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Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City (Donations welcome, the ACLU will get most of it) ^ | September 2nd, 2007 | Michael Righi,

Posted on 09/03/2007 3:19:20 PM PDT by antiRepublicrat

Today was an eventful day. I drove to Cleveland, reunited with my father’s side of the family and got arrested. More on that arrested part to come.

For the labor day weekend my father decided to host a small family reunion. My sister flew in from California and I drove in from Pittsburgh to visit my father, his wife and my little brother and sister. Shortly after arriving we packed the whole family into my father’s Buick and headed off to the grocery store to buy some ingredients to make monkeybread. (It’s my little sister’s birthday today and that was her cute/bizare birthday request.)

Next to the grocery store was a Circuit City. (The Brooklyn, Ohio Circuit City to be exact.) Having forgotten that it was my sister’s birthday I decided to run in and buy her a last minute gift. I settled on Disney’s “Cars” game for the Nintendo Wii. I also needed to purchase a Power Squid surge protector which I paid for separately with my business credit card. As I headed towards the exit doors I passed a gentleman whose name I would later learn is Santura. As I began to walk towards the doors Santura said, “Sir, I need to examine your receipt.” I responded by continuing to walk past him while saying, “No thank you.”

As I walked through the double doors I heard Santura yelling for his manager behind me. My father and the family had the Buick pulled up waiting for me outside the doors to Circuit City. I opened the door and got into the back seat while Santura and his manager, whose name I have since learned is Joe Atha, came running up to the vehicle.

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: abuse; privacy
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To: ansel12

“That is a very civilized and effective response.”

This policy pisses me off. Mostly because the attitude is that you are a shiplifter until you prove your innocence. Rarely are the security folks polite beyond the forced ‘excuse me’. They make you feel like a criminal and thats something that offends me. Especially when it comes from someone I just paid money too.

61 posted on 09/03/2007 4:29:09 PM PDT by driftdiver
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To: gimme1ibertee

At Costco they always quickly check my receipt against purchased items and then put a squiggly line through the receipt. There’s no way they check everything in my basket. I asked why they did this. It seems certain people will buy a bunch of stuff, go out to their car and unload, come right back in, load the same stuff into a cart and walk out with the same receipt. It was a two fer one sale everyday.

62 posted on 09/03/2007 4:30:03 PM PDT by bubbacluck
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To: All
OK Guys, I'll make the call on this one.

63 posted on 09/03/2007 4:32:59 PM PDT by Chuck54
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To: antiRepublicrat
Like it or night, I believe that the SCOTUS has ruled that when a police officer demands ID, you have to present it, otherwise you can be arrested. I seem to recall reading about a case like that here on FR.

And if you do business with a store, it seems to me that they have the right to inspect what you bring in with you, or what you leave with. Of course, that policy should be stated up front, so that you can decide if you want to comply with that policy. If you enter and shop, then you agree. If you don't agree, then keep out, and take your business elsewhere.


64 posted on 09/03/2007 4:33:37 PM PDT by MarkL (Listen, Strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government)
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To: antiRepublicrat

The way most retail theft laws seem to be written, he has little or no recourse. You are guilty until proven innocent and if you blow through the checkpoint, you are subject to arrest. It is certainly that way in Florida FS 812.015(3). If you set off the anthitheft device, be it the tag sensor or a video surveil, you cannot claim false arrest. We are all presumed guilty because the (*%(&^ clerk didn’t swipe the Prilosec over that spot on the checkout. There is no penalty on the stores so why worry about training?

65 posted on 09/03/2007 4:36:13 PM PDT by NonValueAdded (Brian J. Marotta, 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub, (1948-2007) Rest In Peace, our FRiend)
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To: aft_lizard
"... this dude is an ass and deserves what he gets..."

When exactly did it become illegal to be "an ass"?

Be careful what you ask for. Sooner or later, someone might decide you're "an ass". Hate to see you end up in jail for it.
66 posted on 09/03/2007 4:36:53 PM PDT by conservativeharleyguy (Technically, we are all Republicans.)
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To: antiRepublicrat

Find another wind mill.

67 posted on 09/03/2007 4:39:09 PM PDT by verity (Muhammed and Harry Reid are Dirt Bags)
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To: Lancey Howard

you nailed it. this guy is/was a complete jerk.

68 posted on 09/03/2007 4:39:55 PM PDT by bobby.223 (q)
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To: edcoil
You cannot leave Fry’s without a bag check either.

Sure you can...They ask, and you can just walk by. Nothing requires you to stop.

69 posted on 09/03/2007 4:41:16 PM PDT by Wheee The People (Go FRed)
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To: Leatherneck_MT

“please don’t pick my foxhole to sit in. I want to know someone is going to be there when the going gets tough.”

I got your back dude. If someone ever demands to see your receipt in a fox hole, I’ll go down swinging...heh.

70 posted on 09/03/2007 4:41:18 PM PDT by Borian (Don't mess with Texas...)
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To: Blennos

You’re just siding with the man, trying to keep the little guy down!

71 posted on 09/03/2007 4:41:47 PM PDT by flashbunny (<--- Free Anti-Rino graphics! See Rudy the Rino get exposed as a liberal with his own words!)
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To: driftdiver
The main purpose of checking the receipt is to stop employee theft.

This is a good point... I once worked at a pharmacy and it turned out that there was a ring of cashiers who had people they knew coming in and buying lots of cosmetics, but they only actually rang up about 1 in 5 of them. It seems that they had a pretty good "flea market" deal going.


72 posted on 09/03/2007 4:42:00 PM PDT by MarkL (Listen, Strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government)
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To: verity
Find another wind mill.

I'll give that remark a hearty, AMEN.

On second thought, I might just better give it a hearty second that motion. Might be some ACLU types on this thread. Might hell!

At the risk of being yelled at, this is so much BS.

73 posted on 09/03/2007 4:42:08 PM PDT by Chuck54
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To: driftdiver

“”This policy pisses me off.””

I understand how many people don’t see the problem with this quick search of their stuff, but they should understand that there are many of us that just have a different make up.

Since I won’t allow my self to be searched by store employees, it is lucky for me that the issue never comes up.

Sometimes seeing other people searched, but me passing with only eye contact and a nod, or even eye avoidance on their part, it makes me wonder about how the world works.

Did you know that studies of muggings have shown that some are ignored by muggers, while others are repeat victims.

74 posted on 09/03/2007 4:42:20 PM PDT by ansel12 (First, cut off them off from jobs, benefits and other fruits of our society, Feed attrition.)
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To: MarkL

You are incorect, you have to identify yourself (Full Name, Address, DOB), you are not required to furnish a D/L. Cop was over the line, but nothing will come of it. To avoid a suit the Dept may well support the vic, and CC will get nothing from grief from the cops for some time to come.

Local CC management screwed up big time, and there will be consequences (firings, vics lawyers fees, etc). The Dad should file the complaint since he was not involved in the bogus merchandise issue, so that can not be held against him.

Truth be told I have no respect for most lost prevention types and regularly slap them down...something about wannabe rambos interfering with my rights brings out the worst in me.

75 posted on 09/03/2007 4:42:45 PM PDT by Starwolf
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To: I still care
Whenever I've been asked by a third party to show my receipt, and it's not clear that ANYONE is actually assigned that duty, I simply refuse ~ walk back into the star ~ go to customer services and demand a refund.

End of story.

76 posted on 09/03/2007 4:43:45 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: muawiyah

That tactic should work.

Problem is we have many on this threat that have read the Constitution and found the clause, “A right to not be offended”.

Life is too freakin short to spend even 5 minutes being concerned about being offended.

Suck it up, forge ahead. Shop somewhere else, quit paying shyster lawyers to defend your “right” to not be offended.


77 posted on 09/03/2007 4:46:54 PM PDT by Chuck54
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To: crazyshrink
Cops have a right to check a suspicious person’s ID.

Not in that state, according to law (unless you're driving, of course). Besides, he's the one who called the cops, and the cop searched his bag and found no shoplifted merchandise. The employees were the suspicious persons, as they were in the middle of committing the crime that caused a citizen to dial 911. They should have been arrested, not him. He does deserve a "royal jackass" award though.

He was stopped outside the store on suspicion. If he was in the store, he has plausible deniabilty.

He was stopped inside the store after checking out, but left. There wasn't necessarily suspicion of shoplifting initially, as he came from the register, and these stores have a habit of doing random checks.

78 posted on 09/03/2007 4:47:43 PM PDT by antiRepublicrat
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To: antiRepublicrat

FGS, just buy it on the internet. No bag checks, no hassles, no chance of being arrested for evading a bag check. Are we just looking for reasons to bitch and complain?

79 posted on 09/03/2007 4:51:02 PM PDT by small voice in the wilderness ( Bumper sticker idea: Hillary/Obama Nation '08. Let the desolation begin)
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To: Jay777


80 posted on 09/03/2007 4:53:54 PM PDT by freema (Proud Marine Niece, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Mother, and FRiend)
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