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  • What Calvin Coolidge Said On The Declaration of Independence’s 150th Anniversary

    07/04/2020 5:16:16 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 4, 2020 | The Federalist Staff
    To honor the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, President Calvin Coolidge gave a stirring speech on the values of faith and freedom that rings like a bell today. The following speech commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence was delivered on July 5, 1926, by Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States. It has been abridged from the original._______________________Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWe meet to celebrate the birthday of America. Â… Whatever may have been the impression created by the news which went out from this city on that summer day in 1776, there can be no...
  • Coronavirus Gives Government a Scary Carte Blanche

    03/18/2020 9:36:20 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies ^ | March 18, 2020 | Rachel Marsden
    PARIS -- Greetings, fellow quarantined, from the exclusion zone previously known as France! It would be interesting to hear governments explain why the flu has never justified the kind of freedom-killing measures that are taking hold around the world. The coronavirus has killed far fewer people than the conventional flu kills each year. The World Health Organization estimates that the flu is responsible for 290,000 to 650,000 deaths a year. As of Tuesday morning, there had been 185,067 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and 7,330 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Resource Center. A week ago, there were 1,412...
  • China: US ‘selfish’ about intellectual property rights

    07/13/2018 6:48:23 PM PDT · by ameribbean expat · 43 replies
    President Trump’s administration has a “selfish” attitude toward intellectual property rights, a Chinese diplomat said Friday amid the White House's crackdown on IP theft. “No one has the monopoly over the application of IPR to promote social and economic development,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters. “Innovation and IPR shall be harnessed for the progress and benefit of all mankind, instead of being reduced to a tool used by the U.S. to suppress others' development and serve its selfish interests.”
  • Fourth vs. Force

    07/03/2019 4:32:31 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | July 3, 2019 | John Stossel
    The Fourth honors the founding of America. It's the anniversary of the day in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was approved. The Declaration was important. It didn't say that America would be the best country because it would have the biggest military, toughest leaders, most government giveaways, or tightest borders. The great innovation that day in Philadelphia was the declaration that the United States would have a limited government, rooted in the idea that every individual has inalienable rights. In other words, we do not get our rights from the government. They already exist. The government's job is to...
  • Why Individual Rights Matter

    06/08/2019 1:19:25 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | June 8, 2019 | Eric Cervone
    Earlier this month, I had the privilege of serving as a judge for a competition in which young students were tested on their knowledge of the Constitution and America’s founding principles. I was awed by the knowledge of these students. They quoted John Locke and the Federalist Papers with ease. But my awe turned to disappointment when I asked every student one follow-up question: “How do you think America’s founders balanced the concepts of individual rights and the common good?” I had hoped to at least stir a little debate among the students. But almost universally, the students answered simply that the...
  • Feds Hope to Regulate Political Speech on the Internet

    02/12/2015 3:23:22 PM PST · by Kaslin · 30 replies ^ | February 12, 2015 | Michael Schaus
    The Federal Election Commission is considering expanding their regulatory power to include political speech online… Yeah, let’s regulate the internet. I mean, free speech can’t just be expected to run wild or anything, right? The FEC held an open hearing yesterday to determine if they will move forward on clamping down on political content online (such as blogs, YouTube videos, and other “free” messaging). According to CNS News:Last October, FEC Chairwoman Ann Ravel issued a statement in which she complained that the agency was not doing enough to monitor activity on the Internet.Right… Because I know I’m terrified that the feds...
  • Anti-Gunners Kill More Jobs with Bloomberg-Style Laws

    07/14/2014 1:23:26 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | July 14, 2014 | Michael Schaus
    America’s largest shotgun manufacturer has decided to move more of its business to the Republic of Texas. The news that O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. chose not to expand their business in Connecticut shouldn’t really come as a surprise. States that have zealously pursued more restrictive gun control policies have seen their historically loyal firearm manufacturers begin an exodus to friendlier locales. Mossberg has decided to move more of its manufacturing process to Texas in light of Connecticut’s recent legislative attempts to demonize their industry; such as implementing a confiscation registration process, and outlawing future sales of various firearms categorized...
  • Individual Liberty - 3, Government Power - 0

    03/21/2013 7:00:00 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | March 21, 2013 | Bob Barr
    The seemingly omnipresent storm clouds hanging over the Constitution often make it hard to find a silver lining. Every day, the front page of The Drudge Report is littered with stories of government assaults on our civil liberties -- from local government officials all the way up to the Oval Office. Even heroic actions, such as Rand Paul’s recent filibuster in opposition to the unchecked use of drones on U.S. soil, are met by scornful catcalls from Grumpy Old Guard politicians who long ago seemed to have lost even the most basic understanding of our Bill of Rights. But,...
  • The Right to Self-Defense

    03/08/2013 5:31:42 AM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | March 6, 2013 | Judge Andrew Napolitano
    In all the noise caused by the Obama administration's direct assault on the right of every person to keep and bear arms, the essence of the issue has been drowned out. The president and his big-government colleagues want you to believe that only the government can keep you free and safe, so to them, the essence of this debate is about obedience to law. To those who have killed innocents among us, obedience to law is the last of their thoughts. And to those who believe that the Constitution means what it says, the essence of this debate is...
  • Big Government 2.0

    01/24/2013 7:52:45 AM PST · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | January 24, 2013 | Cal Thomas
    Bill Clinton isn't often wrong when it comes to politics, but his assertion in his 1996 State of the Union Address that "the era of big government is over" was a bit premature. In light of President Obama's Second Inaugural Address, the era of big government has just begun. The reliably liberal columnist Dana Milbank of The Washington Post exhibited refreshing honesty when he wrote of Obama's speech, " failed to rise to the moment." The president's address was more campaign rhetoric than visionary. He even lowered himself to reference Mitt Romney's inelegant remark about "takers" versus makers. Obama's comment...
  • Powerful Government Equals Powerful Problems

    04/19/2012 12:54:46 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | April 19, 2012 | Jackie Gingrich Cushman
    History is not simply dates, events and results. Instead, it's people's lives, their hopes and dreams, their situation and their outcomes based on their and other people's actions. While history is learned by looking backward, knowing the outcome, life is lived marching forward, unsure of what might happen. To understand history, it helps to understand the circumstances of the time. How did people live, who was in charge, who had rights, power and money? What is commonplace in one time and place would be unthinkable in another. For example, most Americans understand that by law, they have individual rights....
  • End totalitarianism in kids court

    03/14/2011 2:04:19 PM PDT · by libertycause13 · 2 replies
    Freedom Politics ^ | 3/14/2011 | Steven Greenhut
    The most heart-wrenching issues I've written about involved the state's dependency court and foster-care systems. Officials have the power to remove children from their family homes and to place them in the care of strangers, yet the system that exercises these vast powers is veiled in secrecy and, therefore, off-limits to serious news coverage and oversight. Fortunately, Assembly Bill 73, by Assemblyman Mike Feuer, D-Los Angeles, offers hope of fixing that system with a simple but time-tested approach: sunshine. His new legislation would make hearings in dependency court presumptively open, meaning that the public and media could cover the goings-on...
  • Intended Catholic Dictatorship

    08/27/2010 11:45:13 AM PDT · by Hank Kerchief · 15,827 replies · 14+ views
    Independent Individualist ^ | 8/27/10 | Reginald Firehammer
    Intended Catholic Dictatorship The ultimate intention of Catholicism is the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire. That has always been the ambition, at least covertly, but now it is being promoted overtly and openly. The purpose of this article is only to make that intention clear. It is not a criticism of Catholics or Catholicism (unless you happen to think a Catholic dictatorship is not a good thing). The most important point is to understand that when a Catholic talks about liberty or freedom, it is not individual liberty that is meant, not the freedom to live one's life as...
  • Obama's Authoritarian, Unconstitutional Health Care Proposal

    09/11/2009 5:55:43 PM PDT · by Scanian · 20 replies · 1,076+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | September 10, 2009 | Mark J. Fitzgibbons
    In his September 9 address to Congress and the nation on health insurance, President Obama said that under his plan, individuals will be required to carry basic health insurance. There is no clause in Article I of the Constitution authorizing Congress to craft legislation forcing individuals to purchase insurance. Mr. Obama attempted to justify his intended federal intrusion on individual liberty by noting that states require drivers to carry auto insurance. Notwithstanding the difference between a requirement imposed on licensed individuals or machines as opposed to a mandate for everyone, he fails to recognize the distinction between federal and state...
  • Thompson and Reagan

    09/18/2007 10:44:03 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 90 replies · 1,118+ views
    The Ashbrook Center ^ | September 2007 | Professor Andrew E. Busch
    As soon as former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson announced that he was mulling over a run for the presidency, pundits and voters alike began to announce comparisons between Thompson and Ronald Reagan. Now that Thompson is in the race with both feet, it is worthwhile to examine more carefully ways in which he is or is not somehow parallel to Reagan. It is important to note at the outset that Republicans have to come to grips with the facts that there was only one Reagan and that he was not perfect (though he was very, very good). Constant seeking after...
  • In a truly free society, we don't all have to make the same decisions

    11/30/2005 7:46:48 AM PST · by sergey1973 · 37 replies · 772+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | November, 30, 2005 | John Stossel
    Smoking can kill you. That's why I don't smoke, and it's why you shouldn't, either. There. I've just done the only things that should be done in a free society to stop people from smoking: I've told you that it's dangerous, I've urged you not to do it, and I've even set a good example. If you'd like other people to be healthy, you should also discourage smoking, too. But if you'd like to be free, and you'd like your neighbor to be free, that's all you should do. It isn't my business to come into your home or business...
  • Pushing a formula for getting poor

    05/23/2005 5:13:17 AM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 2 replies · 385+ views ^ | May 23, 2005 | Star Parker (archive)
    The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times featured stories over the last week about class and mobility in the United States. Despite drawing on largely different research, the conclusions of both features were the same. Overall class mobility has been coming to a screeching halt. According the Journal, "... Americans are no more or less likely to rise above, or fall below, their parents' economic class than they were 35 years ago." The Times quotes similar data, while also pointing out that at the same time the gap between rich and poor is increasing. From 1979 to 2001,...
  • NY: NY Raise Smoking Age?

    05/09/2005 5:21:35 AM PDT · by SheLion · 94 replies · 2,670+ views
    United Pro Smoker's Rights ^ | 5-9-05 | MEGHAN CLYNE
    In a move opponents are labeling an invasion by the nanny state, the state Senate's Health Committee expects to take up, and probably approve, legislation this week that would raise New York's smoking age to 19. The bill, sponsored by Charles Fuschillo Jr., a Republican of Long Island, was introduced April 18. The chairman of the Senate committee, Kemp Hannon, another Long Island Republican, confirmed that the legislation is on tomorrow's agenda and said he thought the bill would be approved by the committee, at which point it could be brought to the Senate floor. Mr. Fuschillo's legislation would...
  • Breast cancer risk less when pregnant mom smoked

    05/08/2005 6:20:17 AM PDT · by SheLion · 113 replies · 1,730+ views
    United Pro Smoker's Rights ^ | 5-5-05 | Michelle Rizzo
    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women whose mothers smoked while they were pregnant have a reduced likelihood of developing breast cancer, according to a new study. However, "This observation certainly does not suggest that smoking is beneficial," Dr. William C. Strohsnitter told Reuters Health. "The very small reduction in breast cancer would be offset by the large number of other diseases caused by cigarette smoking."The reason for the finding may be connected to estrogen, which is linked to breast cancer risk. "Clinical studies show that maternal cigarette smoking reduces pregnancy estrogen levels," Strohsnitter, of Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, and...
  • Michigan: States hunt down online cigarette buyers

    05/05/2005 6:20:00 AM PDT · by SheLion · 96 replies · 1,775+ views ^ | 5-3-05 | Kathleen Hunter
    Michigan resident Julia Sidebottom inhaled sharply when she opened her mailbox earlier this year and was greeted with an unexpected and unwelcome bill from the state for $4,753.89 in unpaid cigarette and sales taxes.For several years, Sidebottom's boyfriend purchased cigarettes online at, one of 13 online cigarette retailers from which Michigan recently subpoenaed customer lists. She said the bill caught her completely off guard."It never even crossed our minds," said Sidebottom, whose 57-year-old boyfriend suffers from Alzheimer's and has granted her power of attorney. "I search the Web all the time for the best deals on everything. Never in...