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  • Virginia Gov. Says Clintons are Done with Politics

    12/02/2016 12:10:54 PM PST · by COUNTrecount · 45 replies
    Breitbart ^ | December 2, 2016 | Warner Todd Huston
    After her embarrassing loss in November, Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton flack and the current Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is now saying Hillary Clinton and hubby Bill are finally done with politics. “I think so, sure. I don’t think Hillary has any interest in running again,” McAuliffe said during an “ask the governor” interview on WTOP, according to the Washington Post. McAuliffe, who was a major Clinton fundraiser for years and also once served as the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee during the Bush era, said that the past campaign was devastating for the Clintons. “I mean,...
  • First Day Of Wisconsin Recount Nets Hillary One Vote

    12/02/2016 6:46:12 AM PST · by COUNTrecount · 52 replies
    Dailly Caller ^ | December 2, 2016 | Blake Neff
    The first day of Wisconsin’s presidential recount narrowed the gap between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump by precisely one vote. Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin’s initial tally by about one percent, or just over 22,000 votes. Nevertheless, Green Party candidate Jill Stein (who finished a very distant fourth) is demanding a full recount after suggesting fraud or technological glitches may have swayed the results. In response to Stein’s demand, Wisconsin began recounting all its ballots Thursday. But the first results to emerge suggest the final tally will be rather close to the original one. Only...
  • Clinton, Kaine planning 'thank you events'

    12/01/2016 4:03:49 PM PST · by kevcol · 78 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | December 1, 2016 | Sarah Westwood
    Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's former running mate, said Thursday that he and Clinton would soon appear for a series of "thank you events" in the "next couple of weeks" to show their appreciation for supporters. . . . Kaine argued the Clinton campaign was obligated to participate in a controversial multistate recount effort spearheaded by Green Party nominee Jill Stein. . . . "When Jill Stein, one of the third party candidates, decided to do it, if there's going to be a recount, we have to be at the table to make sure that it's done right," Kaine said....
  • Newsweek Admits They Didn't Write Or Even Read "Madam President" Issue

    12/01/2016 3:41:43 PM PST · by vannrox · 65 replies
    zero hedge ^ | 1DEC16 | Tyler Durden
    Fake News: Newsweek Admits They Didn't Write Or Even Read "Madam President" Issue by Tyler Durden Dec 1, 2016 6:15 PM 0 SHARES Newsweek's political editor, Matthew Cooper, looked as though he'd had a rough month when he appeared on the Tucker Carlson show last night to discuss the "Madam President" debacle.  While the printing and distribution of the erroneous "commemorative edition" magazine was embarrassing enough, Cooper also revealed that no one at Newsweek wrote the Hillary article or even bothered to proofread it before it was shipped off to stores around the country.  Frankly, it's difficult to discern between...
  • Recalled Newsweek ‘Madam President’ Clinton Issue Hits eBay

    12/01/2016 12:12:48 PM PST · by rhett october · 46 replies
    Resistance Feed ^ | 12-1-2016 | Rhett October
    Hillary Clinton supporters can still live a part of their dream if they so choose. Once they decide to stop protesting, they can hop online and order a commemorative edition of Newsweek that was going to be released if the former secretary of state won the presidential election. Pictures of the recalled issue feature a photo of Clinton with the title “Madam President.” The issue was leaked before the November 8th election which led for some to decry it as evidence of a rigged system. Newsweek quickly explained itself, stating that the issue was published under a Newsweek license by...
  • Obama blames Bar Bogeyman on Embarrassing Election Loss

    12/01/2016 8:51:08 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 18 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/01/16 | Judi McLeod
    Will Boo Hoo Bama now take to city streets with lesser known Snowflakes waving a placard emblazoned with the words ‘He’s not MY president’? Raise your hand anyone who ever saw Barack Hussein Obama in a bar raising a glass with the common rubes? Millions of Americans may see a Marxist behind every tree, outgoing President Obama sees “Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country”.
  • Hillary Clinton supporters need to quit whining about the Electoral College

    12/01/2016 7:56:50 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 42 replies
    MarketWatch ^ | 11/30/16 | James E. Cambell
    Shocked and appalled by the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, some supporters of Hillary Clinton have turned to minimizing and even delegitimizing Trump’s election. In an era of severe political polarization, in an election with two candidates seen from the outset in highly unfavorable terms, after the most brutal campaign in modern history, and with an outcome that astonished just about everyone, these reactions are understandable, but wrong. Many die-hard Clinton supporters cannot bring themselves to believe their candidate could lose to Donald Trump. They think: How could such a crude and inept con man be elected president? Even...
  • McAuliffe Says Clinton Is Finished With Politics

    11/30/2016 1:37:20 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 96 replies
    McAuliffe Says Clinton Is Finished With Politics BY: Joe Schoffstall November 30, 2016 3:53 pm Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend and associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton, said Wednesday that he thinks Hillary is finished with politics, the Washington Post reported. During an interview on WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” program, McAuliffe said that Clinton’s loss to President-elect Donald Trump has been especially tough for the Clintons. “I mean, this is hard on anybody,” he said. “I mean, can you imagine having to go through this? I’ve had many conversations with the Clinton family. We’re friends. It’s hard, very...
  • Democrats are lying to themselves about what this election meant

    11/30/2016 4:48:06 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 69 replies
    WaPo ^ | Chris Cillizzi
    Democrats, of late, have taken to citing Hillary Clinton's historically large popular vote victory in the presidential race over Donald Trump as evidence that the country is still fundamentally on their side. Judging by recent election results -- even before Clinton's stunning loss three weeks ago -- that's simply not true. Republicans not only control both the U.S. Senate and House but find themselves at or near historic highs in terms of governorships and state legislative control. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack got it exactly right then when he told The Washington Post's Greg Jaffe that the current state of the...
  • OF COURSE! Obama Blames Democrat Losses On His Favorite Boogeyman: FOX News

    11/30/2016 7:43:19 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 44 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 11/30/16 | Aleister
    During his presidency, Obama has presided over the biggest losses for the Democratic Party since the early 1900’s but he is completely incapable of taking any responsibility for this. Our biased and corrupt media attacks Trump relentlessly then runs away crying every time he hits them back. Obama gets nothing but praise from the media but can’t stand the fact that one network (FOX) has dared to question him on occasion. He’s been at war with FOX News since the beginning of his presidency and they’re still his favorite scapegoat. Here’s what Obama said in a recent interview with Rolling...
  • Clinton Emerges as One of Worst Sore Losers of All Time (RCP Headline)

    11/30/2016 5:21:49 AM PST · by LRoggy · 48 replies
    Daily Mail via RCP ^ | 11/29/2016 | Piers Morgan
    The only thing Hillary is going to achieve by backing Jill Stein’s shameless recount stunt is to make herself a TWO-TIME loser and drag America’s reputation as a democracy through the mud. How very Clinton of her! When it comes to losing, I’m very much from the Vince Lombardi school: ‘Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.’ Like the legendary NFL coach, I love winning and hate losing. I mean, I really REALLY hate losing. At anything. It eats away at my soul like a giant, agitated parasite infesting my internal organs. Even being beaten by...
  • Rural Democrats: Party Ignored Us, Suffered the Consequences

    11/29/2016 12:27:43 PM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 15 replies
    Roll Call ^ | November 29, 2016 | By Alex Roarty
    Democrats in rural America have a blunt message for the rest of their party: We saw the electoral disaster coming — and it’s your fault. Strategists and party officials say their warnings about the party’s lackluster outreach to rural voters went unheeded by Democratic leaders for years, culminating in this month’s shock defeat to Donald Trump. A presidential candidate who actually performed poorly in many cities and suburbs nonetheless scored an upset victory because of a surge in support from small towns and rural areas. To these old Democratic political hands — many of whom hail from well outside the...
  • Did Hillary Clinton just squander her "get out of jail free" card?

    11/28/2016 7:39:51 PM PST · by seastay · 126 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 28 , 2016 | Gregg Jarrett
    Hillary Clinton has never played the board game, “Monopoly”. How do we know? Because even novice players learn quickly that you always hang on to a “get out of jail free” card. No matter what. . Clinton had such a card… and has managed to recklessly squander it. So what happens now? Will she draw that other dreaded card: “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $ 200” ? For Clinton, who could face serious criminal jeopardy, this is no game. Post-Election Rapprochement The night Clinton lost the presidency, she telephoned Donald Trump...
  • Guess Who Else Supported Jail Time For Burning the Flag?

    11/29/2016 9:38:37 AM PST · by mandaladon · 59 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 29 Nov 2016 | Alex Griswold
    While president-elect Donald Trump has taken flack from civil libertarians for his sudden resurrection of the flag-burning issue, it’s worth noting that his former general election opponent Hillary Clinton once came under fire from liberal allies for sponsoring a bill that aimed to throw those who burned the flag in prison. Clinton’s stance on flag-burning is complicated to say the least. In theory, she has consistently opposed a flag-burning amendment, and voted against it when it came up for a vote in 2006. But a year earlier, she sponsored a bill that was widely seen as a runaround the Supreme...
  • Trump takes heat for wanting to outlaw flag burning -- but Clinton wanted the same in 2005

    11/29/2016 10:01:18 AM PST · by Kaslin · 36 replies
    Fox ^ | November 29, 2016 | Adam Shaw
    Donald Trump came under heavy criticism Tuesday after calling for the criminalization of burning the American flag, with critics gasping that the president-elect’s words represent a threat to the First Amendment. However, Trump’s suggestions are similar to a bill pushed in the Senate in 2005 that would criminalize flag burning – a bill that was co-sponsored by then-Sen. Hillary Clinton. Trump tweeted that there should be “consequences” for the burning of the flag -- including a year in jail or a loss of citizenship -- which is seen by many as an act of desecration. Nobody should be allowed to...
  • SHE DID IT? Misprinted Clinton inauguration merchandise expected to be collector's items

    11/29/2016 6:17:22 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 104 replies
    Fox 5 DC ^ | Nov 28, 2016 | Ronica Cleary
    SHE DID IT? Misprinted Clinton inauguration merchandise expected to be collector's items Video FOX 5's Ronica Cleary reports. Updated:Nov 28 2016 08:39PM EST WASHINGTON - As holiday shoppers searched for sales and the perfect gifts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, presidential merchandise are hot sellers with the inauguration less than two months away. After a slow start, White House Gifts in Washington D.C. said Donald Trump merchandise is selling well for them this holiday season. The Trump bobblehead is the store’s number one seller while the red “Make America Great Again” hats continue to sell at a good pace....
  • Presidential vote by religious affiliation and race

    11/29/2016 6:58:16 AM PST · by rface · 38 replies
    Pew Research ^ | Pew Research
  • Now that they’re harmless, it’s suddenly amusing how ridiculous the Clintons are

    11/28/2016 10:34:50 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 10 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11/28/16 | Dan Calabrese
    How does anyone become this absurd? Not that you never make fun of the Clntons. Of course you do. How can you not make fun of people who are so phony, and ham-handedly so? But for me at least, there was never really much joy in lampooning these people while there was still the possibility that they would return to the White House, with Hillary having somehow managed to grab the power of the presidency to use for the many nefarious purposes one would expect of such a malevolent human being. Sure, she was a shieking joke. But we were...
  • Now Clinton insider claims that Trump WILL prosecute [Hillary] because of push for Wisconsin recount

    11/28/2016 10:11:19 AM PST · by rickmichaels · 76 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | Nov. 28, 2016 | Francesca Chambers
    A former Hillary Clinton staffer claimed Monday that Donald Trump is plotting to put his White House rival in jail because of her involvement in the Wisconsin recount. Neera Tanden, an adviser to Clinton the first time she ran for president, said Trump was 'lying' on the campaign trail when he said he'd lock his general election opponent up. 'Then, last week, he said he wasn't going to prosecute her, and now he's threatening to prosecute her if she takes part in a recount,' Tanden, head of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, asserted on MSNBC.
  • Democrats Hillary and Al Gore Lied about Conceding

    11/28/2016 7:11:42 AM PST · by CptnObvious · 20 replies
    Vanity | 11/28/2016 | Self
    Democrats Hillary and Al Gore Lied about Conceding and the Mainstream Press is OK with that. Are we?
  • Michigan Vote recount Reveals the Lies and here are the numbers

    11/27/2016 8:40:23 PM PST · by Vendome · 57 replies
    Vanity | 11/27/2016 | Vendome
    Hillary is Down by more than 200,000 votes in Michigan. You really have to be obtuse to believe people are going to fall for B.S. obfuscation and lie of omission to say Hillary is within some 10,000 votes of Trump. It ain't even close and here are some numbers: 2,279,543 DJT 2,268,839 HRC 10,704 The vote Difference....right? Well, heck to the NO!!! 172,136 G Johnson 51,463 J. Stein Hey, what happens when you count the votes from the other candidates? Well you get: 10,704 + 172,136 + 51,463 = Wait for it!!!.....Uhm...The real vote difference is...234,303!!! That’s right, yuh pathetic...
  • Is This The Democrats' Real Strategy In Launching Recounts?

    11/27/2016 7:47:31 PM PST · by blam · 57 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 11-27-2016 | Tyler Durden
    Tyler durdenNovember 27,2016 Over the past couple of days we've written numerous times about Jill Stein's recount efforts in WI, MI and PA (see here, here and here). And while it's clear that Stein intends to move forward with recounts in all three states (she's now up to $6.1mm in donations), what is unclear, and quite perplexing, is exactly why she's pursuing these recounts in the first place. Here are the potential justifications from Stein's perspective, as we see them:1.Personal self-interest? - Obviously, No. With less than 1% of the vote in WI, MI and PA, Stein obviously has no...
  • "Because you'd be in jail" (Heavy Graphics, to make a point)

    11/27/2016 4:21:50 PM PST · by Vendome · 42 replies
    Vanity | 11/27/2016 | Vendome
    "If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney General to look into your situation. Because there's never been so many lies, so much deception" "It's awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country " "Because you'd be in Jail!"
  • How to Steal an Election in Seven Easy Steps – A Lesson from the Clinton Playbook

    11/27/2016 5:43:33 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 22 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11/27/16 | Al Kaltman
    When you do successfully steal the election, act surprised and express faith in the judgment of the American people. Chide your opponent for being a sore loser. Hillary Clinton was clearly devastated by her defeat on November 8. She was in such a state of shock that she was unable to speak to her supporters that night. She had devoted her entire life to achieving one goal—the presidency of the United States. She had suffered countless humiliations from her husband’s womanizing and predatory sexual practices. She had obsequiously served Barack Obama, the man who had dashed her hopes of becoming...
  • WHAT? JILL STEIN SLAMS HILLARY For Joining Her Hillary-Supported #Recount2016

    11/27/2016 8:00:24 AM PST · by HarleyLady27 · 95 replies
    Gateway Pundit/American Outlook ^ | Nov 26, 2016 | Jim Hoft/ Tom Franklin
    hillary-jillstein Jill Stein’s recount is slipping into the bizarre. It’s Liberals’ last chance to overthrow Trump’s historic win. So all the crazies are joining forces. One problem: The crazy Liberals don’t seem to like each other. The Gateway Pundit reported that Hillary people are joining the recount:
  • Sleep well, Donald? Trump launches furious morning Twitter rant at Hillary,

    11/27/2016 7:17:43 AM PST · by COUNTrecount · 102 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | November 27, 2016 | James Wilkinson
    Sleep well, Donald? Trump launches furious morning Twitter rant at Hillary, accusing her of hypocrisy for refusing to accept election result after she said she would join in Wisconsin recount Donald Trump hit out at Hillary Clinton for joining Jill Stein's recount push In a twitter rant he repeated remarks she made before the election She'd called his suggestion to call a recount if he lost election 'horrifying' He also held up her concession speech in which she accepted losing Wisconsin will begin recounting votes next week once it receives fee The state's Elections Commission responded to a petition from...
  • Hillary’s Annus Horribilis

    11/27/2016 5:34:36 AM PST · by NOBO2012 · 22 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 11-27-2016 | MOTUS
    I’m sure you remember this: Clinton Said Not Accepting Election Results Was ‘Horrifying’ “That’s horrifying.”“That’s not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. President Obama said the other day that when you’re whining before the game is even finished it just shows you’re not even up to doing the job. “ Although not horrifying enough to prevent her from supporting recounts...
  • Vanity - Obama, Clinton, Stein, continue destruction of Democrat Party!!!

    11/27/2016 4:14:19 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 49 replies
    From the very day that DJT & wife, Melenia came down that famed escalator in Trump Tower, and, declared his run for POTUS...I have been right on the money, calling the 90% of the shots, correctly, of the 2016 POTUS campaign, from A-Z!!! I now make this prediction, in the same fashion that I notified the media, pundits and Democrats, many times, that DJT would win the POTUS campaign in an electoral landslide!!! I will do my utmost best to keep it short and sweet, so that even "Democrats" will understand it. If Obama & his Democrat Party do not...
  • The Democrats’ real strategy in launching recounts

    11/27/2016 4:19:20 AM PST · by NYer · 138 replies
    American Thinker ^ | November 27, 2016 | Richard Baehr
    The recount in Wisconsin, and coming ones in Michigan and Pennsylvania will not change the outcomes in any of the states.  No recount ever changes thousands of votes.  I do not think that is the purpose. The recounts, if done by hand, which can be demanded, may take longer than the last day for completing official counts in a state and directing Electoral College voters.  If all 3 states miss the deadline, Trump is at 260, Hillary at 232.  No one hits 270.   Then this goes to Congress, where the House voting 1 vote per state elects Trump, and...
  • Speculation Invited: What if Liberals had NOT believed, pre-Election, that it was In The Bag?

    11/26/2016 7:46:30 PM PST · by CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC · 35 replies
    (vanity) | 11/26/2016 | self
    One unfortunate consequence of 99.9% of Lefties believing Trump had 0.000001% chance of winning is : For us Schadenfreudistas, it delayed all the way up until late on Election Night, those precious "Smell the Desperation" moments. If polls had shown HRH HRC going down to defeat, the ever-more-desperate MSM would surely have concocted veritable multitudes of increasingly bizarre stories to sabotage Trump. I invite anyone to speculate on what those might have looked like. Here are a few off the top of my head: They might have hauled Gunga Dan "Fake But Accurate" Rather out of retirement for a 4-hour...
  • Revealed: Hillary Clinton Schemed Since Day After Election to Steal Presidency From Donald Trump

    11/26/2016 6:30:23 PM PST · by Helicondelta · 397 replies
    Clinton campaign lawyer Marc E. Elias gave the scheme away in an article published Saturday morning at Medium announcing Clinton would join the recount effort in Wisconsin by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and that Clinton would join Stein should she also file for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Elias wrote that starting the day after the election the Clinton campaign worked to find ways to reverse TrumpÂ’s election. EliasÂ’ statement: Â…we have quietly taken a number of steps in the last two weeks to rule in or out any possibility of outside interference in the vote tally in...
  • FLASHBACK: Hillary Said Not Accepting Election Results Was ‘Direct Threat To Democracy’ (VIDEO)

    11/26/2016 12:06:17 PM PST · by McGruff · 36 replies
    American Lookout ^ | November 26, 2016 | John Binder
    Hillary Clinton should probably tell her supporters and butt-hurt liberals what she said on the presidential campaign trail when she was railing against President-Elect Donald Trump. Remember a couple months ago, Hillary attacked Trump for failing to say whether or not he would accept the election results, by claiming it was a “direct threat” to America and to democracy. Except, now it’s Hillary’s supporters who won’t accept the election results. Take a look:
  • Ronna Romney McDaniel Statement About Potential Recount in Michigan

    11/26/2016 4:49:56 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 39 replies
    Michigan GOP ^ | 11/26/2016
    Michigan Republican Party Chairman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, issued the following statement regarding a potential recount in Michigan: "On November 8th, Michigan voters went to the polls, cast their ballots, and Donald Trump won Michigan. Despite no evidence of election tampering or hacking, and being 2.2 million votes behind Donald Trump, Green Party candidate Jill Stein appears to be going forward with a challenge to the Michigan election results. The Michigan Republican Party has been in touch with the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign, and we are prepared to recruit volunteers, train them, and monitor all recount efforts to...
  • ‘What a Pack of Losers’: Kellyanne Conway Blasts Clinton Campaign For Joining Recount

    11/26/2016 4:56:04 PM PST · by drewh · 100 replies ^ | 2:56 pm, November 26th, 2016 | by Justin Baragona |
    Earlier today, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign stated that they will join in on the recount efforts initiated by Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein in Wisconsin. While Marc Elias stated in his Medium post that the campaign “had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking,” they would take “the same approach” if Stein follows through on her promises of recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, along with participating in the one already scheduled in Wisconsin. Until now, President-elect Donald Trump and his team have remained quiet about Stein’s recount efforts. However, now that the Clinton camp is jumping into...
  • For Democrats, the Road Back

    11/25/2016 3:21:50 AM PST · by randita · 20 replies
    National Review ^ | 11/25/16 | Charles Krauthammer
    For Democrats, the Road Back The GOP shows that it’s possible to win elections by appealing to all Americans. By Charles Krauthammer — November 25, 2016 One of the more salutary outcomes of the recent election is that Democrats are finally beginning to question the wisdom of basing their fortunes on identity politics. Having counted on the allegiance of African Americans, Hispanics, gays, unmarried women, and the young — and winning the popular vote all but once since 1992 — they were seduced into believing that they could ride this “coalition of the ascendant” into permanent command of the presidency....
  • Hey Hillary... Get Over It!

    11/26/2016 4:04:06 PM PST · by gaggs · 26 replies
    A few thoughts on the recount effort to overturn the election. Jill Stein’s recount request raises many red flags. Why? Jill Stein tweeted systematically against Hillary during the campaign… why would she now want to help Hillary’s campaign? A recount will not help her become President in any way.
  • Washington Post Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As (trunc)

    11/26/2016 3:58:29 PM PST · by Lorianne · 55 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 25 November 2016 | Tyler Durden
    The desperate flailing of a mainstream-media struggling through the five stages of grief continues as no lesser unbiased foundation of the fourth estate than The Washington Post pushes ahead with its "fake news, blame the Russians" narrative for why their candidate failed so miserably. Citing "two teams of independent researchers" (who surely have a substantial libel litigation provision) who found "Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery... echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal," the Jeff Bezos-owned website names Drudge, Zero Hedge, and The Ron Paul Institute and countless other outlets among the "useful...
  • Clinton campaign to participate in recount in Wis.

    11/26/2016 2:35:30 PM PST · by pabianice · 32 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | 11/26/16 | Zapotosky
    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been quietly exploring whether there was any ‘‘outside interference’’ in the election results and will participate in the election recount in Wisconsin initiated by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, a Clinton campaign lawyer revealed Saturday. In a Medium post, Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias wrote that the campaign had received ‘‘hundreds of messages, emails, and calls urging us to do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked and altered in a way to disadvantage Secretary Clinton,’’ especially in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where the ‘‘combined margin of victory for Donald...
  • Hillary Clinton Joins Recount Efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania…

    11/26/2016 1:44:03 PM PST · by COUNTrecount · 114 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | November 26, 2016 | Sundance
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer announced plans to participate in vote recounts of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan if they take place, yet doesn’t expect to overturn the election of Donald Trump as president. […] The Democrat’s campaign didn’t plan to initiate recounts on its own because it hasn’t found “any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology,” Elias wrote. […] “We do so fully aware that the number of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the closest of these states — Michigan — well exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount,“ Elias...

    11/26/2016 3:11:49 PM PST · by b4me · 44 replies
    AP ^ | Nov 26, 2016 | Steve Peoples
    President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday condemned a growing push to force recounts in three states pivotal to his Nov. 8 victory, confronting the Green Party-backed effort for the first time even as he worked to address key Cabinet vacancies. The New York billionaire, who charged the election was "rigged" on a daily basis before his victory, called the developing recount effort "a scam" in a statement released by his transition team. Trump had been ignoring Green Party nominee Jill Stein's fight to
  • Clintons Confirm Participation In Recount Plan, Despite No "Actionable Evidence Of Hacking"

    11/26/2016 11:50:59 AM PST · by Rockitz · 100 replies ^ | 26 November 2016 | Tyler Durden
    This morning Hillary Clinton's campaign general counsel, Marc Elias, confirmed what we all knew already, namely that Jill Stein is likely acting at the direction of the Clintons in her recount efforts in WI, MI and PA. The discovery came after Elias posted a note to Hillary voters this morning on Medium confirming that they would participate in Stein's recount efforts even though the Clinton campaign itself had decided against a recount because they had "not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology." This approach seems to align perfectly with the strategy we...
  • How Democrats defeated themselves

    11/25/2016 10:37:41 AM PST · by Kaslin · 15 replies
    Zeit Online ^ | November 25, 2016 | Pete Brodnitz
    The white working class in America is worried about change and afraid of economic decline. The Democrats further stoked those fears. What fueled Trump's improbable victory was a profound sense among working class White voters that the United States is losing control of its borders, its basic identity and its ability to generate good jobs that deliver decent wages to ordinary Americans. Trump engaged with voters on the topic of how global economic forces are changing America. Trump's recognition that this is a major concern for many Americans gave him a powerful message that allowed him to win states that...
  • Obama urged Clinton to concede on election night

    11/25/2016 3:10:20 PM PST · by fhayek · 53 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11/25/16 | AMIE PARNES
    Obama’s call left a sour taste in the mouths of some Clinton allies who believe she should have waited longer, and there’s now a fight playing out between the Obama and Clinton camps over whether to support an effort to force the Rust Belt states to recount their votes.
  • Clinton campaign secretly backing recount, hope it will overturn election...

    11/25/2016 4:37:12 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 162 replies
    Twitter ^ | 11/25/2016 | Paul Joseph Watson
    Paul Joseph Watson: "Clinton campaign secretly backing recount, hope it will overturn election. I warned Trump supporters about this. Ya'll asleep at the wheel."
  • WaPo whoppers: Fake newspaper fear-mongers over fake news

    11/25/2016 1:03:00 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 3 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11/25/26 | Matthew Vadum
    Instead of accepting that Clinton was The Worst Candidate of All Time the WaPo is making excuses Over the recently concluded election cycle the once-great Washington Post became a peddler of the most outrageous left-wing propaganda. It lied about now President-elect Donald Trump over and over again in a failed attempt to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Instead of accepting that Clinton was The Worst Candidate of All Time the WaPo is making excuses.

    11/24/2016 7:13:44 PM PST · by Freedom of Speech Wins · 180 replies
    WORLD NET DAILY ^ | NOVEMBER 4, 2016 | Unstated
    Citing a “well-placed source” in the New York Police Department, Blackwater USA founder and retired Navy SEAL Erik Prince claims that among the 650,000 Huma Abedin emails on her estranged husband’s laptop is evidence Hillary Clinton, as well as former President Bill Clinton, was a visitor to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean hideaway, known as “Orgy Island.”
  • CNN Host Christiane Amanpour Whines of 'Exceptionally High Bar' Media Set for Hillary

    11/25/2016 1:39:42 PM PST · by Kaslin · 106 replies ^ | November 25, 2016 | Tim Graham
    One blog on the inanities in CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour's impassioned address at the Committee to Protect Journalists dinner against granting any respect to conservatives in the "news" media product is not enough. In a second look at the transcript, one can see how Amanpour complained that Hillary Clinton was judged by an "exceptionally high bar" and Trump an "exceptionally low bar." She also insisted, as many at CNN do, that the fact-based journalist never accepts a rebuttal on the "empirical scientific evidence" of global warming. During an interview on my program this summer, the film-maker and historian Ken Burns...
  • WaPo: Say, maybe Hillary was the boat anchor rather than Trump

    11/25/2016 8:53:23 AM PST · by Kaslin · 45 replies
    Hot ^ | November 25, 2016 | ED MORRISEY
    During this past election cycle, the media did their best to Akinize Donald Trump in Senate and House races across the country. Every time Trump said something outrageous or offensive — and Trump did provide plenty of that material — media outlets would challenge Republicans to repudiate Trump. The assumption was that, as happened in 2012 with Todd Akin in Missouri, Trump would become a boat anchor for the GOP and lead to massive down-ballot losses. How’d that work out in 2016? Paul Kane at the Washington Post astutely sums up the mistaken assumption by assigning the boat-anchor award to...
  • Clinton Campaign Looking into Challenging Outcome of Election

    11/23/2016 12:08:19 PM PST · by rhett october · 45 replies
    Resistance Feed ^ | 11-23-2016 | Rhett October
    During the weeks before the final day of the campaign, both the Clinton camp and the media attacked Donald Trump for refusing to say he would automatically accept the outcome of the vote on Election Day. But now Clinton’s campaign chief is taking meetings with groups urging him to do just that by considering a challenge to the final vote in several of the key states that gave Trump the White House.
  • Clinton's Lead Passes The 2 Million Mark

    11/23/2016 11:55:58 AM PST · by zeestephen · 128 replies ^ | 23 November 2016 | David M. Jackson
    Hillary Clinton's margin in the popular vote against President-elect Donald Trump has surpassed 2 million...