the prayer of the oppressed was answered . And Al-Zarqawi who his group adopted the Al-Qaeda network in Mesopotamia said the responsibility of many of the martyrdom attacks in Iraq since the overthrow of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's regime in April 2003, the victory signs appeared in the horizon and descended the great anger on the people the unjust it has reached their thousands dead and their billions losses, the inability of the people of earth is from the Muslims about defending their religion, Lord are to the oppressors in the observatory .

The Lion of Allah Catherina was destroyed * and remove Al Mlaina buildings

She does not maintain in one of effect * and kill and the revenge of our ages revenges

Their people has leveled my land * and occupied Flstina land

And on the Afghans they have limped * and hear from an Iraqi a groan

They killed children and women * then kill them you come on O Catherina

Tore them cut them a piece * Friahk shook Lwezina

The creator recruited you at it * she weakens in them sometimes then sometimes

Lord you gave Bush and filled it an ornament and moneys in this life Lord so that they stray from your way am Lord obliterate on their moneys and strengthen on their hearts then they do not believe until they see the painful torment .

The view of a splendor / the messenger of Allah peace be upon him in a vision says : he remained America paper
A good news to the supporters in the land and a good news of each unified Muslim and a good news of the triumphant sect that the messenger of Allah that one of the trusted have seen in north of Palestine - and do not recommend on Allah one - in a view in it the messenger appears peace be upon him that points in it to four persons that prayed with them two rak'ah and talked to them about the close relief God willing a saying : he remained America paper .
O you the monotheists waited for the close relief in which the black monotheism flags rises so that it declares to the people Fustat the belief is the dependence of a rightly guided caliphate on the prophethood method from the squares of the blessed Al-Aqsa he was shaded by their justice of all of the earths and so that the religion all is Allah is the greatest

The view of Thebes / the sheikh Osama bin Laden on the surface of the moon : the prayer is collector
The moon is the successor / Al Mahdi / and the prayer is a stable Sunni university ...
And the Islam will prevail the land / the one that sent its messenger is with the guidance and the truth religion so that he supports it against the religion all 0

4,831 posted on 04/01/2006 3:40:58 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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There was a jihadi site that popped up using in their domain name. It may even have been Irhabi007's site, IIRC.

Will ponder on it a bit. :-)

4,832 posted on 04/01/2006 5:19:30 PM PST by Velveeta
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Iraqi Man Arrested in Rural MO w/ U-Haul plus 2

This is definitely one to watch. Article states that the cars were stolen. The guy was only charged with "vehicle tampering" and he made bond.

Thank goodness our government had the good mind to lock up that jihadi Martha Stewart and let guys like this off scot free. /sarc

4,833 posted on 04/01/2006 5:24:42 PM PST by Velveeta
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To: nw_arizona_granny
"I'm happy to be here," she said.

I'm so glad for this young woman and her family. :-)

4,834 posted on 04/01/2006 5:26:02 PM PST by Velveeta
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It is a rehash of an old message.

I wonder why it's being recirculated?
4,835 posted on 04/01/2006 5:33:44 PM PST by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta

It is a rehash of an old message.

I wonder why it's being recirculated?

Good Question

New thread

4,836 posted on 04/01/2006 5:51:06 PM PST by DAVEY CROCKETT (Words fail me.)
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