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  • ‘We were never going to win’: House GOP caves on immigration

    03/03/2015 5:03:46 PM PST · 60 of 93
    sarge83 to Lurkinanloomin

    What is going to happen when Obama defies the courts? Why wouldn’t he?

  • Sean Hannity ...Plan To Unite Tea Party & Establishment Republicans ... 2016

    03/03/2015 11:18:11 AM PST · 37 of 40
    sarge83 to Gaffer

    Trouble is if you agree with the establishment on anything you know you are going to get knifed in the back as soon as the election is over. Hell the current bunch of Republican whores sold out before the new congress was even sworn in and from what I am seeing the new congress sucks worse than the old one as Reid and Pelosi still run it!!!

    The Republicans will not fight on any issue that I can find. I am wondering though how they are going to survive what is coming from the NRA and GOA if they don’t smack down the ammo ban. Gun owners tend to play for keeps.

    The country will not move forward until a new 2nd opposition party is formed and starts winning elections. The Republicans are the Democrats and the Democrats are Republican at this point, there is no distinction except the price tag on ANY issue.

  • Stop Caving on Immigration, 2016 GOP Contenders

    03/03/2015 11:08:05 AM PST · 7 of 7
    sarge83 to Vaduz

    I don’t care what they call them at this point. Cruz or Walker might get me into the voting both in 2016, otherwise until we have a real alternative to the uniparty I’m done wasting my time voting in national elections. At this point I have to consider the Republic in terms of past tense, we are an oligarchy/fascist empire now as much as I hate to say it. If you still think your vote counts I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Boehner: Pass Clean DHS Bill Today

    03/03/2015 11:02:21 AM PST · 54 of 60
    sarge83 to stephenjohnbanker

    Bought and paid for every damned one of them. The Republican House has sat for four years and done NOTHING. The Republican/Democrats are unfit to run a brothel as the prostitutes would have far more moral fortitude than these politicians and their army of bureaucrats!

    Now the Republicans have the senate which according to their FR Republican loving boot-lickers was paramount, why we can’t live without Republican control of the whole Congress was all I heard on here in 2014. I call you FR Republican Party groupies out for the statist you are. You are no more conservative than McWeasal and Boner, just Party pukes, but hey you got control baby, right!

    And what of the average American citizen now? In my near 50 yrs. of life I never thought there would come a day when I would ask, what is the upside to being an American citizen??? We are completely ignored and mocked by the political parties. We are burdened with taxes on everything and I mean everything from income taxes to the phone bill to the garbage bill we pay. We are told we are the blame for everything bad in the country and world. We are told the political and bureaucracy we don’t give a damn about you, your children or grandchildren. You there, you citizen, you will be debt slaves as citizens and taxpayers, you are stuck with more and more debt from our reckless idiocy.

    We are held to account by a different set of laws than the politicians and government employees at any level. We are accountable and they never are regardless of their level of incompetence or criminal activity. There is the rule of law for you citizens but we in government and the ruling class can’t be bothered with such an archaic and unprogressive view.

    When you force half your countries population to work and service the other half of the population and then take the half slaving away,pillory them constantly with one screwing over after another and then politically isolate them as to have no input in government or how they live their lives, and then hand them the bill for everything it can only end one way for the elitist practicing this oppressive tyranny, and it is the same every time and history bears this out...

  • McConnell uses Reid Trick Against Conservatives (more proof of their complicity)

    02/27/2015 12:50:18 PM PST · 22 of 24
    sarge83 to Triple

    And the $$$ that goes along with it. The Republican Party at this point is the Democrat Party of 1984.

    What is sad is there are three or four core issues the Democrats will not roll over and sell out on. So far I have seen no issue the Republicans won’t surrender on. They are beyond contemptible and are far worse than the traitorous Democrats. A pox on these members and their seed for four generations, may they know only misery, pain and suffering for the damage they have done to our country!

  • Why I won’t be attending Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in Congress

    02/27/2015 12:44:50 PM PST · 23 of 67
    sarge83 to mojito

    The left’s true anti-Semitic colors are in full bloom at this point. Does any Republican have the guts to call them out for their bigotry and what they are? Cruz maybe, otherwise no not one.

  • Dozens of CPAC Attendees Walk Out on Jeb Bush

    02/27/2015 12:39:54 PM PST · 26 of 113
    sarge83 to bkepley

    So you can’t walk out on a liberal Republican, you can’t boo a liberal Republican, you can’t not vote for a liberal Republican because according to Republicans after all they expect and demand your vote regardless of the sorriness or how far left their candidate might be because they are after all the Republican nominee. So what is left to show your opinion and displeasure at their behavior or does being a Republican require blind obedience and support to the Republican Party?

  • GOP Platform: War Without End

    02/27/2015 11:21:58 AM PST · 22 of 30
    sarge83 to Diana in Wisconsin

    Before I would commit another GI in a ground fight, I want moral clarity about who we are fighting and why from our leaders and a commitment from the government and country and I want a real declaration of war from Congress. I want both hands in the fight, no more one hand tied behind the back PC war, no more BS rules of engagement.

    These islamic bastards understand one thing, death and if they want war give it to them, Total War on a scale not seen since WWII. Kill them by the hundreds of thousands and if need be millions, kill and hurt them so bad they will think three times before touching an American anywhere in the world because they know what is going to be coming down on them.

    Buchanan is right in one way, if we keep pussyfooting around with these nut balls we will have perpetual war and that will destroy the country eventually. Go big and finish it or go home.

  • Republican power brokers think Scott Walker just isn’t ready. Do they have a point?

    02/27/2015 11:12:06 AM PST · 89 of 96
    sarge83 to Cincinatus' Wife

    I wouldn’t let anyone ever connected with John McCain and his campaign to lose near my campaign except for Palin. Without a doubt McCain, his cronies and that turd Rove have done more damage to the Republican party than any democrat party member could have dreamed of.

  • Will Boehner risk the Tea Party’s wrath over DHS funding?

    02/25/2015 2:10:50 PM PST · 20 of 21
    sarge83 to Vaduz

    Liberal Republicans=Amnesty. There are no centrist only liberals hiding their true socialist agenda. Unfortunately the Republican party is infested with these turds!

  • The New GOP Flag

    02/25/2015 2:03:55 PM PST · 39 of 39
    sarge83 to Beowulf9

    You don’t win with traitors and cowards as your leaders either and right now the leadership of the Republican party is traitors in every way possible. I wouldn’t follow these useless dirt bags into an outhouse if I had running dysentery!

  • For Now, Boehner Stands Tough In Immigration Fight

    02/25/2015 1:54:08 PM PST · 34 of 50
    sarge83 to Uncle Miltie

    Some “conservatives” don’t know it...

  • For Now, Boehner Stands Tough In Immigration Fight

    02/25/2015 1:53:21 PM PST · 33 of 50
    sarge83 to CitizenUSA

    Right now we are getting guaranteed destruction regardless of which party we vote for. You are just arguing for more of the same insanity we have heard for 30 yrs. The Republicans are crossing the Rubicon of party viability and they are too damned stupid to know what they are even doing.

  • For Now, Boehner Stands Tough In Immigration Fight

    02/25/2015 1:51:01 PM PST · 32 of 50
    sarge83 to CitizenUSA

    The levers of power in the Republican party are controlled by the McConnells, Boners, and McCain traitors and they are NEVER going to relinquish power or allow any changes except for those that support the liberal agenda. Working within this Titanic of a party is just planning the morning breakfast menu after the ice berg has been hit.

    Perhaps it is time Sessions, Cruz and the like start openly talking and planning for a real alternative opposition party and recruiting conservatives away at the national and state levels. Yeah the country is going to be damaged but really at this point will that damage be anymore than what is happening with the democrats and the liberal and gutless Republican parties?

  • For Now, Boehner Stands Tough In Immigration Fight

    02/25/2015 1:45:12 PM PST · 31 of 50
    sarge83 to Yosemitest

    Give him time, the Chamber of Crony Fascism will open their checkbooks and Boner will go limp like freshly boiled spaghetti. The GOPE wants amnesty and the country be damned!

  • McConnell faces conservative backlash over compromise to fund DHS, Dems get on board

    02/25/2015 1:40:18 PM PST · 30 of 60
    sarge83 to dfwgator

    For the Uniparty maybe... He certainly doesn’t act like an opposition party majority leader. Republicans are beyond gutless and useless, but we just had to have them according to some on FR. I wonder where the Republicans at all cost bootlickers are and why are they not defending their saviors.

  • This man is not a “moderate”: Why Jeb Bush is more conservative than you think

    02/23/2015 7:40:35 AM PST · 37 of 76
    sarge83 to baltimorepoet

    The Chamber of Commerce is a purely fascist entity at this point. All their lobbying and policies are perfectly in line with German industry when the Nazi’s came to power. The Chamber of Commerce is scared crapless of an actual free market. The Chamber of Commerce is devoid of any honesty, loyalty, patriotism and love of country. They are at this point fascist internationalist, and traitorous scum.

  • Lindsey Graham is in Iowa Thursday

    02/20/2015 7:30:47 AM PST · 17 of 17
    sarge83 to steveyp

    No the “conservative” suckers voted this turd back into the senate just like they did his soul mate in Kentucky the turtle man without a spine. Why we just couldn’t go on without these fearless creatures who vowed to fight obama to the death if they got control of the Congress. How is your saviors working out for you suckers???

    If Limp Wrist or it’s fellow traveler Jeb is the candidate we get our buts kicked on a landslide scale of destruction.

  • Democrats' 'Blue Wall' Not Impregnable to Republicans -- If They're Smart

    02/18/2015 6:06:59 PM PST · 118 of 121
    sarge83 to x

    The trouble is the Republicans are no longer conservative in any sense of the word. They sold out on taxes and spending, they sold out on abortion, they sold out on immigration, they are in the process of selling out to the gay mafia and joining their sordid and tyrannical ranks, they sold out on obamacare. They are not socially or fiscally as they spend like drunken sailors with 6 months back pay everyday. About the only think they haven’t sold out is the 2nd Amendment-—yet, mainly because the NRA would tear them a new one and they know it. So they no longer offer a viable alternative to liberalism, just a cheaper version of it.

  • Democrats' 'Blue Wall' Not Impregnable to Republicans -- If They're Smart

    02/18/2015 4:00:28 PM PST · 116 of 121
    sarge83 to sickoflibs

    Reagan was promised border security and Congress reneged on that part of the deal. GWBush, obama and the current crop of liberal republican leadership all promise real border security and everyone knows it is a bald face lie. Where is the wall that was enacted into law in 2007 and funded yet has hardly been touched???

  • Democrats' 'Blue Wall' Not Impregnable to Republicans -- If They're Smart

    02/18/2015 3:57:28 PM PST · 115 of 121
    sarge83 to x

    Dole was the ultimate liberal Republican. He was no more inclined to fight the democrats than McCain, Boner or McConnell are today. He surrendered on the Gingrich backed government shutdown at the very moment Clinton was about to surrender because the senate was looking bad. Dole wasn’t about a change in direction he just wanted his turn to run the show and control the $$$.

    If I accept your premise the political environment has changed then the self-outing of the Republican party as socialist lite should have helped them correct? They ran Dole, GWBush with his compassionate conservative BS, McCain who is a traitor and should never have been called conservative or a Republican and Romney who should own the name Waffle House, all liberals and if your premise is correct they should have had a chance, especially Romney and yet lost and badly. The Republicans have accepted your premise which the media has perpetuated and have lost in most cases and barely won twice.

    If you accept the changed political environment you promote then Jeb, Krispy Kreme or Romeny again should be a shoe in for 2016 and yet no one wants them except big business and liberal democrats/republicans. The conservatives loath all three of them. Democrats voters are not going to vote for them why should they?

    Why would any self-respecting mooch vote for someone who says here have some other persons money, say $300 a month which you might have to pay back when the out of the closet liberal democrat says, here take a cool $1000 I took from this other guy and paying it back, don’t worry about that, just remember who stole it for you and gave it too you when you vote.

    Yeah there is a choice but the choice is cheap liberal versus the real thing. How is that a choice? The only difference we are being offered in this new environment is the price tag each party will offer for votes. For a country that claims to be 60% conservative in nature that is no choice so tell me why am I going to waste my time voting and supporting someone who is liberal lite?

    There has been no stark choice from either party since the 1984 election and in 1980 and 1984, the country was offered a very different path by each party. Since then we have been offered one path with the speed we travel down it being the only difference. My question is do we get another squish liberal go along, get along candidate or a real choice?

  • Democrats' 'Blue Wall' Not Impregnable to Republicans -- If They're Smart

    02/17/2015 1:27:12 PM PST · 102 of 121
    sarge83 to sickoflibs

    Obviously Reagan a conservative. Bush41, Dole, Bush43, McCain and Romney were no where near Reagan or Cruz as conservatives. They were Republican candidates. Bush 41 ran as a conservative in 1988 and promptly said screw you conservatives after his vistory and governed like a mushy liberal Republican and lost second time around. Aside from Bush 43 who won by the skin of his teeth both times, the gope liberal Republican candidates have gotten their asses handed too them. And these all ran as far away from Reagan as possible except for Bush 41 in 1988. They wanted nothing to do with conservatives except our votes and money. As you put it they ran like it was not 1984 each election save 1988 and lost in most cases.

    All these liberal Republicans have managed to produce in they way of change was welfare reform in the mid-90’s and that was primarily the House under Gingrich. Throw in Justices Thomas and Alito and that’s all the bones conservatives have got in 30 yrs. of blind support for the liberal and duplicitous Republican party.

  • Democrats' 'Blue Wall' Not Impregnable to Republicans -- If They're Smart

    02/17/2015 12:32:11 PM PST · 100 of 121
    sarge83 to sickoflibs

    Neither are the “only electable” candidates the gope keeps trotting out. We haven’t ran a Cruz type candidate since 1984 so how do you know what you are saying is true? The evidence would indicate otherwise.

  • Give Boehner Credit for Holding Firm

    02/16/2015 3:52:50 PM PST · 14 of 40
    sarge83 to Fungi

    No credit until the leadership walks the walk. The time for their un-ending and useless talk is over. Show me or shut the hell up already gope.

  • GOP Estab Courting Jon Huntsman to Challenge Mike Lee

    02/16/2015 6:49:22 AM PST · 11 of 25
    sarge83 to BlueStateRightist

    And there will still be conservatives, having just been kicked in the nuts—again by the Republicans, on their knees before their beloved Republican party and vote and financially support people who have openly made it clear they despise them and everything they believe and the Republicans know this and exploit these suckers every election.

  • GOP Senator Wants to Wave the White Flag on DHS Funding

    02/12/2015 11:06:03 AM PST · 29 of 29
    sarge83 to exit82

    McConnell KNEW this was going to happen when he rammed through the corrupt Cromnibus bill. Boner and the rest of the Republicans KNEW it as well. Aside from a handful of conservatives the Republicans wanted amnesty and they got it courtesy of obama. Oh they will piss and moan a little, do a couple of show votes and then surrender gleefully out of sight of their conservative sycophants who still believe the crap the Republicans are shoveling. And the Chamber of Crony Fascism will reward their reelection accounts well $$$ and the country gets screwed over again by the liberals of both parties.

  • Understanding The Fear Of Self-Defense And Revolution

    02/12/2015 10:59:22 AM PST · 20 of 20
    sarge83 to Noumenon

    It will come, the question is when and what will ignite it. The powers that be down through the millenniums have always planned and plotted to assure their continued status in life and eventually all these well laid plans fall apart. Each generation of elitist always thinks they can plan and plot better than the previous one and yet history shows they always fail. The liberal march toward totalitarianism has baked in a revolt somewhere down the line unfortunately, as I said the question is when does it happen and what will ignite it...

  • U.S. Little League champs stripped of title thanks to coach they beat, 43-2

    02/12/2015 10:48:10 AM PST · 44 of 58
    sarge83 to bigtoona

    Happens all the time in Little League. My oldest son’s team won every game but two his last year. They were beat in the regular season and once in the post season tourney by the same team but still managed to win the season and tourney.

    Next cam All-Stars and the team that beat my sons team submitted their credentials for their players for All-Stars and one of their players was rejected out right, blatantly falsified birth certificate the All-Star officials spotted immediately. Turns out the parents, kid and their coach all knew about the cheating. Result, they forfeited all games won and the coach was banned from the ballpark and no loner eligible to coach.

    Last year we had a kid on one team who lived 60 miles away and would drive in to play his games. The league officials knew and let it go on. Come All-Stars the league officials were told go ahead, let him play see what happens by some of the coaches and parents. He didn’t play.

  • Chris McDaniel Looks to Play in Mississippi Special Election

    02/11/2015 1:37:24 PM PST · 12 of 38
    sarge83 to nikos1121

    I disagree in McDaniel’s case, if they were willing to call conservatives racist and pay democrats to cross over and vote for their liberal candidate to win there was never a chance for reconciliation.

    As a candidate would you really want the support of such low life creatures in a future election knowing what lowlife, criminal activity they would stoop too? I consider the Republican party establishment in Mississippi to be worse than their democrats counterparts. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

  • LA Health Officials Take Action After Local Supermarket Sells Raccoons As Food

    02/11/2015 1:25:05 PM PST · 28 of 41
    sarge83 to SandRat

    My grandpa, the epitome of a Tennessee hillbilly grew up dirt poor even before the he great depression said at times they ate ground hog, raccoon or possum, sometimes it was eat it or go hungry.

  • Chris McDaniel Looks to Play in Mississippi Special Election

    02/11/2015 1:19:39 PM PST · 6 of 38
    sarge83 to reasonisfaith

    That motorcycle gang known as the Mississippi Republican Party has no conscience or honor. They would sell their own mothers, wives and daughters into slavery as whores to win an election. My question is why would any Mississippian with a conscience want this liberal pond scum representing them.

  • House Republicans resist call to change course on DHS funding

    02/11/2015 12:45:00 PM PST · 42 of 46
    sarge83 to Logical me

    The GOPE KNEW this was the way things would go down when they did the corrupt Cromnibus bill. Not one bit of this is surprising. This going back to the House is all theater to make the sucker conservative sadist who like those kicks in the nuts from the GOPE coming back and voting for these liberal turds next election.

    “Endangering National security” will be the next words uttered by the GOPE liberals and the democrats and all opposition will go away from the Republicans except for a few conservatives who will be brushed aside.

  • Ohio girl, 11, takes visiting baby upstairs, beats her to death, police say

    02/10/2015 10:59:40 AM PST · 68 of 71
    sarge83 to Oliviaforever

    If it is my baby when the 10 yrs. is up she quietly disappears one night upon her release.

  • Mike Huckabee thinks he has Iowa evangelicals locked down. He’s wrong. [CRUZ]

    02/09/2015 10:25:47 AM PST · 47 of 65
    sarge83 to longtermmemmory

    I bet the Huckster, Rove and Jeb are all just best of friends and business associates. Of course Jeb will keep his distance but that won’t stop a slimy little turd like Rove from helping his good friend the Huskster out with just enough money to sway things Jeb’s way when needed. Rove is the serpent headed James Carvell of the Republican party.

  • I Could Easily See Me Pulling My Gun Quicker.” Community Activist Receives Sobering Lesson

    02/08/2015 3:32:03 PM PST · 36 of 41
    sarge83 to Robert DeLong

    I have had a ccw for nearly 18 yrs. I have pulled my weapon once at an ATM. It went down quick from the time I spotted the goblin, all within a little over a min. Hot june day, late sunday morning and no traffic near bank,, he was on foot and closing on me with long coat and hand inside holding something concealled and he never took hiw eyes off of me. Fortunately the bad guy saw me clear leather and flip the safety off. He stopped dead in his tracks and didn’t twitch a muscle and I got out of there like a flash of lightening. All this happened with my 3 yr old in the back of the truck jabbering the whole time.

  • Republicans Oppose Cruz Quest to Block Loretta Lynch Confirmation

    02/06/2015 11:01:34 AM PST · 50 of 52
    sarge83 to af_vet_1981

    The Republicans gave us obama, not conservatives. When you don’t offer a choice people are not going to waste their time.

    When in the last 15 yrs. has the Republican party rolled back anything???????????????????????????????????????????

    They had control of the whole government under Bush43 at one point and expanded liberalism and government at a staggering pace.

    I am not surprised at all to see the Republican clamoring to vote for Holder in drag. Sadly some conservatives still believe the lies. The Republican party is not going to change this governments behavior anymore than the Democrat party would. Both are corrupt and rotten to the core. Only a new second party will stop the destruction.

  • GOP senators block Ted Cruz move to hold up Loretta Lynch vote

    02/05/2015 11:50:49 AM PST · 33 of 33
    sarge83 to Beagle8U

    He did so for nearly 18 hrs. with Reid as majority leader.

    As I said before the 2014 election if you think your Republican saviors are going to stop obama and his henchmen by blocking their appointments you are deluding yourselves.

  • Jeb Bush: We will lose our liberties if we control the border

    02/05/2015 11:45:26 AM PST · 94 of 162
    sarge83 to Farmer Dean

    I can’t fathom an Republican candidate saying the things Jeb Bush is saying and hope to win. He clearly has no intentions of winning a general election so why do this?

    Is he a Hillary supporter in male drag? Who is he trying to buy off, please or placate with one idiotic comment after another? Is he hoping to drag the Republican party even further left to the point they are useless and the party splits? They are about there now. Do the liberals that rule the Republican party want to force the split up of the party and some conservative boot-lickers just won’t leave after being b*tch slapped election after election and they come back for more?

  • Jeb Bush moves to show he’s no Mitt Romney

    02/05/2015 11:38:25 AM PST · 28 of 31
    sarge83 to AFreeBird

    I didn’t think anyone except Krispy Kreme could be left of the Romulan, I was wrong, Jeb has done it.

  • ‘Disappointed’ Haslam: Further attempts to pass Insure TN ‘pointless right now’

    02/05/2015 11:35:35 AM PST · 14 of 19
    sarge83 to SharpRightTurn

    He is trying to replace Don Sundquist as the worst Republican liberal in the Tennessee governors office. Haslam’s whole argument was word for word crap that could have flowed out of any Democrats mouth. Nothing in this rube goldberg scheme was conservative, but all smacked of big government socialism.

    Beware Haslam, Sundquist II! Watch for him going for a state income tax before he leaves office.

  • The GOP's Orrin Hatch Problem

    02/04/2015 3:25:00 PM PST · 26 of 26
    sarge83 to C. Edmund Wright

    Orin is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Republicans. I think you are being generous with the eunuch comparison, maybe a rotting corpse.

  • House Freedom Caucus Looks to Be a Force — in Leadership and Lawmaking

    02/04/2015 3:18:18 PM PST · 9 of 9
    sarge83 to Night Hides Not

    I agree. I hope they are true to their word and become a true conservative block voting to stop the march to socialism the uniparty is on. I don’t want anymore speeches, don’t want any more promises or slogans. Walk the walk or go to the house and let someone who will be in charge.

  • Driving on Cruz Control?

    02/03/2015 1:08:56 PM PST · 72 of 103
    sarge83 to subterfuge

    I did not say he was I was responding to another poster. I do not think he is as for my comment pardon me all to hell for pissing in your wheaties. You’ll get over it though.

  • The GOP's plan to fund DHS just failed. Now what?

    02/03/2015 1:03:40 PM PST · 23 of 52
    sarge83 to ifinnegan

    This was the plan all along. They will piss and moan a bit and then say they can’t shut down DHS, why national security is at stake! Chamber of Crony Fascism gets its way, obama gets his way and the GOPE Republican Party gets its way and we get a new slave class and regulated to permanent minority status and become a third world crap hole.

    Tell me again all you FR Republican boot-lickers how your saviors are working out for you. Did you enjoy getting lied to and kicked in the nuts-—again.

  • Driving on Cruz Control?

    02/03/2015 11:48:01 AM PST · 54 of 103
    sarge83 to ifinnegan

    I agree is Cruz is nothing more than a crass opportunist then the GOPE is the absolute way to go as they would sell their own mothers into slavery to win another election or to pick up an extra $20 from their masters.

    I can go with Cruz or Walker but another establishment puke like Bush or The Rube is a non-starter I’m done voting for losers and the Republican party right now is the epitome of a loser when it comes to presidential elections and politics in general. They are statist and just want their turn collecting taxes from the peasants and lining their wallets. They could care less about me or the country just like their out in they open liberal counterparts in the Democrat party.

  • Scott Walker mocks the Left: Take Your Premise and Shove It.

    02/03/2015 10:29:32 AM PST · 26 of 69
    sarge83 to PapaBear3625

    He has already hired some RNC trash into his campaign, mistake number one. Don’t let any consultant or RNC scum near your campaign they are the kiss of death and the RNC would love nothing more than to implode this campaign as he is a threat to their anointed turd in the punch bowl Jebie the Bush.

  • GALLUP: "The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment"

    02/03/2015 10:26:18 AM PST · 8 of 45
    sarge83 to I want the USA back

    My response to the kooks who buy this 5% line is okay if the economy is so wonderful why is there a record number in poverty? Why are interest rates at zero still? Why is there a record number of people not working? Why is there a record number of people on food stamps? You can’t have a thriving economy and these other numbers going through the roof.

    Who are you going to believe your own eyes or what the government tells you? If you believe the government you already have more problems personally than I care to even attempt to deal with.

  • More Obama Dead-on-Arrival Tax Proposals

    02/03/2015 10:11:29 AM PST · 23 of 23
    sarge83 to DaveA37

    Remember you are talking about Republicans the new tax collectors for the welfare state, here running the Congress, not conservatives.

  • More Obama Dead-on-Arrival Tax Proposals

    02/03/2015 10:11:29 AM PST · 22 of 23
    sarge83 to DaveA37

    Remember you are talking about Republicans the new tax collectors for the welfare state, here running the Congress, not conservatives.

  • Nashville Evangelical Church Comes Out for Marriage Equality

    02/02/2015 12:31:00 PM PST · 45 of 55
    sarge83 to zerosix

    You are right essentially the pastor has said to the gay members what you are doing is okay with God. Reading his Word shows that it clearly is not and is an abomination in His eyes.