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Shots fired at Chardon High school in N.E. Ohio [One dead]

Posted on 02/27/2012 5:21:58 AM PST by reegs

No link yet. Breaking on local news. Prayers up for families effected. 3-4 students shot.

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To: RFEngineer
That’s sort of like saying you shouldn’t homeschool your kids because Andrea Yates killed all her homeschooled kids.

Nonsense, but it is like saying that you shouldn't let Andrea Yates homeschool your kids.

41 posted on 02/27/2012 7:43:10 AM PST by Onelifetogive (I tweet, too... @Onelifetogive)
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To: ICCtheWay
They just had an official from Chardon explain: The county police have primary jurisdiction. When something like this happens...because there was a call that came in with the words "actively shooting, " all you mentioned immediately respond to the scene. Each has a particular duty. He specifically mentioned the involvement of the FBI, city police, county police...noting that the county police are in charge. So, the FBI is there as a matter of procedure, in this case, and I guess their responsibility is to do what they are now doing.

How frightening for everyone there. Actually, words are not enough to use to express the horror of this. Prayers for the ones who were shot, and for their families, and everyone.

42 posted on 02/27/2012 7:46:37 AM PST by CitizenM (Obama's legacy will be to be remembered as The architect of the decline of the USA)
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To: Mr. Wright
My Screen Name is there for a reason: I'm a traditioinal person, and always have been.

My GOAL in life, when I got married to my wife 45 years ago, was to provide her a home, comfort, and a family that she could raise at home, making enough money that would allow her to focus on HER job (homemaker), while I focused on MINE (career/bread-winner).

She never had to work outside the home, and the team did fine. Leaving "latch-key" kids at home alone, eschewing the nuclear family, has led us to where we are in this country today (f$%^ed up).

If you cannont afford to provide for children WITHOUT DESTROYING THE NUCLEAR FAMILY, then don't have kids, period, IMHO.

The promotion of "women in the workforce" destroyed Mom's traditional role, and the Dad's traditional role.

Because TAXES are so g-damned high to provide for the parasites of this country, women were FORCED to gain additional income in too many families, and they became (expectedly) dis-functional, as I see it.

Couple that with free-wheeling attitudes about sex, drugs, and feeling good taught in Liberal-infested skoolz, and you have a recipe for the moral decay we've come to live with today.

43 posted on 02/27/2012 7:55:16 AM PST by traditional1 (Don't gotsta worry 'bout no mo'gage, don't gotsta worry 'bout no gas; Obama gonna take care o' me!)
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To: reegs; All
NewsNet5: Police: 5 injured, gunman in custody in Chardon High School shooting

Chardon student Evan Erasmus told NewsChannel5 that a student tweeted that he was going to bring a gun to school but not one took him seriously.
44 posted on 02/27/2012 8:13:04 AM PST by mmichaels1970
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To: All

45 posted on 02/27/2012 8:14:55 AM PST by mmichaels1970
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To: traditional1

Historically, and not just in the idyllic late ‘40’s and ‘50’s, I mean for thousands of years...women *were* working - they were working the fields, they were washing dishes by hand, doing laundry by hand, cooking meals, growing and preserving food, making clothes, mending clothes, cleaning the house, tending to livestock, infants and toddlers, etc.

Kids were left to fend for themselves and care for siblings, or shipped off to a country school house every morning, or sent to work. The exception has always been the small minority of wealthier families, and they usually employed nannies and nurses to help.

And many women were so poorly educated that even if they wanted to home school their kids, they couldn’t. Because girls’ educations were a very low priority for most of history. Again, there are exceptions. There are ALWAYS exceptions.

This idea that women *used* to stay home and homeschool their kids, nurture their kids until they were off on their own, but no longer do so, is absurd.

Not that you asked, but in my opinion, the downfall of most societies comes from excessive free time. Idle hands, idle minds, etc.

46 posted on 02/27/2012 8:15:18 AM PST by coop71 (Being a redhead means never having to say you're sorry...)
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To: coop71

I agree 100% but also believe the lack of unadulterated discipline is also the problem today.
We were “latch key” children as were basically everyone we knew and never even heard that term till much later in life,so we thought we were the norm.
There were many things to do immediately after coming in from school,homework,laundramat etc and even to start cooking.
and you better believe they were done.
Everyone pulled their weight and our parents worked hard to get ahead as in simply moving on to better area and home ownership .

47 posted on 02/27/2012 8:29:02 AM PST by catroina54
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To: ICCtheWay
How did this instantly become a Federal Matter?

Any number of ways, if you think like a fed bureaucrat......gun involved, school involved that receives fed funds, possible hate crime, any number of reasons to get in on the action, if your a fed that wants to try out your new toys...........

48 posted on 02/27/2012 8:30:20 AM PST by Red Badger (If you are unemployed long enough, you are no longer unemployed.)
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To: catroina54


Oh, and don’t forget: adults were all on the same team with regard to discipline. You screwed up out of your parents reach and there was always an adult around to reprimand you. Now it doesn’t happen and kids get away with stuff.

49 posted on 02/27/2012 8:39:08 AM PST by coop71 (Being a redhead means never having to say you're sorry...)
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To: reegs
I lived in Chardon until 2007 when we moved to SC daughter teaches at the middle school which is in front of the high school. Very surprising that this occured in Chardon a sleepy little conservative town, middle class...lots of families. Of course, this can happen anywhere.

What a world we live in where you cannot feel safe going to school. I blame this on the demise of the families. Women working and not being home to see what their kids are doing. I worked my whole life so I understand the need, I'm not trashing working woman but I really think this is when our country went haywire. My daughter is fine still in lockdown until all students are gone.

50 posted on 02/27/2012 8:43:53 AM PST by estrogen (don't let the media pick our candidate)
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To: catroina54

Our “discipline” during the mid to late 70s was pretty lax, by the standards of either before or since. My girlfriend’s sister graduated HS in 2006 and she was shocked when I told her things like multiple entrances and exits were always unlocked, lockers were locked and it was easy to grab an unused one simply by locking it, there were no metal detectors and little to no police presence, dress codes were limited to showing excessive skin or actual bad words, and kids who played sports and/or had decent grades could get away with damned near anything they didn’t make obvious.

On the other hand, contrary to what some would imply we didn’t have any sort of organized prayer in the schools.

The key difference between then and now: we were individually held responsible for our own actions, including our grades. In particular, bullying was less of a problem because their was no “zero tolerance”. While unwarranted aggression could be seriously punished, fighting back received little or sometimes no penalty.

51 posted on 02/27/2012 8:45:10 AM PST by E Rocc (November 2, 2010: The beginning of the end of the kleptocracy.)
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To: coop71

First of all, prayers to all the families and students involved.

Second, parents will not tolerate someone else reprimanding their children. Some parents actually encourage their children’s rebellion.

We were at a basketball practice with my 12 year old daughter. They were practicing with another team full court. Two boys kept coming on the court and shooting hoops while the girls were at the other end. They weren’t getting out of the way in time. The coaches had already asked them to stay off the court. When one of our girls almost ran over one of the boys, I walked over and asked them again to please stay off the court because it was the girl’s practice time.

A dad of one of the boys said something to me when I walked away (I didn’t hear it). Then the dad went out onto the court to shoot hoops with the boys. I didn’t say anything else but I wanted to tell him ‘when your son stands up in your face disrespecting you, I want you to remember this moment and the fact that you taught him that he did not to respect adult authority.”

52 posted on 02/27/2012 8:50:00 AM PST by christianhomeschoolmommaof3
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To: estrogen

So glad that your daughter is safe!

53 posted on 02/27/2012 8:51:55 AM PST by christianhomeschoolmommaof3
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To: estrogen

I’m glad to hear your daughter is safe. My wife and I just saw her cousin who has daughters at CHS and obviously our thoughts are with her. Our society and culture suffers from turning away from God. Violence and retribution are celebrated in our popular culture.

54 posted on 02/27/2012 8:56:55 AM PST by reegs
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To: Red Badger

Channel 5 is reporting at least 20 federal agents are searching numerous homes in a neighborhood outside of Chardon and a mobile crime lab has been set up. Multiple search warrants have been issued.

55 posted on 02/27/2012 9:01:27 AM PST by CedarDave (Donna Brazile: "... we we believe that the weakest candidate ... [is] Mitt Romney.")
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To: CedarDave

News conference, Chadron PD chief: One student deceased.

56 posted on 02/27/2012 9:04:04 AM PST by CedarDave (Donna Brazile: "... we we believe that the weakest candidate ... [is] Mitt Romney.")
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To: CedarDave

Just confirmed one died.

57 posted on 02/27/2012 9:06:49 AM PST by mware (By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West)
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To: reegs

being reported that 1 person is dead

58 posted on 02/27/2012 9:07:37 AM PST by boxerblues
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To: reegs

Just on Saturday I wrote a post on “Pumped Up Kicks,” a song that I felt might be seen as enticing school shootings for troubled kids.

I wonder if this shooter has this in his playlist. You can’t blame, but musicians can on their own decide to be more responsible. The worst offense in the sing is the happy, sweet tune and the lyrics don’t include anything bad happening to the perp.

Let’s put it this way: a film producer will not finance a movie from the point of view of a teen school shooter who enjoys killing his fellow students like it was a video game, enjoying them try to outrun his bullets in their expensive shoes, and nothing bad happens to the shooter. Why? Because the producer is afraid some attorney WILL blame the film for a future act.

I feel the song’s happy beat juxtaposed with an abused kid taking fire at innocents is irresponsible even though I wouldn’t take away his artistic right to be edgy. I’d add another verse where he either gets put away or killed or something.

59 posted on 02/27/2012 9:11:23 AM PST by Yaelle (Rick Santorum for People's Representative)
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To: unixfox

Head scratcher of the century – can you imagine that criminals bent on committing murder Weren’t deterred by a sign?

You know, it almost like removing people’s right to defend themselves make them MORE vulnerable…


60 posted on 02/27/2012 9:11:33 AM PST by BerserkPatriot (I despise those Progressive Obama Socialists.)
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