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  • Anti-EU sentiment sweeps Croatia after rebuff

    03/19/2005 11:07:23 AM PST · 5 of 21
    w_ashley to Lukasz

    It is ludicrist that they would hold up admission based upon the inability to find a person. It would be more logical the oposite that admission might ease ability for the EU to take steps in becoming more active in finding the General.
    It is odd considering for every bomb dropped and missile launched, civilians were roughly twice as likely to die in Yugoslavia as they were during the 1991 allied bombing campaign in Iraq. Roughly half of the 500 civilian deaths in Yugoslavia are attributable to such conduct, which violated international humanitarian law.

    Where are the NATO warcrimes for negligence?

    Not that it makes sense to solve things through violence regardless but it seems that recognized international politics is a police state. Perhaps that is the politics the state is not a large enough police state to be recognized.

    At the same time it is funny that posters are being taken down, you would think it would help find the guy!!! It is like a wanted poster on every corner. Put up a reward like OSAMA and whala.

    If Osama is required for afghanastans admission to the EU in a couple years it may take a long time to cough up osama.. and if the general is burried then how the hell are they suppose to find him, it is ridiculous.

  • America's Most Dangerous Gang - MS13 - Violent, Vicious, and Spreading Fast.

    03/17/2005 9:51:51 PM PST · 179 of 197
    w_ashley to Happy2BMe

    It is all politics of course, I wonder if it is a matter of balance of criminal activity or evidence to support conviction or expulsion. If organized criminal activity does not warrent a national security risk then what qualification is required for DHS to assess as threat. MS13 has been targeted however it is almost double talk that other gangs are allowed to operate while engaging in "criminal" activity. Of course the divisions between domestic, criminal, and martial actions against a political state are clear and orginization should be known, however it is political states that accept criminals as required that set up systems for lax allowances of "illegal" cultures, simply the cultures themselves engage in "illegal" activities as per required, it is simply a matter of what is seen as acceptable preying. If resistance is given to police officers where oposition is armed you can expect the chance of weapons discharge, it becomes a threat when the underdog "criminal" is on even ground. If police and then paramiliatary national security forces are unable to deal with the situation then it becomes martial considering organiziation for ongoing resistance is likely ongoing if open resistance is active. The martial aspect is grave national security risks emergency situations. It seems redundant to have the divisions DHS is a partial example with the joining of all paramilitary "civil forces", these are not "civil" forces they are equivlent to combat forces trained in investigative and deterent of "non modern combat forces" with upwards of 150 000 personel. The only thing perhaps seperating Military and paramilitary activities is what is seen as containment rather then erradication, it is also seen as "inhumane" to commit exterminate of captive soilders in military law, however that does not mean it has not happened.

    It is gross neglagence to allow criminal activity to be ongoing, however the clear line between intervention and assualt is a basis of recognition.

    In my opinion the division of martial forces creates a class of acceptable activities against the state. It becomes purely political where damage to the state is benifical to the politics, where politics builds the state. It is all just corrupted personal bias and it is unfortunate that the forces that play in militant politics exist, but heck since when has it been a free world? It is a police state run by the political ambitions of he who holds the most might. Of course you can abandon this notion and acheive "freedom" but in the world it leaves you.

    No drugs? That's odd, maybe they will make some connections in jail. It is unfortunate when the thugs arn't on payroll, serving society? Who's society? Twisted bastards.

    What I don't get about gangs is how they mark themselves for identification, it just seems lacking of intellegence.
    They do what they do I geuss, but you can't say theyre terrorists they wear their uniforms ALL the time.

    I understand it is just what people beleive is righ, no offence it just seems negligent, what is an offense, POLTITICS? Such a thin line between cherry picking and winning, where my cows at? WHSPH

    Now to say something that ins't obvious, all this intellegence gathering if tough work we can't just arrest everyone we don't like... or can we.. time give it time.


    MUST START gang that tatoes little cutesy panda bear on a beach ball.. that'll make em all looks stopid, panda bear gang strikes again. anyway /endrant

    live life, send me money, I can't stand money.

  • Bush and Bremer Meet as Iraqi Shi'ites Demand Poll

    02/21/2004 10:24:40 AM PST · 14 of 14
    w_ashley to RWR8189
    Iraq's U.S. Governor Paul Bremer ?????

    Using the us as a unifier that is potential for foreign takeover? Pakistan = nuclear Iran = Nuclear

    Will the resistance stop if/when the us leaves? Will a Islamic fundamentalist state forms. Why is the US opposing the Councils requests, are they purposely trying to insure bad relations with the new state? What are the longterm costs and how is this reflecting the USofA's image. Already the technology falloff is happening to a global sphere will the US be able to maintain economic wellbeing if it is seen as an oppressor. Specialty Immigration has fallen off somewhat is a state more secure when it is internationally involved or internationally secluded. As a conservative you might say that time alone may give you time to focus but if your foreign policy/cia is belligerent toward other states what will the long term effects be?