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  • State Sponsored Terrorism? (OKC Bombing and 9/11/02 Attack Suspects Connected by FBI)

    03/22/2002 6:55:24 PM PST · 63 of 73
    jedediah smith to Nita Nupress; rdavis84; mancini
    Besides the fact that American-born citizens are willing to sell out their own country (as evidenced by the recent Hansen spy case), there are plenty of foreigners in the intelligence community who are doing likewise. Remember, the government has to fill those racial quotas.
  • State Sponsored Terrorism? (OKC Bombing and 9/11/02 Attack Suspects Connected by FBI)

    03/22/2002 6:43:01 PM PST · 62 of 73
    jedediah smith to takenoprisoner
    He looked me straight in the eye and said, "you just believe that you elect your presidents."

    Please click on my name and look at my listed links on vote fraud.

  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/16/2001 11:41:14 AM PST · 255 of 256
    jedediah smith to Archaeus
    No argument here. But there are some real Christians around who need to be aware of the deception they've become caught up in. For instance, Chuck Colson said Harry Potter was OK until he started to really look at it, then he retracted his position.

    12/16/2001 11:07:11 AM PST · 73 of 86
    jedediah smith to t-shirt
    Maybe they should start instead with all box-cutter owners.
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/16/2001 11:04:24 AM PST · 253 of 256
    jedediah smith to ~EagleNebula~
    Yes, this source is impeccable.
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/16/2001 11:03:37 AM PST · 252 of 256
    jedediah smith
    Nothing wrong with making money, but the point is that Scholastic has virtually a nationwide monopoly on advertising their products to a captive, impressionable audience.
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/16/2001 10:58:18 AM PST · 251 of 256
    jedediah smith to rdavis84
    He was born on the summer solstice [how coincidental] June 21, 1982, so he's past eighteen. Guess the Queen decided to spare him.
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/14/2001 11:31:25 AM PST · 246 of 256
    jedediah smith to rdavis84
    Thanks, it will be interesting to see how they deny this.

    You know, aside from the spiritual aspects of this "debate," no one has yet to explain how one company should have a monopoly on selling school material to the entire United States educational system. And furthermore, the company is largely foreign-owned. This is supposed to be a time of patriotism-where are all the patriots out there?

    If Harry Potter was just about teaching children to read, then why is Scholastic selling cassette tapes of the books for children to listen to, much less making movies about it?

  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/14/2001 11:01:59 AM PST · 244 of 256
    jedediah smith to rdavis84
    Really struck a nerve, huh? A wounded animal is most dangerous.
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/14/2001 10:59:41 AM PST · 243 of 256
    jedediah smith to mancini
    Thanks for that very interesting observation. I haven't heard of Potter in that movie, but a friend of mine said that he saw the Harry Potter character somewhere else 10 or 15 years ago.
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/14/2001 10:57:15 AM PST · 242 of 256
    jedediah smith to col kurz; ~EagleNebula~; Udycus; Patriot76; rdavis84; mancini; my_pointy_head_is_sharp...
    Please excuse my long absence from this thread. But now that the shills are through, here's some documentation for my assertions. The following excerpts come from several reports by Dr. John Coleman, former MI6 agent in the service of Her Majesty the Queen. This comes from his 1997 "Satanism Series", and first shows how America's schools were attacked:

    "In this, the second part of my new report on Satanism, I hope to fill in more details of the savage cult of Satan-worship which has overtaken this country as well as [a] number of other countries in Europe and Latin America.

    "I attribute the rise of Satan-worship in the U.S. to the time when…prayer and religious observances were banned from schools by the Supreme Court, notably by those judges whom Roosevelt packed the Court's benches with, chief among whom was Justice Hugo Lafayette Black…

    "PRAYER AND BIBLE READING WERE ALWAYS PART AND PARCEL OF PUBLIC SCHOOL LIFE. That is until 1962, when the "Engel" and 1963 Everson vs. Board of Education majority decision was written by Justice Hugo Black, one of the most biased anti-Christian judges ever to disgrace the bench of the Supreme Court.

    "…Black's whole reasoning was an epitome of shallow legal precedents and hatred of Christianity, which he frequently expressed in a vocal parody of the Christian hymn, 'What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought, since Jesus came into my heart.'

    "The Hugo Black version, with which he regaled his fellow anti-Christian judges by singing it through his nose, went like this: 'How tedious and tasteless the hours when Jesus came into my life.'

    This information came from his son, Hugo Jr., whom he ordered to burn a selected portion of his papers after his death, the one and only time that parts of a Supreme Court Judge's papers were willfully destroyed. According to his son, 'practically the first thing Daddy wanted me to do once he was installed in [the] hospital, was to go out and burn certain papers of his.' One wonders why Black was so anxious about his papers?…For further details of the anti-Christian character of Justice Hugo Black, I recommend the book 'My Father, a Remembrance' by Hugo Black Jr…

    "Black did more to turn Christian America toward Satanism than any other legal figure in history. Careful research on my part shows that since he ordered prayers and Bible reading removed from school curricula, school misbehavior went from such things as chewing gum, talking in class, running in hallways, wearing non-acceptable clothing and getting out of turn in lines to an almost 400% rise in sexual activity by 15-year old girls, resulting in pregnancies in this group standing at an increase of nearly 600%, murder, suicide, rape, gang violence, and a 500% rise in sexually contracted diseases.

    "Perhaps the most distressing of all statistics is that of suicides, especially in the age group of 15- 19…Suicide among teenagers is DIRECTLY related to Satanism, promoted by decadent drug-ridden amoral rock bands and their promoters…

    "Most of the Tavistock-Institute created 'rock stars' advocate being 'born again into the family of Satan' through suicide. In many instances, suicide is encouraged by explicit 'lyrics,' and in others by the use of subliminal messages…"

    Regarding the Royal family's interest in satanism, etc. Coleman says the following in this report [In light of the Moslems attack upon the U.S. this very interesting]:

    "As I said in the beginning of this update, Satanism has long been firmly rooted in England. By now most of those who are interested in the subject, know that Prince Charles has Satanist-Illuminati tools which he uses in his Satanic rituals. On the night of February 1994, [sic] Jesuit snatch squads broke into St. James' Palace and made off with some of the Prince's accouterments. What they were looking for was the hand of John the Baptist said to be locked in another part of the palace.

    "The big question in England is, 'will Prince Charles be the next king of England?' The issue has not yet been decided but should Charles ascend the throne, we can expect unbridled occultism to spread across the world. Charles says the British government has failed to protect its people but does not say from what? On the other hand, the people in the best position to know say that what is needed is a ruler to protect the British people from Satanism. Cromwell was such a leader and the oligarchists fear that another Cromwell will arise from the people and set back their timetable…

    "In tracing occultism and Satanism in England we have to go back to the time of John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee was the first Don at Trinity College and there would have been no modern occultism without his work. Charles is said to have been thoroughly indoctrinated with 'secrets' which he believes will be the mainstay of his life when he becomes King…

    "Aleister Crowley was a disciple of Dee although British intelligence was 'turned' toward the Satanic doctrine of Sufiism, that mystical branch of Islam which tainted the Middle East Arab Desk from the days of Lawrence of Arabia. Since British intelligence answers only to the House of Windsor and the House of Windsor is steeped in the Black Arts, we have to presume that Satanism is likely to enjoy a bold upsurge if Charles succeeds his mother.

    "Charles is a confirmed occultist who believes he is a reincarnation of Hitler. Hitler was a good painter, and so is Charles. Both men suffered from apoplectic rages and like Hitler, Charles has a very troubled history in relationships with women. In the case of the prince, his early indoctrination into Templarism is said to be the reason for this, although his marriage was doomed from the start because of his Sufi mystic beliefs…

    "Researchers from other countries often come up against the obstacle presented by the manner in which London is divided into two distinct cities, one, the City of London, financial, the other, Westminster, political, when looking into the disintegration of the Anglican Church (The Church of England). They get as far only as encountering the fact that Sufiism, the mystic faith of a minority of Muslims has invaded the Church through its hierarchy, of which Prince Charles is a noteworthy example. One notable church official near the top of the hierarchy advised that the way to ease the money worries of the C.of E. was to take the problem to the Oracle of Delphi. The 'money worries' he was referring to arose from a split engineered between the City of London's generous contributions to Church funds and the Westminster government ruled by Freemasonry and Illuminism. The split became an open break when a Church commission published a paper describing the rise of Freemasonry in high government posts.

    "Satanism and Illuminism flourish in the publishing business. Much of the publishing industry is unprofitable by design and its chief usefulness is that it is a valuable tool for the spread of disinformation. Freelance writer[s] are used for this purpose by MI6 which has created a disinformation network far greater and more effective than anything ever achieved by Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany. In the area of Satanism, the trick is to on the one hand deny that Satan exists and on the other to publish accounts of how Charles is hooked on the occult.

    "The murder of MI6 agent and spy-stuff writer James Rusbridger is an example of what is meant here. Rusbridger was found hanged from a series of ropes and dressed in oilskin slicks in a ritual hanging only understood by a few of MI6's top agents. Fearing disaffection, the press was used to spread the story that Rusbridger was a rightwing fanatic who had never worked for MI6. This is the stock line used to discredit any former agent who might 'go rogue.'…"

    Now here are some excerpts from Dr. Coleman's 1998 report "The British Royal Family":

    "The Society of Carpocrates which has a direct link to Queen Elizabeth Guelph (Windsor) is indeed alive in the highest echelons of power in Washington, which, in my opinion, is behind the uncanny almost- demonic ability of the Clinton Administration to lie its way out of any situation, no matter how blatantly guilty they appear to be to the general public. The performance of the Democrat members of the Senate's Thompson Committee, in my opinion, falls into this category.

    "[The] Round Table's elite membership firmly believes in witchcraft and the Black Magic of Egypt. If you think that the Round Table is just one of your philanthropic clubs, think again! Baron Harold Anthony Caccia is the most important Round Tabler in the world. He has actively undermined US influence among the Arab nations of the Middle East, using 'The Party of God' (the Hizbollah), the Druzes, the Amala and the Antioch Society, for this purpose. Caccia is also the leader of an inner-circle coterie of friends of Elizabeth Guelph (Elizabeth II) inside the prostituted 'Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem', which is run by British intelligence MI6 in its international branches and MI5 at home in England…

    "What of Prince Charles and his possibility of ascending to the throne? This is a bit more complex and I shall come back to the subject, which may possibly have a bearing on why his marriage to Princess Diana failed…

    "The role of Gnostics in the life of Prince Charles was revealed in a book by John Dale, The Prince and the Paranormal: The Psychic Bloodlines of the Royal Family." Dale shows that Gnosticism plays an important role in the spiritual beliefs of Prince Charles, which Dale says, 'has turned Britain into the occult capital of the Western world. Paranormal practices which are illegal in other countries can be promoted without hindrance.'

    "It is impossible to measure the influence of Prince Charles in the exporting of Gnosticism to the US but there is some evidence that the wildfire spread of this contagion of the spirit can be attributed to the interest of Charles in the subject. On November 2, 1986, the respected German magazine "Bild amd Sontag" suggested that Charles renounce his claim to the throne because of his practices and beliefs. It is said to the THE problem his mother is wrestling with, and which has to be decided before his older son, Prince William reaches the age of 18. Although Dale does not dare to go near the subject, there is some talk in intelligence sources that if Charles prevails, the likelihood of his elder son being ritually murdered at the age of 18 is strong.

    "Author Dale writes that Charles was recruited into Jungian psychology and that the House of Windsor is itself riven through with psychic activities…

    "Dale states that Charles is flirting with a constitutional crisis by expressing this views that 'the world's religions each contain a relative truth, rather than an absolute one…Jung made a great deal of sense in many, many areas.' Will a British public accept as a future king a man who holds view they deem strange and questionable paranormal beliefs, a super-ecumenicist?

    "In the first instance, if Charles tries to put his beliefs to everyday use, he would certainly fall foul of the Act of Settlement, passed in 1701, and to which the House of Windsor is bound and which his views constitute a gross violation. What must be remembered is that the Act of Settlement is a law, which forbids the monarchy from coming to any agreement with the Catholic Church or indeed violating the rules of the Anglican Church in any way whatsoever.

    "The Act says that the monarchy MUST uphold and defend the Protestant Christian religion and not any other belief of beliefs. Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Anglican Church, and as leader of the sovereign nation of Great Britain, the Queen and her family are lawfully bound to uphold the tenets of Christianity. A departure from this agreement would place the entire House of Windsor in jeopardy. This is the REAL AND ONLY REASON why the Queen will not step down and allow Charles to succeed her. On the other hand, both Charles and his mother have the problem of Diana's son to contend with, and according to reports, she will soon have to choose between William and Charles.

    If Charles won't publicly denounce his views about the Gnostic Jung, then he will definitely fall foul of the Anglican Church, which in spite of its almost total penetration by the very same forces that control Charles, is obliged to publicly uphold and defend Christianity. Charles is on record as having espoused Jung's ideas in a speech he made at Harvard University in September of 1986 when he said that the 'mad rush to scientific and technological progress must be replaced by a curriculum of "natural psychology" to take the place of religion.'

    "The fascination for Jung, which Charles has displayed on numerous occasions, would most certainly be brought up by the Anglican Church because as is well-known, Jung is credited with a great revival of gnosticism embodied in the statement he made that 'the God who made the world is evil.' Bishop Stephan Hoeller wrote a great book on Gnosticism, 'Jung the Gnostic' which is very well worth reading if we want to get a bearing on where Prince Charles' spiritual beliefs actually lie and what conflict they would raise with the Anglican Church if he ascended the throne.

    "The question of who will succeed Elizabeth II has yet to be decided. Before her demise, Princess Diana expressed in the most positive terms that her son was fit to succeed his grandmother, whereas it was 'patently obvious'--she said, that Charles with his mystical and sexual proclivities, was not. Diana said this in her off-camera remarks when she was interviewed by the French newspaper Le Monde. During the interview she lashed out at the royal family and British oligarchial personalities. Queen Elizabeth was said to have been deeply angered by Diana's attacks, and when the Queen is this deeply angered, she has always taken active steps to correct what is annoying her.

    "In the book, Crown and Concubine author N.H. Merton likens the issues surrounding the succession to the throne as a 'satanic conspiracy in which should Prince Charles have his way, would reduce the world to everlasting bestiality.' Prince Charles believes in 'democracy' but the 'democracy' he envisions is far from what is generally understood by the ordinary meaning of the word. In my view the type of 'democracy' envisioned by Prince Charles is based on the 'divine right of kings' where British intelligence MI6 will enforce what Charles decrees for the British nation and that means also for large parts of the world--including the United States--where MI6 reigns supreme and quickly puts 'out of their misery' any bold enough to challenge the dictates of the monarchy.

    "If Charles does succeed his mother, it will not really change very much as the House of Windsor has a long history of involvement with the dark side, the black arts; a long tradition with the Venetian Black Nobility to which the House of Windsor is firmly attached. For instance, Prince Charles is a member of the Knights-Templar and was a member long before Diana came upon the scene. It was her husband's membership of that order with its rituals that bedeviled the simple young girl…

    "In the book, The Crown and the Concubine it is stated:
    'The Prince and his supporters now want William ritually slaughtered when he reaches the age of eighteen on the first summer solstice of the millenium. This is because Charles realizes that he's unlikely to become King if he allows his first-born to live beyond the age of maturity. The Queen Mother and her entourage wish to have William secretly deified as "Sol Invictus--the Sun God"--on the same date. It is not yet clear which faction will win out in this battle because the Queen who will make the final decision on the matter, has yet to come down exclusively in favor of one side or the other.'


    "The Queen's Protector of the Faith of the Anglican Communion--appointed by the Knights of the Garter, gave her access to what all religious bodies were doing-information not available to the Parliament or ministers of the Crown. This also gave her a strong hold over Archbishop Runci at a time when he was attempting to go his own way, before he got jerked back sharply. The Queen then enlisted his aid in undercutting Mrs. Thatcher's efforts to establish a block between the then KGB and the Russian Orthodox Church on the one hand, and the Anglican Church on the other and the Queen's efforts to bring about such a union.

    "Not that the Queen is an Anglican. Far from it. How could she be when she approved of Black Nobility Bishop Hugh Montifiore who believes that Christ was a homosexual, and Bishop David Jenkins who once said of the resurrection of Christ, 'it is nothing but a conjuror's trick with bones.' Neither Montifiore or Jenkins were rebuked by the Queen, whose noble duty it was, so to do. Remember this the same Queen of England who took the Oath of the Presenting of the Bible, led by the Archbishop, thusly:
    'Our gracious Queen: to keep your Majesty ever mindful of the Law of the Gospel as the Rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes, we present you with this book, the most valuable thing that this world affords.'

    "By failing to rebuke Montifiore and Jenkins, the Queen laid herself open to be charged with betrayal of her oath and possible removal under the Act of Settlement. The Queen was garnering support to cut off any attempt by her enemies to invoke the Act of Settlement of 1701. Her relationship with Archbishop Runci is said to have violated this ancient law. The Act of Settlement of 1701 was passed to prevent the monarch making any changes to the Anglican creed, and Elizabeth had ordered several major changes, change which were enacted by Lord Louis Mountbatten, said to be the power behind the Rev. Canon Herbert Montague Waddam's slashing denunciation of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament."

  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/12/2001 7:50:49 PM PST · 2 of 256
    jedediah smith to Fred Mertz; Leper Messiah; editor-surveyor; mancini; rdavis84; LSJohn; RightOnline; t-shirt...
  • Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)

    12/12/2001 7:47:07 PM PST · 1 of 256
    jedediah smith
    Matriciana: "We need to be educated and aware about what is the content of the Harry Potter books, what is the phenomenon that is sweeping through the globe at the moment, and what is the purpose of this indoctrination? Where is it coming from? What is behind Harry Potter?..."

    The answer to Matriciana's questions is that Harry Potter and Scholastic have the fingerprints of the Committee of 300 all over them. The Committee of 300 is a group of wealthy European elitists (aka the Olympians) who practice witchcraft and satanism. They appear to have control of Scholastic. Combined with its monopoly in U.S. public schools, this presents the Olympians with the power to introduce and tempt vast numbers of children into dabbling in witchcraft. Scholastic International acquired the French publisher Lagardere in 2000 which makes them the largest publisher of children's books in the world (see,15623,177,00.html). This gives Scholastic the perfect opportunity to brainwash children not just in America, but across the globe.

    As of 9/30/01, 74.95% of the stock was owned by institutional investors (see This is interesting because at least five of the top 10 institutional holders are agents of the Committee of 300, according to Dr. John Coleman (see his book Committee of 300): JP Morgan Chase & Company, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Schroeder, and Barclays Bank (see Some of the other companies listed, such as Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS), may also be affiliated with the Olympians but are not referenced in Coleman's book.

    A look into MFS, the largest institutional owner of Scholastic, is interesting. According to Arnold D. Scott of MFS, it is a subsidiary of Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, which in turn is owned by Sun Life Financial Services. Sun Life Financial was founded in 1871 and entered Great Britain in 1893. Interestingly, their webpage has tranlastions in French Spanish, and both dialects of Chinese. The CEO of Sun Life is Donald Stewart, who graduated with honors in Natural Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. He then joined Sun Life in London and qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (see In February 2001, Sun Life changed their logo. A news report said (see google's cache of

    "Making people aware that Sun Life of Canada is more than just a life insurance firm was one of the motivations behind the group's decision to change its logo and embark on an aggressive marketing campaign...From a simple logo with the letter 'S' set on a red background, Sun Life chose the symbol of the globe combined with the sun. Sun Life says it wanted a logo that would stand out...The sun was supposed to represent Sun Life's heritage--symbolizing growth, energy and integrity. The globe, on the other hand, represents the international reach and the diversity of people and products."

    CEO Donald Stewart said of the change: "At the center of our identity is a symbol of a globe combined with the sun. The sun is a powerful universal symbol with a unique focus on growth, excellence and integrity. The globe symbolizes our international reach, speaks to our diversity and the value we place on partnerships."

    It should come as no surprise then that the largest controlling interest in the company marketing out Harry Potter has a New Age/Wiccan type symbol for the company logo.

    An examination of Scholastic's officials is most revealing. The following Scholastic officers have worked for companies and/or organizations which are listed in Coleman's book as being controlled by the Olympians (see Director Ramon C. Cortines was at Stanford University and is a Trustee of the J. Paul Getty trust. Interestingly, in 1992 he was chairman of a Dept. of Education transition team for President-elect Clinton. Director Jack Davies is an advisor at AOL (not listed in Coleman but the NWO agenda of AOL is well-known), was VP of RCA-Europe and prior to that at GE. Charles T. Harris III was with Goldman Sachs & Co. Director Linda B. Keene was a VP at American Express. Director Peter Mayer was Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Penguin Group Companies. Director John G. McDonald is on the faculty at Stanford University. Maurice Greenfield, Senior VP and Chief Information Officer was a VP for 14 years with NBC.

    A previous director in 1997, John Brademas, was on the board at the Aspen Institute and Texaco (see me=0000930413%2D97%2D000433&qlastname=ONASSIS&qfirstname=ALEXANDE R+S%2E&qftype=ALL&qcompname=&qcik=&searchpage=%2Fbrand%2Fyahoo%2Fpe ople%2Fdefault%2Easp&nad=0).

    Scholastic also has had financial insurance with Prudential Insurance Co., which is a well-known arm of the Committee of 300 (see and

    There was also an interesting incident that occurred in 2000 wherein Donna Yun, wife of Scholastic officer David A. Yun (see http://www.edgar- 7469%2D99%2D033426&qlastname=YUN&qfirstname=DAVID+D%2E&qftype=ALL &qcompname=&qcik=&searchpage=%2Fbrand%2Fyahoo%2Fpeople%2Fdefault%2Eas p&nad=0) was found guilty of insider trading by a federal jury. Ms. Yun had given inside information to a real estate co-worker who then used the information to gain a $269,000 profit (see The two were ordered to pay a $100,000 fine each and repay the $269,000 profit (see

    Perhaps not coincidentally, Scholastic also owns Pokemon, a series of popular children's characters which is used to subliminally push NWO philosophy on children (see For example, Pokemon features made-up cartoon creatures which "evolve" into other Pokemon creatures. By this method, even kindergarten children are indoctrinated into evolutionary concepts before they could even being taught them in public school. The very word "evolve" has now become part of children's vocabulary as a result of the widespread popularity of Pokemon.

    Potter author J.K. Rowling claims to have come up with the idea for Harry Potter while on a cruise. But given the fact that she is British, that Britain has rampant witchcraft and occult activity, and that the British monarchy are avowed satanists and Committee of 300 members, this seems to be just a cover story. Instead Harry Potter appears to be just one more battle in a long war by Britain and the Olympians on America's (and the world's) Christian worldview. This assault really accelerated with the British export of satanic rock groups to America in the sixties. When we look at the damage they inflicted upon our country by using similar cultural manipulative techniques such as promoting rock concerts/illicit drugs, we must realize that the Harry Potter brainwashing is but yet another even more powerful, satanic attack that we can only resist with a supernatural effort through God.

  • Acxiom Had Data on 11 of 19 Hijackers

    12/11/2001 4:51:03 PM PST · 37 of 37
    jedediah smith to Fred Mertz; rdavis84
    Thanks for the flag, Fred. Great post, rd. They don't need to whine about having an integrated database-there already was supposedly a database on passengers for use in checking airline security. See

    12/11/2001 4:32:37 PM PST · 46 of 47
    jedediah smith to rdavis84
    I noticed that Orlin Grabbe had this report linked on his site when it came out, then took it off shortly thereafter. Don't know why that would be.

    12/11/2001 4:31:11 PM PST · 45 of 47
    jedediah smith to mancini
    Thanks for the flag! The ones who were responsible for the short selling could be easily traced, but I'm sure the records will somehow get "lost."
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    10/11/2001 9:47:00 AM PDT · 55 of 57
    jedediah smith to spoosman; robnoel; Pamela; mancini; rdavis84
    Thanks for your comments, spoosman and robnoel. You might also be interested in the following (from the July-August issue of Dr. John Coleman's "World in Review"):

    Wall Street: Retribution Time

    Investors may vent their rage and anger inside and outside the courts, once they realize that the billions of dollars they lost on NASDAQ are never coming back. Alan Greenspan may not escape the rising tide of fury. While insisting that Wall Street was steady, he quietly sold his stocks and put the money in T-Bill and T-Notes without saying a word to the Senate committees. He may have some explaining to do.

    Wall Street analysts gave rosy predictions about technology stocks when the bloom had long gone off them. Already the securities industry is facing a tidal wave of litigation. Aggrieved investors are banding together to file class action suits in state and federal courts. Some of the suits we have seen name individual stock analysts for their losses, others lay out a premise for prosecution based on conflict of interests. A major suit soon to be filed in federal court in New York alleges that a number of analysts were guilty of conflict of interest, receiving pay-offs from the companies whose stock they were recommending. Some of the biggest firms on Wall Street are named. And in spite of 94-year old federal Judge Milton Pollack throwing out a case against Morgan Stanley and their analyst Mary Meeker, that does not mean that aggrieved investors are discouraged. "On the contrary" the leader of one such group told us, "it only makes us madder than ever. My group intends to go all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary."

    A second group planning a class action suit says it feels its members have a strong case. Their claim is that analysts of five major firms were publicly praising and recommending stocks even while they were getting rid of their own holding in these companies. In the case brought before Pollock, lawyers for Mary Meeker said they had never seen so much venom and invective directed toward any defendant before. Judge Pollock agreed, and ordered the lawyers for the plantiff to rewrite their brief...

    While Pollock might not have liked the fiery attacks on the plantiffs, a lawyer close to the case told WIR: "What it shows is that the anger of the plantiffs is so great that they would not listen to their counsel's advice to exercise restraint and keep within the bounds of legal language. This is a departure that is having a marked effect on some of the big names on Wall Street. They feel that if stock prices continue to slide, investors are not only going to take legal action, but are likely to come banging on their doors. A siege mentality is beginning to creep in."...

    While Judge Pollock is looking at the current situation from a strictly legal-practices point of view, other judges may not be inclined to go strictly by the book. When the rising tide of anger envelopes the courts with thousands of law suits, as we predicted in our reports...we believe that there will be a more flexible attitude from the bench. We predicted a rising tide of anger, and we predicted correctly. This is just the beginning. We also predicted that the summer rally would fizzle. That is happening. With it will come a tidal wave of extreme anger which legal propriety will not be able to hold back.

    Wall Street brokerage houses are nervous as well they might be following the case against Merrill Lynch which was settled out of court for $400,000. Although much less than what plantiff Debasis Kamjilal sued for, the suit set a landmark because it accused Henry Blodgett, Wall Street's star turn, of wrongdoing. It is also the first such major case. We warned in our reports that this would be coming, and it is only just the beginning...

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Taught Terrorist Pilots in WTC Attacks

    10/06/2001 12:09:07 PM PDT · 6 of 15
    jedediah smith to Alamo-girl; Fred Mertz; freedomnews; MooCollins; Jeff Head; rubbertramp
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Taught Terrorist Pilots in WTC Attacks

    10/06/2001 11:56:07 AM PDT · 5 of 15
    jedediah smith to LSJohn; BlueDogDemo; Nita Nupress; t-shirt; rdavis84; Boyd; Uncle Bill; thinden; mancini; robnoel
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Taught Terrorist Pilots in WTC Attacks

    10/06/2001 11:53:34 AM PDT · 4 of 15
    jedediah smith to Cicero
    Yes, some of it sounds innocent enough on the surface, until you start to delve deeper.
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Taught Terrorist Pilots in WTC Attacks

    10/06/2001 11:51:51 AM PDT · 3 of 15
    jedediah smith to jedediah smith
    The following are the other US flight schools recommeded by Aviation Aspirations. Does anyone know if any other of the terrorists were trained at any of these?

    Cirrus Aviation
    8191 North Tamiami Trail
    Sarasota, FL 34243

    International Airline Pilot Training
    P.O. Box 11860
    Tucson, AZ 85734

    Naples Air Center, Inc.
    230 Aviation Drive South,
    Naples, FL 34104

    PhilAir Flight Center, Inc.
    1585 Aviation Center Pkwy
    Suite 900
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Lenair Aviation
    19531 Campus Drive
    Suite 5
    Santa Ana, CA 92707

    Nice Air, Inc.
    2575 Robert Fowler Way
    San Jose, CA 95148

    The Flight School at Palm Springs
    27275 Ventura Dr.
    Cathedral City, CA 92234

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Taught Terrorist Pilots in WTC Attacks

    10/06/2001 11:07:45 AM PDT · 1 of 15
    jedediah smith
    The Saudi/Malnik/South Florida links are very interesting considering that most of the terrorist pilots were trained in South Florida, and now a newspaper reporter there died of anthrax. Also makes one wonder about all the vote fraud in Bush's election in South Florida.
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    10/06/2001 10:33:17 AM PDT · 53 of 57
    jedediah smith to robnoel
    Thanks very much for that interesting informatiion and links. I will have to take some time to digest it.
  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    10/06/2001 9:16:10 AM PDT · 190 of 205
    jedediah smith to MooCollins
    You might find this of interest, also from the same interview as above:

    Question: How can people protect themselves?

    Harris: It is best to have a good supply of antibiotics on hand. Tetracycline or oxytetracycline is very effective against anthrax, if you are able to start using it before you contract a serious infection from these biological agents. This means to start using it the moment you know of a germ warfare attack against your area. This antibiotic is available at dirt cheap prices from your local farmers exchange. You can get a pouch of it under the name of Teramycin soluble powder, which has 102 grams in it. It says on the bag "Not for human consumption." But I called Pfizer themselves, and they told me it is identical to the stuff they sell to the drug stores. And where you would pay about $14 at your local farmers exchange, the same amount would cost you as much as $1,400 from a local pharmacy, with a doctor's prescription.

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    10/06/2001 9:10:48 AM PDT · 189 of 205
    jedediah smith to t-shirt
    I also found the following exchange in a published interview Harris did:

    Question: What ever happened to Mariam Arif? Do you know?

    Harris: Yes. Actually, CNN came in to interview me just before the Atlanta Olympics in April 1997, and again they were using voice stress analysis too, and they found out I was telling the truth. And they got me to give an extremely accurate description of Mariam, very detailed. By this time, the government had over 12,000 U.S. agents looking for her. She was finally apprehended on May the 16th in Atlanta. The cell she was with were in preparation for carrying out a germ warfare attack on the Olympic games. If that attack had taken place, we probably would have lost anywhere from 20 to 25 million people, and there would have been a zone of death about 80 miles wide, from Atlanta, depending upon how the wind was blowing, all the way to the sea. So they did apprehend her. I didn't see it, but I am told CNN showed a brief piece on her arrest with the 10 other members of her cell team, but then nothing else has been said of the arrest since.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    10/06/2001 9:03:30 AM PDT · 49 of 57
    jedediah smith to rdavis84

    Russian Expert Who ‘Predicted’ Attacks Warns of New Ones
    Dr. Alexandr Nemets
    Thursday, Oct. 4, 2001

    The same Russian government expert who predicted last July that America was about to suffer a "financial attack" –- and encouraged Russian citizens to cash out dollars and buy rubles and gold –- has again surfaced to make more stunning forecasts.

    Dr. Tatyana Koryagina gained some credibility in the Russian media because of her prediction of an unusual catastrophe that was about to hit the U.S.

    She said it would take place on Aug. 19 and would collapse the U.S. economy.

    Koryagina is a senior research fellow in the Institute of Macroeconomic Researches subordinated to Russian Ministry of Economic Development (Minekonom). She is reportedly close to President Putin’s inner circle.

    On July 12, 2001, Pravda published a Page One story on her predictions entitled "The Dollar and America Will Fall Down on August 19? -- That's the Opinion of Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, Who Very Accurately Predicted the August Default in 1998."...

    In the near term, she said, "the powerful group" that masterminded the events of Sept. 11 will make new strikes against America –- of a financial nature and otherwise. She said they will "strike America in the back" and bring it down.

    She noted that Americans are consolidating around their government and preparing retaliatory strikes against the "terrorists." However, Americans are trembling about spending. When they understand, after the upcoming new strikes, that their government can guarantee them nothing, they will panic -- causing a collapse of their financial system...

    Who is behind these strikes? Koryagina claims the U.S. is painting a false picture. She said the operation was not the work of 19 terrorists but a larger group seeking to reshape the world. She claimed a group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion, intends to legalize its power and to become the new world government. The Sept. 11 strikes showed that this group is afraid of nothing --human lives have zero value for them.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    10/04/2001 9:42:31 AM PDT · 47 of 57
    jedediah smith to rdavis84
    From it turns out that the man in charge of Logan International Airport Security was a political appointee, the former governor's chauffeur.

    Wednesday, October 03, 2001

    Logan Security Boss Is Tossed
    Switched to seaport after Boston hijacks

    The man in charge of security at Logan Airport when terrorists hijacked two planes was fired yesterday — but put in charge of security at Boston's harbor instead.

    Acting Gov. Jane Swift unveiled new security for Logan Airport yesterday, including replacing Chief of Security John Lawless with State Superintendent Col. John DiFava.

    "That two of those planes took off from Logan Airport is particularly painful for us," Swift said.

    Lawless, who was appointed in 1993 as the Massachusetts Port Authority's head of public safety, came under increasing scrutiny after the hijackings of American Flight 11 and United Flight 175. The two planes smashed into the World Trade Center.Lawless defended his credentials in the days after the attack. He said preliminary findings suggested the hijackers had boarded the flights without violating security measures. "We are being blamed for things over which we have no control," he said then.

    Lawless is a former police officer who was appointed to the $130,000 a year job by then-Gov. William Weld. He had been Weld's chauffeur.

    The port authority has long been criticized as a dumping ground for political appointees. Swift herself got a job with the agency from Weld in 1996 after she lost a race for Congress.

    Lawless was reassigned yesterday to oversee security at the Port of Boston.

    DiFava, a law enforcement officer with 26 years of experience, will serve in the new role for 45 days while a committee studies what steps Logan must take to improve security.

    Swift is proposing $26 million for public safety this year as a result of the attacks.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    10/04/2001 9:32:45 AM PDT · 46 of 57
    jedediah smith to jedediah smith
    From this thread

    "The gate agent who checked in Mohamed Atta and gave him his boarding pass told the FBI that she remembers him showing up for Flight 11 late, his face covered with sweat, the source says...

    At the baggage check-in, the source says, Atta ran into another snag. 'The ticket agent said that when she went to do the security questions on him – you know, "Have you left your bags unattended at any time" – he claimed he didn't understand because he didn't speak English,' the American employee said. So she called the supervisor to help.

    "'But of course, he couldn't interpret because we have no one who speaks Arabic on site – I mean, who does?' she continued. 'So the supervisor said to send him down [to the gate], because it was getting close to departure.'"

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    10/04/2001 9:25:36 AM PDT · 45 of 57
    jedediah smith to Benson Carter
    On this thread you stated:

    "Stockholm has a Muslim minority. Been there over the winter and found that the Swedes in general hate America. some capitalist friends that I have over there are right wingers though, and they all hate the EU and the UN; all of them wish they could own firearms."

    Can you add anything?

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/28/2001 5:05:45 AM PDT · 186 of 205
    jedediah smith to mancini, RightOnline, rdavis84, thinkin' gal
    For more evidence on what Harris really believes, I'm including his last statements on the tape. They just don't sound like a Nazi to me:

    "I'm reminded back to the Holy Bible, now. I started looking back to what our Lord said, and what the angel said to brother John on the Isle of Patmos, all those many hundreds of years ago, almost, over 1900 years ago now. And he said, and the vials were opened, and the plagues were poured out on mankind. And in the 18th chapter of Revelations, it starts talking about the cities, how the cities become the habitat of every foul creature. It's strange, a hateful bird, vultures are not affected by anthrax. And certain types of dogs are seemingly immune to anthrax. These cities, the burning, could the burning be, that the only way to do anything with it, they're burning the corpses? And the merchants of the earth stand far off and wail, because of all their wealth, all their money, everything that they had is now gone? A single biological attack on New York City, and their stock market is gone. The paper money, the fiat money that we have, becomes essentially worthless. The economy that we have in this country is gone, disintegrated. It is time now, that the Christian community do two things.

    "One, if you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, it's time you got one. And it's time you get one in a very, very quick manner. If you do not have supplies of antibiotics, do not know how to deal with biological weapons, we have the books available, Bacteriological Warfare: A Major Threat to North America, these are available. Antibiotics, are now available, you can still get them at farmers' exchange, feed and grain stores, you can get it. But understand, everything, that God has ever written, from the prophets of old, coming forward through the Old Testament, to the appearance of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and everything that has appeared coming down through the ages, has come to pass. And, I now see, now, the Iraqi cells, we know the middle-eastern cells are here in this country. And if, let's just say that our security forces were able to go out and round up every single, solitary cell member, they found them all, they got them all, every single one. That still doesn't change things, because now the knowledge is out there. The biological genie has now been let out of the bottle by our own Central Intelligence Agency. Equipment is available from mail order supply, they know where to get it. Equipment is very easy to obtain. And so, if they stop every cell, which they're not going to, they're not going to-- if they stop them all, it still does not prevent a biological disaster from being released almost at any time. So folks, we're at the point in time in history, it is time to, one, to get on a right course with the Lord, and two, to get your household in order.

    "And, I will go to the close, with referring to Ezekiel, in 33, and it says, "that a people, a watchman, they put the watchman on the tower. And if the watchman see the sword come, and he blows the trumpet, and the person hears the trumpet blow and does not heed the warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, he has been taken away for iniquities' sake. If, however, the person hears the trumpet being blown and flees, then his life is spared, he preserves his life. If the watchman sees the sword coming and doesn't blow the horn, and the sword comes and takes the people away, they've been taken away for iniquities' sake, but I will require the blood of that person at the watchman's hand." Microbiologists in this country, the diagnostic microbiologists, are the biological watchmen on the wall. And we're now blowing the trumpet as loud and as hard as we can possibly blow the trumpet. I've heard people say that, "Oh God would not bring this great scourge down upon this nation." This nation was a Christian nation at one time. Even Supreme Court hearings, at the turn of the century, said this is a Christian nation, at that time. And people try to say that God would not bring the scourge down upon the land. What did he do to Sodom and Gomorrah? And if God does not judge this country, He is going to have to raise Sodom and Gomorroh back up and apologize. You know something? Reading through the whole Bible, I've never met, found one passage, where God has ever apologized to anyone. So now folks, your blood is upon your own hands, mine are clean. You have been warned. I can do no more. Good day."

    I might also mention an interesting thought. Some people think the plagues of Egypt were diseases such as anthrax and smallpox. Exodus 9:8-10 says: "And the LORD said unto Moses and unto Aaron, Take to you handfuls of ashes of the furnace, and let Moses sprinkle it toward heaven in the sight of Pharaoh. And it shall become small dust in all the land of Egypt, and shall be a boil breaking forth with blains (sores) upon man, and upon beast, throughout all the land of Egypt. And they took ashes of the furnace, and stood before Pharaoh; and Moses sprinkled it up toward heaven; and it became a boil breaking forth with blains upon man, and upon beast." This sounds like smallpox, and the very means by which Moses infects Egypt, by scattering the dust in the wind, is exactly the means by which biowarfare is spread. And then as Harris says above, in Revelation 17 an angel will pour out a vials of plague and people will develop boils and want to die and not be able to (Rev. 9:6). This is again a perfect description of smallpox, in which the victim's body is covered with awful boils but he does not die quickly.

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/28/2001 5:04:21 AM PDT · 185 of 205
    jedediah smith to Alamo-Girl, Nita Nupress
    Thanks very much for the link to that article in Newsweek, AG. If that is really what Harris said, then yes, he most definitely is a few bricks shy of a load. Let me first state that I know very little about Larry Wayne Harris. I knew he was arrested after being harassed by the government, and was supposed to be a racist, etc. although no proof has ever been presented. I have always believed him because no one has ever disproven anything he said, although I did have some slight question in my mind about him, that maybe he really was a Nazi. But after seeing how vehemently the government shills have attacked his reputation on this thread, I can only conclude that he is totally legitimate. If Poobah attacks someone, they must be OK. And, with all due respect, I really must question this Newsweek evidence (and oddly, your link no longer works). Newsweek is a notorious mouthpiece for the government, and would have every motivation to do a hit piece on Harris. The video I transcribed above is circulated among the patriot community and gun shows. Harris does not exhibit the slightest hint of any neo-Nazi or racist attitude, much less mention it. If Harris is really a Nazi racist, wouldn't one expect him to make his views known on his own tape?

    Harris had already made the government mad by his persistent investigation into the true causes of Gulf War Syndrome, which he has blamed on his employer, the CIA. That would give them plenty of reason to be after him, even to the point of getting shills to attack his reputation on the Internet, as this thread documents.

    As an example of the kinds of lies people will spread about him, and that Harris is accurate, consider this: in the above transcript, Harris says that 20 million people died in the 1918 flu epidemic. Then in post #146, rmvh says that Harris inferred that 20 million people died in the US from the epidemic, that only 600,000 died. Harris said no such thing, but this example shows how others have tried to put words in his mouth. And the accuracy of Harris' statement is confirmed by this article from Science News (

    "On Sept. 19, 1918, an Army private destined for the trenches of World War I France reported to the base hospital at Camp Jackson, S.C. Although otherwise healthy, the 21-year old complained of chills, fever, headache, backache, and a cough. 'Opinion: Influenza,' a doctor noted in the medical record. Within a week he was dead-1 of 21 million people worldwide who would succumb to the influenza pandemic of 1918."

    Regarding Harris' contention that he worked for the CIA, some people might think he was just blowing smoke in this regard. He said above that he worked for the Batelle Institute (the idiot shills above criticized Harris for misspelling Batelle as "Batel,"but if they had bothered to read the article, they would have realized that it was my transcription from Harris' video, and I misspelled it myself). But I appreciate their correcting my mistake, because I found out some interesting facts that prove that Harris was probably working for the CIA.

    Evidently, there are many branches of the Batelle Institute across the United States and Europe. They must be tied in with the government because the Kenniwick man bones were kept at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Batelle Institute (see [The Corps "lost" the bones which is another story in itself]). There is also a Batelle Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, and if you look at elle+Institute%22&hl=en you will see that their Director, Hugo Thiemann, helped start the Club of Rome. This organization was started in the late '60s and is an arm of the Committee of 300, according to Dr. John Coleman, who was the first to publicly identify the existence of the Club of Rome in 1969. The following excerpts from Dr. Coleman's 1982 report, The Club of Rome, are informative:

    "One of the oldest and most powerful of the Venetian Black Nobility dynasties is the Guelph dynasty. Queen Elizabeth II, for instance, is a Black Guelph--her great grandmother came from this family group. The Black Nobility and European royalty are prominent members of the COR (Club of Rome), which has as its objective, the dissolution of the United States as an industrial and agricultural power. Its other goals are not so readily visible and of a more complex nature, so I shall begin with the details of the COR's special conference, what was said and who said it. As if to show their utter contempt for the election victory of Ronald Reagan in the November 1980 elections, the group chose to meet in Washington, D.C.

    "According to minutes of the meeting secretly recorded by an intelligence officer, the thrust of the meeting was about how to best dismember the industrial heart of the United States and get rid of what one delegate referred to as, 'the surplus population.' This was consistent with the blueprint of Sir Bertrand Russell, as openly laid out in his book, 'The Impact of Science on Society.' Other goals expressed at the conference were the methods to be used to gain control of the internal affairs of the United States. As several of the delegates came from the old Black Nobility families, or had worked for them for years, the dirty tricks, sedition, terror-tactics discussed, represented a direct challenge to the government and the people of the United States...

    The COR conference agenda included the best ways to nullify the Reagan Presidency, which had come as something of a surprise to the Club's members. Emphasis was laid on blocking the economic recovery promised by then candidate Reagan. In order to accomplish this, the delegates were told that the Democrat Party had to be radicalized...It was suggested that the best way to socialize President-elect Reagan was to drive out conservative members of his inner circle and then turn the Democrats into a strong anti-capitalist Socialist party along the lines laid down by the Communist Manifesto of 1848. (The capital gains tax which came in 1989 was a direct result of COR planning.) In fact, the Democrat Party has since 1980 assumed the role of the Socialist/Communist Party and should be called, 'The Socialist/Communist Party of the United States.'...

    "More than 2000 delegates attended this amazing gathering, yet it was completely blacked out by the jackals of the media. It is a tribute to my intelligence connections, that within 3 days of the meeting, in November of 1980, I was in possession of full documentation of this unholy watershed meeting of Socialist leaders. COR delegates attended what they saw as the funeral of the United States...

    "Many of the leading delegates...met in daily sessions with State Department officials including Cyrus Vance and Henry Kissenger...Details of the discussions were never made public but according to the documents with which I was provided, the COR planned to isolate the United States. Details of the discussions were never made public but according to the documents with which I was provided, the COR planned to isolate the United States, leaving open a single channel to the worst elements in the State Department and the KGB...

    "Apparently, a full day was devoted to how best to implement Lord Russell's plan to stifle industry and rid the world of more than 2 billion 'useless eaters.'

    "It was resolved to redouble the efforts to end construction of nuclear power stations and promote the policy of zero growth in conformity with Adam Smith and Malthus economic theories and the writings of Russell...

    "The December 5, 1980 follow-up to the original COR meeting in Washington, D.C., endorsed and accepted the COR's 'Global 2000 Report'--a blueprint for global genocide. The report called for the death of 2 billion people by the year 2010 (hence the title). The second conference also adopted the policy of euthanasia as a means of getting rid of the growing population of elderly people, and enthusiastically adopted the Russell term, 'useless eaters,' as a code word to describe millions of people who, in the eyes of the COR, were 'surplus to requirements.'"...

    "In a follow-up COR meeting held in Paris in March of 1982, Aurellio Peccei, founder of the Club, made the following statements: 'Men are like insects. They proliferate too much...It is about time to put on trial the concept of nations state obstacles to world culture. Christianity makes proud men, mercantile society which creates nothing but dead culture and classical music, oppressive signs on paper.' Whether believed or not, my paper, written at some risk, is intended as a warning to the citizens of the United States: the equivalent of the Jacobin terror mobs will be unleashed upon our unsuspecting nation in due time. Jacobin-style mobs will be employed to bring about drastic changes in the way that we live in America, changes that will last for as long as a thousand years. The COR's policy is 'fewer and fewer people, consuming less and less and requiring less services, by whatever means.'"

    So as can be seen, one of the COR's main concerns is global population increase and researching ways to curb (or decrease) it. They are also one of the organizations pushing global warming propaganda. They want to depopulate the world, and one of the ways is through biowarfare, through research by institutions like the Batelle Institute. Prince Phillip himself, of the 300, is quoted as saying, "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."

    Harris said that the government contracted out its biowarfare research, since it was forbidden to such research itself. The shills above said Harris never worked for the government. I found this interesting letter to the editor which confirms that the Batelle Institute in Columbus not only performs government military contract work, but apparently subsists off it. A citizen of wrote (see "The Pentagon is the Batelle Institute in Columbus, which exists because of military contracts for research."

    But yet more evidence may be necessary. From an article entitled "The Annals of Warfare: the Bioweaponeers" in the March 9, 1998 issue of the New Yorker (see is the following:

    "KEN ALIBEK is a quiet man fortyseven years old, with youthful looks and an attractive, open face. He lives in a rented condominium in Arlington, Virginia, a five-minute walk from his office at a private consulting firm. Alibek has dark hair and Asian features, and a dimpled scar on his nose, which he got in an accident that was "not heroic," he says, involving a machine in a biowarfare plant. Before he arrived in the United States, in 1992, Ken Alibek was Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov, the first deputy chief of research and production for the Soviet biological-weapons program. He was the top scientist in the program, a sprawling, clandestine enterprise known as Biopreparat, or The System, by the scientists who worked in it. Biopreparat research-and-production facilities were flung all across the Soviet Union. As Dr. Alibekov, Ken Alibek had thirty-two thousand scientists and staff people working under him. Alibek has a Doctor of Sciences degree in anthrax. It is a kind of superdegree, which he received in 1988, at the age of thirty-seven, for directing the research team that developed the Soviet Union's most powerful weapons-grade anthrax...

    "The Alibekov anthrax is four times more efficient than the standard product. Ken Alibek is part of a diaspora of biologists who came out of Russia following the breakup of the Soviet Union. Government funding for research decreased dramatically, and scientists who were working in the biowarfare program found themselves without jobs. Some of them went looking abroad. A few have come to the United States or Great Britain, but most went elsewhere. 'No one knows where they are,' Alibek says. One can guess that they've ended up in Iraq, Syria, Libya, China, Iran, perhaps Israel, perhaps India--but no one really knows, probably not even the Russian government.

    "Ken Alibek, the former second-in command of the Soviet germ warfare programme who revealed earlier this year that the Soviets had weaponised tonnes of smallpox, argues that it is short-sighted to put too much effort into developing vaccines. Instead, says Alibek, who is now at the Batelle Institute in Virginia, researchers should concentrate on ways to treat victims of biological weapons. Today's antibiotics may be useless because germs could be equipped with genes for resistance to all of them. Russian scientists have already created such a strain of anthrax..."

    I might also mention that the above article contains a section which reads: "Later, Bill Patrick was the oldest United Nations weapons inspector in lraq. The Iraqis knew exactly who he was-the former top scientist in the former American bioweapons program. Iraqi intelligence people started calling his hotel room in Baghdad at night, hissing, "You son of bitch, Patrick," and then hanging up. "It was kind of an honor, but it kept me awake," he says."

    Personally, I don't think more evidence is necessary to document Harris' story.

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 5:35:08 PM PDT · 66 of 205
    jedediah smith to Patriot_from_CA
    I can find no reason to doubt his credibility. I think people like Dr. Len Horowitz and Joyce Riley have stood up for him. About the only thing he said above that is questionable is that anthrax spores have a 5,000 year shelf life. I did find one reference that they would live for centuries in the soil. They may have been found in Egyptian pyramids (anthrax is thought to have been one of the plagues of Egypt).

    Check this out (from

    The Sverdlovsk Incident: April 2, 1979
    Less than one gram of anthrax spores were accidentally released from a military bioweapons production facility in Sverdlovsk. Sverdlovsk, which is now known as Ekaterinburg, is a Soviet city in the Ural Mountains. The invisible cloud of anthrax spores traveled as far as three miles from the site of release and killed at least 70 individuals (1). Only one fifth of those who contracted the disease survived (7). The Sverdlovsk outbreak is the only known case of an inhalation anthrax epidemic. The Russians attributed the anthrax infections to the consumption of contaminated meat. US intelligence analysts, however, were suspicious, and in 1992 they were finally allowed to visit Sverdlovsk and investigate the cause of the anthrax epidemic. Although most of the data related to the epidemic had been confiscated by the KGB, American scientists were able to find the pathologists who had performed the autopsies. 42 of the autopsies were associated with classical inhalation anthrax. The discovery was also made that the incubation period for inhalation anthrax was two to forty-five days. This finding was in vast contrast to the animal studies that indicated that the incubation period was between two to six days. These findings imply that antibiotics might be administered. Boris Yeltsin finally admitted that the anthrax epidemic had been a result of an accidental release of anthrax spores from the biological weapons production facility (1).

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 5:17:46 PM PDT · 58 of 205
    jedediah smith to Patriot_from_CA
    That's a very good question and I wondered the same thing. I can only assume that Iraq believes that it will be difficult for America to prove Iraq's involvement in any bio attack. Just like the WTC terrorist attack was probably a consortium of Muslim countries, it may be difficult for us to single out one culprit. If we can't prove to the world they did it, they may think we won't nuke them.

    I might add that, according to Dr. John Coleman, during the Gulf War Iraq had 18 scuds loaded with biowarfare and numerous smaller bioweapons, and Russia talked them out of using them. Apparently Russia was not ready to start WWIII at the time.

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 4:56:50 PM PDT · 36 of 205
    jedediah smith to Jolly Rodgers
    Yes, he was arrested, but from what I've heard the government was after him because of what he knew about the US selling Iraq the biologicals that they used against our soldiers in the Gulf War. The bit about him being a Nazi appears to be a set-up to destroy his credibility.

    The important point is, can anything in his article be refuted?

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 4:50:35 PM PDT · 28 of 205
    jedediah smith to WyldKard
    From the January-February issue of the American Scientist:

    Unless treated with large doses of a penicillin-type antibiotic within the first day or so of exposure it has a mortality rate in excess of 80 percent. This is to be contrasted with smallpox, which has a mortality rate of “only” around 30 percent. Only some filoviruses, such as Ebola, which cause hemorrhagic fevers, have comparable rates of mortality.

    All of this suggests why Bacillus anthracis became the agent of choice for most biological warfare programs. Consider the properties of anthrax. It is convenient: Variants of the anthrax bacterium can be isolated worldwide (although not all possess equal virulence), and great quantities of spores can be readily prepared from liquid cultures. It is robust: Once desiccated and stabilized, hardy spores have a long shelf life and are well suited to weaponization in a device that can deliver a widespread aerosol. It is self-terminating: Airborne spores remain infectious until they fall to the ground, where most become inactivated by sunlight. It is effective: After inhalation the spores produce disease with a high mortality and morbidity. It can be contained: Anthrax is not very communicable, thereby reducing the risk that it will spread beyond the intended target. Moreover, a well-established vaccine exists that can prevent the onset of the disease, allowing it to be used safely by the aggressor.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

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    jedediah smith to rdavis84
  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 4:25:06 PM PDT · 5 of 205
    jedediah smith to freedomnews, Boyd, Wallaby, BlueDogDemo, Nita Nupress, Alamo-Girl
  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

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    jedediah smith to roughrider, Jeff Head, rdavis84, t-shirt, mancini, LSJohn, Fred Mertz, Uncle Bill, Pamela
  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 4:21:48 PM PDT · 2 of 205
    jedediah smith to jedediah smith
    I started to post this last year, but figured it would not be believed. I think recent events may have opened peoples' minds to the dangers we face.

    Not to sound alarmist, but if anyone should happen to see any middle-eastern people with a device that looks similar to a bug sprayer, paint sprayer, etc. especially with tubes coming out of it, this is cause for immediate suspicion. And although it is unlikely you would ever see it, it would be wise to be alert for any suspicious vehicles or small planes emitting an unusual fog or mist.

  • Ex-CIA Microbiologist Reveals Iraqi Plot to Attack US With Biowarfare by 2002 [Please read]

    09/21/2001 4:14:11 PM PDT · 1 of 205
    jedediah smith
    Also, the Pentagon told me, flat out, that they have already run contingency plans on Washington, D.C. They said right now, we have, in Washington, D.C., one hospital that is set up to take care of biological casualties. That hospital had two doctors and two beds. Out of the doctors' own mouths, they said "We would have tens of thousands of people die waiting for treatment." Quite frankly, we have no warning equipment, stuff of this nature.

    Now, what the Pentagon told me, that the casualty management team, if we lost 4,000 people in a single day, it would literally overwhelm everything we had, it would panic us out of existence. Now a single container, let's just go to New York City, let's just take New York City as an example. We're going to run a little tape about just what would happen in New York City if someone used a single container of anthrax and a commercial paint sprayer which is very inefficient.

    [Plays a video narrated by Bill Curtis of A&E]
    Curtis: "White House Security experts have examined just such a scenario. A small ship, sailing just off Manhattan, up the Hudson River, could disperse anthrax spores using an industrial paint sprayer. Within 48 hrs., over 400,000 people would die. Long before then the boat would have been destroyed, the terrorists would have escaped." ...

    [Harris resumes]
    If they would hit a single city, New York City, with a single container of anthrax, just one, we are going to lose upwards of 400,000 people. But see that's with a commercial paint sprayer. This thing [gesturing to a chemostat unit confiscated from an Iraqi cell unit] is far more efficient than a commercial paint sprayer...With this little unit here you might even go as much as 1 million people...

    Now, the question is, this is from the Pentagon, what do you do with the bodies? Our mortuaries are set up right now, that if, for so many deaths per thousand people...The problem is disposing of the corpses. You see, with anthrax, if a person dies, in place, and you leave the bodies laying around, they will decompose. After they decompose, the wind starts blowing through them, the remains and the anthrax spores start coming up into the air again...

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/18/2001 5:19:17 AM PDT · 42 of 57
    jedediah smith to mancini, rdavis84

    Pinkerton's is watching you. That's where the term "private eye" originated.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/18/2001 5:13:41 AM PDT · 41 of 57
    jedediah smith to roughrider
    Can you add anything?
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/18/2001 5:10:14 AM PDT · 40 of 57
    jedediah smith to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
    On this thread roughrider posted:

    "Clinton had no more domestic attacks like the OKC bombing after he pulled CIA's teeth, if they ever had any, in infiltrating terrorist groups. After OKC, and Clinton forbidding infiltration of the cells, there were NO MORE ATTACKS IN THE DOMESTIC US, but only attacks on US targets abroad. Clinton responded with useless "showtime" cruise missile attacks on unrelated targets. Bubba made a deal with bin Laden to lay off the interior US until after he was out of office. That is what I think happened. In the intervening years, the camel jockeys planned for what they would do once Clinton was gone, and the deal would be over. That is about the time the flight training began, and after five years the plotters were ready, and Bush had been in office only eight months. Reports began to flow in that something big was in the works shortly after Bubba left office. The boys thought they could control it without having to alert the public. Freeh told Congress he had a handle on the cells, and had informants inside. When the boys realized Freeh's well was dry after a couple of months of pumping, he resigned suddenly. The boys kept scrambling, trying to bag one of the camel jockeys in hopes it would deter the others from acting. TOO LATE.

    " This is just my opinion, based on the timeline known to this date."

    Definitely looks like Clinton and his people had made some kind of deal with the terrorists.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/18/2001 5:05:30 AM PDT · 39 of 57
    jedediah smith to Koblenz
    Nice try.
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/18/2001 5:05:03 AM PDT · 38 of 57
    jedediah smith to Dutchie (rdavis84, mancini)
    Dutchie member since September 16th, 2001

    I also noticed that your first post was to this thread, and that Securitas website went down a few hours after I posted this article. Seem to have touched a nerve.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/18/2001 5:02:21 AM PDT · 37 of 57
    jedediah smith to mancini
    I don't know what kind of plane that might have been. The government finally admits that they had fighter jets scrambled. I've seen that photo; assuming it's untouched, it's probably bombs.
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/16/2001 1:12:37 PM PDT · 11 of 57
    jedediah smith to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
    Thanks for your compliment and glad you agree. And if the Dems/NWO had control of airport security, they could have easily arranged at the last minute to take out the flight that Barbara Olsen was on after she changed her flight. Maybe someone can link to the old FR post wherein Clinton was quoted saying that he believed in killing people who were against him.
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/16/2001 1:08:56 PM PDT · 10 of 57
    jedediah smith to independentmind, (Fred Mertz-Sorry I left your name out!)
    Thanks, I didn't realize the SEC office was destroyed too.
  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/16/2001 1:06:45 PM PDT · 9 of 57
    jedediah smith to rdavis84
    Thanks! It's nice to be back; I wish it were under better circumstances. Thanks for the link to your information on Globe, etc. I figured others were pushing from their end, too.

    Something tells me the above links may not last too long.

  • Two Foreign-Owned Companies Have Airport Security in WTC Attack

    09/16/2001 12:19:10 PM PDT · 2 of 57
    jedediah smith to LSJohn, rdavis84, Nita Nupress, mancini, t-shirt, OKCSubmariner, thinden, BlueDogDemo, aristeides
    Anything you could add would be greatly appreciated. That was great work everyone did uncovering Akal. I apologize to any names I may have left out.