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  • All-Girl Cub Scout Den To Lead Flag Ceremony At Nats Game Saturday

    05/01/2018 8:20:44 AM PDT · 153 of 170
    mom of young patriots to DesertRhino

    Our society is becoming “all about the girl”. Our boys are in crisis because masculinity is vilified. Allowing girls into boy scouts might benefit the girls, but it will not help boys.

    Of course, allowing boys with gender identity disorder and same sex attraction to openly display it within the organization will not help boys either. Nor will allowing same sex attracted adults to live out their fantasy of camping among a group of pubescent boys in the woods.

    Unfortunately, girl scouts is a moral void. There are all girl and coed alternatives, but my daughter and I did not explore any of them. She and I spend a lot of time together instead. I don’t think any of the current institutions can do a better job of teaching her to be a strong woman than I can.

    We’ve got entirely too many social experiments going at one time in our country and we are not waiting to see how any of them play out.

  • Adventures in Transgender Fertility (NYT alert)

    04/25/2018 7:06:09 AM PDT · 25 of 38
    mom of young patriots to \/\/ayne

    So… to cut through the nonsensical nomenclature:

    This is a man and woman who are attracted to each other. The man has a mental illness that makes him also attracted to the sight of himself as a mock female. In order to accommodate his fetish, the woman contributes to the farce by calling herself a lesbian.

    They have actual man-woman sex, but fashionably call it lesbian sex so all of their friends can practice being tolerant and inclusive.

    The dude doesn’t realize that he is going to pay a price for tampering with his body by being infertile. He should not be reproducing anyway, but being the self absorbed nutcase that he is, that would never occur to him.

  • Aptos teacher pioneers inclusive sex-ed curriculum

    04/16/2018 6:36:26 AM PDT · 9 of 26
    mom of young patriots to artichokegrower

    What she is really doing is mapping all the various mental illnesses of the LGBTWTH set. What a confused mess the inside of this woman’s brain must be.

  • Teacher: Parkland Students Feel They're Being Misrepresented By Famous Classmates

    03/31/2018 11:16:57 AM PDT · 67 of 70
    mom of young patriots to MayflowerMadam; exDemMom

    The media is trying to hide so much from us. The history of those kids who jumped in front of the camera needs to be exposed. If there was any investigative journalism being done any more, we’d know something about the parents and the way the kids have been raised. There are so many questions that the media doesn’t want us to know answers for.

  • Teacher: Parkland Students Feel They're Being Misrepresented By Famous Classmates

    03/31/2018 11:05:35 AM PDT · 66 of 70
    mom of young patriots to thoughtomator
  • Teacher: Parkland Students Feel They're Being Misrepresented By Famous Classmates

    03/31/2018 10:49:50 AM PDT · 63 of 70
    mom of young patriots to exDemMom

    “There are people who cannot detect psychopaths.”

    That’s the truth. There are a lot of people who are completely crazy, I mean the barking at the moon kind, that are passing themselves off as sane and a whole sector of society is congratulating them for it and calling it bravery.

    From his obvious body language, I’d say Camera Hogg is a powder keg with a fuse waiting for a spark. I don’t think this child’s rage just rose up since the incident. It has no doubt been years in the making. It would not surprise me at all to find that he was involved in some way in instigating what went down in Parkland.

  • Ahead of March For Our Lives, Durbin Calls On Republicans To Stand Up To The NRA

    03/27/2018 8:26:45 AM PDT · 33 of 33
    mom of young patriots to mdittmar

    Stand up for the NRA, you say? Well, certainly I will.

    Oh, sorry, what a shame. My eyesight is not what is used to be, Dick. I already sent the check.

  • Oracle's new Austin campus to house 10,000 employees

    03/24/2018 10:30:07 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    mom of young patriots to bgill

    I hear you. Between the property taxes, the traffic, the ridiculous high density pattern of growth the council of clowns has planned and the stifling regulations, we’re dyin’ here. As soon as the kids graduate HS, were going to finally put a city like, maybe, Georgetown between us and Austin. 2 times we’ve moved out to the edge of Austin and 2 times they have annexed us or surrounding neighborhoods. I am so tired of their liberal chokehold.

  • VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Self-Driving Uber Kill Pedestrian

    03/23/2018 10:13:54 AM PDT · 186 of 186
    mom of young patriots to Ozark Tom

    Very interesting and it doesn’t surprise me. We are so often lied to by our media outlets. Whether it was an unfortunate woman dealing with a broken bike on top of other crushing stress in her life or a person suffering from addiction and not fully aware of her surroundings, neither deserved to be run down in the street by technology that is not ready to be tested on the public. I hope the friends and family will find justice for her unnecessary death. It will, also, serve to keep the manufacturer from sweeping it under the proverbial rug, which they will do if they can grease enough palms.

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas will require students to carry only clear backpacks

    03/23/2018 7:52:15 AM PDT · 68 of 72
    mom of young patriots to Trump20162020

    I don’t much care about backpacks being uniform just like I don’t care if clothing is uniform. But if they are doing it for safety reasons, it should not be giving anyone warm fuzzies. No teenage criminal is going to carry a gun in the outermost pocket where it is visible. Duh. They will just get smarter about disguising it. It is a dangerous, false sense of security that ultimately breeds more cunning criminals.

    Reminds me of the libs in Austin who, after identifying the inner city homeless crisis a few years ago and “feeling really bad about it”, decided to pool our tax dollars and buy them new shopping carts.

  • VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Self-Driving Uber Kill Pedestrian

    03/22/2018 8:51:45 PM PDT · 184 of 186
    mom of young patriots to xzins

    I agree. I think any alert driver could have avoided completely mowing the woman down and quite a few, with really good reflexes, would have missed her entirely.

    Also, that video is too dark and I agree with some here that the brightness quality was probably tampered with to hide evidence. In addition, human vision was probably better at the scene than the image caught on camera and the woman might have been visible from further away than we are led to believe by the video.

  • VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Self-Driving Uber Kill Pedestrian

    03/22/2018 12:27:10 PM PDT · 180 of 186
    mom of young patriots to catnipman

    I know that this is a case of rush to market to get ahead of the competitors. Some companies are unethical in that they consider a minimal number of human casualties to be acceptable collateral damage on their way to a profit. Some of the larger companies unofficially write the litigation costs into the equation. I am not knocking capitalism or corporations in general, believe me, but there are some bad actors in every sector.

    Honestly, the more I review the video and think about other possible scenarios, the madder it makes me that that car with that useless human backup was put on a city street. I am not like some others who have posted here that are remaining fixated on the blame aspect of the likely drug addled victim who was jay walking with no natural light visibility. Move to another situation and imagine the car on a highway that runs along the edge of a downward slope. Replace the bag lady with a cow or sheep and imagine the car hitting it, spinning off the edge of the cliff and killing everyone inside and possibly people below. An unexpected object in the road is the real issue that needs attention, not what the object is or how it got there. Human drivers deal with it all the time by making split second judgment calls and maneuvers and most are able to avoid death. They could never do that, though, by plowing full speed into the object as though they didn’t even see it. Most attentive, video game playing 5 year olds behind the wheel could have done better than that car did. And, if we’d seen what the car was supposed to be seeing with night vision, it would have looked like an intentional hit.

    We are trusting these companies with our safety and they are treating that trust in far too cavalier a manner. Putting this obviously less than fully tested prototype in this real life situation was not an acceptable risk. Either that night vision camera is faulty or the program algorithm is shockingly inadequate. When it comes to human safety, redundancy is an absolute necessity and so is a means of testing that doesn’t feel like Russian roulette.

  • VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Self-Driving Uber Kill Pedestrian

    03/21/2018 7:38:21 PM PDT · 89 of 186
    mom of young patriots to catnipman

    I agree 100%. Hitting the brakes and swerving even a few degrees to the left or right, depending on the other cars around, could have changed the outcome and improved her chances of survival. As it was, the car just rolled right over her at full speed. An attentive driver would never have done that unless they were trying to hit her.

    And why didn’t that car brake on its own? The woman did NOT leap in front of the car, she was already in the road and the computer should have easily been able to track her movements and avoid her. If that is the best they can do with a self driving car equipped with night vision, then they should keep the things off the road. This design has serious flaws.

  • Vanity/Twitter: Abortion Doctor Brags About Silencing the Screams of Dying Babies

    03/14/2018 8:35:03 AM PDT · 38 of 42
    mom of young patriots to TigerClaws

    Her words from her site: “A lot of anti-abortion proponents have misinformation, and that’s where I step in as an educator.”

    Uh… No. that is where you step in and hammer your opinion down their throats while pretending to be a patient’s advocate. You are an activist who is using an MD degree as a front. A phony “healer” is the worst kind of support anyone can have because a patient is generally in a very vulnerable place when they seek them out and can be so easily taken in. It is slithering snakes with medical training, like this woman, who lead young girls to kill their babies and give them a huge aching psychological scar to carry for the rest of their lives.

    Tigerclaws, thanks for posting this BTW. Interesting to find out what they are up to. This woman is using her site as a forum for some pretty extreme activism. Shameful.

  • Vanity/Twitter: Abortion Doctor Brags About Silencing the Screams of Dying Babies

    03/13/2018 8:22:20 PM PDT · 8 of 42
    mom of young patriots to TigerClaws

    “I won’t apologize for performing medicine.”

    Obviously, she knows there is something she needs to apologize for or she wouldn’t voice it, even as a denial. She is using the word medicine to convince herself of the banality of act and dodge the guilt, but I doubt it is working. She may be a sociopath, but in the core of her dark soul, she knows that she is also a monster.

  • Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed

    03/13/2018 11:48:13 AM PDT · 18 of 38
    mom of young patriots to rednesss

    “In Britain, Asian=Muslim barbarian”

    I am wondering, has it always been that way or have Brits allowed the word “Asian” to be co-opted for political reasons? I can see Muslims hiding behind the word “Asian” in the same way that homosexuals hide behind a bright, happy word like “gay”. And like the people suffering from gender dysphoria are abusing well established English pronouns.

  • Schools worried about the National School Walkout are missing the point of democracy

    03/13/2018 9:02:52 AM PDT · 52 of 56
    mom of young patriots to bgill

    “The ADA count is usually submitted at 9 am”

    That is true in our elementary schools, but in our MS and HS, every minute is accounted for all day long. I can’t take my kids out of school unless the excuse I use is on the “approved” list. That list is short and the attendance Nazis are all over me if I don’t adhere to the rules. As a parent, it is quite maddening and I would be shocked if any campus in our district allowed students to exit the school for such a demonstration.

    The vast majority of those kids are minors, still under their parents’ supervision, and need to be suspended if they leave their seats to join a political walkout. If the parents want them to participate, I guess they can show up and claim their child is ill and needs to leave the school, but they’ll need to keep them home the rest of the day.

  • Abortion and the New Eugenics

    03/13/2018 8:39:56 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    mom of young patriots to G Larry

    Many years ago, my sister in law was told that one of or both of her unborn twins was likely to have DS or some other abnormality. She was offered an amnio along with the caution that it might cause a miscarriage. Her response was to refuse the amnio because there is no way she would abort, even if the test were positive for both. She was adamant about that and her husband felt the same. She said, at the time, that she would like to have known just so she could research and prepare if it were positive, but it was not worth the risk. Her sons were born at 38 weeks and neither had abnormalities.

    Oddly, she is a liberal and a feminist. In that one narrow category, at least, she rises above both.

  • The violence-inducing effects of psychiatric medication

    03/07/2018 9:36:43 PM PST · 30 of 31
    mom of young patriots to Auntie Mame

    “He should get together with a psychiatrist I know who thinks lithium is so great it should be added to the water supply. “

    We’d all be catatonic, if they had their way.

  • The violence-inducing effects of psychiatric medication

    03/07/2018 9:34:04 PM PST · 29 of 31
    mom of young patriots to sparklite2

    ” I don’t have much respect for medical practitioners.”

    You know, I am hearing that more and more. People are losing respect for doctors because they aren’t listening to them. I have walked out of more than one doctor’s office for that reason.