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  • Obama: There Will Be a Government ‘Shutdown Threat Two Weeks Before Christmas’

    10/03/2015 6:15:34 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    butterdezillion to ErnBatavia

    Trump may change that equation, because he’s not afraid to say things like they are. I love watching the media get their own crap sandwich shoved down their throats every time Trump opens his mouth. Obama’s owners have held America hostage long enough already; time for Trump to expose the sh!theads for what they are. It’s way past time for the world to know what Obama’s owners have done and how. Trump is the man to tackle the treasonous media.

    I also love it that Ben Carson seems prepared to take on Obama’s owners: the Islamists after a worldwide caliphate. Go, Ben, go! And God be with you!

    At the same time, Ted Cruz is doing the Lord’s work exposing the corrupted political system which has allowed the foreign enemy combatant to be placed into our White House with the help of Obama’s owners. He won’t say that’s what has happened but he is exposing the filthy slimeballs and the games they’ve played while America burns.

    Those 3 guys are not enemies of each other, and I hope and pray that even in the midst of the political theater that we call “elections” they will recognize the true enemy and will TOGETHER fight that enemy rather than each other.

    So far, they are shining a light on the cockroaches that have held this nation hostage. I DOUBLE-DOG DARE Obama and his handlers to try the same old slimy crap, ‘cause this time it’s coming right back in their faces with a little dallop of KMA added on!

  • Young: ‘Thirders’ have taken over GOP

    09/29/2015 11:13:39 PM PDT · 15 of 36
    butterdezillion to Yosemitest

    Cruz speaks for me. He gets it. Even he isn’t telling the whole story yet, because the world isn’t ready to hear the whole story which is worse than anything the idiot who wrote this commentary even imagines we “wackos” are claiming. But both Cruz and Trump get it. They understand that America is in a war for her very survival, and the media and establishment are the ones selling us to the Islamic caliphate.

    When the truth outs, all these idiots will be exposed. And it couldn’t happen to a more worthy bunch.

  • Why Trump Is Still Leading And Ted Cruz Rose After The Fox Debate

    08/12/2015 5:39:50 AM PDT · 14 of 22
    butterdezillion to 2ndDivisionVet

    What he said. This country cannot survive more of the same, and I think a LOT of people know that, including the “little guy” democrats who know the country is going the wrong direction. It actually makes a good starting point with those people, to say that both parties have left us behind and served their own interests and we need to clean them ALL out. Given the number of people who recognize that we’re headed the wrong direction, who could disagree with that assessment?


    08/11/2015 7:29:21 PM PDT · 9 of 64
    butterdezillion to wildwoodla

    I wonder what the definition of “debate” is.

    Isn’t it supposed to have points and rebuttals between participants?

    What happened to all that?

  • Tea and Trumpism

    08/11/2015 3:43:57 PM PDT · 20 of 30
    butterdezillion to Sir Napsalot

    Right. We must be racist.

    These people are as predictable, boring, and wrong as can be. They just never get it, and they can’t understand why some of us like it when a candidate freely shows that he “gets” what is important to us peons.

  • To the Media: Give Us Substance, Not a Circus

    08/11/2015 7:48:26 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    butterdezillion to Awgie

    America desperately needs to be woken up to see just how this foreign enemy combatant got into our White House - so they can see the treason all around us and know that we are in a fight for our very survival.

    It’s time for those who have been ridiculed as “conspiracy theorist kooks” to be recognized as the only ones who have been speaking the gosh-awful truth. The general public has always stoned its prophets, and the dying America is no different, aided by a corrupt and threatened media and political/judicial system.

    It is way past time for the truth to come out to the general public, and be acknowledged so we all have to deal with it.

    Every time Trump pokes the political-media establishment in the eyes, I cheer him on, even if I don’t agree with what he’s saying. Finally somebody is willing to fight back, and this country can only survive if enough of us find that same energy and will to fight back.

  • Judge to IRS attorneys: I’m about to charge Koskinen personally with contempt

    07/31/2015 5:03:56 PM PDT · 64 of 71
    butterdezillion to lodi90

    If he committed contempt it doesn’t matter if he resigns; he’s still guilty of contempt and needs to sit in jail for it.

  • Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos

    07/29/2015 5:56:58 PM PDT · 29 of 191
    butterdezillion to Crazieman

    And if they get jailed for contempt of court, sue to have Obama, Holder, Lerner, etc also jailed for contempt of court - as if the Fourteenth Amendment’s “equal protection” actually means something in this banana republic of Obama’s making. Anybody who goes to jail over any crime that Obama has gotten away with needs to HOUND the legal system. If Obama can ignore laws with impunity then everybody else has to have the same opportunity as Obama has - to be a law unto him/herself like he is.

    Obama wants lawless? Maybe he should get a taste of EXACTLY his own medicine.

  • Court: Family-Run Pharmacy Must Carry Plan B Despite Religious Objections

    07/25/2015 11:17:47 AM PDT · 28 of 28
    butterdezillion to Political Junkie Too

    This is where they claim that the government has a vested interest in people having access to Plan B.

    Government doesn’t care if you have access to Dr. Pepper.

    Why does government have a vested interest in access to Plan B? Because Roe v Wade said - simultaneously - that there is an individual right to privacy so that government can’t regulate contraception - and that the government has a vested interest in “potential life” so government can do whatever stinkin’ thing they want to do in regards to a woman’s womb, as long as they have the audacity and duplicity to claim it is their business. IOW, they made a ruling that is so contorted that they can shape it into whatever they want it to mean. And the liberal, judicial-activist courts use it for that very purpose.

    Does the government have a vested interest in making sure that pharmacies dispense the antidote for heavy metal poisoning? Like, so attempted murderers can’t just slip some lead into the sugar bowl and quietly do away with people who know too much? They don’t give a rip about that. That would mean they are interested in protecting the innocent, and this regime is ONLY interested in protecting the guilty and screwing the innocent.

    When I needed progesterone to keep from miscarrying our youngest daughter I had to go to a clinic in a neighboring town because none of the pharmacies had the form of it that I was prescribed. The government didn’t care if I had the medicine needed to save my child’s life. Their vested interest is only in DESTROYING innocent lives. Just once I wish they would come right out and say that, so people can see them for who they really are.

  • Court: Family-Run Pharmacy Must Carry Plan B Despite Religious Objections

    07/25/2015 11:02:04 AM PDT · 27 of 28
    butterdezillion to oblomov

    And how is a pharmacy referring a customer to somebody else who will dispense the drug keeping Planned Barrenhood from getting their precious blood money?

    Did Planned Barrenhood prove that somebody who would have bought Plan B ended up not buying it SOLELY because this pharmacy refused on contientious grounds? If the same standard as was used on all the eligibility cases was applied to this case there is no way in heck that Planned Barrenhood could prove they had standing. It can’t be “what if” type speculation; they have to prove that they already lost money solely because of this pharmacy - just to have a CASE.

  • Senator Ted Cruz Declares Parliamentary War in the Senate

    07/25/2015 6:34:02 AM PDT · 15 of 29
    butterdezillion to exnavy

    This man already is leading this nation. Standing up and calling the emperor naked is at this point the greatest act of leadership anybody could have taken.

    Now we get to see who all hates this nation and Israel. They are the ones who will try to stop him.

  • Court: Family-Run Pharmacy Must Carry Plan B Despite Religious Objections

    07/25/2015 6:19:46 AM PDT · 7 of 28
    butterdezillion to G Larry

    And have the one person in the facility that will dispense those drugs wear an executioner’s outfit and witch costume.

    The Ninth Circus is a cancer on this nation. Hopefully they will be overturned once again.

    Why did Planned Parenthood have standing to be plaintiffs in this case? What financial harm has already been done to them - above and beyond the financial harm that anybody else has suffered - because of the actions of this pharmacy?

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 8:27:31 PM PDT · 135 of 150
    butterdezillion to silverleaf

    Lots of power, in return for his loyalty in cleaning up Obama’s passport file...

    The Obama thugs reward evil. Period. Everything we’ve seen from him fits that pattern: he rewards evil and punishes good.

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 6:18:26 PM PDT · 124 of 150
    butterdezillion to Red Steel

    Yes, I noticed they’re out in full force. Somebody must be afraid of this subject. New allegations about Arpaio right after he makes strong public statements about Obama’s crimes. How utterly unexpected (sarc)

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 6:15:54 PM PDT · 123 of 150
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan

    So Snow “interprets” the evidence to mean that he was framed, and rather than recusing himself so somebody objective can deal with it, he declares himself innocent and Arpaio guilty and demands that he get possession of all the evidence.

    And we’re all supposed to be fine with that. (”Judge’s knowledge”, ya know. Who needs evidence?)

    Like the only Iranians the Islamist Obama regime supported...

    What evidence does Snow have, that records were slated for destruction? The word of an anonymous source who could be a plant? Or may not exist at all? We’re all just supposed to TRUST him - since he’s been so credible and trustworthy in making himself the judge of his own alleged wrongdoing?

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 5:55:24 PM PDT · 120 of 150
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan

    What do Montgomery’s storage devices have to do with Arpaio’s immigration practices?

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 5:50:53 PM PDT · 118 of 150
    butterdezillion to silverleaf

    For which he was rewarded with the post of National Security director - able to access whatever he wants with no transparency or accountability, under the guise of “protecting” the country from “terrorists” like people who tell the truth...

    The reward for helping a foreign enemy combatant into office is more opportunities to do what foreign enemy combatants do. The Islamists who put Obama into place have a good friend in John Brennan. Maybe he’s an Islamist too...

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 5:21:30 PM PDT · 108 of 150
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan

    Of course he is. This was never about contempt of court by Arpaio; it was always about a guy who has it in for Arpaio getting the evidence so Obama’s criminal thugs would know what evidence they need to overcome AND what evidence they can tamper with, just like they’ve tampered with ALL the evidence regarding Obama’s ineligibility.

    Judge Snow doesn’t even have the discretion to know when to recuse himself. He’s gone on a judicial fishing expedition and nothing is going to stop him. The same kind of lawlessness got Fidel Castro lots of goodies from this regime and the same will happen to him, Snow is undoubtedly convinced.

    The USA has ceased to be a free nation. The reason Obama can recognize Cuba without any human rights concessions is because he knows he’s made us just as bad as Castro’s Cuba. And Iran.

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 3:30:27 PM PDT · 93 of 150
    butterdezillion to justiceseeker93

    Tapper knows Obama’s BC is fake. They all do. They were all told in October of 2008 that their careers would be over if they allowed Obama’s ineligibility or his Muslim leanings to be mentioned on-air, and the lives of their family members were questionable. They ALL know Arpaio is telling the truth. What we see here is acting, and it should disgust everybody to know that these people can go along to get along SO well, when they know full well they are serving the evil team. They ALL lie with a straight face and a smile.

    Trump speaks for me when he tells Anderson Cooper that we don’t trust him. They all lie, as if we’re idiots who can’t tell.

    When the public finds out the magnitude of the lies and the role of the media many people will be stunned. Many people have mocked “conspiracy theories” because they say that so many people could never be made to toe the line, but when they find out just how many people have done just that - and how little it took to keep all the sheep reined in - they will realize how vulnerable we have become, and how our enemies have been more serious and earnest about our vulnerabilities than we have. Which is why we as a society deserve everything we’ve gotten. Some of us don’t deserve this, but life isn’t always fair.

  • Joe Arpaio Renews Obama Birther Claims, Repeatedly Snaps at Tapper in Bizarre CNN Interview

    07/24/2015 9:24:37 AM PDT · 70 of 150
    butterdezillion to john mirse

    There aren’t any records. Neil Abercrombie told his friend Mike Evans that his team had gone to the HI hospitals with a search warrant and there is not any birth record for Obama in any of the hospitals there. That was apparently only after he had already checked the HDOH records and couldn’t find anything there. He told a Honolulu Advertiser columnist that his investigation had found something actually written down in the archives...

    Remember that Abercrombie said all this BEFORE he told his HDOH director who he had just appointed (Neal Palafox) that he had to resign (complete with his AG David Louie feeding the media rumors about Palafox maybe being investigated on trumped-up fraud charges...) and replaced him with Loretta Fuddy, who promptly broke every law in the book to forge/fabricate documents and keep the statutes from being obeyed in HI. Fuddy’s own Vital Records office would not legally verify any of the birth claims on the BC that Fuddy supposedly gave Obama (which he then had posted online). That’s because there is no legally-valid birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii. He CAN’T release anything from there.

    In addition, Mike Zullo went to the HI hospital in which Obama was supposedly born and was told there was in existence a log of women who had entered the delivery room to give birth - from back to that far. If Abercrombie went with a search warrant he would have been allowed to see that. The fact that he came away from that experience telling Mike Evans that there was nothing to prove a HI birth tells us that Obama’s mother was NOT found on any such list.

    The whole story of Obama born in Hawaii is a fabrication.

    When the public finally becomes aware of the lengths SOMEBODY went to, to pull off this fraud, they will realize just how badly screwed up the whole system is. When they figure out WHO took the system hostage to put this foreign enemy combatant into our White House they will understand everything he has done since being in office.

  • Here’s why Obama and Hillary must stop Donald Trump at all costs

    07/13/2015 9:03:01 PM PDT · 39 of 92
    butterdezillion to null and void

    Nothing is certain. That’s the trouble.

  • Here’s why Obama and Hillary must stop Donald Trump at all costs

    07/13/2015 8:19:40 PM PDT · 9 of 92
    butterdezillion to 11th_VA

    If it was certain that Trump would do these things, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

    These things are EXACTLY what America needs, because the system is hopelessly broken as it is. There is NO accountability, and that means there is absolute corruption. The lawless, foreign-enemy-combatant thug-in-chief ignores Congress and the courts and just does whatever he wants anyway, and as we watch EVERYBODY within the system make excuses for him and yawn while the nation is taken over, we know that America is hopeless as things stand. We need somebody who is willing to fight for us, and we need somebody who will help us believe that we can fight for ourselves and it won’t just fall flat and do nothing.

    The cronies who have profited from the destruction of this nation see people perking up to the smell of hope, and that truly does threaten them. Because if the good people of this nation had JUST ENOUGH hope to get us to fight rather than simply gripe online, this nation could be changed, could come back to life.

  • El Chapo Warns Trump

    07/13/2015 2:45:34 PM PDT · 197 of 221
    butterdezillion to Mariner

    And THAT is a reality that people need to seriously ponder before they dismiss everybody who welcomes Trump’s willingness to take the bull by the horns.

    As long as a person is willing to go along with whatever the drug cartels want they can “mind their own business” and ignore what crosses over our border - drug cartels which are allied with both terrorists such as ISIS, Hezbollah, etc, and with the US DOJ. The Sinoloans are the cartel that the US DOJ armed with military-grade weapons, I think right before the cartel ravaged that city (can’t remember the name...) Was it the Sinoloans who disemboweled a couple people who had spoken out against drugs, and hung their mutilated bodies from a bridge? Lovely people who are all just sunshine and light, and who just LOVE America and Americans and our way of life.... Exactly the kind of “innocents” that Trump is “maligning” by suggesting that an open border lets criminals in...

  • Obama Administration Defies Supreme Court, Issues Final Contraceptive Mandate Rule

    07/10/2015 10:12:55 PM PDT · 37 of 105
    butterdezillion to Pyro7480

    How can the regime enforce something the courts have told them they can’t? The minute they try to enforce something the entity they “caught” needs to land them in court.

    And it should NOT be taxpayers who have to pay the court costs for the criminal wrongdoing of these thugs. Not one red cent should come from public coffers. It should ALL come out of the pockets of the people who break the court orders - along with jail time for contempt of court.

  • Trump Resurrects Birther Issue; A lot Of People Don't Believe Obama Birth Certificate Real

    07/09/2015 8:54:42 PM PDT · 162 of 277
    butterdezillion to TigersEye

    Fraud is the least of the crimes committed by his handlers. A LOT of innocent people have been hurt - badly - by this thug regime, because they have NEEDED to cover up the truth about this one issue. Someday the truth of what they have done will come out, and mere fraud will look like child’s play compared to the full picture of what has been done.

    2008 was literally a coup.

  • Trump Resurrects Birther Issue; A lot Of People Don't Believe Obama Birth Certificate Real

    07/09/2015 8:42:57 PM PDT · 159 of 277
    butterdezillion to ifinnegan

    How would “any rational educated person” know that, when there is no legally-valid HI birth certificate for Obama, according to HI state registrar Alvin Onaka?

  • Trump Resurrects Birther Issue; A lot Of People Don't Believe Obama Birth Certificate Real

    07/09/2015 8:39:48 PM PDT · 158 of 277
    butterdezillion to Dilbert San Diego

    I can’t remember her name off-hand, but the gal who was working on this for Hillary said in a WND interview that Hillary’s plan was to wait until the DNC convention and after the first vote was inconclusive and delegates were no longer bound to vote for Obama bring out the evidence that Obama is not eligible - thus ensuring that Hillary would be the nominee. First Bill Clinton’s good friend, Bill Gwatney, was going to present the petition (or however they do it) to bring up a second vote, releasing the delegates and preparing the stage for Obama’s eligibility to be challenged. Trouble is, within days of agreeing to do this, Bill Gwatney was shot dead by a “random” despondent guy who was then killed by a cop. So then Stephanie Tubbs was going to do it but within a day or so of agreeing to do the job, she had an “aneurysm” (though her family was closed-mouthed about the whole thing). All this happened within the last 2 weeks before the DNC Convention.

    I believe it was a day after Tubbs died that Hillary supporter Phil Berg filed his lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility. The Hillary people told Bettina Viviano that the Clintons only agreed to ditch the challenge when they were told that Chelsea would be hurt/killed if they didn’t. There is footage that would be incredibly funny if it wasn’t so serious, of Bill Clinton dancing around Obama’s eligibility issue - obviously petrified of it, after somebody put the fear of God into him on that issue. But Viviano says she personallly heard Bill Clinton say that he knows Obama is not eligible.

    Many, many crimes were committed to put Obama into our White House and to keep him there, and I cannot respect ANYBODY who refuses to understand that staging a coup through murders, threats, etc is NOT -tee hee - an “embarrassing distraction”. This is the ESSENCE of who Obama is, who owns him, and what they are doing to this nation.

    Why does the media ignore the role of Berg? Because the on-air personalities were told in October of 2008 by the heads of their companies that if they or any of their guests dealt with Obama’s ineligibility or his Muslim connections, their careers would be over for sure and their lives and their families’ lives were questionable.

    The lengths that Obama’s handlers have gone to, to cover up this issue... are beyond what most people believe possible. Way beyond just political murders - and the audacious moves they made COUNTED on idiots being unwilling to look at evidence. They’re laughing their fool heads off at John Q Public who is so afraid of seeming “conspiratorial” that he refuses to see what’s right in front of his face. When the chips were down and the fate of this nation hung in the balance, the people who mattered caved at the mere threat of being called a - shudder - “birther”. America’s entire system is stuck in junior high. It didn’t even take 30 pieces of silver to get the whole stinkin’ lot to betray this nation to her death. All it took was the threat of somebody saying they “had cooties”.

    Unbelievably sad.

  • Cubans Pay the Price for Obama's 'Engagement' With the Castros

    07/08/2015 4:48:35 PM PDT · 4 of 11
    butterdezillion to Kaslin

    Everything Obama is and does makes sense when you know who owns him - the communists and Islamists who he has ALWAYS associated with (and allegedly has had official memberships with), who paid and coordinated the law degree with which he carried out the legal planks of THEIR STATED STRATEGY that he supported through “The New Party”, and who committed the multitude of crimes necessary to get and keep him in our White House.

    Lawful people who support freedom are persecuted all over the globe and within this nation’s boundaries and legal system, while terrorists, illegals, criminals, and tyrants are rewarded. That’s all anybody needs to know about the alleged Barack Hussein Obama II, the puppet of communism and Islam who is setting this world on fire.

    The people who have sat by and done nothing while these crimes were committed and exposed have blood on their hands. The crimes that put Obama into place are NOT “an embarrassing distraction”; they are the anatomy of a coup, and everything that Obama has done has been possible because “the cool people” chose to mock the truth-tellers while the enemy raped this nation in full view of everyone.

  • The Man Who Never Bothered Telling His Wife He Was 'British Schindler' Dies at 106

    07/05/2015 7:56:42 PM PDT · 28 of 28
    butterdezillion to Pontiac

    I think the communists (and now the Islamists too) knew our vulerabilities more than we did, and they had a comprehensive plan to destroy this nation’s Judeo-Christian foundation. They did it by targeting the love of money/power - getting the filthy rich on-board to destroy those foundations, and through them controlling the media, academia, etc. Yuri Bezmenov talked about that. Concern over communism has been ridiculed, but that was all part of the plan as well - make fighting for our lives seem like a joke to most, and then the whole building will crumble, foundation first.

    The WWII generation didn’t see this coming. The “academic” attack led to the failure of many Christian denominations, which gave up on believing the Bible. That laid the groundwork for modernism, post-Christianity, and now post-modernism. It all followed naturally from the premise of man believing he is his own “god”, and it has led us to an impossible situation where nobody is living in reality. Each person is allowed to create their own reality, and there is no such thing as truth. How the Father of Lies is laughing, now that all of the system’s recognized existence in this nation has become one big lie. Five people in robes could never have taken over this country’s whole political structure without the society as a whole scoffing the whole concept of truth.

    The WWII generation had no idea that they were sending their children to college to be indoctrinated against the very freedoms they gave so much to protect. The enemy snuck in while we were beaten down from the physical battles, took advantage of the men being at war and played with the wives’ new-found desire for autonomy and a career, and attacked families and faith - which were the core that held the nation together. It was a deliberate, comprehensive plan and when the society poo-poohed the danger they set us up for what we see now.

  • The Man Who Never Bothered Telling His Wife He Was 'British Schindler' Dies at 106

    07/05/2015 3:17:02 PM PDT · 5 of 28
    butterdezillion to Kaslin

    I think a lot of the people from that generation and my Dad’s generation would rather not remember what they battled, although as time moves on and society has changed I think they want the world to remember the times when people did have the courage to do what’s right.

    I remember asking my dad what it was like to be on the front lines in Korea. He said, ‘Nellie, the reason any of us fights in war is so that you’d never have to know what it’s like.” But as he gets older I think he wants us to know the past so we can be prepared for the future. He’d like to write a book about the culture of his day - not to glorify the people then, but so that the new generations can know about the times when common sense and decency were a way of life for most.

    He’s told about how people in his area survived the Great Depression by selling milk and eggs - about his mom’s role as the postmistress and store owner, how she forgave people their debts and let them “buy” what they needed at no cost, because she would not be responsible for children starving if she could help them. And Mom’s uncle who had gotten wealthy in the stock market and helped out just about everybody in their need when the market crashed.

    He’d like the new generations to at least hear about a world that wasn’t upside-down, even when things were very tough.

    I am so ashamed of what my generation has done to everything the past generations spent so much to give us.

  • Christian Bakers Fined, Gagged in Gay Cake Case

    07/05/2015 9:57:13 AM PDT · 100 of 108
    butterdezillion to OrangeHoof

    I think that was already tried in Colorado. IIRC, somebody wanted to force a cake baker to bake a cake saying marriage is only between a man and a woman, and the same court that had punished a baker for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake ruled that this baker had to be allowed to live consistently with his conscience and refuse to bake the cake supporting traditional marriage.

    These judges and our society are deceived. They are incapable of thinking straight - can’t even see their own inconsistencies. This is spiritual warfare. Our battle is against the Father of Lies, and his minions and victims cannot see their own shackles. And the system is overrun with them; the system cannot fix itself in this condition.

    Yesterday was a funeral for the country established by our Founding Fathers, who said this form of government was ours for as long as we could keep it. We haven’t kept it. The mental and spiritual condition of the people within our system is beyond repair by anything but spiritual renewal. The Lord is our ONLY hope at this point.

  • Christian Bakers Fined, Gagged in Gay Cake Case

    07/05/2015 9:49:38 AM PDT · 98 of 108
    butterdezillion to Anitius Severinus Boethius

    Disobey and then sue them for Constitutional violation when they try to enforce the ruling.

  • 3 Alternative Health Doctors Found Dead In the Last 2 Weeks After Run-Ins With The Feds

    07/04/2015 9:44:44 PM PDT · 46 of 62
    butterdezillion to Guenevere

    If he was working with autism, the feds could be on his case if he was finding connections between vaccinations and autism.

    Traditional medicine and alternative medicine each have their place, and everybody would do better if those two groups stopped acting as if they were enemies.

  • Pentagon urged to boot chaplains who oppose 'gay' marriage [Revelation 12]

    07/01/2015 3:46:39 AM PDT · 93 of 164
    butterdezillion to Southside_Chicago_Republican

    I doubt that any of the chaplains he refers to have used such inflammatory hate speech.

  • Flying Our Flag upside down

    06/27/2015 6:59:54 AM PDT · 64 of 70
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    INcapable of anything but a yawn.

  • Flying Our Flag upside down

    06/27/2015 6:54:29 AM PDT · 63 of 70
    butterdezillion to HartleyMBaldwin

    Don’t worry; in a true emergency 911 will put you on hold for about a year anyway, if they think the damage is even possibly related to the Obama regime. Been there, done that. No worry that flying the flag upside-down will waste emergency resources. Truth is, I think this country is capable of anything but a yawn any more. We’re not just mostly dead; this nation is ALL dead. All that’s left is to go through the pockets looking for loose change. And all without any response by the people who are supposed to keep the nation intact and safe. The alarms were all disabled. I guess because people always said that this increment of “slide” wasn’t enough to justify alarm...

  • Obama wants KKK to be forced to name its members and supporters after Charleston church massacre

    06/26/2015 9:42:13 PM PDT · 61 of 197
    butterdezillion to al_c

    Or better yet - all the Black Panthers who are friends of Obama, maybe even called him “the Savior”...


    06/26/2015 8:00:27 PM PDT · 65 of 139
    butterdezillion to St_Thomas_Aquinas

    Yes, it seems VERY appropriate.

    If this went viral - especially if included in protests - it could provide a united voice.

    It truly is only the God of Heaven who can save us now, and publicly calling on Him as our only Help would be a good step.

  • Flying Our Flag upside down

    06/26/2015 7:51:45 PM PDT · 60 of 70
    butterdezillion to HartleyMBaldwin

    You don’t think this nation is at a 911 point right now?


    06/26/2015 7:44:22 PM PDT · 61 of 139
    butterdezillion to familyop

    It’s not disrespect. It’s an international sign of distress.

  • .. Physician expelled from staff for telling the truth about homosexual behavior .."

    06/26/2015 7:24:30 PM PDT · 18 of 47
    butterdezillion to RnMomof7

    Just sent:

    Dear Dr. Tabb:

    When the medical community withholds important medical facts about risky behaviors, they become complicit in the diseases and deaths that result.

    Patients trust their doctors to tell them the truth. If a patient saw his doctor marching in support of pill-popping and even when he told his doctor about his pill-popping the doctor never told him that he could overdose on the pills he’s popping... the doctor would be responsible for that man’s eventual death by overdose. Substituting the word “risky” for the original word “wicked”, you see what the Founder of the true Beth Israel - “House of Israel” - said about the responsibility to give fair warnings to those in danger:

    “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for this house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. When I say to a (risky) man, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his (risky) ways in order to save his life, that (risky) man will die for his (risks), and I will hold you accountable for his blood.’” (Ezekiel 3:17-18)

    The medical community should concern itself with medical truth and should not blame/fire the messenger when he faithfully speaks the medical truth to people who need to hear it. Saying a patient has cancer is offensive; it could also save someone’s life.Truth sometimes hurts feelings, but lies hurt more than just feelings. As doctors you should understand that. BIDMC’s treatment of Dr. Church leads me to believe the doctors/administrators there don’t even know why people visit their doctor. It’s not so they can feel warm and fuzzy; it’s so they can be kept safe from real medical danger that they trust their doctor to recognize.

    My first child died in utero at 42 weeks gestation, possibly because of complications from undiagnosed gestational diabetes. If the doctor had known I had diabetes that could kill my child but refused to tell me because he didn’t want to “judge” my Christmas candy consumption, it would show total contempt for the value of my child’s life - that his/my “uncomfortable” feeling is more important than saving her life.

    Please value your patients. Tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And stop punishing doctors who uphold their oaths.

    Thank you.

  • TEXAS: Governor Abbott Statement On Supreme Court Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage

    06/26/2015 3:17:19 PM PDT · 84 of 175
    butterdezillion to Hostage

    5 people in black robes just overturned elections in 38 states That’s 76% of the states.

    Traditional marriage got higher percentage votes than Obama ever got for the Presidency. So why is it, again, that SCOTUS could never take up the question of whether the Constitution allows Obama to act as President? Did somebody say something about courts not being able to overturn elections? As if the will of the people is sacred and the Constitution doesn’t allow elections to ever be reversed?

  • TEXAS: Governor Abbott Statement On Supreme Court Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage

    06/26/2015 3:10:05 PM PDT · 82 of 175
    butterdezillion to Hostage

    I think the states should all pass laws saying they will issue no marriage licenses. If SCOTUS wants to legislate from the bench they can jolly well try to figure out how to get somebody to administer what they legislate.

  • SCOTUS Decision": Gay Marriage Constituional Right

    06/26/2015 2:24:15 PM PDT · 432 of 446
    butterdezillion to angelcindy

    I hope she does, so it will be a different court when somebody marries their mother and some state balks at giving a marriage license...

  • SCOTUS Decision": Gay Marriage Constituional Right

    06/26/2015 2:16:10 PM PDT · 430 of 446
    butterdezillion to CAluvdubya

    The number of TRULY disenfranchised voters just went up exponentially.

  • SCOTUS Decision": Gay Marriage Constituional Right

    06/26/2015 1:52:10 PM PDT · 427 of 446
    butterdezillion to The Ghost of FReepers Past

    I don’t have a country. Can a person renounce citizenship while still living here?

    The country I have pledged allegiance to was a REPUBLIC - a Constitutional Republic, where the Constitution ruled, not men. It no longer exists. It actually hasn’t existed since about September 2008.

  • SCOTUS Decision": Gay Marriage Constituional Right

    06/26/2015 1:41:16 PM PDT · 426 of 446
    butterdezillion to Ironfocus

    I pity all those who are pastors in these times. Yes, the persecution is coming.

    I think 4th of July would be a really good time to fly the flag upside-down - an international distress signal.

  • SCOTUS Decision": Gay Marriage Constituional Right

    06/26/2015 1:37:05 PM PDT · 425 of 446
    butterdezillion to C19fan

    Right now, somebody try to marry his/her mother, and let’s see what reason the government would give, to refuse to recognize that “marriage” - given that people have a Constitutional “right” to government recognition of whatever “marriage” a person wants to call a “marriage”.

    And then double the stakes, and have somebody try to marry their mother AND father, because if people have a right to government recognition of whatever cohabitation situations people call “marriage”, then threesomes have to be OK too.


  • SUPREME COURT CAUGHT MESSING WITH MARRIAGE CASE?Suspicious events'troubling turn'

    06/22/2015 7:04:03 PM PDT · 107 of 126
    butterdezillion to semimojo; xzins

    When that many motions have been made where people are questioning the impartiality of a “justice”, only a crook would say that their impartiality cannot “reasonably” be questioned. Ginsburg was trying to say that it wouldn’t be too tough to mandate same-sex marriage because people have come to accept it. Well, if that’s her argument, then she should be saying the states should decide it, so these people can exert the popular will that she claims exists.

    And in the same way, the statute that xzins cited REQUIRES a justice to recuse him/herself when impartiality can reasonably be questioned; the “justice” would have a hard time saying that it is “unreasonable” to question their impartiality if a large segment of the population DOES question their impartiality. Maybe some polls would “help” these “justices” with a reality check...

    But that’s more than I should have said because I shouldn’t be feeding the trolls. Bye.

  • SUPREME COURT CAUGHT MESSING WITH MARRIAGE CASE?Suspicious events'troubling turn'

    06/22/2015 6:58:42 PM PDT · 105 of 126
    butterdezillion to xzins

    Yes, illegal activity on the part of the “justices” (I just about barf every time I use that word on these clowns). But also unlawful activity on the part of the clerks, or whoever forged the submission stamp, changed it from a motion to a request, didn’t file a bunch of motions, etc.

    They’ve done the same kind of crap in cases challenging Obama’s eligibility - to Donofrio and Taitz. At SCOTUS and in places like Georgia.

    Typical of the treatment I also have received from government lackeys, and it’s as transparent as Obama CLAIMS he wanted to be.

    Was it a clerk who supposedly “mis-filed” the James Rosen stuff, so it was hidden from him that he, his parents, etc were having their communications monitored?

    These “mistakes” always go against those fighting for the Constitution. Always. Transparently sickening.