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  • Trump ditches the press

    11/15/2016 9:24:40 PM PST · 48 of 62
    dutchess to sargon

    This is a long time coming. I was an early freeper.....was at the impeach Clinton rally WAY back when...fought hard for a long time and then kind of burned out. Then the Tea Party happened and I was excited that the movement was growing. This election has so excited me, especially because of the exposure of the clear media bias. There just might be light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Prayer Request

    04/13/2015 6:32:08 PM PDT · 12 of 90
    dutchess to Conservative4Life

    Prayers for your parents, you and your family...

  • Nominee For Holder Replacement Named

    09/27/2014 6:41:13 PM PDT · 4 of 45
    dutchess to RetiredTexasVet

    LOL....had me going for a minute because I could believe it with this administration. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... February, 2011

    02/08/2011 2:14:27 PM PST · 897 of 2,915
    dutchess to Billie

    Good to see you too sweet sistah. The graphic (plus song) triggered such sweet thoughts of Codee, Giz and Rusty! (and all their fun times on the Finest). It’s still just Susie but she’s great as is Mr. D. Will try to stop by more often!!!

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... February, 2011

    02/08/2011 12:48:45 PM PST · 875 of 2,915
    dutchess to Billie; Mama_Bear; JustAmy

    I’m hardly ever on FR anymore but must have clicked on here for a reason. Wonderful graphic and one of my favorite songs. (((hugs)))) all around!!!!

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... November, 2009

    11/25/2009 1:22:21 PM PST · 1,679 of 1,911
    dutchess to Billie; ST.LOUIE1; JustAmy; Mama_Bear; GodBlessUSA; Diver Dave; Aquamarine; DollyCali; MEG33; ...
    Greetings to my finest friends from Key West. Am reflecting back on many years ago when I would sneak out to an internet cafe to "freep". Now everything is wireless. AMAZING! Have already done my b-day parasail, added snorkling this year and bi-plane ride. (things added to my "bucket list") Anyway, kind of bittersweet memories as mom and dad joined us here atleast 3 times plus many early Thanksgiving/birthday memories.

    ANYWAY, hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... September, 2009

    09/23/2009 3:43:42 PM PDT · 1,498 of 2,181
    dutchess to Billie; JustAmy; Mama_Bear; MEG33; GodBlessUSA; Aquamarine; The Mayor; All
    Hi billie, Amy, lori, Meg, Geebee Russ, Aquamarine et al

    Am responding to your last post billie. Gosh...forgot how to navagate the homepage. Was excited that I was posting close to you being here...but of's now an hour later as I'm writing a novel!.

    Anyway, thinking of you and Dancing with the Star fans as we have our first elimination round. Our little town of 15,000 is GOING NUTS over Louie Vito as he was raised here, his parents are local business people and are very involved in the community.

    Louie is a definate gen x'er snowboarder, definately "out there" but with a HUGE heart. When approached he was skeptical as this is out of his comfort zone and something he never had any interest in but now that he is there it is his ultimate challenge. PLUS, we're just loving all the "behind the scene" stories from mom and dad.

    Anyway, all the store fronts have Louie displays in their windows, most everyone wearing Louie pins or T-shirts (proceeds to support a local theater project) The theater is actually having a 3 day event with restaurants and clubs donating food and drinks...admission $5.00 for 3 days to watch on a large screen. Around 250 showed up the first night. This is truly small town america and has been so much FUN!

    On day one, I thought Louie actually did better than bruno put he was like a little grinning hobbit LOL! I don't think anyone expects a win...from the beginning we just kept hoping he would make the first cut. Now...we kind of think he might survive tonight and are hoping for another week or two. Chelsea did incredible things with Ty (the rodeo guy last year), Louie says she is a taskmaster AND awesome, so...we'll see!!!

    ANYWAY, it's energized a community that has FINALLY been hit with all the economic hardships many other places have been facing for awhile.

    Miss you all...keep hoping to post more often but a busy busy time. Susie (pound puppy #4 whose been with us since last fall) has taken over where Giz left off and has become "#1 dog in the household. She doesn't seem to mind being an only child so we'll probably keep it that way for awhile.

    We took her up for her maiden flight to Michigan a few weeks ago and she did great! When I would look back at her I occasionally got those big brown eyes "what the heck are you doing to me mom" look...but she stayed put until we landed and then she couldn't wait to get out of the plane. Tomorrow we go for 5 days. The colors are just starting to change in Michigan so not only should the flight be lovely but also hanging out up there. I can't believe it's the 1st day of fall. Where does the time go????

    Also, want to thank all the FR friends who attending the 9/12 rally. We hoped to attend but it didn't work out. Watched with pride all day though...and thought back the whole time of participating in the March for Justice. things have changed. But I think this site was just the beginning of the grass roots "SWELL" that is beginning to look, listen and take back our country. Many of the "uninformed" thought we were alarmest they are jumping on board!!!! I finally can say I am optimistic for our future as long as we keep the momentum going. I even think my democrat folks, where they still here, would be standing by us.

    Again, hugs all around. I'm going on and on...but have a few months to make up for :o) (((hugs))) dutchess
  • More Photos from DC 9-12 Tea Party

    09/13/2009 2:20:24 PM PDT · 59 of 178
    dutchess to ohioWfan
    Mr. D. and I watched it on TV with pride yesterday. Awesome pictures and kudos for all the true patriots who showed up! Bookmarking to show the skeptics that "CHANGE is in the air!"

    Hope we can get together again sometime Ohio! And sorry about Ohio State last night :o(
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... August, 2009

    08/17/2009 2:48:52 PM PDT · 2,041 of 3,729
    dutchess to Billie

    LOL...just saw your Dancing post. Just posted about our local celeb. Louie Vito. We ARE SO EXCITED!!!!

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... August, 2009

    08/17/2009 2:47:32 PM PDT · 2,040 of 3,729
    dutchess to Billie; ST.LOUIE1; JustAmy; Mama_Bear; DollyCali; Aquamarine; GodBlessUSA; All
    Greetings Finest Friends. Life is going on post Giz. Having lots of fond memories of the little guy. Susie is doing great...seems to relish the role of "the only child". I think she sensed how sick Giz was.

    ANYWAY, for all of you Dancing with the Stars of our own locals is a contestant. Louie Vito, 21 year old snowboarder. Was in the Olympics, now is professional. He was up for the last round also. Can't dance but is very agile and self disciplined, plus a really really sweet kid. Snowboarders have a HUGE groupie following and think by including him they are trying to appeal to the gen x'ers.

    I know his parents well and our little community is SO FIRED UP! Will post whatever inside scoop I learn that is allowed to be disclosed. An interesting group of celebs. this year. Can't wait to see Delay LOL

    ((((hugs)))) all around.
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/22/2009 11:32:14 AM PDT · 1,781 of 2,900
    dutchess to ConorMacNessa; Billie; JustAmy
    Conor. Thank you for posting the beautiful tribute to David Spicer. He is from our community, although I did not know him personally. I showed a friend of his this tribute and am wondering if I could have a link just to this post that I could email to him to share with the family. What little ability I have with html etc. has vanished.

    Billie and Amy. Sending this to you too in case you can help. Thanks in advance. ((((hugs))))
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/18/2009 10:48:22 AM PDT · 1,536 of 2,900
    dutchess to DollyCali; MEG33
    Hi Dolly. Thanks so much. Gizmo really enjoyed meeting his "Aunt Dolly". Really sad here today, but have to believe that Giz is romping and frolicking at Rainbow Bridge.

    Meg posted the thread to the Here's Rusty thread yesterday. Couldn't open the pictures yesterday but opened it today. WOW. The boat picture with mom and Giz was about 3 weeks before mom died, have since lost Fred,Rusty, Dad... Am so glad I have this. It's sad but somehow comforting. (((hugs)))
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/17/2009 8:28:48 PM PDT · 1,504 of 2,900
    dutchess to WayzataJOHNN

    Thanks for your thoughts. We’re totally reliving lots of memories tonight.

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/17/2009 2:55:27 PM PDT · 1,492 of 2,900
    dutchess to MEG33; JustAmy
    Oh Meg..thanks so much for the link. I'm kind of glad at the moment that the server is down. Not sure I could handle the pictures...especially since we just lost Rusty a year ago. He and Giz were such pals. But, I had so much fun doing the thread, and what a treat these two guys were. Okay, now I want to see the pictures :o) !!!!

    FR has always been a great source of comfort when we lose someone, either a parent, pet, friend. Am really glad I checked in today. ((((hugs))))
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/17/2009 2:36:12 PM PDT · 1,489 of 2,900
    dutchess to MEG33; Aquamarine

    Thanks both of you. Giz (plus Rusty, FredtheCat AND Codee) had so much fun doing the Finest pet threads and getting to know some of our Finest pets (as well as share our grief when we lost one.) Mr. D. is really struggling with this one...I guess I’m kind of numb.

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/17/2009 2:29:39 PM PDT · 1,486 of 2,900
    dutchess to jaycee

    Thanks jaycee. Our pets are pretty special aren’t they? Appreciate the lovely “card”.

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/17/2009 12:41:38 PM PDT · 1,474 of 2,900
    dutchess to JustAmy; Mama_Bear; Billie; GodBlessUSA; The Mayor; Aquamarine; ST.LOUIE1; MEG33; WVNan; All

    Just a short sad note to tell you that our little Gizmo passed away in his sleep this afternoon. He actually was doing well, was pretty spunky last night, ate well, his walking had improved. He crawled out of our bed in the middle of the night (not like him) and I found him sleeping in our dining room (with floor to ceiling windows overlooking his yard). He seemed peaceful and not in distress but had no desire to eat or go outside. I tried to coax him to eat around noon and he wanted no part of it and 1/2 hour later he was gone. We’re obviously very sad, but also grateful for the wonderful 14 years of love and joy he gave us. He’s now at Rainbow Bridge with a lot of loved freeperpets. ((((sad hugs))))

  • Fur starts to fly as Pet Airways takes to the skies

    07/09/2009 3:14:17 PM PDT · 26 of 47
    dutchess to armymarinemom; Ditter
    We adopted a 7 year old Ridgeback through a FreeRepublic appeal several years ago. He was in California and we were in Ohio. The Calif. freeper made the flight arrangements (we paid) All I remember it was a cargo plane with a layover in Wisconsin or someplace. We were told ahead of time, if there was a delay there might be an extra charge to put him up in a "Doggie Hotel" so he had air conditioning and wasn't stuck in some holding cell or warehouse. I don't think it cost more than $400 AND what was really cool...all of the employees at the Dayton Airport applauded when our beloved 60 lb. "drugged" Rusty came lumbering out of his cage to meet us. Sadly he died a year ago of lymphoma BUT we had 5 wonderful years with him.

    Anyway, I think there is good safe stuff out there. Just need to do the homework. Goodluck!!!
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/01/2009 2:26:36 PM PDT · 71 of 2,900
    dutchess to JustAmy; Mama_Bear
    Will you be able to make the Tea Party and the Freeper Banquet in DC? It would be great to see you again.

    I would absolutely LOVE to but that's the beginning of my big campaign season so not sure I will be able to fit it in. BUT, the way things are going under Bambi....I may just have too!!!!

    Thanks for keeping this great site going and (((hugs))) to you and Miss Prissy!!!
  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... July, 2009

    07/01/2009 1:25:25 PM PDT · 69 of 2,900
    dutchess to Billie

    Just read and freepmailed back! Now I know why I’ve been staying away...this place it downright addictive! Need to get back to work! (((HUGS)))