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  • Why Socialism FAILS - Political Iatrogenics and Causal Opacity

    03/25/2019 6:31:57 PM PDT · by LibertyFound · 2 replies
    YouTube ^ | March 21, 2019 | Spencer P Morrison
    Socialism is a political philosophy predicated upon interventionism. It’s all about taking action. Doing. Unemployment? Create jobs. Poverty? Provide welfare. High rents? Impose rent controls. Socialism is popular because it appeals to one of mankind’s most powerful psychological biases. Sadly, socialism is also often little more than an exercise in political iatrogenics: it just makes things worse.
  • Why Socialism ALWAYS FAILS: Political Iatrogenics & Causal Opacity

    03/22/2019 4:52:12 PM PDT · by Thalean · 7 replies
    YouTube ^ | March 22, 2019 | Spencer P Morrison
    "…We wonder—and some Hunter may express Wonder like ours, when thro’ the wilderness Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chase, He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess What powerful but unrecorded race Once dwelt in that annihilated place." Published in 1818, Horace Smith’s “Ozymandias” imagines a London long-since abandoned—the English civilization is gone. Collapsed. The city is a new Rome. A half-forgotten memory like Babylon. Troy. Perhaps this is London’s destiny—perhaps it’s ours too. After all, many of America’s greatest cities are decaying before our very eyes. Consider Detroit. Its population plummeted by 63 percent since 1950,...
  • Liberal Author Reveals Democrat Endgame: Replace Republican ‘Evangelical Cult’ with Immigrants

    03/21/2019 10:30:21 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 18 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | March 21, 2019 | Jim Hoft
    We all knew why Democrats support open borders. We all knew their goal was more imported dependent voters. Finally one Democrat pundit comes clean. The goal of the modern day Democrat Party is to replace Americans with foreigners and drive the GOP to extinction. Sadly, several Republicans in the Pretend Party (12 last week) support this plan. Liberal David Atkins posted a thread on the Democrat Party’s plan for domination — replace Americans and capture the vote forever. David is a contributor at the Washington Monthly and far left Rolling Stone.
  • 2020 Democrats Import Grass-Roots Activism Into Their Campaign Staffs (Justice Democrats)

    03/20/2019 8:06:41 AM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 11 replies
    New York Times ^ | March 18, 2019 | Astead W. Herndon
    Alexandra Rojas was shocked. So was Waleed Shahid. The two vocal leaders of Justice Democrats, an advocacy group whose uncompromising style has made it a nuisance among Washington traditionalists, had a meeting request from aides to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was fresh into her presidential campaign. As Ms. Warren sought to push the party to the left by proposing expansive liberal policy ideas, her team was prepared to seek counsel from organizations that did the same. “They want us in their court,” Ms. Rojas said. “They know that if they want to win, they need to have the support from...
  • The Ideology of Socialist Conquest

    03/19/2019 9:41:31 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 11 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 19 Mar, 2019 | Alexander G. Markovsky
    The struggle between egalitarianism and wealth creation is being watched by the world with awe and apprehension -- the winner will proceed to prescribe America’s future. The Democratic Party carries a powerful ideological message of economic equality. It appeals to those who see themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, and exploited victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with envy that there are people of the extraordinary intelligence, ambition, and aggressiveness, and rich, and that they are not them. The Democrats have corralled the “victims” with promises of a better life, free health care, free education, more benefits, and laws to bill all this to...
  • Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism. Have we got the stomach for it?

    03/18/2019 3:35:05 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 72 replies
    The Guardian ^ | March 18, 2019 | Phil McDuff
    limate change activism is increasingly the domain of the young, such as 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the unlikely face of the school strike for climate movement, which has seen many thousands of children walk out of school to demand that their parents’ generation takes responsibility for leaving them a planet to live on. In comparison, the existing political establishment looks more and more like an impediment to change. The consequences of global warming have moved from the merely theoretical and predicted to observable reality over the past few years, but this has not been matched by an uptick in urgency. The...
  • SCOOP: Antifa Planning ‘Halloween Party’ Protest at Tucker Carlson’s Home on Friday Evening

    03/14/2019 6:35:45 PM PDT · by markomalley · 53 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 3/14/19 | Cassandra Fairbanks
    Antifa is planning to hold a “Halloween party” themed protest at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday evening, The Gateway Pundit has learned. The group is calling for people to meet at a church near Carlson’s home at 6 p.m. in Halloween costumes. The group will then walk together to his home.Far-left groups previously protested outside Carlson’s family home in November. The television personality was not home at the time, but his wife was.The group threatened Carlson and demanded that he leave town, saying that “tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.” They...
  • When "Millennials" Fought Socialism

    03/12/2019 4:54:08 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | March 12, 2019 | Humberto Fontova
    The yells of “DOWN WITH COMMUNISM!” and “LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING!” would make the walls of the prison tremble!” wrote a 21-year-old poet who’d been imprisoned, tortured and threatened with a firing squad by photogenic U.S. media-hailed “hipsters” who’d recently nationalized most of his nation’s means of production.The defiant yells the imprisoned poet heard almost daily through the window of his gloomy dungeon were always cut short by another one of “FUEGO!” and a thundering blast -- as Che Guevara’s firing-squads murdered defiant young heroes.At the time the poet, name Armando Valladares, was younger than Nick Jonas is today,...
  • 'The Fight of Our Lives': New Documentary Examines the Threats Facing the West

    03/11/2019 11:34:20 PM PDT · by amorphous · 10 replies ^ | 2/19/18 | film by Gloria Z. Greenfield
    Through incisive conversations with key scholars and experts in history, anthropology, international law, human rights, political science and media, The Fight of our Lives – Defeating the Ideological War Against the West examines the emergence of anti-Western ideas, ideologies and movements, along with their subsequent penetration into Western academia, politics, and society.
  • Kim regime worried about uprising: ex-UK ambassador to Pyongyang

    03/10/2019 3:30:38 PM PDT · by Steve Schulin · 20 replies
    The Korea Times ^ | March 11, 2019, p. 4 | Kim Bo-eun
    North Korea is keen to have sanctions eased, as the country faces a dire food shortage, a former U.K. ambassador to North Korea said. [photo caption] Children wave from a window at a kindergarten in Samchon, North Korea, in this photo taken by a World Food Program official in October 2015. An estimated 11 million North Koreans, more than 43 percent of the country’s population, are undernourished, according to a U.N. report issued Wednesday. [photo credit: Korea Times file] After a summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi last month failed to produce...
  • China’s Yi affirms pledge to avoid devaluation for trade

    03/10/2019 11:54:43 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 4 replies
    Associated Press ^ | March 10, 2019 | Joe McDonald
    China’s central bank governor on Sunday affirmed an official promise to avoid manipulating its currency to boost exports, an issue he said American and Chinese negotiators discussed in their latest talks aimed at ending a tariff war. Yi Gang gave no indication the two sides reached agreements beyond previous commitments produced by meetings of the Group of 20 major economies. He spoke at a news conference during the annual meeting of China’s ceremonial legislature. “We stress that we will never use the exchange rate for competitive purposes, nor will we use it to boost China’s exports,” Yi said. Yi took...
  • Hungarian Film Director on the Importance of Remembering Victims of Communism

    03/08/2019 1:36:30 PM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 11 replies
    Hungary Today ^ | 2019.02.25. | Fanni Kaszás
    On the Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism, Hungary Today had the opportunity to interview producer Tamás Lajos about his film Eternal Winter, which commemorates the hundreds of thousands of Hungarians deported to the Gulag and Gupvi forced-labor camps. Since its debut a year ago, the film has won several prestigious awards at various international film festivals. Q: Could this be an interesting topic for foreigners as well? Do you think viewing the movie would get them interested in this part of Hungary’s history? A: I think this topic is also a novelty abroad. I feel like, in the...
  • Is Ocasio-Cortez’s Campaign Finance Fiasco Going To End Her Reign Of Crazy On The Hill?

    03/05/2019 5:18:12 PM PST · by MtnClimber · 59 replies
    Town Hall ^ | 5 Mar, 2019 | Matt Vespa
    All right, we’re back, and the rising star of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) could come crashing down, and it might take her chief of staff with her. It all started when political consultant Luke Thompson noticed that AOC’s boyfriend has a congressional email for some odd reason. This is also a possible ethics violation, but that just scratched the surface. There are more details involving an FEC complaint, where nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions were illegally moved off the books. Yes, this is a serious allegation and one that carries jail time for AOC and her chief of...
  • The Cult-like Psychology of the Progressive Movement

    03/04/2019 2:24:28 PM PST · by jazusamo · 26 replies ^ | March 4, 2019 | Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)
    The non-stop push by the American left to dismantle existing American time-honored and time-tested institutions is how they will force socialism and central control on the American people. They’ll continue to destroy the bedrock institutions of Western culture, such as religion, schools, family, capitalism, businesses, law and order, the Constitution including the First and Second Amendment, and the rule of law. When those pushing back surrender at the ballot box, the scales will tip, and the left will achieve their ultimate plan to destroy America. Has anybody noticed the ideology of the Progressive movement has significant similarities to the psychology...
  • Fire "Red For Ed" Teachers And Start Over

    03/03/2019 9:57:11 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 11 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/03/19 | Daniel Wiseman
    The overwhelming majority of public schools in the United States suffer discontent and strife because of the rapacious teachers unions, the AFT and the NEA Go online and do research on the recent West Virginia teachers strike, and low and behold, the Democratic Media Industrial Complex all get in line to report on this non-catastrophe. They are all there: National Public Radio, the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, CBS News, and Time Magazine—to get behind the teachers union like Pavlov’s dogs. As the West Virginia House of Delegates killed a bill that would allow for charter schools and private...
  • Bernie Sanders has Plenty of Communist-Praising Democrat Company

    03/02/2019 5:30:01 AM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | March 2, 2019 | Humberto Fontova
    “I remember… being very excited when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba.. It just seemed right and appropriate that poor people were rising up against the rich ugly people….In 1959 everybody was totally convinced that Fidel Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro…They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society…..So they expected this tremendous uprising in Cuba, but it never came.” (Bernie Sanders.) So a prominent Democrat sings the praises Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s...
  • McCarrick's Victim speaks out

    02/26/2019 10:02:42 AM PST · by Missouri gal · 15 replies
    Taylor Marshall, Thomas Aquinas Institute ^ | Dec 5, 2018 | Taylor Marshall
    An extensive interview with James Grein, McCarrick abuse victim, reveals a trail of corruption that extends from post-World War Europe, to the Vatican, Hollywood, U.S. and world politics. Grein connects Theodore McCarrick to communist infiltration worldwide. Tells some of the persons who supported or who received "white envelopes." He connects leading figures worldwide to the Leftist agenda. For those who do not have an hour and 42 minutes, first 8 minutes tells his connection to McCarrick, and then from about 38-68 minutes reveals the network that Grein personally witnessed.
  • Cubans overwhelmingly ratify new socialist constitution

    02/25/2019 1:08:21 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 26 replies
    Reuters ^ | February 25, 2019 | by Marc Frank, Nelson Acosta
    HAVANA - Cubans have overwhelmingly ratified a new constitution that enshrines the one-party socialist system as irrevocable while instituting modest economic and social changes, according to the national electoral commission. Alina Balseiro Gutierrez, president of the commission, said at a Havana press conference on Monday that preliminary results showed 84.4 percent of the 7.8 million potential voters participated in the Sunday referendum. She said of the potential electorate and not actual votes cast, 73.31 percent ratified the charter, 7.6 percent opposed ratification and 4.5 percent spoiled or left ballots blank. By comparison, in 1976 when the current constitution was ratified,...
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods, Unless . .

    02/23/2019 4:52:58 PM PST · by Richard William I · 4 replies
    Richard Williamz ^ | 02/23/2019 | Richard Williamz
  • Vintage Bernie footage shows now-presidential candidate praising breadlines, communist nations

    02/22/2019 7:10:23 PM PST · by Republican Wildcat · 27 replies
    Fox News ^ | 2/22/2019 | Adam Shaw
    Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has never shied away from his embrace of a hard-left agenda, but the democratic socialist is facing renewed scrutiny over a catalog of comments he made in the 1980s praising the Soviet Union, offering advice to Nicaragua's socialist government -- and even saying breadlines in communist countries are a "good thing." “It’s funny sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing,” he said in one vintage video unearthed by conservative activists. “In other countries, people don’t line up for food, rich...