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  • Secessionist movement under way in Texas

    08/29/2009 8:52:54 AM PDT · 98 of 108
    slideguy to MinorityRepublican

    Go for it Boys, I want to move there and help you!

  • Kennedy's Death

    08/27/2009 10:25:28 AM PDT · 1 of 4
    It was Kennedy's deep and authored involvement in healthcare in this country through his suthorship and instumentation of the HMO BILL of 1973, that dramatically changed the face of American Healthcare and brought the system into it current dissarray. This man and his family on the whole politcally have destroyed much more in this country than that of assisting to the good of it. While I feel for his family from one family to another the bslance that is left of the man Ted Kennedy I say "Good Bye and Good Riddens, this countries political climate does not need his type with any kind of power. You can idolize him if you like through your inherent ignorance of the issues and the actions of the man during a reign of 48 years that never should have been in the first place. America is much better off without him, and I for one am glad he is gone. No one man should have the power in this government like Ted Kennedy was granted and excercised daily. That was not meant or intended by the founding fathers, and should never have been nor should ever be again. Again I say Good Bye and Good Riddens Ted Kennedy. The next to go should be the Chicago Ganagsters that now control Washington, who attained that power with again the help of Ted Kennedy. These Communist/Marxist need to be thrown out asap, by whatever means and their marxists gangstaer solicialists actuions immediately reversed before it is too late for this great country. They are next.starting in 2010 and ending them in 2012.
  • The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Monday, August 10, 2009

    08/10/2009 9:22:57 AM PDT · 48 of 340
    slideguy to IMissPresidentReagan

    Amen to that!

  • The healthcare mob mentality: Angry mobs shouldn't be dismissed, Americans concerned about cost

    08/10/2009 9:18:52 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    slideguy to Liz

    Unfortunately it will take that to get your country back

  • Wealthy Americans Unholster Their Weapons

    08/10/2009 9:16:03 AM PDT · 203 of 213
    slideguy to brushcop
    Well my friend I am also a Senior a 67 year old one, and I can tell you that I do advocate what you state you are not.Reason simple: without this destruction to our liberties by the government.and the forcing issues down our throats, there is but only one way to prevent it, and that is through the threat of the their (politicians) assets, meaning either they are voted out and made to stay out, or by giving them the idea that they may not have the opportunity to spend and enjoy the money that they have stolen from us over the years. That is one main reason why they fight so hard to get their agendas passed into law, so they can get further paid and handsomely. Democrats are famous and relentless for that and have been for years. The only thing anymore that brings about the proper change is Fear unfortunately. Mr. Solas in Milan Michigan who stood up to John Dingell (Town Hall) regarding healthcare for his son, was and is real American, Spoke real american words on Fox News told them that he would use even lethal force if they show up on his property to protect his family, they had threatened him, well I also do the same, if they showed up at my place, and believe me they wouldn't want to. John Dingell and all of his Democratic affiliates are blatant and clear cut Lars (all Democrats) and should be thrown out of office nationwide. As Bad as you might think Republicans are, the worse one is 100 times better then the best Democrat Believe me, they promise you nothing, give you nothing, and let you keep as much as the can of what you earn. No Changes No Screwing and less taxation without representation. Vote Straight Republican from Local to Fed no matter if you know the guy or not. i.e. Dingell, Byrd, Frank, Lautenberg, Kennedy,Hoyer,Pelosi,Specter,Leahey and a number of them just like Dingell who has living on our dime for over 50 years, never worked in a real job in his lousy disgusting life, still subsiding on our dime, get rid of him and all of them. If you are a member of the AARP the insurance Company that supports this healthcare, cancel it, and get your friends to cancel the memberships across the nation and pass the word. Stand up and make your presence heard and known like Mr. Mike Sola of Milan Michigan
  • Mike Sola: Obama supporters threatening his family

    08/10/2009 7:25:04 AM PDT · 33 of 44
    slideguy to slideguy
    Well I am another Senior who lives in Michigan and tried to attend that fake fassad of a Town Hall meeting with Dingell, That hall was stuffed with his supporters and Acorn people at least two hours prior to it's opening to the public, there were at least 2000 people that wanted in, that did not get in at all. Waste of time. Mr. Sola, got in I have no idea how, but I having seen him there in action outside, while the cops escorted him out and seeing him on Fox News, I just want to say that he is 1000% right! and whatever Mr. Sola Decides to do I will be at his side in support of a real American. Everyone should stand up against this type of tyranny, (Threats),with and in whatever means is necessary. This type of tyranny is communism at it;s best and should not under any circumstance be tolerated. Pelosi, Ried, Obama should be thrown out of office asap.Mr. Sola is a true and Genuine American standing up for his rights, and those rights must be protected at all costs. If you think well it this is Mr. Solas Problem, you are genuinely WRONG, threats LIKE THIS TO HIS FAMILY IS EACH AND EVERY American problem, AND COULD AFFECT YOU PERSONALLY EVEN WORSE IN THE NEAR AND COMING FUTURE. American to American I in behalf of Mr. Sola and yourself Stand up and support the effort against this evil and dangerous Health care Reform Bill HR 3200 and that each and every politician that supports it in any way, vote them out of office or get them out any way you can.Thank God for Men like Mr. Sola and his brave and courageous family. You have my personal full and solid support in your endeavors.
  • Truth Is Stranger than Friction - 6 Proofs ObamaCare Includes Abortion & what to do about it

    08/09/2009 9:07:07 AM PDT · 11 of 23
    slideguy to
    Obamacare must NOT succeed, this is the single most important and damaging issue to the American Society as we know it today. The reason the Obama Socialist regime is pushing it, is simply because they get paid once made law, and they get paid more then handsomely my friends. They disguise the funds in what is known as a.k.a. campaign funding, that is never used and is taken with them when they leave office, that element in itself is Washington corruption, and it goes on from the local level to the federal level . But the the moral, ethical, and the anti-humanistic lack of values that HR3200 contains will ultimately finish the destruction of this great country, we must ban together and take it back by whatever means necessary. This current administration made up of what I call communist, socialist and fascists, must be stopped and it starts with this HR3200 My view Americanism is not anywhere within this Obama Administration. Start changing things at the local level and in 2010 vote these Democrats out of office nationwide, as well as the corrupt few republicans and begin to call yourself a “Conservative Constitutionalists” Work towards banning abortion altogether and banning organizations such as Planned Parenthood Inc a.k.a. ACORN.
  • Ted Kennedy on HMOs: Then and Now

    08/09/2009 5:43:29 AM PDT · 3 of 7
    The Kennedy's and especially Ted Kennedy have been screwing the public over since their entrance into American Politics, Ted in particular is the dumbest and the most troublesome of the entire family. His authorship for example i.e. of the HMO Act 1973, and his support and pushing for it's passage destroyed the American Health care system, and has brought us to the impasse we find ourselves today in this regard. Since that time a number of politicians like Ted have gotten involved, which further complicated the system and have now brought us to a position where the country cannot afford, or should I say we as taxpayers cannot afford to finance any sort of health care system on a national scale as the Democrats today would have you believe regarding National Health care Plan. This so-called plan is thought by the public for the most part to be free, well friends it's not free, and can or could never be free.
    Even without the 57% tax revenue loss this year,. and raising taxes the amount it would take to fund such a system would paralyze this country entirely. Those of you who think you want this are operating under a misconception , and lies from the Democrats. It must be realized that NO politicians does anything for you, just because, they are pushing it into law because they get paid to do so and handsomely I might add. i.e. Clinton for example when he entered office had a net worth (both of them) 600,000.00 after 8 years in office at a salary of 385,000.00 per year he alone left office worth over 660 million, and she was worth another 300 million approximately, none of those annual salaries add up friends.
    You need to understand once and for all, “NOTHING IS FREE” IT ALL COMES AT A EXTREME PRICE AND DIRECTLY TO YOU, AND ONLY YOU AS THE DEBTOR. National or Gov’t Run Health care in this country should never be enacted Obama’s directed “Death Panel” for the aged you will not like for your parents, and it will be your parents, the lack of patient care from doctors to your child, you will not like, and from that because the Government deems the care not necessary for your Child, your Child will suffer and Die from the lack of approval for care services. Ted Kennedy and politicians like him need to be thrown out of office altogether, they are the ones that caused the mess we have today. Sure Obama Blames it all on Bush, Bush has nothing to do with this current health-care issue, it is a clear cut attempt by Pelosi, Reid,Emanuel and his Brother behind the scenes who will inevitably run the health care system using the Surgeon General as a dummy front and of course Obama all of whom will get paid generously if this passes.You on the other hand will get further screwed in More ways than you will ever imagine and then on top of that pay for the thing.Stand up for your Constitutional Right of choice, your right of Liberty and freedom of oppression by the government. VOTE EACH AND EVERY DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE AND WEED OUT THE BAD REPUBLICANS FROM OFFICE. BECOME A CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONALIST".referenced