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  • Manipulated Conservatives: Transgendered Bathrooms are Trivial

    04/21/2016 7:26:11 AM PDT · by Chickensoup · 102 replies
    04.21.16 | chickensoup
    Manipulated Conservatives: Transgendered Bathrooms are Trivial As I watch people get involved with dramas over this issue, I think: What is it that we are not supposed to pay attention to? What is it that the elites, the media and the government don't want us to notice? Is it the loss of our history and culture with the change with monies, another knife in the gut by the Obama administration? Is it the subtlest of this election? Is it the lousy depression like statistics in some areas of the country? Is it the invasion of western Civ and our country...
  • The Case for Sarah Palin as Trump's Running Mate

    04/03/2016 12:18:24 PM PDT · by Brices Crossroads · 131 replies
    04/03/2016 | Brices Crossroads
    As I watched Sarah Palin deliver a speech on behalf of Donald Trump the other day before an GOP establishment fundraiser in Wisconsin, I was struck by the enthusiastic response of the crowd. She received a standing ovation at the end. Ted Cruz, who followed her on the dais, received only light and intermittent applause. The contrast in their political skills was stark. Palin was the star who knew how to connect with, and hold, her audience. Cruz, not so much... Let me say at the outset that I am analyzing this from a purely utilitarian and political point of...
  • Are Freepers Headed to a Divorce?

    02/20/2016 7:11:53 AM PST · by Raycpa · 160 replies
    2/20/2016 | Self
    The divide between Freeper's in the Trump vs. Cruz battle is more heated than I recall any other divide of Freerepublic. Just about every thread immediately devolves to a nasty fight that carries from one thread to another. I think we need to be careful with each other because both camps need each other after the primary. Can we just agree to disagree and move on? We have more in common with each other than not.
  • When did Free Republic posters turn on Ted Cruz?

    02/19/2016 6:03:16 PM PST · by hardspunned · 318 replies
    I've come to this site every day since Ted Cruz became a national political figure. Perhaps I'm just getting old with a failing memory but I can't recall any derogatory posts about Cruz until Donald Trump began his ad hominem attacks on him. I don't remember Freepers attacking him as he built a record in the senate. Can someone direct me to the threads and posts by the Freepers who now hate Cruz that were made prior to September of last year?
  • Greg Guttfeld of the 5 is dead to me

    01/27/2016 3:23:19 PM PST · by 1Old Pro · 151 replies
    Vanity | 1.27.16 | Self
    I was curious to see how fox was dealing with the bride who left them story. I tuned into The Five in time for Guttfeld to have a total brakdown saying this was a terror attack on Megan and trump has attacked all media and now needs to be silenced. Greg you're an idiot and I'm now watching CNN because FOX has totally jumped the shark.
  • Uh oh.... Trump may have really done it this morning. I can't defend him anymore.

    08/08/2015 9:09:45 AM PDT · by Din Maker · 277 replies
    Vanity | August 8, 2015
    This is what Donald Trump posted on Twitter today, 8-8-15, at 8:46 a.m. Re Megyn Kelly quote" "You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever" (NOSE). Just got on with thought." Red State at approximately 9:30 this morning, disinvited him from the Red State Gathering this weekend. He was supposed to speak today. I supported him since he jumped into the race, but, I think Donald finally went too far. Scary, because now he will probably run as a Third Party.
  • Obamas Most Recent Rally.Paid Actors?Has It Finally Reached This Desperate Level?

    08/02/2014 7:09:07 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 32 replies
    And who didn't find the last Obama appearance rather "Staged"?Where are they finding these people to cheer&applaud anything Barry throws at them?Are they using "Cheer&Applause" signs like they did in the 50's?Are they rehearing the show before Obama makes his speech?Who in any state of mind would be applauding and going along with anything Obama has to say while innocent children are being killed in Gaza/Israel while refugees are suffering and dying trying to cross our borders?And they are also cheering Obama while World War Three 1.0 is going on in the east,yet the President shows very little concern.And no...
  • The 65M People Who Voted For Obama,Was It Worth All Of The Chaos,Scandals,Horrific Attacks?

    07/22/2014 3:55:20 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 74 replies
    But I Voted For Obama For "Free Stuff",And I Am Entitled!.So how do these 65.9 Americans feel now that they are indirectly responsible for the horrific events of the last 2 or 3 weeks?,Was the free-stuff worth watching thousands of children suffering and dying trying to cross the border?,Was voting for a liberal worth what happened in the Ukraine along with god knows how many innocent people have died in the mid-east?And now here we are 5.5 years into the Obama Administration and thanks to these 65 Million"Selfish/Greedy" Americans, we are beyond a Nation In Fear!And to think we were...
  • Where Refugees Eventually Wind Up?Most Likely Sharing One/Two Bedroom Units With 10 Others.

    07/14/2014 7:10:24 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 57 replies
    They come here for a better life?Well,that depends on what metropolitan towns they get sent to.But it would be predictable that many of the refugees will wind up in those "Third World Units" where we know that up to 10 or so people are sharing.In many cases,they will be sharing one or two bedrooms and one toilet.So is this what the Liberals promised to these children crossing the border?Bad enough being sardined into detention centers,sharing toilets,very little food,and then if they find a home,their living conditions wont be much different.Sooner or later many of these refugees will be begging to...
  • Michelle's Concern Over"Our Girls".Yet Shows No Concern Over Suffering&Dying Refugees

    07/15/2014 3:55:02 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 15 replies
    Has anyone in the media brought this up yet?Michelle Obama is very worried about the treatment of "Her Girls"in Nigeria yet wont go to the US/Mexican border where thousands of children are in dire straights,many have died in attempt to swim across the Rio Grande.So where is Michelle?Has she even made a public statement regarding the children refugees coming into the states with numerous contageious diseases while being stored in overcrowded detention sites most likey sick and starving,waiting to be processed?The Obama's seem to be more concerned with Non-Americans than Americans already in dire straights!
  • Cowardness Of Liberals.Will They Name The "Racist GOP" Members When Asked By Hosts?

    04/16/2014 5:09:23 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 10 replies
    So it looks like the Democrats have nothing to run on as usual this year.All they have is accusing conservatives and the GOP of hating all minorities.When Steve Israel accused GOP members of being racists,why didn't Chris Wallace challenge him?,He should of just responded by making Mr.Israel tell his 3 million(or so) viewers which Republicans were the racists.If Democrats are going to spend the next 6 months accusing all "Non-Democrats" of being racists on live television,someone better ask them to name names!.Wouldn't any of you love to be in the host position where you would demand your liberal guest to...
  • The New Liberal Excuse,"It's An Ongoing Investigation",So I Cannot Answer That Question.

    04/13/2014 1:38:54 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 15 replies
    Benghazi?Didn't Barry say that "It Was An Ongoing Investigation"?,and with Eric Holder recently?Didn't he also use the same excuse?,Has Hillary ever used it when she was backed into a corner?So instead of answering a very simple Yes or No Question,all we are getting lately is,"I Cannot Answer That Question At This Time Being It's An Ongoing Investigation".So will Lois Lerner use that excuse next time she gets grilled?.And the Democrats see the Republicans as the incompetent party?Have they taken notice that all Republicans and Conservatives have no problem answering any political question on any news outlet?
  • Democrats Concern Over The Uninsured.Yet,They Are The Primary Cause Of The Crisis.

    04/06/2014 5:25:18 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 9 replies
    This would make for another great issue on conservative talk shows.For the last five or six years the Liberals and Democrats have been pushing for this Universal Health-Care plan.They are so concerned over the uninsured.But are they aware that It's The Democrat Party That Caused All This??.Who Purposely Collapsed The Economy In 2008?,And what happened after the Liberals ruined a perfectly good economy and health-care system during the Bush years?Millions lost their jobs and their health-care!,yet according to them,it's all the fault of Bush and the GOP.Yah,right!,and all Americans are so dumb that they are expected to believe such horse-manure.
  • Todays Victory Speech.If It Has Succeeded,Then Why Didn't Obama Take Any Questions?

    04/01/2014 2:20:20 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 22 replies
    When any politician speaks before an audience,gloating of all of his success,giving the details/facts of his latest policy,wouldn't you expect him to take candid questions from the press that seats before him?,Well,we all watched Obama make his victory speech this afternoon.But with 25/26% approval of the Affordable Health Care Act,can we assume that 75% of those who saw it were either laughing/talking back,"Yah Right,7 Million Enrollees,My(Fill in the blank).Never the less,being our President refused to take any questions,makes anyone rather suspicious regarding the facts behind this debacle.
  • Come Week Of April 1.Will They Claim That 7 Million People Have Signed Up?

    03/28/2014 4:11:47 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 24 replies
    Now wait,Didn't Dick Durbin already claim that 10 Million People have signed up?,And now the White House expects us to believe that 6 million have signed up while millions would of signed up if only they knew how to use a computer?{Well according to Prince Harry,the Internet is still in it's early stages}.Let's just wait and see who will claim that "We Have Reached Our Initial Goal Of 7 Million Enrollees".And we believe that at least 10 million more Americans are still planning to sign up.Here's an idea,Can We See "The List"of these 6 Million People who allegedly signed up,so...
  • Another RNC Ad Campaign Proposal:Democrats,The Party Of,"I Don't Know".

    03/09/2014 4:09:56 PM PDT · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 4 replies
    So Republicans are "The Party Of No"?,well at least Republicans and Conservatives answer questions regardless of whom ever asks them,especially on live TV.But over the last five years,it seems that whenever a liberal/democrat is asked even basic questions regarding any scandal or screw-up,all we get is,"I don't know",and/or "this all started under the Bush Administration.There is more than enough footage of any Liberal&Democrat leader acting "Stupidly"when questioned over any international or national dilemma.And to think that Hillary didn't recall anything during the Clinton Years! and she wants to be President?
  • Liberal Term"Access To Quality Health-Care".But Isn't More Like,"Access To Severe Doctor Shortages"?

    03/06/2014 4:04:25 PM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 6 replies
    We have all been hearing the same liberal excuse why Obama-Care is a success.Free and Affordable access to quality health-care.Why hasn't anyone ever asked a top liberal leader/spokesperson on live TV any questions regarding doctor/specialist shortages and the need for maybe a million new doctors for the 40 million uninsured?Have we all said "Such Bullchit" every time a heath-care activist brings up "Quality/Free Access To Health-Care"?,these liberal buffoons just pretend that the world is full of doctors and there are never long lines in private pratices,hospitals and the dreaded E.R. !!
  • Ukraine Crisis:Great Opportunity For "Jimmy Kimmel On The Street Questions"In Los Angeles.

    03/06/2014 5:40:04 AM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 7 replies
    If there was ever an ideal time to ask the average pedestrian in Los Angeles candid questions regarding the Putin/Ukraine crisis,What Better Timing!,.We have already seen individuals assume that F.D.R. was our current President,why not ask them how they feel about Putin's invasion of Czechoslovakia,and his intentions to invade "The State Of Georgia".Or Maybe how they feel about Putin's intentions to run for President in the GOP field?,Anyone want to guess how naive Californian's would respond?
  • Thanks Harry Reid.You Just Gave The GOP Another Health-Care Commercial.

    02/27/2014 4:26:44 PM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 13 replies
    Harry Reid is either "One Of The Seven Words"you can't say on TV,or Senile!.The comment regarding that millions of Americans are lying about their horror stories is just adding fuel to the fire.We already have the ads regarding keeping your doctors and health-plans.Harry Reid just gave us more material/aka/lies for GOP candidates to use in future 2014 campaign commercials,and using actual patients who are broke and suffering because of Obama-Care.
  • Absolutely Picture Perfect Weather In Florida.So Where Are The Global Warming Activists?

    02/21/2014 3:23:37 PM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 21 replies
    Now here we have a rather complicated weather dilemma for those who are pushing Global Warming.How can South Florida be enduring a perfect warm weather pattern,let's say about 83,partly sunny,low humidity,just perfect living and beach weather.Meanwhile most of the rest of the country is experiencing the worst winter ever.So why aren't the leaders of the Global Warming Movement in Miami complaining about the "Perfect Florida Weather"?,why aren't they saying, "See!!! This Weather Is The Cause Of Global Warming" !!!
  • Another Liberal Lie:"It's Not Where We Want It To Be"

    02/21/2014 5:08:23 AM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 3 replies
    Right from mid-2009 to the present.How many times have we heard our "Liberal Leaders" say,"It's Not Where We Want It To Be"?,Unemployment at 15%?,GNP at 1.5%?,Deficit at 1 Trillion?,and of course, "Only 6 Individuals Have Enrolled Into The Affordable Health-Care Act".So anyone see a pattern here?And anyone been screaming back to their TV's ,"BullChit!!!".Of course the Democrats want to keep Unemployment at 15 to 20%!,Of course the Democrats don't care about debt&deficit.What Difference Does It Make!?,Yah? Well,let's see "What Difference It Makes" Come November!
  • After Five Years,Liberal Commentators Still Use The Same Excuse."Well,When Bush Was President".

    02/18/2014 3:16:06 PM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 23 replies
    Even to this day,when they ask liberal commentator questions regarding the current "Ambassador-Gate",first thing they say,"Well When Bush Was President".Now keep in mind,according to liberals,Bush was a blockhead,dumbest President since Carter.So why is it OK with liberals/democrats for Obama to make the same embarrassing mistake?,So what they are assuming is that Obama is on the same intelligence level as George Bush?,It's actually very childish to keep referring to the previous boss."Well,the last manager stole cash from the register and called his employees racist names"So why can't I"?, Pretty much explains the vulgarity we have been hearing from liberals since Obama...
  • Obama Chooses To Discuss Global Warming In California.Maybe He Needs To Go To Georgia Next?

    02/15/2014 6:49:58 PM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 8 replies
    As the nation is resembling the north pole this month,record cold,vicious ice storms,our President heads for California to explain Global Warming.Maybe he went there because he wouldn't be heckled?,Why didn't he go to Georgia,North or South Carolina to hold a Global Warming Summit this week?,And maybe even bring Al Gore and Al Roker with him to take questions from the audience!!!
  • An "Al Gore Syndrome".Missing In Action Every Record Cold,Snowy And Vicious Winter.

    02/13/2014 5:28:50 AM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 10 replies
    We have been making Al Gore and Global Warming the butt of most jokes since the winters of 2009(when the Liberals took over!).And especially since the winters of 2009,we have seen and had to endure some very harsh and record cold winters,and ice storms that caused major havoc in southern states.And didn't South Dakota(or North)get buried in 10 feet of snow recently?And yet,we have never seen "The Godfather Of Global Warming",make an appearance on CNN/MSNBC/ABC "Esplaining" how all of these events are a symptom of Global Warming.So where is Al This Winter? Hiding In Florida Again?
  • Conservatives,Your"Top 10 Things",Our President Forgot To Bring Up Last Night.

    01/29/2014 5:24:18 AM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 18 replies
    And to think many Democrats thought it was the greatest,or one of the greatest speeches ever?,It was more like a slap in the face to all Americans.Last night millions of Americans were waiting to hear Obama speak of the numerous crisis's we are facing.You would think that The Debt would be at the top of the list!,What is it now,about $700,000 per household?.Last night many of us were just laughing it up on the Live Postings of the debate,wondering if/when Bambi will bring up Benghazi,IRS,NSA Spying,etc.But of course Bambi wouldn't bring them up,that would bring his approval down to 25%.So...
  • From The "Al Gore Antarctica Debacle" To Winter Storm Hercules.Global Warming Oops.

    01/02/2014 5:22:08 AM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 25 replies
    Here we go again,just like throughout the frigid winter of 2013,here come another three or four months of Global Warming Jokes,and "Where Is Al Gore"?. And just look at the states that are getting the worst of it,aren't most of them "Blue States". Let's just wait and see how the very credible MSM cable networks try to spin this storm without blaming it on global warming all this week.
  • The 1.3 Million "Still Unemployed".Where Do They Live?Los Angeles?,New York?,Chicago?

    12/29/2013 3:51:01 PM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 73 replies
    In regards to the 1.3 Million still unemployed for 2 or 3 years and still begging for more,anyone want to take a guess where the bulk of them live? If we had a "Top 10 Laziest/Least Educated Towns" in America, odds are most of these 1.3 Million live there.These unfortunate/unemployed have had plenty of time to look for work and develop new work skills to get them back into the working class. And yet the left is making the GOP look so evil because they want to stop wasting billions on these people who should of found a job by...
  • My sage advice for my fellow conservatives...

    11/08/2012 3:23:47 AM PST · by DGHoodini · 47 replies
    Me | 11/7/12 | DGHoodini
    Minimize your exposure, and batten down your hatches...because the only thing worse that you can do to the Left than denying them what they want, is when they get what they want.....
  • Congratulations America

    11/07/2012 4:49:34 PM PST · by Random-American · 13 replies
    Congratulations America. We are no longer in the era of individual liberty, personal responsibility and the freedom of self-reliance. We are now fully a nation of big screen tvs and rims on credit, participation trophies, and American Idol. Spending on food stamps and "entitlements" are at all-time highs. Apparently that's a good thing. Saving money and living within our means is for suckers. No need to balance the budget when we can just heap the debt on the backs of future generations. The people want "stuff" but, by God, someone else better pay for it. Congratulations America. Unemployment among women...
  • All of the BS About Gay Marriage earned me a big ol' ZOT!

    09/08/2012 9:03:55 AM PDT · by Why So Serious · 252 replies
    Here is a better way to look at this ... the government should not be in the marriage business, and marriage is not a political issue. Gay people, for the most part, express a desire to get married for the benefits that are extended to married couple [rights like Social Security benefits, child care tax credits, Family and Medical Leave to take care of loved ones, and COBRA healthcare for spouses and children]. Government should allow people to engage in civil unions [this includes men and women], only. Marriage should be left to the churches. Then, any one can have...
  • Islam & Lds, Muhammad & Joseph Smith: Similarities (+ Lds ecumenical nods toward Islam) [Vanity]

    07/31/2012 6:31:13 PM PDT · by Colofornian · 147 replies
    Colofornian | July 31, 2012 | Colofornian
    Per the Feb. 7, 2012 Pakistan Independent (see first link below), "The current LDS First Presidency Statement of 1978 says specifically mentions Prophet Muhammad as one of ‘the great religious leaders of the world’ who received ‘a portion of God’s light….’” It would appear, therefore, that the Muslim world might be "happy" with either an Obama re-election or Mitt Romney. And, hey, why not? Just look at all the "ecumenical" outreach attempts with Islam made by Mormon leaders in the "ecumenical" link section listed below. For these past seven years, over a dozen Freepers have been faithful in posting the...
  • Which acronym? ... WAS="Wait and See"? NOTA="None of the Above"? (vanity)

    07/31/2012 8:24:25 AM PDT · by fishtank · 30 replies
    Here | 7-31-2012 | fishtank
    Here's the dilemma: Talk radio and other parts of the 'conservative' media started defending Mitt Rmoney several weeks ago. IIRC, the first 'defense' was actually made to protect Ann Romney from the "stay-at-home" charge. So, Rush and Co. are now promoting Rmoney, after they first dismissed him, then they defended him. I will vote for neither Rmoney or Obama. I will "wait and see" (WAS). I will vote "none of the above" (NOTA). If Rmoney wins AND governs as a conservative for four years, THEN I'll vote to re-elect him in 2016. Not before. (Another Freeper mentioned this exact strategy...
  • Ok let's make some predictions as to What Obama will do btwn Nov 2012 and Jan 2013 if he loses...

    03/20/2012 10:28:25 AM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 100 replies
    20 Mar 2012 | US Navy Vet
    Post 'em here.
  • Why did Santorum's totals in MS and AL differ from the last polls which showed him in 3rd place?

    03/14/2012 4:30:33 PM PDT · by mitchell001 · 74 replies
    March 14, 2012 | Ralph Mitchell
    Did open voting which allows Democrats and Independents to vote in the GOP primary account for difference in Santorum's victory totals in MS and AL over the last polls which showed him in 3rd place? In other words, the MS and AL polls only polled likely GOP voters and the real voter population included Democrats and Independents. Also, did the Democrats sway the GOP primary results? Did Santorum robo call Democrats to vote for him?
  • Please pray for my soul (Vanity)

    11/28/2011 9:49:50 PM PST · by GR_Jr. · 80 replies
    Free Republic | 11-28-11 | Me
    I know I am fairly new here to FR, and I feel weird posting this. But FR has become a sort of therapy for me in this time of craziness, so I am hoping you wil all pray for me. I fear for my soul because I am so filled with hate for the President of United States (and all those who aid, abet and coddle him). I know hate is a terrible sin. It doesn't matter how bad a person is, it's not up to us to judge them. That's God's job. Jesus told us to pray for our...
  • All I Want For, President Palin

    09/19/2011 11:57:27 PM PDT · by factmart · 35 replies
    I just hope that in November 2012 we will elect Sarah Palin as President! I was happy when Reagan got elected but will be even more so when Sarah is elected!
  • A Jealous Woman's Problem with Sarah Palin (rejoinder to Linda Fritsch)

    06/18/2011 11:55:46 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 66 replies
    grey_whiskers' adaptation of Linda Fritsch on the American Thinker ^ | 06-19-2011 | grey_whiskers (based on Linda Fritsch)
    Sarah Palin, the woman who put enough sizzle in McCain's 2008 presidential bid to make Republicans think they were finally cooking, now finds herself a few weeks short of stoking her own political firestorm. Palin has managed to maintain the conservative and national spotlight for three years since that failed White House bid, even with the combined might of all the major networks, the late night comics, the newspapers and periodicals, cable TV women's talk shows, and "educated opinion" almost unanimously against her. She has won over the Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, and Glenn Beck:...
  • Mitt Romney vs. Sarah Palin (refuting the arguments against proxy voters)

    06/18/2011 12:58:07 PM PDT · by techno · 31 replies
    June 18, 2011 | techno
    Several months ago I coined the term PROXY VOTER to single out a potential GOP primary voter who clearly has exhibited one or more of the following inclinations but might decide on state voting day in 2012 due to undue influence or intimidation to vote for someone else other than Sarah Palin, although personally on balance you do see it in your personal vested interest to vote for Sarah Palin: 1)Give Sarah Palin the thumbs up (favorable) and if polled by a pollster would have at one time committed to voting for Palin 2)Donated to her campaign or are a...
  • The Coming Storm—Sarah Palin Versus the Establishment…What Kind of Campaign Will She Run?

    05/21/2011 10:22:54 PM PDT · by Brices Crossroads · 169 replies · 1+ views
    05/22/2011 | Brices Crossroads
    As even the pundits are beginning to acknowledge, their two year long campaign to keep Sarah Palin out of the 2012 Presidential election has failed. She is going to run. Even the likes of Karl Rove acknowledge it at this point. Their strategy for stopping her will now shift in focus, but it will remain essentially the same. Smear and distract. The Establishment of both parties will continue the relentless ad hominems against her that have so far fallen like spent bullets at her feet. And they will try to distract her in any way possible by raising issues of...
  • Polls, Polls everywhere (Why Neither Trump nor Huckabee are Really Ahead of Palin)

    04/30/2011 11:11:24 AM PDT · by Brices Crossroads · 29 replies · 1+ views
    04/30/2011 | Brices Crossroads
    I have been a casual observer of polls for over three decades, since early 1979 (about the same time in the 1980 election cycle as we find ourselves in the 2012 cycle) when Jimmy Carter was posting a 57-35 lead over Ronald Reagan in the respected Gallup poll. Carter maintained double digits leads over Reagan throughout 1979 and even into the spring of 1980, as the March 31, 1980 edition of time observed. ("National opinion polls continue to show Carter leading Reagan by an apparently comfortable margin of about 25%.") Early polls of general election contests (19 months out) are...
  • Why a Palin Run is Imminent or at Least Ineluctable

    04/18/2011 10:45:15 AM PDT · by Anamnesis · 64 replies
    Tweets and Retweets from RAMansour/SarahPAC | Vanity
    As many of you know, Palin for the most part--other than the occasional foreign trip or Facebook post countering the Obama agenda-- has gone dark these past few months, up until her speech in Madison this weekend. Pundits have claimed that she isn't running because she hasn't kissed the rings of GOP insiders from New Hampshire or Iowa, despite reports that her people have been talking to local tea party groups. I will now make the argument, that Palin's 2012 campaign is soon to begin or is at least is all but confirmed. I will briefly begin with some of...
  • I've not given up on Sarah Palin

    04/09/2011 3:58:12 AM PDT · by MissDairyGoodnessVT · 96 replies
    todayI've | self
    I've not given up on Sarah Palin. She's a winner. Don't believe what the MSM says about how she is soooooooo over. We need to back her even tho' she's not touched the bc issue of the 'bam. She's a good person & deserves our trust in voting for her to turn this country around in 2012.
  • Pissant Agrees to Return To FR, Head Sarah Palin Freeper Fundraiser

    03/31/2011 10:26:44 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 159 replies
    grey_whiskers ^ | 04-01-2011 | grey_whiskers
    Pissant has just agreed to come back to Free Republic and spearhead what has been characterized as a massive fundraising effort, just in time for Sarah's planned announcement of her run for the Presidency.
  • Sarah Palin: You Need to Bone Up Before the India Conclave/sarc

    03/19/2011 3:58:40 AM PDT · by techno · 18 replies
    March 19, 2011 | techno
    We are within hours of Sarah Palin's speeech to the Indian conclave. I thought it would be interesting to look back at where Palin has come from and what the pundits, pollsters and history have said about her foreign affairs/national security qualifications or lack of qualifications: The top 10 quotes or events regarding Sarah Palin's foreign affairs experience: 1)Charles Krauthammer July 2009 "...She is NOT a serious candidate for the presidency. She had to go home and study and spend a lot of time on issues in which she was not adept last year and she hasn't. She has to...
  • Freepers who want Sarah Palin to be President in 2012. Please all other stay out

    11/27/2010 12:56:43 PM PST · by factmart · 524 replies
    This thread is only for freepers who want Sarah Palin to be President in 2012. Please all (TROLLS)other stay out.
  • Why won't American, German, Japanese, British and French economy grow by 5% this year?

    10/28/2010 10:59:56 AM PDT · by WesternCulture · 38 replies
    10/28/2010 | WesternCulture
    I'm Swedish and I admit my nation has made a lot of mistakes throughout the centuries. But, in resemblence to the other Nordic nations (Scandinavia + Finland), we know how to run an economy. From people who live in other parts of the World pretending to understand macro economics I often hear remarks like "Norway is rich because of oil" and "Sweden is a small country with a homogenous population that therefore is easily governed". A nation like Libya too houses a homogenous population and has even more oil and gas reserves than Norway, but can't exactly compete with Scandinavia...
  • Proposed Rule change to FReeper Lexicon (RE: Helen Thomas)

    06/07/2010 10:40:48 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 66 replies · 123+ views
    07 JUNE 10 | dcbryan1
    Whereas, being a pre-millenial freeper, do propose the following changes to The 2010 and subsequent FreeRepublic Lexicon (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook) Pic Rule - Unofficial, but strictly enforced rule that pictures of unpleasant liberal women must be accompanied by pictures of beautiful women; if beautiful women are mentioned a picture must follow (and inevitably controlled by Helen Thomas) (thanks NonLinear and dinasour). Specific rules follow: 1. If your post mentions Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin, you must post a pic of her. Example: ......"Ann Coulter"=..."Michelle Malkin"= 2. Female equivalent to the Ann Coulter rule. The Bibi (Netanyahu) and Bill Sammon's...
  • WHY?

    06/05/2010 2:07:46 PM PDT · by ICAB9USA · 37 replies · 699+ views
    6/5/10 | myself
    Just a question to all of you.I may have missed something, I hope that I did, but .........WHY has not DRUDGE put Mr. Wooden's passing on his site today?Just asking.Maybe I missed something.
  • Is Google Anti Tea Party?

    04/20/2010 6:43:58 AM PDT · by jdietz · 17 replies · 498+ views
    Is it just me or is Google against the Tea Parties? When I go and do a search for Chicago tea party for example, the most prominent results are all by liberal mouth pieces putting down our efforts. HMMMM! What do you think?
  • (Vanity) Is it just me, or did Foxnews add a whole bunch of new scripts to their page?

    03/23/2010 6:48:31 AM PDT · by Red in Blue PA · 18 replies · 531+ views
    Locking up every time I open a browser there. Whoever is advising them to add a surfeit of ads, should be taken out and flogged. Looks tacky, and drives people away.