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  • Alan Colmes Fabricates Cruz's Absence From Scalia's Funeral, Then Pretends He Wasn't Caught

    02/20/2016 7:23:42 PM PST · by Kaslin · 51 replies ^ | February 20, 2016 | Tom Blumer
    Liberal Alan Colmes, apparently miffed at people who have criticized President Barack Obama for not attending the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, asserted earlier today that GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz would not be there. Colmes got it wrong. Cruz was there, and it was known for quite some time that he would be there. Since the words "I'm sorry" are apparently not in his vocabulary, he pretended that he hadn't been caught making something up.
  • Alan Grayson Threatens Lawsuit on Citizenship Grounds if Ted Cruz Is the GOP Nominee

    11/26/2015 6:34:01 AM PST · by Isara · 119 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 25 Nov 2015 | Jeff Poor
    ...While discussing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Grayson told Colmes he didn’t view Cruz as a natural-born citizen and would challenge his candidacy with a lawsuit if he were selected by GOP voters to be the party’s presidential nominee.Partial transcript as follow (courtesy Fox News Radio): ....GRAYSON: It's resolved itself into this weird reality show. It's not "The Biggest Loser" that they're choosing, it's "The Biggest Bigot."COLMES: That's very interesting, are they all bigots?GRAYSON: Show me one who represents the exception here. In a sense I guess Cruz is not technically that way, because technically he's not even an America.COLMES: Well,...
  • Alan Colmes: FBI Might Want to Look Into Clinton Foundation (libtards are sweating alert)

    05/14/2015 10:29:59 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 61 replies
    Brietbart ^ | May 13, 2015 | Ian Hanchett
    Talk radio host and Fox News Contributor Alan Colmes said that he wants to see full disclosure and transparency from the Clintons and that the FBI might want to look into the foundation on Wednesdays Americas Newsroom. Colmes said, Shes got to answer questions. Shes got to stand up and answer to the press, whether its a news conference or an interview. The FBI might want to look into this regarding the questions regarding potential conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and Hillarys time as Secretary of State.
  • Megyn Kelly & Alan Colmes "Duke It Out" Over Obama's Executive Amnesty!

    11/22/2014 8:17:38 AM PST · by sheikdetailfeather · 77 replies
    You Tube via Fox News ^ | 11/21/2014 | Megyn Kelly
    Megyn Kelly & Alan Colmes "Duke It Out" Over Obama's Executive Amnesty!
  • Shame on GOP states doing everything they can to hurt the poor (Alan Colmes, nuff said)

    10/05/2013 4:45:23 PM PDT · by workerbee · 29 replies
    Fox ^ | 10/5/13 | Alan Colmes
    ***SNIP*** Republican states have purposely and vindictively put up roadblocks to prevent its citizens from easy access to health care information as the Affordable Care Act was rolled out. They've either ignored the roll-out or encouraged people not to sign up. Missouri's lieutenant governor Peter Kinder, urged "active resistance" to the new law. This is why we have low information voters and why, according to two polls, 7% or 8% favor the Affordable Care Act over Obamacare, even though they are one and the same. ***SNIP*** Rachel Grob, Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has studied how different states are...
  • Foxs Gregg Jarrett Accuses Obama: He Doesnt Even Understand His Own Health Care Law

    08/13/2013 8:51:35 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 25 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 8-12-13 | Evan McMurray
    Fox News host Gregg Jarrett became exasperated with analyst Alan Colmes over the details of Obamacare implementation, accusing Colmes and President Barack Obama of either not understanding or intentionally misrepresenting the number of people covered under Obamacare. Maybe the president doesnt even understand his own health care law, Jarrett said, playing Obamas remark, made during his Friday press conference, that the GOPs holy grail is to prevent 30 million people from receiving health care. Its 48 million! You would think the president would understand a basic, fundamental, and important fact about his own signature law. That was a little bit...
  • The reason why Obama is not trying to solve the fiscal chaos (VIDEO - Bill O'Reilly)

    03/06/2013 9:29:13 AM PST · by servo1969 · 9 replies
    FoxNews ^ | Mar 5, 2013 | Bill O'Reilly
    Video Duration 9:17 - The O'Reilly Factor, 3/5/2013, Talking Points Commentary and A Block. Bill O'Reilly loses it with Alan Colmes just after the 4:30 mark. He genuinely looks as if he wants to punch Colmes in the face!
  • Bill OReilly unloads on Alan Colmes: You are lying! (video)

    03/06/2013 7:24:56 AM PST · by chessplayer · 44 replies
    The OReilly Factor host Bill OReilly unloaded on show regular Alan Colmes on Tuesday for failing to name a specific program President Barack Obama would be willing to cut, other than entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
  • WOW! O'Reilly gets emotional! Destroys Colmes!!

    03/05/2013 5:13:23 PM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 101 replies
    Did anyone just see this? I thought O'Reilly was going to reach across the table and strangle him. He called Colmes a liar and said he could not provide one program that Obama said he would cut. This was crazy!
  • Alan Colmess lips are so damn swollen its unbelievable (He says he fell on them)

    01/16/2013 8:28:22 AM PST · by smoothsailing · 64 replies
    The BLAZE ^ | 1-15-2013 | Eddie Scarry
    January 15, 2013 ALAN COLMESS LIPS ARE SO DAMN SWOLLEN ITS UNBELIEVABLE Eddie Scarry On Fox News The OReilly Factor tonight, liberal commentator Alan Colmes showed up on set looking particularly puffy in the lips. After joking that he was punched in the face, he says the swelling is a result of simply falling over. I fell, he said. Ok .Bonus photo...
  • Top Liberal Calls for Eva Longoria's Resignation from Obama Campaign

    10/18/2012 1:57:37 PM PDT · by george76 · 95 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 18 Oct 2012, | John Nolte
    After re-tweeting a tweet that declared as "stupid" any and all minorities and women who support a "racist/misogynist twat" named Mitt Romney, and then attempting to cover it up Anthony Weiner-style with a bizarre tweet blaming Twitter for "things in my timeline" -- actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria is now learning something about accountability. This morning, Longoria was forced to tweet out an apology. Now her resignation from the Obama campaign has been called for. For high-profile Obama supporter, Alan Colmes, it looks as though Longoria's apology was too little and way too late. Today on Fox News,...
  • Leftism Makes You Meaner

    01/10/2012 7:25:15 AM PST · by Kaslin · 49 replies ^ | January 10, 2012 | Dennis Prager
    Only a fool believes that all those with whom he differs are bad people. Moreover, just about all of us live the reality -- often within our own family -- of knowing good and loving people with whom we strongly differ on political, religious, social and economic issues. That said, I have come to believe that the more committed one is to leftism, the more likely one is to become meaner. Two examples in just the past week offer compelling evidence. Prominent left-wing commentators used the way in which Rick Santorum and his wife handled the death of one of...
  • (Alan) Colmes Mocks Santorum's Dead Child

    01/03/2012 2:14:34 PM PST · by NYer · 48 replies · 1+ views
    CMR ^ | January 3, 2012 | Matthew Archbold
    This absolutely sickens me. It is the lowest of the low. Liberal Alan Colmes mocks Rick Santorum for treating his dead son with dignity. Colmes was suggesting that voters would shun Santorum once they “get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby when it died right after child birth home and played with it so that his other children would know that the child was real." Notice the word "it." Colmes said the Santorum's took "it" home. My goodness, even a child that is born is still an "it"...
  • Alan Colmes is a heartless monster

    01/03/2012 10:11:41 AM PST · by Nachum · 112 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 1/3/12 | Rick Moran
    I don't see how one could come to any other conclusion when reading this piece from Mediaite about a confrontation between NRO's Rich Lowrey and the liberal pundit. The imbroglio erupted when Colmes said that Iowans would get off the Santorum bandwagon once they discovered some of the "crazy things" he's said and done. The segment was pegged to Santorum's polling surge in Iowa, which Colmes argued wouldn't last "once they get a load of some of the crazy things he's said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby who died after childbirth and played with it
  • Obama To Win Landslide Re-Election in 2012 (A liberal fool's prediction-note the date of article)

    09/09/2011 10:38:55 AM PDT · by Signalman · 25 replies
    Alan Colmes ^ | 4/20/2010 | William K. Wolfrum
    Its April 20, 2010, and let me call it now President Barack Obama will easily win re-election in 2012. Any discussion you hear about the 2012 presidential election is just a way to wile away the hours between the next Lindsay Lohan and/or Kim Kardashian news. Theres three indisputable reasons to call this race so early: 1) The economy will be better in 2011 than it is now. Its almost impossible not to improve the economy after eight years of George W. Bushs mad and often confusing slay-the-beast onslaught. It was as if the kids from Jersey Shore were...
  • Alan Colmes on Fire! Heated Debate Erupts Over Weiner Resignation! (VIDEO)

    06/16/2011 9:50:00 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 53 replies · 1+ views ^ | June 16 | Staff
    No text here...but video is great...Colmes goes off!
  • Bill OReilly: Could the Oil Spill Be the Knockout Blow For the Obama Administration?

    06/08/2010 6:37:41 PM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 37 replies · 150+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse/Fox News ^ | June 08, 2010 | Michael
    (Video) Alan Colmes, Monica Crowley, and Bill OReilly discuss the impact the oil spill could have on Obama and his administration. OReilly asked whether this could be the knockout blow for Obama, Crowley responded, I think it could be. Colmes said, Its too early to tell, but added, Anything could happen.
  • Alan Colmes has Refused to Debate me on Islam

    06/04/2010 7:22:09 PM PDT · by Islaminaction · 58 replies · 1,683+ views
    Logans Warning ^ | June 4Th, 2010 | Christopher Logan
    This is the update to my My Challenge to Alan Colmes article. After I put that post together, I sent it to Colmes along with a friend request on Facebook. He wrote me back to thank me for the friend request, but did not respond to this email in which I challenged him to a debate on Islam. Mr. Colmes, I just saw a video where you stated that there is no such thing as radical Islam, and also that Islam is not the problem. Do you care to back your statement up in a debate? If so befriend me,...
  • Alan Colmes just said racism is the reason conservatives criticizes Obama (BOR).

    03/30/2010 5:37:52 PM PDT · by Signalman · 48 replies · 874+ views
    3/30/2010 | Self
    Anyone else catch this? Liberal Alan Colmes was just on BOR and said, essentially, that criticism of Obama is based on racism, "because he's Black". Monica Crowley pointed out that it is not only conservatives who criticize Obama's policies but also Democrats. Colmes is an idiot. I'm glad Hannity dropped him.
  • Liberal Hatred...

    09/12/2009 10:51:24 PM PDT · by conservativefunhouse · 12 replies · 836+ views
    The Conservative Fun House ^ | 9/13/09 | James Wright
    I stumbled across the following Tweet from Fox News Contributor Alan Colmes yesterday: heres the teabagger mentality rt @RightKlik REAL Americans shut down Washington today. Not liberalsREAL PATRIOTS. Translation for our non Twitter using readers (get with the program yo!) Mr. Colmes is using the term teabagger to respond to a claim that liberals are not REAL Americans.
  • Flashback: Alan Colmes says hes agnostic about 9/11 conspiracy theories

    09/08/2009 7:48:13 AM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 6 replies · 1,055+ views
    NewsReal Blog ^ | September 7, 2009 | Kathy Shaidle
    Let's call it a "blast from the past." Yesterday, David Horowitz noted with perceptible disgust that former Sean Hannity sidecar occupant Alan Colmes had waved away criticism of disgraced "Green Jobs Czar" and admitted Communist Van Jones by describing Jones as simply "a mainstream liberal." (Insert your own joke here.) What struck me about Horowitz's post was his opening line: "If you didn't believe it when I said it..." Back in 2006, I saw and heard Alan Colmes say something on his old FOX News show that I tried to convince myself I'd misheard.
  • Ingraham Talks to Colmes About Obama Changing Meaning of 9/11 to "National Day of Service" - Video

    08/27/2009 6:37:44 PM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 17 replies · 2,109+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | August 27, 2009 | Michael
    Here is video of Laura Ingraham, in for Bill O'Reilly, talking to Alan Colmes about Obama changing the meaning of Sept. 11 to a national day of service. (Watch Video)
  • Drake, former SBC officer, says he's praying for Obama to die (Southern Baptist Conference)

    06/10/2009 8:11:59 AM PDT · by tlb · 46 replies · 1,457+ views
    Associated Baptist Press ^ | June 03, 2009 | Bob Allen
    NEW YORK (ABP) -- A former Southern Baptist Convention officer who on June 2 called the death of abortion provider George Tiller an answer to prayer said later in the day he is also praying "imprecatory prayer" against President Obama. Wiley Drake, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif., and former running mate of American Independent Party presidential candidate Alan Keyes, said June 2 on Fox News Radio he didn't understand why people were upset with his comments quoted by Associated Baptist Press from a webcast of his daily radio talk show. "Imprecatory prayer is agreeing with...
  • Willaim Ayers Fears Obama Presidency Could "Burn Up" in Afghanistan - Video 2/23/09

    02/24/2009 5:47:56 AM PST · by Federalist Patriot · 19 replies · 480+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | February 24, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Here is video of last night's Hannity where Alan Colmes talked with Sean Hannity about his exclusive interview with unrepetant terrorist William Ayers. A couple of clips from the interview are played, with Ayers saying he does not regret what he did during the Vietnam-era when he set bombs at the Pentagon and other places. He also said that President Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan is a "colossal mistake," and he fears Obama's "hopeful administration" could easily "burn up" in Afghanistan, much like Lyndon Johnson's presidency in Vietnam. . . . . (Watch Video)
  • Guilty of Being Right: An Interview with Ann Coulter

    02/02/2009 10:25:00 AM PST · by AJKauf · 17 replies · 1,772+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | February 2 | Bernard Chapin
    BC: I must say that I am filled with admiration for the way you sat before those inquisitors/twits on The View and remained dignified throughout. Apart from publicly displaying your bravery, whats the payoff from appearing alongside those demented harpies? Ann Coulter: Being around that bunch makes me feel younger and more attractive! Its like going to a spa. BC: Do you have any untelevised comments from that appearance you wish to share? Perhaps something along the lines of their lambasting you during a commercial break? Ann Coulter: Actually I think the show speaks very well for itself. Thats why...
  • I'm not watching Hannity...

    01/27/2009 7:59:42 PM PST · by brycemax · 28 replies · 893+ views
    Something is missing from Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes"...OH YEAH! It's COLMES! But I'm not watching Hannity now that he's a solo act! NOTE: The author of this comic requests that you visit his web site and please refrain from copying the cartoon within this thread. Thanks!
  • Hannity and Colmes Say Goodbye in Final Show - Video 1/9/09

    01/09/2009 7:59:08 PM PST · by Federalist Patriot · 13 replies · 1,420+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | January 9, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Here is video of the final segment from tonight's final show of Hannity & Colmes. Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity part ways, and this are their final words to each other. Sean Hannity begins a new show that is all Hannity next Monday, January 12. . . . (watch video)

    01/07/2009 7:12:35 AM PST · by Dawnsblood · 41 replies · 2,999+ views
    Ms Underestimated ^ | 1/6/09 | Ms Underestimated
    Tonight on H&C, Aaron Cohen, former Israeli Special Forces Operative, was on to discuss the Israeli war against the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza. Alan tries to go all oh, the humanity! on him, and Cohen proceeds to go nuclear on Alans a**, handing it right to him. Heh.
  • COULTER: Hannity & Colmes--VIDEO!--*The Real Story*: Banned or Played?

    01/05/2009 10:08:46 PM PST · by Syncro · 125 replies · 9,235+ views
    Google Video ^ | Jan 6, 2009 | Syncro
    Here is the story behind the "Banned for Life" straight from Coulters lips. Hannity and Colmes, Jan 5, 2009.Ann Gets to Talk in spite of Alan's attempt to derail her. Sales Rank: #11 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books) On it's way to #1!
  • Mark Stein is filling in for Hannity on Hannity and Colmes

    12/05/2008 6:09:50 PM PST · by mojo114 · 32 replies · 635+ views
    Mark Stein is filling in for Sean Hannity tonight, 9:00 est.
  • Who should replace Alan Colmes?

    12/05/2008 4:59:28 PM PST · by Texas Eagle · 147 replies · 2,558+ views
    n/a ^ | 12-05-08 | Texas Eagle
    Who do you think would be an appropriate replacement for Alan Colmes on FOX News's Hannity & Colmes program?
  • Hannity and Colmes split up

    11/24/2008 1:46:22 PM PST · by mockingbyrd · 85 replies · 3,699+ views
    Politico ^ | Michael Calderone
    Fox News announced that after 12 years, Alan Colmes will be leaving the top-rated "Hannity & Colmes" at the end of the year. I approached Bill Shine (FNCs Senior Vice President of Programming) earlier this year about wanting to move on after 12 years to develop new and challenging ways to contribute to the growth of the network," Colmes said in a statement. "Although its bittersweet to leave one of the longest marriages on cable news, Im proud that both Sean (Hannity) and I remained unharmed after sitting side by side, night after night for so many years. Sean Hannity...
  • Alan Colmes leaving Hannity & Colmes

    11/24/2008 12:08:28 PM PST · by RobinMasters · 67 replies · 2,609+ views
    Hot Air ^ | November 24, 2008 | ALLAHPUNDIT
    Broken by Radio Equalizer, confirmed by Fox News. In announcing his decision, Colmes said, I approached Bill Shine (FNCs Senior Vice President of Programming) earlier this year about wanting to move on after 12 years to develop new and challenging ways to contribute to the growth of the network. Although its bittersweet to leave one of the longest marriages on cable news, Im proud that both Sean (Hannity) and I remained unharmed after sitting side by side, night after night for so many years. Colmes will continue to have a presence on FNC as he will serve as a liberal...
  • Alan Colmes to Depart Top Rated Hannity & Colmes

    11/24/2008 10:36:20 AM PST · by DCBryan1 · 269 replies · 11,671+ views ^ | 24 NOV 08 | dcbryan1
    FOX News Channels (FNC) Alan Colmes will relinquish his role as co-host of Hannity & Colmes at the end of the year. In announcing his decision, Colmes said, I approached Bill Shine (FNCs Senior Vice President of Programming) earlier this year about wanting to move on after 12 years to develop new and challenging ways to contribute to the growth of the network. Although its bittersweet to leave one of the longest marriages on cable news, Im proud that both Sean (Hannity) and I remained unharmed after sitting side by side, night after night for so many years. Colmes will...
  • Defiant Dads: Fathers' Rights Activists in America (Barf Alert)

    11/13/2008 4:30:43 AM PST · by chambley1 · 11 replies · 1,022+ views ^ | November 13, 2008 | Jocelyn Elise Crowley (Colmes)
    Jocelyn Elise Crowley (Colmes) is the wife of leftist Alan Colmes of Hannity and Colmes fame. She was on the show last evening touting her book. This review from says it all: If you Google Jocelyn Elise Crowley, you'll find that she's a professor of Woman's Studies. So it's no wonder she's written a book that trashes the fathers rights movement. On the last page (269) we find the statement: "Why should men alter their political agenda to help secure equality for women?" Which is what she is proposing as the conclusion to this book. On page 11, she...
  • Alan Colmes Makes Me Sick (Live Thread, H&C Nov 7, 2008)

    11/07/2008 6:09:22 PM PST · by Syncro · 149 replies · 4,860+ views
    The Institute of Phenomonology ^ | Nov 7, 2008 | Dr. Zoo
    Alan Colmes opens the program saying that Palin greeted guests in her room only dressed in a towel Lies She had a bathrobe on, and didn't know anyone was in her room He said she spend much more on clothes then reported. Lies She didn't spend anything The McCain Campaign decided to buy her clothes. Colmes said Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent, not a country Another lie She didn't know what countries were in NAFTA More lies Taken out of context She didn't know what countries make of North America Lies, and completely absurd It goes on...
  • Jerome Corsi coming up on Sean Hannity show now about documents that link Obama to Odinga

    10/08/2008 2:07:17 PM PDT · by Sneakyuser · 598 replies · 20,862+ views
    If the Odinga connection (with over 50 people dead,some burned alive after the election) that Obama supported doesn't interest people, nothing will. Sean has pushed the Rezko, Wright and Ayers stories into the mainstream and hopefully this one will be the tipping point (if McCain ever mentions it).
  • Dick Morris slams Colmes after VP Debate

    10/02/2008 8:46:01 PM PDT · by thatjoeguy · 1 replies · 2,876+ views
    Anybody catch the Hannity and Colmes show? Man, Dick Morris looked like he was going to burst after Colmes started spouting his talking points. Morris just ripped into him after that and didn't let go that's for sure. Wow. Curious if anyone else caught that. JB
  • Dick Morris just roasted Colmes

    10/02/2008 8:41:12 PM PDT · by NoobRep · 159 replies · 6,965+ views
    Haha he called him brainless and basically told him to get a clue. It was brilliant! Colmes just got OWNED!
  • Rove lays the SMACKDOWN on Colmes (Video)

    09/18/2008 7:45:07 AM PDT · by ConservativeMan55 · 118 replies · 493+ views
    Colmes: I don't know how John McCain and Sarah Palin present themselves as reformers. she took oil money when she ran for Lt. Governor. John McCain has oil lobbyists. Rick Davis who's campaign manager.. Rove: You know Alan.. Colmes: was a lobbyist.. Rove: Alan with all due respect you can rattle on all you want about this. But if this is the standard then you have to tell me why Tom Daschle is in charge of the transition for Senator Obama? And why Jim Johnson the former head of Fannie Mae was the head of his Vice Presidential Search Committee?...
  • Alan Colmes

    09/01/2008 6:09:08 PM PDT · by gop4lyf · 2 replies · 107+ views
    Will Sean Hannity call Colmes out on the carpet for the despicable comments he made this weekend about Sarah Palin's baby? I don't remember exactly what he said but it was about the rumor of the baby being Bristol Palin's and then he retracted it on Sunday with a pseudo-apology
  • Alan Colmes tells us to: "Bring It On"

    09/01/2008 1:00:23 PM PDT · by jsk10 · 63 replies · 203+ views ^ | jsk10
    Alan Colmes not only stands by his vile remarks on Governor Palin, but urges us to "bring it on" as he defends his statements. I say we "Bring It!"
  • Alan Combs Missing Blog Page (Caution Lots of Profanity)

    09/01/2008 11:05:07 AM PDT · by P-Marlowe · 37 replies · 189+ views
    Liberal Land (Google Cache) ^ | 8/30/08 | Alan Combs
    Did Palin Take Proper Pre-Natal Care? August 30th, 2008, 9:54 PM EDT Rogers Cadenhead gives the timeline associated with the birth of her newest child. She had a speech in Dallas and, even after the water broke, continued with her activities, and then boarded a plane for home. She did consult by phone with her doctor.Still, a Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant womans water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. Thats true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks...
  • Stooping to Lowest Level: Democratic Claim of Palins Faked Pregnancy Gaining Steam

    09/01/2008 8:31:57 AM PDT · by RogerFGay · 44 replies · 274+ views ^ | September 1, 2008 | Warner Todd Huston
    **Update: TV's Alan Colmes Says Palin's Neglect Caused Down Syndrome Birth Stress!!** **Update #2 Below the Fold- Pregnancy Confirmed** **Update #3 Below the Fold- Michael Moore and Media Take Notice** **Update #4- London Times Now Repeats Fake Pregnancy Claim** **Update #5- CTV News Now Repeats Fake Pregnancy Claim** As I reported earlier, the scurrilous claim that McCain vice presidential pick Governor Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with a Down's Syndrome child is beginning to spread among the lowest of the nutrooters. Now, the unhinged, smear site has boosted this lie to their front pages. Naturally, since these hate sites...
  • You Stay Classy, Alan Colmes

    09/01/2008 1:35:56 AM PDT · by Delacon · 65 replies · 1,022+ views
    Wizbang ^ | August 31, 2008 | Kim Priestap
    Alan Colmes of Hannity and Colmes wrote a post so inappropriate and offensive the Kos Kiddies would be envious. He accused Governor Palin of not taking enough care of Trig when he was an unborn baby. A man who has no problem with a woman killing her unborn baby through an abortion actually has the nerve to ask if Governor Palin took too great a risk with her pregnancy:Rogers Cadenhead gives the timeline associated with the birth of her newest child. She had a speech in Dallas and, even after the water broke, continued with her activities, and then boarded...
  • Classless Alan Colmes: OMG, the Palins Eloped!

    Alan Colmes has been on a downward spiral for the ages since John McCain introduced Sarah Palin as his presumptive Vice-Presidential nominee. Fellow NewsBuster Warner Todd Huston caught Colmes scraping bottom at his Liberaland web site last night, as the lefty talker and Sean Hannity piata asked "Did Palin Take Proper Pre-Natal Care?" in connection with Palin's pregnancy and childbirth earlier this year. Trig Palin was born with Down's Syndrome on April 18. whiff of sanity appears to have prevailed, as the entry is now empty. Also not present: an apology. (Update, 3:30 p.m. -- Here's Colmes's "apology." You can...
  • Alan Colmes Responds to "Conservative Bloggers": Its About Judgment, Stupid

    08/31/2008 4:28:08 PM PDT · by cgk · 155 replies · 569+ views
    Liberaland ^ | 8-31-08 | Alan Colmes
    Here is Alan Colmes in his own words, or his fans' own words, or other people's words... He's still digging. Its About Judgment, Stupid August 31st, 2008, 1:43 PM EDT The post about Sarah Palins pre-natal care was taken down because of the vile comments made by a pletehora of conservatives who decided to invade the site and show us just how decent and value-driven some of them are. Nothing like epithet-hurling if you want to make your point, or if you have strong objections to what someone says or does. Furthermore, I in no way mean to suggest that...
  • Alan Colmes on Gov. Palin's Conservative Family Values

    08/31/2008 3:51:58 AM PDT · by Brytani · 189 replies · 1,334+ views
    alan colmes website ^ | August 29th, 2008, 4:13 PM EDT | Alan Colmes
    Conservative Family Values August 29th, 2008, 4:13 PM EDT In her speech in Dayton today, Gov. Sarah Palin announced that she and her husband are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, which means they were married on August 29, 1988. On April 20, 1989 less than eight months after they eloped their first son, Track, was born. I think I can guess the real reason why they eloped, and it wasnt to save money on an expensive wedding. Posted in Liberaland by Alan leave a comment trackback
  • Another Entry in the "Nuance" Category

    08/23/2008 2:20:44 PM PDT · by pharmamom · 14 replies · 161+ views
    WhenWeAreQueen ^ | August 22, 2008 | pharmamom
    Human life may begin at conception (gotta love Peggy Noonan in the WSJwhat do they think it is, a 1948 Buick?), but according to Alan Colms, personhood is not achieved until a child exits the birth canal alive and in accordance with its mothers wishes. This is eerily suggestive of Peter Singers assertion that babies (alive, out-of-the-uterus, breathing on their own, pooping, crying infants) do not truly have personhood for several months after birth, and that therefore, such non-person human beings may be terminated at the will of the parents. Claiming to know when to assign the status of person...
  • Holy Crap, I agree with Alan Colmes!

    10/15/2007 6:07:14 PM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 65 replies · 131+ views
    Holy crap! Alan Colmes has just taken some woman from NOW and some guy from the NABJ (Nat'l Association of Black Journalists) to task for opposing the return of Don Imus to radio!Colmes is arguing that these people need to let the free market work!My beeber is officially stuned.