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  • Gun-Control Supporters Show Outrage

    06/26/2008 12:45:26 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 136 replies · 458+ views
    NY Times ^ | June 27, 2008 | By ANAHAD O’CONNOR
    Gun-control advocates across the country reacted with shock and outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns today, saying the ruling would threaten gun-control measures in other states. If there was any doubt that other bans would be in peril, the National Rifle Association quickly put those questions to rest when it announced shortly after the ruling that it would file a flurry of lawsuits challenging restrictions in San Francisco, Chicago and several Chicago suburbs. The law in Washington, which spelled out rules for the storage of weapons and made it extremely...
  • Word on the Street

    01/31/2006 4:58:41 AM PST · by Quilla · 1 replies · 174+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | January 31, 2006 | Steve Feinstein
    There is a lot of talk these days about the “street.” What’s the word on the street? What does the average person think? How do upper-level policies actually translate down to day-to-day reality? The antique media use the “street” term mostly in relation to the so-called Arab street. Will U.S. actions in Iraq and elsewhere anger the Arab street or win it over? Will we get credit from the street for liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein and helping Iraq establish a democracy, or will the Arab street rise up against us every time the U.S. commits some real or imagined...
  • Top blogs often too one-sided [Free Republic and Drudge dwarf all others but are unfair]

    10/23/2005 12:18:04 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 164 replies · 3,519+ views
    The Oregonian ^ | October 23, 2005 | Regina Lawrence
    T here's been a lot of excitement about blogs since they broke into public consciousness during the 2004 election. They are now growing at an astronomical rate. The blog search engine Technorati now tracks almost 20 million of them, and various estimates of the number of blog users range from 32 million to 50 million Americans. Blogophiles see blogs as a new way for citizens to express themselves and, especially among the political bloggers, a new way for citizens to talk back to the "MSM" -- the mainstream media. According to Mike Godwin, legal director of a First Amendment advocacy...
  • MEDIA: For the hard right, control of the government is not enough

    05/18/2005 6:40:59 PM PDT · by AlbertWang · 30 replies · 729+ views
    Saint Louis Post ^ | May 18, 2005 | Eric Mink
    Kenneth Tomlinson's crusade to purify public broadcasting is Nixon Redux. It's also Reagan Redux and Gingrich Redux. Snip All this reads like chapters from the Nixon attack plan against public TV and radio snip. If it weren't so damaging, the hard right's obsession with public broadcasting would be merely pathetic snip Yet instead of just sucking up their annoyance with something few people see or hear, conservatives pump their pulse rates into triple digits and bleat about being the poor victims of liberal media bias.
  • Campaigns Rally Against Wrong T-Shirts (ABCDisney Media Shenanigans)

    11/01/2004 12:53:27 PM PST · by weegee · 11 replies · 633+ views
    ABC News ^ | Nov. 1, 2004 | By BRIAN ROSS and RHONDA SCHWARTZ
    Campaigns Rally Against Wrong T-Shirts Wearing Opponent's Gear Can Mean Arrests, Ejections Nov. 1, 2004 - Behind the scenes of one of the most contentious presidential races in recent memory, both Democrats and Republicans have organized what can only be called the T-shirt defense squads. It is an all-out effort to spot T-shirts supporting the other candidate and block them from view, or in some cases to actually have the T-shirt-wearing offenders ejected or arrested. ABC News conducted a bipartisan experiment in which producers and volunteers went to rallies for each candidate wearing the other party's T-shirt, and found that...
  • Conservatives - Altering the rules when convenient

    10/23/2003 2:09:35 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 52 replies · 154+ views
    The Miami Herald ^ | October 23, 2003 | JOY-ANN REID
    The right wing operates its own code -- a kind of moral Talibanism where the punishment for sin is death (as in the death penalty) or if the crime is noncriminal, ridicule, ouster or impeachment. The right applies the code to politicians, ordinary citizens and celebrities with equal dispassion. And no one gets away unjudged -- except, of course, for the right-wingers themselves. The loophole in the code applies when conservatives -- or more accurately, Republicans (I'm not sure ''conservative'' means anything anymore) -- break one of the moral laws. Then, of course, the rules are amended to create what...
  • Why Administration Mod in 2004?

    06/04/2003 10:17:52 AM PDT · by upheaval · 105 replies · 1,062+ views
    <p>Wherever Administration Moderator went, he was greeted by huge, enthusiastic crowds of cheering people – people as far as the eye could see - reaching out to Administration Moderator and he reaching back at every opportunity. Administration Moderator has got the right stuff, he loved being with the FReepers and the FReepers loved being with Administration Moderator. There is a genuine connection between the Moderator and his message and the FReepers. Administration Moderator could capture the presidency in 2004!</p>
  • ZOT! Aliens

    06/03/2003 11:28:50 AM PDT · by wrong whey · 90 replies · 566+ views
    Shirlene Gish
    Through the federal government, President Bush has been able to declare WAR in a "foreign" country. Unlike Viet Nam, Bush jump started the war with Iraq. With all of this diversion going on, WHY doesn't the media report on the real truth? That being that the de facto unlawful government state of Hawaii isn't a "STATE" at all and never has been. The fraud, lie and coverup has been all along that Hawaii has been militarily occupied for the past 110 years. There lives today 274 men/women that are of the true nationality of being Hawaiian. They never signed the...
  • America Goes Backward (You're gonna LOVE this)

    06/02/2003 6:23:07 AM PDT · by Valin · 29 replies · 157+ views
    The New York Review of Books ^ | 6/12/03 | Stanley Hoffmann
    Less than two and a half years after it came to power, the Bush administration, elected by fewer than half of the voters, has an impressive but depressing record. It has, in self-defense, declared one war—the war on terrorism —that has no end in sight. It has started, and won, two other wars. It has drastically changed the strategic doctrine and the diplomatic position of the United States, arguing that the nation's previous positions were obsolete and that the US has enough power to do pretty much as it pleases. At home, as part of the war on terrorism, it...
  • It's Not So Funny Any More

    05/30/2003 5:58:18 AM PDT · by another one bites the duck · 52 replies · 920+ views
  • Bush's Basket - Why the President Had to Show His....(Read it before its deleted!)

    05/20/2003 11:26:24 AM PDT · by dead · 224 replies · 1,047+ views
    Village Voice ^ | May 21 - 27, 2003 | Richard Goldstein
    In the annals of infotainment, few moments match the sight of George Bush leaping from the cockpit of a fighter jet and striding across the deck of a carrier at sea. Top Gun: The Pseudo Event enchanted the public, horrified liberals, and galvanized the press. Suddenly media mavens noticed that Bush's handlers have elevated the photo-op to pure cinema. So what else is new? Actually there was something novel about this occasion, but it passed utterly below the radar. Discretion prevented anyone from mentioning that Bush's outfit gave him a very vivid basket. This was the first a time a...
  • The Trees

    05/20/2003 9:11:04 AM PDT · by new spartacus · 87 replies · 301+ views
    There is unrest in the forest, There is trouble with the trees, For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas. The trouble with the maples, (And they're quite convinced the're right) They say the oaks are just too lofty And they grab up all the light. But the oaks can't help their feelings If they like the way they're made. And they wonder why the maples Can't be happy in their shade. So the maples formed a union And demanded equal rights. "These oaks are just too greedy; We will make them give us light." Now...
  • Communism Is A Better Form Of Economic Organization [Laughing too hard to zot correctly]

    05/16/2003 5:50:26 AM PDT · by scissors · 179 replies · 724+ views
    Communism is a better form of economic organization, compared to capitalism. I will use these following examples equality, employment, health care and society, to show why Communism is a better form of economic organization. First of all in a communist regime, people are all equal to each other no matter how educated that person is, in the eyes of the government. For example a Surgeon how is very well educated is equal in status with a peasant farmer because in communism their is no such thing as lower class, middle class and upper class. Eliminating economic boundaries which separate people,...
  • ZOT! Freedom in America

    05/15/2003 8:29:22 PM PDT · by no_gods_no_masters · 63 replies · 394+ views
    5-15-03 | no_gods_no_masters
    The nature of conservative politics is very much of the status quo, the standards set by society for itself and which is harshly regulated by the establishment and by the right. Anything outside of the "normal" is to be destroyed, looked down upon, or forgotten. Only one culture is acceptable to the conservative and to the right, the culture, of course, of the that group. All others are unimportant and wrong. Look at the obviously pro-capitalist stance taken by most, if not all, conservatives. It is the viewpoint that only what is good for me and my own is good...
  • ZZZOTTT! BushCo Reams Nation Good

    05/14/2003 1:48:07 PM PDT · by cant get no satisfaction · 99 replies · 605+ views
    SF Chronicle ^ | Mark Morford
    <p>Ha-ha-ha oh man did we ever get smacked on that one. Conned big time. Punk'd like dogs. Just gotta shake your head, laugh it off. They reamed us but good, baby! Damn.</p> <p>Turns out it really was all a big joke after all. The war, that is. All a big fat nasty murderous oil-licking lie, a sneaky little power-mad game with you as the sucker and the world as the pawn and BushCo as the slithery war thug, the dungeon master, the prison daddy. You really have to laugh. Because it's just so wonderfully ridiculous. In a rather disgusting, soul-draining sort of way.</p>
  • Probably One of the Most Vicious Anti-Bush Letters You'll Ever Read

    05/12/2003 1:43:25 PM PDT · by bogeybob · 230 replies · 702+ views
    Lewiston Sun-Journal ^ | May 12, 2003 | Paul Macri
    Hail to the great hyprocrite Paul F. Macri, Auburn, Maine President Bush is a great American, a great American hypocrite, that is. My stomach turned last Thursday night as Bush’s jet landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln and America saw him in a flight suit for the first time since he went AWOL from the Texas National Guard more than 30 years ago. Don’t those cheering sailors — who truly are brave and did serve their country — know that Dubya conveniently sat out the Vietnam War, not as a protester or Rhodes Scholar, but with a rich boy’s “in”...
  • ZOT! The greatest president of the 20th century...

    05/07/2003 12:32:50 PM PDT · by edgar winter · 184 replies · 1,073+ views ^ | Aaron Matson
  • Minnesota: The social conservatives are in control!

    04/29/2003 2:13:33 PM PDT · by jdege · 15 replies · 215+ views
    Checks & Balances ^ | Apr 29, 2003 | Checks & Balances
    The GAGG Session Yesterday’s nearly 8-hour debate in the Senate on the Conceal & Carry legislation is the last piece to our acronym for this legislative session, which is G-A-G-G. It stands for Gays, Abortion, Gambling and Guns. These are the issues that have played feature roles this legislative session and all emanated from the state House. The renegotiation of the state employee contract to remove the provision for domestic partnership benefits began the moniker. This followed by the 24-hour Waiting Period for Abortion and rapidly on its heels the Racino bill for slot machines at Canterbury Park. Finally, the...
  • I've been ZOTTED! And that's The truth

    04/10/2003 5:58:36 AM PDT · by councilman · 58 replies · 294+ views
  • ZOT!!! This world as we know it will never be the same again

    04/09/2003 1:19:40 PM PDT · by much saddened · 162 replies · 794+ views
    I know I am not welcome hear among King George's sycophants, but some things need to be told. George always wanted war. Now George has the war he always wanted. Enjoy these last special moments because the world will be never be the same again. There will now be a clash of culture, a clash of civilization, with so many innocent lives lost. Who would have thought a know-nothing, incompetent, with no achievements except what his family name garnered would have gotten the chance to plunge the world such danger, into darkness? Now, he gets the chance to lead the...
  • Michael Moore gloats about about his anti-Bush remarks at the Oscars

    04/09/2003 9:52:48 AM PDT · by SB00 · 56 replies · 479+ views ^ | April 9, 2003 | SB00
    Dear friends, It appears that the Bush administration will have succeeded in colonizing Iraq sometime in the next few days. This is a blunder of such magnitude -- and we will pay for it for years to come. It was not worth the life of one single American kid in uniform, let alone the thousands of Iraqis who have died, and my condolences and prayers go out to all of them. So, where are all those weapons of mass destruction that were the pretense for this war? Ha! There is so much to say about all this, but I will...
  • Norm Coleman has no shame

    04/08/2003 5:29:26 AM PDT · by regime · 11 replies · 188+ views
    For many of us living in Minnesota, a state with a great tradition of progressive politics, the last election was a particularly painful one. We lost Paul Wellstone in a tragic plane accident, had the national media scold us for not "properly" mourning him at his memorial (because ONE speaker was out of line), and then the hollow man that is Norm Coleman won his seat. Just months after Wellstone's death, this is what Norm has to say about the big shoes he is filling, from Roll Call (requires subscription): "To be very blunt and God watch over Paul's soul,...
  • E-Mail Peeves Antiwar Protesters

    04/04/2003 9:46:50 AM PST · by Utah Girl · 42 replies · 350+ views
    The Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 4/4/2003 | Kevin Cantera
    War and peace, it turns out, is nothing to joke about. An e-mail suggesting the best way to deal with anti-war activists is to punch them in the nose has incited outrage among Salt Lake City peace activists, who have demanded a police investigation. But Kerry Howell, the Salt Lake City man who says he forwarded the e-mail to a few friends, thinks everybody needs to lighten up. "Anybody with half a brain can see that [the e-mail] is just a joke -- it's funny. Nobody could think they were really being threatened," said Howell. Peace protesters are making an...
  • Radio station makes pre-emptive strike against peace rallies

    04/02/2003 5:55:39 PM PST · by What Is Ain't · 9 replies · 162+ views
    The Seattle Times ^ | 04/02/03 | Eric Sorenson
    DUVALL — Listeners of conservative radio station KVI-AM (570) are going pre-emptive against the peace movement, crashing rallies and overwhelming them with their numbers to where peace demonstrators complain that the informal rules of engagement have been violated. "It seems a little bit like a cheap shot, when they target your time and place," said Dave Meeds, 62, of Monroe, who held a "Power Corrupts" sign this week several hundred yards south of the intersection of the Woodinville-Duvall Road and Highway 203. If nothing else, the encounters are reshaping the protest landscape and in some cases have resulted in conflict....
  • Zot!

    04/02/2003 1:12:23 PM PST · by sgr2 · 143 replies · 1,347+ views
  • Clinton better than ZOTS!

    02/26/2003 10:36:20 AM PST · by my bum · 108 replies · 322+ views
    Common knowledge | Feb 26 2003 | me
    <p>Bill Clinton could talk good and bush likes to kill people like Paul Wellstone.</p> <p>Clinton likes black people and other people of color. All bush wants to do is bomb them.</p> <p>How can you support bush?</p>
  • The war against ZOT!

    02/13/2003 12:05:42 PM PST · by all american conservative · 82 replies · 452+ views
    Doug Goodkin
    <p>We have the War Against Poverty, the War Against Drugs and the War Against Terrorism. Needless to say, we're losing all of them. I say let's make a war that we can win. My proposal? The War Against Stupidity.</p> <p>Now you might think this would be the most difficult of all wars to win, but as a schoolteacher, I have hope. I'm fortunate to work in a school where the teachers think—they read books, they write poems, essays, songs and stories, they discuss current affairs and even timeless questions. They think about how they think and they think about how to help children to think. And the results are impressive. The children do think and they show promise of growing into adults who will continue to think.</p>
  • ZOT!!

    02/07/2003 6:25:36 AM PST · by bouncingball · 29 replies · 253+ views
  • Zot!

    02/04/2003 5:48:02 AM PST · by we wuv fr · 35 replies · 326+ views
    <p>Image located at this tribute site. For the history of the Zot click here.</p>
  • Another Lunatic Fringe Zotted!!!

    02/03/2003 5:40:21 AM PST · by bushbot · 51 replies · 418+ views
  • ZOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    02/02/2003 10:32:32 AM PST · by ccjaguar · 99 replies · 319+ views
    The Observer UK ^ | Sunday February 2, 2003 | Peter Beaumont
  • Another Troll gets the ZOT!!

    01/30/2003 9:42:27 AM PST · by Janet the Planet · 45 replies · 511+ views
    APJ | Dave "Doctor" Gonzo
  • ZOT!!!

    01/24/2003 6:37:06 AM PST · by yellow booger · 16 replies · 278+ views
    Catherine Condeff
  • ZOT!!!

    01/17/2003 6:34:23 AM PST · by peace and much love · 200 replies · 472+ views
  • Are Hummer Owners Idiots?

    01/16/2003 5:34:49 AM PST · by randita · 199 replies · 748+ views
    SF Chronicle ^ | 1/15/03 | By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
    <p>Just in time for America's latest murderous war for oil, just in time to be reminded of exactly why our foreign policy is so horribly mangled and debilitating and Saudi enslaved and terrorist ready ...</p> <p>Just in time to crush a few thousand smaller cars and kill a bunch of pedestrians and poison the environment and still be able to traverse six feet of standing floodwater in order to make it in time for Timmy's soccer game, it's the rollout of the new Hummer H2, the biggest joke of the entire SUV world, representing, well, just exactly everything that's wrong with America's view of the world.</p>
  • ZOT!!

    01/14/2003 5:42:00 AM PST · by FreerepublicanParty · 45 replies · 501+ views
    Harley Sorenson
  • Lament of the liberals

    01/11/2003 11:34:27 PM PST · by victim soul · 24 replies · 205+ views ^ | 1.20.03 | John Leo
    The newsroom culture remains adamantly liberal. Call it the daily disconnect between the newsroom and the general populace. Rub your eyes. Liberals are complaining that the media are unfair and biased. Former President Clinton attacked the "increasingly right-wing and bellicose conservative press" and said mainstream media are too docile. Al Gore called conservatives in media a "fifth column" (which means they are traitors–and people say President Bush is bad with words). Tom Daschle said he feared being physically attacked because of Rush Limbaugh's shrill remarks about him on talk radio. A news article in the New York Times, sounding like...
  • The Democratic Party is not the Answer! [You can say that again, but ZOT!]

    01/09/2003 10:50:13 AM PST · by patriots dreams · 58 replies · 653+ views
    Bev Conover
  • ZOT!!

    01/09/2003 5:26:30 AM PST · by riding the short bus · 54 replies · 705+ views
  • ZOT!!

    01/07/2003 5:58:11 AM PST · by Suzie in the town · 18 replies · 268+ views
    SFb Chronicle | Harley Sorensen
  • ZOT!!

    01/06/2003 6:22:54 AM PST · by R Reagan · 25 replies · 1,112+ views
    Paul Loeb
  • ZOT!!!

    12/31/2002 9:33:34 AM PST · by open eyes that see far · 55 replies · 545+ views
  • ZOT!!

    12/31/2002 6:13:15 AM PST · by bigbigbigpile · 29 replies · 630+ views
    Alan Bisbort
  • Clarett angered at decision forcing him to miss funeral [Ohio St. star frets about poor & homeless]

    12/30/2002 12:44:24 PM PST · by willieroe · 90 replies · 398+ views ^ | Dec. 30, 2002 | AP
    PHOENIX -- Ohio State tailback Maurice Clarett, upset over missing the funeral of a lifelong friend, said Monday that colleges care more about football than they do about life. Speaking before the No. 2-ranked Buckeyes' showdown for the national title against Miami in the Fiesta Bowl on Friday, Clarett said Ohio State "gave him the runaround" and "told me it was a (NCAA) compliance issue" when he asked to fly home for the service Monday. "They didn't really give me an answer to the question," he said of university officials. "I guess football's more important than a person's life to...
  • ZOT!!

    12/30/2002 7:59:15 AM PST · by just a person · 30 replies · 330+ views
    Palm Beach Post | George McEvoy
  • ZOT!!!

    12/20/2002 10:28:51 AM PST · by TampaBay 2003 Super Bowl Champ · 52 replies · 270+ views
    LS ^ | Bruce S. Ticker
  • Prejudice in fast-food ad ruins appetite (howler from race obsessed columnist)

    12/18/2002 5:08:18 PM PST · by Stultis · 86 replies · 675+ views
    Fort Worth Star Telegram ^ | 18 December 2002 | Bob Ray Sanders
    Prejudice in fast-food ad ruins appetiteBob Ray Sanders commentary Maybe it is because the country has been immersed in the saga of U.S. Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., that a currently running fast food TV commercial hit me the wrong way when I first saw it Sunday afternoon.But I think not.No, the more I think of the ad -- designed to get the viewer to try two new sandwiches offered by the restaurant chain -- the more I'm convinced that it is a not-so-subtle play on the overt racial discrimination that once was the norm in this country.I'm so offended, in...
  • I Love Al Gore!

    12/13/2002 12:32:26 PM PST · by i bring joy and love · 55 replies · 332+ views
  • Zot!

    12/13/2002 9:08:49 AM PST · by bush put food on my family · 74 replies · 612+ views