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Rumors Surface That Leon Panetta is Resigning ^ | 8/26/2009 | Redstate

Posted on 08/26/2009 12:24:42 PM PDT by JerseyRepub

Our friends at Restate are hearing credible rumors that Leon Panetta is quitting over the proposed procecution of CIA operatives. If this is true, kudos to Leon...

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To: VanShuyten

Laugh Break:

The Lexington, Kentucky Police Department reports finding a man’s body in the Kentucky River just west of the Clays Ferry Bridge. The dead man’s name will not be released until his family has been notified.

The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption. He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink g-string, a strap-on *****, purple lipstick, and an Obama t-shirt. He also had a cucumber in his ******.

The police removed the Obama t-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

The Police do care!

281 posted on 08/26/2009 9:38:32 PM PDT by Mad Dawgg (If you're going to deny my 1st Amendment rights then I must proceed to the next one...)
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To: ClearCase_guy

I think Hillary is REALLY wishing she would of stayed in the Senate.

282 posted on 08/26/2009 9:54:31 PM PDT by hirn_man
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To: dinoparty

Who would replace Panetta ?...why Janet Reno of course...Of all the losers Obrama has surrounding him, she would fit in perfectly, especially since she knows nothing about Intelligence matters and she is a solid defender of the boss...Perfect for Rahm and Hussein...

283 posted on 08/26/2009 9:56:29 PM PDT by billmor ( CHANGE ? 10 years we'll be lucky to have pocket change left.)
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To: SeattleBruce
Makes absolutely no sense in banking on that.

If you have a round in the chamber, you can use the arm as a threat. That is the value of any ammo the Clinton's may have. Once fired, the damage is done, the leverage, the threat, is gone.

In the meantime, all the control options on the Clinton wish list are being put into place, by the Republicans and the Democrats, and when she does get the reins, Obama will get the blame.

Any powerful entrenched Democrats will be expendable, too, and that thins the herd of possible ambitious successor material.

It will be a cold day in Riyadh before any of the emplaced infrastructure is removed though, but the Clintons will not be generally blamed for its existence.

Now, I have said the Clintons, but what I want to know is who is their puppetmaster? Who are they the front team for?

284 posted on 08/26/2009 9:59:58 PM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing.)
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To: PGR88
If that’s true, he shouldn’t have taken the job in the first place. He was definitely under qualified for the position. Obama should, but won’t, put someone in that job who will protect the integrity of the CIA and protect the United States again. But he won’t.
285 posted on 08/26/2009 10:26:57 PM PDT by antiunion person (PALIN for PRESIDENT 2012)
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To: MeekOneGOP

Be a mensch, Leon. Do the right thing!

286 posted on 08/26/2009 11:01:52 PM PDT by ntnychik
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To: JerseyRepub; Jeff Head; Neil E. Wright
I don't believe it. There are NO clinton/obambi people who resign on principle. Maybe Ron Brown tried, but got deaded. Maybe even Vince Foster tried, but committed suicide and was wrapped in a rug and dumped in a park.

I have finally come to the conclusion that there are FEW accidents that happen in DC politics. I have fought the conspiracy folks for years, but I'm finally waking up to the Marxist/evil/self-preservation that so many in DC work towards.

I can no longer believe it is about simple "heartfelt" beliefs. It's about control; it's about Marxist theology; it's about changing the US into something that is going to make us FIGHT!

Mark these words. The fight is coming!

287 posted on 08/26/2009 11:17:52 PM PDT by A Navy Vet (Progressives are actually Regressive; Think Progressive Socialism Failures!)
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To: A Navy Vet
"Mark these words. The fight is coming! "

The French had some good ideas:

288 posted on 08/26/2009 11:41:40 PM PDT by fretzer
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To: fretzer
A little harsh. But, I'd be good with pulling every one of the traitorous politicians out of the Capitol and throwing them on the DC streets. Let them know what it's like to deal with the scum of America.

Problem is ... cleaning up the mess of p*ss and sh*t that those puss**s would leave in their wake. They think they are ALL that. Very few have any street experience. They are from priveledge. That's why the Founding Fathers believed in short terms in Congress and the WH and go back to your hard farm life.

289 posted on 08/27/2009 12:39:53 AM PDT by A Navy Vet (Progressives are actually Regressive; Think Progressive Socialism Failures!)
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To: BenLurkin

“He is a career Democrat hack with genuine credentials.”


290 posted on 08/27/2009 3:41:22 AM PDT by nikos1121 (Happy Ramadan, Mr. President.)
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To: nikos1121

Love your tag line. I was wondering how long it would take folks to make the connection between “vacation” (out of sight) and Ramadan. Wonder exactly where and what they were doing last year about this time? There are reports surfacing that the WH has already selected a replacement for Panetta. Any credible info out there?

291 posted on 08/27/2009 4:03:19 AM PDT by John.Galt2012 (I'll take Liberty and you can keep the "Change"!)
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To: frogjerk

A better man would have stayed and fought to the death. But a worse man, probably his replacement, will simply throw them into the arena for a show trial and ad bestia punishment.

292 posted on 08/27/2009 4:28:21 AM PDT by Eleutheria5 (,
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To: PGR88

I think it is very unwise for any politician to take on the rank and file people who do the day-to-day life threatening work required of their jobs. It’s one thing to play fast and loose with the political appointees who cycle through the building. But taking on the “full-timers” is a whole different ball game.

This is particularly true with The Marxist Onada who, demonstrably, seems to have much he wishes to hide.

I think it’s just another indicator that The Onada crowd is way out of its depth. Their anger, their hate and their self-rightousness makes them blind to reality.

As for Panetta, I’m having trouble seeing him as a CIA advocate. But, if it turns out his resignation is in protest to the Holder investigation my hat’s off to him.

293 posted on 08/27/2009 5:51:54 AM PDT by dools007
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To: CIApilot

By your name, I infer that you know a bit about the CIA. I am merely an amateur.

So my first question ... This seems like an existential battle here. Can the CIA exist as an effective organization with a mission, strategy, core competency, etc., under the sort of scrutiny/governance/intrusions that Obama is pursuing?

My general sense is no, but I am no expert. I would appreciate your opinion CIApilot.

Second question ... If this is an existential fight, am I correct in assuming that the CIA will do what it must to ensure its survival?

I understand the need for an intelligence agency, and one that sometimes does nasty work. But I am afraid, as well, especially when it is populated by the ilk that presently run the show. There is a temptation to be giddy at the prospect of Obama and the CIA libs pounding each other. But even a moment’s reflection suggests that no real good can come from this.

Am I right?

294 posted on 08/27/2009 6:22:28 AM PDT by drellberg
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To: John.Galt2012

You’re right. How long is Ramadan? Are they mandated to not work during this time, but to pray and fast?

295 posted on 08/27/2009 8:15:05 AM PDT by nikos1121 (Happy Ramadan, Mr. President.)
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To: txhurl

What do these photos mean?

296 posted on 08/27/2009 9:24:44 AM PDT by nikos1121 (Is it a coincidence that Obama's vacation of relaxation and meditation coincides with Ramadan?)
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To: Busywhiskers

Leon was always a loyal Clintonista, wasn’t he? If this rumor proves to be true, can it mean that a move by Hillary is far behind?

297 posted on 08/27/2009 9:45:58 AM PDT by Vigilanteman (Are there any men left in Washington? Or, are there only cowards? Ahmad Shah Massoud)
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To: Lmo56
Hannity also said it is the 6th such memo Panetta has had to write ... I’d be sick of the sh*t too, if I were Panetta ...

CIA is a bad agency to cross. Sen Church, and Congressman Pike were defeated right after they finished keelhauling CIA in public.

I will watch to see how Pelosi and Holder fare in the aftermath of their attempt to slaughter of our heroes.

298 posted on 08/27/2009 12:23:21 PM PDT by Rapscallion (Obama - The wolf in the suit.)
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To: NormsRevenge

So far no points on this at The Hill or other DC outlets,.such as Politico. If he does, the next person will worse.

299 posted on 08/27/2009 1:23:18 PM PDT by phillyfanatic
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To: Colonel_Flagg
My only thought is that Zero had better hit his prayer rug hard and pray we don’t get hit during his term in office.

No no no no! Zero is setting the stage for us to get hit. He is lowering our defenses across the board, he is apologizing for all of the stuff we did before he got there, etc. All that does is stir up the Arab street.

He wants us to get hit. Then, when we get hit, he will have the pretext that he needs to take the Patriot Act to its logical conclusion. Total Martial law, and suspension of civil rights across the board. President for life from that point forward. If you disagree with the dear leader, you are with the terrorists.

Tell me I'm wrong.
300 posted on 08/27/2009 3:26:20 PM PDT by tpmintx (Liberalism: Solving problems caused by Jealousy - with solutions based on Lies. (Think Green!))
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