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  • Transcript: Retired Border Patrol Officer Zach Taylor explains surge of illegals on U.S. border

    07/21/2014 4:39:19 PM PDT · 42 of 70
    butterdezillion to Osage Orange; BuckeyeTexan

    Usually it’s helpful to point out exactly why and how a person is wrong, like Buckeye Texan did. Thanks, BT.

    I wonder which fatal mosquito-borne disease it was in MA. I should look but don’t have time right now.

  • Transcript: Retired Border Patrol Officer Zach Taylor explains surge of illegals on U.S. border

    07/21/2014 4:28:46 PM PDT · 38 of 70
    butterdezillion to Aria

    I didn’t. I will send it, but my emails are not reliable right now; somebody just tried to send me an email about 10 minutes ago and I haven’t gotten it yet. I sent myself an email a week ago and still haven’t received it.

    So somebody else should send it to Drudge too - somebody whose emails don’t disappear into thin air.

  • Transcript: Retired Border Patrol Officer Zach Taylor explains surge of illegals on U.S. border

    07/21/2014 2:12:03 PM PDT · 24 of 70
    butterdezillion to Pearls Before Swine

    Has somebody sent this to Drudge?

  • Transcript: Retired Border Patrol Officer Zach Taylor explains surge of illegals on U.S. border

    07/21/2014 2:08:43 PM PDT · 23 of 70
    butterdezillion to Arthur McGowan

    This morning I mentioned to my husband the headline about deadly disease in MA being spread by mosquitos. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that when a mosquito bites somebody with a deadly disease the mosquito carries that disease and spreads it to the next person it bites. So a person can get whatever communicable diseases these people have just by being outside.

    My husband’s response was, “Well, that’s really cheerful news.”

    This is biological warfare against the people of the USA - against those who are here legally AND against those here illegally. This is the polar opposite of compassion.

  • New video shows police offered no medical help to unresponsive Staten Island dad Eric Garner

    07/20/2014 11:22:46 AM PDT · 106 of 136
    butterdezillion to Cap'n Crunch

    There are already 2 different stories - one claiming he was fine until after he got in the ambulance, which is an absurd claim. If any of these cops performed CPR on him when he went unresponsive and lost a heartbeat, this story would have been told a LOT differently.

    Picking through his pockets? That doesn’t seem like something you’d do on a person you were performing CPR on until the EMT’s could arrive...

  • New video shows police offered no medical help to unresponsive Staten Island dad Eric Garner

    07/20/2014 9:46:37 AM PDT · 88 of 136
    butterdezillion to Cap'n Crunch

    You do rescue breathing if the person has a pulse but isn’t breathing; if the heart stops you add compressions. These cops would have known that. There is no excuse for this man to die without any efforts to save him. NO EXCUSE.

  • New video shows police offered no medical help to unresponsive Staten Island dad Eric Garner

    07/20/2014 6:11:29 AM PDT · 55 of 136
    butterdezillion to Cap'n Crunch

    Even if that were true, not one cop there would do CPR on a person having a heart attack? Why know CPR if you’re never going to use it?

    Geez, the lengths the government will go to, to make sure everybody pays taxes. Oh, wait, there are lots of people who don’t pay their taxes. Like most of the enemy-combatant-in-chief’s cabinet... and a LOT of the people who voted for him...

    How DARE this guy think he could be a small business that evades the tax penalties on small businesses by selling individual items rather than packs! That is the ultimate crime, that will get you the death penalty by cop. God knows with all the crimes out there, this is the one that requires a gang of cops to apply brute force and then watch the guy die without doing CPR.

    Who runs this PD, Eric Holder? He who majors in piddles like an outhouse on a float, while the country is torn apart by a lawless regime and the drug cartels and terrorists he holds the border open to.

  • BLOODY PULP: Dad Catches Man Raping His Son, Then This Happens

    07/19/2014 4:54:08 PM PDT · 30 of 35
    butterdezillion to Dr.Deth

    The perp was a neighbor, like a member of the family. Had been abusing this 11-year-old since the boy was 9. Admitted he had sexually abused the boy and said, “I’m guilty.”

    I hope he truly believes that, repents, and gets help. What the Dad did may help him toward that end. Considering the cycle of abuse, I can’t help but wonder if/when the perp was violated himself.

    And I hope what the Dad did helps the 11-year-old to know he is loved and protected, and that helps him heal. Two years of that abuse without anybody knowing; it’s got to be tough.

    The police response that no charges would be filed because it was a dad being a dad will also hopefully send a message to any would-be imitators.

    I am a fairly calm person, but if anybody tried doing that to one of my kids and the only way I could stop them was with my fists, that’s exactly what I’d do.

  • The Collapse of America - A Plan Decades in the Making

    07/18/2014 6:11:03 AM PDT · 35 of 53
    butterdezillion to rawcatslyentist

    They know they’ve got people who will ridicule anybody who points out what really shows up in the video. It’s a critical piece of their puzzle.

    And they know they’ve got people who will censor the information from getting visibility in places it’s likely to be taken seriously. Another critical piece of the puzzle.

    Crooks are crooks, and there will always be crooks. The lawlessness we’ve got today is because the people who are supposed to expose and stop the crooks won’t. Those are the people who hold America’s future in their hands. Those are the people who are on trial right now. We get the government we deserve, and God has intervened to make sure that everyone will have a chance to see the truth. If the people of America see that they are returning to their vomit and do it anyway, there will be no reason for the Lord to spare this country what is coming. He’s giving us a chance to reject the path we’ve taken - those who cover for the crimes of the regime.

    If OUR apathy keeps us from getting our Congress members to do anything even after Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS-gate, NSA-gate, Extortion 17, Boston Marathon cover-up, and UAC-gate - followed by the evidence Arpaio is going to bring forward - then we deserve all that lawlessness, and it will kill us and the country.

  • The Collapse of America - A Plan Decades in the Making

    07/17/2014 9:26:38 PM PDT · 29 of 53
    butterdezillion to Jim Noble; paythefiddler; LucyT; null and void; rolling_stone; bitt; Nachum; Venturer; ...

    Unless they’ve been destroyed, like the FAA records for the Fuddy “accident”. Or so the FAA said in their official FOIA response to me... I’m told somebody will go to jail over this.

    I gave an interview about it and a bunch of other stuff. The link can be found at

  • Study: Single injection of protein could reverse symptoms of Type 2 diabetes

    07/17/2014 7:06:49 AM PDT · 28 of 66
    butterdezillion to chajin

    The snag is in the last paragraph of the article. They need to find a variant that doesn’t also affect cell growth. IOW, if I understand correctly, a variant that’s not carcinogenic.

    Somebody tell me if I’m misunderstanding.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/15/2014 4:43:11 AM PDT · 80 of 80
    butterdezillion to American Constitutionalist

    Exactly. At some point a person has to take responsibility. Who knows what the outcome may be, but at some point we have to decide to live free or else acknowledge that we have willingly accepted the chains. Nobody else makes that decision for us; it is our OWN decision.

  • Leaked Data Shows 10-Fold Increase In Obamaís Asylum Approvals

    07/14/2014 4:22:24 PM PDT · 5 of 8
    butterdezillion to cuban leaf

    Right. And I don’t think they’ve done a whole lot to help Miriam Ibrahim come here either - with her US-citizen children and US-citizen husband, for the mere humanitarian purpose of escaping being hung for being/marrying (take your pick; they’re both capital offenses under sharia...) a Christian.

    People who want to be able to teach their children or who want to simply be and remain Christian.... need not apply for Obama’s asylum.

  • Report: SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found ďWashed Up Along RiverbankĒ of Rio Grande

    07/14/2014 2:19:23 PM PDT · 64 of 82
    butterdezillion to Biggirl

    The parents are abandoning their children on the word of Obama that he will take care of them. The kids are absolutely being used - by all of them - and at least some of them are dying because of it.

    It’s sick. It’s sort of like using little kids for human shields. This isn’t good for ANYBODY - except the people who want to destroy the country and have to “break a few eggs” to get it done. The death cult that would like to see 90% of the world’s population killed off, and has no qualms with slaughtering defenseless newborns under the guise of “women’s rights”.

  • Nebraska governor wants names of migrant children in his state

    07/14/2014 1:35:45 PM PDT · 21 of 28
    butterdezillion to moovova

    They will probably end up in my town, which is known at “Little Mexico”. The school/community boasts that they ask no questions. Depending on how young they are, they may end up in my after-school program.

    I love the kids we have and I think most of them love/like me too, because I love to give whatever I can. I have no idea who is legal and who isn’t. And I wish them all well. Every last one of them, and they know it.

    But it is just wrong for these kids to be used as political pawns for Obama’s agenda of destroying this country. What needs to happen is for somebody to help these poor countries to prosper, and help them to fight off the corruption that makes it dangerous to live there. There are private groups working on those things - including an active group from our town. What’s being spent to take care of these unattended kids for even a small while could build a house for that child’s whole family. But that’s not the priority.

    Instead of these families being helped to have a sustainable life where they’re at, they’re coming here for Obama’s expressed purpose (in his New Party history/membership) of making this country’s economy collapse (getting rid of our prosperity so we can have communism instead) and making the place lawless. That doesn’t help these kids and families, nor does it help us. The only ones who benefit are the communists and Islamists who will be at the top of the heap when the dust clears.

    And that sickens me. It is the OPPOSITE of prosperity and hope. It is death.

  • Ex-captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could return to active duty Monday

    07/14/2014 9:11:06 AM PDT · 49 of 60
    butterdezillion to xzins

    This is absolutely nuts. He was supposedly so traumatized by his abuse at the hands of the Taliban that he had to give up information that helped out the Taliban, and yet he’s already “all better” to go back to combat supposedly fighting for our side (the American people’s side, that is)?

    This blows their whole “Stockholm Syndrome” narrative.

    This whole thing just stinks. Like everything else this regime has anything to do with.

  • Eric Holder: Palin Wasn't a Good VP Candidate, Even Worse Judge of Who Should Be Impeached

    07/13/2014 2:59:19 PM PDT · 40 of 48
    butterdezillion to 2ndDivisionVet

    He did that within an hour of receiving a phone call from Obama.

    Bush did a 180 on that same day and gave an address to the nation saying that Armageddon was upon us if we didn’t pass TARP.

    Kevin Freeman has written a book strongly suggesting that the Sept 2008 run on the bank was a terrorist attack, and that Muslims and communists had long been preparing the foundation for just such an attack to be effect, through the actions of a corrupt Congress.

    McCain is bad news, but I do believe there was something in what Obama told McCain that day - and in what somebody told Bush that day - that told them that resistance was futile. I believe someone communicated on that day that the electronic run on the bank was planned by Soros and his allies and that they would do it again and collapse the entire world economy unless Obama was allowed to illegally usurp our White House.

    And I believe there were OTHER CRITICAL people who were also threatened - either with threats of financial collapse, or with more personal threats...

    Some of the bad we’re seeing is just scummy people, but some of it is the crimes of this regime and its handlers.

  • Eric Holder: Palin Wasn't a Good VP Candidate, Even Worse Judge of Who Should Be Impeached

    07/13/2014 2:49:29 PM PDT · 39 of 48
    butterdezillion to 2ndDivisionVet

    Eric Holder should be arrested and impeached - in that order.

    And I’d like to hear a reporter ask him if his leaving the Mexican border wide open (and refusing to enforce US laws as well as the Constitution’s DEMAND that the feds protect the individual states from foreign invasion) means he’s realized he was wrong to forcibly take Elian Gonzalez away from his family and deport him back to Cuba.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/13/2014 2:33:47 PM PDT · 78 of 80
    butterdezillion to Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America

    This resolution says wherever her body is found.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 9:45:38 PM PDT · 71 of 80
    butterdezillion to Marine_Uncle


    My daughter pulled me aside just a little bit ago. She was wanting some assurance that she wouldn’t fall away from the faith. Asked if we could have Bible study and not just the family devotions. So we got out our Bibles and we read some of the promises - how nothing can separate us from His love, and how there is no condemnation for us. How He who began a good work in us is able to bring it to completion at the day of our Lord Jesus Christ...

    It always comes back to Him. We can afford to have faith, no matter how things seem to our own eyes, because He is good. Just like you said.

    I am so sorry if it sounded like I was saying your faith is weak. I feel so much tiredness in and around me, on the board here, and in people going about their tasks. We do hope. But we’re also tired. Faith keeps us hanging on, though, and God uses tired people too. We’ll keep doing what we can, hoping for the best (as you said), and wait and see what God does with our loaves and fishes. =)

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 7:03:00 PM PDT · 65 of 80
    butterdezillion to okie01

    And 1934 is right about the time that the communist trap was first laid. We are seeing the fruit of that “crisis” that FDR didn’t “let go to waste”... Is it coincidence that this happened when one branch forsook its role of being a check and balance to all the other parts of government?

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 6:59:28 PM PDT · 64 of 80
    butterdezillion to Marine_Uncle

    When we’re depressed and think there’s no point in trying, we need to just DO IT ANYWAY. A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. That’s why depression/demoralization is a vicious circle. You don’t feel like doing anything so you don’t do anything so you don’t feel like doing anything...

    Faith is believing in what is unseen at the time. Farmers (like my dad and brothers) live by faith every day of their lives. Those dead seeds and cold ground make it seem a waste of time to get out of the warm house and go into the muddy mess, and the seeds if they do come up may get hailed on, may be killed by draught, may cost too much to harvest because of EPA rules and taxes, etc.... It would be very easy to say nothing will ever come of all the work. The Bible says we will see a harvest - if we don’t give up.

    None of us FEELS like our efforts will be successful. Obama and his thugs and minions are very, very good at one thing: killing, stealing, and destroying, all to make us give up. It is the devil’s work, after all. We have been targeted just as surely as if a tazer was used on us to stop us. It is no wonder we all feel this way.

    But if we just keep putting one foot in front of another, eventually our feelings will catch up to our faith. In “Princess Bride” Inigo Montoya thinks he’s dying, stabbed in the gut by Count Rugen. When Rugen calls him pathetic and tries to give him the fatal stab, Inigo instinctively puts out his sword to stop it. No energy, just sheer instinct. And it repeats. But as he brandishes his sword Inigo begins to forget his wound, his tiredness, and his failure - and remembers what he was living the last decades of his life for.

    The chances of Lerner actually being placed in jail are as great as our faithfulness in putting one foot in front of another and planting seeds when the dirt is cold. It is not Lerner who is on trial. It is not Obama. It is we who are on trial. God is finding out what we are made of. This country is ours for the taking - if we will. If we won’t, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Not the clueless people with their EBT cards, because they don’t know any better. Us.

    If we step out in faith, God will take us the rest of the way we need to go. I’ve already seen it happen. And just today I saw another answer to a very specific prayer I prayed, pleading for help. There is no way anybody can convince me that we are alone in this battle. I’ve seen far too much of God’s amazing power and wisdom to believe that for a second - except when I’m tired and forget to look up.

    Let’s all look up, and keep putting one foot in front of the other, ESPECIALLY when we think it will get us nowhere.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 6:40:14 PM PDT · 62 of 80
    butterdezillion to Raycpa

    Should a private citizen who lies before Congress and/or withholds records, destroys records, tells her staff to be careful what they say in emails because they may be subpoenaed, etc.... get away scott-free because the regime who appointed her does CYA on all their criminal thugs?

    Why would it make a difference whether she was a private citizen, or whatever? If she’s committed a crime that obstructs the only justice the rest of us have any chance of getting, then I cannot think of it as a bad thing for her to get what she’s got coming. OTOH I DO think it is a bad thing for her to sit there grinning with her secure pension while she p!sses all over us, our representatives, and the rule of law.

    It’s been a crazy-busy day. My window with an earlier response I was writing closed on me so I don’t know what I’ve said already or not, but maintaining the CHECKS and BALANCES is critical, and anytime ANY branch is “untouchable” we can be absolutely positively and in all other ways sure that they will overgrow themselves and trample the people, the Constitution, and the rule of law. When that happens, you fight fire with fire, because fire is the only thing strong enough to stop another fire.

    It is blatantly obvious that the executive branch has outgrown its britches. It is “untouchable”, and we are seeing all the predictable outcomes because of that. Either we strengthen another branch to fight the executive branch, or we are screwed.

    In this particular case, the Constitution ALREADY strengthened the House for this checking power, and the reason the executive has overgrown is because the House did not TAKE SERIOUSLY the need for that check. They LET the executive take over the whole bowel. (I sure hope I already posted the bowel-bacteria analogy, or that will sound really weird. lol)

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 1:05:10 PM PDT · 49 of 80
    butterdezillion to Raycpa

    You don’t seem to be listening. The House ALREADY has this power. The CONSTITUTION gives this power, as part of the overall system of checks and balances. When you take any of those checks out it creates an imbalance. Do you really want to take that check/power out of the Constitution without actually amending the Constitution? And you want us to believe that is conservative or Constitutional?

    Why are you so afraid of the House being able to jail somebody for refusing their subpoenas? Scooter Libby was already jailed for a crime he didn’t do, and Clinton was already not jailed for a crime he did - all without the House being involved at all. So if you’re afraid that injustice will be done by Congress, the mechanisms are already there and have been in place for a long, long time. What is the House going to do that the Senate hasn’t already done?

    Obama can already arrest and jail/detain any of us for whatever trumped-up reason he wants, without ANY due process, disclosure, charges - anything. He is the colon bacteria that is always BAD. Bad colon bacteria gets that kind of power in one way: the good bacteria gets killed/weakened. The whole point of checks and balances is to have factions of government at each others’ necks. That constant struggle keeps ANY of them from overgrowing itself.

    All it takes to destroy the checks and balances is for ONE branch to be weakened. When that happens it is a GIVEN that the bad bacteria will take over the place and will GROW THE GOVERNMENT. It will take over all the other parts of government and, unchecked, it will grow to impossible proportions.

    IOW, if you really want to stop the growth and intrusiveness of government as a whole, you HAVE to grow the branch that has been weakened beyond the ability to check the other branches.

    Impeachment is to remove a person from office, not to put them in jail. And Lois Lerner can’t be impeached; she’s already collecting her for-life pension.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 12:51:57 PM PDT · 48 of 80
    butterdezillion to bgill

    Studies have shown that lab rats will stop trying to exit a door when it’s been closed to them before - even when the door is left open. They condition themselves to believe that the door is forever shut.

    Me, I’m a cow. A cow will go through the fence any time it’s open and if it’s not open it will go OVER the fence if what’s on the other side is worth it.

    I believe the rule of law is worth it.

    And doors ARE opening. You would not BELIEVE how many things that weren’t supposed to be able to happen are actually happening but nobody has had a chance to find out about it yet.

    Obama is desperate. He is showing his fangs too early - before we’ve all been subjugated. Unless we’ve given up. Have we given up? Are we going to go out with a whimper, or stand up and fight for all we hold dear?

    This isn’t really about Obama OR about the corruptocrats in DC. It’s about us - whether we have given up on liberty, or whether we still care enough to fight. We’re down, we’re depressed. But the first step out of that is to JUST DO IT. Don’t feel like taking a walk? Do it anyway! Don’t feel like making supper? See your kids sitting there hungry and do it anyway. Don’t want to get your hopes up for the future? Plant a tree anyway. Somebody asked Martin Luther what he would do if he knew the world was ending the next day. He said he’d plant a tree. We have to keep living until we’re dead.

    Are we dead already?

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 12:30:38 PM PDT · 45 of 80
    butterdezillion to Raycpa

    Instead all the enforcement powers - to force the GOVERNMENT to be accountable - is to be concentrated in one Attorney General?

    Exactly what is the check on the executive, in that scenario? He appoints the top cop who does legal CYA for all the crimes his regime commits, and everybody else has to sit there and take it? The executive sends people to Congressional investigations and p!sses all over the truth and all over we the people’s representatives and then laughs all the way to the bank, and nobody can do a dang thing?

    That is a recipe for revolution, right there. It’s exactly what got us the first revolution.

    This is a very specific, narrow resolution to force the Speaker to do what he is Constitutionally allowed to do - to enforce CONGRESS’ subpoenas. If one of us little people lied to Congress we’d be nailed. Would you be against that?

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 11:50:37 AM PDT · 39 of 80
    butterdezillion to Kenny Bunk

    The resolution says wherever Lerner’s body may be found, not just at Congress. Basically a warrant for her arrest wherever she’s at.

    And it says she’s not to be released until further action by the House, IIRC.

    The procedural ways to try to keep it from a vote - yeah, we’ll have to get past the slime on that part. But even slime can melt under extreme heat...

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 11:47:13 AM PDT · 38 of 80
    butterdezillion to Kenny Bunk; 2ndDivisionVet

    But what the exit plan may not account for is two things:

    1. People are waking up. There are far more of us than there are of them. Is it 2ndDivisionVet who keeps posting “What good can a rifle do against an army”? This regime - including the R do-nothings - may well find out the answer to that question if they don’t get a clue. The invasion taking place right now, at the same time as we’re finding out that ISIS and other terrorists have been trained, armed, funded, granted access, and provided propaganda cover by this regime... is waking people up. Those of us who are awake need to take the phone lines by storm so DC KNOWS the giant has awoken.

    2. Aslan may be on the move, in Narnia terminology. Who cares if they’ve got the White Witch, if we’ve got Aslan?

  • EXCLUSIVE: TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID, Says Border Patrol Union

    07/11/2014 11:35:14 AM PDT · 28 of 82
    butterdezillion to Tilted Irish Kilt

    We can do something about that, though. At least a start.

    Steve Stockman has filed a resolution calling for the arrest of Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress.

    My understanding is that if this resolution passes the House, Boehner has no choice but to implement it.

    It feels good to jaw about things here, and wallow in how bad things are (I think we all appreciate being with others who recognize what’s going on, so we commiserate together, and I’m not pointing fingers specifically at anybody but rather kind of at all of us, myself included).But this is a call to action. If we really want the lawlessness to stop, then we need to do what it takes to FORCE arrests when this “selective enforcement” happens. Right now John Boehner is doing “selective enforcement” to make sure that Lois Lerner laughs all the way to the bank over the wimpy attempts of Congress to make the rule of law matter.

    We can wipe that smile right off Lerner’s face - and right off of BOEHNER’s face - as well as anybody else who may be subpoenaed to testify or provide records for House investigations of Benghazi, NSA-gate, IRS-gate, Extortion 17, Fast & Furious, Bergdahl-gate, Boston Marathon-gate, etc - if we just have the determination and foresight to storm the House’s phone lines, demanding this resolution be passed.

    Let’s do it, guys! Let’s not just b!tch. Let’s tell DC we’re sick of the play-games!

  • EXCLUSIVE: TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID, Says Border Patrol Union

    07/11/2014 11:26:23 AM PDT · 27 of 82
    butterdezillion to C19fan

    Heck, Air 1 has been doing this openly for about 6 years already.

    Unless Obama has presented his naturalization papers.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 11:22:21 AM PDT · 35 of 80
    butterdezillion to Raycpa

    They already have the ability to do that through the IRS, DOJ, NSA, DHS - you name it. We’ve got nothing to lose by acting. And at the same time, everything to lose by not acting.

    The Constitution specifically gives the House this ability. Why do we consider it so very dangerous to actually have it be used?

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 11:06:29 AM PDT · 33 of 80
    butterdezillion to Ray76; null and void; bitt; Nachum; paythefiddler; LucyT; rolling_stone; Venturer; ...

    It looks that way to me too.

    IOW, if we really want Boehner to comply with the rule of law, we need to get the House to pass this resolution.

    Pinging some people who I know have ping lists, and to my ping list. We need to get this out to everybody.

    Steve Stockman has filed a resolution calling for the arrest of Lois Lerner. If passed, it appears that Boehner would have no choice but to comply. I very seriously believe this is the first step toward ANY of the investigations getting anything done. For Lerner to sit in jail would send a HUGE message that we the people are serious and we are making our representatives truly represent us.

    I believe the number one foe we face is our own demoralization. We act as if we cannot change anything. I don’t know if we can or can’t, but I know we sure as heck can’t if we’re too defeated to try.

    And though I can’t say anything about it specifically right now, I have good reason to believe that the Lord has intervened on our behalf. There are things happening that only God can do. Never, ever, ever give up! As Elisha told his servant - open your eyes and see that those who are with us are more than those against us. The Lord is our strength and shield, and He can do what is impossible for man. A slingshot and a stone, in the hands of one willing to stand for truth and life, is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

    Let’s roll!

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 9:11:05 AM PDT · 30 of 80
    butterdezillion to Ray76

    Can the speaker refuse to do what a passed resolution says? Does he have discretion to be just as lawless as Obama?

    If so, maybe HE needs to be arrested...

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 9:09:46 AM PDT · 29 of 80
    butterdezillion to Ray76

    Here’s where everybody can find the phone number for their Representative:

    I just called Adrian Smith’s office urging him to vote for that resolution, saying none of the investigations mean anything unless there’s some “bite” to keep people accountable. The guy seemed to know immediately what I was talking about and seemed to agree.

    Stockman has provided the opportunity, now we Freepers need to put it into high gear...

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 9:01:40 AM PDT · 27 of 80
    butterdezillion to Ray76

    Sounds fantastic to me.

    Congressman Adrian Smith will be hearing from me, STRONGLY encouraging him to vote for this resolution. H. Res 664.

    We need to burn up the phone lines and let DC know the rule of law is a prerequisite for ANY of the investigations to make any difference whatsoever - and is critical to the existence of this nation.

  • Republican Congressman Files For Lois Lernerís Arrest

    07/11/2014 7:44:09 AM PDT · 22 of 80
    butterdezillion to ArtDodger

    If Lerner was arrested she couldn’t be found in a park somewhere, dead. The prison would be the safest place for her to be - and the ONLY safe place she could be until she comes clean and gets rid of the motive for the regime to kill her.

    Putting her in jail might help her to consider her options wisely...

    And Stockman has it exactly right: as long as people can get away with outright lying to Congress, all we can expect is people pooping on the truth and on the rule of law.

  • Dirty Bomb Fears after ISIS Seize Uranium (90 pounds!!!)

    07/11/2014 7:37:11 AM PDT · 32 of 56
    butterdezillion to stremba

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought that was the case.

    So the real worth of a dirty bomb is the hysteria it would cause.

  • Dirty Bomb Fears after ISIS Seize Uranium (90 pounds!!!)

    07/11/2014 7:21:37 AM PDT · 26 of 56
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    I’m just going to add a little to what I said about someone’s stupidity getting other people killed, and the guilt involved with that.

    In the Old Testament God said that when He gives a warning for a prophet to give to Israel, and the prophet refuses to speak that warning, when the nation dies the bloodguilt will be on the one who failed to issue the warning.

    If the warning is issued and the people refuse to heed it, the bloodguilt is on them.

    Who knew what and when is CRITICAL in God’s rendering of judgment.

    Those who know the danger and fail to either give the warning or to act on that warning are guilty of the deaths that result.

    Congress and media, you’re not going to live forever. You WILL meet your Maker someday. And He is not bribed or corrupted. He knows the truth. There is forgiveness but ONLY WHERE THERE IS REPENTANCE, and as John the Baptist said to the people of Jesus’ day, you must BEAR FRUIT BEFITTING REPENTANCE. If you are repentant you’re not going to sit cowering in your office thinking that your own success or life is all that matters. That very action is evidence that you have NOT repented, that you have not grieved at all over the lives you have put at risk.

    Time for people to get real and know they will one day face REAL justice, not the mealy-mouthed, corrupt garbage that calls itself “justice” here.

  • Dirty Bomb Fears after ISIS Seize Uranium (90 pounds!!!)

    07/11/2014 7:08:31 AM PDT · 22 of 56
    butterdezillion to Right Brother

    Unless the American people demand (forcefully enough that Congress complies) the POTUS be stripped of his powers while being impeached for treason and/or sedition.

    Or if that wouldn’t work, if Biden and half of Obama’s cabinet twice say Obama is incapable of performing the duties of the office, and 2/3 of each chamber of Congress agrees...

    No matter how you slice it, we need a BUNCH of Americans to wake the heck up - and realize that having a foreign enemy combatant as POTUS is very dangerous for everybody. This guy has armed, trained, funded, provided access, and made excuses for this country’s enemies - from the time he joined The New Party with the expressed purpose of destroying this country from within. Means, motive, opportunity - the guy has them all, and whoever doesn’t take that seriously is basically an accomplice to the murder of those of us who DO take it seriously. If they die from stupidity it’s suicide, but if their stupidity causes the rest of us to die it’s the moral equivalent of murder.

    And that’s blood you don’t want to have on your hands when you meet your Maker.

  • Dirty Bomb Fears after ISIS Seize Uranium (90 pounds!!!)

    07/11/2014 6:55:33 AM PDT · 16 of 56
    butterdezillion to Innovative

    Can a “dirty bomb” be used for an EMP attack?

    It can for sure be used to get martial law...

  • Photo Shows Bergdahl Smiling w/Top Taliban/Al Qaeda Commander

    07/10/2014 11:38:26 AM PDT · 44 of 48
    butterdezillion to stanne

    Yeah. It’s bizarre for “conservatives”.

  • Photo Shows Bergdahl Smiling w/Top Taliban/Al Qaeda Commander

    07/10/2014 10:10:29 AM PDT · 37 of 48
    butterdezillion to stanne

    The attitude some posters come in with has an odor all its own. The odor of an agenda, and in this case it’s to discredit Greenfield. A scent dripping with self-congratulations.

  • Photo Shows Bergdahl Smiling w/Top Taliban/Al Qaeda Commander

    07/10/2014 8:53:38 AM PDT · 25 of 48
    butterdezillion to all the best

    Perfume doesn’t always cover the scent.

  • Photo Shows Bergdahl Smiling w/Top Taliban/Al Qaeda Commander

    07/10/2014 8:19:16 AM PDT · 19 of 48
    butterdezillion to all the best

    You two act like trolls paid to act as a team. I won’t tell you why, so you don’t learn what makes the identifiable scent.

  • Photo Shows Bergdahl Smiling w/Top Taliban/Al Qaeda Commander

    07/10/2014 8:13:55 AM PDT · 18 of 48
    butterdezillion to all the best

    Who else has been captured by these guys and lived to smile about it - either an obliging or a genuine smile?

  • Unhinged MSNBC Host: Sarah Palin Made īTreasonous Accusationsī Against Obama

    07/09/2014 5:36:39 PM PDT · 47 of 75
    butterdezillion to Jack Hydrazine

    And yet in a strangely Freudian way, the word “treason” pops out of his mouth, as if something about Obama just naturally brings out that word...

  • GOP: Lerner warned IRS employees to hide information from Congress

    07/09/2014 4:19:43 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    butterdezillion to JohnnyP

    Usually that is the case. But God has ways of getting a person’s attention.

    Never, ever give up.

    Keep praying that people with information come to repentance and bring forward what they know. We’re told to pray, and God honors our prayers far beyond what we deserve Him to do. Seek, and ye shall find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and the door will be opened to you. Sometimes it seems like the task is too great, but the Lord turned a man from persecuting His Church, to being an apostle in that Church. We need to keep on praying and trusting.

  • Sarah Palin mocks John Boehnerís lawsuit

    07/09/2014 3:36:01 PM PDT · 40 of 40
    butterdezillion to geologist

    I just received confirmation that the Lord IS intervening on our behalf. I can’t elaborate but it will eventually be made known.

    Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Even the smallest things we do can be used by the Lord for His good purposes. The little extra “miracle” (something we might dream up but could never make happen...) or direction that’s needed is up to God, and He is both willing and able to do it.

    Keep praying, everybody. It is the Lord who will save us both eternally and from our enemies here if it is according to His plan. And it may well be according to His plan for this country to be rescued from these evil days.

  • Ray Nagin, Former New Orleans Mayor, Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

    07/09/2014 10:00:06 AM PDT · 66 of 77
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    And I just want to add that the Black pastor in Mississippi who told about the bribe money for Cochran votes illustrates that being sucker-punched does NOT go over well once it’s realized what happened. The Cochran people thought this pastor would keep quiet rather than let the world know he accepted bribes. Seems like they misunderstood where these people were coming from... You rob from THEM and all bets are off.

  • Ray Nagin, Former New Orleans Mayor, Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

    07/09/2014 9:50:53 AM PDT · 62 of 77
    butterdezillion to bkopto

    The bigger deal is that Blacks are not rioting over a crook being sentenced to prison time - even if he’s a politician.

    That cracks the bubble Obama thought would make him untouchable. If Blacks know/find out that he is a crook, there will be no reason to fear riots from them.