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  • US takes back supercomputing crown with world's fastest computer

    06/18/2012 8:12:23 PM PDT · by Ron C. · 22 replies ^ | 6/18/12 | FoxNews
    A U.S. supercomputer has won back the crown in the never-ending battle for the world's most powerful supercomputer. Its victory is the latest milestone marking the steady climb of computing power all across the globe. The Top500 industry list gave its No. 1 ranking to the Sequoia supercomputer housed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California — a spot earned by Sequoia's ability to crunch 16.32 quadrillion calculations per second (16.32 petaflops/s). Such supercomputing power is used by the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration to simulate nuclear weapons tests for older weapons that have been sitting in the U.S. arsenal....
  • Scientists discover global warming linked to increase in tropopause height over past two decades

    01/06/2003 10:48:27 AM PST · by cogitator · 62 replies · 1,084+ views
    Space Daily ^ | January 5, 2003
    Scientists discover global warming linked to increase in tropopause height over past two decades LIVERMORE, Calif. -- Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered another fingerprint of human effects on global climate. Recent research has shown that increases in the height of the tropopause over the past two decades are directly linked to ozone depletion and increased greenhouse gases. The tropopause is the transition zone between the lowest layer of the atmosphere -- the turbulently-mixed troposphere -- and the more stable stratosphere. The tropopause lies roughly 10 miles above the Earth's surface at the equator and five...
  • CLIMATE: Scientists return fire at skeptics in 'destroyed data' dispute

    12/02/2009 11:54:04 AM PST · by Ultra Sonic 007 · 45 replies · 2,631+ views
    E&E Publishing ^ | 10/14/09 | Robin Bravender
    Climate scientists are refuting claims that raw data used in critical climate change reports has been destroyed, rendering the reports and policies based on those reports unreliable. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market advocacy group, is arguing that U.S. EPA's climate policies rely on raw data that have been destroyed and are therefore unreliable. The nonprofit group -- a staunch critic of U.S. EPA's efforts to regulate greenhouse gases -- petitioned the agency last week to reopen the public comment period on its proposed "endangerment finding" because the data set had been lost (E&ENews PM, Oct. 9). But climate scientists...

    03/20/2009 11:35:28 PM PDT · by Impy · 26 replies · 795+ views
    Politics1 ^ | 3-20-09 | Vin Gopal
    CALIFORNIA. Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (D) was tapped this week to serve in the Obama Administration as US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security -- the Administration's top arms control negotiator. The centrist Tauscher -- who represents the CD-10 district which includes the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory nuclear weapons/WMD research and development facility --- has been recognized as an expert on nuclear weapons issues during her seven-terms in Congress. "Keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, making sure other countries do not obtain them and, one day, I hope, ridding the world of these terrible weapons,...
  • More Counterintelligence Computers Missing

    04/01/2007 8:57:04 AM PDT · by jdm · 15 replies · 911+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | April 01, 2007 | Ed Morrissey
    An internal audit has discovered that twenty computers have disappeared from a critical counterintelligence agency tasked with protecting America's nuclear secrets. Fourteen of the computers contained classified material, marking yet another in a string of embarrassments for the Department of Energy: The office in charge of protecting American technical secrets about nuclear weapons from foreign spies is missing 20 desktop computers, at least 14 of which have been used for classified information, the Energy Department inspector general reported on Friday. This is the 13th time in a little over four years that an audit has found that the department, whose...
  • Bush administration picks Lawrence Livermore warhead design

    03/02/2007 10:39:19 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies · 571+ views
    ap on Daily Comet ^ | 3/2/07 | Scott Lindlaw - ap
    The Bush administration selected Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's design for a new generation of atomic warheads, two officials familiar with the decision said Friday. The decision, to be announced later in the day, came a year after the administration ordered a competition between Lawrence Livermore near San Francisco and Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because it had not been formally announced. The administration decided the design submitted by Lawrence Livermore, with engineering assistance from Sandia National Laboratories, could be built with greater confidence without underground testing because it was more closely...
  • Feds can activists' bid to run nuke lab (group wanted to study climate change, instead of nukes)

    01/06/2007 5:29:34 PM PST · by calcowgirl · 10 replies · 594+ views
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 01/06/2007 | Ian Hoffman
    GREEN LLC wanted move toward nonproliferation Federal nuclear weapons officials have rejected a bid by disarmament and renewable energy activists to manage Lawrence Livermore weapons design lab, saying the "green team" didn't fit federal plans. The team, calling itself GREEN LLC, was led by two weapons-lab watchdog groups, Livermore-based Tri-Valley CAREs and Nuclear Watch of New Mexico, who never really expected to run the sprawling bomb lab. But they were offended that the National Nuclear Security Administration said the team's proposal ran afoul of federal law and "did not demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of the solicitation where it...
  • Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project (RRWs)

    02/06/2006 9:31:58 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 27 replies · 1,164+ views
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 2/6/06 | Ian Hoffman
    For the first time in more than 20 years, U.S. nuclear-weapons scientists are designing a new H-bomb, the first of probably several new nuclear explosives on the drawing boards. If they succeed, in perhaps 20 or 25 more years, the United States would have an entirely new nuclear arsenal, and a highly automated factory capable of turning out more warheads as needed, as well as new kinds of warheads. "We are on the verge of an exciting time," the nation's top nuclear weapons executive, Linton Brooks, said last week at Lawrence Livermore weapons design laboratory. Teams of roughly 20 scientists...
  • Livermore:Lab Gatling guns frighten some;others feel safe Weapons-protect facility from terrorists

    02/04/2006 6:49:45 PM PST · by Amerigomag · 50 replies · 1,378+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | February 4, 2006 | Henry K.Lee
    Word that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will install a battery of machine guns capable of spitting out 66 rounds a second with a range of nearly a mile was met by relief by some who think the weapons will deter terrorists but fear by others who worry they'll be caught in the line of fire. The guns, which the lab unveiled to much ado Thursday but has not yet installed, are meant to protect the laboratory's cache of radioactive plutonium, which terrorists might try to steal or destroy, sending a plume over much of the Livermore Valley. The weapons, called...
  • Lawrence Livermore officials unveil new weapon

    02/02/2006 6:31:53 PM PST · by LouAvul · 75 replies · 2,270+ views
    modbee ^ | 2-2-06
    LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) - Officials at Lawrence Livermore National laboratory have added a new weapon to their armory, a high-powered gun that can fire 3,000 rounds a minute. The weapons, which are also to be installed at other facilities in the Energy Department complex, were displayed Thursday by Linton Brooks, head of the National Nuclear Security Administration. Brooks called the new weapons a way to make sure any attempt to storm the nuclear weapons lab is unsuccessful. "What we want to do is equip our protective force with the capability that will leave no doubt about the outcome," he said....
  • Dozens arrested at peaceful protest at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

    08/09/2005 12:23:58 PM PDT · by SmithL · 23 replies · 677+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 8/9/5 | Chris Metinko
    LIVERMORE - Dozens of activists were arrested this morning in front of the west gate at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory as part of a protest honoring the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The march and rally, entitled "Nagasaki Never Again!," drew nearly 100 protesters -- about half of the number that showed up for a similar rally Saturday evening at the lab. That protest was one of four nationally coordinated rallies held that day at major U.S. weapons labs or test sites. All of the protests called for abolition of nuclear weapons and marked the 60th anniversary of...
  • Senate Votes to Shut Down Laser Meant for Fusion Study

    07/03/2005 10:00:05 PM PDT · by neverdem · 93 replies · 1,861+ views
    NY Times ^ | July 2, 2005 | WILLIAM J. BROAD
    The Senate voted early yesterday morning to stop construction of the nation's costliest science project, a laser roughly the size of a football stadium that is meant to harness fusion, the process that powers the Sun. The project, the National Ignition Facility, or NIF (pronounced niff), is at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and has cost $2.8 billion. About 80 percent complete, NIF is scheduled to be finished in 2009 at a cost of $3.5 billion and operate for three decades at an annual cost of $150 million, for a total of $8 billion. The Senate's action, part...
  • Security Costs Could Shut Some A-Bomb Labs, Experts Warn

    05/06/2005 11:21:42 PM PDT · by neverdem · 8 replies · 567+ views
    NY Times ^ | May 7, 2005 | MATTHEW L. WALD
    WASHINGTON, May 6 - The cost to protect materials for nuclear bombs from terrorists is rising so high that the Energy Department will need to close some weapons laboratories, or at least consolidate the weapons fuel that they hold, government officials and outside experts are warning. Security costs threaten to eat into the budget for building and maintaining warheads, the experts say. After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the department re-examined potential threats to the 13 laboratories and other plants across the country where it has what it calls "special nuclear materials," or plutonium and bomb-grade uranium. The department theorized...
  • American Brothers Accused of Terror Links Deported to U.S.

    03/01/2004 3:26:02 PM PST · by Indy Pendance · 5 replies · 320+ views
    Foxnews ^ | 3-1-04
    <p>MANILA, Philippines — Two American brothers arrested in the Philippines last year for alleged ties to Al Qaeda (search)-linked groups were deported to the United States, immigration officials said Monday.</p> <p>Michael Ray Stubbs (search), 55, of Antioch, Calif., and his brother James, 56, who also goes by the name Jamil Daud Mujahid (search), of Newark, N.J., were arrested in December and ordered deported.</p>
  • The suspects lived in Indy as teen-agers during the 1960's (Philippines terror arrest)

    12/31/2003 6:23:47 AM PST · by Miss Marple · 36 replies · 1,062+ views
    The Indianapolis Star ^ | December 31, 2003 | Fred Kelly and Tim Evans
    <p>An Indianapolis family kept vigil Tuesday awaiting news of two brothers they say are wrongly being held in the Philippines for suspected ties to terrorists.</p> <p>"This is like a (bad) dream," said Pamela Stubbs Thornton, a sister of the detained men, Michael Ray Stubbs and Jamil Daud Mujahid.</p>
  • Philippines deports alleged US separatist sympathisers

    03/01/2004 11:07:23 AM PST · by knighthawk · 4 replies · 316+ views
    Australian Broadcasting Company ^ | March 01 2004 | AFP
    The Philippines has deported two US citizens who were arrested last year on suspicion of links to Muslim separatist groups. Brothers Michael Ray Stubbs, 55, and Jamil Daud Mujahid, 56, have been turned over to American marshals, who escorted them back to the US. The Immigration Bureau says both were blacklisted as "undesirable aliens and threats to national security". The two have been in detention since December after being arrested south of Manila. Authorities say the suspects were earlier seen meeting with leaders of the Abu Sayyaf and the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The Abu Sayyaf is a...
  • "Parlor Maid" tarnishes FBI (detailed Leung spy story)

    04/27/2003 8:01:11 AM PDT · by Fizzie · 11 replies · 776+ views
    Tri-Valley Herald ^ | April 27, 2003 | Ian hoffman
    'Parlor Maid' tarnishes FBI Details of Leung-Smith spy case throw bureau's handling of investigation into question Details of Leung-Smith spy case throw bureau's handling By Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER Twelve years ago, a team of U.S. counterintelligence operatives flew into frigid southern Manchuria to assess Chinese spying on American diplomats. Instead, the U.S. agents came to believe their own team was tracked by China's Ministry of State Security every step of their mission, which is still classified today. The first clue was an odd elevator encounter in remote northeast China, an FBI agent bumping into a California nuclear-weapons scientist suspected...
  • Makers of white-box supercomputers hit their stride

    05/10/2004 9:46:46 AM PDT · by Leroy S. Mort · 100 replies · 419+ views
    CNET ^ | May 10, 2004 | Michael Kanellos
    Thunder, a supercomputer recently installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is possibly the second-most powerful computing machine on the planet--and it was built by a company with about as many employees as a real estate office. California Digital, a 55-person company located on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, created Thunder from 1,024 four-processor Itanium 2 servers to perform a variety of tasks at the lab. Capable of churning 19.94 trillion operations per second, it would have ranked second in the Top 500 list of supercomputers published bi-annually by the University of Mannheim, the University of Tennessee and Lawrence Berkeley National...
  • Livermore Scientists Team With Russia To Discover Elements 113 And 115

    02/04/2004 11:04:35 PM PST · by Destro · 7 replies · 221+ views ^ | 2004-02-04 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
    Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Date: 2004-02-04 Simulation images of formation of elements 115 and 113: The spontaneous fission decay eventually results in two separate atoms of previously known elements. (Photo illustration credit: Thomas Tegge, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Livermore Scientists Team With Russia To Discover Elements 113 And 115 LIVERMORE, Calif. -- Scientists from the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute and the Chemical Biology and Nuclear Science Division at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in collaboration with researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia (JINR), have discovered the two newest super heavy elements, element 113 and element...
  • Ex-UC lab worker (at Livermore nuclear lab) held in terror case.

    12/31/2003 3:33:51 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 15 replies · 294+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Dec. 31, 2003 | Henry K. Lee
    <p>A former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employee and his brother face deportation from the Philippines after their arrest in that country for suspected links to Muslim rebels and charities tied to al Qaeda, authorities said Tuesday.</p> <p>Michael Ray Stubbs, 55, of Antioch, who worked at the nuclear-weapons laboratory for 10 years ending in 2000, and his brother, James Stubbs, 56, a convert to Islam, were taken into custody on immigration violation charges Dec. 13 in the town of Tanza in Cavite province.</p>
  • Philippines to deport two [American] al-Qaeda ‘sympathizers’

    12/30/2003 3:59:19 PM PST · by witnesstothefall · 11 replies · 266+ views
    Manila Times ^ | December 31, 2003 | William B. Depasupil
    THE Bureau of Immigration is set to deport two US citizens who were arrested two weeks ago in Cavite on suspicion of being sympathizers of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network. Immigration Commissioner Andrea D. Domingo and the Philippine Navy flag officer in command, Adm. Ernesto de Leon, both announced that African Americans Jamil Daud Mujahid, 56, and his brother, Michael Ray Stubbs, were arrested by a joint military and immigration team on December 13 in Tanza, Cavite. The two Americans have been tagged as undesirable aliens for allegedly meeting with known leaders of various fronts for terrorist groups in the...
  • Chinese Mata Hari ensnares ex-FBI men

    04/12/2003 12:25:24 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 4 replies · 331+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Saturday, April 12, 2003 | By Jerry Seper
    <p>A second former FBI agent who worked in counterintelligence has admitted having an affair with a suspected Chinese double agent arrested earlier this week with another ex-FBI agent in the passing of classified information to the People's Republic of China.</p>
  • £1m bill as staff lose nuclear lab keys

    11/08/2003 3:26:56 AM PST · by sarcasm · 4 replies · 106+ views
    Telegraph ^ | November 8, 2003 | David Rennie
    A United States nuclear weapons laboratory must replace up to 100,000 locks at a cost of more than £1 million after staff lost several sets of master keys to the complex and then failed to notify superiors. The extraordinary series of security blunders at the Lawrence Livermore national laboratory is outlined in a scathing report by the US department of energy's inspector general, or official watchdog.According to the report, officials at the laboratory have lost nine master keys and three magnetic key cards to the top secret research facility. In some cases, officials still do not know when or how...
  • 12 keys missing at nuke-arms lab

    11/07/2003 7:03:25 PM PST · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 32 replies · 419+ views ^ | Posted: November 7, 2003 |
    HOMELAND INSECURITY12 keys missingat nuke-arms labResearch facility site of FBI probe into suspected Chinese espionage A dozen keys to top-secret rooms inside a U.S. nuclear-weapons research facility have gone missing, prompting national security concerns. The Department of Energy's inspector general raised the red flag Tuesday in a critical report obtained by Agence France-Presse. On May 5, officials at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California reported one set of master keys missing. The discovery was actually made on April 17. The DOE report ups the ante to 12 keys. "The loss of the master keys and the Tesa card, and...
  • Big stakes for lab to build battle laser

    10/27/2003 12:45:44 PM PST · by demlosers · 90 replies · 568+ views
    Oakland Tribune ^ | October 27, 2003 | Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER
    General says he'll come up with $150 million if scientists produce mobile device within 18 months.A two-star Army general threw down a challenge last week to Lawrence Livermore scientists: He will beat the bushes for more than $150 million if scientists can build the world's first mobile battle laser for test firing in 18 months. Livermore laser engineer Bob Yamamoto had been begging for this chance. But Livermore, specializing in nuclear explosives, never has built a full-up, firing weapons system for the battlefield. "Eighteen months is very aggressive, and I'm saying that very politely," said Yamamoto. On Tuesday, Major Gen....
  • Livermore lab to examine most recent security breach

    10/13/2003 7:39:22 AM PDT · by tallhappy · 2 replies · 144+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 10-11-03 | Andrea Widener
    LIVERMORE - A gate inside Lawrence Livermore Laboratory was unlocked then left partially open by an unknown person this week, in the most recent security incident at the nuclear weapons lab. Lab officials are investigating the security breach and have asked the FBI to monitor their progress in finding out who opened the gate and why. David Leary, the lab's head of security, said Friday there is no reason to believe the lab's sensitive nuclear weapons information or nuclear materials were endangered.
  • Scientists determine biological and ecosystem changes in polar regions linked to solar variability

    09/27/2003 6:53:15 AM PDT · by AdmSmith · 25 replies · 329+ views
    University of California - Berkeley ^ | 26-Sep-2003 | Anne Stark
    LIVERMORE, Calif. ? A Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist, in collaboration with an international team of colleagues, has reported that noticeable changes in the sub-polar climate and ecosystems appear to be linked to variations in the sun's intensity during the past 12,000 years. The research, titled "Cyclic Variation and Solar Forcing of Holocene Climate in the Alaskan Subarctic," is reported in today's (Sept. 26) issue of Science. Using core sediment samples from Arolik Lake in the tundra region along the southwestern coast of Alaska, Thomas Brown of Livermore's Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry measured the amount of carbon-14 in samples...
  • Scientists conduct subcritical nuclear experiment in Nevada

    09/19/2003 9:40:31 PM PDT · by HAL9000 · 27 replies · 402+ views
    Associated Press | September 19, 2003
    LAS VEGAS (AP) - Government scientists conducted an underground nuclear materials experiment Friday at the Nevada Test Site, the National Nuclear Security Administration said. The subcritical experiment, dubbed Piano, involved detonating high explosives to chart the behavior of plutonium in a non-nuclear explosion. It did not trigger a self-sustaining nuclear reaction, NNSA spokesman Kevin Rohrer said. Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California completed the test at 1:44 p.m. in a cavern 960 feet below ground, Rohrer said. No abnormalities and no surface damage were reported at the vast site, about 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas....
  • Edward Teller ``Father of the H-Bomb'' dies at age 95

    09/09/2003 8:55:00 PM PDT · by MikalM · 138 replies · 812+ views
    <p>Edward Teller, the man who played a key role in U.S. defense and energy policies for more than half a century and was dubbed the "Father of the H-bomb" for his enthusiastic pursuit of the powerful weapon, died Tuesday, a spokesman for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory confirmed. He was 95.</p>
  • Protesters march on Livermore lab to oppose "bunker busters"

    08/11/2003 9:44:04 AM PDT · by hoosierskypilot · 20 replies · 216+ views
    modesto bee ^ | toshi maeda
    <p>LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) - About 1,000 people rallied outside a federal weapons laboratory Sunday to protest the Bush administration's plan to design so-called nuclear "bunker buster" bombs that could burrow into the ground and destroy buried targets. Protesters came from as far as Washington D.C. to march on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, about 35 miles east of San Francisco. Protest organizers and a lab spokesman agreed that the crowd numbered about 1,000 people.</p>
  • A New Generation of Munitions

    08/10/2003 11:49:53 AM PDT · by John Jorsett · 24 replies · 597+ views
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ^ | July/August 2003 | Gabriele Rennie
      AS the conflict in Iraq unfolded this spring, the world watched in amazement at the accuracy of the latest generation of precision-guided missiles. These weapons allowed U.S. and allied air forces to operate unconstrained by the limits of daylight, and they came to “rule the night.” Now, the U.S. armed forces want to further extend this weapon capability by developing armament that will reduce collateral damage—that is, reduce destruction outside the radius of an intended target—while enhancing its destructive force on the target.To achieve this goal, explosives and composites experts at Lawrence Livermore are leading an effort under...
  • Security Lapses Found at Nuclear Laboratory

    05/31/2003 6:29:20 PM PDT · by Sweet_Sunflower29 · 1 replies · 121+ views ^ | May 31, 2003
    The Energy Department has ordered a full review of security at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory after discovering "unacceptable" security lapses. Federal officials ordered the review of the laboratory in Northern California on Friday after learning that the loss of an electronic access badge had gone unreported to senior managers for six weeks. The badge could help gain access to 3,000 offices at the facility, some containing classified nuclear information. The electronic badge was lost by a security officer on a routine shift in mid-April, and several days later, security officers discovered that a set of keys to the gates of...
  • Guards: Livermore Lab Not Terror-Ready Union Officials Cite Lack of Training

    05/27/2003 1:51:33 PM PDT · by chance33_98 · 116+ views
    Guards: Livermore Lab Not Terror-Ready Union Officials Cite Lack of Training By KIM-MAI CUTLER Contributing Writer Tuesday, May 27, 2003 The UC-run Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is not fit to effectively resist a terrorist attack, leaders of a security guard union at the lab said yesterday. With high attrition rates and inadequate training to handle radioactive materials, the lab's Special Response Team is ill-prepared to deal with the potential emergencies they are hired to combat, union Vice President Matthew Zipoli said in a statement. The team must be ready to respond to anything from the theft of radioactive materials...
  • Top U.S. Nuclear Lab Loses Keys, Reviews Security

    05/14/2003 12:11:08 PM PDT · by Sweet_Sunflower29 · 11 replies · 169+ views ^ | May 14, 2003
    A top U.S. nuclear weapons research laboratory that boasts some of the tightest security on Earth is reviewing security procedures after it lost a set of keys, the lab said on Wednesday. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said in a statement posted on its Internet site that officials learned a set of keys was missing on April 17. The discovery came a week after retired FBI (news - web sites) agent William Cleveland Jr. resigned as the lab's head of counter intelligence. In response to a question, a lab spokesman said there was no connection between Cleveland's departure and the keys...
  • Smith-Leung spy ring has tie to Lawrence Livermore

    04/11/2003 8:31:12 AM PDT · by bonesmccoy · 20 replies · 388+ views
    Washington Post ^ | April 11, 2003 | Dan Eggen and Susan Schmidt
    Ex-FBI Agent Resigns Post at Nuclear Weapons Lab Officials Examine Link to Spy Case One of two retired FBI agents linked to an emerging Chinese spy scandal yesterday resigned his post as a senior counterintelligence official at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which stripped him of his security clearances and launched an investigation of his nine-year tenure. William Cleveland Jr., who has been head of security at the nuclear weapons research facility in Livermore, Calif., since retiring from the FBI in 1993, is referred to anonymously in FBI affidavits unsealed Wednesday in the espionage-related case that has resulted in the arrests...
  • Lawrence Livermore Lab Budget Gutted for Homeland Security

    06/13/2002 2:04:45 AM PDT · by Quila · 55 replies · 294+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11 June 2002 | Marc Sandalow
  • U.S. Nuclear Security May Be Compromised

    03/12/2002 12:01:26 PM PST · by Stand Watch Listen · 19 replies · 316+ views
    INSIGHT magazine ^ | March 11, 2002 | Martin Edwin Andersen and Paul M. Rodriguez
    The compromised system is known as the Nuclear Weapons Information Program (NWIP). It was mentioned publicly in a 1995 LLNL Website press release that described it as a series of upgrades to the lab's computer systems to make it easier for scientists to coordinate and share information. Insight is told that this was like revealing that there's a stealth fighter but concealing how it is built and what secrets are aboard. quot;This is one of the most classified projects on Earth given what its mission is,quot; says a well-placed source. In essence, say Insight sources, it is the single repository...