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  • Guns on campus is progressive academia’s straw man

    05/26/2017 9:13:38 AM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 6 replies
    The Hill ^ | May 26, 2017 | John Lott
    Gun control advocates frequently advise against people using guns for self-defense. But Michael Bloomberg and various anti-gun politicians often use armed guards as protection. Talk is cheap. But when a professor resigns because of his university’s concealed carry policies, that’s a story that can get national attention. In May, associate history professor Jacob Dorman resigned from the University of Kansas. He accepted another tenured position at a different public university in a noncampus-carry state.
  • Students protest, vandalize display featuring conservative quotes

    04/26/2017 1:55:16 PM PDT · by ItsOnlyDaryl · 14 replies
    The Extract ^ | 4.25.17 | Editor
    When the College Republicans chapter at Maryland’s Hood College decided to put up a temporary display honoring prominent conservatives, the group wanted to promote the free exchange of ideas. “We just wanted to provoke thoughtful discussion,” said club president Christopher Gardner. “We have done that.” In reality, the young Republicans accomplished even more by exposing how close-minded many of their fellow students have become.
  • Campus Fascism Rising

    04/19/2017 9:56:54 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 10 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/19/17 | Matthew Vadum
    What can be done? Acts of violence and physical intimidation aimed at conservatives on American campuses are growing – and college administrators, who sympathize with the progressive fascist lynch mobs doing the misdeeds, are generally fine with the mayhem. Although universities and colleges are supposed to be places where ideas are exchanged and challenged, they are easily the most reactionary institutions in modern American society. Confronting the established wisdom there is a career-ender. Free speech exists in theory but only within the narrowest of prescribed limits. Speakers who violate the politically correct canon are shouted down, demonized, and assaulted. Truly...
  • Joe Biden Interview on Rape Culture and Campus Sexual Assault

    04/18/2017 12:38:54 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 29 replies
    Teen Vogue ^ | APR 14, 2017 | Vera Papisova
    “You have an obligation to step up.”There are a lot of reasons to love former vice president Joe Biden. He's had a long and storied political career, he's one of the leaders in the government's fight against cancer; then there's his love for ice cream, his kind demeanor, and charming finger point (you know the one) earning him the nickname "Uncle Joe," and of course there were those memes. If you weren't convinced he was a national treasure before, then President Obama called then Vice President Biden "the best vice president America's ever had" when he awarded him the Presidential...
  • Title IX Campus Witch Hunts, According to Laura Kipnis

    04/18/2017 10:36:25 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 8 replies
    The Tablet ^ | 4/18 | David Mikics
    'Unwanted Advances' is a clarion call for accusatory university cultures gone madA spectre is haunting the American campus, and it’s called Title IX. Originally, you might remember, Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 was the law that required colleges to have women’s as well as men’s sports teams. It still does that, but since 2011 it does a lot more: Title IX, overseen by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, now covers not just gender discrimination but all forms of sexual misconduct—a generously interpreted term that, if you’re a professor, now seems to include your...
  • 8 Ivy Leagues accept 1st-generation immigrant with exceptional writing talent

    04/07/2017 7:30:24 PM PDT · by ErikJohnsky · 12 replies
    Good Morning America ^ | 4/7 | Stacy Chen
    Cassandra Hsiao and her family may not speak English in a typical way, but the high school senior's talent with words has caught the attention of all the Ivy League colleges. Last week, Hsiao, a first generation immigrant from Malaysia who lives in Walnut, California, received the exciting news that she had been accepted to not just one, but all eight Ivy League schools -- a feat few have achieved. "It was incredible," she told ABC News. "I wasn’t home at the time, but I was Facetiming my parents and there were tears on both sides of the screen." Hsiao,...
  • ID: Man Carryng Pool Cue Case Shuts Down University

    03/11/2017 6:21:58 PM PST · by marktwain · 55 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 3 March, 2017 | Dean Weingarten
    Our universities have become hotbeds of paranoia about guns. They have become irrational about guns in the hands of anyone who is not wearing a uniform. The paranoia has spread to any object that might be perceived as similar to a gun. Idaho University at Pocatello showed this paranoia on Monday, the 27th of February, 2017.  A student reported seeing a man carrying what she thought was a gun *case*.  This deserves emphasis.  She did not see a gun.  She thought she saw a gun case. The police were quickly alerted and the school was pretty much shut down...
  • Good news on ending runaway campus rape tribunals: a fix is finally moving forward in Georgia

    03/04/2017 11:13:05 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 3 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/04/17 | Tina Trent
    Dumping college kangaroo courts is an idea whose day has come There is finally some good news in the fight to return rape investigations and prosecutions to the only place they belong: the real justice system. Georgia House Bill 51, sponsored by Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs), passed out of the House Appropriations Committee 35 to 10. It now moves to the Georgia Senate.
  • Hysterical Snowflake Calls Lab Coat KKK Meeting on Campus. Insanity!

    01/25/2017 7:46:47 AM PST · by tony75034 · 40 replies ^ | 1/25/2016 | Lord of all Editors
    These snowflakes really need to get al ife. We thought it was a joke, to mock the social justice warriors - but NO This is real - as in real stupid of college snowflakes yet again. And damned funny how snowflakes think a white sheet is a KKK meeting - like where do these people come from? Can CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the fake media have these people's heads so far up their you-know-what's that they are all melting down now? Go Trump! Watch this video on this fakeness on campus...
  • The campus left needs to stop whining

    01/17/2017 12:19:49 PM PST · by TBP · 16 replies
    The New York Post ^ | January 15, 2017 | Post Editorial Board
    If ignorance is bliss, progressive kids at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are among the most blissful when it comes to the ABCs of free speech. The Student Coalition for Progress recently petitioned to have the campus Young Americans for Freedom chapter deemed a hate group and its members subjected to “intensive diversity training.” YAF, for the record, is largely a Reaganite bunch. But apparently spreading love of free markets and other conservative ideas creates “a hostile environment on campus.” Triggering the whiners was a visit from conservative columnist Ben Shapiro, who spoke about how “safe spaces” limit free speech —...
  • BREAKING: Campus-carry activist at Ohio State shot dead near campus

    01/05/2017 10:12:06 AM PST · by b4its2late · 35 replies
    The College Fix ^ | January 5, 2017 | Greg Piper - Associate Editor
    Tarak Andrew Underiner wanted Ohio college students to have the right to carry guns on campus so they could defend themselves in dangerous situations – say, leaving the library late at night and traveling home alone. Now he’s the first homicide of 2017 in Columbus. The Lantern reports that the Ohio State University campus-carry activist was “found dead from gunshot wounds” at a residence near campus when police responded to a shooting around 12:30 a.m. Thursday. The police report says investigators don’t think the shooting was “random in nature.” Underiner, the treasurer of Buckeyes for Concealed Carry, testified in November...
  • USC faculty member fatally stabbed on campus, suspect in custody

    12/02/2016 7:13:41 PM PST · by usar91B · 83 replies
    Daily News ^ | 12/2/2016 | By Staff and wire reports
    One person, a male faculty member, has been fatally stabbed on the USC campus and a suspect is in custody. The victim is a man, approximately 25 years old, says Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Just after 4:30 p.m., firefighter paramedics responded to a reported stabbing on the 3600 block of McClintock Avenue, located on campus near the Seeley G. Mudd building and the school’s running track. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, Stewart said. No other injuries have been reported. USC’s college newspaper The Daily Trojan reported on Twitter that police locked down the...
  • Petition to Declare The University of Texas at Austin a Sanctuary for Undocumented Students

    12/01/2016 6:28:42 AM PST · by bgill · 47 replies
    Care2 Petitions ^ | unknown | Madeline Hsu
    North Texas Univ. and Texas Woman's Univ. also petitioning for sanctuary campuses: Texas State Univ. petition for sanctuary and minorities and LGBTQIA students -
  • The time has come for the “Suck it up, Buttercup” bill

    11/19/2016 1:53:50 PM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies
    Hot ^ | November 19, 2016 | JAZZ SHAW
    EDIT: Owing to too little sleep, I’m sad to report that I misread this report and the bill is in the Iowa state legislature, not Congress. We can only dream I suppose. Hey… could anyone in D.C. work on a matching version? The article has been edited to reflect this.(Jazz) We’ve long since grown used to stories coming from the nation’s college campuses where “safe spaces” are set up for everything from Halloween costumes to the results of the presidential election. But some universities have taken it a step further, setting up special counseling sessions for “grieving” students and additional...
  • Sheriff David Clarke disinvited from campus speaking gig because he opposes #BlackLivesMatter

    10/07/2016 10:14:31 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 10/07/16 | Dan Calabrese
    Black man can't speak. It wouldn't be diversity, man It’s hardly even news anymore when we encounter the pathetic “conservative disinvited from campus speaking gig” storyline. It’s happening so often now we pretty much just shrug and say that’s life - so terrified are the guardians of higher education that someone might hear something upsetting to their tender little ears. But it is unusual that the disinvited speaker would call out the cowards as beautiful as Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has done this week to the University of New Haven. Keep in mind that the original speaking invitation was...
  • Watch as Univ. of Kansas SJWs insult, berate, and shout down conservative students seeking dialogue

    10/02/2016 8:36:35 AM PDT · by detective · 26 replies
    American Thinker ^ | October 2, 2016 | Thomas Lifson
    A dark age descends on America’s campuses, fostered and welcomed by the disciples of Gramsci that have seized control of the commanding heights of education and culture. In place of the sacred academic tradition of open inquiry, they have substituted a reign of virtue, at least as they define it, so that dissenting ideas not only need not be heard, they must be actively suppressed. The so-called Social Justice Warriors, intoxicated with their own sense of absolute righteousness, are enforcing the dogmas of revolutionary purity. Emily Zanotti of Heat Street descries what happened when the University of Kansas chapter of...
  • University of Chicago's warning to students following disruption by protesters

    08/25/2016 6:00:12 PM PDT · by CorporateStepsister · 23 replies
    DailyMail ^ | 25 August 2016 | Patrick Lion For Mailonline
    Students at the University of Chicago have been warned not to expect safe spaces or trigger warnings in the wake of several disrupted events at the institution at the hands of protesters. University officials are said to have told first-year students starting in the fall of its commitment to freedom of expression, saying it wanted civility and mutual respect but that it would still seek out ideas or opinions that were unpopular. The move comes after three high-profile incidents this year in which speakers invited to the university were interrupted or shut down and amid a trend of increasing political...
  • Anti-Semitism on Campus 2016

    08/03/2016 7:24:48 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 1 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | August 3, 2016 | Malcolm A. Kline
    The anti-Semitism evident in e-mails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which WikLeaks obtained, might not surprise so many if they knew how prevalent that attitude is on American college campuses. The AMCHA Initiative housed at the University of California at Santa Cruz, has, for the second year in a row, tallied up the actions against Jewish students at 100 colleges and universities and found them substantially on the rise in just the first six months of this year. Moreover, AMCHA found a link between this trend and the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) aimed at the state...
  • Explosion of Jihadi Activity on Campus

    07/27/2016 4:07:38 AM PDT · by detective · 15 replies
    One of the frontlines in the jihadi campaign to destroy America is on our college campuses, where jihadi front groups find a congenial home protected by left-wing academics, and with a vulnerable population of young Jews to attack. Antisemitic incidents on campus doubled in 2015 – including 56 violent assaults - and doubled again in 2016.
  • freshman athlete who said he had 'wanted, consensual sex' with drunk sophomore won't be prosecuted

    07/15/2016 10:26:19 PM PDT · by CorporateStepsister · 99 replies
    The DailyMail ^ | 15 July 2016 | James Wilkinson For
    The University of Virginia (right), the location of the infamously fabricated gang-rape story printed in Rolling Stone last year, has found itself in the spotlight again thanks to another allegation of sexual assault - but this time the events surrounding the alleged rape are all too real. Sophomore volleyball player Haley Lind (left) believes she was raped at a UVA house party on August 22, 2015. The freshman athlete she was with swears it was all consensual. Both have been left distraught. And the UVA says there's just not enough evidence to do anything about it, The Washington Post reported.