Mad Dawgg
Since May 19, 2000

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Long Time Lurker I finally registered in May of 2000

Part owner of a Family Corporation dealing with Commercial and Residential Flooring and Commerical and Rental Real Estate. (Yes I am one of those evil capitalists)

You can read my rantings at The Mad Dawgg Manifesto Follow Me On Twtter: Mad Dawgg Manifesto

For when the INTERNET goes down and quits working completely (Sorta like Congress only funner)

I've created a FRee Republic Emergency Ping list (as suggested by mitch5501 ) called:

The "The INTERNET isn't working" ping list:

IF you would like "ON' or "OFF the list FReep Mail me OR ping me in a thread with your request. This will not be a High Volume Ping list (Well at least we hope the INTERNET doesn't quit working frequently)

"So let it be written. So let it be done."

The List: mitch5501; Rocky; Pajamajan; Mad Dawgg; hoosiermama; SE Mom; null and void; BenLurkin; bigheadfred; redhead; berdie; Old Sarge; wyokostur; GeronL; TheOldLady; ducttape45; Gefn; IYellAtMyTV; Redcitizen; LonePalm

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