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  • Is Cruz the frontrunner now?

    02/10/2016 1:19:24 PM PST · 68 of 119
    erkelly to dp0622

    That may be true in NY, but democrats here in Nevada seem to love Trump.

  • Is Cruz the frontrunner now?

    02/10/2016 1:15:55 PM PST · 65 of 119
    erkelly to 2ndDivisionVet

    Trump is the front runner. It does not matter how little or how much effort or money you put into winning an election, the only thing what matters how many votes you get. The guy who gets the most votes wins, in this case, Trump is the front runner. And as for for total delegates won, Trump wins again!

  • Hell increasing staff to handle massive influx of female voters damned by Madeline Albright

    02/10/2016 11:20:56 AM PST · 19 of 22
    erkelly to Sean_Anthony

    I protest this inequality. What about men who do not vote for Hillary?

  • Like It Or Not, After New Hampshire, It's a Two Man Race Between Trump and Cruz

    02/10/2016 8:35:59 AM PST · 29 of 58
    erkelly to moehoward

    As well, Cruz has a great big problem with a lot of us who believe that we need to beef up the constitutional requirements for the office of presidency, which clearly states that the president must be born on American soil of two citizen parents. After Obama, who at least claims to be native born, it should crystal clear to everyone that this clause written into the very constitution itself by our forefathers is very good. Not only do we need to pass legislation mandating this, but also that the candidates must provide ironclad indisputable proof both parents were citizen, and the candidate was born here. In addition, the candidate should provide academic records, health records, and pass a top-level security clearance. Had we a proviso that the candidate must pass a security clearance, we never would have had Mr. Clinton and we would not now have Mrs. Clinton. So, personally, since I think this is very important, I am not going to vote for Cruz (or Rubio) even in the unlikely event either is the nominee, because I want there to be no impediment for a future congress to do something about this, which I think, would be a front and center issue for the GOP if not for Cruz/Rubio/Jindahl. We had better do something about this issue and do it soon, or someday we will have the spectacle of an anchor baby perhaps, from China, Mexico, Somalia, etc., who has no real connection to this country, who may speak little or no English, running for president and being “elected” by all the other grown-up anchor babies and illegals. This is far more likely to happen, if we do away with the electoral college, so that 10-20 biggest cities with lots of illegals and lots of fraud effectively take our country away from us. In my opinion, electing Cruz would be the absolutely worst thing we could do to ourselves. On the other hand, Cruz would make a great supreme court justice, and there is no reason why he could not be.

  • Ben Carson: I’m Open to Being Donald Trump's Vice President

    02/09/2016 3:51:29 PM PST · 47 of 74
    erkelly to dead

    How about Trump makes Dr. Carson surgeon general, and then puts him in charge of dismantling Obamacare; that’s not make work, that is real work!

  • Madeline, That "Special Place in Hell" is Already Reserved

    02/09/2016 11:11:03 AM PST · 2 of 17
    erkelly to Kaslin

    Fortunately for all of us, it is God who decides who goes to hell and who does not, and not Madeline Albright who has zero say in the matter. If I am go to hell because I refuse to vote for someone as manifestly unfit for the Presidency of the United States as Mrs. William Jefferson Blyte Clinton, at least I will have a lot of ethical, honorable, moral, interesting, intelligent, well-informed, and God-fearing company!

  • You Don’t Know What Obama Said at the Mosque

    02/09/2016 7:45:36 AM PST · 19 of 32
    erkelly to Excellence

    The right to vote also includes the right not to vote; if, for whatever reason, you are not prepared to vote intelligently, you should stay home. If you cannot, in good conscience, vote for any of the candidates on the ballot, that is also your right to stay home. However, all that being said, of course you have the duty to carefully examine the candidates and the issues, and make the best decision you can. And if that means a third party vote, that too is a matter of conscience and not to be condemned. The idea that you must vote for one of two very evil, very corrupt candidates, is very little different from that of the communist totalitarian states, that force you to the polls under very severe penalties to vote cast your ballot for the one-party dictators.

  • GOPe Hack Sununu: “If Trump Only Wins by 12 Points… He Lost” (VIDEO)

    02/08/2016 4:28:44 PM PST · 50 of 62
    erkelly to JudyinCanada

    I agree with you; I think it a little more likely Dr. Carson will endorse Trump; possibly Rubio.

  • 'Have You Ever Smoked Weed?' Watters' World Donald Trump Interview Part 2

    02/08/2016 4:22:46 PM PST · 39 of 52
    erkelly to 4rcane

    Neither Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush drank, and Jimmy Carter refused to serve alcohol in the White House. I am quite sure that both felt the same way about drugs as about drinking. Ronald Reagan was a nonsmoker, although he did smoke in his younger years. When he decided to quit smoking, he used Jelly Belly jelly beans as a substitute. He used to keep a bowl of them on his desk, and he would give jars of Jelly Bellies as a White House gift when he was President. Trump would not be the first, and it would be his credit. I understand that Hillary, however, is a heavy drinker. It is rumored also that the Clintons were (are?) heavy cocaine users.

  • ‘Voter-Shaming’ Mailer That Made Noise in Iowa Shows Up in New Hampshire

    02/08/2016 4:15:42 PM PST · 49 of 107
    erkelly to Responsibility2nd

    I am so sick of the (I think) Cruz supporters accusing Trump or his supporters of anything or everything, however contradictory from one day to the next. There is no sin, according to you, that Trump or people who like what he has to say, that he and we are not guilty of. You just can’t wait for the opportunity to say something nasty even if no one has said anything at all. Indeed, no one suggested Cruz did this (although he did this before.) Before you go on accusing others being in a cult, I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror. YOU are the ones being nasty and just looking for some opportunity to accuse Trump or his potential voters of something or other.

  • Could embracing his awkwardness save Jeb Bush in New Hampshire?

    02/08/2016 11:12:56 AM PST · 2 of 18
    erkelly to jimbo123

    Wow, just what this country needs! A patrician flummoxed goof!


    02/08/2016 9:50:44 AM PST · 40 of 50
    erkelly to jersey117

    I do not think Jeb Bush is a nice guy. Do not confuse weakness with goodness or “niceness.” The Terri Schiavo tragedy was no small thing. He and his brother, the ONLY two people in the world, who could have saved her, utterly failed her and her family; in fact they failed all of us, and they did so for political expediency. Had Jeb done what was necessary to save Terri, had been willing to sacrifice his career, or lose his political office, he might indeed have been the man who could save this country. But he is not. He is a failure. God has raised up another to do, if we have the wisdom to see it.

  • Ted Cruz's Latest Dirty Trick Is Almost Too Much To Be Believed

    02/08/2016 9:33:18 AM PST · 66 of 148
    erkelly to traderrob6

    And as your post shows, you and your ilk accuse everyone who do not support Cruz of anything and everything; furthermore there is no insult that could be made against Trump or his supporters that is too vile for you to write. Whatever it is, no matter how slanderous, no matter how stupid and silly, no matter how obviously patently untrue it is, no matter how contradictory, you write it. One day he Trump dries his hair, the next day his hair is fake, yada, yada, yada, etc.! You people are making this forum tiresome and unreadable!

  • My Nephew is getting his Eagle Scout.

    02/07/2016 6:14:12 PM PST · 50 of 73
    erkelly to Yorlik803

    A really high-quality back pack.

  • 2016 02 07 John Haller's Prophecy Update "Strong Delusion"(video)

    02/07/2016 6:12:24 PM PST · 10 of 23
    erkelly to Lera

    The Catholic church does not pray to dead bodies! I just could not get past that first paragraph. Catholics do ask the heavenly Saints for intercession, although Protestants do not do this. Protestants, however, most definitely do not consider the Saints dead bodies. And Protestants have been known to ask a favor of Saint, especially a Sainted relative, from time to time. And most certainly, Protestants admire the Saints, their examples great of faith, courage, and sacrifice.

  • Cullman GOP quiet as locals file ‘birther’ suit against Ted Cruz (Alabama)

    02/07/2016 6:06:29 PM PST · 7 of 31
    erkelly to Oklahoma

    After Obama, this should matter to everyone! You would have to have a cult-like devotion to a candidate to ignore the danger that this non-natural born president with his divided loyalties has placed this country! But rest assured if Cruz and Rubio go forward and you waste your vote on either of them, the powers that be in the Republican party will not go out on a limb as Nancy Pelosi did to place Obama on the ballot. They will simply strip Cruz and Rubio of their delegates and give them to Bush come convention time.

  • Hillary has an unexpected problem persuading women to vote for her... Developing...

    02/07/2016 6:02:00 PM PST · 7 of 75
    erkelly to Yaelle

    Because women with any self respect at all despise a woman who would put up a man treating her like her husband treated her, especially when she had a career of her own and could take care of herself? Politics aside, that is the reason I cannot stand Hillary Clinton! She is a disgrace to our sex.

  • Jeb says people uncomfortable with another Bush 'need to get therapy'

    02/06/2016 3:48:13 PM PST · 19 of 72
    erkelly to jimbo123

    Well, I would get therapy for my “stay outta da bushes” phobia if I could just find a therapist who doesn’t have the same problem, or who regarded this as a curable problem!

  • That Smell Isn't the Ethanol ... Mark Steyn

    02/06/2016 6:58:39 AM PST · 60 of 85
    erkelly to Theophilus

    Yes, it is corrupt. A candidate has the right to run an inept campaign right up to election day if he wishes, and it is his right to end his campaign at his own choosing and to endorse the candidate of his choice. Romney did this sort of thing and we were all disgusted by it; it is no less disgusting and dishonorable when another candidate does the same, just as we were all outraged when the Kenyan, a British subject, was elected, no we want to do the same for the Canadian, a British subject until a few months ago? Do we have any consistent principles at all?

  • That Smell Isn't the Ethanol ... Mark Steyn

    02/06/2016 6:54:11 AM PST · 59 of 85
    erkelly to nikos1121

    You know, it really does not matter if Carson voters changed their mind or not. What matters is Cruz’ dishonesty and lack of personal honor. If a terrorist goes to a public place intending to commit an act of terrorism, and gets caught before anyone is hurt is he any less of a terrorist?

  • An Open Letter to Ben Carson

    02/06/2016 6:46:47 AM PST · 20 of 32
    erkelly to TexasCajun

    Vote for the Cruz? NEVER!!!!! I didn’t vote for the guy from Kenya and I am not voting for the guy from Canada.

  • Christie Doubles Down on 'Boy in the Bubble' Comment, Hammers Rubio on Youth, Inexperience

    02/05/2016 4:25:39 PM PST · 2 of 30
    erkelly to Kaslin

    Well, Rubio is too young, darn it!

  • Ted Cruz is Not Qualified (Vanity)

    02/05/2016 11:37:37 AM PST · 6 of 208
    erkelly to Enlightened1

    I agree with you entirely, except for one thing. They will not strip Cruz of his delegates and annoint Rubio, they will strip both Cruz and Rubio, and annoit Jeb. He says he is going to be the nominee, and he is the ultimate insider, and a member of the controlling family whose turn it is to be president. Please, do not waste your vote on Rubio or Cruz. If you do not like Trump, then vote for another candidate who is at no risk of losing his delegates.

  • NH Poll: Donald Trump Flat, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Gaining [Trump 30, Rubio 17, Cruz 15]

    02/05/2016 6:45:24 AM PST · 22 of 51
    erkelly to elhombrelibre

    And of course, the acerbic oppositional tactless Ted Cruz will get so much done in Washington! FYI, even Ronald Reagan made deals with the Democrats. As I’ve said before, half a loaf is better than none, and if you insist on electing Ted Cruz, that is exactly what you will get done, nothing!

  • Greta V. Susteren GOES OFF on Cruz Camp Dirty Tricks: "HORRIBLE! Appalling! SHAME on Cruz Campaign!"

    02/04/2016 9:33:41 PM PST · 60 of 261
    erkelly to jospehm20

    So there is, in fact, nothing exceptionally worthy about Cruz; he too lies. So how can we know if he is telling the truth about anything, or if is he just another opportunistic Washington insider?

  • Carson: Judge Ted Cruz By What He Does Not By What He Says

    02/04/2016 9:57:56 AM PST · 59 of 83
    erkelly to lakecumberlandvet

    Dr. Carson is still in the race, and it is his decision and his right to withdraw if and when he wishes, and at that time to have his day in the sun and endorse the candidate of his choosing. What Cruz did was slimy and wrong! Just like the creepy things that Romney did! What Carson did was inexcusable and I cannot fathom why you Cruzers who are claiming that Cruz is so pure and incorruptable, and only he can fix things in DC are defending these tactics.

  • Carson: Judge Ted Cruz By What He Does Not By What He Says

    02/04/2016 9:53:24 AM PST · 58 of 83
    erkelly to avenir

    None the less, Christ tells us “by their fruits, you shall know them!” This means we are to look at what people do and not at what people say.

    Just so you know, although David’s faith counted for righteousness in God’s eyes; indeed he was a prophet and an old testament saint, from whose lineage Christ came, David was an egregious sinner and came under God’s judgment and was punished severely for his sins. Had he not repented from the evils that he did, and turned away from them, his faith would have meant nothing and David would have had no righteousness in God’s eyes.

    In the end, Cruz-bots, this was a rotten rotten thing to do Dr. Carson. The Cruz campaign damaged Dr. Carson just as Romney’s did Herman Caine. What a terrible way for the Republican party to treat its black presidential candidates!

  • Trump resists staff calls to change course

    02/04/2016 9:31:54 AM PST · 39 of 101
    erkelly to Anitius Severinus Boethius

    If the Iowa caucuses were honestly tabulated, the one thing that is perfectly clear is that polls were way off, so you cannot claim Carson did not lose votes by Cruz campaign lies. What the Cruz people did is absolutely Romney-esque! By the way, all it would take for that lie to benefit Cruz and cause Trump to lose, is a change of only FOUR votes per caucus. On the other hand, if the polls were accurate, then there had to be massive cheating in the tabulation of the ballots. Either way, the victory was stolen from Mr. Trump!

  • A Quick Fact Sheet of the Cruz-Carson Controversy

    02/04/2016 9:21:46 AM PST · 12 of 40
    erkelly to taxcontrol

    Hey, Bush isn’t dropping out, yet he did not stick around after the caucus either! So why didn’t the Cruz campaign decide to announce that Bush was dropping out and that Bush supporters should caucus with them. Perhaps they just did not dare do that! The Cruz campaign did something I think was quite dishonest, indeed very much the creepy kind of thing the Romney campaign was known for. (That could even earn the dreaded label of “racist.”) The fact is, Cruz is just another politician, rather dishonest and disingenuous at that, so let’s be honest about this. Furthermore, I like the fact that The Donald is not going to this sort of thing lying down. I am sick and tired of “gentlemanly” behavior by the Republicans who are just too dang refined to stop corruption, dishonesty, and selling our country down the river. If Donald Trump decides that he is not going to tolerate lies, corruption, and fraud in this campaign, good for him, it is a breath of fresh air, and you should be glad of it, even if you support another candidate. Personally, I suspect that the dishonesty of the Cruz campaign is not the only fraud perpetuated in Iowa!

  • Question for Discussion - Will Trump hit Rubio as hard as Cruz? (Vanity)

    02/03/2016 11:20:23 AM PST · 21 of 51
    erkelly to DoodleDawg

    Yes, I think Trump will go full “birther” on Rubio, and I hope he does. I think the elites will strip both Cruz and Rubio of their delegates come convention time, because they do not meet constitutional eligibility requirements, and give most of those delegates to Bush, who then with his super-delegates will win the nomination. As Bush said, he is willing to lose the primaries to win the nomination. The Bush family has enormous power in the GOP. If they can do this, then they will.

  • Ted Cruz Iowa Win Is A Loss For Evangelical Christians

    02/03/2016 11:07:23 AM PST · 8 of 43
    erkelly to drewh

    Further more, I am pretty darn confident that come convention time, the party elites, the ones who have to sign off on the nomination and submit it to the states will NOT allow Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to be on the ballot because of their eligibility issues (never mind what some constitutional scholars say, or that Obama has issues.) They will strip Cruz and Rubio of their delegates and give them, based on some formula that heavily favors Jeb Bush, to whatever candidates remain who meet constitutional eligibility requirements based on Article II, Section I, Clause 5. And those delegates, along with the super-delegates, will give Bush the nomination. You do not think they would do something like this? Take another look at the cheating, manipulation, and lying that went on Alaska, Mississippi, and Virginia!

    If we do not want Bush, we all need to get behind candidates are not Bush, who he and the elites cannot strip of the nomination for any reason!

  • RUSH LIMBAUGH: Rubio Is Not an Establishment Moderate

    02/02/2016 4:40:01 PM PST · 191 of 283
    erkelly to libbylu

    What is this? I thought you posted a goodbye opus and darned us all to Hades.

  • Cruz defies the odds, wins Iowa, trumps Trump

    02/02/2016 4:20:44 PM PST · 29 of 45
    erkelly to Linda Frances

    Immoral and ungodly, I can think of presidents far more deserving than the hard-working, nondrinking, nonsmoking, Donald Trump! Let’s start with FDR, fast-forward to LBJ, on to Clinton and then to Barak Obama, and it is toss-up as to which one, LBJ, Clinton, or Obama is the most immoral and ungodly!

  • Donald Trump Comes Out Of Iowa Looking Like Pat Buchanan

    02/02/2016 4:01:03 PM PST · 3 of 61
    erkelly to 2ndDivisionVet

    Wait, didn’t Trump come in second, ending up with one less delegate than Cruz? How is that being taken out? And, I still can’t help but wonder if there were not some irregularities of some sort, given the polling data!

  • How did Iowa caucus polls get GOP vote so wrong?

    02/02/2016 10:32:23 AM PST · 22 of 106
    erkelly to Blood of Tyrants

    And do you remember, it was MONTHS before the elites finally acknowledged Santorum as the Iowa winner. They immediately declared Romney the winner!

  • How did Iowa caucus polls get GOP vote so wrong?

    02/02/2016 10:31:20 AM PST · 17 of 106
    erkelly to Yo-Yo

    My understanding is that the caucus votes are by secret ballot. It is the democrats that do that. But yes, a very persuasive speaker can sway caucus goers. Or given the known behavior of the establishment leaders in Mississippi and in Virginia, and other diverse places, a lot of fraud and manipulation and downright lying was going on. We know for instance, that the Cruz campaign lied about Carson’s withdrawing — a truly Romney-esque lie! I am quite certain that the elites don’t mind a Cruz win, they are going to take him out at the convention over his eligibility issues and give his delegates to an establishment (Bush?) candidate. I thik they will do the same with Rubio.

  • How Cruz beat Trump

    02/02/2016 10:02:31 AM PST · 97 of 105
    erkelly to Uversabound

    Yep, you watch, when the convention rolls around, the power structure will determine that neither Cruz nor Rubio are constitutionally eligible, and award their delegates to Bush. And with his super-delegates, Bush wins. And then loses to Hillary. This contest is between Trump and the Bush establishment elites, everything else is just noise. So vote for Cruz or Rubio if you want Bush, because that is what you will end up with if Trump does not win decisively in the upcoming primaries.

    PS: I cannot help but wonder if there was fraud, given the behavior of McConnell, et al, in the Mississippi and Virginia primaries.

  • Chantay fingered me not only as gay, but as her b***h.' A teacher tells of terror at his New [tr]

    02/02/2016 9:56:51 AM PST · 17 of 53
    erkelly to Mr. Blond

    Why even bother sending them to school. Apprentice them to machine shops, and like businesses, before they are set in their evil ways. Do it old style, where the young people are housed, fed, clothed, etc., by the Master Craftsman, and they work very hard, and a stipend. Give the businesses the money the schools are spending. Send a very big, very mean teacher round a few hours a week to ensure the students and read, write, and perform basic arithmetic and have some knowledge of our history and constitution; making it clear if they want their stipend they will behave in the classroom and learn something.

  • Trump complaining about media and voters on twitter

    02/02/2016 9:49:41 AM PST · 108 of 131
    erkelly to kjam22
    When there is that much discrepancy in the polling and the vote, I can't help but wonder was there possibly a lot of fraud? And given the record of McConnell et al, in Mississippi, I cannot help but wonder a little bit. Especially when I read that at least in some places, they ran out of registration forms and ballots.
  • Why This Female Cannot Support Donald Trump (Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinion)

    02/02/2016 9:02:35 AM PST · 36 of 135
    erkelly to Kaslin

    Men and women think differently, we are wired that way. However, over the course of my (female) life, I have learned it is entirely possible for a woman to think like a man but it is not instinctive. I read once where men and women were asked a question and that is, where is your center, where are you, men would say in their heads, women would say in their hearts. However, all women have to do to change this, for practical matters only — not where family and friends are concerned — is to choose to have the center of their core in their heads, instead of the heart, and let your brain do the thinking, not your heart doing the feeling. When you do this, practical decisions as to whether to support a presidential candidate, are much easier. You will look at the candidate’s potential for good or evil, and not at his personality; thus it really does not matter if Trump is a boor, what matters is, can he fix this country? If you think he cannot, look elsewhere, if you think he can, and has the best chance of doing so, then vote for him. I hope if this woman cannot think anymore clearly than this, she will do this country no further harm, and just stay home!

  • Fix in for Rubio? (Vanity)

    02/01/2016 6:54:52 PM PST · 17 of 60
    erkelly to Helicondelta

    It looks like Cruz is the projected winner, and Trump is second. Except for the fact the Cruz supporters will be more smug and insufferable than usual, I’m quite pleased.


    02/01/2016 6:06:53 PM PST · 33 of 43
    erkelly to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    I can’t imagine that if Trump is elected and puts in the ballroom, it will have a Trump sign anywhere. However, I think 100 years or so from that time, a 150-year-old Trump sign will be donated perhaps by Trump’s great-grandchildren or the owner of an old Trump building, and it will be placed in the ballroom.

  • Poll: 25 percent of federal employees would quit under Trump presidency

    02/01/2016 2:42:07 PM PST · 182 of 267
    erkelly to oldvirginian

    I know, you just can’t trust those celebrities to keep their word. For instance, 16 years ago, Cher said that if Bush were elected, old people would have to eat dog food. Then Bush was elected, so I figured I had better get my aged mother a can of dog food. She refused to eat it.

  • Hillary's campaign could actually be over tonight.....(Bernie sticks a fork in her)

    02/01/2016 2:34:38 PM PST · 49 of 73
    erkelly to builder

    I just don’t see Trump choosing Hillary as his running mate. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  • When punishing dissenters is in vogue

    02/01/2016 2:30:08 PM PST · 7 of 29
    erkelly to DoughtyOne

    I don’t give a darn whether Mr. Trump is unpleasant, tactless, misogynist, etc. I want the wall built, I want the hemorrhaging of American businesses stopped, I want terrorism dealt with, I want someone who will stand up to our enemies and to the enemies in our own media, I want our military restored, our Veterans treated well, and so forth. If Mr. Trump can get these things done, I don’t care how how unlikable he is, or who he offends. It just does not matter!

  • Are we preparing to elect a president that most people hate?

    02/01/2016 11:19:26 AM PST · 42 of 48
    erkelly to cloudmountain

    The fact that 18 and 19 year olds have the worst voting records, is something to be thankful for, I think, don’t you?

  • Sarah Palin: ‘Wasn’t Hard’ To Choose Between Donald Trump And Ted Cruz

    02/01/2016 11:00:36 AM PST · 129 of 248
    erkelly to dp0622
    FYI, RR supported Barry Goldwater's run for the presidency, he either formed or was a leader of the Democrats for Goldwater in, I believe, 1962. He ran for gov of Calif as a Republican and won circa 1968, can't recall exactly. So he had not been a Republican for very long when he ran for office. So, again, another similarity to Trump. By the way, Calif was either either the 1st or the 2nd state to legalize abortion, NY was the other, and RR signed that legislation. So his pro-life credentials, like Trump's, were a bit dubious as well.
  • A Democrat Explains Why She’s Voting For Donald Trump

    01/31/2016 10:41:02 PM PST · 6 of 40
    erkelly to TigerClaws

    Oddly enough, I can imagine Ronald Reagan being elected gov of California today;he was elected after 2 terms of Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, and Jerry is definitely a chip off the old block!

  • Former Obama Fundraiser Don Peebles: “I Think Donald Trump Is Poised to Win it

    01/31/2016 5:25:36 PM PST · 7 of 9
    erkelly to RIghtwardHo

    I don’t know what polls you are looking at, but I am seeing the opposite, negatives down, support up. Trump is dominating everything. Did you happen to notice that the last GOP debate, sans Trump, was essentially ignored as the democrat debates have been. Does that suggest anything to you?

  • Will Jeb Bush win the Republican nomination?

    01/31/2016 3:15:21 PM PST · 43 of 85
    erkelly to jimbo123

    I agree, they plan to do something tricky about Cruz’ eligibility. If they do not, the democrats certainly will if Cruz is nominated. Trump is on the right track here, so stop hating him for it, please. Better for Cruz to fix this now, and if he cannot, then withdraw right away. I suspect, come convention time, they will not only take Cruz delegates away, they will also take Rubio delegates away because he has an eligibility issue too. What I don’t see is the rationale for giving them ALL to Bush!