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  • vanity: Chickens coming home to roost....FBI, Loser, Peter Strzok is fired!!!

    08/13/2018 9:14:32 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 44 replies
    Well, well...the chickens are coming home to roost and, soon, the remaining Democrat scum and vermin in the DOJ/FBI will begin to sing loud & clear, and drop unending dime...across the board, so that they can move to save and protect their own butts. Let us be honest folks....the ex-POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama is the true, one and only leader of this pack of DOJ/FBI, traitors, turn coats and criminals. You can start with his beloved, criminal, lock-steppers, Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch, and go right on down the list of Democrat trash from A-Z!!! I could go on.....but, I...
  • Vanity: “Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe?”

    08/12/2018 7:32:14 AM PDT · by FrdmLvr · 59 replies
    Twitter | May 31, 2017 | President Trump
    Do we finally have the answer to POTUS’ question, “Who knows the true meaning of covfefe?” Tweeted on May 31, 2017. Below is a link to an interview with Macaulay Calkin, who talks about an island he visited in Thailand that turns out to be a pedo island. The name of the island is Ko Phi Phi. Could President Trump have been trolling the deep state pedophiles? Had one of them visited there around the time of his tweet? Start listening at 8:15.
  • Obama leaves Scuumer & Pelosi "High & Dry" as Democrat Champion campaigner.

    08/11/2018 9:26:54 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 24 replies
    Ho-Hum....Trump already has had four major campaign rallies with massive attendees in August and, has another "Blockbuster" political rally set for August 21, 2018 in West Virginia. This does not include all the various POTUS meetings & little rallies as required of POTUS routine. Democrat leaders, Schumer & Pelosi have heralded the coming vigorous Mid-Term, 2018 campaign activity that Obama will offer forthcoming. Sadly...we all will be waiting a bit longer for Obama to make an open public appearance in a massive Democrat political rally. Count August out of the picture for serious campaign activity from either Obama. The Obamas...
  • Did ya all notice that the Washington State Primary Election got almost "zero" media coverage?

    08/08/2018 9:55:28 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 39 replies
    Did anyone in America, the USA, take notice of the Mid-Term election primary held in Democrat, liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist State of Washington, yesterday? Shucks, why the ever effective Media has acted like Washington was not there. Lots of press coverage for Ohio, Kansas, Missouri & Michigan...but, alas, barely a word spoken about the wonder land of the Democrat, Liberal. Progressive, Socialist, Communist state of "Washington" and its adored heroes, Bernie Sanders & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, last night & today. Wonder why? one in heartland America cares & they say, let these fools and idiots destroy their state...and, California, and,...
  • Anyone know where I can find Jeff Sessions?

    08/08/2018 6:42:51 AM PDT · by Kevin in California · 51 replies
    I would like to find him to give him an update on Bruce Ohr ands if he plans on investigating him. If any of you see him around, can you have him call my cell?
  • POTUS, Trump has a great winning "Special Election & Primary Election night

    08/08/2018 12:10:46 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 26 replies
    No, POTUS, Trump we are not sick of winning, we are not sick of your great fantastic political rallies, we are not sick of you making America great again, we are not sick of you endorsing GOP, candidates running for election or re-election. We love Troy Balderson, John James, Josh Hawley, Kris Kobach...etc., we are overjoyed that Democrat losers, Barack Hussein Obama & Hillary Clinton will shy away from big political rallies for fear no one will attend, we are so happy and overjoyed that Rosie O'Donnell and her gang of "Broadway" troupers sang at the White when you were...
  • Rosie O'Donnell, the Democrat, the Trump Hater, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

    08/07/2018 12:56:20 PM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 11 replies
    Rosie O'Donnell the "supreme" POTUS, Donald J. Trump hater/witch just ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer. But...then the singers and entertainers from "Broadway" ain't too sharp either. Ah...yes, the grand gathering outside the "White House" to protest and hate POTUS, Donald J. Trump had some one knew that the POTUS, Trump would not be there. The entire country was told by the very media that hates Trump, that he (Trump) was vacationing at his golf course in New Jersey. Yes, O'Donnell and her chorus sang their hateful, hearts out for thirty minutes hoping to either wake up or...
  • Vanity: Ideas on how to crush tech tyranny

    08/06/2018 3:41:55 PM PDT · by AAABEST · 82 replies
    Free Republic ^ | August 6, 2018 | AAABEST
    Okay, I'm the biggest anarcho-capitalist on this board, but this is what happens when capitalism starts producing zombies. The zombies must be put down. Legions of users subverting the platform can cost them greatly. Maybe a friendly judges or pols can shove something HUGE up their ass. They have budgets larger than entire nations, and they've basically declared war on us.
  • "Chicago, Chcago, That's my home town"...Rahm Emanuel & Barack Hussein Obama....

    08/06/2018 9:15:44 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 7 replies
    Words from the Frank Sinatra classic tune: "Chicago, Chicago...that,s our home town....Obama & I (Rahm Emanuel) stood by, did nothing, and let it go down"!!! African-Americans support Democrats, Barack Hussein Obama & Rahm got to be kidding me!!! Why Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel has refused overture after overture by POTUS, Donald J. Trump to willingly send federal law enforcement into the murder, mayhem, out-of-control crime, murder ridden city of Chicago, Illinois. In his eight years as POTUS, Obama did "zilch, zero. nothing, da nada" to address and correct the problem that so plagued so many African-American citizens and their...
  • Back from the fires

    08/06/2018 7:50:13 AM PDT · by crz · 20 replies
    Just back from Ore.
  • Thank You President Trump

    08/05/2018 11:38:52 AM PDT · by american_ranger · 14 replies
    08/05/18 | Dennis G Liechty
    I am thanking a great man.
  • How does the "racial divide" end?

    08/04/2018 2:36:33 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 23 replies
    Guava Cheese Puff ^ | August 4, 2018 | Guava Cheese Puff
    When does the racial wounds end? Now, LeBron James and President Trump is at war. The Media and the Left is on overboard. It has for decades, but it is RACHETING UP. Black leftists like Angela Rye, Symone Sanders, etc. always in arguments with white conservatives like Ben Ferguson, etc. What's the tipping point? How does this end? How much more can America take?
  • Why Would the New York Times Embrace Racism?

    08/04/2018 10:40:40 AM PDT · by CptnObvious · 60 replies
    Vanity | 8//4/2018 | Self
    Why Would the New York Times Embrace Racism with Sarah Jeong when they're attacking Donald Trump for it. Can any of you tell me why??
  • Trump does it again, another "blockbuster" political rally, Lewis Center, Ohio, Saturday, 08/04/2018

    08/03/2018 6:58:28 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 24 replies
    Still waiting for ex-POTUS, Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama to show his face on the campaign trail. Where is Barack Hussein Obama? America awaits his rally activity!!! Trumpie, with two (2) "Successful" MEGA rallies, this week, with over 30,000 people attending inside and out side, will do again before the week closes. Trump will attend a political rally, in Lewis Center, Ohio on Saturday, August 4, 2018 to be held at "Olentangy Orange, High School", commencing at 6:30PM (EST) in the school performing auditorium, Doors will open at 3:30PM (EST). Capacity, Unknown. Suspect: about 2,000 seated. Tickets, two (2) each can...
  • Fakebook is CENSORING Firearm Posts!

    08/03/2018 5:28:39 AM PDT · by 2harddrive · 29 replies
    Vanity | 08/03/2018 | Vanity
    Fakebook is now CENSORING my pro-gun posts, and CENSORING my Messenger messages. There is NOTHING illegal nor immoral in them, but they are NOT liberal enough for them, as an Agent of the Deep State. If you want to know where you can download FREE 3D printable gun blueprints, you may have to call me. Fakebook allows porno, but BLOCKS website links to legal, technical firearm information. If you want to download the forbidden knowledge, (and I did all 10 designs, even though I have no such printer, just to strike a blow for the First Amendment) go to CodeIsFreeSpeech,...
  • Vanity review: Death of a Nation

    08/02/2018 6:42:26 PM PDT · by spacejunkie2001 · 13 replies
    Just got back from the first showing of Death of a Nation. Technically it opens tomorrow (Friday) but there were 4 showings today, which is 2 more than usual for a Thursday night. The theatre was very full which was also a pleasant surprise. Once again, Dinesh does a good job of really educating us on the origin and history of America. He defines socialism, fascism, communism and marxism and shows their origins and how they intricately connect the US with Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy. FDR and Wilson were progressives that loved Mussolini and all the socialist/fascist mindsets. He...
  • Could Barack Obama Become President again as Speaker of the House?

    08/02/2018 3:45:41 AM PDT · by Jim Noble · 42 replies
    Vanity | August 2, 2018 | Jim Noble
    The XXII Amendment to the Constitution says, in part, "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once." Notice what this Amendment prohibits: "No person shall be elected to the office of the President". It says it twice.Notice also what the Amendment does not say: "Any person having served blah, blah, blah shall...
  • [Vanity] FBI Cleared Manafort?

    08/01/2018 7:12:27 PM PDT · by TBP · 33 replies
    Memory | Meeee!
    I seem to remember seeing articles saying that the FBI investigated the charges against Manafort in 2005 and dropped the case. Can anyone help me find them?
  • Vanity: Adam Putnam is a fraud

    08/01/2018 2:21:12 PM PDT · by spacejunkie2001 · 35 replies
    8/1/18 | me
    Adam Putnam is running for governor of Florida, against Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary. During Trump's campaign, he took some pretty vicious swings at Trump as he was a Jebby guy. Now that Putnam sees how popular Trump is, he's pretending he never said negative things about trump. We know that's a big lie. Now he's running repetitive ads in FLA that DeSantis wants to raise taxes by 23%. A whole lot of drama about how that will doom our state. It seems he's decided if he can trick the bulk of the low information voters they'll vote for...
  • Karl Rove: "If you are Innocent President Trump, Act Innocent"

    08/01/2018 12:08:16 PM PDT · by ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton · 93 replies
    NeverTrumper RINO Rove is on Trish Reagan's "Intelligence Report" today telling Trump to lay off the tweets on nitwit witch hunter Mueller. He had better get used to the idea of Mueller just being laid off. "If you are innocent President Trump, ACT INNOCENT". He mentions Trey Gowdy as coming up with this stupid quote, who will soon be looking for a job in the mainstream media no doubt. My question is, what is an innocent person supposed to act like? If I was guilty I'd be quiet but if I was innocent I'd be speaking out loudly and getting...