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  • Neighbors form human chain to obstruct ICE officer making arrest

    07/23/2019 12:52:43 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 58 replies
    Hot ^ | July 23, 2019 | JAZZ SHAW
    Here’s something I hope doesn’t become the beginning of a disturbing trend. In a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, an ICE agent arrived at the home of an illegal alien to make an arrest. The suspect was sitting in his van with son and the officer blocked them off from escaping with his own vehicle. What should have been a fairly routine detention then took a turn for the weird. Neighbors began showing up, delivery food, water and gasoline to the suspect, eventually forming a human chain to block the ICE agent while the man ran back into his house. (The...
  • Uncovering Pakistan's secret human rights abuses

    06/08/2019 4:40:41 PM PDT · by Jyotishi · 6 replies
    BBC News, Dera Ismail Khan ^ | June 2, 2019 | M Ilyas Khan
    For more than a decade Pakistan has kept Waziristan under tightly regulated travel restrictions Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Pakistan's long battle with militants as part of the post-9/11 "war on terror". Evidence of murder and torture by soldiers and insurgents is emerging only now. The BBC has gained rare access to some of the victims. It was early in 2014 when TV news networks trumpeted a major victory in the war against the Pakistani Taliban - the killing of one of the group's most senior commanders in a night-time air raid. Adnan Rasheed and up...
  • Was Our Solar System Designed to Produce Humans?

    06/01/2019 11:31:37 PM PDT · by vannrox · 8 replies
    New Dawn Magazine ^ | undated | Christopher Knight & Alan Butler
    More than a decade has passed since we joined forces to try and find out if there was any reality to a claim that highly accurate units of length had been in used during the British Neolithic. We found that these supposedly primitive people were using a highly developed science that connected them to the rhythms of the Earth.But our biggest personal challenge has been to face up to the consequences of our own findings because they have brought us to the point where we have found compelling evidence that our planet and its environment has been carefully designed for...
  • Simple Truths About Abortion

    05/22/2019 2:00:35 AM PDT · by AJFavish · 10 replies
    American Thinker ^ | May 22, 2019 | Allan J. Favish
    In order to have a rational discussion about abortion, it is best to begin with areas of agreement. The simple truths presented here are not intended to solve all disagreements about abortion, but to provide the foundation for a rational discussion.
  • Making Skylab Human-Friendly

    05/20/2019 5:33:28 AM PDT · by vannrox · 16 replies
    airspace ^ | 3MAY19 | By Rebecca Maksel
    Making Skylab Human-Friendly Best known for his iconic designs, from the Lucky Strike logo to Air Force One, Raymond Loewy also consulted on NASAs first space station. They dined on Lobster Newberg, fresh bread, and butter cookies, and slumbered in their own individual berths, which had the luxury of privacy curtains. But in the blackness of space, there was one thing the Skylab astronauts still craved: Color. As Skylab commander Gerald Carr told the New York Times in September 1994, the astronauts were so starved for color they would stare at the test color bars used to calibrate their cameras....
  • Alaska Human Rights Commission director resigns after uproar over Black Rifles Matter sticker

    04/08/2019 10:12:45 PM PDT · by AlaskaErik · 51 replies
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | April 8, 2019 | Anchorage Daily News
    The director of the Alaska Human Rights Commission resigned Monday, three days after she was suspended for her actions involving a Black Rifles Matter sticker on a vehicle in the commissions Anchorage parking lot. Marti Buscaglia, in a letter to commissioners, said she hoped her resignation would put the issue behind the agency.
  • The Weird Ways Animals Use Roads, Buildings and Power Lines to Their Advantage

    02/22/2019 5:42:35 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 27 replies
    Inside Science ^ | 2/19/19 | Katharine Gammon
    Animals are often able to adapt to their human-influenced surroundings with remarkable ease.(Inside Science) -- In 2012 and 2013, Bill Bateman, a zoologist based in Perth, Australia, began to notice something interesting about how animals were navigating the bush: When mining companies created small paths through the previously tangled environment to install seismic lines, animals started preferentially using those trails to move from one place to another. And animal ingenuity wasnt confined to walking on beaten paths. The more we looked, the more evidence there was that anthropogenic structures were often used to the advantage of these animals, said Bateman,...
  • Trump Supporters Form Human Wall Along U.S.-Mexico Border

    02/11/2019 5:37:57 PM PST · by Libloather · 24 replies
    Huffington Post via Yahoo ^ | 2/10/19 | David Barden
    Supporters of President Donald Trumps proposed border security measures gathered to form a human wall along a section of the U.S.-Mexico border in New Mexico on Saturday. Donning Make America great again hats, chanting build a wall and waving American flags, the demonstrators linked arms near an open section of the border at Sunland Park, northwest of El Paso. One of the protesters, Anthony Aguero, told Reuters that migrants would have to find somewhere else to cross into the U.S. We are here to bring attention to the fact that there isnt a wall here, he said.
  • President Donald J. Trump is Fighting to Prevent Human Trafficking at the Southern Border

    02/04/2019 7:18:21 AM PST · by Texas Fossil · 29 replies
    The White House ^ | February 1, 2019 | President Donald Trump
    "This is an urgent humanitarian issue. My Administration is committed to leveraging every resource we have to confront this threat, to support the victims and survivors, and to hold traffickers accountable for their heinous crimes." President Donald J. TrumpHUMANITARIAN CRISIS AT THE BORDER: There is a humanitarian crisis at the southern border as human traffickers victimize countless women and children. Transnational criminal organizations from Mexico and Central America engage in human trafficking in staggering numbers across our southern border.Human traffickers use loopholes in our immigration laws to exploit women and children. More than 30% of women are sexually assaulted on...
  • Southwest Flight Returns to Airport After Human Heart Discovered on Board

    12/13/2018 11:35:58 AM PST · by Bloody Sam Roberts · 70 replies
    ABC 7 Chicago ^ | 12/13/18 | AP
    <p>SEATTLE -- Southwest Airlines says a Dallas-bound flight returned to Seattle last weekend because a human heart was left on board.</p> <p>The Seattle Times reports that Flight 3606 arrived in Seattle from Sacramento, California. Someone forgot to unload the heart before the plane left for Dallas, and the captain announced over Idaho they were turning back.</p>
  • Guatemalan Authorities Rescue Group of Minors from Human Smugglers in Caravan...

    11/03/2018 7:12:10 AM PDT · by Peter 11 · 13 replies
    Judicial Watch has obtained exclusive information and photos from Guatemalan authorities revealing that they have recovered seven unaccompanied minors from human smugglers working inside the caravan. The children have been taken into custody and they are being provided with food, water and medical attention, according to a high-level Guatemalan government official. The smugglers have been arrested and the broader investigation into criminal activity in the caravan is ongoing...
  • How the Dutch Destroyer and Carson Wentz helped save Max

    09/26/2018 11:34:33 AM PDT · by Osage Orange · 7 replies
    ESPN ^ | 09-26-18 | Tim McManus
    PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had just finished a hot August training-camp practice and was chatting with the family of Lukas Kusters -- the Dutch Destroyer -- when a little boy came sprinting onto the field and approached the circle. He had a full head of blonde hair and was wearing shades and a green Wentz jersey. In his right hand was a replica Eagles helmet he was hoping his favorite player would sign. "Max," called Lukas Kusters' mom, Rebecca Burmeff, encouraging the boy to join them. "Do you know who this is?"
  • Cave girl was half Neanderthal, half Denisovan

    08/22/2018 1:34:01 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 57 replies
    bbc ^ | 08/22/2018 | Helen Briggs
    DNA extracted from bone fragments found in the cave show the girl was the offspring of a Neanderthal mother and a Denisovan father. The discovery, reported in Nature, gives a rare insight into the lives of our closest ancient human relatives. Neanderthals and Denisovans were humans like us, but belonged to different species. "We knew from previous studies that Neanderthals and Denisovans must have occasionally had children together," says Viviane Slon, researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI-EVA) in Leipzig, Germany. "But I never thought we would be so lucky as to find an actual offspring of...
  • Apple assigns human editors to tackle fake news

    07/05/2018 8:48:59 AM PDT · by Libloather · 18 replies
    MSN ^ | 6/27/18
    Seeing the rising issue of fake news and its repercussions amongst public, new ways to tackle this problem are being set up. Tech giant Apple has taken the decision to take charge of filtering fake news from real news on itself. The aim of this move is to present reliable news to its readers ahead of the mid-term elections. The Apple News app added a new section which will highlight stories curated by human editors. These stories will be well-sourced and fact-based.
  • Human activity making mammals more nocturnal, study finds

    06/18/2018 12:09:32 PM PDT · by BBell · 16 replies
    Research involving 62 species found mammals spent relatively less time being active during the day when humans were nearbyHuman disturbance is turning mammals into night owls, with species becoming more nocturnal when people are around, research has revealed. The study, encompassing 62 species from around the globe, found that when humans were nearby, mammals spent relatively less time being active during the day and were more active at night - even among those already classed as nocturnal. Experts say such a shift might not only affect particular animals themselves for example impacting their ability to navigate or find food...
  • I Can Prove the Sex of a Human

    06/04/2018 2:58:00 PM PDT · by MosesKnows · 87 replies
    June 4, 2018 | MosesKnows
    I Can Prove the Sex of a Human Can you prove the sex of a human? How? Are there standards? I am familiar with the basic concept of identifying sexual organs but that concept is disturbed now and includes an added declaration from the individual. I didnt want to get into how that came about. I am pondering how I would prove I am a male if proof were required. I am serious, after I declare I am male what further evidence is required for proof? Do I provide birth and baptism records? Is physical evidence still acceptable. I was...
  • Why humans left Africa - Climate Change

    01/26/2018 1:31:18 AM PST · by vannrox · 22 replies
    International Business Times ^ | ON 10/05/17 AT 3:09 PM | BY ELANA GLOWATZ
    Why Humans Left Africa: Our Ancestors Watched Climate Change To Cold, Dry BY ELANA GLOWATZ @ELANAGLOW ON 10/05/17 AT 3:09 PM Early humans may have left Africa and spread all over the globe because their home climate was drying up. The idea comes from samples of marine sediment taken from northeastern Africa that show the area was cold and dry around 60,000 years ago, which is around the time humans might have migrated off that continent and into Europe and Asia. A team of scientists wrote in the journal Geology that after warm and wet conditions between 120,000 and 90,000...
  • Modern humans left Africa much earlier

    01/26/2018 12:56:22 AM PST · by Pharmboy · 28 replies
    BBC ^ | 25 January 2018 | Pallab Ghosh
    Researchers have identified the remains of the earliest known modern humans to have left Africa. New dating of fossils from Israel indicates that our species (Homo sapiens) lived outside Africa around 185,000 years ago, some 80,000 years earlier than the previous evidence. Details appear in the journal Science. The co-lead researcher, Prof Israel Hershkovitz, told BBC News that the discovery would fundamentally alter ideas of recent human evolution. "We have to rewrite the whole story of human evolution, not just for our own species but all the other species that lived outside of Africa at the time," the researcher, from...
  • Evolutionists Tripping Over Human Tracks on Crete

    09/05/2017 8:27:10 AM PDT · by fishtank · 73 replies
    Creation-Evolution Headlines ^ | September 4, 2017 | David F. Coppedge
    September 4, 2017 | David F. Coppedge Evolutionists Tripping Over Human Tracks on Crete These cant be hominid tracks. They are far too early! Well, then, who made them? Per Ahlberg and his friends publishing in the Proceedings of the Geologists Association have gotten their field of paleoanthropology in hot water. Writing in The Conversation, Ahlberg, from the University of Uppsala, says, Our controversial footprint discovery suggests human-like creatures may have roamed Crete nearly 6m years ago. Six million years? Thats way back before humans were supposed to have evolved. This not only throws the evolutionary timeline out of whack,...
  • Extremely rare 13 million-year-old primate skull found

    08/09/2017 1:54:20 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 48 replies ^ | 08-09-2017 | Robert Ferris | @RobertoFerris
    * This may be the most intact primate fossil skull ever discovered. * The fossil comes from a little-known period of primate evolutionary history. Source: Fred Spoor This is Alesi, the skull of the new extinct ape species Nyanzapithecus alesi (KNM-NP 59050). ================================================================================================================================ A group of scientists have found what may be the most intact fossilized primate skull ever discovered, and the find could shed light on the common evolutionary heritage shared by apes and humans. The lemon-sized skull was discovered in Kenya by an international team of researchers, and was dated to the middle of the Miocene era, a...