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Announcements (News/Activism)

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  • Ted Cruz 2016 : FLORIDA Grassroots Campaign Leadership Conference (Orlando) : July 18, 2015

    05/25/2015 8:45:56 AM PDT · by Patton@Bastogne · 6 replies
    . Facebook RSVP @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1455973514700222/ Ted Cruz Campaign Team Members ! It's time for each of us (starting with me) to transition from Facebook "Keyboard Commandos" to becoming a Victorious "Boots-on-the Ground" force for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign. Ouch !!! That even zinged me ! Start your organizing your State County Teams today. I've included some basic ideas below ... You're guaranteed to have even better ideas ! Here's an EXCELLENT Grassroots Campaign Book : "The Grassroots Organizing Guide for a Progressive America" ... Created for YOU by the Democratic Party ... FREE Adobe PDF download ... (picture below) http://www.blogforiowa.com/…/Grassroots_Organizing_Guide.pdf...
  • Memorial thread for FReeper "Fawnn" RIP

    05/21/2015 12:18:27 PM PDT · by StarCMC · 76 replies
    Pamela K. “Pam” Rice Hahn, 63, of Wapakoneta died at 4:54 a.m. Tuesday May 19, 2015 at St. Rita’s Medical Center, Lima. She was born in Celina, OH on September 30, 1951 to Homer Hamilton Jr. & Patricia (Emans) Rice. Her father preceded her in death and her mother survives in Indiana. She was married to Michael L. Frank and Carl C. Hahn and both of them preceded her in death. She is survived by a daughter; “Lara” (Randy) S, 3 grandchildren Taylor, Charlie and Courtney S. all of Wapakoneta, a brother Dennis (Ann) R. of Celina, Tam (Rick)...
  • Ted Cruz 2016 : FLORIDA Grassroots Campaign -- New County Team Leaders Announcement : 2015-05-14

    05/13/2015 5:46:31 PM PDT · by Patton@Bastogne · 13 replies
    . Thanks to Tim Apro and John King (pictured below) for volunteering for the "Santa Rosa" and "Collier" Florida County leads for the Ted Cruz 2016 Florida Grassroots Campaign ! NOW is time for YOU to volunteer to lead your own Florida County at Ted-Cruz-2016@Engineering-Excellence.US ! Check-out the Florida Campaign Leaders List at: http://www.engineering-excellence.us/ted_cruz_2016_florida.html .
  • South Carolina Freedom Summit *Live* (Cruz speech vid #23)

    05/09/2015 11:51:33 AM PDT · by Syncro · 47 replies
    cspan ^ | May 9, 2005 | CSPAN
    Cruz on now http://www.c-span.org/networks/?channel=c-span
  • WWII WIA Trooper,Teacher,State FFA Advisor,Hunter, Dad, Passes (vanity)

    05/06/2015 12:42:42 AM PDT · by Sivad · 24 replies
    5/5/15 | Sivad
    When I was a kid I thought it would be cool to learn just how many Japanese my dad had killed during the War so I just asked him. He never had a problem telling me about his WWII experiences as a 11th AB paratrooper. But this time he sternly declined to answer. He was always proud of his military service but considered killing other people a necessary evil not something to flaunt. While helping to liberate Manila he received a wound to the top of his head which required a titanium plate to help mend. He lived over 70...
  • Ted Cruz 2016 : Launch the FLORIDA Campaign into Warp Drive : Tampa, FL July-18-2015 (RSVP)

    05/04/2015 5:58:35 PM PDT · by Patton@Bastogne · 18 replies
    Patton@Bastogne ^ | 2015-05-04 | Patton@Bastogne
    . Launch the Ted Cruz 2016 FLORIDA Campaign into Warp Drive ! Date: Saturday -- July 18, 2015 Time: 11:00 to 1:00 PM Place: Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) Questions : Ted-Cruz-20165 @ Engineering-Excellence.US .
  • Urgent Prayer Request for Johnny Random Freeper (Update at #237)

    05/01/2015 4:55:42 AM PDT · by SisterK · 309 replies
    This may be a bad place or time, but I'll ask anyway. Tomorrow is a big deal for me. I'm not quite back up to 110 pounds yet, but I'll go with what I've got. Tomorrow (Friday) I have a follow up appointment with the MD that did my 15 radiation treatments. Those treatments only treated my brain cancer, and did nothing for the other cancers we know I have. If everything goes right tomorrow, I'll begin my HEME/ONC treatment for the lung cancers and other stuff that I have. I've been made to understand that this is even rougher...
  • Father dies

    04/18/2015 8:40:50 PM PDT · by School of Rational Thought · 155 replies
    Father died a few hours ago. Veteran of Saipan. It has not quite hit me yet. I was care giver 24/7 for both my parents for seven years. My mother went two years ago. Just drinking.
  • Prayer Request For Freeper My Favorite Headache

    04/11/2015 4:25:45 AM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 90 replies
    I am writing this on-behalf of my husband and long time Freeper My Favorite Headache, he suffered a skull fracture, severe concussion, and a host of other body injuries on the night of March 6th after slipping on a patch of ice after a snowstorm hit earlier in the morning. He was walking to his car leaving a friends house from the garage to the driveway, literally 8 steps and he just went down. The injury was sustained to the back of his head and to his back and neck and had lost all feeling in his right leg which...
  • Loretta Lynch Opposition Growing but Needs HELP!

    04/02/2015 12:01:32 PM PDT · by ExSoldier · 16 replies
    G.O.A. email | 04/2/2015 | Gun Owners of America
    Three months ago, the lapdog media was convinced that the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch was a "slam dunk." Now, not so much. Lynch, as you may remember, has been characterized as "Eric Holder in a skirt." She committed, under oath, to continue to push Holder's unconstitutional anti-gun executive amnesty. She is in favor of a semi-auto ban, which should be of interest at a time when the Justice Department is using every means possible to ban semi-autos by executive fiat. In addition, when asked about the central pillar of Barack Obama's anti-gun push -- the universal background...
  • Full Speech: Ted Cruz announces 2016 presidential run at Liberty University

    03/23/2015 12:44:04 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 163 replies
    youtube video ^ | March 23, 2015 | Ted Cruz
    Full Speech: Ted Cruz announces 2016 presidential run at Liberty University: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8f3DsoMotU
  • Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

    03/01/2015 6:30:57 AM PST · by thesligoduffyflynns · 67 replies
    Breitbart ^ | today | self
    Remembering Andrew Breitbart
  • CPAC 2015 Tammy Bruce Panel

    02/26/2015 11:36:53 AM PST · by Sontagged · 19 replies
    CSPAN ^ | February 26, 2015 | CPAC 2015 Tammy Bruce
    2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, Day 1 (Panel starts at hour 3:30 or so on the link) 11:30 AM Panel with Tammy Bruce, Grover Norquist, Heather Higgins, Amanda House-Moderator
  • CPAC 2015

    02/25/2015 6:13:42 PM PST · by BeauBo · 39 replies
    Attendee ^ | 25 Feb 2015 | Self
    CPAC 2015 kicked off with training for activists today, and will commence in full force tomorrow morning (Thurs) and run through Saturday. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the biggest Conservative political event of the year, and is a showcase for potential Presidential candidates
  • prayer request for freeper

  • FREEP THIS PETITION: Say 'NO!' to the FCC Internet Takeover

    02/17/2015 7:50:20 AM PST · by Yosemitest · 23 replies
    On February 4, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed that the federal government reclassify the Internet from an ‘information service’ to a ‘telecommunications service’ in the name of keeping it 'fair' --a plan that came straight from Barack Obama's desk.Of course, this is nothing more than a pass for Big Government to expand its regulatory power at the expense of digital freedom. Like all innovation, the Internet wasn’t created by government… and government certainly has no power to control it. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a provision providing the federal government with power to regulate the free-flow...
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Reagan

    02/06/2015 6:45:09 PM PST · by combat_boots · 18 replies
    Various ^ | 2/6/2015
    Birthday - Ronald Reagan, (1911-2004) the 40th U.S. President, was born in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan spent 30 years as an entertainer in radio, film, and television before becoming governor of California in 1966. Elected to the White House in 1980, he survived an assassination attempt and became the most popular president since Franklin Roosevelt. http://api.ning.com/files/vaBRVGKu-A9RXBvuSC2bW9jktb2za5*YNqm-EoauRFt*S0RfHMrvBi6KFKDz8pQXRaIlIBlRw7C37JsI7Ep5rZ2o-gdRA957/RonaldReagan.jpg
  • Today is Chris Kyle Day in Texas [February 2]

    02/02/2015 2:24:47 PM PST · by GregoTX · 8 replies
    Breitbart ^ | February 2, 2015 | Brandon Darby
    February 2nd is Chris Kyle Day, declared Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott announced his intention to make the declaration official later today. The slain hero has come under fire recently as left-of-center celebrities and media personalities have insisted that patriotic Americans honoring Kyle were, in essence, worshiping a “coward” and a soldier who went on “killing sprees,” despite the fact that Kyle’s shooting has been credited with saving the lives of countless numbers of U.S. soldiers. Perhaps discouraged by the complete success of “American Sniper,” the film that memorializes the life of Kyle, left-of-center talking heads reacted in outrage at...
  • Free Republic Action Network (FRAN) : Fifty (50) new Facebook State Chapters : Just Click to Join !

    01/17/2015 2:17:40 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 8 replies
    Free Republic Action Network (FRAN) ^ | 2015-01-17 | Patton@Bastogne
    . ============================================================= Free Republic Action Network : Fifty (50) Facebook State Chapters : 2015-01-17 ============================================================= The "Free Republic Action Network" (FRAN) team is ready for 2015 ! Facebook internet links are listed below for the fifty (50) FRAN State Chapters. Just click the link for your state and join. The FRAN Team is an exciting NEW activity at Free Republic, echoing the GREAT successes years ago when Free Republic was a MAJOR FORCE on America's conservative political stage. Free Republic WILL be that again ! JOIN US ! The FRAN Team still needs another fifty (50) America Patriots that have...
  • Free Republic Action Network : FLORIDA Team Coordinators and Volunteers INVITED : Join TODAY !

    01/10/2015 5:55:48 AM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 5 replies
    Free Republic Action Network (FRAN) ^ | 2015-01-10 | Patton@Bastogne
    . ============================================ Free Republic Action Network : FLORIDA Invitation ============================================ The "Free Republic Action Network" (FRAN) team is ready for 2015 ! The FRAN Team is an exciting NEW activity at Free Republic, echoing the GREAT successes years ago when Free Republic was a MAJOR FORCE on America's conservative political stage. Free Republic WILL be that again ! JOIN US ! The FRAN Team still needs another fifty (50) America Patriots that have the same creativity, determination, and grit as does Jim Robinson, Free Republic's distinguished founder. Study the presentation below or visit it at this internet link: http://www.engineering-excellence.us/stop_obama_amnesty.html The...
  • Free Republic "Action Network" (FRAN) Proposal : 22 Patriot Gideons Invited : Jim Robinson OK'd

    01/07/2015 6:53:56 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 36 replies
    STOP Obama Amnesty -- FIRE John Boehner ! ^ | 2015-01-07 | Patton@Bastogne
    . Free Republic's Jim Robinson has approved this proposal. I'll check my e-mail (provided in the slides) in a few days and see if there are twenty-two (22) folks interested. I'm not here to "command" or "overlord" ... Anyone who feels genuinely called to lead this (proposed) effort should provide their name and e-mail address to this thread's readers. We're all familiar with recent disappointments with John Boehner (etc). This thread is "not" meant to discuss those issues ... rather ... what does the FUTURE look like. The Free Republic "Admin" is asked to closely monitor this thread to delete...
  • FIRE John Boehner Campaign : CALL David Jolly (FL-13) Office : Demand he SWITCH Vote from Boehner

    01/05/2015 12:27:44 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 16 replies
    STOP Obama Amnesty -- FIRE John Boehner ! ^ | 2015-01-05 | Patton-at-Bastogne
    . David Jolly (FL-Clearwater) has announced his support for John Boehner ... David Jolly's office Numbers: 2407 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-5961 Fax: (202) 225-9764 29275 U.S. Highway 19 North Clearwater, FL 33761 Phone: (727) 781-4400 Fax: (727) 781-4409 Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm 425 22nd Avenue North Suite C St. Petersburg, FL 33704 Phone: (727) 823-8900 Fax: (727) 821-0484 Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm . .
  • 1st Quarter 2015 Monthly Donor Drive is On! [FReepathon]

    01/02/2015 3:18:04 PM PST · by RedMDer · 81 replies
    Generous FReepers have Sponsored $10 each for each New Monthly Donor because they realize that Donating Monthly is the Ideal way to Reliably support FR! We already have room for Twenty Five New Monthly Donors. Please sign-up here today! Who will be New Monthly Donor # One ?
  • FIRE John Boehner : Free Republic's "National Rallies" : Saturday (2015-01-03) : CONGRESS PHONES

    01/01/2015 7:41:35 AM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 5 replies
    STOP Obama Amnesty -- FIRE John Boehner ! ^ | 2015-01-01 | Patton@Bastogne
    . Congressional Telephone List provided by Free Republic's "RedMDer" on 2014-12-31. Time to melt the congressional phone lines. Dump Boehner! House of representatives of the 113th Congress Alabama District Name Party Room Phone Committee Assignment 1 Bonner, Jo R 2236 RHOB 202-225-4931 Appropriations 2 Roby, Martha R 428 CHOB 202-225-2901 AgricultureArmed ServicesEducation and the Workforce 3 Rogers (AL), Mike R 324 CHOB 202-225-3261 AgricultureArmed ServicesHomeland Security 4 Aderholt, Robert R 2369 RHOB 202-225-4876 Appropriations 5 Brooks, Mo R 1230 LHOB 202-225-4801 Armed ServicesForeign AffairsScience, Space, and Technology 6 Bachus, Spencer R 2246 RHOB 202-225-4921 Financial ServicesJudiciary 7 Sewell, Terri A....
  • National Rallies - NO Obama Amnesty / FIRE Boehner : 2015-01-03 : Patriot "Put-Up or Shut-Up Time"

    12/29/2014 9:35:00 AM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 18 replies
    American Patriots : STAND in DEFIANCE at Obama-Boehner Amnesty ! JOIN Facebook Event (2015-01-03) to fight for America's Great Republic !! "YES" -- DO click this Link to JOIN -- start New Year 2015 the Right Way ! Internet link: https://www.facebook.com/events/996907210324105/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming Facebook Event: Obama Amnesty -- National Protest : 2015-01-03 It's time we "all" step-away from the computer keyboards and RALLY at Courthouses & Overpasses across America on 2015-01-03 ... ... and put ASIDE the petty fights between "Tea Party" LEADERS and Groups based on bruised egos and financial conflicts !!! ================================================ Obama's illegal amnesty is a dire threat to...
  • Obama Amnesty & FIRE Boehner National Rallies : 2015-01-03 : Patriot "Soldiers" vs "Lazy Talkers"

    12/28/2014 4:05:42 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 22 replies
    Patton@Bastogne ^ | 2014-12-28 | Patton@Bastogne
    American Patriot Friends ... We see Obama's illegal amnesty as a dire threat to American's constitutional republic; we're amazed and shocked that virtually no one in the GOP has the raw courage to check Obama's excursion into tyranny. Who am I, this event's organizer ? A simple Patriot, Aerospace Mechanical Engineer ... NOT interested in requesting $$$ donations ... and I am CHALLENGING "all" Patriots and Groups and LEADERS to put aside their personal conflicts and differences ... AND JOIN THIS FIGHT. Contact your Group's leadership and urge them to RALLY with US on Saturday 2015-01-03 ... that includes...
  • President Ronald Reagan Christmas address (12/23/81)

    12/23/2014 3:31:34 PM PST · by Vision · 43 replies
    Never forget Christ and that moral, accomplished, real Americans used to run America and still can. Merry Christmas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU0tuah-x7M
  • National Rally RSVP : STOP Obama Amnesty and FIRE John Boehner: 2015-01-03 : Every American City !

    12/20/2014 8:09:49 AM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 9 replies
    . 2014-12-20 Message Alert Communicate this information to fellow Conservatives, Churches, Facebook contacts, Tea Party groups, and your Family, Friends and Neighbors. Free Republic's "National Day of Reckoning" protest against Obama's Illegal Amnesty in EVERY American City Saturday : 3 January 2015 : 11 AM to 3 PM Facebook Link: "Obama Amnesty National Protest : 2015-01-03" Planning Suggestions for your "National Day of Reckoning" protest against Obama's Illegal Amnesty - (Internet Link) Suggested Planning Tasks and Schedule Milestones for your Team 2014-12-06 : Saturday : Identify and Contact your Team Members 2014-12-13 : Saturday : Team Meeting to decide these...
  • Obama's Amnesty : Patriot Rallies in EVERY US City : 2015-01-03 : Support Ted Cruz & Jeff Sessions !

    12/06/2014 9:02:47 AM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 10 replies
    Stop Obama Amnesty ! ^ | 2014-12-06 | Patton@Bastogne
    . 2014-12-06 Message Alert GET READY ... Free Republic's "National Day of Reckoning" protest against Obama's Illegal Amnesty in EVERY American City Saturday : 3 January 2015 : 9 AM to 1 PM ================================================ This week's Congressional inaction CLEARLY shows that patriots like Sen. Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee and Michelle Bachman (et al) need our "National GRASSROOTS Support". What's the best way to share this information ? Send the internet link of this Free Republic post to fellow Conservatives, Churches, Facebook contacts, Tea Party groups, and your Family, Friends and Neighbors. ================================================ 2014-12-06 : Saturday : Identify and...
  • Come On, It's Time to Put This Baby to Bed! [FReepathon Thread LXII = 62]

    12/03/2014 6:27:20 AM PST · by onyx · 964 replies
    Free Republic | December 3, 2014 | musicman/onyx
    Click here to pledge your support via secure server ^ | December 3, 2014 | onyx PLEASE MAKE *YOUR* DONATION TODAY! It's Time to Put This Baby To Bed!!Less Than $3.3k To Go Green!! Please Help Complete Our Final FReepathon of This Year!You Can Help Drastically Shorten FReepathons by Donating Monthly! VERY Generous FReeper Sponsors are donating $10 for every New Monthly Donor!PLEASE Sign Up to Donate Monthly!
  • Prayers requested for my sister and her family

    12/02/2014 3:45:37 PM PST · by JustAmy · 120 replies
    12-2-2014 | JustAmy
    Please say a prayer for my sister and her family. My 48 year old niece died suddenly Saturday night or Sunday morning. She has two sons, her mother, a sister and a brother. She has been under a doctor's care but her death was completely unexpected. Please pray for my family at this time of our grief. Thank you for your prayers. JustAmy
  • Free Republic "National Reckoning" against Obama's Amnesty : 2015-01-03 : EVERY American City !

    12/01/2014 4:52:59 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 20 replies
    Free Republic's "National Day of Reckoning" against Obama's Amnesty !America | 2014-12-01 | Patton@Bastogne
    . 2014-12-01 Message Alert Communicate this information to fellow Conservatives, Churches, Facebook contacts, Tea Party groups, and your Family, Friends and Neighbors. Free Republic's "National Day of Reckoning" protest against Obama's Illegal Amnesty in EVERY American City Saturday : 3 January 2015 : 9 AM to 1 PM Phase-1 : Gather/notify your City's "Team Members" for your first planning discussion (see internet link below). Planning Suggestions for your "National Day of Reckoning" protest against Obama's Illegal Amnesty - (Internet Link) . .
  • Please Pray for My Family

    11/24/2014 6:44:01 AM PST · by garv · 135 replies
    Self | 11/24/14 | Self
    I am a long time Freeper here to ask my fellow Freepers to pray for my family. I have not been posting, but lurking for the last couple years because life has been difficult to say the least. I don't want to waste everyones time with a long sad story so I'll simply say things have hit rock bottom. My last hope fell through this morning and my family is going to be evicted from our home in three hours. My children are going to come home from school today to find out they are homeless. Please pray for my...
  • National Day of Reckoning! [Impeach Obama]

    11/20/2014 11:53:25 AM PST · by Jim Robinson · 223 replies
    November 20, 2014 | Jim Robinson
    Received a message this morning requesting a repeat of the National Day of Protest against amnesty that was held a couple of months ago. I'm all for it, but think this time it should be entitled, "National Day of Reckoning!" and should be repeated weekly for the duration. FR was instrumental in leading the fight for impeachment against the criminal Clinton. Well, Clintoon was a piker compared to our new tyrant. As much as the Republicans fear impeaching our first black president, I'm afraid it must be done. The Constitution demands it!! We cannot cower in fear as our wannabe...
  • Let's Git-R-Done by Thanksgiving!! [Renegade FReepathon Thread]

    11/20/2014 10:21:15 AM PST · by RedMDer · 120 replies
    Hey everybody! How about we get this FReepathon done before Thanksgiving to let Jim and all of the FReepers have time to enjoy Thanksgiving and the rest of the Holiday Season without seeing a Freepathon for the remainder of the quarter. After accruing the remainder of the monthly donations, we have less then $20K to go to reach our goal of paying for this quarter. Generous FReepers have Sponsored $10 each for each New Monthly Donor because they realize that Donating Monthly is the Ideal way to Reliably support FR! Thirty One FReeper-Patriots are now New Monthly Donors. Monthly...
  • Please Keep Victor Davis Hanson in Your Thoughts and Prayers

    11/18/2014 7:24:33 PM PST · by PROCON · 83 replies
    pjmedia ^ | Nov. 18, 2014
    We at PJ Media were saddened to learn that the daughter of Victor Davis Hanson, author, educator, and PJ Media columnist, died on November 13 after a short illness. Susannah Merry Hanson was 27. In a beautiful, moving tribute to his daughter, Dr. Hanson tells us of Susannah’s marvelous gifts: Susannah, known to her family and friends as “Suzy,” was beloved by anyone who encountered her infectious laugh and her zeal for life and adventure. But she was perhaps best known for the human kindness she extended to everyone she met. She was especially drawn to the sick and elderly,...
  • Thousands Of Washington State Gun Owners Plan Huge Civil Disobedience Event

    11/16/2014 1:43:36 PM PST · by Robwin · 39 replies
    Truth and Action ^ | November 15, 2014 | Truth and Action
    "We will rally at the capitol, openly exchange guns, unveil and plan to break apart the entire legislation and violate I-594 in every possible way … We will buy and sell guns from whom we please, we will not submit to background checks, we will not give up our rights, WE WILL NOT comply.” Under I-594, transmitting a gun to someone in most circumstances – such as lending your gun to a family member or friend at the shooting range would constitute a felony. Many gun owners have transmitted their gun at one point to a friend or relative to...
  • Prayer Request for my Wife's Surgery coming up on November 19, 2014

    11/08/2014 2:52:30 PM PST · by TNoldman · 56 replies
    11-8-2014 | TNoldman
    I am asking for Prayers for my Wife's Surgery coming up on November 19, 2014. She is having a Sist removed from an ovary. May all go well and easy and fast healing. It will be done on an Outpatient basis. Thank you God.
  • Freeper Arrowhead1952 needs prayers [update at reply 401, 440, 473]

    11/07/2014 3:01:52 PM PST · by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA · 500 replies
    Prayer email | 11/07/2014 | WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
    Arrowhead (John) fell off a 20’ ladder at work, onto his head, and has a severe brain injury! Broke all the bones in his face and skull, broke his shoulder blade and some ribs. His last post was 10/20 in the morning. He fell about 2pm that same day and was LifeFlighted to the hospital; then, after about 6 hours of surgery, he went directly to ICU. It was touch and go for days in critical condition. After 2 weeks in ICU he has been transferred to a Specialty Neurological Rehab center in Austin, as of 11/3. He can move...

    11/05/2014 8:36:10 PM PST · by waxer1 · 222 replies
    Self | November 5, 2014 | waxer1
    I am requesting prayers from my fellow freepers. Last month I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I had a PET Scan yesterday and will get the results tomorrow. I ask that you say a little prayer for me that it is operable. Thank you.
  • Civil War Band at 405-605 Tea Party Party! 11/13!

    11/05/2014 10:28:42 PM PST · by Loud Mime · 18 replies
    11/5/2014 | Loud Mime
    After a long year of lessons on our constitutional heritage and expert speakers on many fields, including Dinesh D'Souza, we are going to celebrate with a party on Thursday, November 13, 7PM at Rush Park Auditorium in Los Alamitos. Attending will be the Band of The California Battalion, a wonderful Civil War Band. Also we will have one of the finest Lincoln presenters adding to the festivities. Full information is at our website: www.teaparty405-605.org
  • U.S. Navy: Please save the USS Ranger from the scrap heap!

    10/23/2014 5:13:43 PM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 111 replies
    change.org ^ | Rachel Shelton
    The USS Ranger maintains an important place in the military and cultural history of the United States, as well as in the personal history of the thousands of Navy, Marine, and Air Force personnel who served on board. The ship served the country with distinction in the Vietnam (earning 13 battle stars) and Gulf (flying more combat missions than any other carrier) Wars, as well as in humanitarian missions. Noted entertainers, including Bob Hope, Raquel Welch, Les Brown, Suzanne Somers, Gladys Knight & The Pips and Marie Osmond entertained on the flight deck. Noted visitors to Ranger include astronaut Neil...
  • New Monthly Donors Needed. Please Sign Up Today!!

    10/11/2014 9:09:26 AM PDT · by RedMDer · 132 replies
    We have some very generous FReeper sponsors kicking in an extra ten bucks for every New Monthly Donor. Four New Monthly Donors have signed up so far this quarter. Free Republic is funded solely by the donations provided by the people who love and use it. It's just us freedom loving citizens exercising our first amendment rights, free of any outside influences. Donating Monthly is the Ideal way to Reliably support FR! Please sign-up here today!
  • Dennis Michael Lynch announces 2016 presidential bid at Scottsdale event

    10/07/2014 4:11:26 PM PDT · by lone star annie · 98 replies
    Examiner.com ^ | Oct. 6, 2014 | Jared Day
    Award winning entrepreneur and acclaimed filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch, rocked the grassroots world Saturday night in Scottsdale, Ariz. when he announced his concrete plans for a 2016 bid for president. The news was met with thunderous applause at the packed Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, the pinnacle event of his Fighting for America Tour 2014. DML announces bid for president in Scottsdale, AZ DMLDaily - Facebook "I've made decision. I will throw my hat in the ring. Sometime in the near future I will officially announce I am running for POTUS in 2016," Lynch told the crowd as they...
  • Rockin' the Wall will be in FL this week!

    10/06/2014 9:48:24 AM PDT · by LS · 1 replies
    self ^ | 10/6/2014 | LS
    Our film tour continues in central and west FL this week. I'll be in Winter Garden, Friday, 10/10 at the Garden Theatre, then at Ave Maria University on Saturday. The film is free, so come on out, bring your copies of "Patriot's History of the United States" or your other books and I'll sign them! Next Tues., 10/14, I'll be in Wheeling, WV at Oglebay Towngate Theater for a screening.
  • Rockin' the Wall at Eureka, Chicago

    10/05/2014 8:00:31 AM PDT · by LS · 10 replies
    self ^ | 10/5/2014 | LS
    Illinois Freepers, I'll be at Eureka College on 10/30 showing our film "Rockin' the Wall," about music's part in bringing down the Iron Curtain. Check with Eureka for the time, but I'm pretty sure the show is free. I'll be there for the Q&A and booksigning. I am scheduled to have the film in Chicago at the Theater for the Arts associated with the Polish American Film Festival on 12/1, but as of now, I'm about two sponsors short of covering all costs there. If you are interested, and can help, let me know. Sponsors get on-screen credit; credit on...
  • Senior Administration Officials to Hold Briefing on the US Gov. Response to the Ebola Pandemic.

    10/03/2014 12:45:20 PM PDT · by machogirl · 190 replies
    The White House ^ | 10-03-2014 | White House
    Senior Administration Officials to Hold Briefing on the U.S. Government Response to the Ebola Pandemic
  • Prayers are requested for Diver Dave

    09/29/2014 1:30:52 PM PDT · by JustAmy · 171 replies
    9-29-2014 | JustAmy
  • Heads Up D.C. Area FReepers! Nat'l Security Action Summit 9/29/14 (Low cost, great speakers!)

    09/25/2014 5:23:56 PM PDT · by kristinn · 19 replies
    HomelandThreats.com ^ | Thursday, September 25, 2014
    National Security Action Summit II EMPact America, in partnership with Breitbart News Network and the Center for Security Policy, will be hosting the "National Security Action Summit II" on Monday, September 29th 2014. The Marriott Wardman Hotel, located in the heart of Washington DC near the Metro Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan station will host the summit. The National Security Action Summit will be a daylong event focusing on the growing threats facing our nation. America can no longer adopt policies that diminish our nation and our ability to protect our vital interests. Our current foreign policy emboldens our enemies and undermines...
  • Jenny Beth Martin Scheduled for Repeat on C-Span's Q&A Tonight at 11

    09/21/2014 6:11:51 PM PDT · by Intolerant in NJ · 7 replies
    C-Span Q&A | 21 September, 2014
    Jenny Beth Martin, President and Co_founder of the Tea Party Patriots organization, was the guest interviewee on this week's Q&A on C-Span, aired earlier this evening and scheduled for repeat at 11:00 EDT. She discusses the founding and growth of the organization, its activities and goals, and some of its difficulties with the IRS and establishment GOP. She does a great job of handling host Brian Lamb's barbed questions about Tea Party "racism" and possible conflicts of interest with her own involvement in the organization.