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NY Woman On Trial for Killing Her Boyfriend Over Abortion
New York Post ^ | 30 Jan 03 | Denise Buffa

Posted on 02/01/2003 7:04:25 AM PST by Mr. Silverback

NY Woman On Trial for Killing Her Boyfriend Over Abortion

Brooklyn, NY -- A Brooklyn woman, who admitted she shot her boyfriend dead during a fight in their car over whether she should have an abortion, will get her day in court next week. Lesa White, 38, the mother of the couple's two kids, is expected to take the witness stand in her defense Monday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a deal that could have sent her to prison for 20 years.

But she convinced a judge to allow her to withdraw the plea - and risk a conviction that would carry a sentence of 25 years to life.

White claims she pumped two bullets into Arthur Sampson by accident during a September 2001 fight.

She said they argued about whether she should have an abortion - something Sampson, 30, wanted but she didn't.

But prosecutors and Sampson's family say White fired in a rage after he went with his sister to serve White an order of protection to end their six-year relationship.

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Please note that I can't link you directly to the article because the NY Post has only pay archives. If you want it badly enough to pay, the link will get you to the archive listing for this story.

Shot him twice "by accident?" Yeah, I'm sure it's a tradition in Brooklyn to hold a loaded gun with the safety off while arguing with your boyfriend.

In a way, he got what he wanted: He won't have to take care of the kid.

1 posted on 02/01/2003 7:04:25 AM PST by Mr. Silverback
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To: 2nd amendment mama; A2J; aposiopetic; attagirl; axel f; Balto_Boy; bulldogs; Charlie OK; ...
ProLife Ping!

If anyone wants on or off my ProLife Ping List, please notify me here or by freepmail.

2 posted on 02/01/2003 7:05:18 AM PST by Mr. Silverback (Going to war without French support is like going hunting without an accordion.)
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To: Mr. Silverback
Maybe he wanted to get married and she didn't want to lose her welfare check.
3 posted on 02/01/2003 7:19:31 AM PST by shiva
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To: Mr. Silverback; MHGinTN
I anticipate that the pro-abortion movement will portray this as "another murder by the anti-choice thugs." Notice that the woman on trial DID NOT want an abortion. Therefore, unless and until she holds a press conference announcing (loudly and at great length) her support of a woman's "right to choose" death for her unborn child, she will be described as an "anti-choice murderer," and linked with Clayton Waagner and James C. Kopp.
4 posted on 02/01/2003 7:19:31 AM PST by Bryan
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To: Mr. Silverback
He apparently supported a woman's right to chose.

She chose to abort him, and keep the baby.
5 posted on 02/01/2003 7:23:34 AM PST by Luis Gonzalez (The Ever So Humble Banana Republican)
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To: Luis Gonzalez
Hehehe, LG
6 posted on 02/01/2003 8:03:10 AM PST by Under the Radar
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To: Luis Gonzalez
She chose to abort him, and keep the baby

Did she have a license to perform this abortion?....HeHehehhehheh....
7 posted on 02/01/2003 8:09:59 AM PST by dagoofyfoot
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New York Pro-Abortion Violence

Albany Area [Troy] -- Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Aggravated Criminal Contempt and Criminal Contempt

       In May 1997, pro-abortionist Darren Jones beat his six-month pregnant girlfriend, Marquita Evans, whose unborn child died after the attack. Rensselaer County District Attorney Ken Bruno says no murder charge was filed because he could not prove that the baby's death was due to the actions of Jones.
       Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, May 29, 1997.

Albany -- Assault, Death Threat, Vandalism and Harassment

       From an e-mail message from Brian Heitner to Brian Clowes dated November 4, 2000, subject: "Pro-Abortion Violence."
       As a founder of a new pro-life non-violent group on the campus of the State University of New York at Albany back in the mid 90s, we were told of a death threat from a group called NWROC (National Women's Rights Organizing Coalition) aimed at the founders of the new pro-life group. My vice president, Marc, received a call from one of the college newspaper reporters saying that a guy from NWROC called up demanding information on who started the pro-life group so that he could kill us. As a result, we notified Concerned Citizens For Human Life (a pro-life group helping us), who in returned warned the college that our lives should be protected by the University, otherwise it could be held liable. A reporter from the Times Union, a local paper, took our pictures and later went to get NWROC's position on the incident. There was a small article in the Times Union about the incident.
       Multiple times members of NWROC harassed members of Concerned Citizens For Life (there is an amateur video on this). This took place in front of Planned Parenthood in Albany, New York. One incident occurred when one of the members of Concerned Citizens For Life had to bring his or her son to the protest and a member of NWROC attacked the child, who had to be taken to a hospital as a result.
       In Deer Park, New York, there is a pro-life center which tries to educate people about the issue of abortion as well as providing support for women who go through with their pregnancies. The first time I tried to find the place, I missed it because I was looking for some sign or evidence of a pro-life or abortion alternative center. After not being able to find it, I called up on a pay phone and got better directions. When I arrived at the place, I asked a receptionist why they didn't have a sign. She replied that there is a group of violent pro-abortion people who have thrown rocks through our windows, harassed volunteers and clients, and threatened to set the place on fire.
       NWROC is a violent pro-abortion, pro-homosexual group which issues literature supporting the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), and whose members have been arrested numerous times for violent incidents. NWROC's logo is a female symbol with a fist through it, and their slogan is "NO FREE SPEECH FOR FASCISTS!"

Buffalo -- Fatal Botched Abortions (2 incidents), Criminally Negligent Homicide, Negligence and Public Lewd Acts

       When New York legalized abortion on demand in 1970, Abortionist Jesse Ketchum immediately set up shop in a Buffalo motel suite.
       On May 28, 1971, Ketchum did a D&C abortion under general anesthesia on Ellen K. Lawler of New Baltimore, MI, in his Buffalo office. Only later, at an undisclosed time, did Mrs. Lawler discover that Ketchum had lacerated her uterus, anterior cul-de-sac, right broad ligament, and peritoneum. He had told her the abortion had been uncomplicated.
       Abortionist Jesse Ketchum was convicted of criminally negligent homicide after killing 25-year old Margaret Louise Smith on June 16, 1971. A pathologist determined that Margaret bled to death from "laceration of the entire length of the cervix, lower segment of the uterus, and the broad ligament."
       Just a few months later, one of his abortions killed a woman who traveled from Ohio for a vaginal hysterotomy abortion in Ketchum's office. She was admitted to a hospital, in shock, the next day, and died of hemorrhage during a laparotomy on October 20, 1971. The coroner noted that "At autopsy, removal of sutures which completely closed the cervix revealed a laceration extending the length of the cervical canal into the uterus and the right uterine artery."
       This latter case led to his conviction on charges of criminally negligent homicide on October 26, 1973. His petition to overturn conviction on constitutional grounds was denied. Abortionist Milan Vuitch testified in Ketchum's defense.
       Of two doctors known to have been performing outpatient hysterotomy abortions in New York City in the early 1970s, Ketchum performed 18 of the 19 outpatient hysterotomies reported. Both reported deaths from outpatient hysterotomies (Margaret Smith and Carol Schaner) were Ketchum's patients, giving his outpatient hysterotomy practice an 11% mortality rate.
       On April 12, 1974, Ketchum was found guilty and fined $50 for sitting in a porno theater, masturbating with his pants around his knees. (2227 - NY Medical board documents)
       United States District Court for Western New York, Ketchum v. Ward; Journal of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, March 1974; New York State Journal of Medicine, October 1975; Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, March 1974; Western District, New York District Court #Civ-75-79; New York Supreme Court, County of Erie, Index #D88030; "Jesse Ketchum: Back-Alley Butcher Gone Legit Join the Discussion." "Pro-Life Views,", June 29, 2001.

Buffalo -- Felony Assault and Criminal Mischief

       On December 5, 1988, Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian went wild when several pro-lifers sang Christmas carols outside his home on a public sidewalk. Slepian grabbed a baseball bat and severely injured Ronald Breymeier, 48, by beating him on the head, back, and arms, before smashing out all of the windows on Breymeier's van. Slepian surrendered to Town of Amherst police at his home a short time afterwards, and was charged with felony assault and criminal mischief. Local pro-abortionists vocally supported this incredibly violent attack. Abortion mill owner Marilynn Buckham told the Buffalo News "I think it's [picketing] religious persecution. These `good Christians' don't respect anyone else's religion." At Slepian's `trial,' Amherst Town Justice Sherwood Bestry said to him, "The Court feels you have suffered a great deal on account of this." Following this mock `trial,' the Amherst Town Board immediately banned the picketing of homes by pro-lifers.
       Paul Likoudis, "Buffalo Abortionist Arrested on Sex-Abuse Charges." The Wanderer, January 5, 1988, page 1; Associated Press, December 6 and 7, 1988.

Buffalo -- Second-Degree Assault, First Degree Sexual Abuse, First Degree Unlawful Imprisonment, Possession of Illegal Drugs and Hypodermics, Resisting Arrest, and Obstruction of Governmental Administration.

       Abortionist Tati Okereke was arrested after a Christmas Eve party in the Buffalo Hyatt Regency and charged with second-degree assault, first degree sexual abuse, first degree unlawful imprisonment, possession of illegal drugs and hypodermics, resisting arrest, and obstruction of governmental administration. The abortionist's former girlfriend was found handcuffed to a bed, with drugs and needles were scattered on the floor nearby. Police had to forcibly subdue Okereke when he was arrested. In 1982, he was charged with two counts of sexual abuse, but was acquitted by a State Supreme Court jury.
       The New York State medical board investigated numerous allegations including fondling patient's breasts, and injecting patients with medication making them groggy, then engaging in sexual intercourse with them against their will. One of these women testified that she could not move but kept crying "What are you doing?," and another patient testified that after examining her vagina, the abortionist licked his fingers. She said the doctor tried to pay her off to keep her quiet following the incident. His medical license was revoked in 1989.
       Paul Likoudis. "Buffalo Abortionist Arrested on Sex-Abuse Charges." The Wanderer, January 5, 1989, page 1; California Medical Board Investigation #11593.

Buffalo -- Assault

       On April 18, 1992, pro-abortionists repeatedly attacked Rev. Paul Schenck during a protest outside the Buffalo Gyn Womenservices abortion mill.
       David Germain. "Abortion-Rights Advocates Attack, Taunt Minister." The Oregonian, April 19, 1992, page A19.

Buffalo -- Death Threat and Vandalism

       Pro-life students erected 4,400 white crosses with the permission of the Amherst Campus of the University of Buffalo in October 1995, to represent the number of preborn babies killed by abortion every day. Pro-abortionists tore down and destroyed about 1,400 of the crosses at night.
       In response to the display, in the student newspaper of the State University of New York at Buffalo, pro-abortionist Michelle Goldberg raved "If I couldn't have an abortion safely and legally, I would find another way. If I ended up dead from hemorrhaging with a coathanger up my c---, the anti-choicers will have murdered me as surely as they murdered Dr. David Gunn, and as surely as they murdered the thousands who died from illegal abortions before 1973. Anti-choicers have declared war on women. Now it's up to us to fight back. If that means guarding the [abortion] clinic doors with Uzis, then that's what will have to be done. Just once, I'd like to see someone blow up one of those churches. ... This week is anti-choice week at UB [University of Buffalo]. If you see one of them showing their disgusting videos or playing with toy fetuses, do your part and spit at them. Kick them in the head. Give them the name of your therapist. They call it "Cemetery of the Innocents." I call it graveyard of the oppressed. Their God is worth nothing compared to my body. Abortion is a bit bloody. So is a root canal. It's a f---ing operation! If you think abortion is gruesome, you should see childbirth; an ordeal that is ten times more dangerous to a woman's health ... The anti-choice movement is like self-help for them. Too bad there's no "Fanatics Anonymous" to give them the help they need."
       Despite the obviously dangerous nature of this death threat, and the damage done to the crosses, the university took no disciplinary action against any pro-abortionist. UB officials merely clucked their tongues about "tolerance" and "free speech." We can be assured, however, that if a pro-lifer had threatened abortionists in the same way, he or she would have been punished immediately and severely.
       Michelle Goldberg, Feature Editor. "Rant for Choice." The Spectrum [State University of New York at Buffalo], quoted in "Student Editors Print Threats Against Pro-Lifers." HLI Update, November 1995, page 1; Operation Rescue Newsletter, November 25, 1995; Dave Condren. "UB Student Paper Won't Be Disciplined." The Buffalo News, October 21, 1995, pages C1 and C4; Dan Herbeck. "UB Agrees to Pay $38,000 to Pro-Life Student Group, Change Policy on Protests." The Buffalo News, March 4, 1998, page B-4.

Buffalo -- Involuntary Abortion (2 incidents)

       New York State fined abortionist Rafael G. Cunanan, Jr., $10,000 after he aborted two women without asking them if they wanted abortions, and for mistakenly sterilizing a third woman.
       "Doctor Fined Over Abortions, Mistakenly Sterilizing Women." Buffalo News, October 1, 1997, page A1; American Life League's Communiqu‚, October 31, 1997; Tony Gosgnach. "Cases Reveal a Path of Destruction Through Women, Children, and Society." The Interim, September 1998.

Buffalo Area [Cheektowaga] -- Death Threat

       On November 6, 1998, pro-abortionists mailed letters to two Catholic churches and a pro-life group with threats that they contained anthrax bacteria. The victims were St. Matthew's Church and School in Indianapolis, Queen of Martyrs' Church in Cheektowaga, New York, and the Chicago office of Joe Scheidler's Pro-Life Action League. The letters said "You have been exposed to anthrax."
       "Anthrax Threats Against Catholic Churches, Pro-Life Group." Catholic World News Briefs, November 10, 1998.

Covington -- Attempted Forced Abortion, Assault and Larceny

       Pro-abortionist Danny Court, 24, of the Genesee County town of Pavilion, did not want a baby ÄÄ but his girlfriend, an unidentified 19-year-old native of Perry, New York, did.
       So he, being a farmhand, obtained a supply of a veterinary drug used to induce miscarriages in cattle, and laced her soft drink with it. Fortunately, she did not miscarry, but she suffered some ill effects from the drug.
       Court was arrested on January 31, 2001 and charged with second-degree abortion, second-degree assault, and petty larceny. He was arraigned before Covington Town Justice Paul Dougherty and sent to Wyoming County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.
       Court pleaded guilty in April to second-degree abortion and was sentenced to two to four years in prison
       Court also was ordered to stay away from his girlfriend and a son they previously had together. "I think what you did was despicable and you're paying the price for it," said Wyoming County Court Judge Michael Griffith.
       "Man Accused of Lacing Woman's Drink to Induce Abortion." Associated Press, February 1, 2001; "Man Gets Prison for Attempted Forced Abortion." Associated Press, June 6, 2001; Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, June 7, 2001.

Malone -- Assault, Second-Degree Abortion and Felony Probation Violation

       Clayton R. Tucker Jr., of Malone, New York, did not want to be a father. So he punched and kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach until she miscarried, all the time shouting that he wanted to kill the baby, according to Franklin County Chief Assistant District Attorney Derek Champagne. She miscarried the following day.
       Bureau of Criminal Investigation Investigator Kelvis Melo said that "It was a strong-arm assault. It wasn't a medical procedure. It was an abortive act that caused the demise of a fetus."
       Tucker could serve up to four years in state prison if he is convicted, Champagne said.
       Denise A. Raymo. "Abortion Charge Tied to Beating Miscarriage." The [Plattsburgh, New York] Press-Republican, September 20, 2001.

New York City -- Murder, Gross Incompetence (5 incidents), and Negligence (3 incidents)

       Abortionist David Benjamin (also know as Elyas Bonrouhi) killed 33-year old Honduran native Guadalupe Negron, a mother of four at the Metro Women's Center abortion mill in Queens, New York, on July 9, 1993.
       Benjamin's license had been revoked a month earlier for "gross incompetence and negligence" in rupturing the uteruses of five other women, but medical officials allowed him to continue his practice. But as early as 1980, after he was dismissed from a Utica hospital for substandard work, New York health officials already knew that he was a public health menace.
       During Negron's abortion, Benjamin proceeded to extract pieces of a 20-week old preborn baby without first performing any kind of examination. He lacerated Negron's cervix and punctured her uterus, causing severe bleeding. The abortion began at 10 AM. The receptionist for the abortion mill testified that Negron was moved into recovery and was not monitored for over an hour. Benjamin's wife, who acted as an assistant, took her back into the exam room and came out screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance!" Benjamin did not summon an ambulance until 1:40 PM. Paramedics found a breathing tube inserted into Negron's stomach instead of her trachea, causing stomach fluids to travel up the tube, into the mask, and down into her lungs. A paramedic said he found Negron naked and bloody, while a nurse was screaming and trying to revive her in a small, unventilated room with an inadequate oxygen tank and no necessary equipment such as blood pressure cuff. The paramedic stated Benjamin lied about nature of Negron's problem, hindering attempts to save her. Negron's autopsy report attributed her death to massive bleeding causing shock and cardiac arrest.
       Benjamin was indicted on murder charges due to "depraved indifference to human life." A paramedic told a reporter "I wouldn't take my dog there (Benjamin's clinic)." Benjamin was charged with second-degree murder. A news article indicates that Benjamin's attorney found fault with the paramedic for presuming the information given to him by Benjamin was complete and accurate. Benjamin's license was revoked in 1993 over charges pending prior to Negron's death.
       Even the National Abortion Federation (NAF) applauded Benjamin's murder conviction. "The evidence presented in the case makes clear that Dr. Benjamin's practices were absolutely unacceptable," said Vicki Saporta, Executive Director of NAF. "Shoddy and substandard doesn't even begin to describe his methods. He should not have been practicing medicine." Strangely, though the NAF had done nothing prior to Negron's death to stop Benjamin from practicing medicine.
       Benjamin had previously been found guilty of, among other things, gross negligence, gross incompetence, and abandoning or neglecting a patient and failing to keep accurate medical records. His license had been suspended for three months and he had received a period of probation. He had also lost privileges in two hospitals in 1982 and 1983. He applied for hospital privileges in 1989, fraudulently concealed these disciplinary actions. News reports described his abortion mill as a "slaughterhouse" and "dark, filthy, poorly ventilated." News articles alleged Benjamin also did abortions in the basement of his house, and that he disappeared after an investigation into Negron's death was begun.
       On March 16, 2000, a New York State Court of Appeals upheld Benjamin's 1995 murder conviction. He will continue serving his 25-year-to-life sentence following the decision by the Appellate Division.
       "This is a solid victory for patients and their families who, through the gross and depraved indifference of their medical practitioners, lose their lives," said Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, whose office brought the case.
       Harold Pokel, who handled Benjamin's appeal, said he was "very disappointed in the result." Pokel had argued that testimony about Benjamin's previous problematic medical history should have been excluded at trial; it was allowed, and prejudiced the jury, he said. He promised to take Benjamin's case to the Court of Appeals, the state's highest court.
       PRI Newswire, August 8, 1995; Dave Andrusko. "Doctor Indicted in New York Woman's Abortion Death." The Wanderer, September 2, 1993, pages 1 and 6; Paul Likoudis. "Investigators Cast a Wide Net To Find Abortionist's Murderer." The Wanderer, December 10, 1998, pages 1 and 10; Dave Andrusko. "[David] Benjamin Indicted On Murder Charges." National Right to Life News, September 14, 1993, page 5; Dave Andrusko. "Indictment Pending In New York Woman's Abortion Death." National Right to Life News, August 11, 1993, pages 5 and 24; New York Daily News, July 11 and 13, 1992, and July 11, 13 and 14, 1993; New York Post, August 11, 1993; Medical Board Order Number BPMC-93-79; New York Times Metro Section, July 18 and 20, 1995; New York Newsday, August 23, 1993; "Appeals Court Upholds Abortion Practitioner's Murder Conviction." Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, March 27, 2000; Associated Press, March 23, 2000.

New York City Area [Jericho] -- Attempted Murder, Fraud and Malpractice (8 incidents)

       On June 6, 1993, abortionist Stanley Brown tried to run down 79-year old Mrs. Margaret Cowell with his car. Brown had his medical license suspended for two years by the by the State Board of Health in 1988 for leaving preborn body parts in women's uteruses; perforating uteruses; acting as both anesthesiologist and surgeon; administering the wrong anesthesia; performing tubal ligations without the consent of the patients; for having gaps and blanks in his medical records; for falsifying diagnoses to insure payment; misjudging a 17 week preborn baby for a 10 week baby, and other violations.
       Rev. John T. Murphy, "Violence and Disruption Report," December 15, 1994; Rev. John T. Murphy, Save the Babies Foundation newsletter, November 1994, page 2.

New York City -- Infanticide

       Abortionist Boyd Cooper performed a July 1979 abortion at 23 weeks at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The 2-pound, 2-ounce infant boy gasped and attempted to breathe, but no efforts made to revive or help the little one, because he was so small and the parents wanted him dead. So the little baby was placed in a utility room used as infant morgue. Cooper instructed a nurse, "Leave the baby there -- it will die." The nurse testified that the infant was still gasping in the closet when she returned to work 12 hours later. Cooper then agreed to allow transfer to intensive care, where infant died 4 days later.
       To show the depths of denial the medical community will go to in order to protect abortionists, the infant's death was ruled "accidental!"
       Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2, 1981.

New York City -- Kidnapping, Child Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, Lewd Behavior, and Fatal Botched Abortion

       Abortionist Ronald Tauber was convicted in 1982 of first degree criminal sexual assault and second degree criminal sexual misconduct. On July 14, 1980, he kidnapped a six year old girl "and did engage in sexual penetration with said victim." Tauber was convicted after the state proved he had forcibly transported the girl in his car against her will. Tauber admitted exposing himself to the girl and placing her hand on his penis. He also lifted the child's undergarment to expose her vulva. Tauber released the girl when she began to cry. He was charged November 10, filed a motion of insanity March 15, 1982, was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination relating to the insanity claim on March 30, and was arrested again April 22, 1982 on charge of "indecent exposure, assault with intent to commit kidnapping, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration of a female minor in Birmingham, Michigan." He spent seven years in prison on these charges.
       He also admitted that, on December 7, 1981, he engaged in masturbation in his car while children were exiting Cody High School. The Board dropped the revocation proceedings because Tauber was expected to be incarcerated beyond the expiration of his medical license.
       He had previously killed 34-year old Gloria Small in a botched abortion in Florida, and admitted to exposing himself to more than 700 women and young girls. Amazingly, despite his sordid record, he is still currently licensed to commit abortions in New York State. This shows how the medical profession will protect abortionists, no matter how incompetent or depraved, at any cost.
       Miami Herald, July 20, 1979; Orlando Sentinel Star, April 20, 1978; Chris McKenna. "Convicted Molester Gets OK to Resume Med Practice." New York Post, October 28, 1992, page 4; People vs. Ronald Tauber (Michigan Case #80-46749-FY); Michigan Medical Board case #82-202; and California Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners case #90-6 and OAH #N-37351.

New York City -- Fatal Botched Abortions (2 incidents)

       Abortionist Edward Rubin fatally botched second-trimester abortions on Lynn McNair, a 24-year-old mother of two, on March 24, 1979, and Dawn Mendoza, also a mother of two, on June 29, 1988.
       In the latter case, Mendoza's brother, had accompanied her, and was instructed to wait in a grassy park across the street and come back to get her at 4 PM. He returned and was told to wait two more times, and when he returned at 5:30, his sister was dead. She "started gasping for breath, and then she yelled out." Her blood pressure fell, and the abortion mill staff attempted resuscitation, but they did not bother to call an ambulance.
       Autopsy report #88-1488; and New York Post, July 4, 1989.

New York City -- Fatal Botched Abortion

       On January 24, 1985, abortionist Alan Kline aborted and killed 13-year old Dawn Ravenell at the Eastern Women's Center abortion mill. Dawn's 15-year-old boyfriend paid the $450 abortion fee with a family member's credit card. Osteopathic nurse Robert Augent gave Dawn only half the dose necessary for the operation. Dawn awoke five minutes into the abortion procedure and began to vomit and choke. Kline put a breathing tube into her throat and failed to extract the remainder of the preborn child. Despite her obviously serious difficulties, Kline left her unattended in the abortion mill's recovery room, where she suffered a heart attack and slipped into a coma.
       Her parents were notified only when she was brought to St. Luke's Hospital. She was comatose for three weeks and died on February 11, 1985. In an interview, her mother said, "They told me I had to come in [to St. Luke's] right away, that Dawn is here at that hospital fighting for her life ... How could she be fighting for her life? She left this morning, going to school, looking healthy, never been sick ... While I was in the hospital sitting there, I had to keep my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming in horror. I could not believe this was happening. I said this is a bad dream, I'm going to wake up and this would not have happened.")
       When a judge asked Kline if his patient's young age had captured his attention, he responded, "Oh, no. I've done 13-year-olds before. When they're 10, maybe I'll notice." Court testimony showed that Kline and facility fabricated medical records in attempt to conceal their mistakes. The Court awarded $1.2 million to the plaintiffs, and the jury labeled his indifference to human life "an abomination."
       Kline testified in defense of fellow abortionist Harold Tictin, who aborted a 7-month fetus he had estimated as 3 months, stating that he himself had mistaken gestational ages by as much as 10 weeks.
       Ray Kerrison. "A Child Died in the Care of this `Hero' Abortion Doc." New York Post, August 15, 1994, pages 2 and 18. St. Petersburg Times, May 12, 1988; New York Post, December 11, 1990 and August 7, 1991 and August 15, 1994; New York Daily News, December 1, 1990; New York County Supreme Court Index #22504/85.

New York City -- Fatal Botched Abortion

       On January 15, 1989, Ghanaian native Eunice Agabgaa entered Y&P Medical Clinic in New York City for an abortion at the hands of Abram Zelikman. After the abortion, Zelikman left the clinic while Eunice was in recovery from the abortion. Unfortunately, Zelikman had botched the abortion so badly, she died. A friend who was present at the clinic testified that she pleaded with the clinic staff to call paramedics once she noticed Eunice's bloodied body and poor vital signs. Her friend stated "I felt if I hadn't been there, they would have wrapped her dead body and thrown it in the garbage."
       New York Daily News, January 16, 1989; Associated Press, January 16 and February 3, 1989; New York Newsday, July 9, 1989.

New York City Area [Bridgewater, New Jersey] -- Aggravated Assault

       On September 21, 1998, pro-abortionist Drew Stauffenberg was charged with aggravated assault for having physically attacked his wife resulting in the death of their preborn child. Stauffenberg's wife told police that her husband had "expressed a wish for her to have an abortion" after finding out that she was pregnant. Police note that the attack, which occurred after an argument on August 30th, involved Stauffenberg bear-hugging her and repeatedly squeezing her stomach. After pulling away and warning her husband that he would hurt the baby, his wife reports that he punched her in the stomach and physically forced her out of the house. After an examination, doctors at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville determined that her 10 week old preborn child had died as a result of her injuries which caused damage to her amniotic sac and uterus.
       "Abortion Crazed Man Kills Child in Womb: Courts Unable to Lay Murder Charges." LifeSite Daily News at, September 24, 1998 and New Jersey Star Ledger, September 22, 1998.

New York City -- Assault (2 counts), Attempted Forced Abortion, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon

       Abortionist Stephen Pack, 44, of the posh Westchester County community of Chappaqua, New York (where Bill and Hillary Clinton have purchased a huge house) was arrested by police after allegedly attempting to involuntarily abort his mistress, Joy Schepis, a 31-year-old nurse, by repeatedly stabbing her in the leg with a syringe filled with the abortifacient drug methotrexate on April 14, 2000. He had asked her to have an abortion, but she had refused, and said that she would take care of her baby without his support. But this was not good enough for Pack.
       Witnesses said that Pack shouted "I'm giving you an abortion ... You are such a bitch!" as he struggled with her and forced her to the ground near a hospital's parking garage. He was arrested minutes later and was arraigned on April 16 on charges of assault, criminal abortion, and criminal possession of a weapon.
       Joy suffered five stab wounds to her leg and one to her buttocks in the attack outside Montefiore Hospital, in the Bronx, where she was admitted in stable condition. She underwent a leucovorin rescue, a procedure recommended by New York City Poison Control to counteract the drugs shot into her. Two days after the brutal attack, Joy gave a news interview on the steps of her home and said "I'm in shock. I'm scared. I'm terrified. This is the worst time of my life. ... Pray for me and pray for the baby I'm carrying."
       Andrew Rubin, Pack's attorney, said that after the attack, Pack did not try to flee or discard the needle. Instead, he walked into North Bronx Central Hospital, next door to Montefiore, where he deposited the syringe in a receptacle that is used for that purpose, and told people what he'd done. Pack is married and the syringe attack apparently was his attempt to abort the 6- to 8-week-old unborn child. Hospital employees told investigators that Pack and the nurse had been romantically involved for more than a year, and that he believed she was six weeks pregnant.
       Pack said he learned about methotrexate, a labor-inducing drug that works as part of the RU-486 abortion pill process, in an article in The New England Journal of Medicine. He ordered the drug, filled two syringes with it and attacked Schepis in the hospital's parking lot.
       Pack's wife, who answered the phone, expressed shock when she was told of the incident by a reporter.
       On January 11, 2001, Pack pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and a single count of unlawful abortion.
       On April 20, 2001, Pack was sentenced to two years in prison. He could have faced up to seven years if convicted at trial, based on a state law banning abortions performed without a woman's consent. But Pack had reached a plea bargain that said he could not get more than three years for the attack on Joy Schepis.
       Before he was sentenced in State Supreme Court in the Bronx, Pack told Justice Ira Globerman that he never meant to hurt Schepis. He said, "After 100 hours of therapy with doctors and priests, I fully understand that my judgment was wrong and that what I did was wrong. I'm very sorry."
       Schepis said that she was pleased Pack would serve time in prison, but she did not believe his apology. She said "I don't think he's very sorry for anything except that he's going to jail."
       Schepis gave birth to a healthy boy on November 28, 2000. The plea deal was finalized after it was clear that the child was healthy. State Supreme Court Justice Ira Globerman sentenced Pack to 3 years of supervision following his release from prison.
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New York City -- Forced Abortion, Assault and Unauthorized Practice of Medicine

       Mark Redeker, a second-year resident in obstetrics and gynecology at Jamaica Hospital, was charged with assault and unauthorized practice of medicine with regards to an August 31, 1998 incident in which he tied up his girlfriend, blindfolded her and injected her with a depressant drug with the intention of causing her to have a miscarriage. Redeker was freed on $10,000 bail and suspended from the hospital.
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New York City Area [Dobbs Ferry] -- Assault (4 incidents)

       On March 2, 1991, abortionist Stephen Kaali assaulted several pro-lifers during a rescue mission at his abortion mill. He threw an unidentified solution on Debra Smaloore, who stated "It was demonic to see the venom in that man as he went wild. He spit in my face, too." Kaali punched another rescuer in the back. She said "He knocked the wind out of me, and it hurt." Kaali also spat upon several other pro-lifers. He then kicked Richard Ciaoli in the groin, stomach, and legs.
       "Abortionist Kaali Assaults Four Rescuers." Life Advocate, May 1991; "Pavilion Abortionist Sued in Assault." Life Advocate, November 1993, page 15.

New York City -- Assault, Gross Misconduct and Sexual Harassment (2 incidents)

       Abortionist Allan Zarkin had a long history of sexually harassing his women patients at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. But he went too far when he carved his initials into Liana Gedz' abdomen after operating on her. When asked why he committed this atrocious act, Zarkin airily responded that "he thought he did such a beautiful job, he thought he should sign it."
       Zarkin (now called "Zorro" in the medical community) was hired on as medical director of the Choices Women's Medical Center, a Queens abortion mill, on November 1, 1999, shortly after being fired from Beth Israel on September 17. He had been committing abortions at this chamber since 1983. When the director of the abortion mill learned of the Beth Israel incident, she dismissed him the same day.
       Gedz sued the Beth Israel Medical Center and Zarkin for $5.5 million, charging that the incident left her physically and emotionally scarred. Zarkin's lawyer, Kenneth J. Platzer, said that "Our legal response to the lawsuit was that what was done was not a willful or intentional act," leading pro-lifers to wonder what on earth would constitute a "willful or intentional act."
       Zarkin eventually settled for $1.75 million in exchange for Gedz dropping her claim against the Beth Israel Medical Center, where Zarkin assaulted her. Gedz said that what Zarkin did to her made her feel "like a branded animal."
       Zarkin has had his medical license suspended, and the Manhattan district attorney's office is also investigating him. The abortion mill did not bother to check Zarkin's credentials before hiring him, a violation of state law, and is now under investigation by the New York State Department of Health.
       The Department of Health is also investigating at least two allegations of sexual harassment against Zarkin. In one instance, a patient filed a complaint stating that Zarkin made increasingly lewd remarks to her over a period three years. He finally told her that he was taking Viagra three times per day and masturbating in the shower.
       Shortly afterwards, on February 11, 2000, the Choices Women's Medical Center was closed after authorities discovered that the abortion mill performed "hasty" abortions, lacked the required equipment and infection control, failed to properly screen and monitor employees and did not have enough nurses. The abortuary was fined $20,000 and closed until it could rectify the situation.
       But, in a move that would make George Orwell choke, the abortuary continued to refer its patients to other abortion mills (which were unlicensed) by taking them there in its "Happiness Bus!"
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New York City -- Assault and Death Threats

       Pro-lifer Pat Mahoney had to have seven SWAT police in full riot gear protect him at a church service from screaming homosexuals and pro-abortionists who threatened to stab him with syringes containing AIDS-infected blood.
       "Congress Hears Truth on Pro-Abort Violence." Life Advocate, July 1993, page 15.

New York City Area [Jericho] -- Assault and Death Threat

       In July 1991, abortionist Michael Cuccienello assaulted Rev. John T. Murphy. The abortionist jumped on the pastor, banging his own head against the victim's head. He also spit and vomited on the pastor's face and shirt and threatened to "beat his head in."
       Rev. John T. Murphy, "Violence and Disruption Report," December 15, 1994.

New York City Area [Hempstead] -- Assault

       On May 1, 1993, a cowardly pro-abortionist assaulted 71-year old sidewalk counselor Pat Erickson, punching him in the face several times. Erickson bled profusely, but the pro-abortionist was not arrested.
       Glenn Ellen Duncan. "The Shocking Violence Against Prolifers." Catholic Twin Circle, September 11, 1994, page 11; "Pro-Abortion Violence: A Growing National Phenomenon." Life Advocate, July 1993, pages 10 to 15.

New York City Area [Bergen, New Jersey] -- Death Threats (4 incidents) and Harassment

       Pro-abortionist Alice Hand was found guilty of harassment and sentenced to probation after communicating several death threats to pro-lifer Janet Greenhut. The case centered on two midnight telephone calls Greenhut received in January 1995, when, as a volunteer for Birthright of Maywood, she provided helpful pregnancy counseling and drove young pregnant women to prenatal appointments. Hand left this message: "Janet, get your pro-lifers away from our clinics or we will kill you," according to police transcripts. Hand called back later and said "You will be killed," the transcript said. Hand, who volunteered at a Suffern, New York abortion mill, also threatened the life of another Birthright worker in Nanuet, New York, as well as a priest in Suffern, according to police records. Hand pleaded guilty to harassment and making terroristic threats and was sentenced to probation. Greenhut wasn't satisfied with the conviction. She pressed the civil case in federal court because she wanted to prove a point: She wanted the same protection that pro-abortionists have received under the law with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Judge Barry awarded Greenhut $5,000 for each of the two phone calls. Hand also made at least three phone calls threatening to blow up a Catholic church and school in Suffern, New York. Hand said she believed the Catholic Church was partly to blame for anti-abortion violence.
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New York City -- Death Threats (3 incidents), Disorderly Conduct (11 Incidents)

       From a USA Today article: "Defying a death threat and hundreds of angry protesters, New York's Cardinal John O'Connor became one of the highest-ranking Church officials to take part in a U.S. anti-abortion street protest. O'Connor was joined by 2,500 abortion foes, who assembled first for a Mass at a church 13 blocks from Manhattan's largest abortion clinic. He warned the congregation that `violence begets violence' and instructed them not to engage in conversation or exchange insults with the pro-abortion demonstrators, who heckled the pro-life marchers and booed and jeered when they saw the Cardinal. At least 11 of the pro-abortion demonstrators were arrested for disorderly conduct."
       USA Today, June 12, 1992; Issues Update. "O'Connor Braves Death Threats; Leads Prayer March And Vigil." ALL About Issues, September-October 1992, page 20; "Prayer Power: Amid Taunts of Demonstrators, Cardinal Leads Rosary March to Abortion Clinic." Catholic New York, June 18, 1992, pages 3 and 4.

New York City -- Death Threat

       Actor Alec Baldwin, a pro-abortionist and a prominent Clinton defender, said on the December 16, 1998 "Conan O'Brien Show;" "I am thinking to myself in other countries they are laughing at us 24 hours a day, and I'm thinking to myself if we were in other countries, we would all right now, all of us together [starts to shout] all of us together would go down to Washington and we would stone Henry Hyde to death. We would stone him to death! [crowd cheers] Wait! Shut up! No, shut up! I'm not finished! We would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their [Republican leader's] homes and we'd kill their wives and their children! We would kill their families! [stands up, screaming] What is happening in this country? What is happening?"
       Quoted in Michael Kelly. "The Politics of Personal Destruction." The Washington Post, December 23, 1998, page A23 [The liberal media fell all over itself trying to excuse this violent statement. Mary McGrory said he was just "joking," and criticized conservatives for overreacting ("Better Than Censure," The Washington Post, December 27, 1998, page C4). However, when Mark Crutcher's obvious joke book "Bottom Feeder" came out, the liberals cried long and loud over his "violent" jokes]. A video clip of Baldwin's tirade can be found at pnm://

New York City -- Death Threat

       Pro-life activist Stephen Wood received a death threat from a pro-abortion caller, who said "We will blow you a--h---s up."
       "Congress Hears Truth on Pro-Abort Violence." Life Advocate, July 1993, page 15.

New York City -- Bomb Threat

       On March 14, 1999, homosexuals planted a fake bomb at St. Patrick's Cathedral that disrupted Mass and brought dozens of police, including a bomb squad, to the church. Hundreds of worshippers were evacuated from the cathedral after a parishioner found a suspicious package. A bomb squad was sent in to retrieve the plastic bags containing a series of digital devices that, when triggered, flashed the word "homophobic."
       "Bomb Hoax at New York Cathedral." Catholic World News Service Daily News Briefs, March 15, 1999; "Gay Activists Plant Fake Bomb in Church." Lifesite Daily News at, March 16, 1999; News Notes. "Suspects in the St. Patrick's Bomb Threat." The Wanderer, March 25, 1999, page 3.

New York City -- Drug Pushing

       In 1988, abortionist David Gluch's New York license was revoked for three years after "he conspired with other individuals over a five-month period to engage in the criminal sale of a controlled substance. Respondent was sentenced to five years probation. Gambling therapy was one of the terms of probation." The controlled substance in question was "approximately 48,000 four milligram tablets of Dilaudid."
       Correspondence and documents relating to Calendar #0011018, Order #83383136, Case #11097; New York Daily News, September 17, 1994; and New York Newsday, September 17, 1994.

New York City Area [Long Island] -- Threats of Violence (2 incidents)

       Pro-abortion activist Bill Baird told the Washington Times that "I promise you it's going to happen. The pro-choice people are going to give them a dose of their own medicine. Do they think we can't firebomb them or smash their altars? That is coming." He also said in an earlier interview that "I resent strongly the charges that I am a murderer, a killer, a devil. I resent the right [of demonstrators] to sit-in at my clinic. If they ever do that to my clinic again, it's to the death. Only one of us is coming out of there."
       Washington Times, April 5, 1989; "Bill Baird Says Pro-Aborts Will Retaliate Violently Against the Ascendant Rescue Movement." ALL About Issues, June-July 1989, page 11; and The Idaho Statesman, November 19, 1981.

New York City -- Gross Incompetence (65 counts), Gross Negligence (65 counts), Practicing Medicine Without a License (29 counts), Practicing Medicine Fraudulently (90 counts), Insurance Fraud, and Unprofessional Conduct (139 counts)

       In 1986, the New York State Medical Board, Commissioner of Health, Regents Review Committee, and Board of Regents all found abortionist Judith Comeau-Samuel guilty of 65 counts of "practicing the profession with gross negligence," 29 counts of "Permitting, aiding, or abetting an unlicensed person to perform activities requiring a license," 90 counts of "practicing the profession fraudulently," 65 counts of "practicing the profession with gross incompetence," and 139 counts of "unprofessional conduct."
       These hundreds of charges related to performing abortions on non-pregnant women, failure to take medical histories or perform examinations, administering general anesthesia without ascertaining if patients had eaten, administering general anesthesia without proper resuscitative equipment, failing to monitor vital signs during general anesthesia, failure to provide post-anesthesia evaluations, failure to give adequate aftercare instructions, failure to obtain informed consent, failure to supervise recovery, failure to test for Rh factor hence jeopardizing health and lives of future babies of Rh-negative patients, allowing her husband Maxen Samuel to practice without a license, falsely advertising that medical services would be performed by a board-certified specialist when they were performed by non-certified Comeau-Samuel and non-licensed Maxen Samuel; pregnancy tests performed by untrained individual if they were performed at all. An estimated 25% of abortions at Comeau-Samuel's abortion mills were done on non-pregnant women. She was fined $19,500 and her medical license was revoked.
       At least she had an original excuse. She appealed to have her license renewed, saying that she was dominated by her husband and manipulated to commit all of her crimes through his practice of voodoo.
       Her husband, Maxen Samuel, was jailed for performing abortions on non-pregnant women and for practicing medicine without a license, using other doctors' names and prescription pads, and insurance fraud. A Federal judge ordered Samuel and his wife to surrender their passports to prevent flight to their native Haiti. Samuel's attorney said he admitted to operating without license, but that it was necessary for him to do so because he needed the money and had been unable to hire licensed physicians. He was practicing again in 1993 although his license had been revoked in 1986.
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New York City Area [Newark, New Jersey] -- Botched Abortions (5 incidents), Illegal Abortions, Malpractice and Negligence (40 counts)

       Abortionist Wyman E. Garrett of Newark lost his license to practice medicine in April 1987 when the state charged him with 40 counts of malpractice and negligence, including the case where he killed two women, 14 and 30 years old, after committing illegal late-term abortions on them. He continued to commit abortions even after the medical board ordered him to stop doing them.
       State prosecutors charged Garrett with additional shortcomings in abortion practice, including performing an abortion resulting in a live birth, leaving a fetal head in one woman's uterus, leaving a dead preborn child in another woman's abdominal cavity, falsifying medical records to indicate no complications when a woman had suffered uterine ruptures and massive blood loss.
       Garrett pleaded no contest to these charges. His judge said Garrett "had a cavalier attitude toward patient safety." Garrett's testimony allegedly called complications "frivolous" and referred to his patients as "pachyderms" and "actresses." After the judge fined Garrett $170,000 and requested revocation of his license, he performed an abortion in his office and then tried to get a date with the woman, and that he offered to perform an abortion in his office on an undercover police officer.
       Newark Star, February 12, 1987; Anti-Life Report. "Butcher of Newark Loses License." ALL About Issues, July-August 1987, pages 14 and 15.

New York City Area [Nanuet] -- Fraud, Gross Negligence (4 incidents), Gross Incompetence (12 incidents), and Conduct Evidencing Moral Unfitness

       Abortionist Mark Binder, who performed abortions at abortionist Stephen Chase Brigham's abortion mills in Colonie and Nanuet, N.Y., was charged by the New York State Board of Professional Medical Conduct with 18 counts of gross negligence, gross incompetence, conduct evidencing moral unfitness, and fraud. He instructed an ultrasound technician to falsify readings on gestational age so that preborn babies over 24 weeks would appear to be under New York's legal age limit. He tried to escape prosecution overseas, and was sentenced for Medicaid fraud in October 1999. He pleaded guilty August 9, 1999 to two counts of grand larceny and one count of false filing following a nine-month investigation by the state attorney general's office. He admitted to double-billing the State for Medicaid services and demanding cash for procedures already covered under Medicaid. For example, some women paid $160 for sonograms and $95 for follow-up exams, both of which were already paid for.
       Binder had worked at the American Women's Services Clinic abortion mill in the Albany suburb of Colonie, along with abortionist Stephen Chase Brigham. The two abortionists opened the abortion facility in April 1994. Colonie police shut it down in May 1996 when Binder refused to turn over financial records. Binder served several weeks in jail then. The state Department of Health revoked Binder's license in March of 1997. Four months later, Police seized 17 frozen unborn children from the facility. Binder fled the country and spent the next three years eluding authorities in 10 countries. He was apprehended by Interpol in Hong Kong in April 1999.
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New York City -- Malpractice (34 incidents)

       Abortionist Justin Charles Terra had his medical license revoked when it was proven that he routinely aborted women who were not pregnant. Of 24 women he aborted in 1987, only 2 had been confirmed pregnant, and the remaining 22 were inconclusive or confirmed not pregnant. Medical charts "showed a pattern of incomplete record keeping, apparently deliberate misdiagnoses of pregnancy to justify abortion, and negligent medical procedures during the operations." His appeal to regain his medical license was denied.
       Terra butchered at least a dozen women in botched abortions, then fled to Austria to avoid charges.
       New York Daily News, December 15, 1987 and November 22, 1991; New York Newsday, November 22, 1991; New York Appellate Court 199 A.D.2d 577; Anti-Life Report. "Butcher of Manhattan Flees to Austria." ALL About Issues, April 1988, page 14.

New York City -- Fatal Botched Abortions (2 incidents), Malpractice (2 incidents), and Negligence (5 incidents)

       Abortionist Andre Nehorayoff's medical license was suspended in 1991 for negligence and incompetence when he worked at the Manhattan Women's Health Center. One 18-year-old woman died of what a medical examiner described as "hemorrhage due to incomplete abortion" in 1989, and another had died at his hands about ten years earlier. The court record also stated that a 36-year-old woman had an emergency hysterectomy after he lacerated her uterus, and he also delivered a portion of an 18-year-old woman's bowel through her cervix. In 1992, the Board of Regents revoked his medical license for the negligent treatment of five patients from 1983 to 1990 and poor record keeping, court records stated.
       In March 2000, the New York State Appellate Division reversed a lower Supreme Court ruling and required the Board of Regents to reconsider restoring the license of Nehorayoff, who practiced in Manhattan.
       Assistant Attorney General Patrick Barnett-Mulligan argued that the 1963 graduate of Tehran Medical School in Iran cried all day and couldn't sleep for three nights when he lost his license, but had little remorse for his patients.
       In 1993, the abortionist tried to get his license back. Two years later, he appeared before the Peer Review Committee, which concluded Nehorayoff had "sufficiently fulfilled the standards of remorse, rehabilitation and re-education" to practice again with three years' probation. Another professional review by the Committee on Professions also recommended he return to the practice of medicine, but with 10 years' probation.
       In 1997, the New York State Board of Regents refused to return the abortionist's medical license because of the seriousness of his offenses and his "lack of an appropriate degree of concern." The board also noted the concerns of a consultant. Nehorayoff took the Regents to court, but the Supreme Court sided with the Regents. The Appellate Division court, however, ruled the lower court failed to make a balanced review of evidence. The appellate justices said that the abortionist was contrite, accepted punishment and attended classes to improve his skills and knowledge. In a dissenting opinion, Appellate Division Justice Thomas Mercure said his colleagues shouldn't have overruled the lower court because the Regents decided restoring the license would pose a risk to the public.
       "Incompetent Abortion Practitioner Could Get Back License." Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, March 27, 2000; Associated Press, March 24, 2000; New York State Office of Professional Discipline, Committee Order #12342

New York City -- Lewd Conduct and Practicing Medicine Without a License

       Abortionist Joseph Kennedy was arrested in New York on sex charges and was accused of performing abortions at Family Planning Clinic for Reproductive Health without a valid Tennessee medical license.
       The Tennessean, June 9, 1988.

New York City -- Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, Income Tax Evasion, Gross Negligence (5 incidents), Professional Misconduct (4 incidents)Contempt of Court, and Gross Malpractice (5 incidents)

       Abortionist Steven Brigham was sentenced to 120 days in jail, five years' probation, and restitution for systematic insurance fraud and tax evasion. He had lost his medical licenses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Florida for acts committed within each state, to include life-threatening botched abortions. His New York license was revoked "upon findings of gross negligence and negligence on more than one occasion," "flagrant and dramatic deviation from accepted standards," and "inexcusably bad judgment."
       Brigham was accused of botching abortions in New York and his medical license was revoked there in 1994. His license also was stripped in Florida, where he stepped in to handle abortions after Pensacola abortionist David Gunn was shot to death in 1992. Four years later, New Jersey regulators somehow found Brigham competent to perform abortions after the state attorney general filed 14 counts of negligence, gross negligence, malpractice and professional misconduct concerning five abortions in New Jersey and New York. Brigham retired his Pennsylvania medical license as he was being investigated for a clinic he ran in Wyomissing, near Reading, Pennsylvania.
       Demonstrating the pro-abortionist's typical paranoia, desperate need to excuse themselves, and utter contempt for the lives of women, Brigham's attorney claimed the New York investigation was unconstitutional and an attempt to undermine women's right to access abortions by setting impossible standards, including requiring formal agreement with a hospital in case of emergency. Brigham continued to describe himself as "a champion of a woman's right to abortion" and "a victim of political persecution."
       The revocation of Brigham's license in New York State didn't stop him from operating two abortion mills in the state. He also performed second-trimester abortions in New Jersey, despite a February 1994 order from the New Jersey medical board limiting him to first-trimester abortions (up to 15 weeks). On August 19, 1993, Brigham told a patient at his New Jersey clinic that she was 16-20 weeks pregnant. He allegedly offered to abort her child in New York for $5,000 to $10,000. The baby girl was then 32-35 weeks' gestation and was born on September 15, weighing a healthy 6 pounds, 7 ounces.
       Brigham voluntarily surrendered his medical license in Pennsylvania after allegations of fraudulent concealment of intention when signing a lease; operating an uninspected and illegally run clinic in a basement in Sinking Spring, after being banned from doing abortions at his Wyomissing office; lack of formal backup with any hospital, and accepting personal property and jewelry as collateral for abortion fees. He voluntarily surrendered his medical license in Georgia when the board notified him of its intent to suspend his license due to allegations in New York and New Jersey.
       Brigham was also locked out of his Erie, Pennsylvania abortion mill when the building's condominium association said he owed $15,000 in membership fees, and changed the locks on the doors because of his refusal to pay. "Just because he wants to operate an abortion clinic, that doesn't mean he doesn't have to follow the rules. We totally support the function of law enforcement. The man [Brigham] just seems to ignore any rules of business and law," said association president Eugene Ware. Brigham said "I don't think they can change the locks. This is going to end up in court."
       On October 17, 2000, Erie District Justice John Vendetti issued a warrant for Brigham's arrest due to his failure to appear at a number of court hearings.
       In late 2001, the New York State attorney general initiated a grand jury investigation in Albany County regarding alleged Medicaid fraud at American Women's Services, an abortion mill on Central Avenue in Colonie, and another related abortion mill in Nanuet, Rockland County. The state shut both abortuaries on May 22, 2001. On September 16, 2001, Colonie police seized 17 frozen aborted fetuses from abortions performed at the Colonie site. The clinic failed to dispose of the fetuses within 30 days, as required by law, according to the state Health Department. State investigators are trying to determine who owned and operated the American Women's Services abortuary, which opened October 1, 1994, without the required state license. According to state corporation listings, Brigham owned a company called American Women's Services, which was dissolved in September 1993. "We are trying to determine his relationship to the clinic," said Wes Goforth, a spokesman in New York City for the state the attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Unit. Bank statements for American Women's Services show Brigham was an authorized signature on the accounts, according to court testimony by Special Assistant Attorney General John Meekins of the attorney general's office.
       The only person performing abortions at the clinics was Mark Binder of Mount Vernon, Westchester County. He earned between $350,000 and $400,000 a year. From May 4 to June 13, 2001, Binder was in the Albany County jail for contempt of court because he refused to turn over patient records to the grand jury, which is investigating the clinics' billing practices. The Times Union reached Brigham by leaving a message at a Voorhees, N.J., abortion clinic. In an hour-long telephone interview on September 18, 2001, Brigham refused to say if he works at abortion mills in Voorhees and Phillipsburg, as reported by New Jersey newspapers. He also refused to say whether he was involved with the New York clinics.
       Susan E. Wills. "Back to the Alley Clinical Psychosis." National Review, November 13, 1998; Tim Graham and Clay Waters. "Roe Warriors: The Media's Pro-Abortion Bias." Media Research Council report, July 22, 1998; Administrative Review Board Decision and Order Number ARB #94-98 & #94-146; Middlesex County Superior Court Docket #L-5004-94; Asbury Park Press, October 25, 1994; Atlantic City Press, December 15, 1994; Courier-Post, December 22, 1994; Florida Times Union, September 29, 1994; New York Post, January 7, 1994; New York Times, September 30 and November 23, 1994; New Jersey Record, October 25, 1994; Newark Star-Ledger, January 7, June 1, and December 7, 1994; News-Tribune, December 6, 1994; Pensacola News Journal, September 28 and December 22, 1994; Philadelphia Inquirer, December 15, 1994; The Province, September 10, 1990; Reading Eagle-Times, September 1, 6, 7, 11, 17, 19, 20, and 27, 1991, October 3 and 20, 1991, and February 22, 1992; Reuters America, September 28, 1994; Rockland Journal-News, August 3 and December 10, 1994; Star-Ledger, December 16, 1994; Trenton Times, November 19 and December 15, 1994; Associated Press, October 14, 1999; Abortion Facility Owner Convicted of Insurance Fraud." Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, February 12, 1998; "Former Abortion Practitioner Avoids Jail in Fraud Case." Pro-Life Infonet, October 14, 1999; "Unethical Abortion Practitioner Begins 120-day Jail Sentence." Pro-Life Infonet, February 8, 2000; "Office Building Locks Out New Jersey Abortion Practitioner." Pro-Life Infonet, March 30, 2000; Associated Press, March 28, 2000; "Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Pennsylvania Abortion Practitioner." Pro-Life Infonet, October 18, 2000; WSEE TV-35 [Erie, Pennsylvania], October 18, 2000.

New York City -- Illegal Abortions

       Abortionist Maurice Sasson is a good example of how the medical profession will protect abortionists above any other kind of doctor. He had his medical license revoked in 1963 for committing illegal abortions. He license was restored in 1979 to "help fill the great need in the medical profession for someone with his special abilities." His license was suspended again in 1981 for wrongfully injecting drugs, but the suspension stayed to allow him to continue his practice. In 1986 it was revoked for illegally prescribing narcotics.
       New York Newsday, June 24, 1991.

New York City -- Assault, Botched Illegal Abortion, Falsification of Records and Malpractice (4 incidents)

       Abortionist Abu Hayat, a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), was arrested and charged after he botched an illegal third-trimester abortion on October 25, 1991.
       Rosa Rodriguez believed herself to be less than 17 weeks pregnant. She found Hayat through a newspaper ad, and he charged her $1,500 for the procedure. She paid $1,000 in cash and used her passport, green card, and jewelry as collateral for the remaining $500. She heard women screaming at clinic and asked Hayat "Why was someone screaming if there is supposed to be no pain? The doctor said that not everyone wanted anesthesia and not everyone could pay for anesthesia."
       The day after the abortion, a family friend called an ambulance which took Rosa to a hospital, where Ana Rosa was born at approximately 32 weeks gestation, missing her right arm, which Hayat had severed during his botched abortion attempt.
       In this case, the New York Medical Board found lack of informed consent, failure to perform complete exam, inadequate facility and staff, medical records "not credible and are incomplete," irregular financial arrangements, and the performance of an illegal abortion.
       In another incident, Hayat aborted Marie Moise ("Patient B") on March 17, 1991. Hayat stopped during the procedure, told her husband that the pregnancy was further advanced than he'd thought. He demanded an additional $500. The husband did not have the money, and "pleaded with the Respondent to finish the procedure and said that he would bring the additional $500 the following afternoon." In response, Hayat ejected Marie from his office, "bleeding heavily and still under sedation." The next day husband took Marie to hospital, where the emergency room physicians noted a "distended abdomen, was febrile to 103 ... tachycardic, and had a foul-smelling dark bloody discharge with little pieces of fetal tissue and laminaria protruding from her cervix." Marie's attorney sent Hayat a letter, and Hayat responded that he had never treated Marie. Hayat was convicted of assault and falsification of medical records.
       Hayat also killed 17-year old Sophie McCoy ("Patient C") during a botched abortion on September 18, 1990.
       News report stated that police posing as patients investigated his practice and found his examination rooms filthy and unkempt. He advertised $79 abortions and "same day service." Hayat was investigated after a maimed late-term aborted baby, a girl missing a leg, was found in a garbage can three blocks from his office. News reports state that over 30 women alleged abortions botched by Hayat after charges were filed in the Rodriguez case. He was ultimately sentenced to 9 to 29 years in prison.
       The New York Times, January 22, 1991 and February 23, 1993; Richard P‚rez-Pe¤a. "Prison Term for Doctor Convicted in Abortions." The New York Times, June 15, 1993, pages B1 and B4; Milwaukee Journal, June 13, 1993; New York Daily News, November 21, 24 and 26, 1991; New York Newsday, November 22 and 26, 1991; New York Post, November 20, 21, 22 and 26, 1991; New York Times, November 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24, 1991; Southern California Christian Times, July 1993 USA Today, November 22, 1991; Washington Times, November 21, 1991; The Abortion Injury Report, April 1995, page 1; "Dr. Abu Hayat Sentenced To Prison." The Wanderer, June 24, 1993, page 9.

New York City Area [Woodbridge, New Jersey] -- Arson, Fraud (12 incidents) and Malpractice

       Alan L. Weisenberg, who owns a chain of east coast abortion mills, pleaded guilty on October 28, 1998 of bilking five insurance companies and health maintenance organizations, as well as grossly overcharging Medicaid. He also admitted in court to filing false plans to bring his abortion mills into conformity with state Department of Health codes, that he operated the mills without a medical director, and that he reused disposable equipment, which is a violation of Federal law. U.S. Attorney Faith S. Hochberg called the case "a blatant, irresponsible disregard of basic medical and sanitary procedures." Weisenberg's company, Management Corporation of America, also pleaded guilty to defrauding insurance companies and health maintenance organizations.
       Weisenberg's New Brunswick abortion mill burned to the ground in 1991, and pro-abortionists blamed pro-lifers, but Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) investigations pointed to Weisenberg. He was never charged with the arson since the statue of limitations had expired. As local writer Rick Malwitz observed in a November 8, 1998 newspaper column: "There was never any evidence that linked the fire to anyone in the pro-life movement, according to persons involved in the investigation." Despite this, pro-abortionists featured the Woodbridge clinic on a map of the United States depicting "anti-abortion violence" -- clinic bombings, arsons, and shootings -- which was printed in most mass-circulation magazines and newspapers. Local pro-aborts immediately blamed pro-lifers for the arson. The head of New Jersey Right to Choose stated that it was the work of "religious zealots." "This is like Hitler," said an outraged clinic employee. And New Jersey's then-Governor Jim Florio announced that "None of us can be silent in the face of such purposeful violence."
       "News Notes." The Wanderer, January 28, 1999, page 3; Paul Likoudis. "Abortion Clinic Owner, Suspected Arsonist, Admits Fraud." The Wanderer, December 3, 1998; "Abortion Clinic Owner Admits Fraud; `Safe and Legal' Only an Empty Slogan." Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, November 6, 1998; "New Jersey Abortion Facility Admits Fraud/Unethical Practices." Pro-Life Infonet, October 29, 1998; "Who Bombed the Clinic?" Right to Life Educational Foundation of Cincinnati Bulletin, January 1999.

New York City -- Severe Vandalism, Desecration of Religious Services, Death Threat, and Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest (111 incidents)

       On December 10, 1989, a mob of over 2,500 screaming pro-homosexuals and pro-abortionists from the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) and the Women's Health Action and Mobilization (WHAM) raided a Mass presided over by Cardinal O'Connor, heckled and mocked him, and stamped on the consecrated Host.
       While most of the anti-Catholics remained outside and screamed obscenities, about 50 of them entered the Cathedral and disrupted the 10:15 AM Mass. They shouted slogans and chained themselves to the pews. Seven of them mingled with the congregation and pretended to stand in line to receive Communion, and then threw the consecrated Host on the floor and trampled on it. One protester, while stamping on the Host, screamed "That's what I think of your God."
       Protestors outside carried obscene and threatening signs such as "Eternal life to Cardinal O'Connor -- NOW!" Bearded homosexuals wore nun's habits and others wore condoms suspended from Rosaries. One person made angel's wings out of inflated condoms. Police eventually charged 111 people with disorderly conduct, trespassing, and resisting arrest.
       A joint statement by religious leaders said that "We are appalled at this singularly unacceptable extension of civil disobedience. All believing persons are entitled to undisturbed worship as a basic exercise of freedom of religion. We cannot condone and must condemn this interruption of a service of worship, this denial of religious freedom." A statement by Jewish leaders, to include the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, the New York Board of Rabbis, and the Synagogue Council of America also condemned the invasion of St. Patrick's Cathedral as an "intolerable intrusion. ... The right to freedom of expression does not go so far as to permit the interference with the expression of others or the conduct of worship services."
       As expected, the homosexuals refused to apologize for their despicable actions and instead vigorously defended them in their pornographic magazines.
       These homosexual hate crimes began when Cardinal O'Connor banned Dignity, an unrepentant `Catholic' homosexual organization, from using church facilities for their meetings. In January 1988, ACT-UP also disrupted a lecture by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
       Robert Hutchinson. "Seven Trample on Consecrated Host." 30 Days, January 1990, pages 20 to 23; The Facts of Life Newsletter, December 1992, page 1; Cardinal John J. O'Connor. "A Sacrilege Recalled." The Wanderer, December 31, 1992, page 4.

New York City -- Medicaid Fraud

       Abortionist W.B. Cleveland and the Woman's General Hospital abortion mill were required to pay back $1.3 million in Medicaid funds for abortions performed without the required evidence that the procedures were necessary to save the mothers' lives. A review of 48 patients who had 2 or more abortions each had "depression" listed as the life-threatening justification for the abortions, but there was no evidence of psychiatric evaluation or referral in any of the cases.
       American Medical News, October 10, 1986.

New York City Area [Staten Island] -- Vandalism

       The Church of the Holy Child in Staten Island, New York has a pro-life sign on its property that reads "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart." On July 21, 1994, pro-abortionists vandalized the sign and taped an anti-Catholic poster to it. The poster accused the Catholic Church of holding "vast economic and political resources" used by its undemocratically chosen hierarchy" to enforce its "archaic" views about "abortion, women's rights, homosexuality and conception." It went on to say that "free speech in America is not free" and that "We have chosen to use this sign to say: "STOP IMPOSING YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON THOSE WHO DO NOT SHARE THEM" and "STOP ABUSING AND RESTRICTING WOMEN IN THE NAME OF GOD." The pastor, Monsignor John D. Burke, had received several threatening anonymous telephone calls ordering him to take down the sign.
       "Staten Island Church Property Defaced by Anonymous Bigots." The Wanderer, August 4, 1994; Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. 1994 Report on Anti-Catholicism.

Rochester -- Harassment and Possession of a Loaded Weapon

       On April 21, 1999, pro-abortionist James Krentel knelt and pretended to shoot an imaginary rifle at pro-lifers participating in Operation Save America. He was charged with harassment and possessing a loaded weapon in a vehicle. Police found two rifles, ammunition, and knives in his car.
       "Pro-Abortion Protester Arrested at New York Demonstrations." Catholic World News Briefs at, April 22, 1999.

Syracuse -- Harassment and Bible Burning

       When Pat Buchanan was invited to speak at Syracuse University in the Fall of 1997, leftist students continually disrupted his speech by yelling obscenities. At the beginning of the question and answer session, fourteen members of the Lesbian Avengers, a radical campus group, stood and began kissing each other in the pews of Hendricks Chapel to show their disapproval of Buchanan's stance on homosexuality. The demonstrations continued after the speech, culminating with students burning a Bible in front of the chapel.
       Melissa Moskal. "Pornography Conference and Bible Burning Top List: 1998 Politically Correct Top Ten." Downloaded from the Young America's Foundation Web page at on January 19, 1999. YAF's address is F.M. Kirby Freedom Center, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, VA 20170, telephone: 1-800-292-9231.

Syracuse Area [Auburn] -- Assault (8 incidents) and Death Threats (3 incidents)

       Pro-abortionists are usually cowardly and will pick on the most defenseless person they can find. During the period 1988 to 1993, 88-year old Elizabeth Zubon was victimized numerous times by pro-abortionists. She said that "I have had rocks thrown at my car, pencils, spit, and plastic quart containers thrown at me. Cars will try to force my car off the road. On several-lane highways or streets -- the guys and gals will scream at me and try to cause me to have an accident by startling me in this manner (as they drive along side of my car). They scream also, `you're going to get shot!'"
       Elizabeth Zubon, letter to Lynn Murphy, October 5, 1994.

Warwick -- Stalking, Attempted Extortion and Professional Misconduct

       In July 1995, abortionist Daniel Holschauer performed an abortion on a woman at South Orange Gynecology in Monroe, New York. A week later, he showed up at her job and requested sex with her, and she complied. Then he began to stalk her, calling her repeatedly and appearing at her job site several times, demanding more sex. After taking a job with the Middletown Community Health Center clinic in Monroe, New York, Holschauer continued to pursue the woman. When she returned to the abortion mill in September 1995, three months after the abortion, he saw her, put his arm around her and said, "I need a haircut, but that's not all I need."
       On March 1, 1996, he asked another woman patient for sex after doing a biopsy on her for cervical cancer at Horton Medical Center in Middletown. According to the Health Department's statement of charges, Holschauer removed the gauze after the biopsy. Then he told her, "I just did you a favor, now you could do me a favor," and he began to pull down his pants. When the patient refused, he asked her to perform a sexual act, according to the Health Department. After that incident, he attempted extortion with officials at Middletown Community Health Center by threatening to make trouble for them with state officials. He'd drop the threat, he told officials, "in return for certain actions on the part of the administrator of the health center." It is unclear what actions he sought perhaps silence about his conduct or perhaps continued employment. He got neither.
       Years earlier, in July 1991, he had sex with a post-abortive woman after giving her a pill, which he "told her would help her relax ... then took her back to her apartment where he had unprotected sexual intercourse with her," the Health Department says.
       The abortionist also lied to officials at both Arden Hill Hospital in Goshen and Horton Medical Center in Middletown when he applied for privileges at both hospitals, claiming he'd never had a problem with drug or alcohol abuse. In fact, he'd been in drug rehab for cocaine addiction, which had cost him a job in 1988, and which was an ongoing problem. He was granted privileges at Arden Hill in 1993 and at Horton in 1995. After first lying about the drug abuse, he then blamed it on his despair over the death of his father and his mother's Alzheimer's disease. He claimed to have conquered the problem on his own ÄÄ another lie.
       After an exhaustive, four-year investigation, the New York Department of Health's Office of Professional Medical Conduct suspended his medical license for a year, as of April 16, 2001.
       But the abortionist can resume practicing medicine in New York this month, after serving only two months of his one-year suspension. The remaining 10 months were stayed, provided he adhere to the following conditions: (1) he can treat female patients only with a chaperone present; (2) he must undergo routine drug testing and he must undergo psychotherapy for as long as the therapist deems necessary. He will be on probation for five years.
       Beth Quinn. "Warwick Gynecologist Admits Stalking Patients for Sex." Middletown (New York) Times Herald-Record, June 1, 2001; "Abortion Practitioner Admits Stalking Women After Abortions." Steven Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet at, June 6, 2001; Paul Likoudis. "New York State Medical Board Goes Easy on Abortionist Who Stalked Patients." The Wanderer, June 21, 2001; [NOTE: To see the full 25-page report on Holschauer's case on the Web, go to the New York Health Department's Office of Professional Medical Conduct site at].

Watertown -- Assault

       On October 22, 1993, Mrs. Vicki A. Kraeger, who was participating in a legal pro-life picket, was holding her six-month old baby. Police pushed her onto the hood of a car. After she handed the baby to a pro-lifer, police handcuffed her and dragged her several feet along a sidewalk and stuffed her into the back seat of a patrol car. In this process, the police broke her arm.

8 posted on 02/01/2003 9:02:16 AM PST by toenail
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To: Mr. Silverback
The "right to choose" is a grim euphemism indeed, since numerous young girls are not given a real opportunity to choose. It's very common--maybe even in the majority of cases--for the boyfriends to bribe, pressure or force them to have an abortion. It's also not unknown for parents to drag their daughters to an abortion clinic. Contrariwise, if the parents are pro-life, it's not uncommon for some school councilor or planned-parenthood official to lean heavily on the girl to have an abortion without informing her parents and without any real opportunity to consider the alternatives.

This woman is going to have an uphill battle convincing a New York court to let her off. When abortion is involved, the usual priorities of a liberal judge are to do whatever is necessary to preserve the "right" to unlimited abortions under any circumstances. When a potentially embarrassing issue arises, such as a violent boyfriend, this kind of dirt has to be shoveled under the rug as quickly as possible.
9 posted on 02/01/2003 9:55:27 AM PST by Cicero
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To: Mr. Silverback
She saved that baby's life. She should be given a medal.
10 posted on 02/01/2003 10:11:43 AM PST by LoveMyCountry (Love my country, or get the hell out)
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To: Mr. Silverback
A Brooklyn woman, who admitted she shot her boyfriend dead during a fight in their car over whether she should have an abortion

Why were they in their car? Was he trying to take her to an abortion clinic and she was defending the life of her child?

11 posted on 02/01/2003 10:21:48 AM PST by FITZ
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To: Cicero
Even the feminists will side against her if she was trying to save her baby against a forced abortion. They'll claim the man was a hero.
12 posted on 02/01/2003 10:22:49 AM PST by FITZ
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To: Luis Gonzalez
He would have been in his 123 trimester...
13 posted on 02/01/2003 10:35:35 AM PST by babygene (Viable after 87 trimesters)
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To: Mr. Silverback
But prosecutors and Sampson's family say White fired in a rage after he went with his sister to serve White an order of protection to end their six-year relationship.

It should be pretty easy to tell if he had an order of protection with him when the killing happened.

Why does the newspaper give so much more space to the woman's story than the man's?

14 posted on 02/01/2003 10:47:01 AM PST by xm177e2 (smile) :-)
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To: toenail
   On December 5, 1988, Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian went wild when several pro-lifers sang Christmas carols outside his home on a public sidewalk. Slepian grabbed a baseball bat and severely injured Ronald Breymeier, 48, by beating him on the head, back, and arms, before smashing out all of the windows on Breymeier's van.

Well, we know who got the last word in on that one, don't we?

15 posted on 02/01/2003 10:49:09 AM PST by Rodney King (No, we can't all just get along.)
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To: Mr. Silverback
Revolvers don't have one in Brooklyn is dumb enough to get in a gunfight in a car with a semi-auto. Geesh!
16 posted on 02/01/2003 10:57:43 AM PST by D Rider
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To: Mr. Silverback
Revolvers don't have one in Brooklyn is dumb enough to get in a gunfight in a car with a semi-auto. Geesh!
17 posted on 02/01/2003 1:17:15 PM PST by D Rider
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To: D Rider
You will notice two things in the article:

There is no mention of whether the weapon in question was revolver or semi-auto.

This was not a gunfight, but a murder or accidental shooting.
18 posted on 02/01/2003 7:28:12 PM PST by Mr. Silverback (The surly bonds of Earth have been slipped.)
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To: toenail
Thanks for posting that, I dig ProLife InfoNet.
19 posted on 02/01/2003 7:29:28 PM PST by Mr. Silverback (The surly bonds of Earth have been slipped.)
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To: LoveMyCountry
>>She saved that baby's life. She should be given a medal.

She did and she should however now that poor baby as well as her other children will end up in the foster care system. Hopefully someone good and decent will come along and offer to keep them as a group until mopm gets out of prison.

However the method of securing this life was not real good. Not only has she soiled the name of Pro-Lifers by murdering this guy "accidently" she also gave the Anti Gun Nazis some fuel for their fire too.
20 posted on 02/01/2003 8:21:12 PM PST by kancel (Who thinks the only good doctor is the one you don't have to deal with .)
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