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  • Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

    01/16/2017 12:27:43 AM PST · 16 of 35
    volunbeer to HiTech RedNeck

    I don’t want the government picking winners or losers in the energy field.... we tried it - it sucked.

    I would love to see our government put resources towards the next energy revolution - thorium. I still believe the science behind the molten salt reactors for this much more plentiful (and cheap) fuel that cannot be weaponized holds tremendous promise. Consider it another “man on the moon type effort.”

    I think solar at this point (and in the near future) only has localized and specialized application, but if these things were competitive I would definitely line the southern facing side and roof of my barn with it!

  • Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

    01/15/2017 11:32:39 PM PST · 6 of 35
    volunbeer to moonhawk

    Per the article it is a few percentage points more efficient than the standard silicone panels. It sounds like the major breakthrough beyond a point or two of efficiency is costs and ease to produce.

  • Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

    01/15/2017 11:31:29 PM PST · 5 of 35
    volunbeer to aquila48

    Interesting and it sounds promising like all of these ideas and “breakthroughs” do.

    There is one guarantee in the world of energy - change. Yesterday, tomorrow, and next year there is innovation and something new. Eventually, there will be new ideas that radically changes energy so much of the “debate” we see today may be meaningless tomorrow.

  • Packers hold off Cowboys' comeback, reach title game (34-31)

    01/15/2017 6:09:12 PM PST · 28 of 42
    volunbeer to Lakeshark

    Rodgers is really at the top of his game right now. He is making plays and that is what it takes when you do not have the best defense.

    Does defense win championships? Conventional wisdom says so, but I would not count out Rodgers at this point. Matt Ryan has had a great season. Brady and Big Ben are both great. Hard to find a better list of QB’s in NFL history than what we have next weekend if the Steelers advance.

    I will not rule out KC in this game (I like them), but the difference in QB play will become more evident next week and in the big game.

  • FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering,

    01/15/2017 5:55:06 PM PST · 16 of 71
    volunbeer to HarleyLady27

    I have said all along that any legitimate investigation would result in charges and a scandal that will dwarf anything we have seen. There are so many players in this scheme - it is massive and it involves donors, pay for play, outright bribes disguised as speaking fees, and lots of string pulling with government officials and a sitting Sec. of State.

    The theft and misuse of charity funds for Haiti alone is enough to make your blood boil. I also believe there is evidence pointing towards the Obama administration supporting the Arab Spring for donations and promised donations from nations who would profit from the chaos. I think this might be the most damaging claim given that hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced.

    I want a full (and fair) investigation and let the chips fall where they fall. This investigation, more than anything else, would drain the swamp because this involves the top of the food chain in DC.

    With all of that said, I will feel more confident that this is going somewhere when it is more widely reported.


    01/15/2017 8:44:42 AM PST · 32 of 97
    volunbeer to Gaffer

    I agree......

    Wonder where they were during the Tony Rezko story and the substandard (even dangerous) houses built by Obama’s money man at the outset of his career? How about that park that Obama got all that money for (for Rezko) in Chicago?

    The double standard continues.....

  • Trump will use 4 real estate business tricks to rebuild the US

    01/14/2017 3:06:57 PM PST · 40 of 41
    volunbeer to DannyTN

    What you wrote is true if he can keep the piggy fingers out of the pie.

    Congress loves their pork and they stabbed the TEA party movement in the back over and over. I do not trust them and we will learn much by how any stimulus is negotiated.

  • Trump will use 4 real estate business tricks to rebuild the US

    01/14/2017 12:33:34 PM PST · 27 of 41
    volunbeer to xzins

    Agree on the interstates and think Trump has a good idea of “where” it needs to be spent, unlike solar panels and unicorns of the left.

    That is not what we have really gotten in the last rounds of stimulus spending. I think we can do this without the sugar high from debt spending - his economic ideas and principles are very sound. Once and for all, I would love to see us PROVE we are right and they are wrong without it involving additional debt on our children and grandchildren.

    I am still very happy with Trump and I trust him - I view our debt and deficit spending a bit more harshly than others do. It is beyond time to get our fiscal house in order and that would be as effective in restoring faith in America as Trump’s promised policies. We need a balanced budget amendment and we need discipline as a nation or this cycle of insanity will continue.

    There is no way congress can keep their little piggy fingers out of the stimulus pie. It’s made them wealthy before and they will get wealthy again. Anyone who thinks Trump is going to direct the spending (and not congress) is in for disappointment. Hope I am wrong, but that is the way I see it.

  • Trump Urges People To 'Buy L.L.Bean' Amid Boycott Threat

    01/14/2017 12:23:37 PM PST · 4 of 57
    volunbeer to PGR88

    They make a great product - very good quality.

    Just to make sure people know........ it was one of the family members (not all of them) who donated money to a pro-Trump PAC. It was not the company or other board members.

  • 2016 NFL Divisional Playoffs: Analysis & Viewing Sheet

    01/14/2017 12:17:24 PM PST · 5 of 30
    volunbeer to GLDNGUN

    Aaron is playing some of the best QB I have ever seen right now. Amazing performance last weekend. If he keeps playing like that Green Bay has a much better chance that we thought only weeks ago.

  • Trump will use 4 real estate business tricks to rebuild the US

    01/14/2017 12:08:08 PM PST · 20 of 41
    volunbeer to DannyTN

    All valid points, but the main problem with “stimulus spending” by government is that it is borrowed money and it is spent by congress. It never does what it promises.

    Stimulus spending is about as effective in changing our lives as the 25 cent toy in the machine next to the cash register is in changing my kids life. That has been the history of “stimulus spending” for me. Lots of bling and promise and a fleeting moment of satisfaction.

  • Trump will use 4 real estate business tricks to rebuild the US

    01/14/2017 12:04:58 PM PST · 18 of 41
    volunbeer to Drango

    I opposed it when Clinton and 0bama proposed it. I oppose it now.

    I am inclined to agree although I understand what he is trying to do and feel it will be far more effective than what she would have done.

    I don’t believe we need a huge stimulus or more government spending. Business has to believe that we are headed into a good environment with fewer regulation and burdens - it is already happening. The free market will do the rest. I don’t trust congress with spending my kids future on stimulus or any other craptastic idea they come up with. It always goes to their friends with minimal effect for the rest of us.

  • Funniest commercial ever, from VW!!!!

    01/14/2017 11:51:00 AM PST · 10 of 31
    volunbeer to usconservative

    I never worked in advertising, but that is a great commercial. My kids are still laughing.

  • Maxine Waters: ‘All I Can Tell You Is the FBI Director Has No Credibility’

    01/14/2017 11:17:26 AM PST · 44 of 111
    volunbeer to Mariner

    The sad part about Comey, who is irreparably damaged in my opinion, is that very few people have focused their ire where it really belongs - on Hillary.

    Look at the damage her crooked foundation, unbridled ambition, and hubris and arrogance has wrought on so many people. She does not believe the rules apply to her and that attitude continues today as everyone tries to blame anyone but the one person who lit their whole world on fire.

    I truly marvel that more of her supporters fail to see truth. She is a crook who would have (and did) sold them out at every turn for money and power. In fact, she and her inner circle are the only people in the entire Federal government who believed it acceptable to transmit classified information to a private server.

    Comey should have recused himself and demanded an independent prosecutor be assigned to lead his team of investigators. A grand jury should have been convened because laws were clearly broken. Comey is also a victim of his own arrogance believing that he, and he alone, could make such an unusual announcement as if that would erase what was already known and suspected from the public conversation.

    I blame Hillary most of all, but Comey allowed his own ego to assume an authority that HE DOES NOT LEGALLY HAVE. I said on Day 1 of his bizarre announcement that this would ruin and destroy him. The smart play would have been to recuse himself long before the hamstrung investigation reached the point that she was the nominee. Who in their right mind would nominate any person being investigated by over 100 FBI agents for felonious crimes (not to mention the foundation allegations)???

    I don’t know if he was promised to continue in his position or what kind of deal was put on the table, but they would have destroyed him no matter what. Bad spot to be in, but he made it so much worse for himself and the FBI. The rats made it worse by nominating her. The media made it worse by covering for her. The Justice Department made it worse by not assuming the mantle of their responsibility no matter the politics.

    There are no winners thanks to HRC.

  • Company re-starting U.S.Steel in Pennsylvania !

    01/14/2017 10:55:24 AM PST · 3 of 104
    volunbeer to McGavin999


  • Bill Clinton’s Lawyer Asks Obama to Pardon Chaka Fatta (Lanny Davis)

    01/14/2017 10:53:40 AM PST · 30 of 34
    volunbeer to Leaning Right

    I don’t believe the founders thought that the power of a pardon would be used very often and then only in acts of mercy or justice - not campaign donations.

  • Pelosi: Were It Not for Obama, $19,951,756,200,280 Debt Would Be Higher

    01/13/2017 10:09:50 PM PST · 2 of 44
    volunbeer to Olog-hai

    I am not sure if I should be aggravated that anyone this stupid could be elected to congress or flabbergasted that the rats put her back in charge (again).

    She is something else........

  • Commanding general of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post (at 12:01 pm Jan 20th)

    01/13/2017 10:04:30 PM PST · 318 of 339
    volunbeer to All

    I stopped reading this thread because it fails miserably.

    This is a Presidential appointment position. It is custom for appointees to offer their resignation letters to the incoming President. Trump accepted this one (and countless others) so it therefore goes into effect at noon on inauguration day. No politics and no subterfuge - it just works out that way. It should have no effect on the security plans. They are not plotting the Battle of the Bulge here.... just a simple security plan and the units have commanders who understand the plan. It is crowd control - not combat.

    I would expect a journalistic frenzy over this because they do not understand it, but all the angst on this thread is disappointing.

  • Why CNN's report was even worse than BuzzFeed's unsubstantiated report

    01/13/2017 9:19:04 AM PST · 6 of 20
    volunbeer to TheRef

    The whole story was outrageous. Made even more outrageous by how absurd it was to begin with. The idea that a grown man would pay prostitutes to urinate in the bed of a hotel because his eventual opponent slept in it is ridiculous.

    After some thought, I am happy they ran with this. This was an absolute victory for Trump on so many levels. It exposed the undermining “leaks” from the intel community. It proved there are some in that community working to undermine the incoming President for politics. It exposed the blatant bias and lack of credibility of some big players in the MSM and other media have taken note. It made CNN look ridiculous. The list goes on.

    Trump is winning and he has not even assumed the office!

  • Marine's Epic Response to Barack Obama's Farewell Speech will Wake America the H*ll Up

    01/12/2017 8:28:13 PM PST · 21 of 31
    volunbeer to jackibutterfly

    It is the Turkish flag - that is Erdogan

  • Probe of Hillary's email to continue 'full throttle'

    01/09/2017 9:49:46 PM PST · 22 of 29
    volunbeer to volunbeer

    oops - she was one of the main players

  • Probe of Hillary's email to continue 'full throttle'

    01/09/2017 9:48:02 PM PST · 20 of 29
    volunbeer to Jim Noble

    I don’t know who is the mastermind, but there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that she was not one of the main players.

    She peddled influence. What they did was bribery on a large scale and consider that her efforts to embroil Obama in the Arab Spring and lighting the Middle East on fire all happened when she was obtaining huge sums of money from Gulf states that wanted Assad out of Syria so they could get a pipeline into Europe. Likely a million plus dead and a million displaced by the time it is all said and done. The lives of those human beings were probably worth a few bucks each to the Clinton family.

    Consider for a second - we had the Gulf states DONATING MILLIONS of dollars to our Secretary of State! Why is there not more outrage over this?

    The emails were criminal, but the worst offense is the bribery of our sitting Sec. of State! To think, the liberal media (with a straight face no less) forces Eric Trump to quit his charity for sick kids because of the “conflict” and yet they say nothing about the foundation?

  • Alabama vs. Clemson tonight - Why It Could Be a Close Game

    01/09/2017 5:36:52 PM PST · 30 of 104
    volunbeer to MuttTheHoople

    I think the team that hands the ball to Scarborough over and over and over will win....... just saying. Kiffin got too cute - with Sark “calling the plays” you can expect a Saban stamp on the game. Stick with the run until they stop it - if Clemson can stop him they have a good shot. If they can’t it won’t be close.

  • Arguing about whether the F-35 can dogfight misses a really big point

    01/08/2017 7:26:27 PM PST · 62 of 98
    volunbeer to Ace's Dad

    We have squandered tens of billions of dollars on inter-service politics and the F-35 might represent the pinnacle of such folly. Having a Marine version was a major mistake in that it heavily influenced the design of 95% of the other aircraft.

    With that said, and I have certainly been critical, the jury will be out on the F-35 for a long time and it could end up being as good as some of the other aircraft initially thought to be dogs. I pray it is - we cannot afford to get it wrong.

  • Arguing about whether the F-35 can dogfight misses a really big point

    01/08/2017 7:22:27 PM PST · 61 of 98
    volunbeer to ExNewsExSpook

    The 8th Air Force had many bad days and the losses were staggering if we consider it in today’s terms, but what the 8th Air Force represented was the will to win at all costs and as tragic as the losses were, there is little doubt that they broke the back of industrial Germany and greatly shortened the world.

    One can argue endlessly that we should have employed different tactics or waited until fighter escort was available, but that was not the mindset of the day. WWII was a brutal chapter of human history, but it also represents the last war our nation truly fought to win at all costs - absolute victory. Today our warfighters are hamstrung by a spineless bunch of snowflakes as politicians and appointed administrators, feckless diplomats, a treacherous UN, and perhaps worst of all - a soft society with a whining media.

    On a more positive note - wasn’t the P-51 an incredible bird? Consider the ramifications if it had been deployed in great numbers only a year earlier. In my opinion (former Army guy), outside of the two bombs dropped on Japan, it is likely the best single weapons system every deployed in human history. It was that good - devastatingly good. The F-15 had the same potential, but thankfully it was never embroiled in a total war. The P-51 was almost unstoppable by the end of the campaign and had we dedicated more of them to an anti-tank role we might have shortened the war in Europe even more (an often neglected argument). Close Air Support was not really a concept at the time, but it would have excelled in that role as well.


  • Kerry: US Embassy relocation may cause 'explosion'

    01/07/2017 8:28:27 AM PST · 2 of 62
    volunbeer to Eleutheria5

    Is he talking about the Middle East or just the heads of leftists anti-Semites here in America?

  • Declassified DNI Report (pdf) – Clapper’s Latest Claim Blames Russian Media, Not Hackers

    01/06/2017 8:30:47 PM PST · 23 of 33
    volunbeer to A_Former_Democrat

    The U.S. media cranked out way more propaganda than the Russians ever dreamed of.......... just compare the coverage in UK papers to our own. It was a brutally apparent and obnoxious effort on their part to elect Hillary and defeat Trump. Fairness went out the window and they continue to double down on their favoritism.

    The 4th estate has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the DNC.

  • Russia begins military withdrawal from Syria

    01/06/2017 7:55:27 PM PST · 8 of 28
    volunbeer to Brad from Tennessee

    Serious question...... the left and media (largely one and the same) tell us that Russia conducted efforts to influence the election.

    My question.... was the Russian effort more successful than the propaganda put out by the MSM on behalf of Hillary attacking Trump?

    The administration that donated money through the State Department to a group that attacked Bibi in Israel is outraged that Russia played games? You can’t make this stuff up.

  • CNN reporter Sara Ganim caught LAUGHING while watching Chicago Kidnapping footage!

    01/06/2017 8:28:28 AM PST · 51 of 79
    volunbeer to wardaddy

    Count me in the benefit of the doubt crowd also.... this is what we accuse the left of - taking a soundbite or a short portion of a video (usually involving police and some thug) and showing it without the full context.

    And I am another one who intensely dislikes CNN.

  • In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys Are Denied Extensions Past Inauguration Day

    01/05/2017 11:14:48 PM PST · 51 of 109
    volunbeer to Rastus

    Should I call my doctor if the winning lasts for more than four years?

    Only if you want to be ready when the mood strikes you.....

  • Tucker New Cable King Gets 9 PM Fox News

    01/05/2017 9:45:37 AM PST · 66 of 105
    volunbeer to Rennes Templar

    He is an excellent interviewer and his facial expressions when a guest is spewing BS crack me up. He does not interrupt and allows the guest to hang themselves giving them subtle nudges along the way. If he can book good guests I believe he will do quite well in the slot - easily capture #1 on cable for the time.

    His cheerful disposition is quite a change from MeAgain.

  • China Threatens Trump With "Big Sticks" If He Wages A Trade War

    01/05/2017 9:02:16 AM PST · 41 of 83
    volunbeer to CodeToad

    Well stated - our debt to GDP is nothing to brag about. While it would be easier for us to correct ours due to a more diversified economy. They have an advantage in that they can go back to their totalitarian roots and they don’t have a social welfare system that bleeds the treasury nor do they worry as much about “public opinion.”

  • China Threatens Trump With "Big Sticks" If He Wages A Trade War

    01/05/2017 8:58:45 AM PST · 39 of 83
    volunbeer to Grimmy

    China is not interested in war outside their own hemisphere. They are very interested in conquests around their border and we would be hard pressed to do anything about it militarily - they would have the advantage.

    The main deterrent for China is that they need us (and the West) economically - they cannot survive without their customers financially.

    There is another deterrent that is growing in strength. China is increasingly viewing itself as a player on the world stage - a major citizen of the world. This represents a dramatic shift for an isolationist culture so being viewed as a bully would make some of them uncomfortable.

    The factions in the Chinese government are battling for control and they have different worldviews - will be interesting and important to see who emerges on top and much of that will be decided by the health of their economy. China will be the toughest negotiation of Trump’s life and it comes with major risks because the hardliners still instill fear in the more moderate Chinese.

  • FBI had private company examine DNC's hacked servers

    01/04/2017 10:53:16 PM PST · 43 of 88
    volunbeer to arthurus

    The real irony is Occam’s Razor. The most probable truth is that someone in the DNC, who had access, copied the emails and provided them to wikileaks. Perhaps it was a Sanders supporter or perhaps it was someone who was simply fed up with the corruption..... lest we forget - Hillary and her minions have the worst of reputations for how they treat little people. Could have been nothing more than a rude outburst to a person who had enough.

    Sanders supporter or karma from someone who did not like them, but either scenario is FAR MORE plausible to me than Russian hacking.

    By the way......... that would not qualify as a hack either.

  • 20 Feet of Snow Expected at Mammoth Mountain in Next 10 Days

    01/04/2017 10:46:46 PM PST · 11 of 48
    volunbeer to bray

    The head of Obama’s EPA predicted there would be no snow in the Sierra Nevada Mtns by 2016. That is why they stopped sending water to the farmers and sent it to the marshes of SF for the snail darter.

    It is outrageous. Few hold them accountable for what they have said and continue to say....... certainly not the MSM where you would be better off ripping a far on live television than question global warming. None of their apocalyptic predictions have come to fruition, yet the same idiots that told us over and over how the election would end continue to shove it down our throat and brand us as idiots for being skeptical.

    I pray this election changes our culture where people can think for themselves and have a healthy skepticism. The fudge factors they have been putting into their climate modeling has reached an all time high and qualifies as pure fiction assuming a constant from the sun and a hockey stick graph for results, yet they tell us the science is settled.

    Follow the money.

  • Donald Trump Plans Revamp of Top U.S. Spy Agency

    01/04/2017 7:56:53 PM PST · 59 of 80
    volunbeer to Trump Girl Kit Cat

    I am not DoughtyOne, but a great start at the CIA would be to stop placing such an emphasis on Ivy League academic performance. While doing so might find a smart applicant pool - it also promotes the kind of group-think that in my opinion has seriously harmed our intelligence. The chemistry of any organization eventually suffers from a stagnation of opinions just as I think FR does when all the bully mobs start calling for someone who does not share their view to be zotted, but that is another thread entirely.

    At some point an institution suffering from these problems does not perform well because few people think outside the box and people are afraid to speak up. This emboldens the civil service supervisor class in the agency to flex their muscles and in turn they may not get the best information. Intelligence is not an environment for “yes men.”

    Another suggestion - the CIA (like our SpecOps community) need to go back to being the quiet professionals. There are FAR TOO MANY CIA bureaucrats doing the DC social circuit and political functions mixing with the media. Many of the leaks have come from bureaucrats who fancy themselves as spies like Valerie Plame. This has led to an incestuous relationship with the media and greatly increased the number of leaks. I get that you want to be polite at the PTA meeting, but this has become a major problem on Capital Hill.

    The State Department suffers the same ills. What they both did the Bush administration should have resulted in major housecleanings at both agencies. They undermined Bush again and again and no matter what you thought about Bush or his policies, the constant parade of critical leaks only had one aim - to undermine the President. This has created an attitude among some of them that they are bigger than the White House.

    I don’t think that will work very well in 3 weeks.

  • Paul Ryan calls Julian Assange a ‘sycophant for Russia’

    01/04/2017 8:43:59 AM PST · 64 of 108
    volunbeer to morphing libertarian

    It is telling that the NY Times criminally obtained someones tax returns and published them (a Federally protected document by law) and the media is focused on the private emails of someone who fell for a phishing scam.

  • Army Builds New Lightweight .50-Cal Machine Gun

    01/03/2017 1:35:35 PM PST · 57 of 88
    volunbeer to Chainmail

    You definitely have more rounds downrange with these than just about anyone I have heard of...... with that said, do you not think an alloy barrel with titanium would be more heat resistant? Especially if they increase surface area?

  • Mexico Responds To Ford's Decision To Scrap Its New Plan

    01/03/2017 1:28:53 PM PST · 30 of 39
    volunbeer to Gen.Blather

    “The Mexican ministry said that jobs created in Mexico have contributed to maintaining other manufacturing jobs in the U.S. that would have disappeared to Asian competition. “

    Without some explanation, this pegs the bullsh*tometer.

    This is the standard globalist bullchit. By lifting their boat we lift our own kind of crap...... it was the major selling point for NAFTA. Unfortunately, the morons who passed NAFTA did not stop to consider that taxes, regulation, and the costs of employees (not wages) made the United States non-competitive for manufacturing. Add in the union demands and it is not difficult to see why companies wanted to move production. In reality, it was move or die.

  • Army Builds New Lightweight .50-Cal Machine Gun

    01/03/2017 1:25:29 PM PST · 52 of 88
    volunbeer to Snickering Hound

    They won’t pull the issued ones from TOE any time soon - they are still using them. I would guess they still have a fair number of them from the downsizing.

    Ma Deuce ain’t going away - the original is still one of the best weapon systems ever. That is especially true in asymmetric warfare where you have more weapon systems mounted on more light vehicles.

    The real exciting thing in the future for the .50 is the self-stabilizing system where the gunner can stay safely in the vehicle and put rounds on target with more accuracy (and high definition optics). If the new design incorporates a more heat resistant barrel there is no way anyone can say it is not a major improvement. Changing a hot barrel on these is not a bonus under fire.


    01/03/2017 12:17:21 PM PST · 49 of 62
    volunbeer to Jim Robinson

    Obama’s Arab Spring sets the Middle East ablaze.

    Yep. Can’t be said enough...... what a humanitarian and security disaster. I wonder where all the opposition from the left went?

    Obama called for a new policy and new ideas in the Middle East when he campaigned. That worked out well!

  • ISIS is plotting ‘mass casualty’ chemical attack on Britain, warns minister as he calls on citizens

    01/02/2017 12:35:29 AM PST · 24 of 82
    volunbeer to Blue Jays

    Brexit is a clear indication the adults are getting “back in charge” there.

    Possibly, but it is undisputed that some of the “home grown” and radicalized types have full citizen privileges. Very, very, very difficult to deal with that as we are beginning to learn here in the U.S. To make matters worse, law enforcement at all levels is afraid to be aggressive lest they be labeled as racist. Political correctness has already costs us lives and heartache, but the worst is yet to come.

    It’s going to be difficult to deal with this.....

  • Report: Trump team wants Netanyahu at inauguration

    01/01/2017 9:02:03 PM PST · 53 of 84
    volunbeer to Right_in_Virginia

    Invite one - invite all

    If Israel “fought beside us” in the Middle East it would do more harm than good. I don’t think we have ever asked them otherwise.

    If push came to shove would they stand with us? I have always believed that to be true.

  • Report: Trump team wants Netanyahu at inauguration

    01/01/2017 7:22:23 PM PST · 22 of 84
    volunbeer to Alberta's Child

    What is silly about it? Israel is a staunch ally of the U.S.

  • Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda

    01/01/2017 7:19:42 PM PST · 12 of 33
    volunbeer to tiki

    We will have to bombard them from the grassroots let them hear our voices and never weaken.

    This x 100

    If we don’t, they will go back to their business as usual pocket lining ways.

  • A Tale of Two Countries: A Brief History of Barack Obama’s Conflicting Birth Narratives

    01/01/2017 6:46:42 PM PST · 121 of 127
    volunbeer to Sgt_Schultze

    I strongly suspect that all the schools he has attended have removed any digital copy of his records to protect against hacks and some opportunistic employee that looked it up for themselves.

    I still find it strange that nobody remembered the guy.... someone who went on to be President and nobody who was in class with him remembers him? Have there been any classmates who came forward at any time to say they recalled him?

  • ‘Black’ Activist Rachel Dolezal Dropped from MLK Event by North Carolina Town

    01/01/2017 10:25:44 AM PST · 25 of 35
    volunbeer to IllumiNaughtyByNature

    She is crazy, but isn’t her exclusion racist?

  • Van Jones: 'The Clinton days are over'

    01/01/2017 10:14:42 AM PST · 33 of 121
    volunbeer to GuavaCheesePuff

    Bill was a more moderate democrat - a pragmatist who read the tea leaves and went along. I always felt like he was more concerned with his popularity than politics.

    Hillary on the other hand is a far left crony-liberal who sought power, progressive change, and personal wealth. Bill is all in on the personal wealth because it makes him relevant to give speeches for huge sums of money.

    Hillary was honest when she called us deplorable. That is how she, and her ilk, really feel.

  • Attacker opens fire at Istanbul nightclub, news agency reports

    01/01/2017 12:21:41 AM PST · 21 of 21
    volunbeer to livius

    That club is frequented by many Westerners - it is pretty upscale for the club scene in Istanbul. Would not be surprised if there are more than a few foreign casualties.

    Turkey has gotten swept up into Obama’s Arab Spring and they have their own Islamist government working the other side. Bad place to be in for the Turkish people and thanks to the half-cocked coup attempt recently there is little opposition to the government of Erdogan who appears to be a Islamomegalomaniac to me.

  • Alabama Beats Washington 24-7 In 2016 Peach Bowl & Advance To Championship

    12/31/2016 5:35:46 PM PST · 67 of 110
    volunbeer to petitfour

    Kiffin is his own worst enemy calling plays. When something is working well it does not faze him in the least and he will get too cute and drives stall.

    They should have run it far more today, but Kiffin loves the passing game and the razzle dazzle.