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  • John Lott Destroys Left’s Go-To Gun Control Study

    12/19/2018 4:02:44 PM PST · by rogerantone1 · 9 replies
    Breitbart ^ | December 16, 2018 | Awr Hawkins
    Crime Prevention Research Center’s (CPRC) John Lott took the left’s go-to gun control study for mass shootings apart on December 14. The study, which claims the U.S. leads the world in mass shootings, was put together by University of Alabama’s Adam Lankford and released in 2013.
  • Why is the Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight so vicious? Because government is too important

    09/30/2018 8:26:43 AM PDT · by richardb72 · 24 replies
    Fox News ^ | September 30, 2018 | John R Lott Jr
    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is right that Senate’s confirmation process is "a national disgrace." The damage done to Kavanaugh’s family is horrific. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was clear: “What you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020.” The threats and vicious messages that his family and Christine Blasey Ford have received are a national embarrassment. Hopefully, everyone other than the most partisan Americans wants to fix this and stop it from ever happening again. But the question is how? What went wrong? The problem has been getting worse...
  • Why Judicial Confirmation Battles Keep Getting Longer and More Vicious

    09/30/2018 7:52:18 AM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 42 replies
    National Review ^ | September 25, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Judicial confirmations have become a blood sport. Wasn’t it just weeks ago at John McCain’s funeral that Democrats were calling for more civility in politics? We never used to fight so much over Supreme Court nominations.
  • Why is the Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight so vicious? Because government is too important

    09/30/2018 7:44:59 AM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 26 replies
    Fox News ^ | September 30, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is right that the Senate’s confirmation process is "a national disgrace." The damage done to Kavanaugh’s family is horrific. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was clear: “What you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020.”
  • Media Bias Has Real Consequences

    09/20/2018 5:26:21 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | September 20, 2018 | John R. Lott Jr
    Media bias has real consequences. Ohio’s wealthiest supporter of the Republican party, Leslie Wexner, has withdrawn his support because he was ‘ashamed’ by President Trump’s response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Wexner announced his decision on Friday, just a day after former President Obama gave a speech in Ohio where he attacked Republicans who “try to shield and deflect oversight of [Trump’s] behavior.”A lot of smart people seem to have fallen for the mainstream media's lies about Trump’s comments. NBC News’ coverage of Charlottesville last year was all too typical: “On Tuesday [August 15th, 2017], Trump gave a freewheeling press...
  • Obama's lies and the lies of the media

    09/14/2018 10:36:21 AM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 18 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | September 11, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Former President Obama has no shame, but don’t count on the mainstream media to tell you this. They are in on the deception. His talk at the University of Illinois on Friday contained all of the divisive rhetoric that he and the mainstream press accuse President Trump of engaging in.
  • Facebook prevents us from advertising Fox News stories about our research on shootings

    09/03/2018 6:24:38 PM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 21 replies
    Crime Prevention Research Center ^ | September 3, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Our attempts this week to put up ads on Facebook produced some disturbing results. Facebook treated a news link from Fox News and a link to our website very differently, even though both contained the same information. We have previously been prevented many times from linking to our Fox News opinion pieces, but we hadn’t thought about the issue of systematic bias against Fox News until the events of this week.
  • Politicians, Media Unfairly Single Out Football's Concussion Risk

    08/07/2018 11:07:05 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | August 7, 2018 | John R. Lott Jr
    With the pro-football season starting this coming week for most teams, media outlets have returned to their steady drumbeat about concussions. Despite the excitement of kickoff returns, college football has bowed to pressure with a new rule this year to discourage kickoff returns.  But if the media really cares about concussions, they shouldn't be singling out this uniquely American sport.Women’s soccer players suffer a higher concussion rate than do male football players. A woman's soccer player who plays 10,000 games or practices would on average suffer 6.3 concussions. Compare that to 6.1 for men's football. But men’s wrestling and hockey have...
  • CDC Corrects Major Gun data Error Uncovered by John Lott

    08/05/2018 5:27:47 AM PDT · by marktwain · 20 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 5 August, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made an error in the number of fatal firearms accidents that occurred in 2014. It was so large, it was obvious. The number of fatal firearm accidents had been falling significantly. In 2014, they suddenly and inexplicably jumped by over 25%. Most of the increase was in one state, Tennessee. Dr. John Lott noticed the error in January of 2016, and brought it to the attention of the CDC. From In January 2016, Dr. John Lott contacted the CDC to alert them to a mistake in their numbers for 2014...
  • Here’s the real reason Democrats are so scared about Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court

    07/28/2018 6:53:53 PM PDT · by richardb72 · 17 replies
    Fox News ^ | July 28, 2018 | John R Lott Jr
    Democrats are getting hysterical about the prospect of Judge Brett Kavanaugh being seated on the Supreme Court. Most of their hyperventilating is nonsense. In a desperate attempt to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation by the Senate, the Democrats are making wild claims that abortion would be banned, people would be dying in the streets, and the president would gain immunity from investigation and prosecution if Kavanaugh joins the nation’s highest court. Time for a reality check. Let’s all take a deep breath and look at the facts about the judge who President Trump has nominated to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony...
  • Hawaii and California's Huge Second Amendment Victory

    07/28/2018 2:13:13 PM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 36 replies
    Townhall ^ | July 27, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Tuesday’s decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals means that people in the western U.S. will now be able to openly carry a handgun in public. The decision only applies to districts under the 9th Circuit’s jurisdiction, but it will likely soon affect the rest of the country. It is a huge ruling that strikes down existing state prohibitions in Hawaii and California.
  • This marks the end of gun control

    07/20/2018 8:28:19 PM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 47 replies
    Fox News ^ | July 20, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    The federal government has finally recognized the obvious – that sharing instructions on how to make guns with 3D printers counts as constitutionally protected speech. Despite little fanfare, this is an important victory for First Amendment rights. It also represents a real blow to the increasingly futile cause of gun control.
  • John Lott discussing universal background checks on the Mark Levin Show

    03/17/2018 12:28:43 PM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 9 replies
    On his national radio show, Mark Levin mentions the CPRC research universal background checks wouldn’t have stopped one of the mass public shootings this century.
  • The media is out of control in its push for gun control

    03/17/2018 12:24:49 PM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 28 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 16, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Fact checkers are out of control, and on the issue of guns they no longer even try to pretend impartiality. Especially on social media, this is becoming a serious problem. Facebook has been working with organizations such as PolitiFact, Snopes and to filter news. Stories deemed “false” by these organization are labeled as false and are much more difficult to spread virally.
  • Gun walkouts in schools don't let students think for themselves

    03/15/2018 3:35:47 PM PDT · by richardb72 · 10 replies
    Fox News ^ | March 15, 2018 | John R Lott Jr
    Gun control is a contentious issue. It is one thing for a teacher to talk to his or her class about the issue, hopefully presenting both sides of the debate. But a rally on school property, featuring student speeches and attendance by school administrators and teachers, is something quite different. My daughter is a junior in high school, and her high school participated in Wednesday’s National School Walkout. On Monday the principal assured parents and students that the event wouldn’t be political, that it would just be a memorial commemorating the 17 people murdered at a Parkland, Florida high school...
  • Media bias and guns

    03/11/2018 1:06:54 PM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 5 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | February 27, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    Americans might be divided on the issue of gun control, but CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night only featured questioners who supported gun control. Even worse, CNN is accused of trying to rewrite one student’s question so that it was supportive of gun control, though the network has told me that they strongly deny this. The only speaker representing the right self-defense, Dana Loesch, was continually identified as an NRA spokesman.
  • The left can't win on guns, so now they're trying to silence their opposition

    03/10/2018 2:32:25 PM PST · by rogerantone1 · 20 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 6, 2018 | John R. Lott, Jr.
    If you can’t beat the other side’s arguments, silence them. The idea is to keep yelling that the NRA is racist, that they are murderers and have “blood on their hands,” that they are a “terrorist organization” that they won’t support even simple measures to save lives. At the Oscars last night, wave after wave of the “cool people” called for banning guns. It doesn’t matter that the people doing the yelling are pushing proposals that wouldn’t save lives. Or that the people at the Oscars who called for banning guns were themselves protected by a phalanx of 500 armed...
  • John Lott on Hannity’s TV show on Fox News, Evidence that More Guns, Less Crime

    10/07/2017 10:58:53 AM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 2 replies
    Dr. John Lott and Robert Massi talked to Sean Hannity about the impact of gun control on crime rates. The first part of the segment examines John Lott’s research on guns and crime.
  • John Lott on the Jim Bohannon Show to discuss the Las Vegas Shooting

    10/07/2017 10:39:49 AM PDT · by rogerantone1 · 2 replies
    Dr. John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon about the push for new gun control and some of the myths about guns in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.
  • Media Bias Can No Longer Be Reasonably Denied

    08/18/2017 4:39:07 PM PDT · by richardb72 · 27 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | August 18, 2017 | John Lott
    The news media wants to tie everything it can to the Charlottesville attack. Wolf Blitzer was worried just a couple of hours after yesterday’s van attack in Barcelona, Spain, which left at least 13 dead and over 100 injured. “There will be questions if what happened in Barcelona was at all, at all a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, even though they may be different characters and different political ambitions. They used the same killing device, a vehicle going at high speed into a large group of pedestrians.” The notion that Islamic terrorists, like those in Barcelona...