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  • Wadhams: Democrats Didn't win, Republicans Lost

    06/27/2007 1:36:11 PM PDT · by george76 · 20 replies · 811+ views
    The Associated Press ^ | Jun 26, 2007
    Republicans themselves brought on the whipping they suffered in the 2006 elections, Colorado state GOP chairman Dick Wadahms said in appearances in Montana. "I don't think Democrats really won the 2006 elections," said Wadhams, who spoke to the Montana Republican Party convention ... "They were just standing there. We didn't deserve to win in 2006." Wadhams is a former campaign director and staff member for Conrad Burns, who represented Montana... Republicans lost in 2006 because they forfeited their claim to fiscal responsibility, "mishandled the ethical lapses" ... Wadhams, 51, has won more campaigns than he's lost, but he lost a...
  • Barnes making it official: Former mayor will run for Congress in the 6th District

    05/13/2007 6:52:33 AM PDT · by Non-Sequitur · 2 replies · 419+ views
    Kansas City Star ^ | 05/13/07 | Steve Kraske
    Former Kansas City mayor Kay Barnes will run for the U.S. House next year against Rep. Sam Graves. “I believe that my philosophy is the one that is the most effective one and most represents American values,” Barnes told The Kansas City Star in disclosing her plans. Her decision was widely anticipated and comes after a long buildup that included trips to Washington, where she met with House leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and St. Louis, where she attended a Democratic Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner. The Democrat’s entry sets up one of the premier congressional races in the country next year...
  • Hamas Confirms Meeting with American Democrats [Confirmation Of WND Article...Senior Demoncrats]

    12/12/2006 8:21:56 AM PST · by conservativecorner · 49 replies · 2,141+ views
    Yonni The Blogger/ ^ | Dec. 12, 2006 | Yoni Tidi
    ( Hamas officials have confirmed a WorldNetDaily report that terrorist organization leaders recently met with senior Democratic party members after the recent sweep of both houses of Congress in last month's American elections. The independent Arab news agency Ma'an quoted Ahmed Yousef, an aide to prime minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ismail Haniyeh as saying the meeting was held. However, a Democratic National Committee spokeswoman said she has no knowledge that the meeting took place. Details were withheld in order not to damage the image of the Democratic party, he added. Yousef said that Hamas leaders also spoke to...
  • After election, Foley story fizzles

    12/16/2006 12:26:40 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 17 replies · 1,055+ views ^ | 12/16/06 | By Debra J. Saunders
    If ever a news story bolstered Rush Limbaugh's low opinion of the "drive-by media," it is the tawdry saga of former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla. When the story about Foley's e-mails to former House pages first broke, cable news was All Foley/All the Time. The chattering classes -- this columnist included were outraged at the GOP leadership's inexcusable failure to protect vulnerable House pages from Foley. Many pundits didn't need proof, so happy were they to embrace Nancy Pelosi's charge that there had been a "cover-up of Mark Foley's outrageous behavior." When the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct...
  • The Race To The Middle For 2008

    12/03/2006 7:47:19 AM PST · by A. Pole · 83 replies · 1,114+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | November 29, 2006 | Phyllis Schlafly
    The best postmortem on the 2006 election came from that perennial politician, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). He said, "People want to know who's on their side. Whether it's health care or wages or retirement issues, they want to have someone on their side." The biggest electoral bloc of the "they" who are seeking friends is the middle class, which includes people variously labeled blue-collar workers, skilled workers, or Reagan Democrats. They are the swing voters, often called the moveables. President Ronald Reagan's victories absolutely depended on their support. But Presidents Bush I and II kicked them away from the Republican...
  • Endangered species alert: 45% of RINOs vanish in a single year

    11/30/2006 4:11:28 PM PST · by dangus · 104 replies · 2,749+ views
    The 2006 election was tragic for conservatives who did lose several key races. But the losses were downright devestating for RINOs (Republicans In Name Only.) The following is a list of the RINOs, who scored under 60% as graded by the American Conservative Union, and how they fared in the last election: SENATE: Linc Chafee, RI: defeated. Olympia Snowe, ME: no contest. Sue Collins, ME: re-elected. Mike DeWine, OH: defeated. HOUSE Christopher Shays, CT: re-elected. Mike Castle, DE: re-elected. Sherwood Boehlert, NY: defeated. Jim Leach, IA: retired. Mark Kirk, IL: re-elected. Nancy Johnson, CT: defeated. Wayne Gilchrest, MD: re-elected. Scott...
  • Strategy to divide Americans must be overcome (MEGA-PROJECTILE BARF ALERT)

    11/30/2006 7:44:45 AM PST · by Chi-townChief · 34 replies · 1,407+ views
    Star Newspapers - Chicago ^ | November 30, 2006 | Paula Morris, guest columnist
    Well, I was expecting some kind of backlash from the conservative arena. But, I am dumbstruck to see what that backlash looks like in The Star. Conservatives are so afraid of change that they need to push their agenda down our throats even more strongly now that the Democrats have taken control of the House and the Senate. Another column by a conservative? Fran Eaton is wrong. This country is not divided 50-50. Right-wingers have been lied to. There is more likely a 70-30 split, with 30 percent (plus or minus a few percentage points) being conservative. Most of this...
  • Judge issues setback to Jennings (D) in lawsuit ~ Florida 2006 election results contested...

    11/21/2006 11:12:52 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 9 replies · 1,073+ views
    Herald - Tribune ^ | November 21. 2006 1:24PM | LLOYD DUNKELBERGER H-T CAPITAL BUREAU
    A Tallahassee circuit judge today denied Democrat Christine Jennings’ request to expedite her lawsuit challenging the outcome of her District 13 Congressional race against Republican Vern Buchanan. The decision by Judge William Gary means the next critical event in the disputed election will occur Tuesday when the state Division of Elections begins its testing of touch-screen machines used in the election. Jennings has alleged the machines malfunctioned during the election, resulting in more than 18,000 undervotes in Sarasota County, and she has asked for a new election. In his order, Gary said Jennings and Buchanan can have their computer experts...
  • Swing District Analysis

    11/13/2006 6:18:22 PM PST · by WOSG · 39 replies · 1,263+ views
    NFRA Newsletter ^ | November 12, 2006 | Grover Norquist
    There are now 58 House Democrats elected in districts that voted for Bush in 2004. There are now only nine House Republicans elected in districts that voted for Kerry in 2004. Note the larger Bush Margins than Kerry margins. Those 58 Dem’s are in more difficult districts than the nine R’s. If in 2008 the R's only won those districts that performed 58% or more for Bush in 2004 they would pick up 18seats.If in 2008, the R's only win those districts that performed 55% or more for Bush in 2004, they would pick up 32 seats.Remember, when Bush won...
  • Webb spins his Ulster-Scots heritage into the US elections

    11/13/2006 10:13:53 AM PST · by Wallace T. · 53 replies · 1,345+ views
    Belfast (Northern Ireland) Telegraph ^ | November 9, 2006 | Sean O'Driscoll
    There have been many US presidents with Ulster-Scots roots, but for Virginia Democrat, Jim Webb, being Ulster-Scots or Irish Scots has become a rallying point for his supporters and a focus of his astonishingly popular campaign for a Senate seat. As last week's New Yorker magazine put it, Webb has presented Ulster-Scots heritage as "the DNA of red-state America". And it seemed to be working as last night he claimed victory in his tightly-fought Senate race with Republican George Allen, even though a recount now looks to be on the cards.Throughout the heavily Ulster-Scots mountain towns of Virginia, Mr Webb...
  • Russia: U.S. Election Expected To Chill Relations Further

    11/10/2006 3:14:23 PM PST · by sergey1973 · 22 replies · 889+ views
    RFERL ^ | November 9, 2006 | RFERL
    PRAGUE, November 9, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- Russian media today are predicting a chill in U.S.-Russia ties following the results of the November 7 U.S. elections, which appeared to hand both chambers of Congress to the opposition Democrats and have led to the surprise resignation of U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Many Russian newspapers predict the changes to the U.S. Congress will mean increased criticism of Russia's human rights standards, and a deterioration in cooperation on foreign-policy issues like Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. RFE/RL correspondent Claire Bigg spoke to Aleksandr Golts, a political and defense expert for the Moscow-based "Yezhednevny...
  • Life Imitates Simpsons: 2006 Elections

    11/10/2006 8:42:01 AM PST · by S. T. Karnick · 19 replies · 1,235+ views
    Karnick on Culture ^ | 11/10/06 | S. T. Karnick
    If you want to understand the huge tail-whuppin' the Republican Party took this week, there's a great Simpsons episode of a few years back that explained it all in advance. You may remember the episode, "Sideshow Bob Roberts." In this classic installment, "Diamond" Joe Quimby, the blatantly corrupt, sleazy, porkbarreling, free-spending, incompetent, unprincipled, oversexed, self-indulgent jackass mayor of Springfield, is running for reelection for the umpteenth time, in this instance challenged by Sideshow Bob, the murderous TV clown. During their televised debate, Quimby, suffering from the flu, flounders badly, and, brushing his hair back off of his sweaty forehead, even...
  • Historic Victory for Diebold! [Ann Coulter]

    11/08/2006 3:58:41 PM PST · by pissant · 206 replies · 5,547+ views
    Human Events ^ | 11/8/06 | Ann Coulter
    History was made this week! For the first time in four election cycles, Democrats are not attacking the Diebold Corp. the day after the election, accusing it of rigging its voting machines. I guess Diebold has finally been vindicated. So the left won the House and also Nicaragua. They've had a good week. At least they don't have their finger on the atom bomb yet. Democrats support surrender in Iraq, higher taxes and the impeachment of President Bush. They just won an election by pretending to be against all three. Jon Tester, Bob Casey Jr., Heath Shuler, possibly Jim Webb...

    11/07/2006 9:20:01 PM PST · by ChicagoHebrew · 37 replies · 2,861+ views
    official VA reports ^ | November 7, 2006 | ChicagoHebrew
    Official VA reports from Isle of Wright County: Allen 6,984 Webb 5,050 92% of precincts CNN Numbers: Allen 6,984 Webb 9050 92% of precincts One of these numbers is wrong. And its a typo
  • Photo of Charlie Rangel at podium of Workers World Party / Troops Out Now rally!

    11/07/2006 2:30:02 PM PST · by exposing_the_left · 24 replies · 1,477+ views
    Workers World Party ^ | 11/07/06 | exposing the left
    First, an excerpt from a fellow Freepers post, then my comments and COMPLETE EXPOSURE of demon-rat congressman Charlie Rangel. "Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., offered his predictions to Sam Donaldson and Mark Halperin on ABC News Now's 'Politics Live.' Rangel is currently the ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee. If Democrats pick up six seats in next week's crucial midterm elections and gain the majority, Rangel would become chairman of the committee. Donaldson suggested that Democrats seem to be all over the lot on how to handle the war in Iraq. Rangel countered: "The Democrats believe we should...
  • A Compilation of Accusations of Voting Irregularities from Around the Nation

    11/07/2006 2:17:38 PM PST · by dangus · 12 replies · 1,245+ views
    Compilation by Dangus ^ | 11/7/06 | Various
    The following are news stories involving potential voting irregularities around the nation. Headlines are changed only to provide more or clearer information. When multiple stories about the same incident appear, I try to post the later ones, supposing the information may be more up-to-date. I make no judgments about the credibility of the accusations, as I consider wolf cries to be newsworthy and I also make no claim to expertise in evaluating credibility of events in distant states. Judge issues injunctions against Democrats for vote-buying; accusations would be of felonies. -- Pennsylvania voter (union thug) smashes vote machine --...
  • Steele Set for Victory? (US Senate Majority Looking Good!)

    11/07/2006 10:44:25 AM PST · by meg88 · 160 replies · 10,008+ views
    Red ^ | 11/7/06 | erick
    If early indications in Maryland and GOP rumblings can be believed, it looks like the GOP will hold on to the U.S. Senate thanks to the election of Michael Steele to the United States Senate. Several top Republicans in DC are quietly saying they expect Michael Steele to win and Georgia House District 12 to flip to the GOP.
  • Is A Gay Who Opposes Same Sex Marriage A Hypocrite? (True Definition Of Hypocrisy Alert)

    11/06/2006 10:05:35 PM PST · by goldstategop · 9 replies · 772+ views ^ | 11/07/2006 | Dennis Prager
    Why did a gay prostitute tell the media about the homosexual behavior of a leading Christian opponent of same-sex marriage on the weekend before an election, an election in which eight states vote on whether to maintain the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman? Because he knew, first of all, that the media love to publicize the sexual lives of public figures. How else to explain the extensive reporting by the mainstream news media of the private sexual acts of a prominent sportscaster a decade ago -- a basketball announcer, not a politician, not a religious...
  • HELP GET OUT THE GOP VOTE NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE! Use Free Cell Long Distance to Call GOP Voters!

    11/06/2006 3:11:57 PM PST · by MikeA · 21 replies · 574+ views
    This is our last chance to get out the vote and to keep Pelosi and Reid from being Speaker and Majority leader! We have the power to stop them! If we get hundreds of Freepers on this, we can hold the House and the Senate and stuff it in the face of the Clown Car Media and their year's worth of predicting disaster for the GOP! Please go to: or just click the link above and sign up to call 30 Republican voters, even if you can't do all 30. It's easy and most of all with many polls...
  • Use Your Free Cell Phone Long Distance to Call Republican Voters to GOTV! Here's How...

    11/06/2006 12:29:15 PM PST · by MikeA · 7 replies · 434+ views ^ | 11/06/06
    Here is an e-mail I received over the weekend from Ken Mehlman head of the RNC. Please sign up to call 30 Republican voters, even if you can't do all 30. It's easy and most of all with many polls now showing momentum shifting towards the GOP, this will help build on that momentum and make a difference! See my comments below for more on how do to this. Dear Michael , It all comes down to this - one final weekend, millions of voter contacts, and you. With four days to go, a handful of House and Senate races...
  • The Difference Two Years Made (NYT rationalizes endorsing NO Republican candidates)

    11/05/2006 7:06:50 PM PST · by lonestar67 · 17 replies · 967+ views
    New York Times ^ | November 6, 2006 | Editorial
    This election is indeed about George W. Bush — and the Congressional majority’s insistence on protecting him from the consequences of his mistakes and misdeeds. Mr. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and proceeded to govern as if he had an enormous mandate. After he actually beat his opponent in 2004, he announced he now had real political capital and intended to spend it. We have seen the results. It is frightening to contemplate the new excesses he could concoct if he woke up next Wednesday and found that his party had maintained its hold on the House and...
  • Campaign 2006: GOP on the rebound

    11/05/2006 5:53:16 PM PST · by GOPbarney6 · 41 replies · 1,564+ views
    Mcclatchy ^ | Nov. 5, 2006 | Steven Thomma
    Republican Senate candidates have bounced back in two largely overlooked states, strengthening their party's chance to retain control of the U.S. Senate in Tuesday's elections, according to an exclusive series of McClatchy Newspapers-MSNBC polls. Twelve new state-by-state polls show a surprise shift in the political battleground to the north as Republican incumbents clawed their way back in two states frequently written off as lost to them -- Montana and Rhode Island. In Montana, Republican Sen. Conrad Burns has fought back to a 47-47 percent tie with Democrat Jon Tester after trailing in all earlier polls.
  • (Chicago rat) Machine's shadow creeps over Obama

    11/05/2006 11:12:52 AM PST · by Chi-townChief · 4 replies · 1,904+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | November 5, 2006 | CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist
    It would have been one thing if Barack Obama had given Todd Stroger a one-armed hug. But a wet sloppy kiss? This past week Senators Obama and Dick Durbin signed a letter endorsing the candidacy of young Todd so that he might follow in his father's footsteps and become the next president of the Cook County Board. This has been one of the sadder sagas in Chicago political history. And Obama, America's audacious knight in shining armor, deprives us of the very hope he likes to talk about in his speeches and his books. I don't mean to let Durbin...
  • Swift Boater No. 1

    11/05/2006 7:02:10 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 67 replies · 2,058+ views
    Swift Boater No. 1 November 5, 2006 12:50 am John Kerry's painful self-expiation SEN. JOHN KERRY'S little joke about smarts and soldiering in Iraq turned out to be, pardon the expression, not much of a swiftie. If the Kerry Correlation is true, the senator's performance at a California city college last week qualified him to be dropped off alone in middle of the Sunni Triangle with a rifle, pack, and desert uniform with a stitched-on name patch: Doofus. If that scenario sounds suicidal, Mr. Kerry's remark about the lazy and ill-educated "get[ting] stuck in Iraq"--he claimed later he was talking...
  • Kerry’s ‘joke’ foils pols’ plans (MA politics)

    11/04/2006 10:30:13 PM PST · by xtinct · 44 replies · 2,033+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 11-5-06 | Howie Carr
    The Massachusetts congressional delegation would like to ask Sen. John Kerry a question: How can we miss you when you won’t go away? You see, there’s a whole other story involved in Gigolo John’s political suicide in Pasadena last week. For weeks, the persistent rumor had been that once the elections were over, Liveshot would announce that 1) he was officially running for president in 2008, and 2) he would not seek re-election to the Senate. Nobody cared about 1) because a 2008 run would have obviously been his next “botched joke,” but 2) would have set off a stampede...
  • Election Season Is Bad Time For Slip Of The Quip (Mark Steyn On Meaning Of Kerry's Quip Alert)

    11/05/2006 2:25:58 AM PST · by goldstategop · 112 replies · 3,902+ views
    Chicago Sun Times ^ | 11/05/2006 | Mark Steyn
    My face time with John Kerry has been brief but choice. In 2003, I was at a campaign event in New Hampshire chatting with two old coots in plaid. The senator approached and stopped in front of us. The etiquette in primary season is that the candidate defers to the cranky Granite Stater's churlish indifference to status and initiates the conversation: "Hi, I'm John Kerry. Good to see ya. Cold enough for ya? How 'bout them Sox?" Etc. Instead, Kerry just stood there nose to nose, staring at us with an inscrutable semi-glare on his face. After an eternity, an...
  • The ABC/Washington Post generic ballot preference moved eight points?

    11/04/2006 10:07:19 PM PST · by perfect_rovian_storm · 22 replies · 1,324+ views | 11/04/2006 | Jim Geraghty
    Generic numbers have been volatile all year; will we see any shift to Republicans this weekend? If we do, Obi thinks it could be significant. He sees an interesting glimmer in the Wall Street Journal’s pollsters noting that Americans are starting to give credit to Bush for good economic growth. The ABC Washington Post poll generic ballot question, two weeks ago: Dem Rep Other Neither Will not No cand. cand. (vol.) (vol.) vote (vol.) opin. 10/22/06 LV 55 41 0 1 * 3 10/22/06 RV 54 41 * 1 * 3 The ABC Washington Post poll, today: Dem Rep Other...
  • G.O.P. Glum as It Struggles to Hold Congress

    11/04/2006 11:00:33 AM PST · by publius1 · 46 replies · 1,428+ views
    New York Times ^ | November 5, 2006 | ADAM NAGOURNEY and ROBIN TONER
    WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 — The battle for Congress rolled into a climactic final weekend with Republican Party leaders saying the best outcome they could foresee was losing 12 seats in the House, but they were increasingly steeling themselves to the loss of at least 15 and therefore control of the House for the first time in 12 years.
  • 97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense And Can't Be Trusted To Govern In Wartime

    11/04/2006 11:48:08 AM PST · by FairOpinion · 41 replies · 3,383+ views
    Investors Business Daily ^ | Nov. 4, 2006 | IBD
    Today's Democrats are nothing like Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy, who with courage and decisive action kept on top of their jobs and aggressively confronted one national defense crisis after another. We're in a war. Something always goes wrong in a war, and our military leaders have made mistakes in Iraq. But quitting and leaving would amount to defeat for the U.S. in the global war on terrorism and create chaos. Quitters never win. However, (97) when it comes to which party has proved more capable in acting to defend and protect Americans from foreign enemies, there is only one...
  • Karl Rove, a Cancer on American Politics? [Columnist Tom Friedman..........]

    11/03/2006 1:16:46 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 139 replies · 3,008+ views
    Karl Rove, a Cancer on American Politics? "Everyone says that Karl Rove is a genius. Yeah, right. So are cigarette companies. They get you to buy cigarettes even though we know they cause cancer. That is the kind of genius Karl Rove is." Posted by: Clay Waters 11/3/2006 10:26:59 AM Columnist Tom Friedman really wants the Republicans to suffer next Tuesday, judging by his Friday column (Times Select required) "Insulting Our Troops, and Out Intelligence." "George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld think you’re stupid. Yes, they do. "They think they can take a mangled quip about President Bush and...

    11/03/2006 8:27:18 AM PST · by conservativecorner · 27 replies · 1,932+ views
    Neral Boortz ^ | Nov. 3, 2006 | Neal Boortz
    Democrat Party disdain ... bordering on outright dislike ... of and toward our men and women in uniform is what pounded me back into reality earlier this week. John Kerry made his insipid remarks about soldiers in Iraq and Democrats, by and large, remained silent. Harold Ford stepped up, and perhaps one or two others, but by and large Democrats were content to let Kerry make yet another in his long string of remarks denigrating our military without condemnation. Kerry's remarks served to remind me also of the Democrat's penchant for trying to suppress military votes. Sadly, too few Americans...
  • Last-Minute Stuff EVERYONE Can Do -- Even YOU !!! (via EMAIL!)

    11/03/2006 9:17:24 AM PST · by FreeKeys · 7 replies · 290+ views
    FreedomKeys ^ | 20061103 | FreeKeys
    DEMOCRATS: WEAK ON DEFENSE DEMOCRATS HAVE REPEATEDLY VOTED TO SLASH INTELLIGENCE FUNDING  Do YOU want THEM to take over the Congress? (EVERY Democrat elected to Congress WILL vote for the ultra-liberal San Franciscan Nancy Pelosi or some other terrorist-appeaser for Speaker of the House).  EVERY Democrat elected to the Senate WILL vote for "cut and run" Harry Reid for Majority Leader and block pro-security judges nominated to the Supreme and appellate courts.Democrats Have Repeatedly Voted To Cut Intelligence Funding, Even After September 11th: In 2003, 33 SENATE Democrats Voted To Withhold $50 Million In Intelligence Funding.  (H.R. 2658, CQ Vote...
  • Why You Should Believe John Kerry (Kevin McCullough: You've Been Warned About Liberals Alert)

    11/03/2006 1:21:37 AM PST · by goldstategop · 14 replies · 940+ views ^ | 11/03/2006 | Kevin McCullough
    John Kerry hasn't tucked tail and run this fast since his third Purple Heart in Vietnam. Then he wanted to get out of the free fire of the Viet Cong; now he wants out of the free fire of truth and analysis. Nonetheless, the world should take note of John Kerry, because this week he has given us all an indisputable truth. Liberals must lie, deceive, distort and – for lack of better terms – shuck and jive when it comes to their actual beliefs. They must do so constantly to attempt to trick mainstream Americans as to what they...
  • Don't Tread On Our Military (David Limbaugh: Hey Rats, Our Country's Motto Is "Don't Tread On Me")

    11/03/2006 1:08:38 AM PST · by goldstategop · 6 replies · 696+ views ^ | 11/03/2006 | David Limbaugh
    I honestly don't believe Kerry was joking when he warned students they better stay in school lest they wind up in Iraq, nor do I believe, based on his initial reaction of indignation, that he was sincere in the apology that he was browbeaten into giving. Those questions aside, the more important point is that Kerry's statement has had the effect of placing the Democrats' approach toward defense, the war on terror and the military under a microscope, and nothing could be worse for them – politically. That Kerry doesn't share a high opinion of our military is born out...
  • Democrats Want America To Fail (Melanie Morgan On Teaching Republicans A Lesson Is Stupid Alert)

    11/03/2006 12:56:39 AM PST · by goldstategop · 16 replies · 797+ views ^ | 11/03/2006 | Melanie Morgan
    The comments made by Sen. John Kerry this week, disparaging the intelligence and abilities of U.S. troops serving in Iraq, were revolting. But they hardly were surprising. The latest remarks by Kerry follow those by his colleague, Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin in June 2005 when he compared American troops to "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime – Pol Pot or others – that had no concern for human beings." There are two motivations for cut-and-run Democrats to make outrageous comments like these. One is that they are so unprincipled in their quest for power that they will...
  • Its Official: Terrorists Are For The Democrats (The Jihad Wants You To Vote For Pelosi&Reid Alert)

    11/03/2006 12:45:53 AM PST · by goldstategop · 15 replies · 887+ views ^ | 11/03/2006 | Joseph Farah
    There's been a lot of speculation this campaign season about who our terrorist enemies might actually want to see win the elections next Tuesday. Thanks to the courageous and enterprising work of WND's Jerusalem bureau chief, Aaron Klein, we don't have to speculate anymore. Some of the senior leaders of terrorist organizations in the Middle East have spoken out – given their endorsements, if you will – on the record. And the winners of their support are … the Democrats. Why isn't this surprising? Because deep in our hearts, we knew it all the time. It makes perfect sense, doesn't...
  • Howie Carr: Brace Yourself for Duke Redux

    11/02/2006 11:55:52 PM PST · by raccoonradio · 12 replies · 1,137+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 11/03/06 | Howie Carr
    Mike Dukakis was a good governor. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Deval Patrick. Here’s the exchange from the final televised debate Wednesday night. Kerry Healey: “I’d like to ask you, do you think Dukakis was a good governor, and why?” Deval: “I think that Mike Dukakis was a good governor in many ways, and we had challenges then.” We sure did, Deval, and the biggest challenge of all, at least to us taxpayers, was named M. Stanley Dukakis. Sure, Deval’s lead in the polls is most likely insurmountable, and tossing a bouquet to the henpecked wimp Mike...
  • Liberal bloggers rip party over Lamont

    11/03/2006 12:09:44 AM PST · by Aussie Dasher · 56 replies · 1,752+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 3 November 2006 | Charles Hurt
    National Democrats have abandoned their anti-war Senate candidate in Connecticut, say liberal bloggers who earlier this year were heavily courted by top Democrats in their quest to take over Congress. Democratic nominee Ned Lamont -- darling of the left-wing blogosphere -- now trails Sen. Joe Lieberman by 10 points or more, and the highly energized bloggers who helped win him the nomination in August blame the national party. Matt Stoller, a District-based blogger, wondered this week why Mr. Lamont is getting trounced. "Well there are a number of reasons, but among the most prominent is the total abandonment of Lamont...
  • Fear of Taxes Could Save Burns in Montana

    11/02/2006 7:21:12 AM PST · by FreeKeys · 11 replies · 803+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | November 02, 2006 | Robert Novak
    Just two weeks ago, Republican Sen. Conrad Burns appeared dead in trying for a fourth term. Polls gave his Democratic opponent, State Sen. Jon Tester, a double-digit lead, and that caused party leaders in Washington to write off Burns. But less than a week before the election, Burns has closed to within a few percentage points of Tester. The reason can be found in this Burns television ad: "Jon Tester...raised taxes on more than 16,000 small businesses....Tester supports a $2,000 tax increase on families. Tester's a politician and a taxer who'll say anything to get elected." ...Burns is pounding Tester...
  • Rush's Interview with President George W. Bush

    11/01/2006 10:52:07 AM PST · by Kaslin · 31 replies · 2,069+ views
    Rush's site ^ | November 1, 2006 | Rush
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Mr. President. THE PRESIDENT: Hey, Rush, how are you? RUSH: Never better. It's a thrill to have you on the program today and many thanks for making time for us. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, sir, for giving me a chance to visit with you. RUSH: How are you doing? THE PRESIDENT: I'm doing great. I really am. You know, when you've been doing this as long as I have you feed off the crowds and feed off the enthusiasm and you like a contest, and we're in a really important contest, and so I'm doing fine. It's...
  • Vermont poised to elect America's first socialist senator

    11/01/2006 5:55:50 PM PST · by Lorianne · 68 replies · 2,229+ views
    Gurdian ^ | November 2, 2006
    Amid the furious debate over Iraq and the speculation that George Bush may be a lame duck after next Tuesday's mid-term elections, an extraordinary political milestone is approaching: a cantankerous 65-year-old called Bernie looks set to become the first socialist senator in US history. Bernie Sanders is so far ahead in the contest for Vermont's vacant seat for the US Senate that it seems only sudden illness or accident could derail his rendezvous with destiny, after eight terms as the state's only congressman. His success flies in the face of all the conventional wisdom about American politics. He is an...

    11/01/2006 4:09:13 PM PST · by perfect stranger · 65 replies · 2,273+ views ^ | Nov. 1 2006 | Ann Coulter
    JIHAD IS FUN! VOTE DEMOCRAT! by Ann Coulter November 1, 2006 John Kerry is the "botched joke" of American politics. For those of you keeping score at home, John Kerry has now called members of the U.S. military (a) stupid, (b) crazy, (c) murderers, (d) rapists, (e) terrorizers of Iraqi women and children. I wonder what he'll call them tomorrow. Whatever Karl Rove is paying John Kerry to say stupid things, it's worth every penny. Now, back to the midterm elections ... Analysts place the average midterm loss for the party in the White House at around 15 to 44...
  • El Rushbo Interview With President Bush! (Keep Your Heads Up Folks, Its Great!)

    11/01/2006 5:12:52 PM PST · by goldstategop · 2 replies · 973+ views
    Rush ^ | 11/01/2006 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Mr. President. THE PRESIDENT: Hey, Rush, how are you? RUSH: Never better. It's a thrill to have you on the program today and many thanks for making time for us. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, sir, for giving me a chance to visit with you. RUSH: How are you doing? THE PRESIDENT: I'm doing great. I really am. You know, when you've been doing this as long as I have you feed off the crowds and feed off the enthusiasm and you like a contest, and we're in a really important contest, and so I'm doing fine. It's kind of...
  • Dems' Disdain For The Military (Michelle Malkin Hits Home Run Alert)

    11/01/2006 1:52:11 AM PST · by goldstategop · 30 replies · 1,995+ views ^ | 11/01/2006 | Michelle Malkin
    The Democrats' failed 2004 presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry, may have just sabotaged his party's highest hopes for the 2006 midterm elections. Karl Rove himself couldn't have engineered a better campaign reminder of the Democrats' utter lack of credibility when it comes to supporting, respecting and leading America's military. Here is what Sen. Kerry told an audience of young people at a campaign event on the Pasadena City College campus on Monday held for losing California Democrat gubernatorial challenger Phil Angelides: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework,...
  • Thank You, John Kerry ( Joseph Farah Urges Americans To Vote To Defeat Democrats Alert)

    11/01/2006 1:36:17 AM PST · by goldstategop · 41 replies · 1,257+ views ^ | 11/01/2006 | Joseph Farah
    Thank you, John Kerry, for reminding me and the rest of America what an evil alternative you and your party represent for this country. I take a backseat to no one in my disgust for the failure of this president and the Republican Party in addressing some of the critical issues facing America – border security, controlled immigration, government spending, etc. So disenchanted was I – and I'm sure I speak for millions of other Americans – that I have been less than enthusiastic about next Tuesday's election. I asked myself: Does it really make a difference which party governs?...
  • Kerry's November Gift to Republicans? (Dem Congressman Says Kerry Is Blowing 2006 for Dems.)

    10/31/2006 3:54:12 PM PST · by MikeA · 173 replies · 5,264+ views
    WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 31, 2006 — For weeks, Republicans on the campaign trail have been looking for something — anything — to talk about other than the record of the Republican Congress and the way the Bush administration has conducted the war in Iraq. Monday, they got their wish. While stumping for local Democrats in California, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., addressed students at Pasadena City College and made a comment about education and the war in Iraq that lent itself to much controversy. "You know education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework...
  • Note To Angry Republicans: Stay Angry But Vote Republican (Dennis Prager Alert)

    10/30/2006 10:08:08 PM PST · by goldstategop · 32 replies · 1,126+ views ^ | 10/31/2006 | Dennis Prager
    One repeatedly hears that some conservatives and Republicans will either vote Democrat or not vote at all -- out of anger at the Republican Party. According to these Republican holdouts, the Republicans have governed as Democrats-lite by greatly increasing government spending and doing little about illegal immigration. Accordingly, it is better to have liberal government under liberals than liberal government under Republicans, and the Republicans need to be taught a lesson so that in the future they will govern as authentic Republicans. Conservatives should file this thinking under the heading "Cathartic," but not under "Smart." One of the great realizations...
  • Democrats Find Their Values Issue (Dems Forget Gay Rights For Election Time Alert)

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    Don ^ | 10/22/2006 | Don Feder
    In the most bizarre twist of a surreal campaign, Republicans could lose control of the House of Representatives due in part to disgraced Congressman Mark Foley's salacious e-mails to under-aged pages. If that happens, the beneficiary will be the party that has uncritically embraced the gay-rights movement -- which in turn embraces other things. Speaking of double standards: In 1983, Massachusetts Congressman Gary Studds (who passed away a few days ago) was found to have had sexual relations with a 16-year-old male page (No cyber-stalking for the Bay State perv.) He was censured by the House, then repeatedly reelected by...
  • Only Choice Is To Win The War Or Lose It (American Moment Can't Be Ceded To 25 Percenters Alert)

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    Chicago Sun Times ^ | 10/29/2006 | Mark Steyn
    I was on C-SPAN the other morning, and a lady called in to complain that ''you are making my blood pressure rise.'' Usual reason. The host, Paul Orgel, had asked me what I thought of President Bush and I replied that, whatever my differences with him on this or that, I thought he was one of the most farsighted politicians in Washington. That's to say, he's looking down the line to a world in which a radicalized Islam has exported its pathologies to every corner on Earth, Iran and like-minded states have applied nuclear blackmail to any parties within range,...
  • Latest Polling: McClintock Up 4

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    Flashreport ^ | October 27, 2006 | Brandon Powers
      Latest Polling: McClintock Up 4   by Brandon Powers - Los Angeles County 10-27-2006 5:00 pm The results of Public Opinion Strategies’ latest tracking poll is in, and it has Lt. Governor nominee Tom McClintock up 4-points.The survey, conducted over the last few nights with a sample of 800, has Tom up 39-35 with 15% undecided.Further, of those who’ve already voted, Tom’s up even bigger: 43-35.And despite attacks against him, Tom’s overall image rating remains in the neighborhood of 3:1, with his negatives still in the teens.Last, of those left undecided, Tom’s image rating stands higher than Garamendi’s.Going down...