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  • President Trump is Fighting this Border Crisis All By Himself

    04/25/2019 6:32:13 AM PDT · by Saveourcountry · 13 replies
    With no help from Congress on either side of the aisle. Looks to me like the campaign money that the lawmakers are getting from the cartels is paying off.
  • President Trump Needs to Tweet This:

    04/25/2019 6:10:39 AM PDT · by Saveourcountry · 8 replies
    "When does it cease being "congressional oversight" and start being harassment"
  • Will our Founding Documents provide adequate protection from a socialist takeover?

    02/19/2019 12:36:52 PM PST · by patriot torch · 63 replies
    Where do you predict our country to be in 5 years? In 10 years?
  • New Green Deal

    02/10/2019 8:18:37 AM PST · by Bigbrown · 31 replies
    So “Occasional -Cortex” and her merry band of manifesto signers say they want to eliminate air travel, cows and rebuild every building in the US. My questions are these: 1) If I like my home, can I keep my home? 2) If I’m a wealthy American with a private jet, if I like my jet can I keep my jet? 3) If I’m a farmer or just have some cattle on my property, if I like my cows, can I keep my cows?
  • Democrat Theme from Last Night: "It's All About Me"

    02/06/2019 5:20:39 AM PST · by Saveourcountry · 39 replies
    Screw the people! From the "women in white" ONLY standing when the topic was about them, to Stacey Abrams speech. Democrats sat on their hands about doing something serious to prevent murder of innocent children, human trafficing, drugs, but stood and cheered for themselves. To Stacey Abrams speech which was all about her. When I was listening to the speech I was thinking, "this isn't supposed to be about you, it's supposed to be about us." In a nutshell the Democrats showed their transparent narcissistic true colors last night. No doubt about it.
  • Thank You...

    01/11/2019 2:19:38 PM PST · by Openurmind · 56 replies
    1-11-19 | Me
    No need to reply... Just wanted to thank the community for allowing me to participate. Thank you and have a great evening!
  • National Emergency - The Wall - Big Mistake or Not? (VANITY)

    01/06/2019 5:07:57 AM PST · by Badboo · 47 replies
    Anity | 1/6/19 | Self
    Using a National Emergency to build the wall. Is that a mistake or not?
  • Ankle boots with bare calves make women look like hillbillies [vanity]

    12/29/2018 3:52:15 PM PST · by NobleFree · 244 replies
    self | Dec 29, 2018 | self
    Just had to get this off my chest. This "fashion" is epidemic at the Chicago office where I work.
  • How to Guarantee Trump isn't Indicted

    12/10/2018 4:23:02 PM PST · by SpeedyInTexas · 34 replies
    12/10/2018 | self
    If Trump wins re-election in 2020, he will have served for 8 years in office. The statue of limitations will run out on (bogus) campaign finance laws. If Trump does not win re-election in 2020, he resigns 1 day before a new president takes office. Pence becomes president for 1 day. President Pence pardons Trump (and anyone else the Dems plan to terrorize).
  • George H W Bush is dead at the very old age of 94

    12/01/2018 6:27:48 AM PST · by HypatiaTaught · 33 replies
    December 1 2018 | Self
    Just one question... What are the odds of being the only man in America who could not remember where he was when JFK was killed AND being so close to assuming the Presidency in 1981 the very same way Lyndon B Johnson acquired the position? Hmmm...
  • NON-Citizens Can Legally Vote in Arizona!

    11/16/2018 10:06:39 AM PST · by Mercury59 · 91 replies
    ARIZONA, Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division Proof of Citizenship Requirements “A person is not required to submit proof of citizenship with the voter registration form, but failure to do so means the person will only be eligible to vote in federal elections (known as being a “federal only” voter). A “federal only” voter will become eligible to vote a “full ballot” in all federal, state, county and local elections if he or she later provides valid proof of citizenship to the appropriate County Recorder’s office.”
  • McCain butt boy Grant Woods stabbed AZ in the back (AZ Senate race) Vanity

    11/12/2018 12:05:46 PM PST · by UnstableGenius · 40 replies
    THIS WAS AN ANTI-TRUMP OPERATIION! How about former Arizona State AG Grant Woods,... pretending he was a Republican and cutting ads for Sinema attacking combat veteran McSally, then changing his registration to Democrat a few days after the election. Those spots he cut attacking McSally were lies and fraudulent. He hasn't been a Republican for years.
  • Trump should say, "I only answer questions from Journalists"

    11/11/2018 5:22:52 AM PST · by Saveourcountry · 34 replies
    during a press conference, or anywhere. Once you state your opinion, you become a pundit. If I were the prez I would make it known that I will no longer be fielding questions from pundits during a press conference. If the questions were not phrased in a way that a journalist phrases them I would just say, "That is your opinion. I will answer questions from journalists only. If you want to be a pundit, you don't need a press pass, go on an opinion show. If they change it to "People say blah blah blah opinion" I would say,...
  • I am DONE with Fox News!

    11/07/2018 5:47:38 AM PST · by Saveourcountry · 143 replies
    Fox news offered the WORST election coverage EVER! With sheer delight they announced WHILE PEOPLE WERE STILL VOTING in the west that the house was going to be won by the Democrats. To me it seemed like a calculated effort to suppress the vote to make sure that there would be divided government. I'm sure they calculated that ratings would increase with the shenanagans that the democrats will pull in the next two years. Well, they will not increase ratings in my house. I will never watch them again. They make me sick. Also with the smiling idiot that kept...
  • Al Gore is 1/2 of the Word Algorithm

    11/01/2018 11:18:09 AM PDT · by AJourneyOf1000Miles · 13 replies
    Interesting that somebody with a name that can't help but lead one to the word "algorithm" claims to have created the internet.
  • Processing the asylum seekers - lessons learned from the Department of Motor Vehicles. (vanity)

    10/21/2018 6:48:50 PM PDT · by penmack · 5 replies
    The Three-toed Sloth is considered to be the slowest moving mammal on earth. As such, it is a role model for the work efforts of state Department of Motor Vehicle (dmv) customer service representatives (csr's). You may not have a three-toed sloth in your backyard to study but we can learn some things from DMV csr's. First of all, they're incredibly slow. It takes them fifteen seconds to pickup a pencil. They are unresponsive to most environmental stimuli. People waiting in line may think there is a mannequin behind the counter or at least a person who consumes a lot...
  • Why are democrats even voting? Its useless for them

    10/21/2018 12:30:21 PM PDT · by NotaLowTBoomer · 25 replies
    So do they like getting BTFO? Theyve already lost the supreme court and RBG is going to retire in Jan. Even if she doesnt.. Why are they fighting at all? Theyve already been beaten. Just give 1 party rule a chance to get things done and stop whining.
  • Dear Trump Supporters... Shove It! [Jim Robinson responds at 198]

    02/16/2016 11:38:31 AM PST · by pgyanke · 239 replies
    Vanity | 2/16/2016 | pgyanke
    Dear Trump Supporters, You say you don't support Ted Cruz because he's a liar (even though he backs up everything he says) and plays dirty politics (like sabotaging Dr Carson's run in Iowa). The former has been dealt with every time it's brought up. I want to deal with the latter definitively. You say that Ted Cruz deliberately sabotaged Dr Carson in Iowa. However, it has been shown conclusively that Ted's team got the information from CNN who got the information from Dr Carson's team. If that hurt Dr Carson's results... show me one person who changed his vote because...
  • Gays Who Accept Homosexuality is a Mental Illness ZOT!

    06/07/2015 8:32:59 PM PDT · by johnhankle177 · 37 replies
    Hello This is the first time I have posted so please forgive me if I have this topic in the wrong place. However, I had a questions and was hoping to receive some help. I am writing an article about gays who are against the homosexual agenda and thought I would include something in there about homosexuality and mental health. In the 1970s the APA changed the classification of homosexuality so it was no longer considered mental illness and many psychology and psychiatry organizations all over the world have followed. However, there was little basis at that time to think...
  • So, I'm a Millennial and a leftist. Zot away (Froggy Mod says "Adieu")

    02/24/2014 3:17:38 PM PST · by Millennial Lefty · 286 replies
    So, I lurk on Free Republic quite a bit. Usually it's to read some of the outrageous comments some post here and some of it is to see what your opinions are on certain articles that also get posted elsewhere. So, a little bit about myself. I'm in my 20s and of Hispanic origin. I was born in New York but moved to Florida when I was three years old. I'm what you guys would consider a "socialist". I don't consider myself a socialist, I'm a supporter of the free market economy except I favor strong government regulations. While on...