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  • WashPost Enjoys Attempts To Ridicule and Rewrite Christianity

    12/13/2015 4:53:43 PM PST · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | December 13, 2015 | Tim Graham
    During the Christmas season, one might think the newspapers would refrain from trashing Christianity. In reality, the opposite happens. On Sunday, Washington Post book editor Ron Charles celebrated the liberal fun zone “between blasphemy and hilarity.” The oxymoronic headline was “DIY for the (irreverently) devout.”
  • Exclusive-Bobby Jindal On Religious Liberty:"Extreme Left"Becoming More Secular (Short Title)

    04/06/2015 9:04:55 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 9 replies ^ | April 6, 2015 | Mathew Boyle
    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a conservative Republican and potential 2016 presidential candidate, said on Breitbart News Sunday this weekend for the Easter Sunday special show that Democrats and liberals are waging an open assault on Americans religious liberty rights.

    04/03/2015 7:51:57 AM PDT · by Jan_Sobieski · 46 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 4/3/2015 | CHERYL CHUMLEY
    Rush Limbaugh answered a callers concern about the anti-Christians that are taking over by saying those in that particular activist camp are being fueled by Democrats who simply hate Christianity. First, the caller, a self-described U.S. Coast Guard veteran, speaking of the recent furor generated by Indianas new Religious Freedom Restoration Act: What am I supposed to do? These anti-Christians that are taking over, it seems like, dont realize this country was founded on Christian values and morals. Have they lost their mind? And then, Limbaughs response: No. They just have always opposed the founding of the country. This is...
  • Gallup: 'God Gap' Persists; Religious Are Mostly Republican; Non-Religious Are Mostly Democrat

    07/31/2014 8:05:41 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 25 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 07/31/2014 | Napp Nazworth
    The so-called "God Gap" between Republicans and Democrats continues to play an important role in partisan differences, according to a new Gallup poll.Among very religious Americans, about half, 49 percent, identify as Republican or are likely to vote Republican. Among nonreligious Americans, also about half, 52 percent, identify as Democrats or are likely to vote for Democrats. This God gap, sometimes called the "religious participation gap," has characterized party politics in the United States for at least the seven years that Gallup has been measuring it, Frank Newport, editor in chief for Gallup, pointed out in a blog post.Religiosity was...
  • UPenn Prof says God is a white racist with a gun hunting down black youth

    07/16/2013 3:10:14 PM PDT · by Jeff Head · 62 replies
    JEFFHEAD.COM ^ | July 16, 2013 | Jeff Head
    UPENN PROFESSOR SAYS GOD IS A WHITE RACIST I didn't think it could get any more bizarre, rediculous...or ultimately dangerous...and then you have this. A University of Pennsylvania Professor, Professor Anthea Bulter (shown above), who is an associate professor of Religion at the University of Pennsylvania, blogged the following to her readers and students regarding her thoughts after the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict: "God aint good all of the time. in fact, sometimes, God is not for us. As a black woman in an nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a...
  • The Human Rights lobby think a Christian is like a Druid

    04/08/2013 3:06:09 AM PDT · by markomalley
    The Daily Telegraph ^ | 4/8/13 | Cristina Odone
    I should say at the outset that I was turned down by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for a post they advertised. I'd never have dared apply had it not been for Trevor Phillips, who headed it at the time. "Why don't you have a Christian on board?" I had asked him. "Why don't you apply?" he'd graciously replied. Alas, he was leaving the Commission when he said it. But when I saw his replacement Baroness O'Neill I wasn't upset about my failed application: the philosopher is, at least on paper, Christian. She'd look after the...
  • HARPER: CNNs coverage of Pope Francis I laden with egregious errors

    03/14/2013 11:53:30 AM PDT · by eagleye85 · 12 replies
    Washington Times ^ | March 14, 2013 | Christopher Harper
    If CNNs coverage of the election of Pope Francis I on Wednesday afternoon is any indication, Jeff Zucker and his minions are not ready for prime time or any time for that matter. I stopped counting the number of errors from CNNs anchor team after three pages of notes. The following are only the most egregious: The network reported Francis is the first non-European pontiff in the history of the church. Well, how about modern-day history? St. Peter, the first pope, came from near the Sea of Galilee. A number of early pontiffs came from Africa and Asia....
  • When Liberals Get Religion

    10/19/2012 7:29:26 AM PDT · by rhema · 16 replies
    Real Clear Religion ^ | October 19, 2012 | By Paul Kengor
    Think about this: there have been three presidential/vice-presidential debates thus far, and not one question about Barack Obama's historic advocacy of gay marriage. That seems a rather curious omission given the gravity of the issue. No other issue among the candidates is as transformative as this one. Name another issue that involves completely redefining something as ancient as the Garden of Eden. You can't. The question ought to be asked in the next debate, and, even more intriguingly, within the context of how the two presidential candidates' faith relates to their stance-similar to how Martha Raddatz asked Joe Biden and...
  • Exclusive: Democrats Drop "God" From Party Platform

    09/04/2012 11:38:03 AM PDT · by rightwingintelligentsia · 96 replies
    CBN/Brody File ^ | September 4, 2012 | David Brody
    Guess what? Gods name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform. This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform: We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential. Now the words God-given have been removed. The paragraph has been restructured to say this: We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth the simple principle that in America, hard work...
  • Rush on Chick-fil-A: The target is Christianity

    08/06/2012 1:54:12 PM PDT · by CaptainKrunch · 48 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | August 6, 2012 | Joe Kovacs
    When it comes to the assault on Chick-fil-A, radio giant Rush Limbaugh says the popular restaurant chain is not the real target. It's something more near and dear to the hearts of most Americans, and it deals with their Lord and Savior.PALM BEACH, Fla. Radio giant Rush Limbaugh says the ongoing national dispute over Chick-fil-As stance for biblically based marriage is nothing short of an attack on Christianity as a whole. Now Christianity has to be banned, and thats where this is all headed, Limbaugh said this afternoon on his top-rated program. All this stuff at Chick-fil-A, the target...
  • GOP insider: Religion destroyed my party

    08/06/2012 7:45:42 AM PDT · by Sir Napsalot · 82 replies
    Salon ^ | 8-5-2012 | Mike Lofgren
    A veteran Republican says the religious right has taken over, and turned his party into anti-intellectual nutsHaving observed politics up close and personal for most of my adult lifetime, I have come to the conclusion that the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism may have been the key ingredient in the transformation of the Republican Party. Politicized religion provides a substrate of beliefs that rationalizesat least in the minds of its followersall three of the GOPs main tenets: wealth worship, war worship, and the permanent culture war. Religious cranks ceased to be a minor public nuisance in this country beginning in...
  • Got faith? Maine is the least-religious state in the nation

    05/21/2012 6:48:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    Bangor Daily News ^ | 05/21/2012 | By Judy Harrison
    Maine has fewer residents who claim a religious affiliation than any other state in the union. The Pine Tree State is the only one in the country in which less than 30 percent of the population belong to a religious denomination or independent Christian church, according to a census conducted every 10 years by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. This follows a Pew study that found 40 percent of Mainers pray daily the lowest percentage in the nation. Whats alarming about those numbers is that more than 300 years after the country was founded by people...
  • Americas Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President

    03/08/2012 8:13:26 AM PST · by Tatze · 24 replies
    Wallbuilders ^ | 2/29/2012 | David Barton
    Americas Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President When one observes President Obamas unwillingness to accommodate Americas four-century long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Catholic. But that characterization would not be correct. Although he has recently singled out Catholics, he has equally targeted traditional Protestant beliefs over the past four years. So since he has attacked Catholics and Protestants, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Christian. But that, too, would be inaccurate. He has been equally disrespectful in his appalling...
  • Ricks Religious Fanaticism

    02/22/2012 9:50:47 PM PST · by darrellmaurina · 70 replies · 1+ views
    The New York Times ^ | 2/21/2012 | Maureen Dowd
    Rick Santorum has been called a latter-day Savonarola. Thats far too grand. Hes more like a small-town mullah. Satan has his sights on the United States of America, the conservative presidential candidate warned in 2008. Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has so deeply rooted in the American tradition. When, in heavens name, did sensuality become a vice? Next hell be banning Barry White. Santorum is not merely engaged in a culture war, but a spiritual war, as...
  • God is dead. Long live morality (Evolutionist says Morality is fashioned by natural selection)

    03/19/2010 1:04:09 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 230 replies · 1,951+ views
    The Guardian ^ | 03/19/2010 | Michael Ruse
    God is dead, so why should I be good? The answer is that there are no grounds whatsoever for being good. There is no celestial headmaster who is going to give you six (or six billion, billion, billion) of the best if you are bad. Morality is flimflam. Does this mean that you can just go out and rape and pillage, behave like an ancient Roman grabbing Sabine women? Not at all. I said that there are no grounds for being good. It doesn't follow that you should be bad. Indeed, there are those and I am one ...
  • 10 least religious states

    02/08/2010 7:14:33 AM PST · by Responsibility2nd · 53 replies · 1,905+ views
    San Antonio Express-News ^ | 02/07/2010 | Source: Gallup Poll; (
    1. Vermont 2. New Hampshire 3. Maine 4. Massachusetts 5. Alaska 6. Washington 7. Oregon 8. Rhode Island 9. Nevada 10. Connecticut
  • Why do atheists face bias in office holding?

    01/09/2010 3:07:49 PM PST · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 232 replies · 2,530+ views
    Knoxs News ^ | 01/09/2010 | Knoxs News
    Why do atheists face bias in office holding? Community columnist Al Westerfield picked some good examples of discrimination against the religiously impaired in his Dec. 6 column, "No more discrimination? In a 1987 interview, George H.W. Bush revealed his true wish to see atheists denied all of their constitutional rights. Like many of strict religious faith, he assumes that without religion, these people lack a moral compass. Apparently Bush sees no duplicity in his post-presidential work for the Carlyle Group. This private equity firm got its start exploiting inside information about America's war planning to invest in the defense industry....
  • The Coexist Movement and Delusion

    09/27/2009 2:31:42 PM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 53 replies · 2,818+ views
    The Igonorant Fishermen Blog ^ | 8/23/09 | DJP I.F.
    It seems like everywhere you look these days while driving on the road especially on college campuses an odd-phrased bumper sticker with religious symbols spelling COEXIST can be seen. This phrase contains the spiritual ideologies of the major world religions. Every letter in the COEXIST phrase has a symbol representing a religious system or spiritual ideology: C for the crescent and star (representing Islam); O being dotted with the Karma Wheel (Buddhism) E as energy in the relativity equation (Science); X illustrating the star of David (Judaism); the I representing the pentagram (Wicca/Pagan); S for the Tao symbol;...
  • Atheist Groups Increase on School Campuses (skeptic groups rising across the country's high schools)

    09/20/2009 7:14:22 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies · 725+ views
    Christian Post ^ | 9/19/2009 | Nathan Black
    Atheist and religious skeptic student groups are on the rise across the country's high school and college campuses. The Secular Student Alliance added its 160th affiliate campus group last week and reports that demand for their group starting packets are high. "Its been a challenge to keep up with the demand for services, especially group-starting packets and follow-up," said Lyz Liddell, senior campus organizer, in a statement earlier this month. "Thats a nice problem to have." The number of SSA campus affiliate groups has increased from 100 in 2008 to 160 this year. In 2007, the alliance counted only 80....
  • Anti-God Campaign Coming to the City

    09/09/2009 10:23:32 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 22 replies · 810+ views
    NBC Bay Area ^ | 9/9/09 | Lori Lee
    Agnostic attorney Clarence Darrow once said, "I dont believe in God, because I dont believe in Mother Goose." Now those controversial words and others are being used in part of a new push to promote the thinking of atheists and agnostics. Dozens of new ads will target the people of San Francisco. The campaign is the brainchild of the Midwest-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, which represents some 14,000 nonbelievers across the country. The association has been working since 1978 to keep church and state separate. The ads are already popping up on city buses. The group ordered 75 exterior signs...
  • Study: U.S. Jews increasingly non-observant (Like their Christian brethern.)

    08/09/2009 5:42:39 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 27 replies · 878+ views
    One News Now ^ | 8/9/2009 | Staff
    HARTFORD, CN - A new survey suggests that the number of American Jews who consider themselves religiously observant has dropped by more than 20 percent over the last two decades. The 2008 American Religious Identification Survey found that around 3.4 million American Jews call themselves religious, out of a general Jewish population of about 5.4 million. Those who call themselves only culturally Jewish rose from 20 percent in 1990 to 37 percent last year according to the study, which also found Jews more likely to be secular than other Americans.
  • Non-Believers Losing Faith in Obama: More God Talk Than Bush; Same Old Faith-Based Policies

    08/02/2009 11:00:40 AM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 23 replies · 1,082+ views
    Politics Daily ^ | July 31, 2009 | David Gibson
    The Secular Coalition for America moved into spanking new K Street offices this week and the swagger and implicit political heft that such an address confers on the lone Washington lobby representing America's proudly godless couldn't come at a better time. Back on Election Day, Barack Obama was a favorite of the religiously unaffiliated, winning an overwhelming 75 percent of a bloc that is growing fast from nine percent of the electorate in 2000 to 12 percent in 2008 and one that figures to be crucial to Obama's chances in 2012, especially as his once-stratospheric approval numbers...
  • Enemy Of God. Enemy Of Man. (The Democratic Party)

    07/20/2009 3:52:47 PM PDT · by mojito · 14 replies · 1,165+ views
    The Return of Scipio ^ | 7/16/2009 | Scipio
    Democrat the party of slavery.... The Democrat Party is the party of infanticide.... The Democrat Party is the party of sexual perversion.... The Democrat Party is the party of treason.... The Democrat Party is the party of lawlessness.... The Democrat Party is the party of national dissolution.... The Democrat Party is the party of Christ hatred.... One senses in the air the battle lines being drawn between two world views, the one supported by the Democrats and the other supported by their oppositesgun owners, Christians, conservatives, small government types, lovers of liberty and upholders of American values over foreign...
  • PBS to Begin Phasing Out Religious Programming From Airwaves [Don't Give $$ to PBS]

    06/16/2009 6:57:45 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 20 replies · 969+ views
    FoxNews ^ | June 16, 2009
    PBS to Begin Phasing Out Religious Programming From Airwaves PBS board members have decided to enforce a rule barring religious broadcasts in a move that spells the beginning of the end for most spiritual shows like Catholic Masses and Mormon devotionals on public television. By Joseph Abrams Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Former AmeriCorps Official Says Obama Removed Him for 'Doing My Job' PBS board members, who for 25 years have turned a blind eye to religious programming at some of their member stations' religious programing, have decided to enforce a rule banning the broadcasts -- a move that spells...
  • Atheists Roll Out Ad Campaign ( "In the Beginning, Man Created God." )

    05/24/2009 5:59:09 AM PDT · by kellynla · 87 replies · 2,477+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | May 22, 2009 | staff
    This provocative twist on the Bibles opening line was plastered on the side of 25 Chicago buses this week as part of an advertising crusade by the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign. The ads have been cruising between downtown and the citys North and South sides, including the No. 56 Milwaukee route, since the beginning of the week and will run through June. "The intent of the campaign is to stimulate discussion of religion and its place in our society," said Charlie Sitzes, a spokesman for the Indiana group who with help from the American Humanist Association has collected more than...
  • PBS to Excommunicate Affiliates

    05/18/2009 10:06:55 AM PDT · by NYer · 19 replies · 801+ views
    CMR ^ | May 18, 2009
    The "Mass for Shut-Ins" has been broadcast in Washington DC for 60 years ― the last thirteen on WHUT a PBS affiliate. WLAE in New Orleans, also a PBS affiliate, has been broadcasting a Mass since 1984. Now, PBS is considering a proposal that re-interprets a rule that would prohibit any PBS affiliate from broadcasting any religious (called sectarian) content or be refused the ability to broadcast PBS content. The existing rule requires affiliates to present programs that are noncommercial, nonpartisan and nonsectarian. However, the non-sectarian part of the rule has always been loosely interpreted as has, some would say,...
  • PBS Planning to Kick Out Stations That Broadcast 'Sectarian' Religious Programs

    05/17/2009 6:14:50 AM PDT · by chuck_the_tv_out · 22 replies · 1,148+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | May 17, 2009 - 07:47 | Tim Graham
    Heres one sign that the zeitgeist in Barack Obamas Washington is going to please the secular left. On Saturday, Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi highlighted a policy shift brewing inside PBS: the PBS Board is going to vote in June on a committees recommendation that PBS strip the affiliation of any station that carries "sectarian" content. Broadcast religious programming like a Catholic Mass and youll lose every PBS program from Sesame Street to the NewsHour. Apparently, PBS passed a fairness-and-balance policy in 1985 that insisted on "Three Nons" noncommercial, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian. Are they serious? PBS routinely...
  • No Event at White House for Nat'l Day of Prayer.....

    05/06/2009 3:26:34 PM PDT · by TaraP · 23 replies · 760+ views
    CBN News ^ | May 6th, 2009
    Thursday is the National Day of Prayer and major events are planned at the U.S. Capitol. But unlike the last eight years of the Bush administration, the White House will not hold a big event. The Bible reading has begun from Genesis to Revelation as hundreds have come to the U.S. Capitol this week to read the Bible cover to cover in honor of Thursday's National Day of Prayer. The event became law back in 1952. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va. is leading events this week on Capitol Hill. How would this nation be different? How would we have weathered those...
  • Obama cuts prayer-day service

    05/05/2009 8:35:29 PM PDT · by Nachum · 137 replies · 3,698+ views
    Washington Timnes ^ | 5/5/2009 | Julia Duin
    President Obama is distancing himself from the National Day of Prayer by nixing a formal early morning service and not attending a large Catholic prayer breakfast the following morning.
  • The White House on National Day of Prayer: A Proclamation, but No Formal Ceremony

    05/03/2009 7:03:49 AM PDT · by anniegetyourgun · 22 replies · 908+ views
    USNews ^ | 5/1/09 | Dan Gilgoff
    The National Day of Prayer Task Force, which is run out of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colo., has been eagerly awaiting word from the White House about plans for next Thursday's National Day of Prayer. Specifically, the group wants to know if President Obama will issue a proclamation observing the National Day of Prayer next Thursday and whether he'll host a formal White House event to mark the daythe latter being the practice of the Bush White House. The White House tells me that there will be a proclamation but no White House...
  • Suit Claiming Teacher Insulted Christians May End Soon

    04/26/2009 5:01:15 AM PDT · by kellynla · 21 replies · 1,115+ views
    orange county register ^ | April 22, 2009 | SCOTT MARTINDALE
    MISSION VIEJO, CA A federal judge is expected to rule any day now on whether a high school history teacher accused of disparaging Christians in class violated the First Amendment and should be disciplined. Capistrano Valley High School teacher James Corbett, a 36-year educator, was sued in December 2007 by sophomore Chad Farnan for purportedly promoting hostility toward Christians and advocating "irreligion over religion" in violation of the First Amendment's establishment clause. The clause, which prohibits the government from making any law "respecting an establishment of religion," has been interpreted by U.S. courts to also prohibit government employees from...
  • Obama's Ungodly Youth Corp

    04/25/2009 12:47:05 PM PDT · by Freepmanchew · 51 replies · 1,835+ views
    Post Scripts ^ | OneVike
    Obama's Ungodly Youth Corpby OneVikeWhat is it about socialists, that makes them despise religion? It seems that whenever a Socialists wins an election that gives them the ultimate power in a country, the first thing they try to do is remove religion as a force in that society. Oh it's not done in a way that the people realize it is happening. No, it's more covert and insidious in the way it is brought about. Usually it's done right under the noses of the very people who claim their ruler would never do such a thing. In America, religious persecution...
  • "I and Thou" Why Hollywoodies Don't Believe In God

    04/20/2009 9:05:07 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 6 replies · 546+ views
    The Savage Nation ^ | Michael Savage
  • Palin, Steele and Other Conservative Christians Not Normal? More Hypocrisy from Hardball

    03/27/2009 2:08:52 PM PDT · by VinL · 37 replies · 1,639+ views
    Fox Forum ^ | 3-27-09 | S. E. Cupp
    Chris Matthews, along with Lois Romano of the Washington Post and David Corn of Mother Jones, devoted 10 minutes of last nights Hardball to lamenting the religiosity of Republicans. Why does everything sound like the 700 Club? Matthews flippantly probed his like-minded panelists. The criticism came in response to recent sound bites from Sarah Palin and Michael Steele two very popular go-to targets of the left. [snip] Suspicious is a good characterization of the liberal attitude toward Christianity. The media was suspicious of Palin throughout the campaign, accusing her of speaking in tongues, and admonishing her for her pro-life...
  • Obama Youth Brigade: Church Attendance Forbidden

    03/25/2009 12:34:07 PM PDT · by Fiddlstix · 167 replies · 7,787+ views
    The Voice Magazine ^ | 03/25/09 | Jonas Clark
    Obama Youth Brigade: Church Attendance Forbidden By Jonas Clark Is this the change you really voted for? President Obama has only been in office for two months. Now we have HR 1388. The Bill was sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) with 37 others. The Bill was introduced to the floor of the House of Representatives where both Republicans and Democrats voted 321-105 in favor. Next it goes to the Senate for a vote and then on to President Obama. This bills title is called Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE). It forms what some are calling Obamas Youth Brigade....
  • Smoking Gun Proof there is an Atheist Media Bias

    03/21/2009 1:46:08 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 40 replies · 1,406+ views
    Smoking Gun Proof there is an Atheist Media Bias (click link for news report)
  • How your brain creates God? (Evos try to reduce God to natural by-product of how brain works)

    03/10/2009 10:32:03 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 152 replies · 2,891+ views
    CMI ^ | March 10, 2009 | Adrian Bates
    The journal New Scientist has recently run an article called Born Believers: How your brain creates God (especially in hard financial times)1… Towards the latter end of the article is a disclaimer that ‘All the researchers involved stress that none of this says anything about the existence or otherwise of gods.’ However, the tenor of the article, including the title, militates strongly that the author’s preferred reality is that, yes folks, “your brain creates God.” The article initially suggests that “God” is created in our brains as a result of “an evolutionary adaptation that makes people more likely to survive”....
  • More Americans say they have no religion

    03/09/2009 6:02:03 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 25 replies · 1,160+ views
    Google ^ | 3/8/2009 | AP
    A wide-ranging study on American religious life found that the Roman Catholic population has been shifting out o of the Northeast to the Southwest, the percentage of Christians in the nation has declined and more people say they have no religion at all. Fifteen percent of respondents said they had no religion, an increase from 14.2 percent in 2001 and 8.2 percent in 1990, according to the American Religious Identification Survey. Northern New England surpassed the Pacific Northwest as the least religious region, with Vermont reporting the highest share of those claiming no religion, at 34 percent. Still, the study...
  • More Americans say they have no religion

    03/09/2009 11:41:44 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 69 replies · 1,950+ views
    Associated Press ^ | March 9, 2009 | RACHEL ZOLL
    A wide-ranging study on American religious life found that the Roman Catholic population has been shifting out o of the Northeast to the Southwest, the percentage of Christians in the nation has declined and more people say they have no religion at all. Fifteen percent of respondents said they had no religion, an increase from 14.2 percent in 2001 and 8.2 percent in 1990, according to the American Religious Identification Survey. Northern New England surpassed the Pacific Northwest as the least religious region, with Vermont reporting the highest share of those claiming no religion, at 34 percent. Still, the study...
  • Lib Blogger Pulls a Ted Turner, Mocks Ash Wednesday

    03/01/2009 12:57:50 PM PST · by EveningStar · 13 replies · 723+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | March 1, 2009 | Ken Shepherd
    Liberal blogger and Media Matters employee* Oliver Willis channeled his inner Ted Turner last Wednesday, while writing for his eponymous Web site.
  • N.Y. Catholics: Dems Trying to Bankrupt Church

    03/01/2009 12:42:10 PM PST · by Richard Poe · 115 replies · 2,725+ views ^ | February 28, 2009 | Richard Lawrence Poe
    Democrats have declared war on the Catholic Church, with new laws that threaten to bankrupt Catholic schools, hospitals, charities and parishes. Thus far, the worst attacks have come in New York. Weve taken a lot of hits this year, Dennis Poust, spokesman for the New York State Catholic Conference, tells Newsmax. Outside the government, the Catholic Church is the largest provider of health, human services and education in [New York]. But some legislators are so driven by malice that theyre willing to see our charities and schools go under. Keep reading at
  • Where does your state rank in religious belief?

    02/16/2009 6:05:01 PM PST · by blueyon · 54 replies · 2,393+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | Feb 15,2009 | Drew Zahn
    A recent poll of more than 350,000 Americans on the importance of religion revealed that the nation is separated into enclaves of widely divergent viewpoints on faith, with some states and regions clearly religious and others significantly secular. Gallup conducted a telephone poll of 355,334 U.S. adults, asking the question, "Is religion an important part of your daily life?" As one might suspect, states from the "Bible Belt" scored the highest, with 85 percent of Mississippians and 79 percent of Tennesseeans, for example, answering yes. The poll also revealed, however, that in addition to the Bible Belt, the U.S. also...
  • New 'Fairness Doctrine' seenas threat to Christian radio

    02/08/2009 4:45:51 AM PST · by Man50D · 15 replies · 748+ views ^ | February 07, 2009
    As the National Religious Broadcasters convened today in Nashville, an ominous shroud cast by political chatter about the reimposition of the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" in the nation's capital hung over the gathering. NRB President Frank Wright said he sees the move as a credible threat under a Democrat-dominated Congress and with President Obama in the White House. "And we have a personal concern," Wright told Broadcasting & Cable. "The only radio station that ever lost its license under the fairness doctrine regime was a Christian radio station in Red Lion, Pa. We are only responding now to the statements the...
  • DeMint Amendment Against Religious Discrimination Fails (43-54)

    02/05/2009 5:40:11 PM PST · by icwhatudo · 36 replies · 1,043+ views
    National Review ^ | 2-5-09 | staff
    ---snip--- This is a direct attack on students of faith, and Im outraged Democrats are using an economic stimulus bill to promote discrimination, said Senator DeMint. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for siding with the ACLU over millions of students of faith. These students simply want equal access to public facilities, which is their constitutional right. This hostility toward religion must end. Those who voted to for this discrimination are standing in the schoolhouse door to deny people of faith from entering any campus building renovated by this bill.
  • Republican Senator Proposes Amendment to Overturn Ban on Cash for Schools Hosting Faith Forums

    02/05/2009 2:09:34 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 15 replies · 745+ views
    Fox News ^ | 2009-02-05
    Republican Sen. Jim DeMint proposed an amendment Thursday to overturn a provision in the stimulus bill that prohibits renovation funding for schools that allow religious worship in their facilities. BY CRISTINA CORBIN Republican Sen. Jim DeMint proposed an amendment Thursday to kill a provision in the Senate stimulus bill that prohibits renovation money for schools that allow religious groups to meet on campus. DeMint proposed the amendment after the provision was passed in the Democratic-controlled House despite unanimous Republican opposition. The amendment is expected to be voted on Thursday, an aide to the senator told DeMint and others who...
  • Stimulus Bill Would Discriminate Against Religious Activity on Campus, Conservative Groups Say

    02/05/2009 3:54:08 AM PST · by Cindy · 7 replies · 492+ views
    CNS ^ | Thursday, February 05, 2009 | Edwin Mora
    ( President Obamas economic stimulus bill would forbid colleges -- both religious and secular -- from receiving stimulus funds to improve facilities that are used for religious purposes. The provision is found in the Higher Education Modernization, Renovation and Repair section (Sec. 9302) of both the House and Senate versions of the bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. According to the provision, none of funds of the $6 billion allotted to the renovation, modernization, or repair of college buildings may be used for facilities (i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or school department of divinity;...
  • Conservative Groups Declare Obama's Stimulus Bill a War on Prayer

    02/04/2009 2:19:06 PM PST · by nobama08 · 21 replies · 458+ views ^ | February 4, 2009 | Cristina Corbin
    Democrats in Congress have declared war on prayer, say conservative groups who object to a provision in the stimulus bill that was passed by the House of Representatives last week. The provision bans money designated for school renovation from being spent on facilities that allow "religious worship." It has ignited a fury among critics who say it violates the First Amendment and is an attempt to prevent religious practice in schools. According to the bill, which the Democratic-controlled House passed despite unanimous Republican opposition, funds are prohibited from being used for the "modernization, renovation, or repair" of facilities that allow...
  • Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont the Least (Gallup Poll of 350,000)

    01/31/2009 9:16:43 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 49 replies · 2,887+ views
    Digtriad ^ | Jan 30,2009
    Washington-- Want to be almost certain you'll have religious neighbors? Move to Mississippi. Prefer to be in the least religious state? Venture to Vermont. A new Gallup Poll, based on more than 350,000 interviews, finds that the Magnolia State is the one where the most people 85% say yes when asked "Is religion an important part of your daily life?" Less than half of Vermonters, meanwhile 42% answered that same question in the affirmative. Joining Mississippi in the top "most religious" states are other notches in the Bible Belt: Alabama (82%), South Carolina (80%), Tennessee (79%), Louisiana (78%), and Arkansas...
  • Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some

    01/25/2009 2:58:11 AM PST · by cdchik123 · 7 replies · 934+ views
    aol ^ | Melinda Hennenberger
    (Jan. 23) - Not everyone was happy with President Barack Obama's nod to nonbelievers and non-Christians in his inaugural address. And some of the stiff criticism about Obamas religious inclusiveness is coming from African-American Christians who maintain that no, all faiths were actually not created equal. "For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness," the new president said. "We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this earth," he also said. Nothing too controversial, proclaiming that America's strength lies in its diversity. But between those two statements, the new president...
  • Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some

    01/23/2009 4:15:10 PM PST · by Rennes Templar · 26 replies · 302+ views
    AOL News ^ | Jan. 22, 09 | Melinda Henneberger
    Jan. 23) - Not everyone was happy with President Barack Obama's nod to nonbelievers and non-Christians in his inaugural address. And some of the stiff criticism about Obamas religious inclusiveness is coming from African-American Christians who maintain that no, all faiths were actually not created equal. "For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness," the new president said. "We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this earth," he also said. Nothing too controversial, proclaiming that America's strength lies in its diversity. But between those two statements, the new president...