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Analysts warn Americans to buy guns and gold, predicting market crash and street riots
Daily Mail ^ | 2/27/12 | Mark Duell

Posted on 02/27/2012 6:04:22 PM PST by Nachum

Just when you thought unemployment was dropping and stock markets were surging back, these three analysts today sent out a stark warning to Americans to brace for another financial crash. Trend forecaster Gerald Celente advises buying a gun to protect your family, stocking up on gold if the dollar crashes and planning a getaway, so it’s no shock he’s preparing for an ‘economic 9/11’. Share prices and unemployment are posting their best figures in four years since the recession hit, but Mr Celente, along with authors Harry Dent and Robert Prechter, says the rebound won’t last.

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To: Kartographer

There are dark clouds on the horizon and it doesn’t take a meteorologist to see that a GREAT storm is coming. The recent actions of the Wyoming Legislator shows that even those who most would consider to be the main stream see the signs and are taking action.

If the present spending continues I don’t see how we can avoid a collapse like that of Argentina ( )but on a global scale.

But the market is up you say, yeah it’s up using billions in ‘printed’ money in the hands of corrupted bankers, investors and their cronies. The world is now flooded with fake and faux money. The game is so rigged and now even the ‘house’ is starting to lose.

When the whole thing tanks as it will what do you think the entiled class will do when they can’t get their cell phones, their food stamps and EBT cards, rent vouchers and so forth.

What we will see is a much more violent version of Argentina, (checkout what is going on in Greece).

American has an even a larger entitlement minded population and much more violent and armed onen than Argentina or Greece.

I see many many small business wiped out by flash mob looting, and see rape, robbery and murder for murder sake. Many of these ‘yutes’ will think no more about killing you than most people think about stepping on a roach. That will be the test of many. Most preppers I know are Christian people and they will hesitate to do what they might have to do to stop the ‘yutes’. On the other hand the ‘yutes’ won’t think twice nor lose a minute of sleep, in fact they will smile and laugh about it.

Think of this quote which is one of my favorites:

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Siege of AR-558 (#7.8)” (1998)
Quark: Let me tell you something about Hew-mons, Nephew. They’re a wonderful, friendly people, as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people... will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. You don’t believe me? Look at those faces. Look in their eyes.

On top of all who knows how many saboteurs (Islamic, Chinese etc) and sleepers have crossed our borders and are now just waiting to cause havoc.

For those who are just starting or are old hands at prepping you may find my Preparedness Manual helpfull. You can download it at:


For those of you who haven’t started already it’s time to prepare almost past time maybe. You needed to be stocking up on food guns, ammo, basic household supplies like soap, papergoods, cleaning supplies, good sturdy clothes including extra socks, underwear and extra shoes and boots, a extra couple changes of oil and filters for your car, tools, things you buy everyday start buying two and put one up.

As the LDS say “When the emergency is upon us the time for preparedness has past.”

Or as the bible says: A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.
NIV Proverbs 22:3

Lastly this for the doubters and the scoffers.

“There is no greater disaster than to underestimate danger.

Underestimation can be fatal.”

21 posted on 02/27/2012 6:25:25 PM PST by Kartographer ("We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.")
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To: Nachum
Maybe I missed something but "we" have been buying guns, ammo and gold since November 5, 2008, whatever OWS is doing was called "riots" in the 1960s, and "we" moved out of Detroit and Camden NJ some time ago.

Oh -- I don't expect a crash per se, since we just had one and it's rare to have two crashes in a row, rather I'm concerned about a protracted bear market.

22 posted on 02/27/2012 6:26:00 PM PST by Sooth2222 ("Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of congress. But I repeat myself." M.Twain)
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To: jwalsh07; Lee N. Field

I can’t wait to finish my contract here and get home to help the family get supplies in. I’m so looking forward to going with them to the gun shows. I really miss going there. Here in Australia they’re so paranoid over guns it’s scary. Every day you hear of things that “only if I could protect myself”. You know, if an intruder comes in your house and in some way you either injure or kill them you’re the one who’s going to jail. There is no castle doctrine here.

23 posted on 02/27/2012 6:26:00 PM PST by SkyDancer ("No Matter How The People Vote There Will Always Be A Federal Judge To Over Turn It")
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To: SkyDancer
extra weapons are always a good hedge... they can ALWAYS be turned into something else you might be short of at a later time
24 posted on 02/27/2012 6:26:34 PM PST by Chode (American Hedonist - *DTOM* -ww- NO Pity for the LAZY)
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To: CrazyIvan

I had to laugh.
I was talking to this nice woman in an antique shop in nowhere Arkansas.

She said that the Gangs came out from little rock and tried to set up a meth operation.

The local youth took them to the gravel pit.
Problem solved.

25 posted on 02/27/2012 6:28:11 PM PST by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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To: CrazyIvan

I hope people in rural areas are safe if things get bad.

26 posted on 02/27/2012 6:28:47 PM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: SkyDancer
>> If you’ve already got firearms the thing to do is buy ammo for them.

And make sure that you know how to use the guns that you *do* have.

27 posted on 02/27/2012 6:30:03 PM PST by NewJerseyJoe (Rat mantra: "Facts are meaningless! You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!")
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To: bunkerhill7

I’ll opt for the AMC Matador as well to jump twisted broken bridges with the GG.

28 posted on 02/27/2012 6:32:33 PM PST by wally_bert (It's sheer elegance in its simplicity! - The Middleman)
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To: mylife

competition, pure and simple.

There are thousands of meth labs in rural areas.

29 posted on 02/27/2012 6:34:15 PM PST by driftdiver (I could eat it raw, but why do that when I have a fire.)
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To: Lazamataz

Laz-check out the link about the espresso bar at the bottom of the Daily Mail page.

(Sorry, off topic)

30 posted on 02/27/2012 6:34:26 PM PST by SnuffaBolshevik (In a tornado, even turkeys can fly.)
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To: Sooth2222
Oh -- I don't expect a crash per se, since we just had one and it's rare to have two crashes in a row,

Its not a "crash" that is coming, it is an out and out collapse. Our "money" will be worth more literally in the furnace than in our pockets.

31 posted on 02/27/2012 6:39:01 PM PST by Michael Barnes (Obamaa+ Downgrade)
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To: Lee N. Field

Don’t forget beer, alcohol, and tobacco. You know, the staples.

32 posted on 02/27/2012 6:48:42 PM PST by unixfox (Abolish Slavery, Repeal The 16th Amendment!)
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To: unixfox



33 posted on 02/27/2012 6:58:58 PM PST by Steve Newton (And the Wolves will learn what we have shown before-We love our sheep we dogs of war. Vaughn)
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To: mylife

I’m sure a desperate 0bama has something in the works to give him the excuse he needs to cancel the election.

34 posted on 02/27/2012 7:01:50 PM PST by FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs
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To: CrazyIvan
How many times does this need to be said: Buy a few usable guns and a lot of ammo.

I would recommend a minimum of 10,000 rounds for every tactical rifle, 5000 rounds for every tactical shotgun and 1000 round for every pistol. And don't forget optics, batteries, spare parts and cleaning supplies.

35 posted on 02/27/2012 7:02:47 PM PST by SVTCobra03 (You can never have enough friends, horsepower or ammunition.)
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To: Venturer

“We don’t have too many of the more riotous folks around here,When they come into this neighborhood they are liable not to leave.”

Reminds me of that great line from the movie The Alamo (John Wayne Version).

“Santa Ana’s coming? Well, we can’t stop him coming but I reckon we can arrange for him to limp on the way home.”

36 posted on 02/27/2012 7:03:01 PM PST by happyathome
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To: stephenjohnbanker

I think America holds the most gold, doesn’t it? By quite a margin, I believe.

37 posted on 02/27/2012 7:17:19 PM PST by FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs
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To: CrazyIvan

Question about ammo. How long does brass ammo, 9MM, .45 etc. and shot gun shells last in storage? Do they go bad, become unusable over time? I have plenty of firepower, but was wondering how long I could expect to be able to store the ammo.

38 posted on 02/27/2012 7:21:46 PM PST by redangus
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To: Venturer
I am glad I live in a rural area.

Ditto that.
Let the kind of people who tend to be rioters and looters burn their own concentrated Democrat parasite nests ("cities") to the ground. I couldn't care less. There are a lot of guns, rifles, and crossbows in my neighborhood, and a lot of people who know how to use them. Bring on the apocalypse. We'll survive.

39 posted on 02/27/2012 7:25:08 PM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: redangus
I still shoot surplus ammo made in the 30’s.
40 posted on 02/27/2012 7:29:25 PM PST by IMR 4350
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