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  • People of Germany, WE FORGIVE YOU, NOW WAKE THE HELL UP! ~ Vanity

    11/11/2015 11:55:36 AM PST · by GraceG · 20 replies
    Germans, especially all of you under the age 70ish, WE FORGIVE YOU. We recognize you cannot constantly be paying for the crimes of your ancestors who made bad decisions concerning humanity over 80 years ago. We have good experience about these matters, because the predominate culture of the united states is constantly being brow beaten for the decisions a minority of their ancestors made in the 1800's. Why should you feel this endless constant guilt being foisted upon you by the social engineers that wish to run your country as a literal "Guilt State" of Self Loathing. Especially when the...
  • Army Deletes Tweet About ‘Chinks In Armor’ After People Cry Racism

    01/31/2015 9:59:44 AM PST · by rktman · 62 replies ^ | 1/30/2015 | Katherine Timpf
    The U.S. Army has deleted a tweet that used the term “chinks” in armor after people freaked out that the same word can be used in a completely different context as a racial slur against people of Chinese descent. “Chinks in special ops’ digital and physical armor poses challenges, experts say,” the tweet read, followed by a link to a news release about how terrorists’ using social media has left a hole — dare I say, a chink in — our country’s defenses.
  • NAACP speaker: Don't wait to recognize, fight oppression

    11/09/2014 8:01:32 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies
    The Indiana Pennsylvania Gazette ^ | November 9, 2014 | Chauncey Ross
    Oppression has been a fact of life in America since Europeans first set foot on the continent, and for as long as there have been oppressors and victims, there have been a third group of people — those who stood by and did nothing — according to the guest speaker at the Indiana County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet. Dr. challenged the audience even with the title of her talk, “Is There Justice For All?” on Saturday evening at the Indiana Holiday Inn. Native Americans were the first victims in the western world, she said. Victims of genocide. Then African-Americans, pressed...
  • Kick Andrew Jackson Off the $20 Bill!

    03/05/2014 4:40:55 AM PST · by C19fan · 80 replies
    Slate ^ | March 3, 2014 | Jillian Keenan
    My public high school wasn’t the best, but we did have an amazing history teacher. Mr. L, as we called him, brought our country’s story to life. So when he taught us about the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears, Andrew Jackson’s campaigns to force at least 46,000 Cherokees, Choctaws, Muscogee-Creeks, Chickasaws, and Seminoles off their ancestral lands, my classmates and I were stricken. ....................................................... But then it was lunchtime, and we pulled out our wallets in the cafeteria. Andrew Jackson was there, staring out from every $20 bill. We had been carrying around portraits of a mass...
  • Stop Laughing At Us Seniors

    09/10/2013 1:19:57 PM PDT · by knarf · 11 replies
    e-mail | September 10, 2013 | unknown
    Have a laugh ... have a heart .. give us a break ...
  • Advance Orders for Paula Deen Cookbook Surge (UP %1300)

    06/25/2013 4:43:59 PM PDT · by drewh · 28 replies
    CNN ^ | June 25, 2013: 1:46 PM ET | By Aaron Smith
    <p>Advance orders for Paula Deen's new cookbook have surged since the Food Network and Smithfield Foods axed her for using a racial slur.</p> <p>Orders for "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up" surged on Amazon (AMZN, Fortune 500) by nearly 1,300% in the last 24 hours.</p>
  • Yes, gay is a choice, get over it.

    12/24/2012 8:14:04 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 61 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 12/24/2012 | Robert Oscar Lopez
    According to Peter Schmidt in the Chronicle of Higher Education, yet another individual working in higher education has been demolished for saying the wrong thing about homosexuality. The basis on which to define people as "anti-gay" has, however, taken a turn to the absurd (and eerie). Unlike Angela McCaskill, who was nearly fired from Gallaudet University for signing a petition on gay marriage, Crystal Dixon of the University of Toledo was fired for writing an editorial in a local newspaper. She referred to Exodus and mentioned people who chose to leave the gay lifestyle. For this column I will stick...
  • Venezuela Divided Over Justin Timberlake ‘SNL’ Mock Tribute Of Hugo Chavez

    03/10/2013 2:04:57 PM PDT · by GrootheWanderer · 21 replies
    PopDirt ^ | March 10, 2013
    Justin Timberlake’s opening skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’ featured the singer and actor doing a “tribute” of Venezuelan authoritarian Hugo Chavez, who died Tuesday (March 5), dressed as Elton John, mimicking Elton’s ‘Candle in the Wind’ tribute of Princess Diana. Timberlake’s take would likely be considered softball by the standards of American conservatives or moderates, but to many in Venezuela, they turned to Twitter to blast the artist for disrespecting their fallen leader and the country’s flag, seen in the background of the skit. The angry messages sent via Twitter (@jtimberlake) include: @luisragarcia: Be a men @jtimberlake, no time for...
  • BREAKING: RG III announces Redskins will NOT play tonite until Congress reaches an agreement

    12/30/2012 1:44:53 PM PST · by ken5050 · 43 replies
    one man's opinion...
    In a stunning development just moments ago, that left reporters in the room absolutely speechless, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III held a sudden press conference and announced that the entire Redskins teams had voted unanimously to NOT play tonight's game against the Dallas Cowboys until Congress reaches a deal to solve the fiscal problem.
  • We Lost...Who To Blame And Why

    11/08/2012 7:53:08 PM PST · by Absolutely Nobama · 105 replies
    Alan Levy's Heavy Heart | 11/8/12 | Alan Levy
    We lost. We the People got our teeth kicked down our throat. I know that sounds harsh, but let's face it fellow Republicans, we're members of a party that failed to defeat a racist, dog-eating, homosexual agenda pushing piece of human garbage who isn't qualified to be a cashier at 7-11, let alone be President of the United States. We, the party of strong economies and national defense, failed as a party to dislodge an economically illiterate man who hates the US military with a passion. In short, this election was an absolute train wreck that may very well destroy...
  • For a Nation of Whiners, Therapists Try Tough Love (We all know a whiner or 2)

    05/17/2012 9:17:05 AM PDT · by AmonAmarth · 16 replies
    Sharon Rosenblatt was talking to her therapist fast and furiously about her dating life, when the woman suddenly interrupted her. "Haven't we heard this before?" the therapist asked. Was Ms. Rosenblatt offended? Not at all. The 23-year-old, who works in business development for an information technology company, says she specifically sought out a tough-love therapist after graduating from college and moving to Silver Spring, Md., two years ago. "When there's unconditional love from my therapist, I'm not inclined to change," Ms. Rosenblatt says. Previous therapists, she says, would listen passively while she complained unchallenged. Whining, as defined by experts—the therapists,...
  • Buh-Bye! (Not really an opus - too short) [possibly the lamest opus in the history of FR]

    04/13/2012 6:38:33 PM PDT · by PhilosopherStone1000 · 84 replies
    4/13/12 | PhilStone
    Ah, yet another "opus" from a disgruntled FReeper. I have been on FR off and on since 2001 (not a founder, I admit) under four different user-names, largely because there are Moderator's here who have more zeal than sense (and no sense of what the '/sarc' tag means). I got busted for saying in January 2008 what JimRob said yesterday - "no RINO's, no WAY". Back then, I got zotted for saying that I'd frankly prefer a Dumb0 election to a McCain one since Dumb0 would finally wake Americans up to what the left REALLY wants: chaos, race-riots and totalitarianism,...
  • America Needs Rick Perry as President

    11/26/2011 9:21:55 AM PST · by shield · 95 replies
    YouTube ^ | 24th November, 2011
    Do not believe the haters and the left-leaning media. Rick Perry has the strength, conviction, and solid record to turn America around. It is time. Time for a REAL change.
  • Earthquake? Governor Palin Changes Facebook Status From ‘Republican’ to ‘Conservative’

    10/14/2011 9:01:22 PM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 190 replies · 1+ views
    Conservatives4Palin ^ | Friday October 14, 2011
    Ok guys … Is this just a minor thing? Or a big deal? I’ll let you speculate on what it means …. Here’s the news reported by the Sarah Palin Blog: I was walking through the grocery store earlier today when I received a text message from a close friend asking me if I had taken note of the change on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.  I confessed that it had been an exceptionally busy day and that I had not looked at Palin’s page today.  My friend then brought to my attention that under the “Info” link, Palin’s political views...
  • Viewpoints: Racist cartoon of Obama forces me to leave GOP

    06/16/2011 3:25:08 PM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 127 replies · 3+ views ^ | 6/12/2011
    I was one of those rare species: a black Republican, the guy willing to spit into the wind of conventional thought, who was often showcased on camera at party events to prove inclusiveness. But as a proud black man, I can no longer be a member of the Republican Party. Being a Republican has long been a part of my personal and professional identities, so leaving the party is a difficult and emotional decision. In 1998, as a young man searching for what I believed were shared values, I cut ties with the Democratic Party and became a Republican. Democrats,...
  • Sola Scriptura

    02/23/2011 3:05:37 PM PST · by Natural Law · 36 replies · 1+ views
    Self | 23 Feb 2011 | Natural Law
    Who owns the concept of Sola Scriptura and what does it take to be an adherent? What active Christian; be they Catholic Protestant, or Evangelical would argue with the definition put forth by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, a leading Protestant theologian and President of Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, California, in his article “What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura?”: “The Protestant position, and my position, is that all things necessary for salvation and concerning faith and life are taught in the Bible clearly enough for the ordinary believer to find it there and understand.” Yet a more literalist definition...
  • Is Pollard Caspar Weinberger's Revenge on the Jews?

    12/23/2010 8:33:25 AM PST · by TPOOH · 95 replies · 2+ views
    IsraeliNationalNews Arutz Sheva ^ | Dec 23, 2010 | Prof. Phyllis Chesler
    Why is this man still in jail? Why was this man forced to spend seven years in solitary? Why is still confined, languishing, festering in jail for a total of twenty five years? Solitary confinement is the most barbaric of punishments. Few people can withstand this form of torture without becoming very ill, both physically and mentally. Am I talking about the Soviet Gulag? Or about some hell-hole in Afghanistan or Iran? Last year, The New Yorker ran a piece about solitary confinement. The article concludes that this punishment amounts to torture, that it can even induce “acute psychosis with...
  • Mass. Senate approves national popular vote bill

    07/21/2010 11:57:50 AM PDT · by jessduntno · 106 replies · 3+ views
    The Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill that would give the state’s Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. The bill approved by the Senate 28-10 last week is part of a nationwide effort to secure the agreement of enough states so the winner of the national popular vote would be guaranteed to win the presidency. The bill will not go into effect until states possessing a majority of Electoral College votes pass similar legislation. Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii and Washington state have approved the measure. The House passed its version of the...
  • Oakland unlikely to 'get over' mismanagement

    04/27/2010 7:55:34 AM PDT · by SmithL · 8 replies · 456+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 4/27/10 | Chip Johnson
    It's inappropriate for any elected official, and certainly a big-city mayor, to tell constituents that the way their tax dollars are spent is of no importance. But that's what Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums appeared to be saying last week when he told a Chronicle reporter that a state audit about how the city had handled $3 million in federal job training stimulus funds was "much ado about nothing, man." "It's an accounting matter," the mayor said. He went even further, criticizing the news media for highlighting field trips to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and a Concord water park that...
  • Once you stop grieving, start griping: Honk if you hate the IOC process [Wee-Weed Up]

    10/02/2009 11:28:50 AM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 77 replies · 1,926+ views ^ | October 3, 2009 | David Haugh
    You have every right to be mad, Chicago. Something smells rotten in Denmark, and the stench is making everybody hold their noses on this side of the Atlantic. Honk if you hate the IOC process. This was the most frustrating defeat in Chicago's recent sports history. This beats them all, worse the Cubs getting swept by the Dodgers in the 2008 Divisional Playoffs or the Bears losing to the Colts in Super Bowl XLI. This is worse than your favorite No. 1 seed being knocked out in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. At least we know how they...
  • Letterman apologizes tonight?

    06/15/2009 9:03:00 PM PDT · by estrogen · 24 replies · 1,247+ views
    CBS TV | me
    Is Letterman that oblivious?
  • Delving into his legacy will offer President Bush some just deserts (BDS Special - Hold Your Nose)

    04/15/2009 1:33:25 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 8 replies · 419+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | Tuesday, April 14th 2009 | Richard Cohen
    <p>Former President George Bush and some of his White House aides are gathering in Dallas to plan the future George W. Bush Policy Institute. There, I guess, they will ponder grand themes and marble foyers, but I propose they begin by simply renaming the place. I suggest the "George W. Bush Institute of Management Failure" and dedicate it to studying how this presidency went so wrong - a task as big as Texas.</p>
  • Dr. Orly, Letter from Lt. Col. David A Earl-Graef

    01/17/2009 7:31:22 AM PST · by urtax$@work · 10 replies · 1,598+ views
    A Natural Born Citizen...Orly? ^ | 1-16-09 | Lt. Col. David A Earl-Graef
    Following are Exerpts for discussion. go to link for complete letter Strong Plea to our Armed forces from Lt. Col. David A Earl-Graef Friday, January 16, 2009 4:11 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "David Earl-Graef" View contact details To: dr_taitz@yahoo.comPlease post this ASAP. This is very Important To ALL Who Serve, You have expressed many kind thoughts about me and I am keenly aware that ………….. I have every faith, trust and confidence, as should you, in our military leaders and would follow their lawful orders as all military should to the death. I am confident our...
  • Flush out the real birth certificate - Vanity

    01/14/2009 2:31:03 PM PST · by knew it all the time · 61 replies · 3,434+ views
    Perhaps the following would bring forth the elussive BC. A large sum of money, upwards of 1 million dollars, is placed in trust with a reputable bank. This money would be designated to be paid to a chairatible organization upon BHO producing the genuine certificate, and allowing it be verified by forensics experts. If he produces the genuine BC within a reasonable time, say ten days, the funds go to charity and he is a hero, if he ddoesn't the money is returned to the source, and some deserving charity comes up a loser due to the arragance of BHO,...
  • Grief Cycle (Vanity)

    11/05/2008 9:27:20 AM PST · by LeoOshkosh · 6 replies · 503+ views
    11/5/2008 | Leo Oshkosh
  • Here They Come. Democrats gone wild.

    10/18/2008 9:03:16 AM PDT · by FocusNexus · 102 replies · 1,989+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | Oct. 27, 2008 issue | Matthew Continetti
    It's time to face facts. In-your-face liberalism is about to make a comeback. And this time it will be on steroids. Next year the Democrats will control both houses of Congress, most likely with comfortable, perhaps filibuster-proof majorities. If there is a Democratic president, too, Washington will host one of the most liberal governments in American history. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are more than ready to make staggeringly liberal changes in the country's economic, social, and foreign policy. Obama says Washington needs to "invest" tax dollars in alternative energy, infrastructure, health insurance subsidies, and education...
  • Minorities Often a Majority of the Population Under 20 (Welcome to the United States of Mexico)

    08/07/2008 3:27:16 PM PDT · by NRA2BFree · 37 replies · 122+ views ^ | 8/7/08 | Sam Roberts
    Foreshadowing the nation’s changing makeup, one in four American counties have passed or are approaching the tipping point where black, Hispanic and Asian children constitute a majority of the under-20 population, according to analyses of census figures released Thursday. Racial and ethnic minorities now account for 43 percent of Americans under 20. Among people of all ages, minorities make up at least 40 percent of the population in more than one in six of the nation’s 3,141 counties. The latest population changes by race, ethnicity and age, as of July 1, 2007, were generally marginal compared with the year before....
  • Ex -US Envoy: Croatia Expelled Serbs

    06/25/2008 7:19:23 PM PDT · by Bokababe · 76 replies · 2,058+ views
    Balkan Insight ^ | 6/25/08 | Staff
    24 June 2008 Zagreb _ A former US ambassador to Croatia has accused Zagreb of plotting and sanctioning the exodus of Serbs in 1995 to create an "ethnically clean" country. Peter Galbraith told The Hague war crimes trial of three Croatian generals, that the leadership headed by late President Franjo Tudjman used ‘Operation Storm’ to ‘cleanse’ Croatia of Serbs. “Croatian authorities either ordered or allowed a mass destruction of the Serb property in former (Serb-held region of) Krajina to prevent the return of the population. I consider that to have been a thought through policy,” he said, testifying at the...
  • Sparks Fly at Black Caucus Meeting ( Barack Obama )

    06/21/2008 2:16:50 PM PDT · by george76 · 62 replies · 535+ views
    ABC News ^ | June 20, 2008 | JAKE TAPPER and KATE SNOW
    A Thursday afternoon meeting between Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus grew tense and emotional for a moment -- perhaps illustrating that weeks after Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., suspended her presidential campaign, some nerves remain frayed. Sources at the meeting said that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, a Clinton supporter, expressed the desire that Obama and his campaign would reach out the millions of women still aggrieved about what happened in the campaign and still disappointed that Clinton lost. Obama then said, "However, I need to make a decision in the next few months...
  • Cécilia stole my Sarkozy, says French President's first wife

    05/31/2008 9:47:53 PM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 6 replies · 204+ views
    The Times ^ | 6/1/2008 | John Follain in Paris
    The first wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy has emerged from self-imposed seclusion to declare that she has forgiven him for the infidelity that led to their divorce but has not forgotten her betrayal by her friend Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz, who went on to marry him. Marie-Dominique Culioli has spoken about her marriage to French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a new book that looks into his relationships with women In an interview for a book on Sarkozy’s relationships with women, Marie-Dominique Culioli, 53, who was at his side when he launched his political career, condemned Cécilia in terms that shed an unflattering...
  • How did did come up with its name?

    02/15/2008 5:48:11 PM PST · by mdittmar · 13 replies · 91+ views
    various | February 15,2008 | me
    According to Wikipedia,MoveOn was formed in 1998.MoveOn is a non-profit liberal public policy advocacy group[2] that has raised millions of dollars for Democratic Party candidates in the United States.[3] It was formed in response to the impeachment of President Clinton[4] and is, by some accounts, cited as a factor which helped propel the Democratic Party to power in the 2006 election.[5]
  • Thompson talks of daughter who died

    10/22/2007 4:12:11 PM PDT · by 668 - Neighbor of the Beast · 392 replies · 386+ views
    Yahoo News / AP ^ | 10/22/2007 | LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer
    TAMPA, Fla. - Republican Fred Thompson sidestepped a question about the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case last month, saying he didn't remember the details. On Monday he said he's uncomfortable discussing it because of his own daughter's death.snip "And this will probably be the last time I ever address it." snip He added: "It should be decided by families. The federal government and the state government, too — except for the court system — ought to stay out of it, as far as I'm concerned."
  • Terri Schiavo's Brother Wants to Talk With GOP Candidates About Her

    10/25/2007 4:05:19 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 143 replies · 247+ views
    Life News ^ | 10/25/07 | Steven Ertelt
    Washington, DC ( -- With Fred Thompson becoming the latest Republican presidential candidate to say that the federal and state government shouldn't have been involved in trying to save Terri Schiavo's life, her brother says he wants to talk with the GOP hopefuls. He says they would be more likely to support the actions Congress and the Florida legislature took to try to help his family prevent her former husband from subjecting her to a painful euthanasia death if they knew more about her case."I want to personally talk with them about Terri's case," Bobby Schindler told the Boston Globe....
  • Vanity--Job Interview Confidentiality

    10/19/2007 7:18:28 PM PDT · by Captainpaintball · 24 replies · 807+ views
    My friend, Austin, calls me up, angry, and starts telling me how I have to help him move all of his remaining stuff out of his parents' house. I ask him why, and he tells me about a job interview he got in a company through his dad. Austin interviewed with this same company 3-4 years ago. He was rejected. This time there were certain people involved with the last interview, but mostly new faces. Austin though it went "awesome", but in reality, it was a disaster. Later that day, Austin called his dad about something unrelated, only to be...
  • IPod etiquette falling on deaf ears

    08/13/2007 7:43:03 AM PDT · by Millee · 35 replies · 484+ views
    AP ^ | 8/13/07 | Erin Carlson
    Dave Legeret silently fumed as the man seated beside him on the plane blasted techno music on his iPod at full volume. "It was kind of rude," recalled Legeret, 38, a jewelry designer from Sandy Hook, Conn., who was forced to listen while flying from New York City to Disney World in Florida with his wife and 8-year-old son. "Listen to it at a level that just you can hear it, and everyone else doesn't have to be subject to it." Apple Inc.'s ubiquitous iPod is best-known as an instrument of solitude - unless the user ignores standards of etiquette...
  • Today's the day to shut the door on unpleasant chapters of life (Get over it)

    03/09/2007 2:39:39 PM PST · by Rodney King · 5 replies · 331+ views
    Chicago Sun Times ^ | today | Maureen Jenkins
    Today's the day to shut the door on unpleasant chapters of life (,CST-FTR-getoveritday09.article) March 9, 2007 BY MAUREEN JENKINS Staff Reporter Question: What are loser ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, annoying co-workers, sniping in-laws, the job you didn't get, that stubborn cellulite and those extra 20 pounds that refuse to go away? Things you need to GET OVER. Today. Of course, it's not always that simple. And that's why Atlanta entrepreneur Jeff Goldblatt last year created a so-called "holiday" in March to help people put these thorns-in-the-side behind us, once and for all. After going through a tough breakup with his girlfriend...
  • March 9th -- Get Over it Day

    03/09/2007 10:53:18 AM PST · by Responsibility2nd · 11 replies · 657+ views
    Get Over It ^ | 03/09/2007 (What Else)
  • Muslims Protest Fast Food Franchise

    01/05/2007 11:59:26 AM PST · by Viking Ski Bum · 129 replies · 4,050+ views
    Human Events ^ | Jan 05, 2007 | Ayers Lampblack
    CHICAGO—The debut of a new theme restaurant in suburban Chicago featuring a menu of foods forbidden by Islamic law and waitresses clad in revealing uniforms has sparked an uproar among local Muslims who claim the restaurant is an affront to Islam. The December 27 opening of a Burqa King franchise in Winnetka and the subsequent furor over the establishment’s dining theme has drawn the attention of local Muslim clerics and activists, and aimed a spotlight on former Bush Administration Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Officials with Winnetka Holy Outreach to Counsel and Advise Islamic Religious Sects (WHOCAIRS) announced Wednesday that they...
  • I knew a country once. It was called "America"

    11/08/2006 3:13:19 AM PST · by TexasPatriot8 · 385 replies · 13,685+ views
    This is directed at those so called "conservative" retards who did not vote for their Republican Senators and Representatives in the few close states, or who voted Libertarian or Democrat. I knew a country once. It was called "America". "Libertarians" and Republicans who didn’t vote; YOU ARE TRAITORS to that country and your so called conservative values. It’s that simple. And you just handed America to the Modern American Socialist party. Good job. Well done. GO TO H**L!!! I am so disgusted and ashamed of America right now I can’t even hardly type. I can’t sleep either. I can not...
  • Prosecutors: Nurse May Have Sought Revenge

    09/26/2006 9:55:57 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 9 replies · 1,410+ views
    ABC News/Good Morning America ^ | September 25, 2006 | ABC News
    Sept. 25, 2006 — It sounds like a plot straight out of a soap opera: A nurse crosses paths with a former schoolmate in a recovery room, and the patient winds up dead. Was it an accident or was an old high school grudge a motive for murder? Right now, investigators in Charlotte, N.C., think it may be the latter. Looking at Olympic High School yearbooks from 1972 and 1973, it would appear that Sandra Baker and Sally Jordan had everything going for them. Both were extremely pretty and moved in the same circles. They even reportedly dated the same...
  • 'Fair and Balanced' Fox News Called On Alleged Pro-Homosexual Support

    09/14/2006 12:04:14 PM PDT · by bennyjakobowski · 32 replies · 1,127+ views
    (AgapePress) - A conservative pro-family group is challenging Fox News Channel over an alleged $10,000 contribution it made to sponsor a conference last weekend for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA). Americans for Truth, an organization formed to monitor and expose elements of the homosexual agenda in the nation's culture, says if Fox News did make this contribution, the supposed "fair and balanced" network needs to contribute equally to a conservative organization if its slogan is to have credence. Both the pro-family group and WorldNetDaily reported on the network's alleged contribution to NLGJA, which is listed on the...
  • SoCal heirs of Armenians file lawsuit against German banks

    09/13/2006 3:15:20 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 18 replies · 401+ views
    CBS5 ^ | Wednesday September 13, 2006
    Heirs of Armenians killed nearly a century ago in the Turkish Ottoman Empire can proceed with a lawsuit against two German banks they claim owe them millions of dollars. Federal Judge Margaret M. Morrow's ruling on Monday allows the class-action suit to move ahead. No trial date was set. Deutsche Bank A.G. and Dresdner Bank A.G. were sued in January. Seven Armenians living in Southern California are seeking unspecified millions of dollars for assets such as gold, cash and jewelry that they claim were deposited by thousands of their ancestors at the banks' Turkish branches or otherwise looted by the...
  • Kerry revives 2004 allegations in Ohio fundraising e-mail [L O S E R]

    08/29/2006 4:03:04 AM PDT · by johnny7 · 29 replies · 704+ views
    WASHINGTON Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is alleging election improprieties by the Ohio Republican who oversaw the deciding vote in 2004. Kerry didn't contest the results at the time. But an e-mail will be sent to 100-thousand Democratic donors tomorrow asking them to support Congressman Ted Strickland for governor of Ohio.The bulk of the e-mail criticizes Strickland's opponent, G-O-P Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, for his dual role in 2004 as President Bush's honorary Ohio campaign co-chairman and the state's top election official. Kerry's e-mail claims Blackwell used his office to "try to intimidate Ohioans and suppress the Democratic vote."Kerry conceded...
  • Hang up phone or be fined? (CA)

    08/26/2006 11:13:18 AM PDT · by radar101 · 88 replies · 1,593+ views
    LA Daily News ^ | 26 AUG. 2006 | STEVE GEISSINGER,
    Motorists would be banned from using handheld cell phones - a problem blamed for thousands of vehicle crashes and fatalities - under a bill expected to be approved by the Legislature next week. Modeled after a New York City law, Senate Bill 1613 would fine drivers using handheld cell phones $20 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent offenses beginning Jan. 1, 2008. It would not apply to drivers using hands-free models and would exempt motorists using handheld cell phones in emergencies. And the legislation would remain in effect only until July 1, 2011, unless renewed. "Cell phones are...
  • Cannon Wins, America Loses... But We're Still Optimistic

    06/28/2006 11:33:08 AM PDT · by NapkinUser · 72 replies · 1,392+ views
    Team America PAC ^ | 06/28/2006 | Bay Buchanan
    After a huge push from the illegal alien lobby, Chris "King of Amnesty" Cannon defeated Team America endorsed Candidate John Jacob 56-44% in Utah's 3rd congressional district.While we are obviously disapointed in the result, the campaign was still a victory for the cause of secure borders. Cannon accredits his win to "extremists" who backed Jacob (i.e. us) and turned off voters. This couldn't be further for the truth. If he didn't have to hide from his pro-illegal record, Cannon would have coasted to victory. In order to defeat a political novice, Cannon had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars...
  • Why Does Sony Fear Free Publicity?

    04/08/2006 6:05:20 PM PDT · by Coleus · 29 replies · 746+ views
    Why Does Sony Fear Free Publicity?   “Don’t protest, you’re just giving them free publicity!”That is the advice that the anti-blasphemy protester must often endure when organizing protests in front of theaters.  The conventional wisdom is that controversy generates interest. And interest will in turn only fuel ticket sales. The best thing a Catholic can do in face of a blasphemous movie is to ignore it. Don’t go. Do nothing.   Thus, the TFP massive protests in front of theaters and especially its current efforts to organize 1,000 protests against The Da Vinci Code movie are at best well-intentioned but counter-productive.Indeed if...

    03/28/2006 1:14:49 PM PST · by F16Fighter · 476 replies · 9,710+ views
    F16 Fighter ^ | 3-28-06 | F16 Fighter
    Dear Mr. Robinson and Fellow Freepers, Moderating for FR may indeed be a "thankless" job, and in general I appreciate the job they've done over the years, but... In recent days I have been suspended twice -- once for posting to a certain well-known Freeper who has obviously been given preferential treatment by FR's Moderators; another for supposedly mentioning that same "elite" Freeper in posts to others. I'm not the only one this particular complaining Freeper has demanded he NOT be posted to -- though he often posts long rambling controversial rants and vanities about which he expects and savors...
  • BDS [Bush Derangement Syndrome] On the Right (Paleocons, and the like)

    03/11/2006 4:08:48 PM PST · by quidnunc · 473 replies · 4,291+ views
    To The Point ^ | March 9, 2005 | Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Ever since George W. Bush won the presidency by preventing Al Gore's hanging-chad attempt to steal it, liberal Democrats have become progressively infected with BDS — Bush Derangement Syndrome. Here's how I think that the contagion of BDS is now infecting a number of conservative Republicans. If you're a guy, perhaps you have endured this unpleasant and bewildering experience. You're in a relationship and you and the lady have had some disagreements but nothing major. From your perspective things are pretty ok. Then one day you and she disagree on some minor trivial issue — and suddenly, inexplicably, it escalates...
  • Saved By Revolt ("In Handing the President His Hat, His Party Did Him a Service")

    03/10/2006 12:13:44 AM PST · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 152 replies · 2,543+ views
    New York Post ^ | 03/10/2006 | John Podhoretz
    March 10, 2006 -- DUBYA'S LUCKY LOSS ON PORTS GEORGE Bush's enemies are excited. The Dubai ports deal is dead. The president had said he would veto any attempt by Congress to block it - but a House committee vote Wednesday with the insanely lopsided margin of 62-2 hollowed out his threat and left its husk to rot. (The Dubai company sure doesn't see much hope: It announced yesterday that it will sell off its U.S. port work.) Surely, his enemies say, this is curtains for Bush. Republicans are fleeing from him, he can't keep his troops in line -...
  • Get Past Your Humiliation (National Get Over It Day)

    03/09/2006 3:49:54 PM PST · by Kimmers · 14 replies · 291+ views
    ABC News ^ | 3/8/06
    March 8, 2006 — Thursday, March 9, is the first national "Get Over It" day, dedicated to helping those of us who have suffered past humiliations to move on and let it go.