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  • Aligot is the Cheese Dish You've Been Waiting For (Amazing Video)

    02/25/2018 8:50:12 AM PST · by goldendelicious · 12 replies
    Youtube ^ | 9-15-2016 | Insider
    This is basically mashed potatoes with lots of cheese mixed together. Pour it on top of meat- This is how I want to die.
  • Word For The Day - PETTIFOGGER

    02/23/2018 7:51:20 AM PST · by Red Badger · 52 replies ^ | 02/23/2018 | Red Badger
    _____________________________________________________________________________ pet·ti·fog·ger ˈpedēfôɡər/ noun archaic noun: pettifogger; plural noun: pettifoggers an inferior legal practitioner, especially one who deals with petty cases or employs dubious practices. Origin mid 16th century: from petty + obsolete fogger ‘underhanded dealer,’ probably from Fugger, the name of a family of merchants in Augsburg, Germany, in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Classical Musics White Male Supremacy is Overt, Pervasive, and a Problem

    02/22/2018 6:38:36 AM PST · by goldendelicious · 80 replies
    Scapi Magazine ^ | 2-18-2018 | Daniel Johanson
    Recognizing that Classical Music has implied White Supremacy for centuries is hard for those that study the art form. In fact, that correlating The Mets continued programming of dead white men to the rise of White Supremacist tendencies in America is not a far stretch is starting to become apparent to those that follow and review the companys season announcements. Of course Italian Opera traditions are rich and are the backbone for many composers, but when an American institution, founded on the grounds
  • The Boys of Winter -- February 22, 1980

    02/21/2018 7:30:58 PM PST · by Alberta's Child · 25 replies
    The Boys of Winter ^ | 2005 | Jim Craig
    Years before I ever heard of Lake Placid or the Olympics, before I knew the name of a single Russian hockey player, I was a kid in Massachusetts who wanted to be the next Bobby Orr. I grew up skating on Holmes' Pond, which took its name from our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Holmes, who owned it. A man named Phil Thompson, our postman, was the person who told me I should try organized hockey in the Easton Junior Hockey League. He had already been working on it with my mother. He was a fine postman and an even better...
  • VANITY: Suggested Reading - "That Was Then, This Is Now", S.E. Hinton

    02/20/2018 6:18:46 PM PST · by OKSooner · 24 replies
    Vanity ^ | 4-26-1971 | S.E. Hinton
    (From Amazon, edited) Susan Eloise Hinton's career as an author began while she was still a student at Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Disturbed by the divisions among her schoolmates into two groups--the Greasers and the Socs--Hinton wrote The Outsiders, an honest, sometimes shocking novel told from the point of view of a 14-year-old Greaser named Ponyboy Curtis. Since her narrator was male, it was decided that Hinton use only her first initials so as not to put off boys who would not normally read books written by women. The Outsiders was published during Hinton's freshman year at...
  • Plagiarism Software Unveils a New Source for 11 of Shakespeares Plays

    02/18/2018 12:09:16 PM PST · by onedoug · 63 replies
    New York Times ^ | Feb 7 2108 | MICHAEL BLANDING
    For years scholars have debated what inspired William Shakespeares writings. Now, with the help of software typically used by professors to nab cheating students, two writers have discovered an unpublished manuscript they believe the Bard of Avon consulted to write King Lear, Macbeth, Richard III, Henry V and seven other plays. The news has caused Shakespeareans to sit up and take notice.
  • Educated; A Memoir, Tara Westover (has anyone read)

    02/18/2018 7:57:22 AM PST · by rey · 3 replies
    18 Feb 2018
    Has anyone read this book? It is about a woman raised out of school by survivalists who eventually earns a Phd. from Cambridge. It sounds like a variant of Hillbilly Elegy.
  • Sadece Sen - Outstanding Turkish Movie

    02/17/2018 7:52:43 PM PST · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 4 replies
    Netflix | 2014
    Sadece Sen is an outstanding movie. A young man with a violent and hidden past falls in love with a blind woman. Can't tell you any more - you have to watch this one. It will not be a waste of time.
  • Word For the Day - ENORMITY

    02/16/2018 6:57:42 AM PST · by Red Badger · 15 replies ^ | 02/16/2018 | Red Badger
    Today's Word For The Day, ENORMITY, has changed over the years. It ORIGINALLY MEANT A GRAVE SIN OR MORAL SHORTCOMING. i.e e-norm meaning NOT NORMAL. But today it is used to suggest a relational size of something..... e·nor·mi·ty iˈnôrmədē/ noun noun: enormity; plural noun: enormities 1. the great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong. "a thorough search disclosed the full enormity of the crime" (in neutral use) the large size or scale of something. "I began to get a sense of the enormity of the task" synonyms: immensity, hugeness; More size, extent,...
  • My dad was one of the 3,000 heroes sacrificed by Winston Churchill to save Dunkirk [tr]

    02/12/2018 2:28:21 AM PST · by beaversmom · 24 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | February 2, 2018 | John Jay
    They were the lost brigade, just a few thousand British soldiers, doomed by a mortified Winston Churchill to fight to the last man to hold up the Germans at the French port of Calais. They courageously did as ordered, sacrificing their futures and lives to delay the advance of Hitlers armies, buying time for the miracle evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk, just 30 miles up the coast, in May 1940. And at last the heroic stand of the Calais garrison has been widely recognised, figuring prominently in Darkest Hour, the marvellous film starring Gary Oldman that depicts those desperate...
  • Oxford Comma Dispute Is Settled as Maine Drivers Get $5 Million

    02/11/2018 9:39:29 PM PST · by Daffynition · 108 replies
    NYT ^ | Feb 9, 2018 | DANIEL VICTOR
    Ending a case that electrified punctuation pedants, grammar goons and comma connoisseurs, Oakhurst Dairy settled an overtime dispute with its drivers that hinged entirely on the lack of an Oxford comma in state law. The dairy company in Portland, Me., agreed to pay $5 million to the drivers, according to court documents filed on Thursday.
  • Flashback: Yuri N. Afanasyev, Historian Who Warned Against Putin, Repudiated Communism, Dies at 81

    02/10/2018 3:28:27 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 11 replies
    NY Times ^ | 2015 | Sophia Kishkovsky
    Yuri N. Afanasyev, a Russian historian and former Communist loyalist who became a leading democratic politician in the late Soviet era ...died Sept. 14. He was 81. In 1989, Mr. Afanasyev helped found Memorial, an organization dedicated to exposing Stalins atrocities and commemorating the victims. That year he also joined the Soviet Unions first freely elected parliamentary body, the Congress of Peoples Deputies, which was created under Mr. Gorbachevs reforms. But he grew disenchanted, doubting that its unwieldy mix of Stalinists, democrats and Communist Party functionaries could bring about change, and denouncing both its aggressively obedient majority and Mr. Gorbachev....
  • Words of Wisdom

    02/10/2018 3:13:57 AM PST · by sodpoodle · 10 replies
    multiple | 2/10/2018 | multiple
    Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not. ~Henry James~ Compassion is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain~ Carry a heart that never hates, a smile that never fades, And a touch that never hurts. Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, For I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true. ~Robert Brault~ Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you, not because they are nice but because you are. Never look down on anyone unless...
  • School removes Huckleberry Finn,' To Kill a Mockingbird' from curriculum

    02/09/2018 6:48:24 AM PST · by rightwingintelligentsia · 58 replies
    Cox Media via WPXI ^ | February 9, 2018 | Bob D'Angelo
    DULUTH, Minn. - Students taking English classes in a Minnesota city will no longer have to read two American classics or write reports about them, the Duluth News Tribune reported. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird, which contain racial slurs, will no longer be required reading for students in the Duluth Public School districts English classes next fall. However, the books are not banned: They will be available in the school as optional reading for students, the News Tribune reported. The decision comes two months after a Virginia school temporarily banned the two novels after a...
  • Chelsea Clinton coming to Unlikely Story in Plainville

    02/08/2018 4:53:30 AM PST · by simpson96 · 27 replies
    The Sun Chronicle ^ | 2/7/2018 | Staff
    PLAINVILLE Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will give a reading, Q&A and signing of her soon-to-be-published book, She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 8, at An Unlikely Story bookstore, 111 South St. Alexandra Boiger, the books illustrator, will also be on hand. She Persisted Around the World is described on the bookstores website as the companion to Clinton and Boigers #1 New York Times bestseller, She Persisted, and is perfect for tiny activists, mini-feminists, little kids (and parents!) who are ready...
  • Warped Mourning: Stories of the Undead in the Land of the Unburied

    02/07/2018 6:54:16 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose
    Stanford University Press ^ | 2018 | Alexander Etkind
    After Stalin's death in 1953, the Soviet Union dismantled the enormous system of terror and torture that he had created. But there has never been any Russian ban on former party functionaries, nor any external authority to dispense justice. Memorials to the Soviet victims are inadequate, and their families have received no significant compensation. This book's premise is that late Soviet and post-Soviet culture, haunted by its past, has produced a unique set of memorial practices. More than twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia remains "the land of the unburied": the events of the mid-twentieth century...
  • Juliet Says Yes to Romeo After On-Stage Marriage Proposal in Russias Biggest Theatre

    02/06/2018 11:19:22 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 16 replies
    Siberia Times ^ | 03 February 2018 | The Siberian Times
    Prima ballerina Kseniya Zakharova was accepting the audiences plaudits for her debut as Juliet when she turned to find Romeo on his knee offering her an engagement ring.Premier dancer Nikolay Maltsev, 21, took not only Kseniya by surprise with his proposal, but the entire audience in the almost 1,800 capacity theatre - and the dance troupe. Picture: Novosibirsk Theatre of Opera and Ballet The surprise romantic encore during the certain call delighted the audience at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. Premier dancer Nikolay Maltsev, 21, took not only Kseniya by surprise with his proposal, but the entire audience in...
  • Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine

    02/03/2018 2:27:44 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 13 replies
    Amazon ^ | 2017 | Anne Applebaum
    In 1929 Stalin launched his policy of agricultural collectivizationin effect a second Russian revolutionwhich forced millions of peasants off their land and onto collective farms. The result was a catastrophic famine, the most lethal in European history. At least five million people died between 1931 and 1933 in the USSR. But instead of sending relief the Soviet state made use of the catastrophe to rid itself of a political problem. In Red Famine, Anne Applebaum argues that more than three million of those dead were Ukrainians who perished not because they were accidental victims of a bad policy but because...
  • The Shock of America: Europe and the Challenge of the Century

    02/02/2018 3:37:11 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 1 replies
    Oxford University Press ^ | 2012 | David Ellwood
    The Shock of America is based on the proposition that whenever Europeans of the last 100 years or more contemplated those margins of their experience where change occurred, there, sooner or later, they would find America. How Europeans have come to terms over the decades with this dynamic force in their midst, and what these terms were, is the story at the heart of this text. Masses of Europeans have been enthralled by the real or imaginary prospects coming out of the USA. Inspiration, provocation, myth, menace, model: all these categories and many more have been deployed to try to...
  • Word For The Day - MYRMIDON

    02/02/2018 12:28:48 PM PST · by Red Badger · 18 replies ^ | 02/02/2018 | Red Badger
    In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Myr·mi·don ˈmərməˌdän,-mədən/ noun noun: Myrmidon; plural noun: Myrmidons 1. a member of a warlike Thessalian people led by Achilles at the siege of Troy. 2. a hired ruffian or unscrupulous subordinate. noun: myrmidon; plural noun: myrmidons "he and his myrmidons were ensconced in a bunker" Origin late Middle English: from Latin Myrmidones (plural), from Greek Murmidones .