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  • Attention Cecil The Lion Fans: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Allegedly Ate A Baby Elephant

    07/31/2015 11:28:08 AM PDT · 28 of 28
    FateAmenableToChange to smokingfrog
    The trunk can be good if you slow smoke it long enough.

    In my experience, practically any meat can be made good if you smoke it long enough with proper basting, injection, moisture, temperature, and smoke. I imagine, though, that adult elephant would require a month or so and more needles than you'd find hanging out with twenty or so heroin junkies.

  • TX Investigators visit Planned Parenthood see fingers and toes in “POC Room”

    07/30/2015 1:41:43 PM PDT · 18 of 28
    FateAmenableToChange to tumblindice
    Most people walked or drove/drive by the sites where these horrendous, ghoulish activities took/take place and they then went/go about their lives. In the death camps and abortion clinics, what is being done is so heinous that it sickens any normal person who learns of the details.

    Never forget that the residents of Auschwitz/Oszwiecem and all of the workers at the nearby IG Farben factory knew exactly what was happening. They saw the starving jews walking by every day, saw them being worked to death, saw them trudging back. That's why Otto Schindler's acts were true heroism -- all of the other people just like him bought into the euphemisms and looked away.

    One of the sickest parts of the tour at Auschwitz I (where they housed Poles and political prisoners for the most part) is near the end of the tour, after you've seen Block 11 and the torture rooms, the abominable living conditions, the mustering ground, and you walk down a long road that terminates in a galley. Off to the right is the Commandant's house; to the left is the remains of the first gas chamber. From the house, you would smell the camp daily, you could not fail to see the prisoners dying, or hear their screams. The commandant's wife, however, described her time at Auschwitz as one of the happiest and most pleasant times of her life.

  • Planned Parenthood Goes on Offense as Another Sickening Video Emerges

    07/30/2015 12:06:07 PM PDT · 13 of 25
    FateAmenableToChange to Fitzy_888
    The Nazi’s gave up on mobile execution vans using truck exhaust, because the victim would often first suffocate, in the process their was vomiting and deficating. Cleaning the vans took a toll on morale.

    Which is why they forced the Jews in the Sonderkommando unit at Auschwitz to clean the chambers for them.

    In contrast, PP keeps it all in house and in the family. A bunch of truly sick, morally diseased human beings.

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 11:56:08 AM PDT · 40 of 48
    FateAmenableToChange to Veto!; Buffalo Head
    Sure, I’d shoot a large dangerous animal that attacked me in the woods. But I wouldn’t go out to hunt it down.

    Why not? Because your personal morality and your personal ethics -- which you may or may not have actually carefully considered -- create that preference within you. But I will also say that unless you can point to a natural reason or positive law forbidding Palmer from engaging in what looks from his perspective to be a bad but nonetheless ethical hunt, you have no basis to claim that the same arbitrary and probably unfounded moral judgment should apply to him as well.

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 11:48:31 AM PDT · 36 of 48
    FateAmenableToChange to dfwgator

    That’s racist.

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 11:46:14 AM PDT · 35 of 48
    FateAmenableToChange to Veto!
    I cannot condone killing wildlife unless for food.

    I plan to whack the raccoon family that has been killing my chickens tonight. I will not eat them, and I plan to practice my taxidermy on them to make trophies even of the babies that will serve as bitter warnings for the rest of their loathsome clan. Does that make me a bad person because I'm not going to eat the raccoons?

    Seriously, dude, that position is ethically incoherent. You'll need to stop driving your car since you're unlikely to make paprikash out of the squirrel you mash, the wild rats, mice, and moles in your yard are dying because of your love of your lawn, not to mention the garter snake you probably cut in half with the blades. Etc.

  • Congress Set to Examine Revenge Porn

    07/30/2015 11:09:16 AM PDT · 15 of 25
    FateAmenableToChange to CA Conservative
    One quick way to be sure you are never a victim of "revenge porn" is to never pictures or videos of you nude or having sex to be taken in the first place... It is amazing what a little modesty and common sense will do to protect you from stuff like this!

    But of course, that is expecting people to act responsibly, and the liberals cannot comprehend that concept.

    Can't you just hear the anti-abstinence, pro-homosexual, 'the little kiddies are going to do it anyway so we have to give them condoms' crowd blabbing about how no one really has self control, that self control is just a cultural construct created by hateful Christian white heterosexual males who are just trying to keep everyone repressed. If only we would get off our high horse and just encourage everyone to have promiscuous sex with relative strangers and then give them all the digital photos of themselves, then they would finally have utopia.

    Really hate the culture they have created.

  • We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

    07/29/2015 4:21:08 PM PDT · 40 of 42
    FateAmenableToChange to Smittie
    And he also fished without a license. I'm sorry, but your ignorance and knee-jerk reaction is hard to respond to. I already spent 30 minutes on your prior attempt, and you add nothing meaningful here. "botched killing" -- irrelevant. He shot and missed. What is relevant is whether his hunt was unethical. It does not appear that from his end it was unethical. More facts may emerge, but since you've already convicted him you can just ignore those.

    "guides he paid were legit?" To his knowledge? Yes, I think he almost certainly did due diligence, got testimonials, and checked the licenses of the guides before forking over $50,000 for the license plus whatever travel expenses and outfitter expenses he incurred for the hunt itself. Or do you seriously think he just handed total strangers upwards of $70,000 without doing any investigation? For what would have been the hunt of a lifetime? Possible, but extremely unlikely.

    "Straight into their pockets" - the news stories say that the $50,000 was the license fee. Typically that's going to the government, which will then get pocketed by whatever zimbabwean official has the ability to do so. What went into the guide's pockets was the outfitters fee -- probably somewhere around $10,000.

    I have no idea whether they could see the collar. It doesn't show in any pictures I've seen of the beast.

    Luring it off the reserve - are you saying that once an animal steps foot on a reserve it can't ethically be hunted? There's no walls, lions don't care about fences, and if the lions can be lured from the reserve or from 10 miles in the opposite direction what is the difference? Again, it's what Palmer knew, not what the guides did.

    Many hunters only kill what they eat. I don't like bear meat, which is why I won't hunt bear. But do you have any leather products in your home? Perhaps a rabbit fur cap or similar? Rabbits raised for fur are not eaten. neither are beavers. If you eat a coyote you deserve the intestinal parasites and diseases. Raccoon is just nasty but people trap and hunt them for pelts. Your ethical standard of "Hunter"=only kills what it eats is unsustainable on a philosophical and ethical basis. Some people hunt because they enjoy it but are indifferent to the meat. Most deer hunters and elk hunters leave the pelts, sinews, hooves, brains, livers, hearts, testicles even though all of those are useful and / or edible. Food alone is not a sufficient ethical justification for hunting or not hunting. It's a lazy excuse for a knee-jerk reaction against something you just don't like. And if you keep using it, you can't complain when liberals want to ban your guns just because they don't like them.

  • We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

    07/29/2015 4:00:49 PM PDT · 39 of 42
    FateAmenableToChange to nobamanomore
    Just for information, yes, I have hunted in Africa, as well as a few other countries. It is also not unheard of for guides in Zim to break the rules, since the Mugabe led country is unbelievably corrupt, and greasing the right palms will get them additional hunting access

    Exactly. I'm curious what SCI says about the guide, although even that is not definitive. The temptation to cut corners to get good testimonials, especially from someone as well traveled as Palmer apparently is, has to be strong in places like Zimbabwe.

  • Why is a university cop making traffic stops? (vanity)

    07/29/2015 3:26:57 PM PDT · 42 of 53
    FateAmenableToChange to SunTzuWu
    On campus. No where else.

    No. Depends on the jurisdiction, with many states authorizing state wide authority for campus police that is identical with municipal and state police.

  • Why is a university cop making traffic stops? (vanity)

    07/29/2015 3:20:35 PM PDT · 41 of 53
    FateAmenableToChange to Hulka
    University cops are state law enforcement officers, certified by the state as police officers. . .and as such, they enforce laws, too include traffic laws, on university property and roads.

    They are not rent-a-cops, they are state law enforcement officers, albeit bored.

    Soooo. . .they are empowered with the same authority as state officers and enforce state and university laws.

    In most jurisdictions, especially at public universities. But I really appreciate you pointing this out. A number of good friends are campus police, they go through the same training as municipal police and state police, often have higher qualifications (their jobs are highly sought after), have arrest powers throughout the state, have to deal with a poisonous hormonal soup of angst-filled 18-24 year olds day in and out, and then they have to put up with jokers who tell them they are not "real" cops. Do they have SWAT teams and attack helicopters? No. But the vast majority of municipal and state police deal with exactly the same mix of stupid criminal garbage as the campus cops do, at the same rate, and facing the same problems.

  • Peaceful pro-life prisoner Mary Wagner freed after seven months in jail

    07/29/2015 3:04:19 PM PDT · 8 of 12
    FateAmenableToChange to Morgana

    I love this woman as a Christian sister who is doing amazing things for Christ. She inspires me and makes me ashamed that I am not living up to the potential she shows is possible.

  • We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

    07/29/2015 2:55:37 PM PDT · 36 of 42
    FateAmenableToChange to Smittie
    What hunter? This dentist paid money to kill a lion. He might as well have went to the zoo. He then botched the killing by using a bow and arrow, causing the poor beast to suffer for 40 hours until it was killed by a rifle shot. Real hunters kill animals for food & necessity, not just so they can hang something on their wall.

    Thank you for your uninformed opinion.

    Someone who deals regularly with the ethics of hunting, on the other hand, might say that "real" hunters "hang something on their wall" so that they have a memorial of the hunt and the animal and to show off the fact that they successfully killed / took / harvested the animal to whomever might care. (Obviously, that does not include you.) That same ethicist might also say that "real" hunters choose to spend extraordinary amounts of money on gear and licenses and travel, dedicate their time to practice with their weapons, and put themselves into nature with the animal that they intend to kill because of the connection that process creates between the hunter, the natural environment, and the animal that the hunter hopes to kill.

    The rest of your comments are just bigoted and ignorant. paid money to kill a lion Every legal hunter pays money to kill the animal. That's what license fees are all about. They fund conservation efforts that maintain or expand habitat, finance scientific research and disease prevention efforts, and other activities that preserve both the target species and other species within that environment. Hunters are responsible for more habitat and species conservation than all of the other wildlife groups combined.

    He might as well have went to the zoo. Gone to the zoo. Whatever. He didn't go to the zoo because it is illegal to kill the animals at the zoo. More to the point, it is impossible to "hunt" animals at the zoo because they cannot get away. If you kill an animal at the zoo, or your county fair, or the slaughterhouse, it is not hunting, it is slaughter. I slaughter my own livestock and in fact have had to occasionally shoot chickens that get out of the pen on slaughtering day. That is not hunting, there is nothing about the hunt involved. It is killing calories that happen to still be walking around.

    Obviously you have never hunted over bait, never hunted a cat of any kind, in fact have probably never hunted. That's ok, it's your choice. But the only way to hunt a cat is bait or, in some cases, dogs. Personally, I don't like either bait or dogs, which is why I have never successfully taken a mountain lion. But bait is not foolproof, and it is ignorant to suggest that just because you throw out a piece of meat or scent then a lion will be drawn irresistably to stand in front of you and get shot.

    He then botched the killing by using a bow and arrow....You seem here to be suggesting that using a bow is a botched hunt. That's contrary to all of human history since hunting with a bow was first invented. Also in my experience, archery tends to be a much more humane method of killing. The blades punch through the skin, slice 1" to 1.5" wide channels, and do so cleanly so that the animal feels a punch, sharp pain, bleeds quickly, lies down, bleeds out and dies. In contrast, gun shots appear to make the animal panic (which can taint the meat and make it gamier), and animals run much farther. Additionally, it is just as possible to wound an animal with a gun as with an arrow. Rather than "botching" the hunt by using a bow and arrow, Palmer likely had to put himself within 40-60 yards of the lion in order to make the shot. No one ever wants to wound an animal, but that is a risk of hunting. Given how most animals die naturally, I have a hard time seeing that even bad hits would be likely to cause more suffering than normal deaths through disease, injury, and starvation.

    ...causing the poor beast to suffer for 40 hours until it was killed by a rifle shot. I'd use a rifle too. Lions, especially wounded lions, would like desperately to kill you back. Your anthropomorphization of the lion is ridiculous. The animal suffered, this was not an ideal hunt, but that does not mean it was unethical. They wounded the lion and then tracked it for 40 hours. Putting it down with a rifle shot was a choice the guides and the hunter made after that search.

    Real hunters kill animals for food & necessity, not just so they can hang something on their wall." Again, one reason to hunt includes putting food on the table. Other than a few of my friends who grew up on the reservation and some older relatives who made it through the depression, no one "needs" to hunt if you define "need" solely in terms of putting calories in your body. But your definition of "need" is dangerous. The vast majority of people on this forum carry or own firearms. None of us strictly "needs" them under your definition. We want them because they provide assurance of personal protection and also because we enjoy using them. You personally may not like firearms, but that in itself is not a reason to prevent others from enjoying them. Likewise with hunters. Hunters get enjoyment, skills, challenges, camaraderie, a connection with nature that neither you nor any of the leftist tree hugging hippies on the other side will ever understand, and other benefits. Given the conditions on many CAFOs and factory farms, you personally and without any concern about it at all inflict extraordinary suffering on the meat you eat that is equal to or greater than that experienced by the animal killed in a hunt. I tried the vegetarian route for a long time, hated it, and now raise or kill 95% of my own meat because I have considered the ethics and philosophy of hunting over an above the knee-jerk ignorance that drives most of the bambi-brigade's fake tears over the death of an animal.

  • PETA Wants Lion-Hunting Dentist Killed

    07/29/2015 2:20:35 PM PDT · 52 of 73
    FateAmenableToChange to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra

    Again, you are entitled to your opinion.

  • WATCH: Body cam video released in Sam DuBose shooting

    07/29/2015 1:42:47 PM PDT · 57 of 112
    FateAmenableToChange to Conscience of a Conservative
    Homicidal ideation can be a symptom of serious mental illness.

    You're just taking all the fun out of everything now.

  • PETA Wants Lion-Hunting Dentist Killed

    07/29/2015 1:21:03 PM PDT · 39 of 73
    FateAmenableToChange to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra
    Bow and arrow. I don’t like bow-hunting. Had to put down a wounded doe in my backyard cause a bow-hunting poacher stuck an arrow in her flank, and the infection was awful. That was the end of me allowing bow-hunters on my 110 acre property.

    That's your prerogative, but I rarely hunt with a gun any more precisely because an arrow does not cause anywhere near the same degree of shock to the animal, the animal bleeds out much more quickly, the meat is untainted and more usable, and the kill is more humane overall. I also get a usable hide. With a bow, the deer run about 40 yards and lie down. With a gun they often run over 100 even with a heart / lung shot.

    In my experience, gun hunters tend to be more sloppy because they think they have multiple shots. But every time you hear two, three, four shots in succession is a missed or wounded animal. In contrast, every bow hunter knows they have one shot.

    But like I said, it's your experience, your land, and your prerogative. Just realize that there are a lot of guys who go into bow hunting because it takes more work and skill and dedication than picking up a gun once a year on opening morning.

  • PETA Wants Lion-Hunting Dentist Killed

    07/29/2015 1:12:27 PM PDT · 35 of 73
    FateAmenableToChange to Anitius Severinus Boethius
    There is no doubt in my mind that he knew that what he was doing was poaching, even if he was able to technically skirt the law.

    Evidence? Every single report says that it was the guides who lured the lion off the reserve. Palmer had all the permits, had hired a hunting guide that also had all of its licenses. From Palmer's perspective, he bought a tag to kill a lion, hired a guide, hunted on the correct land, took the correct species that was located by his professional and licensed guide. If you have any evidence at all that says that Palmer knew this was illegal, please let me know. Otherwise, what this looks like is a guide that wanted to preserve its reputation and get a return client and was willing to engage in unethical acts to put a shootable lion in front of the client. That makes the client as much a victim as everyone else.

  • We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

    07/29/2015 1:04:59 PM PDT · 16 of 42
    FateAmenableToChange to Kaslin

    The hunter didn’t go onto the reserve. The cat came off of the reserve because his supposedly reputable hunting guide lured the cat off of the reserve. None of this can be blamed on the hunter. I am so beyond sick of the bambi mentality that infects people whenever a pretty animal gets taken.

  • U. of Cincinnati prepares for riots as bodycam video showing death of #SamuelDubose to be released..

    07/29/2015 12:40:18 PM PDT · 241 of 406
    FateAmenableToChange to DoodleDawg
    Not hard at all. Except when they bypass the "danger of death and grievious bodly injury" part and go straight to the shoot you part. Then according to you it becomes a "training issue".

    This wins the Internet for the afternoon.

  • U. of Cincinnati prepares for riots as bodycam video showing death of #SamuelDubose to be released..

    07/29/2015 12:38:43 PM PDT · 237 of 406
    FateAmenableToChange to ctdonath2
    “He started the car.” After being told to take off his seat belt, to wit get out of the car. After not presenting a driver’s license and being uncooperative about it. After handing over a bottle of gin (hugely visible in the extended cut). After being pulled over for a vehicular violation. After somehow getting the cop’s attention whereby a mere missing front plate provided reason to stop him. The linked video does not show all of what was shown at the briefing. The longer lead-up video may help understand why the driver was stopped in the first place. The driver wasn’t an angel. He’s guilty of 4 violations/crimes in that video alone, and the next step (get out for a DUI check) could have revealed a felony. Driver tried to escape, cop understandably (but not excusably) over-reacted.

    You are right that he started the car. That's not enough to justify the shoot. The gin does nothing because it's unopened. I don't remember enough about use of force on fleeing suspects, but the cop in about 3 seconds draws, sticks his gun into the guy's head and shoots. I'd be shocked if department policy says that on the basis of what you list above the cop can righteously draw, reach his hand in to the car with the gun in the suspect's face, and pull the trigger, unless you can show danger to the cop or to others.

    The only basis the cop has for the shoot is that the driver refused, attempted to escape, and it's not clear where his hands were going. Left goes to the wheel it looks like, right looks like it goes to the shifter. The YouTube version: Body Cam of Sam DuBose Shooting does not show a justification for the shoot.

    I'm not going to condemn the cop. In my opinion on the basis of that video, he overreacted. He's human, in a high-stress job, and people make mistakes. But people also have to pay for the mistakes they make, and I think he's going to end up with some kind of manslaughter conviction on this one.

  • U. of Cincinnati prepares for riots as bodycam video showing death of #SamuelDubose to be released..

    07/29/2015 11:39:24 AM PDT · 171 of 406
    FateAmenableToChange to Forgotten Amendments

    I take it back. The YouTube video ( is way more clear. The cop will still have to claim some kind of provocation as a defense, but there is nothing in the video that I can see that would justify the shooting.

  • U. of Cincinnati prepares for riots as bodycam video showing death of #SamuelDubose to be released..

    07/29/2015 11:34:05 AM PDT · 168 of 406
    FateAmenableToChange to Forgotten Amendments
    Hard for me to tell much from that video, as I can't see what the driver's right hand is doing. He started the car.

    That's what it looked like to me. Both his hands went somewhere, then his left comes back into the frame after the shot and then it all dissolves.

    I believe the cop will state that he became suspicious that the suspect had stolen the car or was transporting contraband when the suspect refused several requests for license and registration. The cop requested the driver to get out and the driver made a sudden move, possibly to start the car but possibly to grab a gun or to smash the door open into the cop. That doesn't mean the cop is not guilty, just that the video doesn't seem very clear on anything other than the events spiraled out of control within the space of three seconds.

  • U. of Cincinnati prepares for riots as bodycam video showing death of #SamuelDubose to be released..

    07/29/2015 11:20:08 AM PDT · 157 of 406
    FateAmenableToChange to VRWCarea51
    IMO - Kampus Kops. Bitter that they can't get a real cop job. The rank right up there with Prison Guards that failed the pysch. test to become a Cop, so they become full time babysitters. The Sanford Prison Experiments are a good example of what happens to those that aren't balanced in the head to begin with.

    Depending on jurisdiction, campus cops are held to the same standards as municipal police forces, are highly trained, and depending on the university may have much better pay and perks than municipal cops. University police are not rent-a-cops, the jobs are highly sought after, and for many universities -- especially the size of UC -- they work in departments larger than many municipal police forces.

    "Are Campus Police the Same as Real Police"

    "Yes, Campus Police Are Real Cops Too"

    "Wikipedia does Campus Police"

  • Don’t Bee-lieve Fearmongering About A ‘Beepocalypse'.

    07/29/2015 11:03:50 AM PDT · 56 of 65
    FateAmenableToChange to Bloody Sam Roberts
    Probably not. But history shows, again and again, how Nature points out the folly of Men.

    "Go, Go, Beezilla"....Nope. Doesn't have the same ring to it.

  • 'Oldest' Koran Fragments Found in Birmingham University

    07/22/2015 1:45:46 PM PDT · 23 of 32
    FateAmenableToChange to nickcarraway
    These tests provide a range of dates, showing that, with a probability of more than 95%, the parchment was from between 568 and 645.

    Missed this on my first read-through. It might be that old, but there is a difference between the parchment and the writing on the parchment. The article talks about how poor the community was, etc. It was a common practice when using parchment to scrape old parchments clean when in need of writing material. No indication whether they tested the age of the ink.

  • The Haters of 'All Lives Matter'

    07/22/2015 1:25:09 PM PDT · 6 of 10
    FateAmenableToChange to Kaslin

    That word does not mean what she thinks it means.

  • How to Go to Heaven

    07/22/2015 6:59:42 AM PDT · 373 of 713
    FateAmenableToChange to 2tipsea
    Score: Catholics 1, Biblicists 0.

    The irony of you claiming that Catholics conquered the Word of God is painful.

  • Yes, Donald Trump gave everyone Lindsey Graham’s real cellphone number. And he’s not sorry.

    07/21/2015 1:23:31 PM PDT · 27 of 200
    FateAmenableToChange to jimbo123

    Not classy. Trump was cool up to that point, finally saying what needed to be said. I hope the rest of the republican establishment grows a spine and realizes that they don’t have to be democrat chumps. If you look at Trumps’ attacks on others, they mostly focus on the public personas these jokers have held out for years and just challenge the script on an Emperor Has No Clothes level.

    But giving out a personal cell, even for someone as loathsome as Graham, is a personal attack on Graham that just looks petty and mean.

  • LGBT Activists Warn Public Not to Watch Ray Comfort's New Movie on Homosexuality (Polite Caucus)

    07/21/2015 3:47:29 AM PDT · 52 of 79
    FateAmenableToChange to xzins

    Thanks for the post. I hadn’t heard of the movie but I’ll purchase it now.

  • Infidelity site Ashley Madison hacked as attackers demand total shutdown

    07/20/2015 8:47:20 AM PDT · 38 of 49
    FateAmenableToChange to ArtDodger
    These types of sites are nothing but huge scams.. Recently a Japanese dating site of over 1 million members was audited and found to have only two, that’s 2, real female members. Like Ashley Madison, over 99% of the female profiles are manufactured by sub-contractors.

    Huh? just seemed perfectly natural that there would be gajillions of women just looking for the chance to cheat on their husbands with anonymous strangers they trolled online. How could a business model based on completely up-ending all of the most basic human female hardwiring turn out so completely wrong? / sarcasm


    07/20/2015 8:35:43 AM PDT · 10 of 52
    FateAmenableToChange to jimbo123

    mccain burned through whatever respect his service carried over to politics a long time ago. I am thankful for his service, but that’s not enough to overcome decades of destroying this country.

  • Economic Protectionism and Consumer Safety

    07/17/2015 4:08:13 PM PDT · 4 of 4
    FateAmenableToChange to MichCapCon

    The rational basis test is a bulwark against judicial activism. If courts applied stricter standards in more cases they would more or less control the legislature.

    That said, licensure schemes suck and should be eliminated.

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court: the partisan John Doe investigation was unsupported in reason or law

    07/16/2015 9:44:20 AM PDT · 27 of 42
    FateAmenableToChange to Kaslin
    A state action for civil damages is also a possibility.

    That opinion contains every code word necessary for the plaintiffs to assert a successful 18 USC § 1983 action, tort liability and probably state statutory liability against the prosecutors. I'm sure Wisconsin still has gobs of partisan democrat party political hack judges, so the victims will need to avoid those, but this opinion is about as clear a signal as possible that the prosecutor's immunity for personal liability may be about to go out the window.

  • 10 Rotten Foods You Are Used To Eating

    07/16/2015 9:35:01 AM PDT · 40 of 71
    FateAmenableToChange to Red Badger

    Haggis is honestly one of my favorite breakfast foods ever. You kind of have to wonder what went through someone’s head to invent something like that, but I am so very glad they did.

  • How much should gas really be selling for now? (vanity)

    07/14/2015 4:16:25 PM PDT · 47 of 81
    FateAmenableToChange to FredZarguna

    Notice also that there is strong competition in retail gas sales. It is a commodity with high elasticity of demand between retail suppliers, near perfect information transfer from sellers to buyers, extraordinary fragmentation of the market among retail sellers, etc. Retail gas sells for near the equilibrium price, after accounting for small variances that cause consumers to prefer one brand over another (advertising, consumer perceptions that off-brands have lower quality gas or fewer convenience store options inside or location or reputation for crappy tanks with sand or water in the bottom). This means that the price we pay at the pump is pretty close to as low as the sellers can make it without going out of business.

  • Women’s Soccer Doesn’t Deserve Equal Pay

    07/09/2015 11:44:56 AM PDT · 13 of 34
    FateAmenableToChange to PROCON

    I’m a big fan of properly deployed lingerie. I also enjoy watching football.

    But as that picture shows, sometimes two great things really don’t go well together.

  • Women’s Soccer Doesn’t Deserve Equal Pay

    07/09/2015 11:41:58 AM PDT · 11 of 34
    FateAmenableToChange to Cowboy Bob

    Women’s volleyball seems more popular than men’s for some reason....

  • Alex Wagner Amazed Not Everyone Finds Redskins Logo Controversial

    07/09/2015 6:51:16 AM PDT · 24 of 41
    FateAmenableToChange to governsleastgovernsbest

    Isn’t Cleveland’s mascot “Chief Wahoo”? “Chief Yahoo” sounds like a search engine.

  • Theology Chairman’s Same-Sex Wedding Begins ‘Flood’ of Challenges to Catholic Identity

    07/08/2015 11:48:40 AM PDT · 25 of 26
    FateAmenableToChange to NYer

    Hillsdale College, and I believe Grove City also, both refuse all federal funding in order to avoid that type of government intervention into their university message. I don’t know of any religious colleges or universities that are similarly careful, and that’s exactly how the wedge gets driven in.

    This is part of what drives me crazy about cultural Christians in general and cultural Catholics in particular. (There are cultural protestants, but since there are so many protestant denominations they can hide more easily). Where is church discipline? Nancy Pelosi slaps the church in the face every time she claims to be a catholic and argues for abortion, homosexual rights, etc. How is she still not excommunicated?

    Acquaintances of mine who claim to be Catholic nonetheless promote not just a secular lifestyle, but actual heresies and apostasies that were burning offenses at one point. The trinity is optional, Jesus was just a good teacher, women have a right to an abortion, the Bible doesn’t really mean it’s sinful for two guys to engage in sodomy as long as they really “love” each other, and Dan Brown really nailed it with his expose on Leonardo DaVinci’s conspiracy with Constantine to conceal the grave of Jesus. And they get upset when I suggest that it sounds like they don’t hold any orthodox beliefs sanctioned by the church. Are the priests just not seeing this? People can believe what they want, but they remain completely comfortable claiming to be Catholic despite rejecting all of the church’s teachings.

  • Theology Chairman’s Same-Sex Wedding Begins ‘Flood’ of Challenges to Catholic Identity

    07/08/2015 6:50:47 AM PDT · 6 of 26
    FateAmenableToChange to NYer

    Like many protestant denominations, the RCC needs to clean house. The official church organizations of all denominations have become very cozy with the world, taking funding and submitting to the dictats of the secular culture in order to keep the money flowing. Georgetown, Notre Dame, Fordham, as RCC institutions are absolutely indistinguishable in their organizational operations from secular universities beyond the availability of chapel/mass for students and a theology department. Outside the chapel doors, however, most religious-affiliated educational institutions seem to be just fine with abortion, homosexual acts, divorce, premarital sex, cohabitation, a sensual lifestyle, etc. With few exceptions, I am talking about the church as a whole, not just the RCC. Christians let their message get diluted and controlled by the world in order to attract more of the world and its money.

  • Detroiter, SVSU student facing felony waited to pull over in brightly lit area

    07/08/2015 6:40:42 AM PDT · 36 of 40
    FateAmenableToChange to SunTzuWu

    In most states, campus police are the same as municipal police forces. They have arrest powers, can do traffic stops, go through the same training, etc. It’s not the university giving them authority, it’s the state that authorizes the university to have a police force. If the legislature wanted to pass a law permitting Wal-Mart to have a police force, they probably could. This wikipedia article is helpful:

  • Detroiter, SVSU student facing felony waited to pull over in brightly lit area

    07/07/2015 3:20:02 PM PDT · 31 of 40
    FateAmenableToChange to SunTzuWu
    This isn't even a real cop. He's a campus rent a cop. Can't believe he's facing a potential felony over this.

    Campus cops are real cops. College campuses are concentrations of non-rational hormonal teenagers and post-teens who think everything matters, especially if everything includes their ability to ingest or consume mind-altering substances. Rapes, fights, "He wouldn't stop talking to me so I sprayed him with mace, what's the big deal?", drunk & disorderly, B&E, theft, car wrecks, clueless pedestrian fatalities, fire, explosions, poisonings, and faculty. Everything a small town police force has backed up by a melting pot of cultures, freely available drugs, and teenage angst.

    University cops are real cops in real police departments. Even worse, he's in Saginaw, one of the worst armpit towns in the U.S. that has the saving grace of giving Detroit and Flint someone to look down upon. That whole area is bad news, and the kid was probably safer in Detroit. But that also means the campus cops have to deal with lots of stuff that might not be found in Mayberry.

  • Nanny ST8 of the Week: Anti-government messages not allowed on license plates

    07/07/2015 2:51:23 PM PDT · 33 of 33
    FateAmenableToChange to MAexile
    I'm not sure how far this guy thinks ahead.

    Most poverty results from an inability to think ahead. I suspect that unless there's a trust fund, his life will not be a happy or productive one.

  • Nanny ST8 of the Week: Anti-government messages not allowed on license plates

    07/07/2015 1:11:20 PM PDT · 15 of 33
    FateAmenableToChange to MAexile
    Here in NH a guy tried to get COPSLIE on his vanity plate. Had to go all the way to the NH Supreme Court, but in the end he got his plate.

    Because nothing makes a cop want to give you a break, or even just not stop you, like driving around with a plate that insults the cops?

  • Spiky monsters: New species of 'super-armored' worm discovered

    06/30/2015 10:44:17 AM PDT · 14 of 30
    FateAmenableToChange to Red Badger

    No one has seen the obvious relationship to the pre-Cambrian worms from Tremors? What’s going on here?!!!!!

  • What Did Your Pastor Say?

    06/29/2015 7:16:06 AM PDT · 63 of 258
    FateAmenableToChange to Straight Vermonter
    We heard that we should be careful not to let our hearts turn to hate. That we are called to love others even when they are wrong. Also, fear not, that nothing, nothing, nothing changes the Church’s teaching on marriage.

    Well said. That's been my prayer since Friday. Judgment is in God's hands. My job is to show Christ to the world.

  • What Did Your Pastor Say?

    06/29/2015 7:13:54 AM PDT · 54 of 258
    FateAmenableToChange to yetidog

    “God is not concerned about the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion on morality. God does not change, God’s law does not change.”

    “We as Christians have lived comfortably in the nominally Christian culture of the United States. As it becomes uncomfortable, it will separate the sheep from the goats. Being a member of a local church will no longer be seen as socially beneficial. It will increasingly become more difficult. Our role as Christians is not to worry about how the world perceives us. We know, even if we have forgotten occasionally, that the world hates us and it has always hated us. That does not change our obligation to reach out in love.”

    “Christians have fought the culture war in this country with placards and signs and other in your face efforts. That has not worked. In ancient Rome, the pagans practiced infanticide by exposing their unwanted babies — usually girls. Christians at night rescued these abandoned children and raised them in Christ. Those baby girls grew to be women who influenced their husbands and children. Christians took over the Roman Empire through love, kindness, and service in Christ. We will not influence this world by fighting on their terms. We must actively show them the love of Christ through our lives.”

    Those are paraphrases from both the morning Sunday school class and the sermon.

  • UKRAINE: The fight between Ukrainians and Russians drew the whole hotel in Kemer [WOW!]

    06/24/2015 12:22:34 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    FateAmenableToChange to IYAS9YAS

    A friend of mine was a Marine captain several decades ago. He inspected during PT when they had shirts off and discovered one of the marines with a nipple ring. Stiff warning for being out of uniform, punishment detail.

    A month later, my friend did a similar inspection and the same marine was again out of uniform for the same reason - a nipple ring. My friend looked him in the eye, said “You’re out of uniform again” and just pulled out the ring right there, passing the bloody trinket to the sergeant.

    Probably wouldn’t make it in today’s military, but I like my buddy’s solution and still can’t imagine why anyone would wear a piercing there.

  • Lakota Warriors Vow to Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies

    06/22/2015 8:58:27 AM PDT · 25 of 127
    FateAmenableToChange to Vaquero

    I know your pain...

  • Lakota Warriors Vow to Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies

    06/22/2015 8:51:07 AM PDT · 12 of 127
    FateAmenableToChange to Citizen Zed

    I am ashamed to say that I attended Rainbow Family of Living Light “reunions” in my college years. Filth, garbage, trash everywhere, and that’s just the people. The damage they did wherever they descended like a plague of locusts was incredible and would take years to disappear, not even counting the physical garbage they left behind.

    Good for this guy to tell them what they are. Truth to slovenliness.