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  • Star Trek Discovery Live Thread

    09/24/2017 4:31:46 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 106 replies
    September 24, 2017
    The original Star Trek series debuted on TV 51 years ago - September 8, 1966. Since then it has spawned several movies and sequel / prequel series'. Tonight, the latest series, Star Trek Discovery will premier at 8/7c on CBS, free. As to the remaining episodes, you will have to pay for them on CBS All Access. Will you want to continue watching and pay for it? Watch tonight's episode and decide for yourself. For you folks in the Eastern and Central time zones, it begins in only a few minutes.
  • Vanity - Obama/Flag/Anthem Haters, two birds of a feather.

    09/24/2017 9:41:13 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 17 replies
    Facts: Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, The NAACP, the Democrat Party, did absolutely zero good to improve the lives of millions of African-Americans and other minority groups. The flag/anthem haters.....all of them have not saved one Black life in Chicago where Blacks kill and wound Blacks every minute of every day!!! Now of course, wrongly, most Black Americans still worship Barack Hussein Obama whose lineage comes from Kenyan Radical Muslim Slave & Sex Traffic Traders on the East Coast of Sub-Sahara, Africa. His father was a master womanizer and an uncontrollable madman, drunk. Fact is: Obama tried his best...
  • Vanity - John (SATAN) McCain, the !00% Political Whore and Disloyal American.

    09/23/2017 8:56:25 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 52 replies
    Senator, John McCain is much like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amen, Nero, Caligula, etc. Today he basks in the glory in denying the people of Arizona and the United States of America the opportunity to receive a vast improvement in their healthcare access. His hate, like those mentioned above is filled with the same hate and envy that all of these misfit human beings brought to earth. He is the worst of political whores and certainly has no loyalty to anyone but himself. History will not be kind to him...he will perish to eternity as a failed human...
  • Collins, Murkowski and McCain Need To Be Stripped Of All Committee Positions

    09/22/2017 10:59:28 AM PDT · by LRoggy · 25 replies
    Vanity ^ | 9/22/2017 | LRoggy
    That's it. Fed up with the three of them. I give Paul a pass since he is a Doctor and will only vote for the perfect . . . let the voters in Kentucky decide on his fate. McCain, Murkowski and Collins need to pay a penalty for putting themselves and their egos and dislike of this President ahead of what's good for the country. Bombard their offices with calls and curse them out. I'm sure there will things in the new bill I don't like but take what you can get now and revisit it next year.
  • My Letter to John McCain's Office Email (Feel Free to Copy and Paste For Your Own Letter)

    09/22/2017 11:18:14 AM PDT · by LRoggy · 30 replies
    Vanity ^ | 9/22/17 | LRoggy
    Here is the letter I just wrote: I can not believe I ever voted for you for President . . . actually I was voting for Sarah, not you anyhow. As a conservative I am fed up with this attitude of not taking what you can get and revisiting the issue another year solely because it is not perfect. Anyone who votes against this should be immediately stripped of their committee posts and standing in the Party. You have let your anger towards President Trump and ego get in the way of what this country needs right now, and that...
  • Vanity - Cheers For Trump, Cheers for Moore, Silence for Strange, Boos for McConnell.

    09/22/2017 4:51:49 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 37 replies
    Simple....Alabama folks, At the Trump Rally tonight in Alabama, the crowd reaction should be, Massive Cheers of support for POTUS, Donald J. Trump, Massive Cheers of voter support for Judge, Roy Moore, when he and if he is mentioned, !00% Silence when Luther Strange is announced and, Massive, Thunderous, Unstopping "Boos" for totally, failed, hate Trump, Senate Leader, RINO, Mitch McConnell!!! End of story.
  • Vanity - Mitch McConnell....The maJority senate leader?

    09/21/2017 5:07:24 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 18 replies
    Mitch McConnell, is he the Republican Majority Senate Leader or a weak sister hiding in the closet of do and accomplish nothing productive or measurable. The great Senate majority leaders in American history were all leaders who kept their caucuses in line and ordered them to vote as guided by their leadership. Mitch McConnell is far from being one of these. He is weak, powerless and lets his caucus run all over him as they desire. Without further verbage or ado, I expect McConnell to do a 180 degree turn and "ORDER", Senators, Paul, Collins, Murkowski & that low life,...
  • Greg Jarrett on AG Sessions

    09/19/2017 7:29:04 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 68 replies
    09-19-2017 | Me
    Sorry, no link on the segment as it just ended moment's ago. Jarrett on Hannity just called for the resignation of AG Sessions. In a nutshell, Jarrett stated Sessions should convene a special counsel to investiate Clinton, Comey, and Rice but instead is fiddling his thumbs.
  • FINALLY ..... a President with balls.

    09/19/2017 7:50:16 AM PDT · by knarf · 108 replies
    President Trump at the UN ^ | September 19, 2017 | knarf
    One syllable words, well composed and targeted.THANK YOU, MR.PRESIDENT.
  • GAP Commercial

    09/18/2017 6:59:50 PM PDT · by LeonardFMason · 49 replies
    Son makes my night! After taking my dog for walk I returned home to find my 24 year old son watching the Lions play the Giants. He proceeds to tell me about an outrageous and obnoxious Commercial for the Gap. "It was a black guy and an over the top transgender dude in a fake dark wig singing." He looks the commercial up on YouTube and plays it for me. The video labeled "Bridging the GAP" begins and the "Tranny" my son is disgusted by is CHER!! He sincerely has no idea who she is or was. What a great...
  • Twitter: GA Tech Protests Turning Violent

    09/18/2017 6:47:51 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 97 replies
    Campus is on lockdown. This is after the shooting of the dude with a knife last night who came at a police officer. Suicide by cop.
  • Vanity - The Emmy Awards & Sean Spicer

    09/18/2017 6:07:16 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 20 replies
    The "EMMY Awards", dying on the vine, Colbert should join his failed Democrat Liberal Loser, sister who was beaten like a rabid dog by a "Wife Cheating Governor, Sanford in a recent congressional election. Truth be known, The Emmys are dead, Hollywood is dead, ESPN is dead and the NFL has killed itself by catering to low life Black racist, anti-Americans. As for Sean Spicer.....few words are needed to describe his actions, like traitor, turncoat & political prostitute!!! Better description of Sean.... Gold chasing whore!!!
  • I didn't Watch the Emmys being too Politicized and I was Right

    09/18/2017 5:13:36 AM PDT · by CptnObvious · 27 replies
    Vanity | 09/18/2017 | Swelf
    I didn't Watch the Emmys being too Politicized and I was Right. It's the same reason I don't watch ESPN. These venues have been hijacked by the Left and I am just not interested. Please Emmys, ESPN leave off the vicious campaigning as I'm only going to tolerate it during campaign season and not in these venues.
  • Not for Long (NFL) not on in my house today

    09/17/2017 11:42:38 AM PDT · by ealgeone · 115 replies
    vanity | 09-17-17 | ealgeone
    The NFL is not on in my house today. What say you?
  • 3 Nights of Rioting in St. Louis (Total Media Blackout)

    09/17/2017 8:11:25 PM PDT · by Greetings_Puny_Humans · 67 replies | 09/17/2017 | St. Louis Police
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen a single article on Free Republic, or on any place I frequent, talking about the three nights (so far) of rioting in St. Louis after that verdict. St. Louis police is reporting on their twitter that just tonight, there has been significant damage done to businesses in the downtown area, chemicals thrown at police, arrests, injuries received by cops, and weapons and ANTIFA/BLM flags confiscated from violent criminals. See the link above for more information, as I don't know how to post pictures from twitter onto free republic, unfortunately.
  • The forests are in flames (Saturbray)

    09/16/2017 1:40:35 PM PDT · by bray · 36 replies
    All they that be fat upon earth shall eat and worship: all they that go down to the dust shall bow before him: and none can keep alive his own soul. Psalm 22:29 American forests are another example of why you do not want Marxists controlling anything on the this scale. After forty years of liberal activists having absolute control of these forests, they are dying and burning in record numbers. The smoke and ash in the Western skies are now a common sight as their forests are being burned to the ground. This summer there was a lightning strike...
  • Indians Streak come to an end at 22 wins in a row. Lose to Kansas City Royals 4-3

    09/15/2017 7:25:41 PM PDT · by Jim from C-Town · 29 replies
    One heck of a record run, all good things must come to an end. Now on to the Playoffs and a deep run in October!
  • WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIndians!!!!Do it again New American League record 21 Wins in a ROW

    09/13/2017 12:13:29 PM PDT · by Jim from C-Town · 52 replies
    Sweeping another series. The Indians are now holders of the American League Record of 21 Wins in a Row!
  • WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWINDIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TIED The American League record!

    09/12/2017 6:55:34 PM PDT · by Jim from C-Town · 46 replies
    20 Straight Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CORKER JUST ON FOX-will he run?

    09/12/2017 4:25:15 PM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 24 replies
    Something about October. My friends he's testing us to see if it's worth the effort to continue. Is that guy challenging him the real deal? I say send the challenger $10 every time Corker gets answers the retirement question in a wishy washy manner. Better he takes himself out than having us send top dollar to his challenger. So tell me: Are you in?