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Statement on the Death of George Tiller
Judy Pollock

Posted on 06/07/2009 11:29:06 AM PDT by September

After reading numerous ‘Statements on the Death of George Tiller’ from high profile pro-life leaders which said ‘we must strongly condemn such senseless acts of violence’, ‘killing is never the answer’, and ‘anyone who is truly pro-life will be saddened by Dr. Tiller’s death’ I had to ask myself one question.

If a doctor went mad and began a murderous rampage killing infants in a hospital maternity ward and a good citizen stopped him with deadly force would people condemn that concerned citizen as a murderer and call his actions a senseless act of violence? That would be unthinkable. He would be extolled as brave American hero who saved babies from a deranged mass murderer.

However after the shooting of Dr. Tiller I’ve learned most people, even those who are pro-life, do not speak well of individuals who stop abortion doctors with deadly force, even though these doctors are serial child killers.

Why do these two scenarios evoke such different responses from people if children are being killed by a doctor in both cases?

The best I understand it is the children abortionists kill are the "undesirables" in our society, just like the Jews were in Hitler’s Germany. Human beings who are unwanted, dehumanized, and stripped of civil rights. Second, people do not speak well of someone who uses deadly force to stop an abortionist because it is legal for a doctor to kill these children, just like it was legal to kill Jews.

Although it was legal to kill Jews in Hitler's Germany it was not right, and the Nazis were murderers even though their laws vindicated them. Importantly, the doctors in the death camps were murderers not merely because a Tribunal said so, those doctors were murders because they committed widespread inhumane atrocities, barbaric crimes against humanity, and systematic state-sponsored extermination of millions of people.

Today abortion doctors engage in the state-sponsored extermination of millions of human beings, widespread inhumane atrocities, and barbaric crimes against humanity. In the name of civility and in an effort to save children from mass murder at the hands of an abortion doctor I do not condemn Scott Roeder for stopping a serial child killer with deadly force, but extol him as a brave American hero.

Let us pray abortion will also be criminalized as the Holocaust is.

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To: September

There’s a big difference between a doctor who went “mad” and started killing and Mr Tiller.Sudden “madness” can,I believe,be biological in nature and,thus,be witnessed with sadness rather than anger or contempt.Mr Tiller,OTOH,wasn’t “mad”.He was simply a psychopath,utterly devoid of conscience.A lot like Mao...Stalin...Pol Pot...Hitler.I do not shed a single tear at the passing of Mr Tiller.I only regret that it was a bullet,rather than a lightening bolt,a flesh eating bacteria,or a particularly ugly and painful form of cancer,that did him in.

41 posted on 06/07/2009 12:14:58 PM PDT by Gay State Conservative (Christian+Veteran=Terrorist)
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To: HiTech RedNeck

NO, he did not.
Tiller never worked for free.

42 posted on 06/07/2009 12:15:02 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58
However, at our founding, as Mark Levin makes clear in his book, the founders made the slave trade illegal and formed a system of government that, eventually, outlawed the practice.

That's also because they realized they needed the full support of the all the colonies in order for the Revolution to succeed. Banning slavery outright would have stifled that effort. The Revolution was more important, and then the rest could be worked out later.
43 posted on 06/07/2009 12:15:49 PM PDT by mike182d ("Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?")
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To: babygene

Got stats?

Who says babies of color are the primary victims of abortion?

I know Sangerism (eugenics) is focused at destroying minoroties (pure racism and hatred of the worst sort, but I am not sure it works out that way with abortion rates.

Note that SecState Clinton smiled and gladly accepted the Sanger award for some sort of womanly achievement...).

I’d love to see the stats (attributed to a researcher of course)

44 posted on 06/07/2009 12:16:15 PM PDT by Manly Warrior (US ARMY (Ret) "No Free Lunches for the Dogs of War")
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To: Kansas58

Wasn’t the Slave Trade made illegal in the U.S. in 1807?

45 posted on 06/07/2009 12:17:25 PM PDT by Borges
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To: mike182d

The defeat of the Brittish was the first item on the agenda.

46 posted on 06/07/2009 12:17:29 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Borges

Yes, but still by our founders.

Much happened between 1776, the Declaration, the war of 1812 and the Constitution.

However, it was pretty much the same founders involved, in different ways.

47 posted on 06/07/2009 12:19:20 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: September

My thought was that it was a good trade, giving up ones life to stop that man from continuing to murder babies. If I were on the jury, and was an honest judge, I would have to say “guilty” if he was the triggerman. But at the same time, I would stand and salute him to the hangman’s rope. That man needed killing.

48 posted on 06/07/2009 12:19:37 PM PDT by Dogbert41
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To: GoldStandard
some people just need the old saying goes.. Anyone wringing their hands over the death of Tiller is silly. How many others were killed the same day...7 just in Chicago alone...murder started in the Garden of Eden, no one should be shocked at it...Grieve if it a loved one of course. But Tiller was just one many that day...He's not worth the print the MSM is giving him.

Laws written by dictators and tyrants (or judges) are usually asinine..

49 posted on 06/07/2009 12:19:38 PM PDT by goat granny
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To: Manly Warrior

“Got stats?”

It’s out there and you can find it easily if you care to. For starters though, well over half (perhaps 60%) of the abortions are from a group that makes up only 12 or 13 percent of our population...

50 posted on 06/07/2009 12:26:48 PM PDT by babygene
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To: Hugin; GoldStandard
“Because we have laws or we have anarchy.”
“We have the rule of law in this country”

Hugin & GoldStandard : I would normally agree with you, however, I would submit that we are no longer a nation that follows the ‘Rule of Law’. If we followed the rule of law Barack Obama would have been impeached over his obvious unconstitutional acts associated with the Bail out and bankruptcies of Chrysler and GM. Barney Frank & Chris Dodd would be facing trial for their blatant influence peddling and corruption associated with the collapse of Fanny & Freddie and the housing market. And Dr George Tiller would be in prison for performing illegal abortions as he was accused of just a few short months ago.

No. We live in a country almost wholly controlled by a political elite that cares little about what their constituents feel because almost none of them are ever not reelected. Gerrymandering and political dealing have driven us so far from a recognizable civil society that there is little hope that we will long survive as a free people.

51 posted on 06/07/2009 12:28:59 PM PDT by Jim from C-Town
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To: Manly Warrior

52 posted on 06/07/2009 12:29:29 PM PDT by babygene
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To: September

Ms. Pollock:

It is NEVER right to do WRONG in order to get a chance to do right.

Your “ends justify the means” argument may excuse murder — even the murder of an evil person — in your mind. But it violates every moral principle upon which the Pro-Life message rests.

It is this kind of reasoning that will eventually lead to an unnecessary and premature conflict based on emotion rather than reason, feelings rather than principles. When that conflict comes, we can ill afford to base our motives on emotions and revenge rather than responsible moral convictions.

53 posted on 06/07/2009 12:31:55 PM PDT by patriot preacher (To be a good American Citizen and a Christian IS NOT a contradiction. (
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To: mike182d
The Founders would totally reject the notion that something like abortion law could justify revolution, which they saw as a last-ditch recourse to solve problems that the political system cannot, and which even when successful ought to disrupt as little of the prior legal and social regime as possible.

The political and legal mechanism to overcome abortion rights has existed for the same 36 years as has Roe vs. Wade, including turnover of all 9 seats on the Supreme Court (two seats having turned over twice, counting Souter - Sotomayor). If the American people actually opposed abortion to any meaningful extent, abortion would be illegal now. It so happens that there is a sizable constituency that talks about disliking abortion, but the fraction who acts in reliance on that talk is much smaller. Even with 55 Republican Senators, Sam Alito had to pretend to be neutral on Roe. Sotomayor sure doesn't have to do so, any more than Ginsberg did 16 years ago.

And even if you want to pursue the revolutionary analogy further, the Founders conspicuously organized, and published a manifesto declaring the legal and moral basis why they were no longer bound by British law. Where is the radical pro-life movement's equivalent, with its signatories publicly identified -- ready to hang together or hang separately?

The founders than proceeded to defend that manifesto by way of revolution in accordance with the law of war -- which certainly did not involve killing civilian British administrators, no manner how actively engaged in carrying out noxious colonial polities.
54 posted on 06/07/2009 12:34:09 PM PDT by only1percent
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To: babygene

Blacks abort at a rate 4x that of whites , you could blame that on a breakdown in the family (thanks welfare!) , single parent families (thanks welfare!, thanks radical feminism!), greater economic pressures ...

However to say that blacks abort because nobody will adopt their children is complete and utter BULL. Americans have been adopting children from all over the world for decades because abortion has cut off the supply of US born children...

You give me the names of 100 pregnant women who would give their child up for adoption and I will find you qualified adoptive parents who will pay medical expenses and a stipend for living expenses up to the birth... it’ll take me only a few weeks and that only because it would take time to get the word out.

55 posted on 06/07/2009 12:38:45 PM PDT by Neidermeyer
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To: Manly Warrior

56 posted on 06/07/2009 12:40:19 PM PDT by kalee (01/20/13 The end of an error.... Obama even worse than Carter.)
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To: September
I do not condemn Scott Roeder for stopping a serial child killer with deadly force, but extol him as a brave American hero.

Oh really newbie?
FYI, Scott Roeder is a mentally ill psychotic.

And its vanity posts LIKE THIS that gives all the 'proof' the left, the MSM, the Attorney General and Dept of Homeland Security needs that all pro-lifers are armed, dangerous, and ticking time bombs just waiting to go off on a killing spree of all abortion doctors and clinics. And as such 'we' need to be held under strict surveillance and disarmed before 'we' go on a 'Religious Right Jihad'.

And that DHS memo on Right Wing Extremists must of had YOU n mind when they wrote it, as YOU are insane. So go back to your padded cell asap. 'Help' like yours is not needed.

'Extol' that ya nut case TROLL.

57 posted on 06/07/2009 12:50:04 PM PDT by Condor51 (The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits)
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To: only1percent
The Founders would totally reject the notion that something like abortion law could justify revolution

Curious to know why you think that, given that the right to life is a liberty the Founding Fathers said could not be denied by a Government in their Declaration of Independence from Britain.

The Founders believed that we are a nation of laws, not men. There is a Law higher than man, and therefore, no man can has the authority to deny the right given him by his Creator. No Government has the authority to permit murder.
58 posted on 06/07/2009 12:53:32 PM PDT by mike182d ("Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?")
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To: prismsinc

Here’s my law, anyone touches my children, I’ll kill them where they stand as painfully as I can. And that goes for any Planned Parenthhood jerk that helps a daughter with an abortion.

Hitler had “laws” for what he did too - so have other murdering despots over the years. Just because it’s “legal” doesn’t make it right. Our judicial system has become so perverse and corrupt that it is no wonder that vigilanties rise up.

If my foster parents and my in-laws generation had had some backbone when the gays started out of the closet and the baby butcher shops opened we might not be where we are today. Instead, they whispered in the church pew “what a shame” and “how awful” when THEY should have been the ones kicking judicial and activist a$$. Now it’s a plague on the land and when someone finally does step on one of the scumbags, there’s weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth.

Where’s the vigilante defense fund? I want to contribute.

59 posted on 06/07/2009 12:58:51 PM PDT by mom4melody
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To: September
one useless sob killing another useless sob

Now thanks for playing and go home troll

60 posted on 06/07/2009 1:00:48 PM PDT by Charlespg
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