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  • Cut the Tea Party Movement from the Ground Up (Dems, Rove/GOPe & the NAACP conspire)

    04/18/2014 10:27:28 AM PDT · 2 of 32
    erkelly to 2ndDivisionVet
    I disagree, there are parts of the constitution which should not be supported as presently interpreted (such as as the way birth right citizenship has been interpreted in recent years.) And there is no reason why, WE THE PEOPLE, should not work toward rescinding those amendments to the constitution which we now know to be unwise, such as 18-year-olds voting.
  • Reid Calls Bundy Supporters "Domestic Terrorists"

    04/17/2014 6:08:10 PM PDT · 119 of 176
    erkelly to Theodore R.
    No, we are not firmly in Harry the Terrorist's corner, we hate that person, we really do; and we hated him last election and did not vote for him. Harry the Terrorist is the creator and beneficiary of massive massive vote fraud. All we can do is hope and pray that an overwhelming majority of anti-establishment conservatives are elected to the senate and they will remove harry from the senate and prosecute him for his crimes. That they will care more about us than the status quo or harry reid. Then we the people of Nevada can, with an honest election, elect an honest Senator to represent us. The Gop-E, of course, will have nothing to do with such a thing. I have no use for the Gop-E any more.
  • Sarah Palin: Elect Candidates who Support “Convention of States”

    04/14/2014 5:58:48 PM PDT · 37 of 81
    erkelly to SC_Pete

    Paragraphs are your friends; you do not need to avoid them!

  • ACA Threatens Promise of Concierge Medicine

    04/13/2014 12:13:24 PM PDT · 23 of 35
    erkelly to Rusty0604

    I agree, the difference in cost for vet care and people care is amazing, yet essentially it is the same product. And my cat’s vet certainly drives a very nice care.

  • BOMBSHELL REPORT: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch (freerepublic credited)

    04/11/2014 3:36:24 PM PDT · 54 of 210
    erkelly to Hillarys Gate Cult

    We voters of NV cannot overcome the massive voter fraud. If ever there was an illegitimate senator, it is Dingy Harry.

  • Minnesota lawmakers OK raising minimum wage to $9.50 an hour

    04/10/2014 4:13:37 PM PDT · 2 of 21
    erkelly to Oldeconomybuyer

    Sad thing is, there is not one single person in Minnesota who will see the correlation between this huge rise in the minimum wage and the huge rise in unemployment.

  • Dramatic Little Known GOP Rule Change Takes Choice Of Presidential Candidate Away From Rank And File

    04/09/2014 12:27:11 PM PDT · 24 of 35
    erkelly to L,TOWM

    So do you suggest we just stay in the two useless rotten corrupt two-party system we have now? Why?

  • Hundreds of cases of potential voter fraud uncovered in North Carolina

    04/08/2014 9:33:36 AM PDT · 16 of 28
    erkelly to Hostage
    You are right, what done is done, but here is what I think should be done (not that it will be done without something very drastic happening first.) First purge the voter rolls of every single state, and then create strict and uniform registration laws, proof of citizenship and residency required, as well as the ability to speak, read and write English. Raising the voter age back to 21 and passing a test demonstrating a basic understanding of how our republic works would also be good ideas. Then after this is all done, we re-do every election from president down to dogcatcher. (Well I can dream can't I?)
  • Here’s What Lindsey Graham Offered to John Kerry When He Thought the Microphone Was Off

    03/13/2014 3:17:19 PM PDT · 6 of 23
    erkelly to cotton1706

    Graham, Bohner, AND KERRY need to be removed from power. There, I fixed it!

  • Obama Misspells ‘Respect’ While Praising Franklin Before White House Concert

    03/07/2014 11:28:23 AM PST · 44 of 73
    erkelly to Genoa

    Heck, not only that, but can you imaging what would have happened if Dan Quayle had misspelled potato?

  • Teen Sues Parents for Cash, College Tuition. Does She Have a Case?

    03/03/2014 4:53:48 PM PST · 60 of 82
    erkelly to Beave Meister; et al
    I am going to disagree with the general consensus here. First of all, why would parents who claims to love their child want to see their child a drop-out under any circumstance? What truly loving parent would want to ruin his child's life like that? Secondly, since the daughter is in adult, treat her like one. The only rules there should be for her that normal people would be require of an adult living in their home. Otherwise, respect her privacy and her independence. She has the right to make her own decisions. Lastly, I am quite certain that young woman does have a very very very good legal case; I was told many years ago in a child support hearing, that parents are legally required to provide support for their children until they graduate from high school, even if they turn 18 while in school. Whether or not they would be required to pay for a private school is another question, but they certainly do have to provide for their daughter's support until she graduates, and they could go to jail if they do not. And if they have made their home so miserable for her that she can't live there, then yes, they should indeed pay for her to live elsewhere. Denying her the right to her high school diploma and wrecking her life under any circumstances is abusive and unforgivable in my book. Incidentally, depending on the state of course, the young woman, because she is still in high school, is likely eligible for foster care — the cost of which, again, the state will go after the parents for. By the way, I am not a kid, I'm a grandmother.
  • Left wing fascism grows. Harry Reid says woman cancer patients are faking it.

    02/28/2014 12:23:37 PM PST · 24 of 36
    erkelly to Starman417

    And so I would like to ask my fellow Nevadans who voted for “none of the above.” Would Sharron Engle really have been a worse senator?

  • So, I'm a Millennial and a leftist. Zot away (Froggy Mod says "Adieu")

    02/24/2014 3:28:39 PM PST · 36 of 287
    erkelly to Millennial Lefty

    “I’m a supporter of the free market economy except I favor strong government regulations.” In other words, you don’t support the free market.

    But keep reading, my dear child, your mind is more open than most and, indeed, you just might learn something.

  • August 7, 2012: Is America ready for another George Bush? (George P. Bush Flashback)

    02/11/2014 2:29:22 PM PST · 2 of 16
    erkelly to jimbo123

    I am becoming more and more certain, I am no longer a Republican. The question is, for me, will it be the Libertarian or the Constitution party?

  • Michelle Obama has some advice for Justin Bieber's mom

    02/09/2014 3:29:23 PM PST · 8 of 19
    erkelly to FlingWingFlyer
    It is awful when I find myself agreeing with a democrat under any circumstances. But, in truth, I heartily agree with Mrs. Obama. When your child is in trouble, he needs his parents. Not to condemn or punish; the police, the jail, the prosecutor, the judge and the jury are there for that. Instead reassure him that you still love him, your love is unconditional, and that you will not abandon him. He is paying for the consequences of his alleged irresponsible actions, he doesn't need you to pile it on; he needs you there to help him take it. This is darned good advice from a person we all love to hate.
  • After Decades in Prison Over Murders, DNA Evidence Frees 2 New York Men

    02/09/2014 1:37:57 PM PST · 66 of 95
    erkelly to Arthur McGowan
    And that is even more true for so-called sex offenders. My guess would be that only 1 of 10 is guilty, and there is going to be plenty of objective evidence that guilty man is indeed guilty. For the other entirely innocent 90%, there is nothing but an allegation with nothing to back it up except some very dubious psychotherapy, and sometimes even worse, a very strong incentive to accuse. The prosecutors know this, and that there is a bonus for them with a conviction. Thus they will often go to great lengths to suppress exculpatory evidence because they have the advantage of the knee jerk reaction of potential jurors, not to mention and their job is made even easier given that these new laws make it so difficult against anyone accused of these crimes to defend himself. So they go ahead and prosecute, knowingly forcing the innocent defendant into a Hobbsian choice, does he take a plea bargain, go to prison a few years in a protected environment, and then spend the rest of his life as a registered sex offender; or face the possibility spending the rest of his life in prison in the general population as a marked man likely to be murdered by a fellow inmate.
  • Senator Cries “Foul” over Campaign Ads

    02/09/2014 1:17:28 PM PST · 29 of 35
    erkelly to elkfersupper
    That is an outrageous insult to women, and I think you are not so smart yourself if you can't tell this is SATIRE. Since recorded history began, starting with the great Judge Deborah of Israel up to the great prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, and beyond, throughout history, those leaders who have been women have been outstanding, often the most significant leaders of their day. It is perfectly true that there are some women congress critters, (all democrats by the way) who failed miserably in their responsibilities — as have their male democrat colleagues. But, it is the irresponsible democrat voters, male and female, who have placed these opportunistic and ignorant, and sometimes quite stupid, men and women in positions of authority.

    By the way, I have known more than a few men who are quite patronizing and insulting in their attitude toward women, smugly superior, and absolutely absolutely without exception there is no basis in reality for them to believe themselves so. Indeed, I have noted this attitude to be the hallmark of men with barely adequate intellectual abilities. I have noted the opposite too, brilliant men show great humility, they easily and readily acknowledge the intelligence and capabilities of the women in their lives. In fact, when they recognize a particular woman may in fact have more “upstairs” than they do, they have no trouble saying so. Now apologize and be glad that both sexes can be endowed by their creator with very superior minds, and look around you with an open mind for a change; there are women in your world are smart, maybe a lot smarter, as you are. And the same goes for women leaders!

  • Boehner Releases Immigration Principles (GOP Amnesty Manifesto leaked)

    01/30/2014 2:23:43 PM PST · 21 of 31
    erkelly to Gay State Conservative
    No, vote for a good third party candidate, don't stay home. We need a party that represents us and not the ruling elites and that is not going to happen unless the disgusted get organized, and VOTE. Staying home only empowers the ruling entrenched elites. Please don't ever ever start thinking that way. Staying home and not voting tells the True Ruler of this country (God) that you indeed passively consent to be ruled over by an aristocracy not of your choosing.

    01/29/2014 8:33:17 AM PST · 53 of 64
    erkelly to Hojczyk

    I don’t believe the sharks believe anything at all; they’re sharks; they live by instinct. What is wrong with the journalists of today?

  • Lawmaker: Obama is 'blaming the voters' Says president doesn't like the Congress they gave him

    01/28/2014 5:39:46 PM PST · 7 of 16
    erkelly to Nachum
    Yes, I think Romney would be just as bit as bad, and personally I think he would have been worse. Looking at Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts, his policies were EXTREMELY leftist, wholeheartedly embracing the homosexual agenda, appointing liberal judges, etc., he in no way even remotely resembled a conservative, which makes him far more dishonest than Obama who has not presented himself as anything other than he is. Most certainly, the GOP would “own” obamacare debacle if Romney were in office, and most certainly the dems would control both houses of congress after 2014 with super majorities as a consequence. Romney would be powerless to do anything, weak and ineffectual (even if he were he so inclined which I doubt he would be since he is a big govt liberal.

    ) It was considerable anguish when I realized I could not, in good conscience, cast my ballot for the Republican candidate for the first time since I turned 21. I voted third party, for a man who I felt would have been a very good president, too bad you did not do the same. Not only that, but most importantly, as a Christian, I fear that many vulnerable souls might have been lost forever from the Living God, trapped and deceived in cult, that is very Islamic in its nature. There is little difference indeed between the Islamic Jesus and the Mormon Jesus. I could not choose a man to rule over this country who was leader in this godforsaken cult; it just was too monstrous of a sin.

  • Hospital Cuts Pregnant Woman From Life Support, Killing Her Unborn Child

    01/27/2014 10:38:39 AM PST · 71 of 132
    erkelly to Sherman Logan

    The headlines stated “the baby was killed” and that is the truth. Cutting of the baby’s life support (his mother) killed him. A living child, who was not brain dead, was just killed. So what part of “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” do those of you who claim to be believers in God, not understand?

  • Obama in State of Union speech to tell Congress to act or step aside: officials

    01/27/2014 10:09:13 AM PST · 72 of 115
    erkelly to oldbrowser

    The constitution mandates that the president give a once-a-year state of the union address.

  • Texas hospital to take pregnant, brain-dead woman off ventilator (Update: It's been done)

    01/26/2014 2:17:59 PM PST · 161 of 365
    erkelly to blu
    I was not writing about what God would want to have done in this instance. Personally, I am beyond absolutely certain that since we have the technology to keep that baby alive, it was murder to terminate her (his?) life, especially so close to the point of viability. Thou shalt not kill means exactly what it says, in my book, no equivocating. But what I wanted to emphasize in my post, and this is its only point, is that if we want God is to heal our land, we, YOU (Blu) and I, and every single one of us who cares and wants to see the end of this culture of death and the end of the rule of these evil leaders, must turn our lives to the right and live righteous and Godly lives RIGHT NOW STARTING TODAY, THIS SINGLE MINUTE. We really have no other power, I think at this point to bring about an end to this culture of sin and death, and only God can rid us of our evil rulers (although of course we must continue to fight them politically as much as we can of course — let us not forget we are also told to “Occupy until I return” and that the gates of hell cannot prevail against us) but the key here is our changed lives. We, each of us, must re-commit ourselves to God, yes we by God's grace there is forgiveness, but still we must to the best of our ability, keep God's laws. This is how we tell Him we are serious about desiring His intervention. We can stop this. Do you think that God would ever allow Obama, this corrupt congress and these amoral judges, to rule over His people, a godly nation? Do you think He would allow the mouthpeace of wickedness, the champions of this death culture, the lying immoral mainstream media, to be so respected, and to drown out every other voice if we were, once again His people, called by His name?
  • Texas hospital to take pregnant, brain-dead woman off ventilator (Update: It's been done)

    01/26/2014 11:35:52 AM PST · 9 of 365
    erkelly to Zakeet

    Again, confirmation we live in a culture of death. How long before God intervenes? I thought last night before I went to sleep about the scripture that says “If my people, who are called by my name, will turn away from their sins and repent, then I will heal their land.” We can’t do anything it seems right now, about these wicked judges, this wicked administration, this wicked congress; but God can. And all it is going to do is for each and every one of us, ordinary citizens, to turn back to God, the God of our forefathers, Christians and Jews, and He will intervene on our half. Last night, I decided that what I was going to do, aggressively, instead of my usual lackluster take the easy way out of whatever problem I am dealing with, but instead at every decision point, ask myself what is the right thing to do in God’s eyes, and I would like to challenge each and every one of you to do the same. We, the people, have a means at our disposal, and that is to turn to God, to bring back a godly govt, and the wicked in charge will not be able to stand against this. While, of course, we should continue the political to fight this wickedness, this culture of death, all we really need to do is live in a righteous way, so that God will help us, as He has promised to do. If my post reasonates with you, then today, turn back to God in all of your ways, pray for our country, and talk to your friends and family about doing the same. We CAN, the citizens of this country, end all of these doings with Godly lives, prayer, and faith.

  • Judge rules Kan. sperm donor owes child support

    01/24/2014 9:50:35 PM PST · 8 of 39
    erkelly to Lurkina.n.Learnin

    Personally, I think this is good. No one, but no one, except the judge was thinking about the child. That child has rights! And maybe this will help put an end to this sperm donor nonsense. Men (and women) should only bring children into this world they are ready and willing and wanting to take responsibility for.

  • Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned the Right to be Citizens’

    01/24/2014 3:08:04 PM PST · 35 of 132
    erkelly to originalbuckeye

    I could not as a Christian vote for Romney. I voted 3rd party, for a very good man who would have been a very good president. Too bad you did not do the same. You chose to vote for what you consider the lesser of two evils (and I consider equally evil) so don’t blame me. By the way, the House could stop this, just as they could have stopped Obamacare — if they had the backbone to do it, and without Romney! But you know what, there are enough of us know who will NOT vote for another Democrat with an “R” after his name, and Rinos will never win a national election again. So you might as well leave the republican party if they continue to nominate Rinos, we are not coming back to give a Rino victory.

  • TIME Magazine's Latest Cover: Can Anyone Stop Hillary?

    01/19/2014 12:21:13 PM PST · 85 of 118
    erkelly to Innovative
    “Infighting” is what is going to save our country; and if we so-called “conservatives” (really classical liberals) do not win our “infight” then we MUST MUST MUST form a powerful and winning third party. We are the largest block of voters in this country and we do not have any representation worth mentioning. What we want, what we vote for, is a party of Ted Cruz-types. Just think how different our country would be with the house controlled by Ted Cruzes and a near-majority of Ted Cruzes in the senate. This is what we must fight for, first by getting these candidates on the ballot (the “infight”) and then win the elections. There is no point in winning elections with Lindsey Grahams. The enemy is not the Dems, it is the socialists, whether they have an “R” or a “D” after their names. I'm all for “infighting” and not getting along, let's have a great big “infight,” lets not give into those who think that not being democrats is enough, when there is no difference between liberal progressive/socialist republicans is so slight as to be indistinguishable in practice. Right now, grass roots, let us not focus on the democrats, lets instead focus and FIGHT the compromisers who accept the status quo, let us try try try to persuade people in our party that it is a foolish destructive desire to give up on the first fight that needs to be won. We need to do however much fighting we need to do to achieve our goal, a political party that stands up to the dems on every single point, never giving an inch on anything. The truth is, right now our GOP congresscriters have enough power to put Obama and cohorts on the defensive, they lack determination and conviction. So my friend you are wrong, our first fight is to get these weakings, these milquetoasts, these compromisers, and get-alongers out of power, and off the ballot, and run candidates who are willing to fight even if sometimes those who are willing to fight and risk their careers are not always as refined as we like, even if they do misspeak occasionally, even if they sometimes floundered a bit in their youth, even if they may possess an eccentric idea or two.
  • In new film, a dramatic look at Mitt Romney's loss of confidence

    01/18/2014 5:01:44 PM PST · 23 of 127
    erkelly to DManA

    Yet he was plenty negative in the primaries, not to mention utterly dishonest in his attacks on Mr. Newt — typical GOP-e RINO, eating his own. I hope and pray he will not return to politics, EVER!

  • Student That Punched a Teacher Who Was Later Fired For Putting Him in a Headlock Feels No Remorse

    01/18/2014 4:58:17 PM PST · 10 of 40
    erkelly to skeeter
    As a little old lady, I have to disagree with your statement that the little old ladies in charge. If we were, in fact, in charge the world would be a far better behaved place than it is, and the young’uns would have some respect for their elders. Remember, the little old ladies of today were the teachers of yesterday who did not tolerate such nonsense in their classrooms.
  • GOP establishment panics over Christie’s troubles: “I think we need Mitt back”

    01/17/2014 3:19:07 PM PST · 58 of 77
    erkelly to OldPossum

    For heaven’s sake, just vote 3rd party. If the 3rd party candidate(s) can get 5% of the vote, he/she/they will participate in national debates, and could, at that point, become a major player. A lot of people just are not aware of how much more in sync the constitution party (for example) is with their own beliefs.

  • If Hillary, then Newt

    01/14/2014 11:11:56 PM PST · 19 of 30
    erkelly to Michael.SF.

    FYI, Newt’s “cancer striken” ex-wife is alive and well. And, according to all reports, he actually gets on quite well with his non-dead, non-cancer stricken, ex-wife, who is the mother of his children with whom, by the way, he also has a very good relationship, just like Ronald Reagan did.

  • Abortion Activists Call Saving “Brain Dead” Pregnant Woman’s Baby “Dehumanizing”

    01/14/2014 1:22:24 PM PST · 13 of 29
    erkelly to Wuli
    How do you know he is a saint? Did the Lord give you some special divination powers? Is the Lord Himself significantly different than I have come to know Him first during many difficult years, and now a painful and fatal illness? Indeed, while the Holy Spirit has not endowed me with any special insight just the ordinary insights from having lived to the 70th decade of my life, I have known a few saints. In my experience, the Saint would rejoice that although he lost his beloved wife, the child born of their love lives!
  • Who Does the GOP Really Have To Run Against Hillary in 2016? (Writer is a RINO)

    01/14/2014 1:13:01 PM PST · 3 of 53
    erkelly to Maceman
    I have a hunch that the same powers that stopped Hillary 6 years ago, will stop her again. I do not believe these people want the Clintons back. I am watching for a new young star in the democrat to be hyped in the near future. I could be quite wrong of course, as I often, but I have a feeling that the Clintons will not be back.
  • Obama's Fake ID

    01/13/2014 11:48:15 AM PST · 30 of 46
    erkelly to An.American.Expatriate
    For what it is worth, which is exactly nothing, my opinion has always been that a fraudulent vote is indeed an act of treason and should be a CAPITAL CRIME! I am in my 70th decade of life now, and I am even more convinced now that it should be so, than I was when I was young and first thought about it. (And, I am whole lot more forgiving about a whole lot of other things than when I was young, so much so that a few times when I have strongly expressed my contrary opinions, I have had reason to fear the dreaded “ZOT” on this board.)
  • Obama IGNORES Supreme Court (AGAIN)

    01/10/2014 4:51:22 PM PST · 16 of 59
    erkelly to Gene Eric

    I wonder how long God is going to tolerate this sort of stuff. I hate these liberals, they are bringing judgment upon all of our heads, and I think it is going to be quite awful.

  • Critics: Facts don’t back up Meryl Streep’s Walt Disney bashing

    01/10/2014 4:49:50 PM PST · 11 of 40
    erkelly to Mike Darancette
    I really truly think Meryl Streep is a highly over-rated ham. Her portrayal of Julia Child was an absolute caricature, artifical, shallow -- a clown! And that, in my opinion, is what Meryl Streep really is, just a clown!
  • Nancy Pelosi: Don’t call it Obamacare

    01/09/2014 12:51:35 PM PST · 55 of 79
    erkelly to DBrow

    Woundn’t Obama’s Unaffordable No-Health Care Act be more accurate?

  • Meryl Streep slams Walt Disney as racist, anti-Semitic

    01/08/2014 8:28:12 PM PST · 12 of 82
    erkelly to onyx

    Walt Disney was a genius whereas Meryl Streep is a under-talented, over-rated HAM.

  • Oprah's Neighbors Pissed Over FLOTUS Hawaii Vacation

    01/08/2014 12:11:41 PM PST · 35 of 57
    erkelly to RightOnTheBorder

    Except for the press of course, who hated Crawford.

  • Fired for Associating with Republicans

    01/07/2014 4:03:53 PM PST · 16 of 19
    erkelly to napscoordinator

    Not in my youth it wasn’t.

  • Rep. Trey Radel to Return to Congress After Cocaine Bust

    01/06/2014 12:58:53 PM PST · 3 of 27
    erkelly to nickcarraway

    Personally, I think congress should remove any drug-abusing congress critter from office, regardless of party affiliation. On the other hand, maybe they are all on drugs, maybe that is the problem.

  • Walker to tea party: Focus on Dems

    01/06/2014 2:09:53 AM PST · 41 of 83
    erkelly to JohnBrowdie
    Sharron Engle did actually win here in Nevada. She was the only candidate left standing after the primary by the way. The establishment candidates Brian (can't remember his last name) was thoroughly destroyed by Reid's minions in his run for secretary of state in the previous election, and had he won the primary, it would have been “deja vu all over again.” Nevada has had a huge growth in population so there were a lot of new voters who did not know about it, so they thought him a good choice, but he was not. The other candidate (also can't remember her name at the moment, sorry) was ruined by her statement about giving the doctor a chicken in exchange for his services. Granted it was taken somewhat out of context, but it was a stupid thing to say in the first place. Sharron presented as an intelligent and articulate candidate in her debate with Harry Reid, and he was a senile dithering inarticulate old fool. He only won because of massive massive vote fraud. Sharron went into the election several points ahead in the polls. If O'Donnell, etc., were half as good as Engle, then we conservatives, in fact, nominated a whole slate of good candidates who would have done a far better job representing us than the wishy-washy RINOs that conventional wisdom considers more electable. My apologies, I just have to disagree with you. I certainly used to think the way you do but I do not anymore. We need to draw the line, we are past the point where we elect the compromisers. A Rino who stands for nothing, who fails to take a stand, might as well be a democrat.

    I hope this is readable, it's late, it just my thoughts, I'm dying of ovarian cancer with no hope of any more medical care, facing death, and I just see things in black and white these days. So, please, take a strong stand at every single point, and don't be afraid of losing. It is not possible to compromise any more.

  • Idaho state senator calls Article V convention planning session ‘a great start’

    01/04/2014 1:35:06 PM PST · 9 of 32
    erkelly to oldenuff2no

    A little off topic, but I think the first thing that must be done, before anything else, is to bring about an end to voter fraud. That should be on the front burner for all of us, unless of course for those who ardent communists, the status quo is working well for them!

  • DISASTER. Almost Twice As Many Sign Up for Taxpayer-Funded Medicaid As Sign Up for Obamacare

    01/02/2014 11:58:04 PM PST · 3 of 37
    erkelly to Nachum
    I'm one of those people who signed up for Medicaid — because I just lost my job due to the ACA, and thus my insurance, and then my Cobra was cancelled, and since I have metastatic cancer I am going to be a very costly patient. Mr. Obama, et al, if I am typical, you really fixed the health care didn't you?
  • Mich. lawmaker wants to yank driver’s licenses for truant teens

    12/27/2013 9:35:43 AM PST · 18 of 20
    erkelly to Buckeye McFrog
    I am of the opinion that state mandated formal education should end at the 8th grade, and at that age (12 to 14) young people may elect to into a trade school/apprenticeship program, at 16 they should be allowed to enter the workforce full time. Some young people just do not want to go to school and they gain absolutely nothing from it. I am also in favor of adult high school for those lamebrain kids who after growing up a bit, realize that after all, they do want a traditional education and would rather be a mechanical engineer than a mechanic. I also think, by the way, that an 8th grade education should equip the young person with the necessary reading, writing, and math skills to navigate adult life successfully, and enough knowledge of history and civics to be a responsible voter.
  • DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS Student Manual: Religion 324 and 325 [Coming Latter-day 'great deliverer']

    12/26/2013 6:55:58 PM PST · 3 of 8
    erkelly to Colofornian
    Frankly, this is all nonsense that gets you nowhere. There were 66 books written two to five millennia ago which are all you need (if you will read, study, understand, believe, and live) for your salvation.
  • Kim Jong Un’s former classmates say he really is ‘dangerous, unpredictable, prone to violence’

    12/17/2013 3:10:19 PM PST · 23 of 55
    erkelly to Gen.Blather
    Not sure of “amature” is a play on words, or you mean “amateur.”
  • Time to Primary: Six GOP Senators Back Ryan-Murray Budget, Ensuring Senate Passage

    12/16/2013 6:21:13 PM PST · 24 of 30
    erkelly to BruceS
    And that is exactly why Rinos will continue to be rinos. Because they think the base will vote for them anyway rather than let the democrat win. However, there are enough of us former republicans coming to the realization that the only way out of this mess is to vote 3rd party. Indeed I think there are enough of us now who are willing to accept the consequences and are already voting 3rd party or sitting the elections out, that rinos (such as romney) can no longer win elections. So those of you who still are resignedly voting for the rinos and maintaining the status quo, might as well give up and start voting for third party candidates who are true conservatives, because you cannot win with your rinos any more. We, the fed up, will not join you anymore, we are not afraid of your name calling. The stakes are just too high. We know that we (conservatives) are hated by the GOPe and that we have no influence! The only way out is to take the risk and start voting for candidates who truly reflect our values and our will.
  • GOP Must Shut Down Senate

    12/09/2013 6:24:35 AM PST · 7 of 21
    erkelly to babble-on

    The key is not to win elections. The key is to stop fraud. We did not elect Reid to the senate; corruption and fraud put him there. Our hands are tied here in Nevada, we CANNOT rid ourselves of Dingy under the status quo. It is up to all of us to put a stop to election fraud. I don’t know what it is going to take, but we are going to have to do it. Harry Reid is not just a Nevada problem; he is an American problem, and America has to fix this problem!

  • Durham Public Schools seeks input on reducing suspensions

    12/07/2013 3:50:39 PM PST · 20 of 34
    erkelly to ladyjane

    My teenaged son was suspended once for cutting class. He thought it was great and planned to keep cutting class and keep getting suspended. So, I went to the principal and told him that suspending my boy was no punishment, punishment was keeping him in school, and I offered to personally escort him to all of his classes, to which he agreed. My son was horrified when I showed up first period to make sure he went to second period. Several of his friends (and fellow truants) approached me to tell me what an awful mother I was and how I should not embarass my son like that, so I gave them my phone number and told them to have their parents call me and tell me not to do so. I got not one single phone call, I think those young people were afraid their parents might take up the practice. The principal told me he was going to adopt the practice for truants. That if the parents wanted to so do, they could escort their children to class if they were caught cutting class. The truancy rate went way down in that school, no kid wanted to take the chance that his mother would show up to make sure he went to class.