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  • Supreme Court has made confiscation of firearms a breeze

    07/02/2015 8:45:14 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 36 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 7/2/15 | Doug Book
    Last year, Democrat Senator Ed Markey (NY) and Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney (Mass) introduced legislation suggesting Barack Obama’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) be paid $10 million/year to fund “…research on gun violence prevention and firearm safety.” According to the far left Markey, “it is time we study the issue of gun violence like the public health crisis that it is. If we want to prevent injury and deaths from guns, we need to know what can be done to prevent it.” Truth be told, Markey and Maloney believe the best way to prevent gun violence is by making it...
  • Loserville (The Triumph of the Cult of Liberalism)

    06/30/2015 9:19:53 AM PDT · by mojito · 16 replies
    ZBlog ^ | 6/29/2015 | Z Man
    ...Reading conservative sites the last week, I’m getting that vibe from both the chattering skulls and their readers who show up in the comments. There’s a state of shock at what has transpired over the two weeks.Their preferred party sold them out to please global finance. The court untethered itself from the English language and made itself the enforcer for the Cult of Modern Liberalism. Not only was the Right not winning, they were blown off the field. As I pointed out the other day, the gay marriage ruling is the biggest assault on religious liberty in the history of...
  • Supreme Court finds Congress irrelevant, awards law making powers to president and…Supreme Court

    06/26/2015 10:24:51 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 11 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 6/26/15 | Doug Book
    Coach is Right recently alerted its readers to the importance of the upcoming Supreme Court decision in King v Burwell, a case which would determine whether the Internal Revenue Service had the authority—on the orders of Barack Obama–to re-interpret the Affordable Care Act in a manner favorable to Obama and contrary to the clear language and intent of the Act as written by Congress. Though Obama and members of his Regime have already re-written the Act (contrary to the Constitution) on 31 separate occasions, it was hoped—certainly it was never more than a hope—that the Court would uphold the will...
  • Justice Roberts revives an old argument that could save gay marriage

    04/28/2015 9:58:24 PM PDT · by murron · 119 replies
    Yahoo Politics ^ | April 28, 2015 | Liz Goodwin
    The gay rights movement has spent years trying to convince judges across the country that prohibiting same-sex marriage discriminates against gays and lesbians solely because of their sexual orientation. But on Tuesday, a surprising question from Chief Justice John Roberts revived a very different legal strategy that the gay rights movement had all but abandoned.
  • Chief Justice John Roberts, who saved Obamacare in 2012, stays quiet this time

    03/04/2015 12:37:04 PM PST · by TangledUpInBlue · 54 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 3/4 | Lizzy Goodwin
    Chief Justice John Roberts, who saved President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul three years ago by unexpectedly joining the liberal wing of the court, stayed largely silent in oral arguments on a new challenge that could deal a mortal blow to the law. The argument centers on whether four words in the more than 1,000-page act should be interpreted literally, which would render millions of people who live in the dozens of states that did not set up their own insurance exchanges ineligible for federal subsidies to help them purchase insurance.
  • If it’s ambiguous, does government win? Roberts finally speaks.

    03/04/2015 11:15:53 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 73 replies
    Washington Post ^ | March 4, 2015 | Sandhya Somashekhar and Robert Barnes
    11:26: When a law is ambiguous, the court often defers to the agency in charge of administering it. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit said just that, and that the IRS’ interpretation that subsidies were available to all was a reasonable one. Verrilli resisted questions about ambiguity, saying it was clear. But if not, he said, the agency does deserve deference. But Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said he was concerned about giving the power to allocate billions of dollars in subsidies to an agency. It was then that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. asked his only...
  • High court denies gay marriage appeals [legal immediately in IN, OK, UT, VA and WI]

    10/06/2014 7:07:01 AM PDT · by GIdget2004 · 211 replies
    AP ^ | 10/06/2014 | Mark Sherman
    he Supreme Court has turned away appeals from five states seeking to prohibit same-sex marriages, paving the way for an immediate expansion of gay and lesbian unions. The justices on Monday did not comment in rejecting appeals from Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The court's order immediately ends delays on marriage in those states. Couples in six other states should be able to get married in short order. That would make same-sex marriage legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia. But the justices have left unresolved for now the question of same-sex marriage nationwide.
  • Pin drop! Obama lawyer stuns Supreme justice

    03/25/2014 9:03:08 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 106 replies
    WND ^ | 3/25/2014 | GREG COROMBOS
    In a dramatic moment at the Supreme Court Tuesday, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli told justices that U.S. business owners have no religious freedom to reject government mandates forcing them to cover abortions. Justices and lawyers also sparred over whether businesses actually have religious freedom and whether striking down the Obamacare mandate makes women second-class citizens. The notable abortion exchange between Verrilli and Justice Anthony Kennedy came during oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius, two cases linked by the companies’ owners objecting to the Department of Health and Human Services requirement that businesses fully...
  • Courts give green light to lawsuits which could finish ObamaCare

    10/26/2013 11:11:56 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 24 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 10/26/13 | Doug Book
    In finding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional, 5 justices of the Supreme Court literally ignored the statutory language of the law and the wishes of Congress. In fact, Chief Justice Roberts rewrote portions of the Act in order to bring its substance into line with his own politically motivated preferences. In May, the IRS also ignored the will of Congress as expressed in the ACA. The law specifically states that subsidies and tax credits provided to certain ObamaCare enrollees may be awarded ONLY by “a governmental agency or nonprofit entity [ObamaCare exchange] that is established by a state.”(My emphasis)...
  • ObamaCare the result of corrupt lawmakers and one Supreme Court justice

    10/17/2013 9:00:50 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 14 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 10/17/13 | George Spelvin
    Why is no one in Congress pointing out the illegal way by which Harry Reid and his cohorts rammed through the very punitive Obamacare bill in the first place? Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) delivered an outstanding one hour exposition of the skullduggery these partisans used to shove this socialistic atrocity down the throats, “into the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the kitchens” of we ordinary US citizens. No one else has the courage to point out that Harry Reid and company rewrote out of whole cloth a unanimously passed H.Res 3509 called “Sevice Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009.” This bill’s...
  • Roberts Pulls Supreme Court to the Right Step by Step

    06/28/2013 9:15:03 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 34 replies ^ | 6/27/13 | Adam Liptak
    Viewed in isolation, the Supreme Court term that just ended had elements of modesty. The court declined to do away with affirmative action, gave Congress another shot at salvaging the Voting Rights Act and refused to find a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. But glancing at an end-of term snapshot can be misleading. The more meaningful way to look at the court is as a movie, one starring Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. as a canny strategist with a tough side, and his eyes on the horizon. He is just 58 and is likely to lead the court for...
  • Sen. Mike Lee: Justice Roberts’ Obamacare ruling was ‘a betrayal of his judicial oath’

    06/20/2013 1:27:29 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 62 replies
    Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, was disappointed when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. One year later — having thought about the case, gotten some distance from the issue, reviewed the ruling opinion — he’s confident of one thing: Chief Justice John Roberts engaged in “a betrayal of his judicial oath,” one that amounts to “a form of tyranny.” “In this case, I can’t be sure what exactly motivated Chief Justice John Roberts,” Lee said last night during a Charles Koch Institute event on “Freedom, Laws, and the Commerce Clause” at the Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies. “But what we do...
  • The coming scourge of ObamaCare still the fault of John Roberts

    05/26/2013 8:42:41 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 52 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 5/26/13 | George Spelvin
    The decision to keep the bureaucrat who headed up Tea Party targeting in charge of Obamacare speaks to a bald affront by the Obama administration to a US Congress now facing some very tough questions of its own. Sarah Hall Ingram scored not a lateral but an up the chain promotion when she was put in charge of a reform division of the Affordable Care Act. But just what are the political ramifications of the 18 month long period in which the painful targeting of conservatives successfully squelched Tea Party opposition to her big boss’s re-election? The Tea Party targeting...
  • Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EST,WABC AM,February 6,2013

    02/06/2013 9:05:04 AM PST · by Biggirl · 97 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | February 6,2013 | Rush Limbaugh
    Call The Rush Limbaugh Show program line between 12 Noon and 3PM Eastern Time at: 1-800-282-2882 E-mail Rush: Fax Rush at: 212-445-3963 Write a letter to Rush and mail it to: The Rush Limbaugh Show 1270 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 Join This Ping List Now! Click Here To Join this Ping List! Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This
  • Application (12A606) refiled and submitted to The Chief Justice.

    01/09/2013 1:13:25 PM PST · by Elderberry · 118 replies
    U.S. Supreme Court ^ | 1/9/2013 | Chief Justice Roberts
    No. 12A606 Title: Edward Noonan, et al., Applicants v. Deborah Bowen, California Secretary of State Docketed: December 13, 2012 Lower Ct: Supreme Court of California Case Nos.: (S207078) Date Proceedings and Orders Dec 11 2012 Application (12A606) for a stay, submitted to Justice Kennedy. Dec 13 2012 Application (12A606) denied by Justice Kennedy. Dec 26 2012 Application (12A606) refiled and submitted to The Chief Justice. Jan 9 2013 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of February 15, 2013. Jan 9 2013 Application (12A606) referred to the Court.
  • Sen. Hatch: ‘I Still Have a Very High Opinion of Chief Justice Roberts’

    07/09/2012 8:58:49 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 29 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | July 9, 2012 | Elizabeth Harrington
    Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Nev.) said Monday he “still has a very high opinion of Chief Justice John Roberts," despite Roberts opinion upholding the individual mandate in Obamacare as constitutional. Hatch, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee and a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had been one of the earliest and most forceful voices in the Senate speaking out against the constitutionality of the individual mandate when it was first proposed in 2009. On Monday, however, Hatch told that Roberts “certainly had the right” to rule that the mandate is constitutional as a tax. “Naturally, I...
  • Why did the Chief Justice CHEAT to pass ObamaCare?

    07/02/2012 10:01:08 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 18 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 7/2/2012 | Doug Book
    Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote the specific language of congress by claiming in his ObamaCare ruling that the penalty which the lawmakers had clearly attached to the individual mandate was actually a tax. It was the only way in which the Affordable Care Act could be saved, for the Court rejected the Commerce and Necessary and Proper clause defenses as constitutional grounds for the existence of the law. By “penciling in” the tax language necessary to satisfy his own requirement of constitutionality, Roberts behaved no differently from any liberal, activist judge so often criticized by conservatives for judicial malfeasance; that...
  • Morning Examiner: Justice Roberts should have left the politics to the politicians

    07/02/2012 5:49:49 AM PDT · by nhwingut · 36 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 07/02/2012 | Conn Carroll
    Last Friday, after Chief Justice John Roberts upheld Obamacare as a legitimate use of the federal government’s taxing power, we said the decision, “exposed the fact that the supposedly conservative Chief Justice of the Court, is actually an unprincipled political operative who can be cowed into supporting a massive expansion of the welfare state in the face of sustained and organized liberal media pressure.” Now CBS News’ Jan Crawford has produced a report confirming conservatives’ worst fears. SNIP Crawford goes onto report that after being bullied by the liberal media, Roberts began “to focus on a different argument to uphold...
  • VANITY: Justice Roberts Raped US

    06/29/2012 8:57:16 PM PDT · by privatedrive · 75 replies
    original | 6/29/12 | privatedrive
    My apologies to all whom I am about to offend. But he raped us all. The fact that he kissed us first makes it no less vile. I feel so violated. Go ahead and ban me Jim - I just don't care anymore. You are the best, privatedrive
  • Conservatives’ consolation prize [George Will on 0bamacare decision]

    06/28/2012 1:48:52 PM PDT · by Hunton Peck · 49 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | Thursday, June 28, 2012, 1:56 PM | George F. Will
    Conservatives won a substantial victory Thursday. The physics of American politics — actions provoking reactions — continues to move the crucial debate, about the nature of the American regime, toward conservatism. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has served this cause. The health-care legislation’s expansion of the federal government’s purview has improved our civic health by rekindling interest in what this expansion threatens — the Framers’ design for limited government. Conservatives distraught about the survival of the individual mandate are missing the considerable consolation prize they won when the Supreme Court rejected a constitutional rationale for the mandate — Congress’s...
  • More Thoughts on Today’s Obamacare Rulings (Courts Now Have Assumed Taxing Power)

    06/28/2012 11:57:51 AM PDT · by mojito · 21 replies
    NRO's Bench Memos ^ | 6/28/2012 | Carrie Severino
    ...Today’s holding is problematic for many reasons. First, it is a novel holding that threatens to expand the taxing power extensively. It removes the taxing power from the representative branches and places it in the only non-accountable branch, the judiciary. Defenders of the law — from President Obama to Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid — all insisted that the law they voted for was not a tax. Now, when it is off their desk, the court has retroactively declared it a tax, circumventing the public accountability intended by the Founders and recognized by constitutional law as the major check on...
  • Did Justice Roberts Trade Votes with Justice Kennedy?

    06/27/2012 9:52:52 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 45 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 06/27/2012 | Jason Kissner
    Did Justice Roberts trade votes with Justice Kennedy in the Arizona decision handed down Monday? I certainly hope so, for he would have struck a blow for constitutional conservatism. I will explain: Many Court observers have expressed surprise at Chief Justice Roberts joining the majority opinion of Justice Anthony Kennedy, which struck down three of four provisions at issue with Arizona's S.B. 1070 and left the fourth on life support in terms of jurisprudence, and all but dead in terms of practice. As Justice Scalia noted in a dissent that was animated even by Scalia standards, the Supreme Court's decision...
  • Left Targets Chief Justice Roberts To Save ObamaCare

    05/23/2012 5:46:33 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 25 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | May 23, 2012 | Editor
    The Judiciary: Controlling the politically insulated federal courts, especially the Supreme Court, has long been atop the left's to-do list. Since it doesn't own Chief Justice John Roberts, now the game is to shame him. The battle over retaining the liberal politicization of the courts, symbolized by Chief Justice Earl Warren's tenure, goes back at least as far as President Nixon's failed nominations of Clement Haynsworth and Harrold Carswell in 1969-70; extended to the "borking" of President Reagan's nomination of Judge Robert Bork in 1987; and ultimately sank to the bottom of the gutter in the character assassination of President...
  • Senator Leahy Threatens Justice Roberts In Advance of the Obamacare Decision (May 23, 2012)

    Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committees, Socialist Patrick Leahy, threatened Chief Justice Roberts weeks before the Obamacare case decision is to be made public. Senator Leahy - “I trust that he will be a chief justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch,” said Leahy. “The conservative activism of recent years has not been good for the court. Given the ideological challenge to the Affordable Care Act and the extensive, supportive precedent, it would be extraordinary for the Supreme Court not to defer to Congress in this...
  • Chief Justice Says States Have Compromised Their Sovereignty

    03/30/2012 6:29:41 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 70 replies
    The New American ^ | 3/29/2012 | Jack Kenny
    Chief Justice John Roberts said Wednesday what has long been known but seldom spoken. During the third and final day of Supreme Court hearings on whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is unconstitutional, Roberts said states have been compromising their sovereignty for decades through increased reliance on the federal government for money and accompanying directions on the governance of state affairs. "It seems to me that they have compromised their status as independent sovereigns because they are so dependent on what the federal government has done," the chief justice said during Wednesday's nearly three hours of...
  • Hail to the Chief Justice

    03/13/2010 4:43:23 AM PST · by Kaslin · 11 replies · 892+ views ^ | March 13, 2010 | Ken Blackwell
    When the young John Roberts was confirmed as Chief Justice of the United States in 2005, he declined to put those gold stripes on his robes. They’re the ones that the late William Rehnquist had devised to indicate his status as first among equals on the nation’s high court. “I’ll have to earn them,” Roberts said modestly. He just did. He gave a powerful rejoinder this week to President Obama’s unprecedented foray into demagoguery. It’s more than a tempest in a teapot. Last January, President Obama took the unheard of step of criticizing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling during his...
  • Video - Chief Justice John Roberts Remarks - (in full)

    03/10/2010 6:23:36 PM PST · by STARWISE · 18 replies · 778+ views
    Cspan ^ | 3-9-10
    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts addressed students at the University of Alabama Law School. Following his remarks he responded to questions from audience members. In response to a student, Justice Roberts said the Senate's confirmation process for federal judges is “broken down ” and stated that President Obama's State of the Union speech degenerated “into a political pep rally.” VIDEO - Chief Justice John Roberts The SOTU issue is at the 44:57 mark
  • [Chief Justice] Roberts: Scene at State of Union 'Very Troubling'

    03/10/2010 1:18:19 AM PST · by dajeeps · 19 replies · 1,301+ views ^ | Updated March 10, 2010 | AP
    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts said Tuesday the scene at President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address was "very troubling" and that the annual speech to Congress has "degenerated into a political pep rally." Responding to a University of Alabama law student's question about the Senate's method of confirming justices, Roberts said senators improperly try to make political points by asking questions they know nominees can't answer because of judicial ethics rules. "I think the process is broken down," he said.
  • White House hopes to blunt Supreme Court's decision

    01/25/2010 4:58:47 PM PST · by opentalk · 19 replies · 936+ views
    Politico ^ | 1/25/10 | KENNETH P. VOGEL
    President Barack Obama, criticized by campaign finance reform advocates for not living up to his repeated pledges to reduce the role of special interests in elections, plans an aggressive push-back to last week’s Supreme Court decision overturning restrictions on political spending by corporations, unions and other organizations. POLITICO has learned that the White House is in talks with congressional offices about efforts to require shareholders to vote before a corporation could spend money in elections, require companies that pay for ads supporting or opposing candidates to more clearly identify themselves in the ads, restrict the ability of companies with big...
  • Defending Chief Justice Roberts

    11/07/2009 5:32:21 AM PST · by Kaslin · 19 replies · 1,269+ views ^ | November 7, 2009 | Ken Klukowski
    In recent months, at least three major newspapers have carried columns attempting to push Chief Justice John Roberts into voting to uphold a grossly unconstitutional federal law. But their cheap distortions and Chicken Little yammering will fail. The chief justice will do his job, and the country will be better off for it. On Sept. 9, the U.S. Supreme Court reheard arguments in the landmark campaign finance and free speech case, Citizens United v. FEC. At issue in this case is whether the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) could ban documentaries about candidates when Election Day is approaching. This...
  • Supreme Court Term Review (Interview of Chief Justice Roberts by 4th Circuit Judge Harvie Wilkinson)

    06/28/2009 9:13:20 PM PDT · by BCrago66 · 326+ views
    C-Span Archives ^ | 6/27/9 | Chief Justice John Roberts
    Chief Justice John Roberts held a conversation with Judge Harvie Wilkinson at the Fourth Circuit's Judicial Conference in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Chief Justice Roberts oversees the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Topics included the decisions of the 2008-2009 term of the U.S. Supreme Court, which would conclude the next Monday, June 29, 2009.
  • Sen. Reid: Chief Justice Roberts Lied To Congress

    03/29/2009 7:38:36 AM PDT · by Turret Gunner A20 · 58 replies · 1,791+ views
    Newsmax. ^ | Friday, March 27, 2009 | : David A. Patten
    Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid charged Friday that Chief Justice John Roberts tricked Congress by pretending to be a moderate while he was actually a stalwart conservative.
  • Report: Reid Says Roberts 'Didn't Tell Us the Truth'

    03/27/2009 8:01:50 PM PDT · by EagleUSA · 30 replies · 1,595+ views
    Fox News / Politics ^ | 03/27/2009 | EagleUSA
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts did not "tell us the truth" during his 2005 confirmation hearings, suggesting Roberts misled senators into believing he was more moderate than he really was. According to, Reid complained about Roberts during a discussion hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. "Roberts didn't tell us the truth. At least (Samuel) Alito told us who he was," Reid said, according to the article. "But we're stuck with those two young men, and we'll try to change by having some moderates in the federal courts system as time...
  • Harry Reid Calls John Roberts A Liar

    03/27/2009 6:53:01 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 51 replies · 2,507+ views
    National Review ^ | March 27, 2009
    Friday, March 27, 2009 Re: Harry Reid Calls John Roberts a Liar [Ed Whelan] Kathryn: Harry Reid voted against John Roberts’s nomination to be Chief Justice. (Here’s the roll-call vote.) So it’s rather odd for him to be claiming that Roberts fooled him. In any event, if Reid is going to allege that Roberts “didn’t tell us the truth,” is it too much to ask that he identify a single statement that Roberts made that Reid alleges was false? Unfortunately, Reid has a long history of reckless and irresponsible statements. Recall Reid’s baseless assertion that Justice Thomas is an “embarrassment”...
  • Chief Justice John Roberts will deliver a free public talk at the UA law school next week

    01/30/2009 10:15:15 AM PST · by Corazon · 4 replies · 627+ views
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 01/30/09 | Arizona Daily Star
    US Chief Justice Roberts to speak at UA Wednesday By Aaron Mackey Arizona Daily Star Tucson, Arizona | Published: 01.30.2009 advertisementU.S. Chief Justice John Roberts will deliver a free public talk at the UA law school next week, though seats to view the address are in short supply. Officials with the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law said the room where Roberts will speak as part of an annual lecture series is at capacity, and additional viewing rooms are filling, too....
  • [President] Not Amused By VP Biden's Joke About Chief Justice Roberts

    01/28/2009 5:43:15 PM PST · by Diana in Wisconsin · 39 replies · 1,437+ views
    All Headline News ^ | January 28, 2009 | Julie Farby
    Washington, D.C. (AHN) - Vice President Joe Biden formally apologized for his inauguration gaffe about Justice Roberts' flubbing the oath of office, a joke which did not seem to amuse President Obama. A Biden press aide confirmed that the VP did make a call to the chief justice, although details were not disclosed. "It was a private conversation. I do not know the content of it and cannot characterize it," Biden Press Secretary Elizabeth Alexander said, adding later that they spoke and "had a good conversation." The joke-gone-bad is nothing new for Vice President Biden, whose outspoken ways have earned...
  • Biden Apologizes to Roberts for Oath Joke

    01/28/2009 8:00:35 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 29 replies · 1,259+ views
    Biden Apologizes to Roberts for Oath Joke @ 10:14 am by Walter Alarkon Vice President Biden called Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to apologize for joking about his flub of the presidential oath of office, reports The Christian Science Monitor. Biden last week made fun of Roberts' halting performance on Inauguration Day just before he had to administer the oath to new White House staffers. "My memory's not as good as Justice Roberts’," Biden said, making a reference to Roberts' attempt to recite the oath from memory. The remark prompted some laughs, but not from President Obama, who stood...
  • Vice-President Biden Apologizes to Chief Justice John Roberts

    01/27/2009 12:56:35 PM PST · by Federalist Patriot · 15 replies · 989+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | January 27, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Reports indicate that Vice-President Joe Biden called U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to apologize for his remark last week making fun of Roberts after his infamous flub of the Oath of Office when swearing-in President Barack Obama. Here is video of the remark Biden made last week, followed by news of the apology . . . . . I chided Biden last week for making the classless joke at Roberts' expense, so now I also praise Biden for doing the right thing and apologizing for it. No doubt, Chief Justice Roberts feels terrible about the mistake he made,...
  • Obama Sworn In Again, With Right Words (No Bible Used)

    01/22/2009 5:35:08 AM PST · by icwhatudo · 37 replies · 1,816+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Thursday, January 22, 2009 | Michael D. Shear
    In golf, they call it a mulligan. A do-over. There's no formal name for what President Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. did last night. After flubbing his one role on Inauguration Day -- administering the oath of office to Obama -- Roberts traveled to the White House to re-administer the oath. Just to make sure. "We decided it was so much fun . . .," Obama joked while sitting on a couch in the Map Room. Obama stood and walked over to make small talk with pool reporters as Roberts donned his black robe. "Are you ready...
  • Caption Roberts and Obama swearing photo

    01/22/2009 9:19:01 AM PST · by FreeAtlanta · 30 replies · 1,482+ views
    drudge report | 12/22/2008 | vanity
  • Obama Resworn in...

    01/21/2009 7:20:00 PM PST · by PilotDave · 209 replies · 7,616+ views
    drudgereport ^ | 21 JAN 09 | Drudge
    OBAMA RE-SWORN IN At 735 pm, Roberts administred the oath of office again to obama in the map room. Robert gibbs said the wh counsel, greg craig, believes the oath was fine Tuesday, but one word was out of sequence so they did this out of a "an abundance of caution." "We decided it was so much fun..." Obama joked while sitting on a couch. Obama stood and walked over to make small talk with pool as roberts donned his black robe. "Are you ready to take the oath?" Roberts asked. "I am, and we're going to do it very...
  • Obama Sworn in... Again

    01/21/2009 7:23:11 PM PST · by MeanGreen2008 · 26 replies · 1,284+ views
    At 735 pm [Tuesday], Roberts administered the oath of office again to Obama in the Map Room. Robert Gibbs said the WH counsel, Greg Craig, believes the oath was fine Tuesday, but one word was out of sequence so they did this out of a "an abundance of caution." "We decided it was so much fun..." Obama joked while sitting on a couch. Obama stood and walked over to make small talk with pool as Roberts donned his black robe. "Are you ready to take the oath?" Roberts asked. "I am, and we're going to do it very slowly," Obama...
  • Fox News Shep Smith --Obama Re-took Oath of Office

    01/21/2009 4:57:40 PM PST · by sbark · 109 replies · 3,994+ views
    Fox News | Shep Smith
    Just reported by Shep Smith on Fox News that Obama had to re-take the Oath of Office. 7:00pm so.....Everything he did prior to that today Legal ... Hopefully link shows up and someone adds it
  • MSNBC: Obama Retakes Oath of Office

    01/21/2009 4:49:27 PM PST · by lewisglad · 135 replies · 4,172+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 1/21/09
    just announced, I guess he did get a do-over after all
  • Biden Takes Shot at Roberts for Flubbing Presidential Oath (Classless change we can not believe in)

    01/21/2009 1:33:34 PM PST · by utahson · 38 replies · 1,655+ views
    Fox News ^ | 1-21-09 | Fox
    Vice President Biden took a stab at Chief Justice John Roberts on Wednesday, one day after the chief justice flubbed the oath of office that President Obama was to recite at his inauguration.Biden was to swear in senior executive staff at a White House ceremony after having already given the oath to newly confirmed Cabinet secretaries. When Obama reminded him that he had only done the one group and hadn't done the second yet, Biden quipped, "My memory is not as good as Chief Justice Roberts."
  • Give Obama A Pass on Oath Flub?

    01/20/2009 8:49:03 PM PST · by DouglasKC · 160 replies · 4,030+ views
    FreeRepublic Exclusive ^ | 1/20/2009 | DouglasKC
    Give Obama A Pass on Oath Flub? Have you heard? Chief Justice Roberts mixed some words around in the Presidential oath that Presidents take upon assuming the office. The oath should read as follows: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." It seems that Chief Justice Roberts put the word "faithfully" in the wrong place. It was then repeated incorrectly by Mr. Obama. Should we give Mr. Obama a pass?...
  • Fox's Chris Wallace asks: Is Obama even president? (screwed up oath!)

    01/20/2009 7:46:37 PM PST · by RIghtNowAndAlways · 143 replies · 5,272+ views
    L.A. Times ^ | 1/20/09 | Scott Collins
    "Well, again, we're wondering here whether or not Barack Obama in fact is the president of the United States," Chris Wallace told Fox News viewers, well over an hour after Obama had taken the oath of office today. Fox News replayed the swearing-in moment when President Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. each bobbled the words to the constitutional oath. "They had a kind of garbled oath," Wallace said. "It's just conceivable that this will end up going to the courts," Wallace speculated.
  • For Roberts and Obama, relationship gets official

    01/20/2009 3:13:07 PM PST · by RDTF · 42 replies · 1,736+ views
    Yahoo ^ | Jan 20, 2009 | Mark Sherman
    WASHINGTON (AP — Chief Justice John Roberts swore in Barack Obama as president Tuesday in the first of what could be many important interactions for the two men of differing politics who rose quickly to power. The encounter was briefly awkward after Obama stepped on Roberts' opening lines from the 35-word constitutionally prescribed oath of office. The chief justice wandered into a verbal detour of his own. -snip-
  • I heard Obama (and Roberts) screwed up the oath, is this true?

    01/20/2009 9:51:00 AM PST · by Perdogg · 61 replies · 2,499+ views
    Day 1 - The decline of America | Perdogg
    I heard Obama screwed up the oath, is this true?
  • Bad sign??? Chief Justice Screws Up Oath - Obama Blanks

    01/20/2009 10:06:25 AM PST · by Justaham · 75 replies · 4,137+ views
    TMZ ^ | 1-20-09
    So the oath didn't go particularly well, and here's why. Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up the second line and it seems that threw Obama off track. Check out video here: The oath, found in Article II Section I of the Constitution, reads, I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.... The Chief asked Obama to repeat these words, "...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." It's "of" the United States and the word "faithfully" should have come before the word "execute." After that,...